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Early Sexual Experiences thread?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Early Sexual Experiences thread?
I experienced it... Checking in...
[spoiler]I have none[/spoiler]
I once masturbated at 6 am.
bump just for pics
me and my cousin used to play with our dicks together when we were like 4-5
>16 at first sex, and licking pussy
>17 first anal
>19 drunkenly convinced gf to piss on my dick
>20 or 21 first time tasting butthole
>20 or 21 first time peeing in a girls mouth, her request
for the next few years i would revert back to just enjoying missionary and doggy style sex, never licked anything ever again.
I vaguely remember when I was 8 or 9 and me and my friend fingered each other's butts during a sleepover. Got caught and had to tell my mum. We still hung out after that.

Moved a year later, so I don't know where he is now.
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Had memories starting to come back to me last week. all i remember is being little and someone having me step into our bath tub, no water was going. then a guy step in. he was naked and dick was half massed. also it was circumcised.

the rest kinda fades out. remember my shirt coming off, and that is it.
I remember around the same age of going into the bathroom with other male friends and looking at eachothers dicks and one guy was always hard when we did it and this really confused me till i hit puberty and realized he was a gay
First sexual experience was when I was like 8 in 4th grade

Was friends with this girl and we would make and try stuff any chance we got, started with one of those "hey anon have you ever" conversations
had repeated buttsex when i was in second grade with a turkish kid who was older and lived under me. he was no shitskin. his name was Gürkan
First was when I was around 5-6. Had a female friend that I would go round her house after school, we would play a game of doctors and nurses, which basically consisted of me licking her pussy and her sucking me off.

True story.
i'm a guy btw, and i was around 5 or 6 i think.
you to young for 4chan. Go to 9fag.
>Underage B&

Had repeated butsecks with an iguana aged 9.
lol, 3/10. Also, reported.
Top Kek
>be me
>be about 6?
>see batman
>see woman in a trench coat disrobe
>first boner
>touch myself that night
>7th grade
>curious about sex
>horny as fuck
>want to know what sex feels like
>notice thumb hole in bowling ball
>stick dick in it
>shit fits tight
>lube it up
>went to town
I was probably like 7. We used to lie on the floor while he was in me and watch MTV just like that without doing nothing. I never watched MTV really. He lied with all his weight on my back like I was a mattress with his schlong in me. All while I was planking on the cold hard floor and watching MTV with him. I liked it.
>be 7 years old
>playing with female best friend
>female friend has a vague idea of what sex is.
>convinces me to have "sex" with her
>stick dick into her vagina
>feel weird but kinda good
>realise we don't know what were doing, so we quit
>that was weird
>never talk about it again

I technically lost my virginity when I was seven
>be 9
>living in china
>19 year old chink maid
>flat as a board but pretty
>while she sleeps I unbutton her shirt and play with her mosquito bite tits, bite the nipples
>eventually me and my sis (7) play with her hairy bush
>she wakes up but lets us continue
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>be 9
>mother owns a massage machine for neck massage and stuff. (shape of a electric iron, very strong vibrations, probably manufactured in the 80s)
>use it on my body
>out of curiosity hold it against my crotch
>feels good
>lock in bathroom and put it un the pants
>few seconds until orgasm
>best feeling ever
>do it regularly a few times a week for about 2 years
>didn't hit puberty until that point, so no mess to clean up

One day it was gon. Never found it in our house. I maybe think my mother noticed. Never asked her.
Wouldn't be possible todayI think. the penis is too big now...
>pic sorta related. It looked like that
I have more.

>be 14
>childhood friend (12) comes to visit with her little brother (9)
>she has sprouted B cup tits that she shows off because she doesn't know the stigma against sluts yet.
>grope her warm vagina inside the swimsuit when we go swimming
>at night go to her room (she's sleeping next to my sis) while my sis slumbers
>stare into her eyes
>grab her bewbs
>she takes off her back brace
>we clumsily touch each other and cuddle
>brother comes in and tries to join in
>"Is your brother gay?"
completely unrelated to the thread but i figured it was humorous that i still had dictionary of numbers on
>"Is your brother gay"

That's fucking hilarious. How did the rest go?
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goddammit chrome.png
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fucking christ i forgot the pic
or your mother took it to be her her sex toy

That feel when you are a little older then everybody so you are way bigger. Topkek
After that. Maybe. Or my sister... Will never know.
But at the time I used it I meticulously checked everytime I took it that it is at the same position where i put it at before.
I knew that it would be weird and I probably would get in trouble if someone caught me.
I touched his dick and he touched mine and then she did and I would only kiss her because I was homophobic. Then I wouldn't let him play with my legos for the rest of the visit
You can touch my dick but you will never touch my fucking legos.
>be 7 year old me
>circa 1986
>reads well.txt
>find pr0n (BetaMax Master Race)
>watch pr0n
>it was good
>find book "Sex, Am Man's Guide"
>learn all about sex
>8 y/o me meets 28 y/o massage therapist
>talk and seduce for over 6 months
>she teaches me how to massage
>start massaging inappropriate areas on her
>she says No
>repeat every weekend for 6 months (Mom's friend)
>slowly break down her will
>give her orgasm during a massage
>keep going while she's getting off
>she tells me it's the first time she orgasmed without masturbating
>proceed with sex
>orgasm, but no cum (I was 8)

Then in elementary, middle, and high school I was every girl's "practice partner" for blowjobs, sex, and anal.
That sounds so fake that it could be real...
exactly. Here's another

>be 8
>reading Reader's Digest article about a rape
>she's crawling to the hospital holding her neck shut and her intestines in
>start rubbing my boner
>boner intensifies
>sudden body-juddering orgasm rocks the foundations of my existence
>started fapping
>never looked back
It is
File: 1408014229449.png (65KB, 574x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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....so did you received Gürkan's pickle
first time sex, dicksucking and anal at age 14

well >greentxt please
Yeah we always called him "Gurke" it's pretty hilarious. Happened in Switzerland, Zurich to be precise..
He gave me Panini stickers I missed to my collection and traded me yu-gi-oh cards for funtime.
who did you suck off
sucked best friend's dick when we were 9
my male cousin sucked my dick when we were in a sauna when we were both 13
That's pretty old for an iguana
The first time I had a go at masturbating I didn't come for ages, so I just peed into the bin in my room after a while
God did that stank
I was about 10/11 y/o
I once got drunk at 6am

>be in 4th grade
>friend with this cute nerdy girl with glasses
>we were kinda loners that stuck together
>normal day at lunch
>somehow the topic of kissing came up
>asks me if I've ever kissed anyone
>ask her and she says she hasn't either
>we decide we are curious and want to try
>move to empty baseball field and find some benches behind cover
>begin to softly kiss
>decide we both like this and keep on kissing
>just basic kissing so far, no tongue or anything
>starts to get a little more intense
>we are both new to it so it's kinda sloppy and messy but that only made it better
>push her down on bench and get on top of her
>she's a little surprised but goes with it
>we make out for a few more minutes
>lunch bell rings
>we walk back to class and decide that we will do more next chance we get

This was the beginning of our adventures, it went on for about a year and a half escalating each time we did stuff
go on
cont pls
tell me more master
Ok ill post moar, I'm posting in between working so sorry for any delays
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>me, 5-6 yo
>have 2 guy friends and 1 girl friend
>we used to spend 5-6 hours a day out, playing
>was living with alcoholig grandma, so she wouldn't really care where I'm going
>me and friends find this place kinda far away from home
>no one around
>we used to call what we were doing "uh, uh"
>we were rubbing eachother's genitals through clothes
>felt good man
>one time i said that we can have sex, but the guys have to put their pee pees into our vags
>we tried, they wouldn't get hard, obviously
>we went back to uh uh

thank you based anon

if you did anything to her ass...I would sure like to hear all about it
No one ever gave me an inkling of interest that I picked up on until I was 16, and even then I didn't get laid. The end
>me, 10-11 years old
>flying to Moscow to visit family
>there is 9 years old girl
>she's from my family
>watching porn
>she's getting horny
>we go to bed
>she touches my dick
>I am touching her pussy
>want to finger her but she says that it hurt her
>she says she want to have sex
>says no I am too young

>be me 5 years old
>have friend before school
>I always touched her pussy
>and I fingered her
>still see her, not friend of her
>scared that she will go to the court

And I have one more situation like this when I was 4 years old
When we were 6, me an my best mate used to play dares. It would end up strippin naked, touching eachother, suckin eachothers cock an even a bit of piss play once. His mum walked in on us suckin eachother once an just laughed and carried on cleanin the room telling us to carry on, an brought us snacks. Dirty bitch. We've not talked about it since we grew up.
Be around 8 or 9 at the time, me and a friend who was younger than me by about 1-2 years would play a game called 'touch bums and willys'. During which we would grasp each other's shafts and finger each other's butts.
One night I stay over at his house, slept in same bed, we both had hard on's and would graze each other's butt holes with our pre-pubescent dicks.
Anons adventure 8 cont

>fast forward about a month since first incident
>we have been meeting up any chance we get to make out
>before school, lunch, after school, even in class sometimes
>so far it's just been normal kissing
>we decide it's time to try something new
>have heard about tongue kissing and decide that's what's next
>this time we leave class to meet in the bathroom
>figured we would have privacy since everyone in class
>she asks how do we tongue kiss
>she sticks her tongue out and I begin to lick it
>then she licks mine for a bit
>tell her to move her tongue around while I'm doing it
>it actually feels really good
>we start rubbing our tongues together faster and faster
>finally realize we should do this while kissing
>never thought this would feel so good
>at this point our tongues are locked while we are laying on the bathroom floor
>spend the next 10 minutes tongue fucking the shit outta each other
>I ran out of breath and pulled away for a second
>realize our faces are covered in each others spit
>she giggles a little bit and licked some of her spit off my cheek
>instantly shove my tongue back down her throat
>this goes on for about another min until we realize we have been gone to long
>decide we should go back to class
File: Nips.jpg (8KB, 172x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anon pls
File: 1358826976240.jpg (390KB, 1208x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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YOU MADE MY FUCKING DAY. This is what these threads are fucking for.
i like
>was about 5
>friend and me hang out regulary
>go to the same kindergarden and live in the same street so we're pretty used to each other
>at some point we made up something new to play
>dryhumping: the game

we would sneak into a group of trees and bushed nearby our usual playground and just lie on top of each other humping the other one by moving only our hips.
nothing more ever happened - no undressing or touching. Eventually our parents found out though and told us we're not supposed to do this.
Can't really remember what happened after that but I guess we just stopped and got back to making sandcakes.
Aged 15, be with best friend who is same age.
Both watch porn frequently, we decide to show each other our favourite videos. Both have same fetishes, asian in school skirt doing anal. Both get rock solid dicks and notice. My dick is bigger... See some gay porn pop up, grab each other's dicks, make each other cum really HARD. Conituneto do this for about a week.
dude the teacher is not supposed to go with the kids, you should know better
Yes ass was involved, I will tell
Guess ill post more then
File: 1360412548985.jpg (13KB, 267x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I started masturbating to orgasm around two or three years old. I remember watching some local infomercial channel one evening around three or four years of age and thinking... I should go on TV and teach everyone how to do this. I never did and didn't lose my virginity until I was thirteen.
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ich känne en Gürkan us Züri. Wenn isch das gsi?
>be like 7 years old or some shit
>older sister by 1 year holds me down and tries to make out with me while calling me george or some shit

I cried.
>being 8
>cousing is 10
>at her house
>show her my dick
>she doesn't show me her "dick"
>touch her, no dick found
>move panties, see unexpected thing
>look closer
>kiss it
>she likes it
>start licking
>she wants to do the same
>starts kissing my dick
>3 years old cousin comes in
>we immediately cover, she has no clue
this was the first and last time I ever touched a pussy, I am 23 now.
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Someone explain to me the humour in this picture it is blowing my mind too thouroughly.
File: 1382342512693.jpg (139KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>anticipation intensifies
>touch another guys lego
no homo
File: 1360411469162.jpg (13KB, 300x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am seriously please help me. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen and if I don't figure out why it's funny it will dominate my brain.
Anon Adventurers 8: Crossing the Border

>let skip ahead to about 5 months since first contact
>since the tongue incident we have been spending all out free time with each other
>we tried things from spitting on each other and licking it off to literally sucking on each others tongue
>at this point we have still not done much besides kiss and lick
>one time while we are having a usual session I say I wanna try something else
>tell her we should play with each others privates
>she's not sure what to do but she's down
>we wait till school is over and meet at the baseball field
>once all the kids are gone we begin
>we take each others pants off but keep on undies just in case we need a quick escape
>not really sure what to do I tell her to rub my dick
>she pulls it out and lightly begins stroking it
>I begin rubbing her panties where her pussy is
>I ask her if it feels good at all
>she doesn't answer but instead starts kissing me
>I decide it's time I get to see what I'm dealing with
>I pull her panties over and expose her pussy
>we are both playing with each other while furiously making out
>this is both new to us which is only making it even better
>start to get a funny feeling
>tell her to start stroking faster
>not sure what's going on but I feel amazing
>finally climax and experience my first fap

Cont in next post
I think it's the infinite loop of unanswered questions that forms the brain-trip of humour. If you don't resolve the loop it becomes infinitely funny. You see?
>age 7
>discovered porn
>showed friend it who was girl
> looks fun
>we try it
>commence massive crying for both of us. Her for the pain me because she is freaking out.
>end of banging almost everyday starting 12-18 till she went to some college in cali.
Me and this grill from my neighborhood used to watch each other pee in the toilet, would have been about 8 years old.
File: hardcorenigger.jpg (11KB, 158x137px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be 7
>neighbor girl
>we are playing behind garages(lived in apartment building where they had seperate garages that you could rent for storage)
>I'll show you mine if you show me yours
>we show eachother
Touch eachother's junk
>notice she has round(ish) hole
>notice that I have round peg
>in kindergarten
>telling us about shapes and shit
>figure I could put it in
>put boner into vagina
>we freak out
>she tells her mom
>I was grounded for a week
>mom took away my PS2
>didn't get to see her again ever
>still played together though behind our parent's backs
>fast forward
>be 16
>riding bus to get to college classes
>see her on the bus
>we go to the same college
>start talking to her
>tell her what classes I signed up for for that quarter
>fast forward 2 days later
>she comes to my class
>she signed up for one of the classes I was in
>awkwardly stare at eachother in class
>fast forward again
>we end up fucking again
>fast forward 3 years
>be now
>still dating girl
>lives with me though
>mfw great sex but hardly any time between work and girlfriend to play any video games
>mfw I browse /b/ instead
>mfw not even mad
shut the fuck up

I was around 8 when I first touched a pussy. She was same age and we went from playing catch to playing "I'll show you my stuff and you will show me yours" in the bushes.

I will never forget her. Best summer ever.
File: why my mother died.jpg (210KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
why my mother died.jpg
210KB, 1280x720px
Read this. I laughed at this as well as the banana. If you have a similar sense of humor as me, maybe you will laugh too.
>she's a little confused
>tell her what happened and then tell her I wanna try something
>lay her down on the bench and start licking her pussy
>she is startled at first but gets into it
>never done this and not even sure what I'm doing at this point honestly
>I keep licking her pussy up and down over and over
>accidentally lick her asshole
>she makes a small moan
>look up and ask what was that
>she says it felt really good and asked if I could do it more
>not really sure but what the hell
>start to lick around her asshole
>her moans become more frequent and loud
>by now I've gotten into it very much and am just licking her all over
>she tells me she's getting a odd feeling
>tell her it happened to me and it's a good thing, just wait
>she starts to shake a bit and is now covering her mouth to keep quiet
>she makes a loud muffed moan and stopes moving
>ask her if she's ok
>she says she's never felt that good before
>tell her the same
>we kiss for a little more afterwards
>get dressed and head back home

Was a lot of firsts in one day for both of us
File: reaction (18).jpg (49KB, 294x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
reaction (18).jpg
49KB, 294x294px
made me chuckle. gotta love game glitch stories
If thread 404's cont pls
File: 1360135364439.jpg (57KB, 550x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When I was five or six I used to play doctor with every girl I knew. Some of them were a bit awkward about it at first, but it was my very favourite game. I would pull down her pants and spread her bum, then she would flip over and I would spread her (I don't remember what I called vaginas at the time) until I got bored with looking at that and told her to flip over again and I'd spread her bum again. I don't remember much if any of whatever reciprocal action they performed on me except for one vague memory of lying on my stomach having my bum spread. For me it was about seeing girls genitals.

I can still remember the way their genitals smelled. The smell of clean vagina is so distinct. The anus is even better. I don't think there is anything sweeter-smelling than a girl's clean anus.

When I got to year one or two fewer then no girls would want to do that stuff. I didn't have sex until 19.

File: fres.jpg (8KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 225x225px
>be 6
>on trip with the kindergarden
>in room with a small turkish boy
>both horny
>play ill show you mine you'll show me yours game
>tell him to turn around
>stick my erect penis between his ass cheeks
>he no likie

>someone opens door
>ohh shiet
>pull pants back up
>"mature" 6yo girl ask what are we doing
>pull down my pants to expose my erect less than 10 cm penis
>she runs away

Oddly I only fuck girls now
File: 248.gif (63KB, 160x120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 160x120px

>6 year old

No, that didn't happen.
I got another one worth sharing if there's still interest
Don't be a fucking Jew and share.
please do
Come the fuck on
Stop askign we always have interest
Pls cont.
My nigga
keep it coming you slut
Should of known

Story coming next post, sorry for time gaps anons, fuck work
File: 1396185857040.gif (2MB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 300x300px
>should of
It's been 10 minutes you fuck just post this shit
>>stare into her eyes
sooo why did ur massage therapist get an 8 year old to massage her..
cause massage therapists need massage too
Will blow you off man, I need my fix.
>Be 4 years old
>Uncle's Girlfriend babysitting me
>Always let me do what I want and was extra nice to me
>Tonight she calls me over to her bedroom
>"Hey anon, do you want to help me?"
>She unbuttons her pants a bit and unzips
>Not sure what the hell is going on, being 4 and all
>Ask her if she had to go to the bathroom
>She laughs and says no and that it's okay

>"I have a little kitty in my pants. Do you want to touch it?"
>Grabs my hand
>Puts it down her loosened pants
>What the hell is this?
>Hair? In your pants?
>She asks me if I like her pet.
>Short hair between knuckles and start to feel wetness
>"Don't worry, it's just a little hungry"
>She begins to relax and try to hold back some moans.
>Asks me to "rub the nose"
>Not sure where this "nose" is.
>She grabs my hand and directs me towards her clit.
>"Rub it a bit, it likes to be tickled."
>Rubs as she says and begins to notice her begin to act even stranger.
>Asks her if she's ok.
>"Yes, I'm fine, you're doing good."
>Continue until she finally grabs my hand
>"Thank you, Anon. Let me tickle him now. Do you want to see?"
>She removes pants/panties completely
>First adult pussy in full view ever and didn't even know it.
>Trimmed triangle pubic hair
>She lays back on the bed and goes to work
>Sees woman orgasm for the first time
>Sits back up and leans in towards me
>"Do you like playing with me?"
>"Yeah! You're always nice to me"
>"Okay, but this is our secret. If you tell anyone, I won't play with you anymore"
>Gives me a peck on the lips like she usually did when nobody else was around.

My uncle broke up with her a few months later... asshole.
I was exposed to sexy time early on. I can greentext any age but here's a quick glance.

>Age 4 - First Hug
>Age 5 - First Kissu
>Age 6 - First time seeing Tits
>Age 7 - Molested, First time Seeing Pussy
>Age 8 - Harem
>Age 9 - Harem 2
>Age 10 - My first Victim
>Age 11 - Wincest #1
>Age 12 - Wincest #2
>Age 13 - Threesome (lost virginity)
>Age 14 - First Girlfriend
>Age 15 - Wincest #3
>Age 16 - Meeting old friends
>Age 17 - First Orgy

Doubt you'd be interested in anything above 18 so I'll leave it at that. What do you wanna know?
7 greentext
File: 1408952888630.jpg (12KB, 385x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 385x299px
>be 6 or 7
>with younger brother (one and a half years younger than me) and two other kids (one guy one girl, both my age)
>grown ups are getting upper-middle-class-white-person-crunk on shit wine
>N64 gets boring so we start fucking around
>fool around with the girl in her closet while brother and other guy do their thing
>leave the closet having just touched a vagina for the first time ever
>see brother sucking another kids dick
>mfw i still know those other kids and i'm pretty sure i'm the only one that still remembers
>age 11 seems interesting
>start a new thread after you've pre-typed everything

HAREM ??? explain...
What do you mean by victim?
Are you gonna post you fucking nigger
>11 years old
>Sleeping at grandparents house for the weekend
>First night, I start searching in the drawer in the room.
>Find some magazines similar to playboy
>Stare of picture of naked ladies and get an erection
>Find an articles about masturbation
>Try stroking my cock but I am doing it wrong and nothing else happen.
>Do the same thing the next night with an other magazine.
>Change the way I hold my penis
>Suddenly, feel an intense need to pee
>Squeeze all my muscle thinking "Oh my god, I am gonna pee in the bed, what will a tell my gransparents"
>Ejaculate with the force of a thousand sun going super nova.
>There is sperm every where around and on me
>WTF that not pee, what is happening
>Clean up everything with tissue and decide to never tell anyone
>Get first sex.ed class in high school and finally understand what happened that night
>Start masturbation every chance i have
File: 08.jpg (138KB, 1064x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 1064x1600px

srsly, maybe your own personal thread isn't such a bad idea...

dont forget to link if u gonna do it
File: 1406592167273.jpg (205KB, 1271x831px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205KB, 1271x831px

File: DIBS BEDORA.png (26KB, 889x737px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When's the new thread for all your exploits?
Anon Adventures 8: Breaking Barriers

>so now we are at the year mark of our sexual adventure
>by now we are playing with each other just about every day
>at this point we give each other "homework"
>we try to think/find new things to try by watching porn or asking friends
>so far everything has been external
>till now
>luckily we sit right next to each other in class
>I spend the whole period squeezing her ass and rubbing her
>tell her we should take it a step further later
>sounds good to her
>we meet up at our usual spot after school
>once we start making out I put my hand down her pants after I know she's nice and horny
>I slowly rub her pussy but this time take it further
>I start to slide a finger in her
>she asks if this is what I meant when I said take it further
>she says that she's ok with it and to keep on going
>I had heard from a friend that there was "something" inside girls that breaks when they have sex and sometimes blood comes out
>thanks for the warning
>by now she's really into it
>this is the most we have ever done, and it's a lot of someone so young
>she asks me to go deeper

>I'm now fingering her pretty deep
>we are both completely oblivious to what's going on besides how good we feel
>I can tell she's getting close to "the moment"
>that's what we called it
>start to go faster and deeper
>she shoves her tongue down my throat to stop from making noise
>she finishes while we kiss
>I take my fingers out and see some blood
>she freaks out a bit
>tell her it's ok, it's something that happens to girls
>I really had no clue if that was true, just wanted to calm her down
>we get cleaned up and I start to zip my pants up
>she tells me to stop
>says that I always lick her down there and she wants to try it on me
>so I lay back and pull my dick out
>she starts to lick the tip
>apparently she seen it done in porn
>begins to fully blow me
>feels better then I could imagine
>she was sloppy and got spit everywhere but I like it more cause that
>then she starts to stroke me at the same time
>I'm surprised how much she seems to enjoy it
>realize I'm near "the moment"
>she goes even fasted going as far down as she can
>I push her head down right as I climax
>finally finish
>she lifts up and asks how I liked it
>tell her I'm gonna want this more often
>she laughs and we get dressed
> a few more kissed then we head home

End of that story
on my 8th birthday my uncle wanted to give me a special "present". He took me to my room, pulled out his d and told me to suck on it for my gift. Didn't understand what i was doing at the time but enjoyed it. he kept giving me gifts until i was 13
Be me
Be 6-7
Me and brother went to a baby sitters place
A brother and sister were there too
Girl being 5-6 guy being 8
I get smart to her
We all go outside play on swings me and her brother teasing her she hangs upside down on a bar
Me and the brother right next to her laugh because her skirt is flipped and we can see her underwear
She tells us to shut up
Brother takes her panties off and runs away from her she tried chasing him but he was the superior sex
She gives up hangs up side down again skirts falls into her chest
Her brother comes back me and him laughing staring at her pussy he touches it
She tells him to go away he tells me to touch it
He tells me to finger her I do she gets off goes inside and tells on me
Get yelled at

auto greentext is disabled if you are faggot Heaven you dun goofd b8 m8 gr8
Fuck off pussy boi
lrn 2 greentext faggot
God damn samefag
I often asked my cousin 3 year younger than me to sit on my face. I was about 8-9.
Bumping for new thread for this...
Deliver god damnit
Not really, those stories were the main things that happened, granted we did lots of stuff but it's mostly the same kind of stuff

Odd that my ID changed
Eh, the closest thing I have to sexual experiences is two things with this one girl.
>When we were both 5 we got curious
>I pulled down my pants and she pulled down her skirt
>The both of us are standing in my room staring at each others underpants
>I get confused by how there was zero bulge
Nothing else happened
>skip forward a year
>we're at her house
>I forget what she was doing but it meant her having her back to me a lot
>kept crawling up to her and pulling up her skirt
>she kept blushing and giggling as she pushed her skirt back down
>take it a step further the fourth time
>grab her ass
>she likes it
>continue for 5 minutes
She moved away a few months after and I've never seen her since. Our parents were friends though, so I've been to her new house once when I was 10. She wasn't there but I did take a pair of her underpants that were on the floor of her room
Any kind anon willing to cap my stories for me, still at work so I'm mobile

These 4

That sounds hot
>Be in 9th grade
>Make friends with nerdy girl with fat tits
>She moves away but whatever
>3 months later she gets my number from a mutual friend
>Start texting and getting to know each other
>Always does the *Hits your head* shit

>Eventually I text something like *Hugs you from behind to feel your chest*
>One day I tell her I wonder what her tits look like for real
>She send me something like pic related
>She says "Your turn"
>Too nervous to stay hard and take a pic
>Put on a towel like i just got out of the shower and stick a comb between my legs so it looks like a boner
>"Wow anon you're pretty big. I'll take mine off if you lose the towel"

And then began our sexting adventures that lasted 3 years.

c'mon where are the stories
That's pretty cewl. Got pics?
post pics nigger. I like fat tits...
File: image.jpg (149KB, 1280x853px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 1280x853px
>8 or 9 years old
>best friend named Kris
>comes over all the time
>get bored of halo one night
>put in rumble roses
>both horny for first time in our short lives
>start touching eachothers dicks nothing serious just light rubbing
>escalates over the next year or so
>start watching less and less bmx xxx and rumble roses
>concentrating on eachother more and more
>gets to the point where we would pull our briefs up our ass cracks to look like a thong
>kiss eachothers dicks
>kiss eachothers assholes
>kiss eachother
>still remember the smell

Fast forward 6 years to age 14/15 Kris moved away to Spain for a while.

>get back into contact with Kris
>lives a while away now
>means every visit is a sleepover
>sleeping at his grandparents house
>see rumble roses on shelf
>nostalgia boner
>no other porn in house play rumble roses
>later that night both sleeping in same room
>both horny as hell
>take clothes off
>start to masturbate
>his dick is large
>try anal sex
>hurts a fucking lot
>get helmet in before he taps out

Didnt see Kris for a long time after this, we lost contact for a while. Saw Kris in the stare a few years back. General greetings and pleasantries.

"Hey anon, remember when we were gay?"

Still maintain to this day that it was not gay.
It was a totally gay.
File: 1408955333427.jpg (107KB, 512x882px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 512x882px
The dumb thing is forcing everybody into arbitrary groups to begin with.

You're not gay unless you choose to be. You don't have to be anything.
Um... to stay on topic though.

>A couple months after that she's in town and wants to hang
>15 year old me thinking "This might be it"
>Spends the entire day with her and her mom on a shopping trip
>Feeling blue balled, but still finding some pretty cool stuff and just fucking around in retail stores
>They drop me back off at home
> "Oh wait, Anon has a cool dog that I want to see"
"alright daughter but hurry up. I know how you get but try to keep it under 5 minutes"
>Sneak her to my room(parents were luckily asleep)
> Tell her some bullshit like "Hey look at my cool posters"
> Nervous as fuck
> eventually walk behind her and grab her tits
> Feels way better than bags of sand
> Getting more and more into it and so is she
> She stops it short and I walk her outside and wave her good bye
I'm so fucking jealous.
Fucking excellent. More stories and many more pictures.
No die thread
Bumping for more of her.
>I'm 15 and she's 16
>We go to an anime convention together
>Do whatever the entire day
>Sun's starting to set and she wants to wait in line for an interview with some voice actor or whatever
>I'm leaning against the wall and she leans against me
>By this point we both get off on trying to get away with things in public
>I take off my jacket and put it around her as a blanket
>Slide one hand under her shirt to squeeze her tits and the other one down to her pussy
>See her cover her mouth with the jacket a little bit
>After a while she suddenly grabs my hand and forces me to stop
>The line moves and we sit down for the interview
>holding my hand to my chin like I'm thinking so I can sniff my fingers the entire time
Forgot pic.

Also all of these pictures were DEFINITELY taken when she was 18 or older and were definitely not some of the pictures I saved to my email over the years
That's awesome. She's hot. How possible would it be for you zip and upload everything she's sent you? My penis and I would be forever grateful. Also
Only started sharing her stuff a couple days ago and I'm a computer nigger so i don't know how.where to upload your zippers too
The act was gay faggot
>11 years old
>hanging out with friend
>we see his mom naked on accident
>get a boner
>neither of us are sure whats going on
>look it up on some shitty dial-up internet
>Find a blowjob video
>we watch it, notice he cums and goes flaccid
>friend ends up sucking me off and I blow in his mouth after I beg him because it was sore
>every time I went over he'd suck me off
>he ended up becoming gay later on
>I fap to traps
Eric you gave the best head.
You could add me on skype real quick then just send them my way.
>be about 5
>in neighbors hottub with 2 other girls
>both also 5
>they ask me to take out my "wiener"
>look around to ensure no parents
>pull down my swimsuit a bit just so it shows
>they are about to show me pussy
>neighbors mom walks over to the top of their deck above the hottub
>Sent home and never talked about it again
>She never even told either parents
>Continued being friends with those girls
>Climbing trees and shit
File: IMG_20111024_230852.jpg (902KB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
902KB, 2592x1936px
Or I could just keep dumping them here until I get bored shortly after.

I only have 42 pics saved though. Oh and one video.
Either way. Thanks.
Am I alone with having early sexual experience with cousins? I feel like it's common. Not even a southern redneck.

I don't know, she only sat on my face a few time. And with panties on.

Butt i guess you're not the only one.
my brothers and my step brother at the time made me to striptease for them one day. lol.
>early morning 6:30 am on breezy summer morning
>7 years old
>wake up and decide to play on trampoline
>see 8 year old neighbor playing in her backyard
>call her over to play on trampoline
>we play for a few minutes
>we both go underneath trampoline
>mutually decide to take our clothes off for no reason
>lightbulbs appear and we come up with a brilliant idea to ride our bikes to the park naked
>its only 2 blocks away
>ride to the park and go into the woods
>I find a bush full of red berries
>i noticed that she has a hole in her crotch
>i.e berries should go in crotch
>stuff berries in her cooter
>red streaming down her leg
>we both think it's cool as hell and wrong as hell at the same time.
>decide it's time to go back
>ride down the hill to my house
>that breeze goin down muh 7 yr old nutsack
>see dad standing on front lawn, arms folded
>first time I heard my dad swear
>"But dad this time I was wearing my helme-" "NOW!!!"
>Got in a lot of fucking trouble for the berries thing
>neighbor grew up to be a whale and had the biggest crush on me.

At least I had my helmet on.
It's not really an early sexual experience but I have one for that too.

> Be 17
> Go to different country
> Visit distant relatives
> Second cousin is solid 7/10 and 17 as well
> We stay up all night until she goes to sleep at 4 AM
> I touch the butt

Fast forward a month and when I'm back in the US

> Still talk through facebook
> She admits that she was awake during that time
> Shit gets awkward after that
> Havent talked to her since.

Pic not related, but I'm still dumping it.
File: f.jpg (269KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269KB, 1920x1080px
this makes me all cuddly and fuzzy on the inside
Caught having sex with my neighbours 2 daughters at same time we were all about 5 years old and had no idea what we were doing. Older brother busted us and told parents. They moved away a few months later and only saw them again in my mid twenties was so fkn strange
Be 7. Dad had a video rental service. Found the porn section. Self educated me... a lot.
>me rougly 5 years old
>with best friend at his pool in the summer
>it might have been his birthday because there were balloons in the pool
>one get's the idea to float on the balloons or make them pop
>struggeling not to drop off it again ->friction
>first little boner, strange feeling, kind of black-out, first little orgasm
i'm not sure he experienced the same, but i believe he did
>Little kid, 9 years old
>Sees a half naked girl online
>For once doesn't ex it out first thing
>First instant, feels like he slipped out of body
>A HUGE rush of energy, like he is invinsible
>Almost blacks out and forgets who self is
>Is in another dimension, broken into the next world, before heaven
>Thinks he is a super hero
>Finds an otherworldly feeling, unlike any other
>Is shaking, flesh glowing bright red, ears ringing
>Numb everywhere
>Can do anyting, has the power to do anything like stop a car with his hand
>Next day... Realizes: Holy fuck I was manic from sex!

Anyone here get ANY MORE enjoyment from first time you were horny?
You done dumping?
File: IMG_20120320_050143.jpg (771KB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
771KB, 2592x1936px
nah just waiting for a reason to keep dumping
I'll be here until you get tired of dumping. If that's reason enough...
When I was 8, I've been sucked by my friend... I don't remember how I felt.
File: IMG_20111023_233951.jpg (790KB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
790KB, 2592x1936px
Well shiiiiiiiiiet. How can I say no to that. I'll dump 10 more of my favorite ones.

What do you think of her though? Rate it

File: IMG_20111023_234021.jpg (762KB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
762KB, 2592x1936px
dont let it 404 now :/

> we eventually became boyfriend/girlfriend and would sext every day
>She was hornier more often than I was and the only reason why I was able to keep up was that she had great fucking tits and was absolutely cock hungry
>She loved the idea of getting fucked against walls and choked with cocks
>Hated the idea of anal
I'll rate after you drop the ten. What's image limit again? I don't remember.
>at least I had my helmet on

Same level of kek as:
>the ass was fat
>bitch shouldn't have eaten my gogurt

i.e. kek of most toppest of qualities

Image limit for what?

>She was a massive weeb and said her first masturbation was to Sonic
>I remember her telling me a story about her getting touched by her cousin when she was 6
>Her ex before me used to bite her tits through her clothes hard enough to leave marks
>Always said she loved the way I sucked and played with them more than anything
woops forgot pic
File: feels bad.jpg (7KB, 225x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feels bad.jpg
7KB, 225x224px
I can't remember it that well but...
> Be 6,7
> Female Cousin about 4,5
> We had messed around before, just hugging really and lying on top of eachother.
> Called it the naked game...
> Cringey as shit, I know
> Anyway, one time we come for sleepover.
> Other cousin asleep, parents asleep.
> In the same room together.
> Start hugging...
> Eventually we end up taking pants off.
> Not sure even how to do the sexing
> sit cross-legged with her and try and move dick to her vagina.
> Nopthing happens really,
> Touch it a bit
> Gone back to sleep

I still know her now, I don't have any siblings so yeah, we both didn't know what we were doing. I feel bad about it but then I try to think that I didn't know about what we were doing...
only 9 years until i become a wizard
>carry on

>One time we hung out with each other at the park
>We laid down in the big field right next to it and she would lay down on her stomach over my arm so I could squeeze her tits without anyone noticing
>Eventually we moved farther away from the park so I could take out my cock and she could jack me off
>My hips gradually move closer and closer to her face
>She's still too nervous at this point to suck it
>Eventually cum with my dick so close to her mouth that some of it gets on her lips
>She licks it off her lips
>Wipes off my cock with her hands and licks it off
>Promises that next time she'll taste it directly
>We walk back to her house holding hands

>at this point we were 16 and 17
As much as I love her tits, anything of the rest of her body? Ass, Vag, Feet, full body nude, etc...?
File: 1353972117000.jpg (14KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 500x333px
When I was 5, I saw my cousin's little vag, she was 3 by then. I didn't know why but I liked that a lot.

>I was over for her birthday(17th)
>just me, her, and a few other of her friends hanging out at her house with her family
>Starts to get late
>all the other friends leave
>She takes a shower while i just watch TV with her little sister in the meantime
>Comes out in a bathrobe
>her mom is ok with it
>Says she wants to straighten my hair
>Leads me into the bathroom, sets me down on the toilet and straightens my hair
>She yells out "Stop moving so much or it's gonna take longer!"
>I look up at her like wtf I wasn't even moving
>She finishes doing my hair and straddles me
>I undo her bathrobe and I suck her tits and motorboat her while she rides my cock through my pants
>The rest of her family doesn't notice the smiles because my hair was straight and it was normal for us to be smiling like that


Nope this is the closest to a full body nude. she wasn't comfortable with her vag and she said that it was impossible to take ass shots
dank memes bro :^)

File: ring.jpg (51KB, 538x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 538x720px
My girlfriend's mom was never around in middleschool, I was already into porn and we had sex at 13 a bunch of times.

Pic related, its the ring I bought her after finding a wad of money on the floor of the mall a few days before xmas.
Thank god it*s 8/10... soon you'll stop with those ugly ass saggy tits.
Well now we know what he r8s.

Standing by for last two...
>on 4chan
>uses emoji's
>being this new
File: IMG_20120320_045928.jpg (635KB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
635KB, 2592x1936px
I've busted more nuts to them than you can imagine son. At this point your shit taste on tits can't even reach me.
well, I played the doctor with my female cousins and sister.

pissed together with my neighbor and cousin. haha, I still remember his dick covered in smegma. also in the kindergarten before eating, like 5 boys together at the same time.

when I was 8 this girl from my class invited me to her house. she found her dad's porn magazines and showed them to me. I remember being worried about their dicks because were cut and seemed ripped to me. the next day she showed me her dad's dvds. she put one on and there was this woman who was sucking 10 dicks in a row, shit intrigued me so much since then I wanted to try sucking a dick. a few years ago I knew that this girl forced another girl from my class to put things in her pussy when they were like 9 or 10.
remember hiding behind a sofa with my cousin(we are the same age) playing "doctor and nurse" she was front down and said her butt felt strange, so i had to put my finger in to see if it was ok, after a good rumage i come to the conclusion that its fine, she then rolls over and asks about the other hole, so i checked in there too...

then she said it was my turn...

Oh now im totally obessed with anal, FYI great way to get girls...
well get the girls you want to get ...
speak to them, shift the subject to sex, ask about anal, response is positive, you are on the road to success!
File: IMG_20120320_050324.jpg (836KB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
836KB, 2592x1936px

Anyways here's the end of the story

>I'm 17 she's 18.
>Been going out for 2 and a half years
> She joined a clan in Cod blops
>Always tells me they're dramatic as shit
> She invites me to one of their games
> Play one round on their team
> "Hey AnonGF is that guy your boyfriend you always talk about?"
> "Yea he's good isn't he?"
>"He's only 23-1 because he camps. fucking noob"
>Next match I get put on the other team
>CTF I end the match with something like 2 captures, 18 defenses, 50+ kills(obviously I don't remember the exact score but I do remember completely raping them
>I join their team again, no one in the clan is talking and they leave shortly after
>GF says that they were super butt hurt

Fast forward a few days

>GF tells me that one of the clanmembers is a bipolar shit
>He confessed to her and then said that he would slit her throat if he ever saw her again
>He's also married

Fast foward a few more days

>She still plays with him
>I ask her why the fuck she keeps playing with him
>She says she just can't give up on friends
>I try to convince her that some friends should just be let go for the next few days

A little while later

>She admits that she cheated on me and sent him some pics because he kept begging for it
>She regrets it
>I'm distraught but forgive her
>A couple weeks pass, the magic is definitely gone
>I eventually realize that sluts are sluts to everybody and not just one person in particular
>I break up with her again
>Feel like I grew up a lot because of it
>The tits are still great though
I was going to ask what became of you two. Sucks that it ended the way it did but at least you enjoyed it while it lasted. And you always learn something from negative experiences which is a plus.

>amazing tits
>dark nipples
>perfect amount of chub
>cute face
>weeb bitch

Solid 7.5/10 for me.

And as much as I'd like the rest of what you have, I wont be an ungrateful fuck and ask for more. Thanks for dumping. It's much appreciated. You get 10/10
also when I was 7 my older cousin showed me her pussy, she opened it and told me she has a dick just like me, but inside and smaller.
>be me at preschool
> bffs with a girl named savannah and a guy named mario
>we always fucked around and did everything together
>nap time
>mario wakes me up
>puts hand up sleeping savannahs skirt
>tells me to do it
>i used to believe girls had penises too and didnt understand what i was supposed to be feeling
>literally put hand up her skirt and do nothing like a retard
>kiss her leg
>mario the alpha mexican goes back to fingering her
>savannahs still out cold??
>he starts making out with her
>i dont get what hes doing
>his dad comes to pick him up
mfw he finds his 4 year old son foreplaying with another 4 year old
mfw i started crying like a little fag because i thought i would get in trouble
Never saw mario and savannah again after that day
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