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Wincest General >Sister would always barge into bathroom

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest General

>Sister would always barge into bathroom and catch me taking a bath when we were young
>Constantly wrestled up into our teens
>Awkward boners started happening so we stopped
>She started wearing skirts more when we were in highschool and would accidentally grind up against me when standing in the subway
>Think more and more about her and try to repress thoughts
>Maybe if I just do something they'll go away
>Catch her after school; she's flopped down on her bed still dressed
>Lift up her skirt and jizz right on the kitty face of her most likely thong panties
>Flip skirt down and leave feeling miserable
>One month later wake up
>Dick feels amazing
>Open eyes and she's giving me head
>She notices I'm awake
>Her eyes go wide
>Blow my load down her throat and then on the sheets as she gets up and runs away in a heartbeat
>End up fucking each other on a cruse vacation the family took when I graduated highschool
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I do not have a problem with this
So... any one else have any experiences like this? Or photos?

Certainly there are more details, and it moved extremely slow, like months, but that’s boring so I’ll just post the parts that matter

Dad remarried and I got a stepmom, I was 16 and she had a 14 year old daughter. Great, now I have to share shit.
We didn’t speak much, I did my thing and she did hers. One night our parents were out partying and there was a
Killer thunderstorm, awesome lightning and thunder, really shaking the house. She came in my room crying and said
She was scared, asked if she could stay in my room. It was late and I was half asleep so I said fine.
Woke up early the next morning and she was still sleeping there. Sent her to her room before the parents found out and I
Would have to explain.

Couple of nights she came back to my room around 11,and this continued.
She didn't say anything at all, she would just lay there a while then leave.
Over time she stayed longer and would scoot closer. Eventually she just reached out and touched my cock.
It was hard of course. She just laid there with her hand on it for a while then left.

A couple of nights later she came back and got in my bed, but she was naked. She reached out and grabbed my cock,
and this time I reached over and touched near her pussy. That went on for a while, many nights of just that.
I never made a move because I didn't want to scare her off or worse, get found out and sent to reform school or prison.
After a bit of that she got braver, moving her hand around on me.
Still never said anything, and the room was totally dark. She started to slowly stroke me now and then.
Eventually I got to where I was touching her slit, fingering her gently.

Eventually she'd give me a handjob til I would come, and I'd finger her til she came.
Once I tried to kiss her but she stopped me and didn't come back for a couple of nights.
After months of this I went down on her one night. She was 15 by then. I ate that pussy like there was no end, she loved it.
That went on a while, me eating her pussy and her giving me handjobs.
As soon as I would cum on her hand she would get up and go back to her room.

Eventually got to where she'd let me cum on her tits after I ate her out, with a small nightlight on so we could see.
During this whole thing we never even talked to each other, at night or during the day.
She'd just come in and we'd get off, then she would go back to bed.
This went on for seriously close to a year, maybe once a week, sometimes a couple of weeks between visits.
When she was around 15 she stopped coming in. I was disappointed but I figured she had a boyfriend now or something.
A couple of years after that I heard a noise in her room and I peeked through the door and I saw her with a dildo.
I opened the door and asked her if I could watch.
We really didn't get along well in the house, our parents fought all the time.
We rarely spoke so this was unusual anyway, that I would even speak to her.
She was kind of freaked out so I just left.
She came in that night with her dildo and turned a lamp on in my room, sat down on the bed next to me, and fucked herself silly with it while I watched.
After she came she sucked me off and let me come in her mouth. I tried to go further but she stopped me.

Hope you have all finished flapping by now because this is where the story ends.
A few weeks later my parents found out she was pregnant by some sleazy dude she had been dating
and they kicked her out of the house. I see her once, maybe twice a year now.
She looks like shit and is raising this kid alone, the scumbag beat her up and left her.
Kind of a shame. If she'd have just kept fucking me she would be better off.

Copy pasta because I posted it last year and saved it, but it's my copy pasta and all true.

tl;dr Ate 15 year old pussy, and it was good.
disappointing end, but a nice ride

makes me miss my sister even though our thing was just a one time deal. So far.
I fucking wish I had a sister now.

Yeah the end sucks. She's late 20's now, and I see her at Christmas and stuff. Really sad. She is always so sweet to me and I try to be nice, buy the kid clothes and stuff when i can, but she's a real mess.

Sometimes wonder if I could get some but she didn't age well unfortunately, not sure I'd want it now.

She was cute as shit when we were young.
Bummer. My sister's well on her way to be a knockout MILF or Cougar. She's christmas cake now and she's aging like wine. Unfortunately she lives in Washington and I'm stuck in Florida so the only time we really get to see each other is during Christmas when we visit our parents.

Last year though when we were visiting the Gaylord in DC for the ice show she did the subway thing to me again. Was pretty cash.
in all reality you'd probably find your sister unattractive because she looks like you. aaaaand in all reality you'd never bang your sister unless things like this happened with her when you were an adolescent.
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I have one with my sister aswell but im always to embarrassed to share
why embarrassed? you're anon...
doubt it, you're probably trying to figure out where to start with your made-up story as you type it.
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wincest spiderman.png
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Me and my sister used to 'have sex' and I'd use Saran wrap as a makeshift condom. Thinking about it makes me kind of horny. We were young and only 11 months apart. Good times. I kind of wonder how we got so sexualized at such a young age. I don't remember being molested or anything and she's never said anything about being abused. Weird. Maybe we're just fucked up.

Pic unrelated, just there cuz I love it.

It's not made up, but whatever... everything typed here is falsehood and only a fool would believe it bla bla bla right?
My dad was dating a woman for about 3 years. She and her daughters moved in around the eve of summer, 2012. I say eve, as in May because well, it gets hot here fast. Previously, they had come to visit every other weekend, and stay here, etc. I got to know both the daughters. At the time, I had a girlfriend, so I didn't really have to think about them, so it's whatever. (cont'd)

I spent a good deal of my summer working, as I worked for Kroger. My schedule was never set, always off the wall. They'd visit on the holidays, and the like. They'd always wonder where I was, and that sort of thing. Not a big deal.

Around July of 2012, I had gone to live with my mom primarily because of an internship for a unix administrator. This is when the older step sister realized her feelings for me, were VERY real, and I had up and disappeared.

I still visited on the weekends. My girlfriend at the time decided to get on my case about the older one.
>"She keeps flirting with you."
>"No she's not. She's my sister. Leave it alone. I'm pretty sure she likes women. Look at her facebook for once in your life. She's dating a girl."

There were many nights through the weekends that I'd come home, and me and her would talk and talk. I actually stopped visiting my girlfriend because of other reasons unrelated to this, but this is when I started to have feelings for my step sister. (cont'd)
We got along really well, and it was nice. Each time she'd leave her room, I'd look out my door and I'd see her walk down. She'd see me and smile and I always found that nice. I actually started to question if she really did like me.
>Friends: Yeah, she might.
>Girlfriend: Of course she does. I told you this already. And it's irritating because she always gets between us.
>Me: sigh. no she doesn't. she's having a normal conversation (no seriously, she was)

Every weekend, I looked forward to coming home. Around March, I ended the relationship I was in. I was done with her. I got just too fed up with her nonsense. In April, I bought a new car and came to visit her and the rest of the family. She took a car ride with me.

>Her: I need my laptop reloaded. Can you remember to do that tonight?
>Me: Sure, I can.
>Her: Oh, and vmware. I want to learn Linux. Your job seems like a lot of fun.
>This made me EXTREMELY happy because I didn't think some girl who goes on tumblr and is this crazy writer would be into it.
>Me: Sure, we can do that.
>She smiles at me with this chin-up thing that she always did to me... and me only


Does she get it inside?

If so, source plz.
We got home that night and me and her went to her room. I started working on her laptop, and she was asking questions about my job. Eventually, she tried tickling me, and I sort of laughed, but I shrugged it off.

I started getting these insane thoughts.

>"Oh... I'm in her room... I might find out. Shit. This isn't good. She's still 17."

We ended up being playful with each other. I would poke her nose and she would let out this playful giggle. It was actually kind of cute. Her laptop was taking a while, so I lay down next to her while I kept tickling her, and what not.

Time passed, and we eventually were face to face. My eyes were closed because, to be fair, I was falling asleep. We got closer.

>"... we're going to kiss. this isn't good. is it?"
>"Maybe this is meant to happen."

We landed a kiss. And we kissed for maybe a few minutes. I felt my face just burning up. I had to be red. We stopped and we looked at each other.

>Her: I'm sorry.
>Me: For?
>She gets up.
>Her: You were sleeping?...
>Me: No, I wasn't.
>I look behind me, door isn't closed. I close the door, turn off the light.
>Her: I thought you were dreaming of vanessa
>Me: No, I wasn't... I've been thinking about you.

We ended up kissing several times, had several make out sessions. She started to tell me the truth.

>Honestly, I've liked you even before I moved in. And I tried to tell myself, that I didn't. And that I should stop. You were with someone else, and well, you're my brother.
>Me: What's the big deal with that? If you liked me this whole time, why didn't you say anything?
>I'm with Marshall because he liked me, and I thought that would be a way for me to not think about you. But once you left in July... it never went away.
>I've always wanted you to kiss me unexpectedly.
>Me: Why didn't you?
>Because... I was afraid of how you'd react. Maybe angry?
>Me: I wouldn't know how I'd react... but it may be good. Just like it is now.

We slept together in the same bed, but didn't do anything that night, except for more making out, etc.

Next day comes by, and the first thing we do, is get in my room when the parents go to bed. She said that she's only had sex once. She's 17 by this point, and only once. And that was three years ago. And she'd rather be with someone experienced. I figure that's OK.

We were fooling around.

>I'd grab her waist and pull it toward me, and she'd grind.
>She started using her tongue a lot more
>I could feel her pajamas actually getting wet. It seriously started to drip.
>I tried to feel down, but she stopped me and said she was nervous.
>I felt let down, but she promised for next time.
>She grabbed my dick and started to play with it. She licked it a couple times, but spent mostly giving me a hand job.

It was a good night. (cont'd)
The weekend passed over, and I did my work week. We were texting a lot over facebook.

>I just want to know, what is your favorite position when having sex?
>Me: No favorite, but I do love the occasional reverse cow girl.
>I've never ridden obviously... but I want to try.
>Me: Fine with me. And why didn't you let me touch you saturday night?
>I can't really say.
>Me: Why? I mean, it should be ok. I mean, I like going down on girls... If you don't like that then tell me.
>OK, L, the reason why is because I'm a squirter. I'm embarrassed to say that, because no one else wanted anything to do with me when I said that.
>Me: ... really? You squirt?
>That's not a problem?
>Me: Not at all actually. Sounds kind of hot.

Friday night, I roll into town. She has prom with the guy she's with saturday... the guy she wants to end it with (he's abusive, and she's afraid of ending it because of what he'd probably do). She decides that tonight is the night, we finally go all the way through.

>We start making out, and she was using her tongue quite a bit.
>I bite her neck and it makes her shiver like crazy.
>I managed to get my hand down to her, and she let me.
>"My god, she is already dripping."
>I slowly move her into the bed, while I'm on top of her, still making out with her
>She pulls my shirt off and unbuttons my shorts, and instantly, my dick just comes right out
>She grabs it and says to get a condom right away
>I do.
>I put it on, and I start going in slowly, but she pulled me straight in.
>She moaned and started to shake.
>"Oh my god... Oh my god"
>I start to thrust in and out at a regular pace. She was enjoying it.
>Each time I went in, it was a slapping sound. She kept oozing out, like it's no big deal.
>"Oh my god..."
>She pulled me in and tightened her legs around, moaning and shaking. I could feel, through the condom, as she was gushing out.
>I found this hot, and immediately I was ready to finish.
>I started to thrust into her fast, and this caused her to orgasm again, rather instantly
>I finish as well, pull out and lay next to her.
>She proceeded to keep kissing me
>"anon... that was amazing... thank you. That felt really good."
>I smiled at her.
>"How big are you anyway"
>Me: 7 and a half.
>She smiled as well, and blushed. She hid her face in a playful way.

The next day, she went to prom. She actually called me to tell her to pick her up because it was turning out to be a HUGE drag for her. The guy she was with was too busy with his friends or other girls to bother with her. He wanted to sex her up that night anyway, and she wanted nothing to do with it.

I pick her up.

>I was nominated for prom queen. Didn't get it though.
>Me: why
>I'm a junior. Not a senior.
>Me: That's dumb.
>Yeah. And the whole time, he was being an ass. It was like... thanks for leaving me alone you know. I just wanted to dance.

We get home, and I was working on my linux laptop. She didn't bother staying in my room that night... She instead went to her room to sleep. I gave her that freedom.

Parents are NOW suspecting something is going on because I went to pick her up and I happened to come home at the same time she did (from their knowledge). Etc.

Next day, dad hounds me about it, and I tell him nothing is going on. He hounds her. She says the same. He leaves it alone, but her mom sort of flipped her shit (probably due to her lack of cigarettes, and that she's trying to quit).

Week passes by, and I get to stay a whole week with her. Me and her. She finally broke up with the guy. The parents are on vacation, so we had free reign of the house.

The week were to ourselves, we were doing loads of sexual things. It was interesting, and amazing. She really wanted to please me.

She was even willing to do anal.

>I at first never wanted to do it... but I'm willing to try it.
>Me: Well, we need to prep for it, you know. You need to be relaxed and all that.
>I understand. I just want to try.

We went for it a couple nights later into the week. We went ahead and tried 69 and she actually had gushed out quite a bit. It was interesting.

We got done, and I got the lube out, condom on and was ready to go.

>Me: I'll take it slow.
>I lubed her up, lubed myself, and started to get ready.
>I slowly pushed in. She didn't let out any painful moans.
>She began to breathe heavily.
>I managed to get a quarter of the way in
>'Wow this feels interesting.'
>Me: Let me stay here for a moment so you can get used to it.
>'Yeah, it feels weird, but it's--'
>I started to play with her clit and she immediately collapsed.
>She orgasmed within a few seconds, and I pulled out and she fell over.
>'Oh my god... oh my god... I've... oh my god.'
>Me: what?
>'I've never felt an orgasm like that before... oh my god.'

From then on, we continued to have sex almost daily.

im not sure why i expected different. top kek though
The parents continued to question us, but we were too afraid to come forward. But we continued our relationship.

>Me: By the way, I consider you my girlfriend.
>'You.. do?'
>Her face lit up
>Me: Yes, I do.
>Oh my god... I've been telling others you're my boyfriend...
>She was very happy.

From then on, we were together. It took a couple months, but eventually she told me she loved me and everything was going good.

September rolled around, and she was on her period. Why this plays a role, I'll tell you. We fooled around at one point, and a mishap happened. I thought it was nothing.

Her period told me that, well, she's not pregnant. That's good!

Turns out she was. We did anal one day during her period. We went to shower down. I left the shower early as I was done, and she kept showering. She miscarried in the shower.

That's when she got onto the depo shot.

this is some long ass pasta
Time passed on. We were in a loving relationship. Couldn't ask for anything more. Amazing writer, loved to learn, and me and her laughed at close to the same things. I'm a gamer, she isn't. But she enjoys watching me play, oddly enough.

But as of May, we have been broken up for numerous reasons. Partly because she's 5 years younger than me (since she's 18) and well, sometimes there's really nothing you can do but step back when you're called every name in the book and you try to bring it all back together. Without going into a lot of details, her mom and I made a huge mistake at one point (nothing sexual), and that fueled her fear of a commitment. It was disappointing. Her mom and sister really wanted us to make it all work, but it's probably not the time now.

I do miss her though. Maybe some day we'll get along again.
You said she was lesbian
PMSL that made me piss so hard! good pasta tho,
>enlarge photo
>first word i read

nice try
That's because at the time, that's what I honestly thought out of ignorance because I never asked. I ended up learning later she claims to be "pansexual" or whatever, because that female she was with "identifies as a male" which is dumb.

Can't expect anything less from tumblr tards.
um seriously tho, if youve done all this freaky shit with her whats it gunna take to get a pussy shot i need to cum :)
According to your stories it seems like incest is a common Thing in The us.....
thats her ? on b too ? not sure if srs
There was a thread we did a month or so prior about how she's a multi-orgasmic squirter. We were going to jumpstart another thread on that date you see in that picture, but something came up and we didn't get a chance.
did u guys read
http://pastebin com/XdRMRhy1

(remove space add . between pastebin and com)

it's long but it's really heartfelt and shit. it gets so much better the longer it goes
awesome,after work which is were i am, i will cum furiously over her...hope you done mind, i fucked my cousin from canada its was wierd how it happend but i was only her 2nd had to pay for her abortion too when she went back to canada :/ great sex tho, damn alcohol.
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anyone want me to post a couple of stories about me and my sister.. just put them in a thread but i forgot about it and it 404d lol.

I'm 23 she's 29 (30next month), we have had an incestuous relationship for as long as I can remember (literally). We are extremely close and are great friends.
do it, a pictorial story gets extra points..
bumping I suppose
File: 1407532681147.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px

who said he was usa? oh wait i forgot your burning jelly.
File: 1407597695245.webm (3MB, 1200x675px)
3MB, 1200x675px
sauce please
File: 1407598180445.webm (2MB, 1920x1080px)
2MB, 1920x1080px
dont have, sorry. obviously sth from RealityKings.com
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anyone want me to post a couple of stories about me and my sister.. just put them in a thread but i forgot about it and it 404d lol.

I'm 23 she's 29 (30next month), we have had an incestuous relationship for as long as I can remember (literally). We are extremely close and are great friends.

pic is my little sister, she's cute right? she's pretty awesome we get along great..havent really done much with her besides kissing...don't want to risk fucking up our relationship..though if she asks or something I'd probably go for it.
File: 1407598384946.webm (2MB, 1920x1080px)
2MB, 1920x1080px
sure, post what you have
2nd time of asking nigger post it
File: jamie_19th_011.jpg (62KB, 540x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oops I already posted that, sry it's 330am on lots of stims.. alright I'll post the ones I did in the other thread, these actually happened, don't care if you don't believe me.

first sexual thing that I remember was when I was 7..

>be 7, sister is 14 and babysitting me since parents are out for the night
>she takes me out to see Bambi
>I cry when bambi's mom dies
>sister consoles me on the walk home
>at home still sad, sister takes me to her room
>tells me she's gona cheer me up
>she takes off her clothes, tells me I can touch her anywhere
>I touch her a bit, but not in any way sexual really..
>I felt kind of weird about it and was shy
>(7 year olds don't really give a shit about tits etc.)
>she guides my hand in between her legs
>she uses my hand to masturbate, I had no idea what she was doing
>it goes on for maybe 15minutes
>she looked over at me a few times, saying things like 'it's ok' 'this is our secret'.
>she would also smile at me when she said these things which made me feel better
>I don't remember it being hairy, just wet and slippery and I'm not sure if I was just rubbing her or fingering her..
>after she came she seemed to get a really guilty and was apologizing and hugging/kissing me, she was crying about it a few times.
>never told a single person (except anonymously online)
is that her to the right in the picture ?
shes fit.
File: images (3).jpg (4KB, 303x166px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (3).jpg
4KB, 303x166px
and yes, that is the lady in question.. I think she's beautiful.. guess how old she is there.

also part 1/3 of next story..

>be 10, lying in bed at about 12am trying to sleep
>door opens, it's my sister(17)..ask her what she wants, she doesn't answer, just stands in the doorway for a while
>she comes into my room and shuts the door, it's fairly dark but can still make things out from street light through window
>she tells me to just be quiet, she wants to try something, I pretty much always did what my sister said
>she was just wearing an oversized tshirt, I didn't know if there was anything undernearth
>tells me to come to the edge of the bed so I'm lying closer to her, she kneels on the floor and starts running her hand over me under the sheet(I only slept in boxers)
>by now I knew quiet a bit about sex and such, mostly from my sister who would explain things to me and also let me watch porn when no-one was home (sometimes she'd stay and we'd watch it together)
>so she starts stroking me on the outside of my boxers, I ask her what she's doing a few times/half-heartedly say she should stop, she just whispers to be quiet and then keeps going
>I looked over at her and she had one hand between her legs, she was rocking back and forth a little
>she saw me looking and just grinned at me, she had a way of always making me feel like everything is fine if I was nervous..just her smile and her soft whispers of reasurrance would comfort me
>so she's been rubbing my dick outside my boxers for like a minute and I'm fully hard(though pretty small since I was 10), she slips her hand inside and starts touching gently, it felt so warm and nice
>tells me to take off my boxers, I don't do anything because I was 10 and I was pretty confused/nervous, I said something like "we could get in trouble".. she just smiled and kissed me on the forehead
>since I wasn't doing anything, she pulls them down for me, she told me not to be scared(I must have looked really scared), she starts softly stroking my dick, she's still got one hand between her legs rubbing herself
>shes quietly moaning now, my dick/her hand are very wet from precum (yes I started getting precum at 10)
>then she leans over and puts it in her mouth; I was so shocked at what was happening, but it felt so fucking good and warm, I could hear her moaning around my dick
>she had one hand cupping my tiny sack (the other was still doing it's thing with her vag), she could easy take my whole dick in her mouth (I was probably around 4 inches)
>she was sucking for maybe 1minute before I came(or as close as you can at that age..not very much stuff would come out..a very small amount that was probably not even sperm since it seemed mostly precum-color, but i still had an orgasm)
>my sister must have noticed my dick pulsating lol and the small amount of prejizz that came out..but she just kept on sucking and moaning a little louder around some sucking/swallowing noises
>after a little while I had to tell her to stop because it started to get too sensitive, she stopped when I told her, she sat back breathing pretty heavily
>she just sort of sat there for a few minutes, me still in bed, neither of us speaking..I felt awkward and was just avoiding looking at her, she touched my cheek gently turned me to face her, she asked if I was ok
>I nodded..she grinned at me, biting her lip in an endearing way..she hugged me and kissed my cheek, she whispered 'I love you' and suddenly I didn't feel awkward or nervous
any nudes of ''jamie'' wish i was you !!!!
File: hfjghfjgjg.jpg (10KB, 275x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 275x183px

>she went back to stoking me gently all over my naked body, it felt nice, I noticed her hand was back to rubbing herself...actually I don't think she had even stopped(I guess she didn't have time to get off (this whole thing had only been a few minutes))
>she was mostly focusing on stroking around my package, she was making small moaning noises again, she leaned over, gently grasped my limp penis and began to kiss it softly and give small lick to the still wet tip, after maybe 20seconds of this she came
>she sat next to my bed just looking at me for a while, smiling, she asked me how it felt, I said 'really nice'..she smiled and hugged me again, told me I'm her favorite person (she said that to me a lot)
>then she reiterated about not telling anyone I was nodding and told her I know, after another short silence she sighed and said she should go..
>She stood up to leave but paused, looking down on me just lying there naked(partially cover by a sheet), she smiled again and then in a genuinely sincere and heartfelt way she said: 'your beautiful'...'your perfect'..(she'd never said anything that passionate before)
>I didn't know what she was talking about (I still don't really)..she seemed very emotional, I couldn't tell if she was about to cry..yep; I was confused.
>I didn't want her to feel bad about anything, I told her that I loved her, which made her smile, then after a thought, I looked her in the eyes and in my own candid, forthright voice I truthfully told her that I love her more than anything, at this she hugged me.. tight
>she was crying a little but still smiling, 'happy tears?' I asked, she nodded and said yes, she kissed me on the lips and then left to her room
That's the sweetest wincest story I've ever read.
fuck you man all this does is remind me that ive gt a coldsore and cant go down on my 10/10 qt gf
sorry no-can-do..I was hesitant about even posting her with clothes...if I was soberer I doubt I would have even done that.. anyways.. I have a bit more stuff written out about a few times when we were older but it's messy and will take a while to fix up, not sure if I cbf.

I do have a list of just about every mainstream film which contains brother-sister incest, if anyone wants..

but yeah..me and her, we never stopped doing stuff with each other, were also great friends and have a fantastic relationship.. the one downside being she often gets upset because she thinks she molested me or whatever even though it didn't fuck me up or anything..We're both adequately successful and both live happy, good and normal (excluding the whole 'fucking your sibling' thing) lives.

oh and if anyone wants links to a particular type of incest porn (mostly brother-sister, some dad-daughter and a little mother-son) I have some great ones.
got more stories of her?
> the one downside being she often gets upset because she thinks she molested me or whatever even though it didn't fuck me up or anything.

One of the reasons children who are molested end up fucked up is because they feel they exist to be used. They're worthless. They're a tool for someone else's pleasure. It's quite obvious she didn't treat you like that, nor did you develop that opinion of the situation. It's worth mentioning that to her if it comes up again. It's obvious she cared about you as a person as she did it.
File: jamie_19th_034.jpg (40KB, 540x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 540x720px
thanks man..that's pretty much how we are now with each other, even though we go through relationships and casual things with other people, we know there will never be anyone either of us could love more than one another.

oh also, can I get you guys opinion..I watched some porn of this 'incest couple' and they seem fairly legit.. think this is real?


^that's them, and on youtube too..

here's her blowing her brother (swallows): http://xxxbunker.com/scott_and_sindee_real_brother_and_sister

and anal:

legit or fake? either way I'm going to choose to believe it's real.

pic is me and my sister quite a while ago.
>Be married with 2 daughters
>Wife and I are very open about sex, we don't hide anything
>We are both into incest and have discussed sexualising our kids some
>Eventually have two daughters (now 8 and 9)
>Over the course of many years, we have fondled, cummed in their food and drink and got them to do things with us
>Kids enjoy it when we do things together, with our eldest iniating it quite a few times
>They both have their own pebble vibrators we allow them to use at night
>Encourage them to play with eachother as well

I want to deflower both of them but my Wife says we should wait until they are older and let them make that choice, which I understand. My wife usually leads them on as she has a softer approach than I do.

Happy to post more if anyone wants. I tried this thread a few weeks ago but didn't get much attention.
oohhhhhhhh but...but.... :(
ok..more stories man, dont start summit and not greentext that shit. get to working and u reckon its real or fake porn,
post stories
thanks.. I've tried so much to get her to see it my way.. I've considered going to a therapist or psychologist or something to get advice but I'm not sure if they would report anything...anyone know when they have to report something? is it only if someone is in danger? or is it if a crime is going to be committed (cos incest being illegal n all, though I could leave out the part about how we're still in a relationship)...
File: 1407533808085.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px
genuine? provide (with clothes ofc) pics if so
she is delicious tho anon pat yo-self on the shoulder.
>captcha cleanya unnecessary
File: 1344549412257.jpg (10KB, 126x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 126x100px
>http://pastebin com/XdRMRhy1
I came for fap and left for feels
File: 1344549258483.jpg (14KB, 251x186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 251x186px
File: 1360000296821.jpg (44KB, 526x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 526x540px
>heaven die in a house fire..
File: sdfasdasdasdasd.jpg (45KB, 604x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 604x404px
hmmm interesting... if legit..

I see nothing wrong so long as you don't force anything on them and nobody gets hurt...I gotta ask though, why cum in their food/drink?
anyone with any mom/ son stories?
File: 1357870026188.jpg (357KB, 1273x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357KB, 1273x900px
butthurt much faggot?
File: 1349635275281.jpg (38KB, 500x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 500x408px
>be me
>have siblings
>never do anything sexual with them
>regret never doing anything like that
>cry and masturbate and make up shit on omegle
>tfw no incest for me
File: 1367450823777.gif (541KB, 500x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
541KB, 500x357px
File: 1357380980336.jpg (205KB, 685x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205KB, 685x550px
Who is this? Can I get a name?
>Be me, 17, sister 13
>I was trying to sleep in my bed one night
>I almost fell asleep when my door opened slightly
>It was my little sister
>I pretended to be asleep
>She walked softly closer to me after closing the door
>Remember what she told me earlier, they had sex ed at school, so she was probably curious
>She put her hand under my blanket, feeling for my dick
>Didn't wear boxers, so I could feel her soft little hand stroke across my thigh and closer to my dick
>She finds it, fondling a little with my limp dick
>I get hard
>She grabs around the root of it, kinda stroking it up and down
>Still pretending to be asleep, but I had my eyes open, because it was dark she couldn't see I was awake
>Her pussy must have gotten wet, because she kept touching herself under her panties
>She had a condom with her, she probably got it at sex ed
>She lifted my blanket off me
>Trying to feel what's what she touches my dick a lot
>She opens the wrapper and puts it on my dick
>As she rolls it down my cock I say: "Do you know what to do next?"
>She jumps a little, I must have spooked her
>I turn on the light and sit upright in my bed
>"It's okay, sis. I'll show you"
>I lost my virginity a week before this, so I kinda knew what I was doing
>I hold her hands and pull her closer to me
>"You have to get naked, like me"
>She doesn't hesitate, and she pulls off her panties and night gown
>She has a really pale, slim and sexy body
>Her tits are perfectly proportioned on her body and fit perfectly in my hand
>Her pussy is a bit hairy, and it's definitely wet with pussy juice
>I tell her to climb into my lap, face to face
>She does, my dick rests upright on her stomach
>"I'm gonna put it in you now"
>She gets excited and lifts herself up
>I point my dick between her pussy lips
>I penetrate her cunt slightly, just the tip
>She lowers herself onto it and I slide into her tight
>As she does so she moans a little too loud
>Her pussy feels so good around my cock, warm, wet and tight
File: 1402002519921.jpg (44KB, 477x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 477x345px
File: 1350580074705.jpg (60KB, 677x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 677x473px
not cont faggot

this is a spiderman thread in case you didn't notice
Don't really have time to post stories, I can see this thread 404ing soon. But I'll try and give details.

I don't pasta

No pics.

This was my wifes idea, we loved the idea of having the girls drink and eat my cum at meal times and them not knowing. It wasn't at every meal, we'd probably do it a few times a year.

The first time we got the girls involved was my wifes doing. Once again she has a very soft approach with the girls and it works flawlessly.

>Day after Eves 6th birthday (Eve is the eldest)
>All at home watching TV
>Wife had planned that she would jerk me off in front of the girls and go from there
>About an hour into TV, wife starts to unzip my jeans
>She pulls out my cock and starts to jerk me off
>Lucy is the first to notice and just sort of stares at us for about 20 seconds
>Wife asks her to come and sit beside me
>At this point Eve also noticed, to which my wife asked her to sit beside us as well
>The girls sat beside me with my wife jerking me off
>She looks over to them and explains how this makes me feel very good and is a good way of showing her love
>Asks the girls if they would like to try it
>Eve is silent, but Lucy is fairly quick to say yes
>She is like her mother, very outgoing and confident
>My wife guides Lucys hand to my cock where she grabs it
>Her hand felt great around it and it didn't take long for her to get the basic motion down
>My wife gave her some help as her movements were quite stuttery
>Wife asks Eve if she would like a go but Eve is still a bit nervous, so we let her watch
>After about 2 minutes of Lucy jerking me off, I look to my wife and silently mouth "I'm cumming"
>My wife just smiles back at me and doesn't say anything
>Not long after that I was cumming
>It shot out so high I shocked myself
>Lucy let out a bit of a scream/laugh and jumped back, she had gotten some on her hand and her trousers
>Eve was standing up with a shocked face

thanks I think so too.
I think it's about 70% chance that they are just a couple, but I choose to believe they are siblings for fap-worthiness.
spidermans a nice addition; keeps the thread bumped.
no stories.. but:


..is a nice mom-son clip..

it's not too late..unless they/you are fat and ugly

pic related.. >lindsey's making out with her mom and her poor brother looks so left out..
File: 1360000336645.jpg (81KB, 623x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 623x457px

save him /b/
File: th.jpg (19KB, 480x321px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 480x321px
File: meanwhileatvons.jpg (584KB, 750x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
584KB, 750x500px
Maybe you can go fuck yerself OP
I'm 21 and live in another country.
I think it's too late.
>She moves around a little, up and down
>I help her with my hands under her ass cheeks, and lift her up and down as she rides my dick
>She wraps her arms around my neck for support
>We kiss and start making out
>In this position, still making out for about a minute or so
>She cums and stops riding me, her pussy is pulsating around my cock
>She thrusts her pelvis back and forth while cumming
>She squirts a lot too
>I get up, with her still around my cock
>I lay her down on her back
>She wraps her legs around my waist
>I start fucking her pretty hard
>She's moaning pretty bad
>Her hands are clammering in the sheets
>She cums again, twisting with pleasure
>I'm closing in on my climax
>As I'm about to cum I pull out and pull off the condom
>I cum really hard, bucketloads all over her tits and stomach. She got some in her face too
>I lay down next to her, we're both giggling
>She rolls over, left leg and arm over me
>She kisses me "that was great"
>We fall asleep like this
I'm 19 now, she's 15. We've had sex any chance we get since that first time. Almost every time we're home alone. She's a little late on her period now though, so we'll see how that goes.
you need your own thread
already rock hard ''again'' lol
File: 1310575907770.jpg (15KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 320x240px

File: 1376932334202.jpg (52KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 300x300px
ok kid, nice story
File: 1382536166192.jpg (131KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131KB, 640x960px
>This was my wifes idea, we loved the idea of having the girls drink and eat my cum at meal times and them not knowing. It wasn't at every meal, we'd probably do it a few times a year.

still don't really get it tbh.. I mean maybe feeding them it by itself so they get used to the taste..but putting it in food/drink seems silly, they wouldn't be able to taste it.

Also you should be prepared that in a few years they start to learn the what you've done is predominately seen by society as one of the worst acts someone can do.. the world will tell them that you sexually abused them, committed incest (which is strangely still vilified), and any consensual sex is straight up child rape in the eyes of the law.

Do you have a plan for that?
>Wife explains to the girls how we love them very much and how they made me feel very good and loved by doing that.
>Wife asks Lucy to go upstsairs and change her clothes/wash herself

Not long after that, we decided my wife would introduce the girls to the idea of masturbating. We had caught Eve touching her pussy and rubbing up against cushions a few times. We are sure she didn't know what she was doing, only that it must of felt good. My wife decided it would be best if she took the girls through it.

>Be around 8PM, tell the girls I am going to bed as I have an early start
>Wife takes the girls to the bathroom for their evening bath
>From my room I hear her tell the girls to go get dried in Eves room but not to get dressed
>She comes into the room and gets her bag out where she pulls out two new pebble vibrators
>She gives me a smile and walks out
>I didn't want to go in as it was "girl" time, but at the same time I had to see this
>I head to Eves room and the door is about half way open, can hear my wife explaining to them what Eve has been doing and how it's good for them to do this to themselves
>I peek my head around the door and thankfully my wife has them facing away from it
>They are both sitting on the side of the bed with their legs sort of spread
>Wife is pointing at the girls pussies and explaining what they need to do
>Eves hand is already on her pussy, which surprised me as I thought Lucy would be the quicker one
>Both girls are facing my wife, getting to know their pussies and rubbing themselves in front of her
>Wife asks if the girls are enjoying it to which they both nod
>I see the two pebble vibrators are on the bed

File: 1367449335793.gif (615KB, 435x482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
615KB, 435x482px
Even heaven could not stem the tide of sexual deviance.

Also, bump
We teach our girls that we love them very much and we ensure that whatever we do is done only if they're comfortable with it. The moment one of them says no, or gets a bit worried we stop instantly. In time we will teach the girls to make their own minds up. What other people think is of no concern to us.

>After about a minute or two of rubbing, my wife picks up the pebbles and hands one to the girls
>Explains how they can use these as well
>My wife leans in close to Eve and she guides the pebble down to her pussy
>The way my wifes eyes connected with Eves and the smile on her face, it was pure love
>I hear the click of the switch and a low humming noise
>Eve giggles and squirms but she doesn't say no
>My wife holds the pebble in place and tells Eve to lay back on the bed
>Lucy watched as her sister fell back into the bed and not too long after, another click of a switch and a low hum
>Lucy asked her mother if she could do the same
>My wife standing there, holding these two pebbles in place as the girls lay back on the bed, I wish I could of been apart of it
>About a minute or so later, my wife tells the girls she is going downstairs and that they can play with the pebbles a little longer
>As my wife leaves the room, she brushed passed me, gave me the cheekiest smile and a long kiss

The girls took about 20 minutes before they emerged downstairs. We let them use the pebbles still, but only here and there. We encourage them to use their hands and even help eachother. We let them do this in their rooms in private, we don't get involved in it.
is that pic related?
how have you the control to not let them suck you off etc or have you ?
Anyone ever read the erotic novel six times a day?
File: 1389300863996.jpg (42KB, 400x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 400x294px
nice special school thesaurus skills
sawry havane hurhh durhhh downy rat spiderman blue waffle rat, :) yuor whalecum
File: 1402001885560.jpg (62KB, 500x417px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 500x417px
really enjoy incest stories. but not so much this shit. you and youre wife are child molesters.
File: 1402002027388.jpg (55KB, 600x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 600x461px
ya that's a bit over the line
File: 52317.jpg (97KB, 550x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 550x800px
Ha.. like that guy in straya who got charged with CP for simpsons porn.. tis a silly world
what country do you live in, and where do they live? At least you could try strengthen your relationship.. send them a message saying you wish you were closer and that you do actually love them.. or something.. sibling love is one of the greatest things ever, it sadden me when people let it go
>What other people think is of no concern to us.
but you need to make sure your girls stay as open minded as you are, once they are old enough you should teach them why incest and sex is fine..make sure they understand the facts, there's nothing wrong with incest.

It's terribly hypocritical that in these times someone would be hated and labelled a bigoted dogmatist if he expresses views against..say..homosexuality; but if someone says something supportive of incest then they're freaks.

I said homosexuality because the arguments for and against it are basically the exact same ones as with incest.

Incest is far more natural/normal than homosexuality...hell, maybe even interracial. Sure there's an increase chance the kids will have problems, but if you're going that way then bad everyone with a hereditary condition from relationships... Or maybe incest couples could adopt, or use a surrogate or not have kids..

Nobody with cancer or who has a parent or grandparent who has/had cancer is allowed to have a relationship anymore too. Make it fair.

Anyone should be able to do anything they like sexually, so long as nobody is hurt.
I don't have much more time to post unfortunately.

Trust me, it's hard... literally. But I do have my wife for that. She understands my needs and she more than satisfies them. Though not exactly sucking me off, this is related...

>Be bath time for the girls
>Had spoken with wife for a while about attempting more and we agreed we should try
>Wife and I are bathing the two girls
>I wear just my boxers to "keep clothes dry" we told them
>The girls are standing in the tub and I'm out of it cleaning Eves hair
>I'm rapidly growing hard and it's not exactly missable
>While I clean Eves hair, her face is pretty much in front of my boxers
>I catch her looking and ask her if she would like to help me clean that
>She says okay, my wife smiles and I pull my boxers down
>I tell her to grab some shower gel and rub it in her hands
>She does this and I guide her hands over to my cock
>I guide them back and forth until she gets the idea
>I didn't want to cum just then, so after about 30-40 seconds I ask her to pour water over it to get rid of the soap
>Lucy and Eve splashed water over my dick and eventually it was rinsed off
>As we had planned, my wife would once again take the lead
>She congratulated the girls and praised them for what they did
>She would tell them to watch carefully as she turned me to face her and kneeled on the floor
>She kissed the length of my dick and ran her tongue back and forth a couple of times
>Both the girls were in the tub still just watching
>Wife turned to Eve and asked if she would like to try
>Eve gives a nod
>I had to hold my dick for her as she was a bit fumbly, but we managed to get her to kiss and lick it a couple of times.
>I asked her if she could try licking my balls, but she didn't like them too much
>This time it was Lucy who was the quiet one and we figured best to leave it for now

The key is to make it entertaining for the girls. We played about a little bit, even got Eve to rest my cock over her face.
File: 1402002645294.jpg (33KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 300x300px
I hope you get viciously murdered.
>taking moods disclaimer seriously
tell us more please
keep going
>We thanked the girls for their help and asked them to finish and dry themselves
>During which, my wife proceeded to finish me off in front of them. She started by jerking me off and finished by sucking me dry. All in front of the girls while they looked on.

We do regularly leave our door open while having sex as well and have seen the girls watching us. We invite them in but haven't yet been successful on that. For now we keep it light and soft. As they grow older we'll let them make the choices.

We need more people like you in the world my friend. I love my family and would do anything for them, we teach them the rights and wrongs but we also let them learn themselves. The best approach is to try things and find out for yourself. If my girls decided they no longer wanted to do this, I would still love them and I would fully respect any choices they made. Hopefully we've shown them enough love and kindness that even if they don't enjoy incest, they'll still accept us.
File: xmas2013-29.jpg (59KB, 528x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 528x720px
pic is me and my sister, we've been fucking for a year, been doing oral for 3 years..we are very close and have a normal bro-sis relationship..except with benefits.
Unfortunately I have to go. I do appreciate everyones responses here, it's been nice to share.
File: 120716625727.jpg (363KB, 659x670px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
363KB, 659x670px
farewell..make sure you still to your rules of not hurting them, no matter how hard it gets...

maybe oneday incest will be decriminalized..but in this proviolence antisex world i doubt logic will prevail
Regardless, she molested you. It's still nwin though. 10/10 gonna fap.
Okay so my wife just read what I had posted up and has told me another story I can quickly share..

>About 3 months ago we were travelling to meet up with my Wifes family for the weekend
>It's a long trip, so we book a hotel along the way and stop over.
>We book two double beds and two singles in the same room
>Wife and I get the double obviously
>The TV in the room is opposite the double bed, so all of us are sitting on there together
>Eve is laying down at the end and Lucy is sitting with my wifes legs either side of her while she brushes/strokes her hair
>Wife leans forward and starts kissing Lucys neck quite slowly, rather passionately
>She asks Lucy if she likes it and she says yes
>My wife continues to do it and you can see Lucy is really enjoying it, her eyes are closed and her body is going quite loose
>I'm already hard from just watching
>Eve is still watching TV, though we didn't realise she had actually fallen asleep (we couldn't see her face)
>A good 2 minutes of passionate neck kissing and I see my wifes hands travel down Lucys body, just stroking her through her clothes
>My wife then moved Lucy so she was laying down in the middle of the bed
>I didn't know what wife had planned, I was just enjoying the show
>Lucys eyes were still closed, she must of really enjoyed it
>My wife proceeded to soft kiss down her arms, up and down her legs
>She lifted her T-shirt up as well and began to slowly kiss and blow over her stomach
>This lasted a good 5 minutes or so and must of been pure bliss for Lucy

Once we figured Eve had fallen asleep we moved her to her bed and it didn't take long for Lucy to drift off as well after what my wife was doing. Lucy stayed in our bed that night between me and my wife. When I awoke the next morning, I saw my wife had spent the night spooning her with arm around her. Both were fast asleep.

It was a truely amazing sight.
I think they report child molesters. Don't snitch
no fuck this cunt
whats the source?
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