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Hey /b/ let me tell you my incest story. Pic unrelated I'm

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/ let me tell you my incest story. Pic unrelated

I'm 21 sis 18. Sis is 8/10 and I have wanted her ever since she hit puberty. We have been very close ever since we were kids. I frequently have vivid incest dreams about us having regular casual sex. My most deeply secret fantasies about her play out in my dreams regularly. I have always felt that she secretly has similar thoughts and feelings. Turns out I am right and this is how it plays out.

>be home for the holidays
>staying in my old room next to sister’s
>sis out partying with friends
>comes home drunk
>am fast asleep
>awake to my drunk sis crawling into bed with me
>omg this is really happening
>play it cool, let her in the bed with me
>we spoon
>sis is so drunk she passes out right away
>now I am wide awake with a raging boner
>start to gently caress her skin
>start to run my fingers around her tits
>get a good handful and squeeze
>finally get to touch these glorious tits
>slip hand under shirt
>grab bare tit with bare hands
>playing with nipples
>dick is so hard, bout to explode
>I get closer to her
>spooning her with my hand up her shirt
>start to dry-hump her ass
>she is either out cold or is letting me have my fun
>feels good man
>heart is pounding
>dick is throbbing

Why do you even ask, just do it.
don't ask for our approval.
Don't be that faggot.
Nice story so far though.
No, because you asking if you should continue flame-broiled my boner and now I won't get it back.

>slip hands down sweatpants
>no panties
>start to think she intended to give me easy access
>slowly move further down sweatpants
>fingers running through trimmed bush
>move her legs a bit to give me better angle
>curve my fingers down around her pussy lips
>slide a finger gently in-between them
>she’s so wet
>start to rub her clit and slide my finger just inside
>spreading the wetness around
>she’s not moving, waking or doing anything
>my heart is about to burst out of my chest
>loving every minute of this
>decide to see how much farther I can go with this


>Dick is throbbing
>Her dick is throbbing
>Enjoy her dick for an hour.

Everybody walk the dinosaur
fuck you
Promise. No dinosaur bs.

>her shirt is oversized and has the neck and sleeves cut out
>it’s loose enough for me to slip it off her shoulders
>exposing her bare breasts
>lick and play with the nipples
>they’re perfect in every way
>continue to admire and play with her tits
>I try to slide off her sweatpants
>inch by inch, making careful progress
>trying hard to not wake her I get them down just below her ass
>feeling up her ass and pussy
>she is so wet
>she’s asleep but her body knows
>start to touch my dick to her bare ass
>caressing it with the tip of my diamond cutter
>use my pre-cum to lube up the tip
>slide my dick in-between her ass cheeks
>rubbing against her asshole
>push deeper and run my dick through her dripping wet lips
>I start to move back and forth sliding it against the outside of her pussy and ass
>she starts to stir for the firs time, letting out a little groan
You are going to end this with dinosaurs or something in that general direction.
so far this story is about raping your blacked out sister. will op turn it around? find out on the next episode of OP raping his blacked out sister
>oh shit, shes waking, deer in headlights, frozen
>quietly say her name with a questioning inflection
>no response, lets out deep breath
>continue rubbing my dick on her moist slit
>can’t believe this shit is happening
>feels so good
>love my sis
>start to get more aggressive and rough
>fuck it, so horny
>really squeezing her tits hard and pushing harder against her ass as I hump
>lets out a little moan, reaches back and grabs the back of my head
>pulls me closer to her
>”fuck me, anon” she whispers
>what? I says
>”fuck me, I want you to”
>she pulls her pants all the way off and rolls over
>pulls me on top of her and grabs my cock
>I go for it, slowly entering her
>no condom, wtf am I doing?
moar pl
wow.got caught, moved to Bel-Air ?
File: 1392131997516.png (2MB, 1120x840px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bumping with wincest
Oldfags - winceststory.txt ctrl+c, ctrl+x
Newfags - how to greentext merp merp
OP - being a faggot taking forever works for me
For everything else, there's mastercard
>start fucking
>she is moaning
>about to burst but I don’t want it to end
>start eating her pussy
>she tastes so good
>squeezing my head with her legs as I finger her and eat her clit
>flip her over and start fucking her from behind
> harder and harder
>pull out and bust all over her back and ass
>laying in bed we say nothing and fall asleep
>next morning she’s gone
>see her downstairs for breakfast
>so awkward
>we say nothing about it to this day

Thats the story bros. No bull shit. Sorry it was not longer. I will answer any questions you may have. This all happened about 7 years ago.
C'mon OP, I'm almost there.
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can't believe this nigger didn't pre-type this shit.
fuck you op. you're giving me blue balls
You never discussed this?
ask her if she wants to fuck again
7 years?! Why did you never bring it up? Do you still want to fuck her
She is kinda crazy and there was a long time we didn't live in the same city or talk much. She has a serious boyfriend now. We really haven't had another crazy night alone. I do still want to fuck her and still dream about it and spank to the memories.

Next month we are going to a wedding. Her bf isnt going and we are sharing a hotel room. I think there is potential for a repeat.
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here is my sister
Are you in love with her?

I wish I had nudes of mine.
File: slt1.png (301KB, 220x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i want to fuck her so hard

Yes very much so. I think she has feelings for me too but that shit is so confusing and hard to process.
That's a really nice ass.
post any pics you got
Why didn't you discuss this?
After 7 years it gets more and more akward.
Even if you get her to talk in the hotelroom there is too much at stake for her.
Will you post about it here after you stayed in the hotel?
You can bet your ass I will post after. I will tell it in detail.
Could you give us a date?
Here almost every day but not every day.

Good luck.
I honestly do not understand you faggots. How you can find a sibling attractive is beyond me. I couldn't even think about that with one of my sisters would make me sick.

Disgusting man
then why are you lurking?
Wedding is on the 13th of September

Probably wont be able to write it out and post til the 15th. Keep an eye out. Will use the same body paint pic.

Thanks anon
Wrote it in my journal.
Godspeed anon.
Not lurking. Read ops post. Fucking disgusting she's your sister. Almost as bad as the mum ones that shits fkd up.
I dont understand it either. It is deep inside. I think it has to do with us being so close as young children. We have this crazy connection that kinda goes unspoken but I know she feels it too.
Not judging you OP.
love is love.
If she loves you and you love her and you make each other happy go for it.
Who am I to judge?
See this is why I love /b/ you guys just get me.

Thanks bro. One day we will be together. Even if it is in secret.
No I am going to bed because it is 5:30 here.
See you the 15th of September Anon.
so you haven't talked about it and she was probably really drunk. did she say YOUR name or is it possible she didnt know it was you and she was just horny as fuck.
Archivist Bob here to archive yet another wincest story. If you want to remind us of your previous story later on (if you remember) it would help me greatly with crosslinking the story. Just today's date is all I need for a crossref.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
Will do Bob
Thread posts: 48
Thread images: 5

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