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ITT: Incest stories when you were younger

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Incest stories when you were younger
Bum for the fact she's hot got more of her
>be 13
>go to cottage with family and 17yo sis
>night time
>i sleep on one couch, she sleeps on other across
>ffw 2am the first night
>horny as fuck
>my sis is sleeping on her back and her giant tits are sticking up
>get up and look at them closer
>rub my hands on them
>she wakes up
>she screams a bloody curdling scream "WTF"
>i'm petrified
>parents get up instantly and open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
2/10, i just skipped to the end and saved myself the disappointment
>be 13
>be visiting my cousins for Thanksgiving
>she’s two years younger than me
>she used to be really bossy when we were younger
>standard stupid little girl shit
>she and I are both upstairs watching TV
>rest of family is at the mall
>I’m lying on a bed, she’s sitting on the floor
>13 year old me decides to start jacking off
>go at it for a solid 10 minutes
>she turns around
>I try to pull my shirt over it really quickly
>”What was that?”
>No idea what to say, paralyzed
>”Lift your shit right now”
>I do it
>she stares at my dick for a couple seconds
>then starts to touch it
>really softly, at first
>tugs at foreskin a little
>looks up into my eyes
>licks the ball
>strokes the shaft
>contemplates existence
> be me 15-16 m
>cousin on dads side was 12 f
> over there house coz I wanted to live with dad instead of mum
>moving from one state to anther
> girl has school I stay home coz I'm leaving don't care for school
> play play station all day burnout
> that shit was cash back in the day
> she gets home befor rest of her family does
> looks cute in school uniform
> she comes in and sees me sitting in front of the tv playing
>jumps on my lap and gives me a big hug
> bitch wants the D
Fuck I've always wanted to post this
>16 years old
>mom is alcoholic, trying to be young again
>never really thought about it, but she was solid 7/10
>live on same property with two houses
>watching mom's house while she's out (read: use privacy to beat my dick like it owes me money)
>passed out on couch
>man my legs feel goood
>wake up slowly
>mom is rubbing my legs, drunkenly, looks dazed
>wtf mom
>my dick is already out, mom is eyeing it
>too stunned to move
>mom goes "shhhhhhh"
>slips cock in her mouth
>receive to this day, best blowjob of my entire life
>came so hard nearly fell back asleep
>mom falls back laughing, blacks out
>put her in bed

It never got brought up ever again. I was too scared to say shit, and I don't know if she even remembered doing it.

She passed away in 2011.
>be me be 6
>2 female cousins are living with us because their mom is a poor fuck who doesn't know how to take care of her kids
>one is my age the other is 3 years older
>the older one always liked to fuck with us
>tells me to get naked and my cousin to get naked and have her sit on my lap
>she hides us in the closet and tells us to make out
>we do as told
>she then kicks out cousin and sits on my lap and we make out
>keep swapping for a few minutes
>mom catches us and this whole big thing becomes a disaster
>older cousin gets in a lot of fucking trouble
>me and other 6yo cousin didn't even know what we were doing bad because kissing felt good
>mfw they forever separated us for the 2 years they lived with us and I couldn't be alone with any of my female cousins for a while because I'd try and kiss them

Honestly I don't even remember the kissing/nudity part but my mom caught us and her mom beat the explanation out of her so we all know what happened. Plus a picture
>be me
>haven't seen sister in a while
>she comes back home for a bit
>I walk naked into her room and say we should fuck
>she agrees and throws her clothes off
>she begins to ride me on her bed
>our mum enters and starts ramming a dildo up her ass
>blow my load in my sister's sweet pussy while gazing into my mum's eyes
>sister takes morning after pill to prevent mutant babies
>She passed away in 2011
my dick went soft so fast it turned inside out
>she stays on my lamp for alil while still playing game
>start to get hard from here being on my lap
> she asks what's this reaches down to grab it
> we hear a car door out side she gets off and get changed into after school clothes
>that night I'm sleeping in her room while at this house
> bunk beds I'm on top
> we talk for awhile she says she really like me and wants to do things when people go to bed
> my arm down the side of the bed holding her hand all cute and shit
> dad opens door to make sure where not doing anything
> the fact my dad thinks I have game
> looks at me like I'll kill you if you do anything
> he leaves with door open
> fall alseep holding hands
Woah, u held hands with her 10/10
>Be me
>Be 16
>Be at great grandfathers funeral
>Big ass farm house and shit with a smaller house a few acres away
>Start hanging out wth cousin I haven't seen since I was like 8. She's 14 now
>All the teenagers are staying at my uncles trailer on the property
>Cousin and I click right off the bat
>Sneaking out back and smoking cigs a lot. She joins me.
>We're the oldest ones there. I'm up all night playing twisted metal 2 and various other shit on my PS1
>All the other kids go to bed eventually
>We start talking about BF and GF shit. Yada yada talk goes to secks
>She says she's given blowjobs before and stuff.
>Being not a aspie beta fuck I can tell theres some tension rising. Jump on it.
>Get BJ and handie on the couch
>Go back to home state and she goes to hers
>about 8 months later move to her state. About a half hour away
>Get call on new years and it's her. I'm drinking a little so very open.
>She says she wanted to do everything with me that night.
>I ask if she still wants to.
>She says yeah. I wait til the following morning and drive over there
>Her mom and dad both work crazy hours. >Gone for what seems days at a time.
>We fuck like teenage rabbit for a solid 2 years
>I end up moving back home after that
>We keep in contact
>Hooked up with her a lot until around 2008
>She popped out a kid from some white guy, then some beaner, the last one was a nigger. I now call her trailmicks.
>Lat time I saw her was at another funeral.
>She took her half nigglet and sat by my great grandma
>My great grandma being old as dinosaurs told her to get that fucking little nigger away from her and that she would NEVER claim it as her family. Also she should be ashamed of herself.
Based great grandma is based as fuck. I love that old crone.
Well, I /did/ say she was an alcoholic.
File: sister.png (397KB, 772x4456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
397KB, 772x4456px
Personal favorite.
>be 10.
>visiting grandparents hosue with family
>my sister who's a year older, 11
>we have to sleep on the pullout couch in the den
>parents go to bed and we're watching tv late
>we find cinemax, this is the late 90's btw
>softcore porn is on late
>we talk about sex and what we know about it
>basically share knowledge while we watch softcore porn with the volume all the way down
>we eventually ask to see each others 'parts'
>we both oblige
>i have tiny 10yr old boner
>i can still feel the excitement in my stomach and chest today
>we touch each other and try to mimic what we see on the tv
>we dont do very well. its really uncomfortable and we were scared of parents walking in.
>at least I always had a feeling that what we were doing was wrong.
>we try 'humping' but i dont put it in.
>my 11yr old sister was the first pussy i fingered smelled and tasted. i assume my dick was the first for her too
>i never came although it did feel really good and i know there's no fucking way she did
>couldnt help but think about it all day the next day.
>the next night i coulndt wait to get to bed again
>we do it all again. we're still no good at it.
>we go home on a sunday and never do it again or even talk about it.
>my sis and i are done with college now and we have a great bro-sis platonic relationship but we've still never talked about it
>no shame. i actually look at it like us being 2 curious kids who got to explore in a safe and healthy way. neither of us is fucked up today.
>no shame.
I have one but it is homosexual, sorry.

>Be about 13
>Cousin asks me if I'd had sex with my then girlfriend
>aren't you worried you'll be bad in bed anon?
>well now I am
>show me what you would do
>super awkwardly dry hump him
>gets bored
>asks me to pull down his shorts before he pulls his ass cheeks apart and just kind of waits there
>I hesitate for about 10 seconds then fuck him in the ass
>wake to somthing sucking my finger thinking wtf
> it's her
> she's says she's cold and wants a hung
> me in my boxer get down of the top bunk dick slips out the front
> she sees it and straight away grabs it to look not sexual but like wtf is this
> I close door
> go back into bed with her and say she can play with it as much as she wants
> she was wearing this nighty with no undies could see her lil nipples through it
> take my boxers off tell her to keep the nighty on in case
> lift it up to see that lil body of hers
> she starts to pull really hard like she's doesn't know what to do
> I tell her to stop and if she wants to try somthing else
> she nods
> I roll her on her back spread her legs
> push my dick up against her lil pussy
> she moans saying it feels weird
> tell her it will feel amazing
> she wants more
> I push it in so tight I just want to cum right there give her acouple of pumps and pull out
> she's like why did you stop
> I tell her to open her mouth and try something
> blow load over her face n mouth she gets angry and leaves the room
> came back and just laid there in bed back facing me
> grab her for a cuddle pull her tight
> move my dick to put it in her again she doesn't fight it
> get back in side her from behind
> this shit feels so good
> stop moving feel alseep inside her
I fly away next day fucked n left her
Haven't seen her since Never meet her before it ether
My exgf had "consensual" underage sex with her father and brother, and cousin and was/is therefore capable of incredibly slutty behavior.

I however had a completely normal childhood with no weird touchies.
Yer there was something more emotional there rather then just sex

I have quite a few of these about my Mom. Pretty much from the day I started puberty this sort of shit happened.
fuck you
post eet
so you were 16 and you fucked a 12 year old?
>Plus a picture
Where's the picture?
File: 1406356088916.jpg (129KB, 791x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 791x1024px
uh I feel a little awkward about this but...

i feel like i contributed a real story and everyone else is just bullshitting.
Mine was real, just basic.
aight thats cool. you homosex today?
Pretty much that was close to 11 years ago
Plus wasn't really sex I didn't know much then nor did she
my ecks key's broken
Naw, straight. I'd even have called myself straight the day after we did it, it really did just feel like we were practicing. We had two other female couisins, both hot, and I still fantasize about the two of them getting involved.
>be 9
>stay with cousins and aunt
>late at night
>wake up
>oh shit its hard.jpg
>see my cousin who is 12
>sleeping on her back
>see her ass
>proceed to grab
>she wakes up
>asks to feel my cock
>grabs it
>pull off her shirt
>she does the same for me
>get on the floor
>aunt walks in
>everyone walks the dinosaur
Mine was real great memories had fun with burnout for 10 hours straight n no school was one of the best days of my life
sounds cool. i jerked off with a few dudes in the 8th grade. we never touched each other but we sat around jerking watching porn on vhs.
prolly not what you are thinking. We're not nude in the pic (sadly)

It's just me in underwear, my cousin in underwear, and the older cousin in full clothes. The older cousin had just got spanked and slapped so she's on the bed with her head in a pillow

Me and my cousin are sitting down on the bed next to her crying our eyes out because we were next

So it's just 3 kids crying on a bed. It's at my aunt's house anyway. She framed it. idk why we look horrible in it
When I was in high school I really, really wanted to fuck my stepsister. She was so hot. But I never got a chance and now she lives in Portland.
Well alright, earliest I can remember where something happened. Anything before this was just awkward questions or slight touching.

>14 years
>finally got my own computer due to clogging up family one with porn
>so much time for activities now
>beat that shit on the daily
>late saturday, everyone in house is asleep
>pull up some good ol Viper GTX
>beatin it hard to carrera
>like an idiot, only cracked door
>hear door creak
>click out and stuff dick fast as I can, turn like nothing was happening
>door swings open
>mom outside, looking tipsy as usual, hand clearly in top of pants
"Cha doin', anon?"
>make up something about school
"Riiiight, anon."
>mom ambles in, presses in against my back
>so fucking awkward
>hand firmly around my cock
>still hard as diamonds
>she gives a few good tugs before pulling it out entirely
>very, very fucking quiet
>she jerks me on and on, just watching me
>grip my chair arms, never had someone else do this before
>cum hard enough to go past keyboard
>mom laughs and ambles out

Again, never got brought up again, never knew if she remembered.
> be 16, my dad is olderest of 4 brothers
> My uncle only 10 years older than me has three kids by now
> oldest is cute little red head, 8 years old
> she sits on my lap when spending time with family
> she wiggles around 'trying to get comfortable' my stupid cock gets hard
> fast forward little more than five years, be 21
> little horny cousin is 14
> she asks if I remember when time she sat on my lap and I got hard
> asks me if I like little girls
> I tell her no, just an automatic response, when going through puberty
> same bs been telling myself for five years
> cousin hops in lap, wiggles around ... my cock gets hard
> she laughs and leaves
> three days after that I catch her in the shower at Uncle's place
> I open the curtain and laugh
> she's fingering self
> tell her it's just natural, she's pissed
> two minutes later she's in a towel
> yelling at me
> I tell her payback is a bitch
> she says If I don't fuck her she's gonna tell uncle
> she drops towel
> nothing left to do, I grab her little ass and bend her over
> fucked her hard, she was crying
> flipped her over, fucked her missionary
> arm across her throat, all rough and tough, chocking her
> she cums, I shoot load in her

she and I have hooked up a few times since
always a blast, always fuck her rough, she gets off on the rough
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Very nice, anon.
Post it anyway.
File: ddl.jpg (80KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sounds hot. i just wish i could believe it.
File: 1373324092302.jpg (52KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she used to be really bossy when we were younger
>she used to be really bossy
>really bossy

I have nudes from all my female cousins lol
File: 1404545646687.gif (4MB, 500x502px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 500x502px
>homosexual, sorry.
Where do you think you are?
Love this kind of shit.
> I have a twin sister, FemAnon
> when we were children about 7 or 8
> we practiced kissing, so we'd know how
> when we had out first boyfriend
> In High School we both had a crush on the same boy
(I'll call him BetaAnon)
> BetaAnon asked my sister FemAnon out,
> but she didn't really like him after
> so FemAnon asked if I wanted to take her place
(we'd take tests for one another, and all kinds of place swapping)
> So I said yes
> BetaAnon picked me up, we went to dinner
> He was a real Beta type bitch, but he was cute
> BetaAnon and I went on two more dates
> FemAnon asked “How it was going?”
> I told her “Not bad, but I think he wants to Sex”
> We talked about it, both of us were virgins
> We decided we both would sex him
> After a week on our next date, I let him feel me up
> BetaAnon was clumsy and bad at it
> I let him get some tongue on breast
> After the date, FemAnon asked if he was any good
> Told her “BetaAnon didn't make any real moves”
> we both laughed and called him beta
> I was 9 and my older twin sisters were 12
> wen we were kids always took showers
> we randomely decide to do it again
>we are in the shower naked
> my sisters ask me how my penis works
> I tell them I have to think about certain things to make it hard
> my sisters start listing hot girls names
> my dick gets hard and my sisters get very amazed
> my sisters preteen boobs are ksut starting to com in and I ask if I can touch
> they let me it was interesting
> after that nothing happened now they are 21 and im 18 and recently I looked through on of their phones and found nudes of her. She has nice tits
File: Cabo weekend.jpg (31KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cabo weekend.jpg
31KB, 600x450px
> next date like two weeks later
> BetaAnon picked me up, before the date ended
> I made a move and Beta and I sex
> Cute doesn't mean good in bed
> Told FemAnon all about it
> Later that week BetaAnon came over after school
> FemAnon let him sex her
> She thought the same thing,
> not very good
> Two days pass, FemAnon broke up with him at school
> Big argument during lunch
> FemAnon and I picked another guy
> we both thought might sex better
(I'll call him AlphaAnon)
> We dated AlphaAnon, both of us
> Telling each other everything after each date
(Turns out AlphaAnon could tell us apart)
> AlphaAnon sex FemAnon, then later same week
> AlphaAnon sex me
> AlphaAnon was at our house a few days later
> He was there to see FemAnon
> He asked to speak with me too
> He told us, he knew what we were doing
> He knew he had sex both of us
> He said he'd tell everyone if we didn't keep going
> two weeks passed, he sex us both three times now
> AlphaAnon come over after school one day
> AlphaAnon say he want sex us both
> We were scared
> We told him no, he said fine everyone will know
> he sex us, and sex us both
> we scared say okay
> AlphaAnon sex FemAnon, then me, in same day
> AlphaAnon say next time we all three sex together
> two weeks later, First time AlphaAnon come over again
> FemAnon and I scared
> He Made us sex together all three of us
> FemAnon and I liked it
> we do this for five months
> AlphaAnon have me and FemAnon once each a week
> Once or Twice a week both of us
> until AlphaAnon matriculated
> We really liked it
> After AlphaAnon graduated, FemAnon and I played together
> We still do
> we both now 20

We've had other adventures together. We're both into Bondage, both sex slaves to same man now. He sex us together all the time. We're going to move in with him in February.
(pic related)
Why did you have to bring racism into the incest thread anon?
>so much time for activities now
yeah, I can believe this

post tits faggot
File: 1406514600143.jpg (34KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 500x375px
Moar pics?
File: wetdreamtactic.jpg (124KB, 375x524px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 375x524px
File: Sauna.jpg (26KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 600x450px
File: two of us.jpg (29KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
two of us.jpg
29KB, 600x450px
File: i-want-to-believe.jpg (31KB, 600x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Prolly just me being over-analytical but does mean train guy is said OP.And does that also mean celebrities use 4chan?So many implications
Really soiled the purity of the thread
>be 11
>forced to go to cousin's house because my parents and her parents were going to a dinner party
>she's 16 and supposed to be my babysitter
>never liked her, used to be really mean to when we were younger
>she's this goth bitch with dyed black hair with one huge green stripe in it for no reason; nose piercings and crap, etc.
>there for about an hour and she invites another girl over whose a friend in high school
>both make me watch some really shitty indie movie while they break into her dad's liquor cabinet
>get force-fed a shot of tequila
>start playing Mario Kart
>cousin asks me if I've fucked any guys yet
>say that's gross, wtf is her problem
>tells me its good I didn't, and that I should be like her
>find out cousin and other chick are lesbians
>gives me an hour long lecture about sex and evil men
>tells me men are going to rape me one day, pokes my crotch with her toes (wearing a skirt)
>doesn't stop
>ask her wtf she's doing
>sticks her whole hand down my panties
>back off, but her lesbo buddy is behind me
>pulls down my skirt and goes down on me as her friend pinches my nipples HARD
>cum involuntarily after 20 minutes
>tells me "You can't get that with a man" and takes a picture of my vagina with her cell phone
>three months later, her parents send her off to Bible Camp or whatever
>find out its because they found my picture on her phone
>skip ahead a few years
>she's now in jail for meth
such is life in Florida
File: Eddies Wedding.jpg (30KB, 450x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Eddies Wedding.jpg
30KB, 450x600px
feel free to believe
>wants a hung

Was it Amanda or Samantha who took alpha-anons dick first?
Another one for the anon who got the ref.

>16th birthday
>get permission to have big party at my house
>bunch of televisions, consoles, gazeebo set up for maximum party
>Mom shows up dressed like she's younger than my friends, drunk as usual
>manages to snag other girls from the party
>things become sausage fest
>my buddies all head home, aside from best friend who packs it in back to my room
>head behind house where Mom is regaling female party guests with various stories
>sees me
>starts describing my balls to them loudly
>grab Mom to drag her back into her hous
>jesus I can smell the booze
"Chill out anon was just having a good time."
>manage to put her back in her house and set her on her recliner
>still laughing
>trying not to go the fuck off
"Oh, calm down son."
>she grabs my waist into a hug
>fucking awkward as shit
>initiate awkward boner
>mom starts laughing, can feel it through my pants
>zipper down, cock out
"Oooh. Well, happy birthday anon"
>can't stop it now
>spits in her hand, starts jerking me, mouth open
>can't take eyes away from tongue ring, can smell liquor
>cum with the power of a dying star
>fuck fuck shit nononono fall on my ass running away stuffing cock back in pants
>mom just keeps laughing

Post them or gtfo.

Tits and timestamp or gtfo. Prove that you are really thank kinky.

But who started the whole thing was it samantha?
Whose the girl op

Talking about akward
>>”Lift your shit right now”

This is when I realized this was not my 11 year old little cousin sitting in front of me, but a 320lb. nigger!
tits or gtfo
Don't you 404 on me
Apparently they are from the 2007 big brother.
File: 1407029575804.jpg (36KB, 480x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 480x357px

Yeah noticed that, no luck with fb, twitter or linkedin, what yo got mah nigga?
>such is life in florida Kappa
Jesus, she never did anything like that apart from those times? Did she ever speak of them, or did you?
Sorry man.... deep sad respect to you for surviving.
File: OMG.jpg (29KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 300x300px
>be me
>be six in 2000
>have 11 year old sister
>she's messed up
>like seriously
>now lives in texas, is a prostitute, probably on meth
>we chillin' in my room for some reason
>I forget how she introduces the topic of sex
>might have been "mine is different than yours, want to see?"
>big bush cuz she has never used a razor cuz she's 11
>convinces me to go down on her
>do it
>end up fucking
>fucked her with my 6 year old micropenis
>mfw she actually came
>mfw I realized what happened 7 years later
>no one knows but me and she denied it when confronted.
i kissed my cousin

Stoped because I knew that it wasn't cool

now that I look back on it its not bad anymore.
Fuck society
File: SpidermanThread.jpg (38KB, 544x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 544x400px
Nah no luck, hit the same wall as you. They are probably using fake names, people would recognise them here in the U.K from BB.
a bit late, aren't we?
One more and then I'm off to bed. You want awkward, alright.

>mom dating some dumb rich spic
>whatever at least he has a pool
>at his house, both him and mom drunk as fuck
>says he has to piss, leaving me alone with drunk mom
>pic related as she starts to swim over
>try swimming away
>mom grabs my trunks as I swim
>engage slippery drunk awkward struggling
>easily twice mom's size, don't want to hurt her
>her top slipped off at some point
>manage to get to edge
>pinned with Mom behind me
>now thinking about shit that has happened previous to this
>cock hard as diamonds
>can feel her hand sliding along my side
>fuck if spic comes back out probably shot
>point of no return, cock in hand
>can feel her tits against my back
>breath in my ear, laughing, reeking of the booze
"Calm down anon, it's normal."
>her legs are tangled in mine, can feel her grinding on my back
>her hand feels too good, start bucking
>shit shit shit this is bad
>cum hard into pool, mom keeps grinding
>turns me around after a bit
>pressed against edge of pool, legs around me
>starts grinding against my cock
>fuck gonna cum again
>cum between mom's legs as she gets off
>just kinda stay there for a while trying hard not to think about what might have just happened
>eventually go back inside, mom drinks a bit more and passes out on couch
>jfc find spic passed out on toilet

It was then that I decided to enlist in the Navy.


Only saw her a few times after I went into the Navy before she passed.
> two older sisters call them steph and tracy
> early memories include Steph (seven years older) showing Tracy (2 years older) the facts of life using my body.
> I stood naked at attention in front of the two of them while they (both fully clothed) played with me, Steph showing Tracy how to jerk me off.
> She said that the penis would shoot lots of seamen and she jerked me off, and I sort of came - but not much came out. they laughed
> Steph realizes I am too young, so they try again a few more times over the next few years, They thought it was funny.
> When the three of us was alone, I was ordered to get naked, and stand in front of them at attention while they played.
> Eventually, I do produce large enough quantities of seamen. Steph feels mission accomplished and loseT interest in it.
> Steph brings it up as a joke now and again. But I think she feels alittle guilty about it, and just jokes about it to see if I am ok about it. I am ok about it.
> She doesn't know that Tracy continued to do this to me a few times a week ever since.
> If I dont have alot of sperm, she knows Ive been wacking it without her, and I get in trouble.
> I date now, but she makes me tell her absolute everything. From when I masterbate and what I think about, to what I did with the girl.
> She actually helped me know what to do with girls
> But she sometimes ordered me to change what girls I pursue.
> I am not really in charge of my own sex life, which is ok, shes good at this. When I do things her way, it works out better.
> I get jealous of other guys she dates, and she seems to get jealous too, but we deal with it.
> Shes blows me a lot, but mostly just jerks it. Never saw her naked, but when shes jerking me, I look down her shirt sometimes
she must have had some fucked up past to think Thank kinda stuff is normal, Adidas from being an alcoholic, No disrespect intended. I feel for you OP, in those moments it shows you weren't really enjoying what was happening. May she find peace in death, rather than struggling to find it in life.
I hate this phone
Need to believe
You fucking idiot
kek'd so hard i poked myself in the eye
File: 1404851677339.gif (448KB, 500x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
448KB, 500x275px
all kinds of akward
*shhhhh... nobody tell him*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYl-3S79JIY Lor Meyers OP this belongs here
tell me what u guise? cmon stop keeping your memes from me :^)
File: 1393970628981.jpg (104KB, 800x1016px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 800x1016px
>be in mom
>she's never taken something this big before
>she's screaming in ectascy
>each time I move, she moans in response
>can see her eyes roll into the back of her head
>can feel her legs twitch in anticipation
>I know she is close
>deadbeat dad is anxiously crying in the other room
>emasculate him further by pacing myself and taking my time
>mom is breathless now, begging me to finish
>she's drooling and tears are in her eyes
>she lets out a moan of pleasure as I pull from within her and finish
>her eyes are suddenly wide and filled with love
>i'm born
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I'm pretty sure my 6 year old self had a pretty sexual game with my 11 year old pubescent sis that involved groping and underwear-less humping.

I cleary remember her aroused swollen red clit and teen soft pubes round it.

I also remember while being older, her lying in my bed, me grabbing and touching then cummin. After I came she stood up and left the room.
i already knew what was going to happen when i read the seconds line
lol I love googling florida and walmart parking lot with a different month
>Be me
>Be 12 f
>thunder storming out
>night time
>climb into my dads bed
>harmless cuddling
>falls asleep
>wakes up in the middle of the night
>dad's asleep with major hard on
>curious, I touch it a bit
>feel neat, so I keep touching it
>he wakes up and says "wtf"
>I get sent to my room
>grounded 2 weeks
>still touch myself to that memory everynight

We never talked about it afterwards, but I feel even now, it's awkward...
where is your mom? why are your fascinated with his dick ?
They were separated at the time.

And I have no idea.
>parents leaving for three days
>me and sister alone for weekend
>$100 bucks for food
>be sister
>takes $50
>spends it on kush
>getting toked with sister
>on couch
>laughing our asses off watching tv
>she lays on my lap
>I slowly caress her
>we start making out
>stop for a second
>sister looks at me
>unzips my pants
>she pulls out my dick
>blows me
>I shoot
>spaghetti all over her face
>she swallows
>parents come home early
>family orgy
>I kill my dog because it saw the whole thing
>be 14
>have crush on dad
>tell him like a fucking autist
>nothing happens except embarrassment
>be 15
>realized i was a lesbian
>now 18
>cringe at the memories
i came

U from europe ? If yes Which country ? Yeah yeah I wanna fuck you... Both.... At the same time...
10/10 for originality
many stories with me and my sister.

I'll go from youngest to oldest, reply if you want more

>Be me
>first year in middleschool
>sisters first year in highschool
>sister was ugly until highschool
>comforted her through the years she was
>in her first year, crazy hot
>we go out to eat with her and her friends
>I start to go to bathroom area
>they follow me
>little corridor on the path to it
>they push me into it
>tongue bath
>My face is red as fuck, they're all confident
>start grabbing my junk
>I'm silent the whole time
>"It isnt rape unless we do it for 45 seconds annon
>mfw please let it last longer
>sexy blonde one has biggest tits
>15 year old Ds felt so good
>"Like em anon?"
>So quiet as sister and her country friend pull out my cock and give me head
> felt so good lasted for 25 sec
>blow my load in sis mouth
>"dont tell mom, now go to the bathroom."
>walk in and out of the bathroom, too numb to piss
>come back to table and eat my pizza like a fucking alpha
>get dirty looks from sister and her friends all the time at that meal
>Be 15, sister 17
>get back home from a friends house
>walking down hall and notice my sister's door is cracked open
>peek inside
>see sister changing
>never seen a girl naked before except on tv and internet
>parents are both still at work
>Very quietly start to fap and watch her change
>She keeps changing
>changes into a semi truck
>drives through door and runs me over
>rubs my dick with her tires
>start to rub her headlights
>She lets out a quiet honk
>flip her over
>cum on her trailer
>she drives away because she had a delivery date to keep
>Never talk about it
Reading, patiently awaiting more.
worth a lul
File: 1406153344157.gif (699KB, 170x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
699KB, 170x200px
interesting moar
>Get rejected by dad
>I fucking hate men
>I need feminism because

stupid fat bitch
Moar pls. Every story you can.
You can insult him calling him beta, but youre the loser that let him get even that far.
> being that unoriginal
> not on reddit
File: 1404982601651.jpg (7KB, 287x175px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 287x175px
tfw sister is optimus prime
Me and my sister used to 'have sex' when we were younger. I also remember my cousin and I fiddling around with each others dicks. Good times.
>bitches about people who contribute
>doesn't contribute
Since you're so familiar with reddit, why don't you go back there.

>second year middleschool
>sister wasn't actually into me when she did it
>found out they just wanted to do some group thing
>feeling good because slimmed out, got buff, and grew in a year.
>sister walked in on me getting out of shower
>quickly throw on a towel
>she's still staring at where my junk was
>mouth wide open in shock
>looks up and says "Anon... when did your dick grow so much?"
>mfw I get nervous and just spout gibberish
>sister shuts the door
>looks into my eyes
>"You got cute too..."
>puts her hand on my chest, you can see the boner through the towel
>rubs it through towel, then kisses me at the same time
>mfw first tongue experience and shes taking all control
>pulls hand away
>pulls face away
>looks sad
>anon... I'm so sorry
>Deep alpha instincts come out
>rip off my towel like a badass and show it to her
>shes confused
>"Keep going"
>gets on her knees and gives amazing head
>blow it on her face and watch her eat every last drop
>she says thank you, as if I helped her with something
>leaves room
>next day I hear from her friend her bf had a small cock
>feels good to be king

Anyone interested in more?
>Me and my sister used to 'have sex' when we were younger.
storytime pls
>Anyone interested in more?
Don't stop, I'm archiving it.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
yes cerritos

Clearly you need the rest.
File: download.jpg (4KB, 161x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 161x160px
>try to concentrate on playing Halo wars
>playing Halo wars
>halo wars
>super awkwardly dry hump him

>awkwardly dry hump him

>dry hump him

>hump him


the fuck nigga
File: 1379544737240.jpg (55KB, 437x468px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 437x468px
It was sort of weird, don't really know how it started. I remember I'd chase her and she'd scream out 'don't get me!' but in that tone that screams 'GET ME!' And that would go in for a while and I'd finally 'catch' her and I'd tickle her and she would grab my junk or slightly nudge her knee into them. I don't remember but we wanted to 'kiss like the movies' but we put a blanket between our faces, lol, so dumb. We eventually started touching each others privates, I had a boner and she would play with it and grab my balls and I'd play with her pussy. I can still almost remember the smell. Thinking back on it, it's weird how sexualized we were at such a young age. Anyway, eventually we wanted to put my suck in her pussy. We used Saran wrap and lotion and the first few times were weird but we kept doing it for like a year or two and then just stopped and have never spoken if it again.

mfw she became a fucking raging cheating slut and I'm became a very monogamous based and faithful man. Different strokes.
I was thinking about trying it again tonight. You guys think it would work?
post pic of cuzins op
>saran wrap
I lol'd.
File: 2014-08-02 12.23.29.jpg (745KB, 1080x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2014-08-02 12.23.29.jpg
745KB, 1080x1920px
>doesn't know the difference between surviving and thriving
File: 1402417379949.jpg (5KB, 215x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 215x184px
Me too, lol.

>Third year middleschool
>by now, I have crazy ass fetishes (thanks 4chan)
>Sister gets a job at hooters
>at my 15th bday, shes 18 now
>Invite some guys, and then talk to my sister
>by now, her and 3 of the girls she blew me with the first time work at the same location and are all waitresses
>ask her to invite them, no sexual intentions, just good friends.
>on the morning of my birthday, sister comes into my room and wakes me before work
>"happy birthday anon!" Gives me a intimate kiss on the lips
>Parents get me shit and prepare party before they leave (chill as fuck, they left because I asked)
>Liquor and food and music
>at around 6, guests start coming
>sister comes home last with friends
>mfw they all come home in hooters outfit
>they come in, kiss on the cheek and ask to see what stuff I got so far
>take them to my room
>they all walk in then I hear the door shut and lock
>turn around and see them all arching their backs showing me their asses
>"Happy birthday anon... Look, we've all grown!" they wink and giggle
> boner fucking skyrockets
>im pretty sizable by this point, close to 7.5 in
>they rub their asses against my cock
>mfw the uniform is so tight it feels like nothing
>they all have huge racks now accept for my sis, but she had the best ass.
>watch them strip for me as they take turns eating eachother out, and lick my balls as I pump the pussys
>fuck all accept my sitser, only feel her tongue.
>cum biggest load I ever have, get good amount on all of them
>they kiss and giggle, I realize my life is a fucking gift
>go downstairs and party all night
>get one last bj from my favorite, cute accent and blonde hair, enormous tits.

Got one more story, cont?
would be cool but too much of a coincidence. then again ya never know
Fuck yeah.
>Got one more story, cont?
Stop asking, start posting.
So, no?
File: texasincest.jpg (1MB, 3300x5000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3300x5000px
Like this?
If you stop I'll kill my whole family and rape the dog
File: 200.gif (409KB, 204x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
409KB, 204x200px
Daddy issues. Hot.
>be when i was in high school, aus-fag 15 or 16
>be in drama doing lines for upcoming play.
>me and my buddy have our lines down so we cruise around the class,
>we go sit with the hot twins in our class, we will call them Stella and Lexi
>both blonde with blue eyes kinda chubby,
PAWG type, with decent tits.
>we shit talk for a while and we get onto funny shit we did as kids, and they tell us they used to kiss and play with each others tits when they were like 12.
>we both are trying to hide boners and try and play it cool.
>by the end of the class we havent done anything so the girls invite us over to there place that arfternoon to practise lines.
>school ends and i head out to meet my friend, but he bails and says he has to work or something.
>decide fuck it i will go alone, i skate down to the local shop my older brother works and and get a carton of beers to take around.
>i get around to the twins place about 5 and they dont seem to care that the other dude didnt turn up.
>we crack open a few beers and run some lines,
>we get over line and im trying to think of ways to ask about the incest.
>Decide to just go for it, i ask lexi if she was serious about the kissing thing?
>they look at each other and nod, then stella looks at me and says want me to prove it.
>i nod and say yeahh.
>the two of them get straight into it, making out right in front of me.
>lexi lays down on the couch and stella lays of top of her and keep going.
Boner is obviously obvious.
>girls notice and ask me if i want to join?
>i can barely speak but i say yeahh.
>both girls pull my dick out of my pants and take turns blowing me.
>after a while the get naked and lexi sucks my dick while stella eats her pussy then the swap
>Feeling like im about to cum i tell the girls to kneel, i stand infront of them and cum all over there faces,
>they love it and cum kiss for a while.
>they head upstairs to clean up, after a few minutes them come back down.
Dad is trying hard not to go to prison and mentally fuck up a human, and you're worried about yourself
>they tell me if i buy some condoms i can fuck them next time.
>i cant believe it, anyway i pack up my stuff have a few more beers and head home,
>on the way home i stop in and grab a few condoms, ready for school the next day
File: 1305576173406.jpg (3KB, 120x116px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 120x116px
>Third year middleschool
>at my 15th bday, shes 18 now

Fuck you do, get held back?
Well I'm legal now...
Cool it dickhole.


>in highschool now
>sister always complaining about her boobs
>been talking about getting surgery for years
>Finally does when im a fish
>shes sleepy and dizzy for days, in bed mostly
>when she gets control again, confront her
>>ask to see them
>"anon, were both grown now, and I have a boyfriend..."
>she keeps saying no
>try to film her in shower, have to see before she leaves for collage in 3 months
>set cam in an amazing spot
without knowing my cat jumps in bathroom and hits cam out, and in front of mirror
>come into bathroom, she looks pissed
>fake tears come. "Please sis... I'm so so sorry."
>she says one last chance
>mfw 2ez
>know shes sending hardcore nudes to her bf
>watch her use her phone and get her passcode
>wait for her to go to sleep, and find every nude in her phone
>export them to my pc
>next day ask her to come in
>have them up on my pc
>tell her to be quiet or I would send and post them everywhere with one button press.
>mfw I don't even know how to do that, nor who her friends are
>she's too dumb to know that I can't do that
>"now get over here"
>she comes over tearing up
>have a rape fetish
>fuck her so hard in the pussy, look at the amazing tits and titfuck.
>over the 3 months she was here, she was my sex slave, morning, mid day, and night.
>she leaves and I tell her she still has to send me nudes.
>fav girl from hooters still lives in town
>fuck her basically weekly and get nudes from sister daily
>had that going for a long tim, then when I left home stopped. was good tho
You got robbed. Demand naked jerk sesh
Now that was the most fantastic way to fuck up a good fake story.
Good job, faggot. I hope you and your fake 19cm have a nice place in faggot heaven.
Funny because it wasn't fake. Still fap to her nudes today
Proof. Pics. Now...
someone said my name?
Pics or it didnt happen
>thinking I would post her nudes to 4chan

I don't have a fucking deathwish. Shes got an actual job now, if that gets fucked, Im fucked too
It is also possible that he simply is not into that sort of thing, as it is a fetish of its own.
File: 1305589712074.jpg (21KB, 412x397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 412x397px
Ya ruined it.
post a pic w/ no face... *faggot*
post pic
Plus it is illegal still, unless you're in a country where fathers and daughters can consensually have sex. In which case, it would still be a bit odd for him to get turned on at this. Contrary to popular belief, not all fathers are into their daughters like this.
What if I walk in naked, telling him "I'm scared ): "
You're more likely to have some success if you get him a little bit drunk and even then, that shit cannot be undone. It's even possible that under those circumstances he'll find the whole idea repulsive.
I have a daughter and there is no way in hell I'd do anything to her. And it sounds disgusting.
However, these mother and son stories, and even the brother and sister ones sound hot as hell.
>be chillin with my 10yo daughter at grandmas
>she was swimming in bikini earlier
>kept climbing on the counter to find snacks in cupboards.
>tell her to get off grandma's counters several times
>finally just grab her around the waist and pull her down
>start getting hard
very confused.
Ah, I guess you're right...
I'm waiting on aunt and nephew stories, or grandson grandmother stories dammit
the 7th word literally says "homosexual"
do you even speak english?
I have no idea honestly. I could be wrong about him. Maybe you should masturbate in front of him several times. Talk about body parts. Ask to see his penis, to talk about sex. Ask him if you can touch it. Sound believably naive about your intentions at first. Ask if you can taste it and so on.
Kindly ask him to bathe you, and give him assurances of no one knowing.
Thanks for the ideas~

I'll have beers waiting for him when he gets home from work, and I'll see what goes on from there!
Tell him you want to show him something between your legs. Tell him you're not sure about your labia lips, and that he is the only one you trust to check it out. Show him that a certain part is really sensitive and you're not sure why? Be creative in your approach. I'm trying to think of some way I could be drawn into something like that.
Yes pls
Makes me wet just thinking about it!
>Be 17
>Niece is 14 at time (oldest sis, gap between us is pretty big)
>Niece visits every summer
>Pretty much like friends because parents always made me look after her when she visited.
>One day be playing vidya, parents asleep and all that.
>Niece asks about my love life, tell her I'm recently single.
>Awkward topic, still playing vidya but keeps pressing me for details.
>Asks if I'm still a virgin, tell her no.
>Gets really specific about sexual stuff
>Keep talking, by this time pretty hard and not hiding it well.
>She asks if we can try some stuff, don't get past handjob and touching/licking her small tits.
Haven't been around her much lately because she got a job but I may visit soonish and maybe hook up again for more.
Alright, I've been lurking in these kinds of threads for years. I think it's time to share.

>be around 8 years old
>be a guy
>visiting my grandmothers house
>my cousin, a few months younger than me, lives with her because his parents are both in jail or something
>we play with legos or some shit
>out of fucking nowhere he suggests we play house
>i agree as long as I get to be the guy
>he makes me be the girl
>we start roleplaying
>tell him about my shitty job or something
>suggests he helps me "relax"
>i'm fucking 8 so I agree
>he tells me to pull down my pants
>i pull down my pants
>i don't know what the fuck I'm doing, I'm just pretty sure its wrong
>he pulls down his pants too, we get on his bed and we get under the covers and literally just make noises
>seriously, no real touching or anything we just kind've pretend
>there's a fucking knock on the door
>we freak out
>he locked the door so we're rushing to pull up our pants while saying we'll be there in a second
>we open the door
>i go home
>later that night my mom asks me if he made me pull of my pants
>i say no
>she asks again
>i say no
>she asks again
>i say yes
>don't see him for awhile

He lived relatively nearby me though, so I did start seeing him again fairly soon.
I've got a lot more stories like this, this shit kept happening until i was 14. Willing to keep sharing if anyone's interested
upd8 plz
It's only been a few minutes, he's not home yet...lol
>in high school
>implying long time ago
>using the word beta

yeah nah
time stamp beer?
>be 14 m
>hang with f cousin whose 12 cause she's the only cool person in my family
>we would stay up untill 6 am playing video games or watching movies
>one night we get an R movie and sex scene comes on
>without realizing it get mega boner
>i see my cousin look at my crotch and realize that my bulge is obvious
>she turns the tv off
>she is totally serious and ask if i think she is pretty and all other sort of bs
>of coarse i say yes and try to encourage but my cock is still in full rage mode
>she ask, "would you fuck me?"
>i blush and say sure shyly
>she pulls my dick out and strokes it
>she begins to blow me and i cant hold back my cum
>she spits out in the bathroom toilette
>we cuddle
>after an hour or so i get hard again
>she rides me
>we both cum
this is my fetish
What do you want to happen?
Are you prepared for it mentally?
>Willing to keep sharing if anyone's interested
Only if you have non-gay stories.
>crying when people call out his stolen stories
Worth a try


pick one, faggot
>staying at grandmas house in a small little nowhere town when i was about fourteen
>cousin is also there, she's about a 6/10
>two bedroom house so her and I have to share a room
>trying to sleep
>feel something going up my boxers
>it's my cousin's hand
>freeze up, continue to act like I'm asleep
>she jerks me off for a little while and I flip around because I was feeling sick to my stomach
>ask her about it the next day, she says she didn't know she did that

>couple of years later
>she's with me in my hometown now for work, staying for a couple of weeks
>we're hanging out in the basement together, watching T.V.
>for some reason I slap her thigh
>she slaps mine
>I slap hers again
>she slaps mine again but trails her hand up a bit
>I was a little more experienced at this point and knew what was happening so I do the same and trail my hand right below her pantyline
>she does the same but goes up my shorts, hand on my stiffy above the boxers
>I went down her pants and started rubbing the outside of her
>she goes all out and pulls my pants and boxers off, stroking me
>I took her shorts off too and started fingering her, getting on top of her and while we hit third base
>for some reason I freak out again and stop, putting my pants on and going back upstairs
>later on she says she's sorry for doing that to me and I didn't respond

>for a couple of years later when we would go swimming, she would grab my dick and stroke me

bros I really fucked up. I really want to fuck her still but I'm in a relationship and she is too with a kid. She's like a 7.5/10 now too and I wish I could approach her about having her as secret fuckbuddy. we live in the same city now too
I think he meant after an attempt and reaction. Just start a thread whenever, some of us are always here.
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