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Any good sister/cousin incest stories. I'll start some OC.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Any good sister/cousin incest stories. I'll start some OC.

>be me
>family has to watch 2 younger boy cousins and 1 younger girl cousin.
>is 6 years older
>blah blah blah gay playtime shit
>fast forward to their bed time
>been waiting for this since their arrival
>everyone asleep in house except me
>her and 2 boys asleep side by side in brothers room
>ninja stealth crawl towards
>her being a light sleeper
>inch towards her
>heart pounding
>unwrap my pants and pull out dick
>realize she's fully clothed
>she's wearing yoga pants
>take dick and press it into her crotch
>hump slowly
>about to cum
>take dick and place it in cousins panties
>cum hardest ever
>take her extra pair of panties
>lick them and jerk
>place my dick in her butt
>cum and force my tongue down her throat
>run into room as she awakes
>got away with it
To this day I still fantasize about her and still steal her underwear
>be me be 15
>molest 12yo cousin for years
>she kills herself
>family thinks its due to drugs
>whew sigh of relief
>No longer have to worry about her snitching and can live my life to the fullest
>waiting till a cousin has a baby girl
>The pregnant ones always have boys
>God playing tricks on me

So yea that happened
you sound fun at parties
>be me 28
>cousin married 30
>always had a crush on her
>husband cheats on her
>she talks to me often nagging about that
>we vanilla flirt
>having issues with gf
>be pass midnight
>being horny
>cousin send message to goybook
>start talking
>[flirting intensifies]
>she says she will have an affair
>says she wants to be someone she trust
>"someone like you"
>alpha mode
>"do you want to fuck with me?"
>"yes anon"
>she lives in other state
>we plan that shit
>she ask for pics
>send dick
>ask pics of her
>she send ass
>she is too skiny for my taste
>tfw mexican
>start to doubt
>things getting better with gf
>not so horny anymore
>tell her I dont want to things getting awkward between us
>she mad
>I dont care
>I dont want to fuck a fucking skellington
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>no longer have to worry about her snitching
My younger sister snitched on me to her friend, who then told a guidance counselor, who then told the police; essentially my worst nightmare happened
If you get a good lawyer, everything works out though
Obviously don't talk to her anymore; I wasn't able to fantasize about her for around a year, but now I can again, which is bad
fuck you
mega fuck you
super ultra fuck you
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sorry for el bado engrisho
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wtf men just wtf
One sentence has never made me laugh so hard I Shit myself, you sir owe me a Pair of Levis i will not include the boxer briefs out of courtesy
>me 27
>she my first cousin 22 ( our fathers are brothers )
>got together when i was 20
>mess around for 3 years
> she got pregnant
> we left together
> now living in TX and have no contact with family
> 2 kids ... perfectly normal and smart boys
> agree never to tell them we are cousins
> work for us
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I had a few cousins that when I was younger, were creme-de-la-creme pussy, 70's pussy, and the kink factor was through the roof. Unfortunately, I never got to do one fucking thing with any of them, and I have Truly been scarred for life by that. I think I should be able to sue someone, or demand "pussy-reparations", because I have truly been scarred for life by being denied by my Goddesses.
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Got two

>Be 13 or 14, dont remember
>Cousins over like always, both female
>One old always on computer, and one the same age as me
>We have three floors, oldest one all the way up on computer me and other one at the bottom
>We play like always
>Throw teddybears at ceilingfan for some reason
>Cotton flies everyfuckingwhere
>We decide to pick it all up since we dont want to get yelled at by parents
>I pick up some behind a couch and then lay down on it
>Cousin attacks me with big blanket
>She says im a corpse and we are going to play doctor
>Sure why not couch chill as fuck
>She starts to "hear my heartbeat"
>Fucking around with me she pretends to not know where heart is and searches all over my torso
>She comes close to my waist
>Feeling that i am getting harder
>There is a hole in the blanket right next to where my dick is
>Oh god getting harder
>Its literally peaking up now and she notices it

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Is that even a question? Fuck yeah
What he said.
this is most normal story in this thread
Not very interesting, but some OC. My family was visiting for the first time in about 4 years, they came by for thanksgiving. My cousin who was at the time, 17, had told me before she thought I was very attractive. One of the nights she asked me if she could hang out with me, since everyone else was asleep and I was not. I made her a drink with some vodka, since everyone else wouldn't let her drink.

After a few hours of just watching things on netflix, and drinking, I brought up the her calling me attractive thing. She got very embarrassed, and said she had a boyfriend now. I kept pushing it, and she ended up giving me a blowjob while I fingered her ass. She then went to bed, and has hardly spoken to me since.


>Gets a little awkward at first
>Shes like "Anooon, what the hell?"
>Embarrassed i change the position of my dick somehow so it wont peak up as much
>Hurts as hell
>Say continue with playing doctor since shes touching me generally a good feeling
>She agrees to it, fuck yeah
>Five minutes goes by, still playing
>Shes now "listening to my heart" with her head on my chest
>Oh god for some reason all my blood is going downwards
>I literally cant hold my dick in that position anymore raging boner hurts as fuck
>It pops up
>She notices a slight pull on the blanket
>She looks at my dick peaking, and again back at me
>"Are you sick anon?"
>"Uugh, no?"
>"Yes you are, let me take a look"

Also lurking
no shit summerfag
>"Show it"
>I pull my pants down under the blanket and pop my penis through the hole
>Its pounding and bigger than ever
>She looks at it for some seconds and the goes back to "beeing a doctor" you know looking interested and shit
>she doesnt touch it with her hands just yet, she rather pokes it with some drumsticks i had lying around
>Whatever man it feels weird and good
>She keeps poking it for a minute or so
>We suddenly hear footsteps coming down towards ut
>quickly hide dick under blanket
>Thankfully, my mom stops and asks if we want food
> fuck. no.
>she goes back up
>"Wanna continue?" i ask her
>I once again pop it through the hole
>This time she is touching it with her finger
>Once again poking her
>Oh god the tease
>I ask her if she has seen a boys thing before
>She says yes on the internet
>I ask her if she wants to hold it better, since it felt so good
>She finally grabs it firmly with her hand, and slowly pulling it up and down
>SHe must've seen some porn and knew somewhat what she was doing
>I tell her to do it a little bit faster

>cousin reaches toward my pants
>raging boner.jpg
>pulls down my pants and starts sucking my dick
>Older cousin opens the door
>gets on the floor
>everyone walks the dinosaur
>use some green text when you are calling sombody a summerfag you seem more like a oldfag then
where is shrek in that story
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>ctrl f
>0 results

>be 9 yo me, 14 yo cousin
>we used to play a lot, and I slept on her home on a week basis
>one day, when we was ready to sleep, we started to watch a movie and I laid in her bed with her
>movie got boring, but I was cuddling her, flacid dick
>then, she put on a tv chanel where some women were dancing almost naked
>dick almost instantly got hard, I was a premature kid
>she felt it. And put her hand there
>we started cuddling more, her hand felt great
>suddenly, she started rubbing her ass on my dick
>I moved down my pants, as she moved hers down too
>she moved my dick between her legs, I started to move my body between her thights
>she moved my dick inside her vagina, it felt amazing
>she rubbed herself while I shove my dick, then I came outside her (felt something very strong comming, she took it out and held my dick in her hands)
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you asked for it. I wrote my story some weeks ago here and I'm just copy pasting it.
>after the day we had sex, we was closer sexually, I know she looked when I was pissing, once she got me sniffing her panties and when she went to beach, she gave me a photo of her on bikini (won't dump it)
>one year later, they made a big party on her house
>the place is really huge, I mean, it can fit 3 average houses on the total area of the house
>we and the rest of the cousins were playing hide and seek, it was kind of dark
>I decided to hide with her, because we had little time together on the last months
>giggling, we hid inside a storage room for food and stood still, she was behind me because I run faster
>the warmt of her body and her sweet smell brought back memories, making my dick hard
>she put her hand there, I think she saw the volume on a shadow
>she was touching my dick almost on the dark, with only the light from the outside coming from the windows of the backyard (no one was there)
>then, she started rubbing me off faster, while I touched her down there (she was using a bikini and I had a speedo)
>when things got really hot, she made me turn around, pushed my backs against a wall and kneeled in front of me
>she said "this will feel good, trust me" because I was nervous if people would come and see (I actually remember her saying this)
no we have enough of pedophila in this thread
>then, she put down my speedo, showed me her breasts and started licking my dick clean
>her tongue around the head of my dick felt great, she went down all the way
>I still haven't found a girl that could give a blowjob that felt soooo good as her blowjob
>Some time later, I announced I would cum (I read some magazines on the past year, got very interested in sex)
>she improved the blowjob, and I came inside her mouth, while she rubbed her boobs
>her eyes rolled and locked on mine, while I came in her mouth, and she had a smile on her face
>when I finished and was ready to have sex, we heard the kids coming to the storage room, she got scared, fixed her bra and I fixed my speedo, hiding my boner
>they found us there, hiding (no one saw nothing wrong). That day, I asked my parents if I could sleep on her house, thumbs up

>She does
>This feels so god damn good
>She comes up with an idea
>We have a kind of big teddybear with a hole between its legs
>Ceilingfan cut throught the material like butter
>She puts it on my dick and does the up and down motion with the teddybear
>Feels good, once again not complaining
>She starts to get tired, but i explain to her what a orgasm is
>Not really detailed but i say it will feel awesome in a couple of seconds
>Get her convinced to continue
>after a minute or so i say do it faster
>She gets tired and says i cant
>Do it with your hands
>She grabs it with both hands and fucking wanks it like her life is depending on it
>Oh my fucking god
>I start shaking a bit and say here i come
>She apparently doesnt know what to expect
>I cum all over her hands and on the blanket
>"Anon, what the fuck?" she looks at me in disgust
>"Its cool we can clean it off, thats what happens when boys orgasm"
>We clean it off and she then asks me if i have seen a girls thing
>She shows it fast and im like meh
>Realize this awkward moment
>We go up playing tony hawks underground 2 on xbox
>I beat her way too hard
>during the night, we watched the cartoon movie with her sister and brother (it was A Goofy Movie, everytime I watch this movie I remember these times)
>when the movie ended (we was on the living room), her brother was already sleeping and the sister (which was older) was on her own room
>her parents were already sleeping, so we decided to stay awake a little longer
>she was using only a long tshirt during the movie, we hadn't taken bath, nothing sexual happened during the movie
>I decided we had to take a bath before we sleep, I had perverted thoughts
>when we got on the bathroom, we started taking off our clothes, then I went and kissed her
>besides our age difference, I was as tall as her, so our bodies matched
>our first kiss (it was her first too) was very exciting, at first was strange because we didn't knew how to use tongue, but then we got into it and things got very exciting (girls say I have a very good kiss, I believe that this cousing teached me how to do it right)
It's not pedophilia, we were both kids
>be 21
>be two years ago during summer
>visiting family in another state while out of school
>staying at my aunt's place
>she has one daughter
>have never met my cousin from this side of the family
>meet 15 year old cousin
>she's tall skinny and blonde
>could easily be the next Candice Swanepoel
>spend a lot of time together alone because most of the family is working and she's out of school
>most nights we spend them together on the couch watching TV
>be a week after meeting
>we're watching TV at night again
>cousin and i have gotten very close
>we're talking about relationships
>tell her about my time with some girls
>she asks if i'm dating anyone
>tell her no but i wouldn't mind being with someone right now
>she asks me what it's like to kiss another person
>ask her if she would like to find out
>tell her to get closer to me
>i wrap my arms around her and bring her in for a deep kiss
>she obviously has never kissed anyone
>end the kiss and she slumps onto me
>ask her what it was like
>she says she loves me then just stares at me for awhile
>we cuddle together the entire rest of the night

I went back last summer and we ended up making out every chance we got. Too bad I've graduated and started a new job and haven't had time to go back since. We still talk on daily basis at least. In a different world we would have been perfect for each other.
Thought I'd share. Not a mind blowing story, but when I was about 6 or 7, I went on a family trip to visit some distant relatives, including a cousin I had never met before. She was maybe 12 or 13 at the time. Anyways, she'd show me around and play games with me, but something that had always stuck with me was this one stupid game where we'd swing on this broken down bus' handles and purposefully crash into each other.

We'd both fall down, and then she'd get on top of me and kiss me a lot on the lips. Then we'd do it again.

Never saw her again after that trip. The funny part though is that the rest of my family knew about the whole thing, and still to this day refer to us as the kissing cousins.
>while kissing, I started to rub my hands on her, while she massaged my balls and held one hand on my butt (the feelings of the nails were so sexy, damm)
>when we turned the shower on (so people wouldn't come and check what we was doing on the bathroom), she was already very wet
>she sat on the bottom of the toilet while I licked I licked her smooth pussy, so salty and tasty, I'm addicted to licking pussy since that day
>I stroke my dick so hard that I was almost cumming, then I dragged her to the shower with me
>she was brathing very fast, the bathroom was hot
>I made her face the wall and she sticked her butt to me, while opening her pussy and turning her head to see me
>she probably said something, but I don't know, I just put my dick inside her
>we held our moans together, I pound her and rubbed her clit at the same time, while holding her mouth with the other hand
>I felt that her pussy squeezed me and I knew she was cumming, but it was so intuitive that I couldn't say this by the time
>when I was ready, I came inside her, it felt soooo good that I kept pounding her for some time
we kissed some more and took our bath normally, washing each other with soap and shampoo. She turned the water off
she got the snoopy shampoo (don't know if any of you fags remember it), it's a very slippery one (almost like some oil), and started to rub my body with it
when she reached my dick and balls, oh god, it was a fantastic handjob, she almost made me cum while holding a smile on her cute face
>be me, be 17
>have 6 year old cousin
>comes over one day
>mom comes out
>"Anon, take care of her while I go do some stuff"
>Mom leaves, just me and her in the house
>Put some shit on Netflix, she starts watching
>Start watching it with her because what else do I have to do
>watching Scooby-doo, notice the purple bitch's fine figure
>slip it into waste-band because I don't want shit to get awkward
>Lay done on couch
>bitch gets hyper and jumps on me, sitting right on top of my McWeiner
>grab her hips and start moving her back and forth
>"lol wut r u doing anon?"
>"Stfu and watch the movie"
>"Okay lol"

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>15 yo cousin
>never kissed someone
fake but good story though.
>She turned the water on again to wash me, when all the shampoo was off my body, she went down and sucked my dick
>not waiting longer, she got up again and now, facing me, put her backs against the wall and opened her vagina
>I shoved my dick very deep and fucked her brains out, for the last time
>we came together, I did it inside her
>we ended the bath, still rubbing each other
we dried each other bodies and got dressed, then I slept on her room
that night, we just cuddled and rubbed each other off, untill we fell asleep
She moved one month later, to another country, and came back 2 years ago
Now I'm 21 and she is 26, she already has a fiancè and he kinda looks like me (taller than her, tanned skin, athletic, hair looks like mine)
We talked very little and still we see each other few times (I moved to another city right now, very far from home)
The last sexual anything we had was when she came back, we went to swim together and she saw me on my swimsuit, she kept looking for a long time (I have a big dick, it startled her I guess), but we couldn't keep in touch (she was on her way to travel)
She's super fucking hot now and I wish we could do it just once again, for the old times
It's the first time I told these stories in my entire life, hope you enjoy

UPDATE: yesterday her sister made an announcement, she's gonna get married. The event will be in 2015 or 2016, they are not sure. When it happens, I'll do everything to try something with her again. If I get pics, I'll deliver, it's a promise.
Wait for me anons
You guys exclusive with eachother?
I'm a dude. My guy cousin and I are totally in love

We haven't done anything
but I wouldn't worry about it if we did, it's not like we'll get each other pregnant
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why not go ahead
File: SEE THISFAGGOT.jpg (184KB, 450x417px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you stop that
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you lucky goddamn asshole great story


she's so fucking hot and funny, the kind of girl that you should hold, you know? If we weren't cousins, I'm pretty sure that I'd be her husband
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Continue Please
I'll hold you to it, anon. What's your skype? Add me. Bastianblaze
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>just turned 10yo
>watching scary movie with female cousin, she's about 14
>scene where bobby is getting fucked and jizzes the girl to the ceiling
>did know vaguely about sex from the year 6's (11yo's)
>film ends
>she asks what to do next
>i suggest having sex now that ive seen it remotely visualised via scary movie
>she says ok
>climb on to the top bunk of the bunk bed
>lie down
>pull pants down, dick out at its full glory, like 3 inches max
>she climbs up, bottom half of her completely naked
>gets on top of me, pulls cover over us
>can still see in the dark vaguely
>feel this awesome pressure from her pussy surrounding my dick
>sat there awkwardly like the virginfag i was - depending on if you class not nutting as losing virginity
>she moves up and down about 6-7 times, only about an inch up and down
>hear my other cousin (who's younger) walking upstairs
>she jumps down and gets a short skirt on to cover up
>i remain UNDER the cover on the top bunk, hiding, holding breath
>she comes in, "have you seen Anon(me) anywhere?"
>my cousin who I just fucked slightly, "no i havent heard him"
>other cousin goes back downstairs
>i get down feeling proud of myself
>we both go downstairs and pretend nothing happened

I'm 19 now, if I can remember from when I was 10, she can definitely remember from when she was 14. Sometimes when i'm horny i wonder if i could blackmail her into more sex.
Do it nowwwww

I'd advise against doing this IRL. My friend's brother snuck into some 12 year old's room during beach week and pulled this shit.

She told on him and he got arrested. They didn't put him in jail, but he's on a sex offender list.

His life was over at 18.

Hurry the fuck up.
This happened in spring, and needless to say has continued until now.
I have a sister, Bridgette, fairly small girl. Dark hair bright eyes. Always has been a good looking girl, now she is 22.
Myself I am an above average looking guy, hell many people tell me I am stupid sexy. I usually call them sluts,,,, well they are. 5,10. 25 years old.
Decided in late spring to get a big get together at some campground about an hour outside the city. Got a group of about 50 people saying they were going. This is going to be a good time.
Got about 150$ in booze, and almost as much in drugs. 4 days is going to need a lot of fuel.
Get out their a day before anyone else. This is one of those first come first serve places, no booking spots. I set up my tent and lay down about 5 tarps for friends tents.
I have no idea what is happening in the city due to the shit reception, so I do not know about the thunderstorm that is brewing for the weekend. All I know is that I am having drinks with some randoms that I met that day.
Come Friday, the chicks that I was drinking with were packing up.
“Why you guys going?”
“Uhh, there is a thunderstorm coming in” they had gone to a town 15 minutes away, and found this out.
“A little rain, come on that is when the most fun happens when camping.” Trying hard to convince them to stay.
“No, our parents want us back in town, sorry.”, they were pretty young, 19 or something. Reason they mouched off my booze.
They packed up and left before noon. Got the cute ones number, so wasn't a total loss.
Noticed basically the whole camp site was empty, a few tents here and there, but no where near as full as this place usually gets.
At around 2 Bridgette shows up. By herself. Looking pissed.
She doesn't say much. Sets up her tent. Some old shit she found in our parents house. She is cheap, if she is going to buy anything it is a ticket to some far away country, not a tent.
Once we are done setting it up she starts drinking.
“So where is everyone? They still coming.”
“Fucking Paul is what happened.” Paul is her high school sweetheart something like 4 years, maybe 5.
She goes to explain that the guy got fired from his job, then proceeded to party using the money he borrowed from her. Then that day convinced everyone to stay in town and party with them. A lot of bullshit that I did not care for. All I realized is that the only people here are my sister and I. My friends are back in town.
“I need a drink, make me something.”
I pour some vodka and red bull in a cup.
She takes it and downs it in one big chug.
She grabs one of my beers and sits down.
Better make best of a situation.
“Want to go on the lazy river?” This place has a long river that takes about an hour to get through, included in the park pass. So long as you don't pop the tube.
“What why?” She just snaps at me.
“Well it's beautiful out here and there is not much more to do.” Sky was completely clear, and I was getting bored.
“K just let me change.”
She goes back to the tent, and starts changing inside.
I grab the whats left of the bottle of vodka, mix it with half a bottle of some pop.
I used my sister's panties to jerk off with, but other than that, we were a fairly normal family.
She comes out wearing this new bathing suit. This bright yellow material. Just covers her ass and crotch. The rest is a few pieces of string, showing everything around her waist.
Her top is not much better. Covering tits but her back is again fully exposed, and the inside of the top shows of most of her tits. Great cleavage, but I wasn't looking, not on purpose.
“K lets go”
We get to the top of the hill, about 10 minute walk. Grab a couple of tubes sit down and go. I have them tied together, since I don't want her to get away with the booze.
We go down the whole thing about 2 times more. It is about 4 or maybe 5. Some clouds are moving in but nothing bad. We keep drinking and shooting the shit by the fire pit.
She starts telling me how unhappy she has been with him and just doesn't want to deal with it anymore.
I giver her my two cents, that she should just do what she feels right, but to keep to the decision. She already took him back once. Honestly I didn't care much, I was close with my sister, but rarely hung out with her.
Either way we keep drinking, by now, I am piss drunk and so is she. Though she is happy, which at least means o more bitching.
I start the fire around 8. We get a little food in us. I notice that the wind is picking up. She tells me about the thunderstorm, I already know.
It starts getting dark, I figure no one really is coming bastards.
I go to my tent and pass out.
Not even an hour later, all I hear is screaming. It's my sister.
I jump out of my tent, and almost get blown over by the wind. At the same time i realize that I am being pelted by both rain that is razor sharp, damn wind made it painful. And hail, nothing big or dangerous but still fucked with drunk me when I got out.
I stagger over to where my sisters tent should be. It wasn't there. She screams again. I notice that she is against the trees, I must have forgotten to peg down the tent when setting it up. She got blown over probably 3 times.
I pull it over onto the side that had the door. Turn her around and pick her up,basically carry her out of her tent. Set her on her feet and tell her to go back to my tent. I Quickly grab the card with all the stuff in it and put it over the tent. It collapsed at this point, either the broken poles or they just fell apart when rolling over. I quickly run back into my tent pop my head through the door. A face full of ass. She is bent over completely naked drying herself, I didn't think to ask since my tent, plus the rain. Though I am soaking.
Step outside. Just start laughing.
“What are you laughing at get back inside. “
I get inside she already put on one of my loose white beaters. And Pulled up her bottom. Still the same from before, she must have passed out right after me. Never changing.
I go inside. She is sitting on my mattress. I look at and just start laughing again. “Nice ass, good to know you shave.”
“Shut up that isn't funny.” I am still laughing.
>She comes out wearing this new bathing suit. This bright yellow material. Just covers her ass and crotch. The rest is a few pieces of string, showing everything around her waist.
>Her top is not much better. Covering tits but her back is again fully exposed, and the inside of the top shows of most of her tits.

So a regular bathing suit?

Are you from muslimland or something
I grab one of the beers in my hand and pass it to her. She seems to reluctantly take it. I am still laughing. I take the towel she was just using and wipe myself down. Half-fast.
I sit down beside her. Cheers and take a big gulp. “I guess they didn't lie about the thunderstorm.”
“Nope guess not.” my sister gives me a big dumb look.
“K you can stay here the night.” No other place really to go. Cars were parked about 15 minute walk away.
“Yeah seems like that has to be the plan.” she says to me.
Kind of gotten really awkward really fast.
“Well you take the sleeping bag. I'll just sleep on the mattress.”
“Huh, can't you open it?”
“yeah, but you know. It would be weird.”
“No it won't, just relax.”Either way it is really cold. Yeah I guess it would be OK.
Funny I always have one single sleeping bag, and always a slightly larger mattress. Didn't think this would be one of those situations to use it in.
We finish the beers, I unzip the sleeping bag and go to the side nearer the opening. I have one of those tents that doesn't have windows just a tarp that creates ventilation. A little windy but I did not notice it that much. I lie down and start passing out right away. It is one of those twisting kind of nights. I could feel her lay down beside me a minute later before I was totally out of it.
It is now a days, but man for the longest time it generally hid a lot more than that

I wake up later in the night and she has stolen my covers and I am starting to get cold. I pull it back over me and go back to sleep.
Later I again wake up and she stole it back again. I pull it back over me and this time tug it under me so that she couldn't pull it over.
Before I pass out, I feel her tug at the covers, give up and move closer towards me.
Her but touches my crotch. I feel a chub come on. Noooo, whisky dick don't fail me now. (you would never hear me say that before this night)
After a moment it seems to have subsided. She wasn't really rubbing up on it. I was now uncomfortable. My right arm was squashed against my chest and her back. I pull it out and put it against my side. Still not good. Damn it.
I keep it there for a few moments then decide fuck it if she is going to make me uncomfortable I will make her. I wrap my arm around her. Instead of any noise from her she just moves closer to me. No noise, no complaints.
A few moments later I am finally comfortable enough to pass out. I don't know how long it lasts for but not long.
I wake up and I am hard again. Really hard, not a chub but a full standing ovation situation. Fuck. I adjust myself Lift my trunks to get it into the waist , so maybe its not so noticeable. I put my arm back around her. My had lands right on her bare tit. Crap. I freeze. My hand still on holding onto her tit. I just stay there what felt like a half hour. She doesn't do anything. I figure nice tits, and if she is passed out... might as well for just a moment. I run my fingers up and down her nipple. And measure up her tits. Slightly firm but still perfectly soft. Great size nothing wrong with them from what I can feel. I quickly realize how wrong this is.
I know I am stupid drunk but still wrong. I quickly stop and move my hand away from her tits.
I keep trying to pass out, eventually I feel like I might just be able to. Nope as I was about to pass out my sister started moving her hips against my crotch. The fuck.
I keep my body as limp as possible, but clearly I am failing in one important capacity. I have a raging hard on. After a quick moment she moves my hand to her tits again. I stay as damn motionless as possible. Hard when you want to run, but want to pretend you are not even conscious.
After a moment she stops. I hope to hell for good. But now I have a hard on, and some heavy full blue balls. I start thinking that I need to leave and go for a walk or something.
As i am thinking this she puts her hand behind herself and on my waist. She slowly moves her hand down along the belt. She got to the string at the belt. She grabs one end and slowly starts tugging at it. Eventually getting it undone.
Then she starts working on the Velcro below it. I am just thinking oh shit, this is not happening. I finally take a deep breath in to calm my insides out. She freezes even retreating a little, but as soon as she seemed sure that I was out again, she was back at it. You can feel that she is slowly working it down, her soft hands slowly revealing more and more. Don't get me wrong, this is hot, but AHHHHH was gong threw my head.
She finally gets done, what was she planning to do at this point I had no idea. Well an idea I had, but I could not comprehend. She moved her finger tips along my shaft, as if measuring it up. She seemed to be thinking it all over, if she was going through with what she started. I was hoping she was, but praying she wouldn't.
She seemed to grasp it lightly and readjust it between her legs. It hurt a little while she did this. I had ot been this hard in a long time. Then again I have not slept in the same bed with someone with having a fuck in a long time. Laying it down inside her gap, I could feel she was moist. No she was wet and burning up. I don't know if it was the alcohol or something else but was craving. She again started rubbing against me, but this time it was between her legs and crotch. She moved slowly never hitting against me hard. I think she didn't want me to wake up, in case I would freak. Every few moments she would switch up her rhythm, or her tighten up a little. Slowly but surely I loosing control of my ability to think.
What I was needing to do was to stop her, but this felt amazing. Her pussy was lubing me and giving me one of the best “dry” rubs ever. I couldn't stand it any more. I was about to cum. I moved my hand and pushed it down her panties and rubbed her directly. She breathed in deeply, surprised, that I gave up my farce. Quickly she stopped being so quiet. Letting out her moans every time she slapped against me. A moment later she was cumming. I pulled back as I came, and in reflex pushed against her. I left a massive cream-pie in the gap.
We didn't say anything for a while. I just lay there, I got soft, then I got hard again. I could feel my cum leaking down her ass. She was still pushing against me. I moved my hand against her breast, lightly caressing it. I kinda lifted myself above her. Slowly, I lowered my head towards her. I was close enough to feel her breath on my lips. I froze for a moment, her lips moved up lightly touching mine.
Before she kissed me, she whispers. “we can never tell anyone what we are about to do.”
is there moar?
She pushed her lips against mine. Giving me a deep kiss. Her lips were sweet. Her mouth was in sync with mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth quickly being chased by my tongue. She started moving her ass against my crotch as if to remind me what we were doing. I moved my hand down against waist, I realized how loosely she had her panties on. The string was barely holding, either she never tied it back down or it came loose. I started moving down one side as she helped from the other. In a moment it was gone now my shaft was touching her directly. This made her shiver as if she was lightly shocked.
I moved out from behind her, and she opened up her legs. I laid down against her as soon as I pulled my shorts off. We were still passionately kissing but I had to stop her. I pulled myself up for a second. Still close to her face, but able to make out some features. I could see her face, in a moment of bliss. So sensual and in yearning. But I just couldn't do we were about to do.
“You sure you want to do this thing, we are about to go to far.”
She only says, “we have been to far, far to long.”
I couldn't argue with that logic, not with her begging me for it. I slowly lower myself into her. She accepted me with a so passionate so embracing. I started getting into my stride with her. Every time I was about to cum, she slowed down to allow me to recover. Every time she came I sped up to make sure she felt better.
I don't know how long it lasted, but nearing the end. It was sunrise, I could see her and every inch of her body. She was on top of me. I had cum a few times, but each time it was outside. I would pull out. But now she was on top. For the longest time. Every time I would try pulling her off, should fight me to stay on top. We hadn't spoken all night. Our tongues were entwined the whole time. I knew I was going to cum again. I would try to pull her off one more time, but as if it was a signal she started moving her hips faster this time. She tightened up and hugged my body closer.
“Bridgett, I'm about to.....!!!”
She kissed me hard, Her eyes stayed open, so did mine. I grabbed her hips, pushing down hard. I started cumming. I could feel my load inside her, She closed her eyes and came loudly throwing her head back. She tried to keep moving her hips but she was cumming to hard herself. She accepted everything I gave. Collapsing on me, allowing me to get soft inside of her. She passed out, soon after.
It was dawn already, a new day. A new time in my life for my sister and I. We both slept until it was to unbearably hot and humid in the tent. We went outside, after an hour of dressing and undressing each other. We made some more drinks and went on the tubes. Again there is nothing else to do at the deserted campground.
We were about 15 minutes down the river when my sister start playing with my cock. We barely touched the booze. We had our tubes tied together, so she was easily able to reach over. Her hand had been laying near the edge of my pants most of the way, but once we were around the first corner and out of the view of the tube pickup yard her hand crawled up my pant leg. A few seconds later I felt her fingers touching my shaft. I already had a chub going, so it didn't take long for me to get hard. Her fingers kept playing with me, but it was just not enough. I looked up at her, she was fingering herself the whole time, at the time she was blushed and biting her lower lip. Very sensual look. I didn't even think of returning the favor.
Quickly I said, “Want to do a quick stop at the next bend in the river?”
She just nodded., looking at me with her eyes as if she couldn't wait that long.
As soon as we were past the bend, we paddled towards the shore. Quicker then the wind we jumped behind the biggest tree. We made out for a second, as she pulled my shorts down. Then she turned around and hugged the tree. I pulled down these half see through swim suit she was wearing, it only hid the important parts. I slid my shaft between her legs, I could feel her legs almost give from the touch. I slid a few times back and forth, but she just could not wait anymore. She reached down with her left hand and positioned me just to go inside. As I entered she lifted herself slightly on her toes. Letting out this low moan, half trying to hide it and half trying to let it out.
a lot of alcohol and the pain of a breakup.
Might be one of the most realistic wincest stories ever here.
I didn't last long, I didn't need to. She seemed to be cumming the whole time. Almost as if what we were doing was letting her just release from the pure thought of the immorality. I let go another load inside her, she didn't have to force me. I figured the damage is done, and more likely than not she is on the pill so why stress about it.
We dress quickly, and go back to the tubes. Well were the tubes should be, we were to much in a rush to actually pull them on fully and they floated off. I didn't even see them. I guess we had been longer than we thought. Shit, we have to walk back. We start walking into the forest again, but quickly find a path. Looks like enough people do this that they actually created a walking patch. 50 minutes later, we made a few stops along the way, we are at the bridge that crosses the river, its there to let people cross and to catch any “run away tubes” Our tubes were no were to be seen. Either they got caught somewhere up the river or someone pulled them up.
We cross and a guy comes out from the little shed where they store the extra tubes. Looks straight at me, and in a laughing voice. “you guys lost something,” raising his eyebrow.
“Ahh yeah the tubes floated away when we went looking for some blueberries and stuff,” I was still thinking this guy knew we were brother sister.
My sister, a little bit quicker than I, also almost completely sober, walked up, and kissed me right on the lips, looked at the guy, “Among other thing.....”
The guy just burst out laughing, “Oh you kids, always “blueberry” picking, Either way I found this in those lost tubes,” He tossed the bottle mix and booze we had.
“Well take care not to loose those tubes anymore.”
“I told mom and dad that I just need to leave and go somewhere Paul can't find me. I also told them you were OK with me renting a room.”
“I see,” I start moving towards her to help her take the bags inside.
I guess she thinks its something else, she lets go of the handles and starts to make out with me. After a minute we drag her stuff inside. And we continue where we left off the previous weekend. I drag her towards the living room, I pull down her down on the couch. We make out, I moved down her body, I get to her skirt and pull it up, Quickly I start pulling down her panties. They come of quickly and I quickly go down on her moving my tongue in and out of her. There is no need for this foreplay, she is already wet. But I just want to, I just want her to be happy, to feel good. Her hands are moving through my hair the whole time.
This doesn't last long, “No, stop. I want you inside me, all...”she trails off. Slowly she rises and pushes me back. She climbs between my legs. Pulls my shorts and boxers down. My member is swollen, she pulls her top off and positions herself on top of me. I slide into her like a tight glove. Snug wet and warm. She works me in this position for a few minutes, but I throw her around. Then pound her like a piston. Each time harder, each time it seems to be louder as our bodies push against each other. She wraps her legs behind me as I am about to cum, but by now I wasn't going to pull out. I cum the biggest load I have had since that weekend. Feels like it takes forever to finish. She cums at the same time. We collapse. Making out. For the rest of the day and night we go at it. Occasionally, for rest we bring more of her stuff from her car into the extra room.
I got another story

Still lurking around here hehe
you are probably right, she is a small girl but knows how to drink.
File: image.jpg (37KB, 400x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Someone cap this shit
please tell me there is more.

it has been three months since then so let's say a lot more has happened since then.

But it will be for another night. I have to type it up and it is late and I still have to go out.
Cap it before 404 plz
Lurker here
File: Naamloos.png (458KB, 1360x3439px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because someone had to
come on op deliver.
Good story and 100% true 1/3

>Use to live in Canada
>Moved to Australia
>Come back every year to see family
>Go back on my own in December 2012 / Jan 2013
>Spend a lot of my time there with my cousin X who is about my age. Before I moved away we were never that close, but now we have a lot in common
>Go to a few parties, bars, etc together

>A week after I'm there she breaks up with her boyfriend, he had a lot of problems but she also tells me he thought her and I were fucking each other (we hadn't yet) because of how close we were

>Me, cousin X and my other cousin Y all get together one night at cousin Y's house. Cousin Y still lives with his parents, is a bit of a loser, scared of girls, might even still be a virgin at 24

>We go out to a local place, get pretty drunk, cousin Y just sits back and doesn't do much, me and her are doing shots, dancing, etc. (dancing eventually gets a bit sexual, everyone thought we were just joking, I did too)

>Club closes around 3am and we walk home About a 20 minute walk but it was freezing and snowed earlier

>Get home, cousin Y goes to bed (his room is in the basement. Me and cousin X are staying in the 2 spare rooms upstairs

>We stay up for a bit, finishing off the drinks from earlier, talking about how good a move it was to break up with her boyfriend

>Starts asking me questions about girls I've fucked recently, plans while I'm over there etc

>Go sit on the couch, neither of us want to go to bed. It's pretty cold so she cuddles up to me and puts her legs on me

>Next minute we are kissing - no one said anything, we were just very close to each other and it just happened in the blink of an eye

>kiss for about 5 mins, I start to grab her ass and tits, and she undoes my pants

>gives me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had while my aunt and uncle are down the hall and my cousin is downstairs (all asleep)

>cum in her mouth, she swallows

>puts clothes back on, asks me to sleep in her bed, can't since we aren't alone
sucks man.
This became a regular thing?
c'mon bitch
no I'm too tired from work. Just want to drink, and she is almost done getting ready. So I'll be out in about 10ish minutes.
When will you deliver?
Looking forward to more of your writing.
to drunk to tell the whole story but me and my cousin started fooling around when we were 12 and at 17 we fucked. we are both 29 now both married and still fuck from time to time.
So how did she gain 5 more years than you?
maybe tomorrow if I am up for it. But more likely next weekend. when ever, i'll repost the story or the screengrab and continue from there.

I was thinking the same thing
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preteen pussy is the shit and you were like meh?
9/10 made me stroke.
Hope I will catch you next time.

His sister was 5 years younger than him and now they are of the same age.
She gained 5 years on him.
das oki mang i iz bad at engrish tou xDDD
>when we were 12 and at 17
He was saying that they fucked when they were both 12 and both 17. That's what I got out of it anyway.
>17-12=5 5 years younger
>We are both 29 now
She raised her age by 17 years while he only raised it by 12.
She gained 5 years on him.
>Not that hard to calculate.
Good story and 100% true 2/3

>Next morning everything is normal, wake up, Cousin Y's Mom and Dad ask how the night was etc, cousin Y is still asleep downstairs.

>We leave and I drive cousin X home

>On the way to her place she apologises in the car and tells me she's sorry and doesn't know why she did it.

>I tell her,
"Don't worry, you don't need to apologise. I loved it, it was as much me as it was you"

>Things are normal. Everything is the same as before that night.

Part 2

>It's after New Years and things are a bit boring, not a lot to do so we go to my uncles place one night. (not her Dad, Dad of cousin Z who doesn't factor into this story at all)

>Get there at about 7

>Sit around with our uncle for a bit, have a few drinks and some dinner

>He goes to bed around 10 since he has work early the next day

>We stay up and finish the drinks and put netflix on

>Had a bit to drink but neither of us were drunk

>Again, get cuddly on the couch after the movie and start kissing again

>So much better this time since we are both relatively sober

>Take her shirt off and she apologises for having small tits - I laugh and tell her not to be an idiot

(She is very cute, but only like 5ft, she's small, skinny and has a tight ass and small tits - I love it but she is conscious for whatever reason)

>Gives me another amazing blowjob but I don't cum in her mouth this time

>I bend her over the couch and fuck her from behind.

>She starts to moan and make noise so I had to cover her mouth for most of it so no one upstairs heard

>She has the most perfectly round small ass ever so I don't let her change position

>Cum all over her back and she sucks my cock clean afterwards.

>Then awkward naked walk to the kitchen to get paper towels to clean her back

>We fuck once more that night on that couch

>Then again she asks me to sleep with her on her couch (2 couches, we were each meant to be sleeping on one)
Good story and 100% true 3/3 & Conclusion

>I know we cant but I feel bad and really want to so I cuddle up to her and hold her until she falls asleep

>Head over to my couch once she's asleep and go to sleep

>Next morning wake up, both of us are pretty happy, again it's like nothing even happened

>We hang out a few more times before I leave but never found ourselves in a situation where we could do any of that again

That was 2 years ago, her and I still talk over Facebook, she is like a best friend almost, she is always telling me how she wants to come down here for a few months once she gets the money together. I live on my own and she will stay with me. I honestly can't wait to see what's going to happen when she comes here for a vacation and lives with me.

I promise /b/ once she comes here (I'm even tempted to just give her the money for the flight) I will update you and hopefully have more to share than just a story
I believe he was referring to two separate instances of intercourse. One at 12 and one 5 years later.
>Not that hard to infer.
Well no, how could it ? We live in different countries I only go there to visit family. But she plans on coming here to stay with me for a while
confirmed faggot
Why don't you sponser her some?
Help her reach you.
I believe he was drunk so his ability to write decent sentences was impaired.
Therefore I decided to mess with him by pointing it out in a laughing manner.
>>560297213 understood this.
Then that's my bad. There are a lot of tards on here that wouldn't have been able to figure that out. And I agree, his English is mid-range shit tier. All apologies.
Because I know if I just give her the airfare she will depend on me for pretty much everything while she's out here. I may loan her part of it, but the plan is if she comes here its on a working visa and I'll set her up with a job somewhere
Apologies accepted.
We will now initiate the internet-apology dance.
You don't wanna be her ATM?
Seems fair.
When I was 15 my 16 year old cousin, pretty hot I guess, wanted me to follow her to the bathroom, which I did, and then she asked me if I wanted a blowjob, I told her to fuck off and that we're fucking cousins and that fucking cousins don't fucking fuck. I told her that she's an abomination and sick in the head, then I told my parents and they were as disgusted as I was. Haven't talked to her since that occasion 8 years ago.
File: 1400861205025.gif (2MB, 265x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 265x285px
I'll start.
Yeah, I mean she's awesome and I love her, but I know how irresponsible she is... she's 24 and has only ever had part time jobs at restaurants and camps etc so I know that if I make it easy for her straight way she won't appreciate it and will probably end up depending on me.
File: dancefail-14.gif (836KB, 210x157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
836KB, 210x157px
top kek
There is always one of those faggots in a thread like these.
>Don't be this guy.
I bet he reacts this way towards any sexual advance from any woman.

I don't judge you guys for fucking your cousins, so please don't judge me for not fucking blood, or do if you want to
>Disgusted by the idea of fucking someone he's related to
>Lurks in a wincest thread for a long fucking time.
you get in a thread about incest.
Start complaining you don't like it.
Why are you even here then?
What a faggot lol.
You better fucking deliver. I'll be waiting
That a the problem you have? He said $150 worth of booze for 50 people. My friends can smash that much a night. Maybe 5 of us? This story is lame as fuck
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