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Hey /b/ My girlfriend of 4 years left me. She said she doesn't

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/

My girlfriend of 4 years left me. She said she doesn't love me anymore. After being a beta fag and begging for her to take me back. I finally decided to give up took all the love notes and gifts that she gave me and set them ablaze.

It felt like knives going through my chest looking at all that stuff but I felt relieved after it was all burned.

Care to share some break up stories?

>also general baww thread
try getting a girlfriend a little older
When I found out my girlfriend had cheated on me with 7 other guys it was pretty shitty but I learned to never love again. It all gets better, just think, you can do anything you want without bitching or complaining
better clean up before grandma gets home
pretyped but do excuse the mistakes...

my gf of over 2 years broke up with me about 5 months ago...she was 17 and i was 20 at the time we got together.
i was her first bf, her first guy she slept with. the whole relationship had nothing what a normal relationship didn't have, like normal fights etc. but not a lot, only because she overreacted about nothing quite often and i said her to calm down once in a while and don't take things too serious.
well, about a month ago she stood at my door, said she couldn't do it anymore, needed time for herself. i asked her if there was another guy, she denied twice.
needless to say, i was kind of curious, thought that she lied there. she isn't the cheater type at all, cute, caring and really beautifull. i always told her to put on as little make-up as possible, because to me she was much more beautiful without it, and i loved her brown eyes.

well, the first thing that came to my mind was her best guy friend whom she had dancing lessons with and talked about nearly everything.
i know , why date a girl who has close guy friends? well, blinded by love, i trusted her when she said " its only my friend, nothing will happen"
i should soon discover how wrong i was...

i confronted her 2 weeks after the breakup with facts i had no proof, asked her if she was together with her guy friend and i hit the nail on the head.
she told me they were together and tried to blame me for her actions, saying that i wasn't there for her etc etc., usual blame shifting bullshit.
for me, she was the only one, even after over 1.5 years we both had that inical feeling of " i love you " that you just have in the beginning phase...
her parents got divorced cause her father found another women while he was married with her dad.
You did the right thing.

her mother blamed my ex for it and my ex cried a lot cause of that. i was there for her, we talked, i told her eerythings gonna be alright, held her in my arms etc.
last week she showed up to bring me some things, asked how i felt, i said, beeing still upset, "not that greath huh?", should've said something like " good" but well.
she then tried to blame me again, saying "if our relationship wasn't that broken i wouldn't have broken up", which is a blatant lie but alright.
i just let her talk, just said "yeah right" occasionally and walked away without a word.

why didn't she just straight up tell me, when she broke up , that there was another guy? why not spare me the pain, knowing that idiot of a guy is now plowing my ex? its not fair to be treated like some replacable toy, when you have lived through the ups and downs of the other partner.

its not like im crying , done that , no reason to now, its jjust, i can't really understand her actions. we could've worked it out if she wasn't that focused on having sex with her best guy friend, thats what im thinking.
we messaged and talked on the phone nearly daily for over 2 years, we said each other if something bothered us.

I'm in the same boat as you OP

Broke up with gf after almost 6 yrs of dating.

She wanted to break up

Fuck it. It's been 2 weeks and feels like shit but I'll get over it eventually.

I didn't burn her shit. I gave it back to her.

It really does feel like shit and I been depressed.
Curious, how big is your dick?
I feel for you man. A month ago my girlfriend of 2 years left me, she said I didn't do enough for her, and we were drifting apart. I hurt so bad, I wanted to just kill myself. The first week was the hardest. Now I am eating healthy, getting in shape and moving on. She was the love of my life, and I doubt I will find someone better anytime soon, but I am going to continue to make myself better for me. It gets better, just cut her out completely from your life, no contact of any kind and don't stay in one place, always do something to keep your mind busy. I hope this helps.
> finally decided to give up took all the love notes and gifts that she gave me and set them ablaze.

i still have the ring with the engraved date which she gave me when we were only half a year in.
and i have 2 pictures of her still...
i guess ill have to burn em aswell...
otherwise ill never completely cut her loose
something with 17cm and no i dont beleive its cause of my dick, more that she is a cunt who wanted to "know what else is out there"
That looks like a terrible place to set a fire. I can't make out the label but like 2 feet away there's shit in cans and heavy-duty plastic bottle that looks like motor oil or some other automotive fluid. I bet at least one of those is a flammable liquid. You're lucky you didn't start a huge fire or release deadly fumes or something.
that's a bit dramatic, I just flushed everything down the toilet, including my emotions
At first I wanted to give it to her but she told me to just throw it away. I don't understand. A few days ago she told me she loved me and then the next day she turns into a heartless cold bitch. Its been a week now exactly since the break up. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I haven't even showered. And she's living it up. Probably fucking some guy as we speak.
Yeah. I still have a few digital pictures that I can't force myself to delete. And also a necklace she gave me with the date and our names engraved. I threw that in the lake.

Lol women are fucking heartless /b/ro.

Mine was saying she wanted to marry me and all this other shit and then 3 days later she was at my door with the "we need to talk".

Now she's on a two week vacation on some beach with her friends.

Don't ever trust women, they'll fuck up your entire life. They cry but laugh inside at the same time.
you did?
i stuffed it into the box the ring came with.
right now its somewhere in my room, but like you i cant get myself over throwing that away...
theres a love letter from her in it
yeah man...

all that sweet talking like "you're making me so happy" etc.

i have a picture of her in a wedding dress, which she commented on that it was ok but that she "already has the man".

Read this book /b/ro.

It'll put some insight into women and their fucked up ways.

Google "The Manipulated Man". One of the links will take you to a PDF. It's only like 70 pages.
Dang. I was about to buy her an engagement ring too. I was saving up to buy her the best one I could and propose to her on her birthday. I saved up close to 4,000 USD. I guess I'll just blow that money on something. I don't know what yet.

If I were you I'd sell the ring if it is worth anything or do what I did and throw it in a lake or something. Somewhere where it won't get destroyed but it wont be reachable.
sounds like you're actually an autistic 20 year old pedophile that was dating a 14 year old.

necklaces? da fuq? nigga get some help.
gonna give it a look
well shit man...
yeah go buy yourself something nice, console, new pc, car, booze or smthing.

doesnt have real value as in money.
dont know, was thinking bout giving it her / mailing it her or something
troll somewhere else willya
My girlfriend left me after 4, nearly 5 years, too, some days ago...
but i still have all things like postcards and gifts on 'her' shelf. even the letter where she explained me why it has ended is on there.
it all is like a huge mass of emotional rubbish
>has a girlfriend for a year
>lose virginity to her etc
>extremely emotionally invested
>breaks up with me after fucking with my emotions for a few weeks (saying she wants space but doesn't actually say I want to break up when confronted)
>immediately gets with her "best guy friend"
>he breaks up with her like 4 months later
feels good man?
This was like three years ago and sometimes she texts me trying to reconnect with me. I almost feel bad about what happened with her but at the same time fuck her. idk
>Got dumped after 10 months
>felt like 10 years
>Proper thought she was the one.
>dumped me round the back of work
>asked if there was anyone else
>"no, not at all"
>ask if it's guy she got good mates with
>"no why would it be him"
>okay don't ask anymore questions
>go home, cry myself to sleep
>go work next day, feel like I've been hit by a bus
>I work with her so I had to see her next day
>finally get over her
>found out she kissed this guy she said nothing's happening with
>they get together, move in with each other, "soul mates"
>they've only been together just over 2 months
butt frustration because you can't have a normal relationship due to autism. have fun with your red pill buddies nigger.
>asked if there was anyone else
>"no, not at all"
>ask if it's guy she got good mates with
>"no why would it be him"
>okay don't ask anymore questions

are you me?
but it wasnt the guy from work, it was her best guy friend.

fucking women, lie straight into your face....
This faggot knows what he is talking about.
While a gf can be fun sometimes all of them have been the reason for most (if not all) of my problems.
Sex is great and feeling in love is also wonderfull but in the end they will all hurt you.
The problem is that if you decide to stop caring you will onr day feel lonely.
At this moment a new gf sounds rather good to you and you will fall for it again.
Some time later she will hurt you and you will realise why you promised yourself not to fall for it again.
>inb4 hurdur betafag
I never destroy or throw away things like that. It takes less effort to put them away deep in some box somewhere and forget they exist - until I want them.

I know a time will come. When I am feeble and old; when I am physically repellent even to myself, much less others; when I know with certainty that I will never have another chance at love - then I will take out those mementos and try to conjure up again the beauty of my youth, and to see it again in a more forgiving and understanding way, be surprised by small aspects of these relationships that I had forgotten, and to feel gratitude for having had them.

Or you can set them on fire for a few moments' satisfaction. Your call, Beavis.
Nooooo but I know exactly how she feels, she also broke up with me because she didn't feel the same anymore and she "wanted time to herself" now everyone at work hates her because of what she did to me, it's awesome
yeah well, i gave in too much, she got out as "the good guy".
but tbh i didnt go after her, didnt write her clingy texts daily.... i cried, i asked myself why, i moved on.
but still there are nights in which you think about what couldve been
I burned them because she told me that she threw out all my shit and I need to do the same. I burned them because it made me feel better. It made me feel like I had control over something. I know it sounds stupid but it actually helped me
Don't be this faggot
i really have to do the same...and finally delete her from facebook
I just think she's a fucking bitch now, my life's so much better without her and I've met someone else 1000000% better than her and plus I don't get no shit from her
good to hear that.
havent found someone remotely close to her though, its been now a year...
Let them come to you, that's what I did
Even though its only been a week since we broke up, I feel like I will have the same fate.

She's amazing. She loved sex but wasent slutty about it, shes hilarious, she's beautiful, she would never cheat
>inb4 all women lie and cheat
Trust me I've dated cheating whores before and she wasent like that. We had so many things in common. She wasent perfect but god damn she was close...
That was beautiful, anon

Word word.

My new mantra is "Fuck bitches, get money."

I'm up to 8 oz. of silver now.
One time when I was getting my stuff back from my ex I'd given her, I took a button-down shirt and tore it to shreds and threw it and everything else all over her yard.
Seems a lot of people on /b/ share the same story.
>Loyal to their gfs
>willing tongive them the world
>gf screws them over
>being left with a mixed feeling of still loving them and not understanding what the fuck just happend.
Maybe man and woman are just to different to be in a commen day's normal relationship.
Not saying they should be submissive or something.
But they flip their shit towards us while we are just trying to be there for them.

Also woman need to learn to fucking communicate.
You want some space? Fucking tell me. Don't flip out when I try to kiss you.
You wanna have sex? Start kissing me, I'll take the hint.
I can't smell what you are thinking.

I know that feel dude. I simply do not trust women purely based on past experiences. i am currently under the impression that 90% of them are consistently looking for the next best thing, and will lie, manipulate, and steal in order to get what they want. Dating is hell for me. I am constantly on guard, wondering if they are lying or manipulating or twisting words around. I can barely trust women with secrets, or anything else personal.

How the fuck do I fix this? Or rather, how the fuck do I fix them?
Clean her blood of that chair.
She was my best friend too. I talked to her literally about everything. I gave up hanging out and talking to any other friends cause no one could amount to her. Big mistake because now I'm all alone and only have you guys to talk to.
i figured yea, not gonna go out there, search for a gf like a clingy guy , if it happens alright if not well...
same here man...
she was special,looking back at prevous gfs, she had that special something.
you just feel that connection between you.
she had a ear piercing which was her trademark.
she was kind, had the same humor, open heartet, i didnt feel the need to pretedn to be someone else when talking to her...

we're one big family anon
Woman = soul sucking poison.
This shit right here.

One of her reasons for breaking up with me was that I wasent spending enough time with her. She never fucking told me anything. And she knew that I was working over time so that we could go on a nice vacation together. I ask her cousin about this shit and she says "well you weren't there for her, women really aren't that complicated"

Fuck, talking to women is like hitting your head on a brick wall
I just love how /b/ is that group of people that you talk to and you constantly insult eachother but when a serious topic arises we all sit down and share our experiences and advice.
You faggots are the best!
Just enjoy time to yourself, hang with friends, create memories you will have forever, then settle down, there is no rush at all

YES! They're always looking for that "next best thing".

If some richer and/or prettier guy comes along...she'll spread her legs for his dick.

I learned that things go a lot better with girls if you don't share much with them. Don't use them as crutches to lean on or tell them overly personal issues you're dealing with. Fake happiness and don't complain to your gf or she will think of you less and as "weak"
My wife left me for another guy. Then I dated another girl, and she left me for another guy. Then I was going to date another but she started ignoring me because she, too, found another guy. This shit is a constant. I asked each one of them if anything was wrong with me and they all said no, they just like the other guys better.

Two years later: One of them has two kids and awful financial troubles. One is pregnant and needs her parents help because she doesn't work. The third complains on Facebook everyday because her man treats her like shit and she's too dumb to just leave him. I graduated with my bachelor's degree three months ago and went straight into a $65k job. Most people in my field make six figures. I'll probably be up to $120k salary by the time I'm 40 and I'll have over a million in retirement savings by the time I retire. They say money isn't everything. Whatever. It sure as hell buys anything you want. My life is fantastic. One of the girls I was seeing has already tried to hook up with me again, but I rejected her. Gently.

My advice to all: 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Worry about yourself above all. Focus on your dreams and acquire a solid career. If the girls want to leave you and run off with the bad boys, let them. The consequences are theirs.

i did the same thing regretted it all wish i didnt
so mch this bro
we all know that women tend to be cunts..
i know i know... but still, being single sucks, id rather have someone to cuddle, to kiss, to exchange emotions you know?
She wasn't right for you anyway. If she had problems with the relationship she should have made it clear that it was going too far. She chose the easy way out by not telling you anything. Then when something happened with the other guy she chose the easy way again by leaving you and blaming you for the bad relationship.

Girls like this are not what you want for a wife. Do not blame yourself. Look for someone who can tell you when there is a problem.
Your ex will break up with this guy somewhere in the future and do the same thing to him. It will take her half her life to figure out what's wrong with her
I know that feel bro.
Last gf was depressed and tried to commit suicide.
Dropped everything and left mid lecture to travel 2 hours to be at her hospital bed.
Everything is well between us and she seems to be getting better.
Suddendly I am an asshole because I never ask her what she wants.
Tell her she can tell me what she wantsmand I will help her.
Tells me she shouldn't have to tell me. (I guess I am supposed to be psychic).
We break up and suddendly I did everything wrong in the entire relationship.
File: 1qz.jpg (95KB, 417x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 417x640px
Also. This pic right here.
>be dating girl
>madly in love, she seems to be too
>goes on for a while. Talks of marriage and a life starting to pop up
>one day, things seem wrong.
>Maybe we've been spending -too much- time together? Maye it was something I said or did?
>She starts spending more and more time with this other guy, a friend of hers she's known since middle school
>Ohgodno I know where this is...
>Anon, I think we should break up
>It's okay, me, it's just a chick. You'll get over it, you were always numero uno in your life anyways
>Calm down pretty quickly
>week later, go to hang out with her cuz all friends out of town and I'm bored off my tits
>many sexy things happen
>She says she still loves me, but is just confused
>heart starts to open up a little bit
>next day
>Anon, I'm dating that guy now
>like seriously, wat?
>she starts crying
>"I've always wanted to be with him, and he told me he want to try. I couldn't pass it up."
>Seriously.... WHAT?
>"Anon, if things don't work out, I'll come back to you. Even if I have to beg."
>Go betafag mode, comfort crying girl I had the major feelsies for
>Leave, go for long walk in woods to think things out
>Feel like I got stabbed in heart
>Come back to me? What am I, a fucking shoe?
>No, fuck that. Call her up, chew her the fuck out for making me feel like the second choice.
>Can't even look at or talk to her without feeling disgusted now.

I was okay til she said she still had feelings for me the day before she starts dating some other dude, then says she'll come back to me if it don't work. Showed me how much I really meant to her in the end. I only just got myself sorted out.

The shittiest part of it all? I trusted her so much, and now I've met a girl that feels like damn near my perfect match. And I can't even date her because I keep flashing back to what happened just a couple months ago.

Fuck. Everything.
thanks anon. really.

exactly what i was thinking... yet its so disappointing to see her do that.

sadly, she was that girl i'd considered to be "the one" even though i dont really believe that whole "the one" crap.
just every aspect of her was what i was looking for in a girl, looks like that was a half lie huh
ITT: massive outbreak of oneitis.
Yeah man. With my limited biological experience though, it makes sense. They get wet when they identify a new alpha male, and will try to cling to that until another takes over.

And as an extension to your advice, whenever a girl says "what are you up to?" NEVER saying "nothing just bored lol." Say some shit like you got stuff to do. "Organizing a night out with some friends." "Finishing a university report." "About to head out."
File: ay5Q4oW_460s_v1.jpg (25KB, 460x418px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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did the nerd become a rapper?
>relationship of 3 years
>things are weird for the past year
>try to figure out why, try to change, blame everything on myself
>eventually start thinking about breaking up because this is causing me too much pain
>think about it a lot, try to wait a bit, try my best to make it work
>realize it is not my fault, break up
>he cries a bit, then laughs, then calls me stupid, then begs me to stay, cries again
>ask me to stay with him at least until I finish school (because after I would move to a different place)

and that is when you realize the other person doesn't care about you at all. would you want to be with a person that doesn't want you anymore? would you keep them just for sex and the feeling you have someone, even if they want to break up? You should want to make them happy, and keeping them where they don't want to be is certainly not about that..
Girls can look you and the eye.
Tell you how much they love you.
All while screwing you over.

Now they can say guys are cheating dicks and all but, I can't pull that shit.
I'm about to pour a whiskey, anon. I wish I could pour one for you and clink your glass.
Know that feel, OP.

My ex broke up with me basically for no reason. She had anxiety issues around sex and basically decided it was just easier to dump me than actually deal with her issues.

I loved that girl. I was really good to her. I'd go two hours each way to pick her up at work several times a month because she was scared to come into the city by herself to see me after dark. I ran all around the city to try to find her a bag of of birthday cake Oreos, because Oreos were her favorite and I promised I'd find her some. Took me three days, probably went to a few hundred stores, but I found them. I brought her to Japan for her birthday, she was so excited when I told her we were going to Japan, she hyperventilated and cried and told me she loved me.

I was always there for her. I supported her. I wasn't a doormat, but I always tried to be what she needed me to be.

This was two years ago now. She dumped me via text, didn't even have the decency to meet me in person and try to talk about things. When I told her she was being selfish, she called me an asshole and told me if I ever called her again, she'd block my number. I'd have done anything at all for that girl, and she quit the second things got difficult. Year and a half down the drain for nothing.

I cried so much when she broke up with me that I wound up getting an eye infection. I had pus leaking out of my eyes for six weeks. She posted a picture on her FB two days after we broke up. She was at the movies with her friends, she was smiling and looked perfectly fine.

I don't fucking get hoe women can be like that, man. They just seem so fucking heartless sometimes.
They are.
Sorry man.
You will be fine though.
Can take some time though.
File: 1353993772220.jpg (13KB, 225x252px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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are you me?
My situation is really fucked up, at first my best girl-friend said she loved me, I denied. A couple months ago I started to really get into her and I didn't tell her because I was afraid it would ruin our friendship, turns out she still loved me and now she got a boyfriend that she met on vacation. She is still my best friend who I can talk with about everything. I even went on vacation with her for a week and she started getting really flirty but she says she thinks she isn't gonna break up soon with her boyfriend.
What do you think /b/ros.
>inb4 kill yourself
>inb4 bad english
>met a guy off here when i was 17
>bestfriends for 4 years, spoke all the time
>always had some feelings
>met him in person, both had partners at the time
>knew we wanted to be together
>broke up with partners a few months later
>got together
>moved in to his place with his parents, temporary
>had plans to move in together, talked about engagement etc
>month later he just wasn't the same
>didn't want affection anymore
>wanted nothing to do with me
>told me he didn't wanna live with me anymore
>got kicked out, luckily found a place
>depressed, self harmed everyday
>said he still loved me
>broke up with me a week later
>kept me stringing along saying how we would get back together
>devoted to him no matter what, deep inlove
>one day said he didn't love me anymore and didn't want to speak to me again
>still cry over it a year and a half later

tldr i dated a piece of shit off /b/ who would choose playing HON over sex
Two options.
1) kiss her
If she goes with it ask if she loves you.
If she says yes tell her that you want her exclusively.
2) don't do anything and move on with your life.
>be me
>beta kissless virgin who never had gf
>going on a date tomorrow with 9/10 girl who I really like
>will be all flirty and ask her if she wants to date me
>will fail miserably

See you tomorrow in baww thread /b/ros.
Good luck anon

Missed opportunities happen. Missed my chance to get with this one chick whom I'm so much alike that even my own mother commented we are like twins, because of some really stupid circumstances. Now she's stuck living in a house with an asshole bf and can't get out because she can't support herself (and I'm too shitpoor to take her in). We still get all cuddly when nobody's around and I've even been "that guy" now and then because we just attract like opposite ends of a fucking magnet. (Best sex of my life, too)

Only regret was letting her slip away from me in the first damned place.
I'm really depressed and I probably don't have the courage to kiss her so prolly go with killing myself
just go like


then break some bottles and then go like


you'll feel better
Yeah, probably. I dunno, though. I've dated since then. Done the dating site gauntlet. It's tough for me to meet women because I'm 31, not in school anymore, and I work at home.

Seems like since my ex, it's just been one awful date after another. Never seem to feel any connection with women anymore. I don't think I trust them, either. I've been travelling a lot, indulging in escorts or red light districts when available. The sex tides me over, I guess, but I miss real intimacy, and I just can never seem to make that kind of emotional connection with women anymore.

I dunno. That last one broke me. I just don't think I can risk trusting someone like that again.
While I no longer believe in love and eternal happiness and all I truly hope it does exist and hope you will find it.
My GF of 5 years left me to do Peace Corps in Africa. We weren't "dating" then, b/c we could barely talk, but we hadn't broken up either. Just kind of in limbo. I had no desire to go after other chicks since I was still in love with her. I figured/hoped it would be the same for her. A few weeks ago she uploaded photos to Facebook of her and another guy together. I flipped out, she "doesn't understand why I'm upset," and so that's that.
You'd be surprised man. Lots of 10/10s end up with average men.
yeah I remember, I gave my first girfriend a necklace with my name and I had one with her name, the day she broke up with me I threw it and broke it, it was very painful. but yeah I was a stupid 14 yo.
>I don't fucking get hoe women can be like that, man. They just seem so fucking heartless sometimes.

You will understand it once you date a girl one or two leagues beneath your own; and when you come to realize that, yes, they "love" you - but more importantly to them, they rely on you to validate their self-image.

You will further understand when you feel the discomfort that comes with not "loving" her quite as much as she loves you - knowing that, as she makes romantic gestures both small and grand, she is caught up in a love affair with herself and how you make her feel about herself moreso than with you.

You won't want to hurt her, as your affections dwindle. You won't want to be a monster. And you will become resentful that she, with her blind love for you, has made you feel this way. You will want it to end, to just... go away. And that is when you will text her goodbye.
Friendly reminder that you can know a girl for uears.
Be friends for years.
Be in a relationship for years.
You will realise you don't know her at all right after she dumps you or pushes you away far enough so you will break it off.
Thanks bro you cheered me up a little
Hey OP, is your name Josh?
She talks about moving in with me when I'm living on my own but I don't know if she is joking so I got a tiny bit of hope
Hope you get a job and can support her best of luck m8
I've always heard that you shouldn't marry someone who doesn't love you more than you love them back

I used to think it was a pretty cynical way to look at the world but there's definitely more truth to it than I originally thought
good luck anon
Thanks, will need it.

She told me she likes me already but I never did anything similar with girls so I ll spill spaghetti all over the place in no time.

On the other hand reading this thread makes me think that even if we end up being together the chances of us lasting for really long time are close to zero so if I get rejected I won't be too upset.

I seriously get mad reading this kind of threads. Its funny how "guys are bad and girls are good" is being said all the time but in relationship in which both love each other a lot its normally woman who fucks everything up and breaks guys heart and not vice versa.
That's because of femminists.
If a man hits a woman ina relationship you will hear the world shouting.
If the woman does something the man is told to suck it up and deal with it.
>my cousin invites me to go drink with him and 2 grills
>one is serbish qt other one is polish qt
>i get the polish qt
>we get drunk, she gets wasted
>starts talking about ex and stuff
>she is feeling even worse
>throws up
(find out later she didnt eat anything the whole day, whats wrong with the youth of today?)
>her bf the serbish grill leaves her, my cousin follows her
>i take care of polish qt
>bring her to red cross
i can go in more detail about this story, its realy funny
>arrange with doctors everything
>her parents pick her up
>her best friend doesnt even answer phone calls
>i literaly saved her ass that day
>we keep talking a bit
>adds me on facebook
>we talk more
>she seems interested (?)
>I was in another country for vacations
>come back, finish all arrangements for university
>ask her out
>eeh anon I cant, i have to go there
>ask her out a few days later
>eeh anon not possible, I am busy till 18:00 today and then I will be with my parents
>today she asks me out, I had an appointement, so I come a bit late
>she was a bit shy
>didnt talk much with her, but more with her other friends
>tfw when I dont know what to do
>tfw when I didnt have a "normal" gf ever
>tfw when virgin
>tfw when a 25y old wanted to fuck me but i denied her because no condoms
>tfw i have no face

and it gets even worse
another friend of mine wanted me to fuck her because her boyfriend couldnt get an erection

oh man, why do i think all this now...
well done baww thread...
that's the dumbest thing I ever heard.
that's pretty low
I mean if it was Dota id say ok
but HON?
almost the same situation here

she's not 10/10, she's fucking 11/10, it's killing me that I will be able to use the chance in 1 month, I can't fucking stop thinking about her
he moved onto dota shortly after..
Why do the good threads always end up being at times I have to sleep?
Sometimes you guys are fucking shit but in this kind of thread /b/ is a true family
File: image.jpg (41KB, 480x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 480x323px

>be me
>be living in San Francisco area in summer 2012
>just moved from Southern California
>fresh out of a 3 year relationship and not coping very well after moving
>pretty girl comes in to my work and starts flirting with me
>me and her are coincidentally going to the same show in the city later that night
>take CalTrain together after I get off of work
>staring into each others eyes the whole time
>have a blast at the show
>get in n out after
>stay at her place
>repeat these kinds of nights for about 2 months
>my ex decides to call me and fuck everything up
>still have feelings for ex and new girl at the same time
>decide to get back with my ex who still lives in Southern California
>break new girls heart
>still love new girl deeply
>depressed for weeks
>she and I finally meet up for some coffee
>tells me she has a boyfriend now but she still misses me
>raining outside
>kisses me in the rain and shit
>totally cheated on my ex while she cheated on her boyfriend
>feel like shit about it
>talk to new girl often and see her every now and then
>ex never found out
>decide to move back to Southern California because job moved and ex lived near job
>see new girl just about 2-3 hours before I leave
>both of us crying and holding each other outside of her house
>move back with my ex
>break up a week and a half later
>new girl calls me saying she just broke up with her boyfriend and wants no one but me
>stranded in Southern California for work so I can't move back up.
>tell her I'm sorry and cry myself to sleep for weeks
>new girl would call me every now and then up until about March/April of last year
>mfw I never listened to so much AFI in my life
Wise choice
I hope he didnt give sex up
That would make him a massive faggot
But wait he already was it seems
Dont you feel weird
that he preferred something virtual over something physical?
wondering the same 3:30 AM here
Its human nature, sometimes we unite, other times we fuck things up
seen it pretty often here
You saved love notes from four years ago? What a fag.
Haha this always happens to me. Its one of the things I hate about 4chan. If you don't stay up the thread will 404 and you'll never know what ended up happening or w.e
call her anon
call her now
its the right time
3:32 here too.

See >>559541235
we fucked once a week after i moved out, wasn't the same though. i think he just did it because he felt bad for me.
I dated a girl for about 2 years and her "best guy friend" was like fuckin 4 years older than her and we were juniors in high school. It's a rough life OP
Doesnt that make it even worse?
almost quads also
During my supposed-to-be-awake hours it is mostly porn gore and old copypastas.
But everyday arround 2:00 the good shit starts.
With ex 8 years, 6 months ago had me arrested because she's bipolar bitch.

haven't seen her since the night I got attested, moved interstate... Having trouble maintaining relationships with women since :/
I think sad euros stay awake at nights and make baw threads...
Because at my supposed...-awake hours all I see is MURICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
it did, but i just wanted to spend time with him like how it used to be
It's still complicated for me. I'm over my ex. But I'm with someone new down here. Some feeling is still there for the girl up north. But I like this girl I have now. Plus her ass is 8/10.
Also if she cheated on her boyfriend she will cheat on you.
nothing can bring the same feel again
Its like building a sand castle, if a tower breaks, it cant be the same

then theres one question left to answer?
anal, she does? yes or no?
Golden rule.
Never forget this.
No matter how sweet she is and no matter how special she claims you are she will cheat on you.
>once a cheat always a cheat
File: image.jpg (37KB, 396x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 396x388px
I'll give it a go.

>meet chick online,looks ok, i was 16 ish first one
> she wants to meet super fast im like ok
>we go to the moves, she acts like a total retard and is inlove with me
>ask if i want to be her bf
> say ok
>g2g to bathroom, walk out door, ignored her from there on out
>she tried every way to contact me and i just ignored it

Fast forward months

>realise how much of a prick i was and want to change
>hit her up, she is still mad and broken so it seems
>want to go out with her again
> i fall in love with her
>tell her that i love her
>yeah.. Uh.. No reply

>ignores me from there on out.

Feels shit, but ive been like that so i deserve it i suppose.

I dont know if any /b/ro's can relate, but i do not trust a single woman i always thibk that their doing something behind my back.

Also because i dont go outside anymore, for some reason i develop extreme feelings extremely fast to girls i chat up with online..

I dont know, my life is shit now. Dont know how to fix it.
Go out?
are you studying working, socialising somewhere?
that's your start
if you dont anything of the above
go to a bar and start talking to the barman
they are usualy cool and have lots of connections
Know what you mean.
Was single for almost a year when I started to study applied physics (not many girls there).
When I started talking to girls for an hour or so and the conversation was going smooth I started to develop a certain empathy towards her (would not call it feelings).
You'll have to keep yourself in check and try not to jump the first girl you meet.
Worked well for me.
Just try tomuse your brain and not anything else like heart, dick, ass.
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106KB, 480x800px
I used to go out allot with friends with i was 15 ish, knew everyone on the block.

Moved to a small town, never went outside from there on out and only played vidya. I have some friends now but no close ones that i see daily.

I try to hook up with people through facebook and if we get allong we meet and build friendships/relationships through that. But mostly it ends fucked up.

Im depressed i suppose and i reflect that onto others, i cant be bothered doing anything yet i know that wont get me anywhere. I just dont know where to start.

I'm a really good person with conversations if the other person also talks allot, i'm not shy but i really dont have the balls to talk to a compete random stranger, hard to explain. I don't bitch about it or suicide or any of that nonsense, i hope in time my maturity will help me out and turn my life around.

I study, small school, know the people but never hang out with them outside of school. I'm 21, and i tag allong to bars occasionally, but as i said, im bad with strangers.

Sorry for the wall of text.
I want to tell my story but I always fuck it up trying to type it on my phone
Are you me?
>be normal guy
>cant find gf nor trying to
>girl I knew suddenly gets interested in me, mostly because of my humour
>we start talking and shit
>she wants me to text her ery day
>thousands of texts
>"hey anon, I broke up with my bf"
>make perfect reply to that
>in next 3 weeks her bf is constantly crying and spamming her
>my friend keeps telling her hes a fag
>we still texting
>she returns to bf suddenly
>still texting me, not eryday tho
>texting almost dissapears
>text her something, every reply takes like 5 minutes

do I have a chance?
should I try or forget her?
I moved to a small town when I was 16.
It is such a place where everybody knows everybody because they were all raised together but if younweren't raised here you'll always be an outsider.
Have nomfriends here so never go out here.
Closest friends are 16 km away and small as this place is there is no public transport.
File: image.jpg (324KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
324KB, 1280x960px
Well, i dont have any real friends so if i meet a girl of interest i just dive into it, most of the time they do the same. Fun and all works well, occasional relationship but ends week after due to one of many reasons.

If i have a good friend that's a girl and she gets i to a relationship i blow off all contact, since it hurts me for some reason..

I'm not that ugly i suppose but not that great looking either, but i come over as really confident of myself.

Pic related, me.
Bro, I took a bunch of photos with a disposable camera. Images of things no person should ever see. These photos portrayed the disgusting side of me and my ex. My body, her body, us, stupid stuff honestly.
I lost the camera. And neither of us have it.
Np, greentext isnt obligatory.

Well you are a guy like me probs,only that I dont have depression.

Dont worry anon, things change all the time, you never know what will happen.

I wish you good luck in your life.

Now i'm gonna go to sleep.

Good night anons
Forget it.
She switches to easy.
Even if it works she will leave you.
Goodbight anon
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58KB, 640x335px
Girl here, and not to hate on my gender, but women are evil. We don't mean to be but shit just happens in our brains and it's like a hormone explosion. Like for years I kept going back to this dirty asshole of a dude, just cause. (Now with a girl and much happier) it's not men that are the problem, I'm a chick and I know I can't make up my damn mind, why lie?
Indeed, she had many boyfriends, but all of them were douches or retards.

Any tips on forgetting her? She's the most perfect girl I've ever seen.
Fuck. This is my life exactly
>mfw I just started doing this again
>mfw when will I learn
>mfw never
File: 1404356943798.jpg (23KB, 340x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 340x323px
mfw when i too burned my girlfriends letters. BUT. i did it outside
Where are you from? Haha.>>559555498
Well that's my problem too. I dont know how to make friends, well i do but i cant talk with strangers.. U less they start the conversation.

When i was young i grew up and made friends naturally, and madre friends through them and so on. When i moved i had to rebuild that from scratch, but i couldnt, never even tried..

Sure i know people here and there and have some on facebook but that's it.

Wasting my time at home outside of school waiting till i fix my issues.
You will not learn.
Longest I could keep it up was 11 months.
We dated for almost two years. We were eachother's everything. We called eachother family, neither of us were really that close to our real family so we were all eachother had. She had some fucked up mental problems though. Not the kind where she is angry or whatever but she saw some shit. Like hallucinations. Dealing with it was really fucking hard because her parents refused to believe her that she had any problems. It just got worse when i got messages that were "she is forcing me to cut myself." that shit was really fucking hard. I seriously considered double suicide because living a life where someone who isn't real is always controlling your every action isn't worth it. Later she told me that it was all made up and i was being played. I forgave her because i was an idiot and in love. It was more that she was playing herself. I knew that she had some mental issues even if she wasn't really seeing things. The best way i can describe it is that when you are faking being sick for school and then you actually start getting sick and believing you are sick yourself. She told me she stayed up for 6 days being scared of nothing in her bedroom corner (a common hallucination she had.) Anyways after she tells me that she starts getting really distant gradually. This keeps happening until we are only talking once every few days over text where we used to have a phone call a night so she would be able to sleep and pretend i was there next to her. She ends up breaking it up with me a few days ago after 5 months of growing apart. Then she tells me that she ended up talking to her old ex who essentially raped her (she was passed out from hallucinations bullshit.) and he convinced her to lie about faking seeing things (she really does see things is what i found out at this point, the truth.) He also convinced her that i hated her for lying to me the first time and that i would hate her if she told the truth again.
first girlfriend, loved her alot. cheated and lied to me. we had been dating for more about a year and a half and then the people she cheated on me with told me about what she did. confronted her and she told me she never loved me the majority of the time we were dating but now she does. dumped her ass. had a box that was velvet with gold ribboning on it full special things related to her....covered it in lighter fluid burned it to a fucking crisp. laughed my ass off whole time at. hurt so good.i know that feel.
>be me 18
>start dating girl 16
>everything is going good, eventually we fall in "love"
>argue about stupid things a lot but thats because we are both hard headed but at least we know it
>anyway one day she admits she kissed some kid "it was one peck and then we realized what we were doing"
>i am typically ruthless when it comes to cheating but I forgave her on terms she never speak to him again
> anyway we've been dating for 2 years. its the summer before she starts college
>she starts getting all weird, we talk
>gist of what she explains is that she wants to break up because she doesnt want to be tied down by anything when she starts college aka she wants to be a slut if the choice presents itself
>we break up, i'm depressed, not a crier though
>from what I can tell she is happy
>she fucks a some 28 year old dude that I knew she liked during our relationship, of course she always denied it
>gets chlamydia from him, doesn't know it
>she starts dating 40 year old guy with 3 kids, gives him chlamydia, they almost break up
>Before dating 40 year old and after our breakup she still calls and texts me for help with all her problems. i help mostly because she has a fucked up family life and i feel bad for her
>her first semester in highschool she gets a 1.6 gpa because she parties so much
>because of this loses financial aid
>recently called ME for 600 dollars to help pay her tuition
>ask her what about her bf who makes easily 80k a year
>says she doesnt want to ask him because she doesnt want him and others to think she's dating him for the money and she"knows she can count on me"
>no way in hell shes getting my cash
>she thinks we're friends, all we do is text and talk on the phone though
>after her asking for money, i'm not helping her with anything ever again
>she is scum

bitches, bitches never change.
>be in college 2.5 hours away from GF of 2.5 years
>Girlfriend stopped telling me she loved me on a tuesday
>Went along with it, didnt ask about it
>this kept up until that friday
>I randomly show up, tak her to nice restaraunt and ask wtf
>She says she hasnt been 'in love' with me for 3 months and she's been keeping weird secrets like going to strip clubs
>get super pissed off tell her that she's never going anywhere in her life and is going to end up like her mother, a user piece of trash
>tell her we're never getting back together

Like a month later I made contact to give her her stuff back and we ended up fucking for like 2.5 months at great financial and personal expense for me. Shit was bad. Why do girls do shit like this? She could have just said she wasn't in love with me but instead she had to strip all meaning from the bast 1/4 of a year and decimate any trust I could have for any woman in the future. Cunt. I still don't even know what I did wrong. Maybe nothing. She was living with some complete bitches that didn't like me for some unknown reason (they had met me like twice) and she was extremely impressionable. And I still find myself having these bullshit conversations with her in my head 3 months later. Fuck.
He got her to do it in the first place because she could tell how unhappy i was when i knew what she was going through. She doesn't want to get back together, she said she can't get used to telling me about her problems again and that she can't forgive herself. I thought out a plan to get her a therapist and everything so things would get better but they won't ever happen now that she is gone. She is in a really dark place and doesn't want anything to do with me. i found out today that one of her friends just killed himself too. Right now she is at a summer camp for two weeks are we agreed to meet when she gets back before her friend died. Now I have no idea what she is going to do and is not talking to anyone.
Easier said then done nut never stick your dick in crazy.
You'll get over her. Play games, do something with your time. My girl left me. Videogames, and music. Especially Jimi Hendrix.
My ex won't even give me closure or even talk to me and won't even accept fault and it is really hurtful.
Youndid good anon.
She would have sucked you dry and not in the fun way.
>Fun u
greentexting my story

>be 18
>had great life
>close group of friends
>like family to me
>best friend was a girl
>spent everyday after school at her place till dark
>had a girlfriend for better part of a year
>break up on good terms
>we were still friends
>Go out couple times a week with friends
>stay out late every night
>very tumblry life style
>Senior prom
>Took this girl who was crushin on me all year
>Didn't really like her, but she was hot
>all our friends saved up for afterprom
>beach house weekend, tons of alcohol
>Made out with best friend, ex-girlfriend
>had sex with prom date
>best weekend ever
>Summer after Senior year
>Hazy blur of alcohol and drugs
>more tumblr life
>had sex with best friend for first time
>Then college came around

to be cont.
My fiancé left me two days before the wedding. Destroyed me.
Woman logic.
She could make use of you if she kept up the whole relationship thing and laid on her back every once in a while.
You got used bro.
go back to tumblr you fucking stupid cunt.
Thanks dude, and I know. I just don't get how she can convince herself that it's morally OK to ask me for money because she doesn't want to ruin her current relationship. Seriously, what in the actual fuck?
just do it like 9y/o solve their problems, break her windows

best technique, also makes you feel better
Date for three years, live a good distance apart with no way of seeing each other other than Skype and stuff. Throughout the years, she cheated on me, lied to me about it, and then told me afterwards. She sexted my best friend who I beat nearly to death in rage. She started up Meth and drinking and smoking, basically every type of thing that can be considered poison to your body. I begged her to stop, trying to get her back to what she was before, she would relent then fall back. Eventually I stopped talking to her, the last words I said being "Goodbye, Whittney." no I love you or anything. I looked around my near empty room, most of my stuff sent to her so she could have something of mine to hold and to comfort her. I took everything she sent me and burned it to ash, then flung it off my rooftop of my at the time house.

last I heard she was moving in with someone she never met before whip pregnant with a guy 40 years older than her's baby.
she probably dumped you because your house is a shithole.
I can get her expelled from school because I did her homework.
Once had a girl.
When she suddendly had a boyfriend I was unaware of I came to realise she had been trying to start a fight between my friends and me.
Turned out she had manipulated me all the time.
Girl can do that shit.

this might be a horrible time to tell you this, but you should always keep love notes, hide them away, don't look at them. in 20 years you will look back on those times and the wounds will have long healed. it may not seem like it now but the scars will fade, and notes like those will remind you that love does exist, but that it also does not last forever, I just broke it off with my girlfriend of 4 years last night, she was my high school sweetheart, she was my best friend, she is strong and smart. we had been through so much, but as we age we become different people, if you have any mementos from the 4 years you spent together you should keep them. they will be welcome friends in your future
>8 hours away from home
>some close friends also came to my college
>they eventually found new friends
>they all joined fraternities/sororities
>became a recluse
>lived in an empty flat by myself
>played video games all day
>started smoking cigarettes/drinking alone
>Now 3 years later
>no friends at all
>never leave the house
>only to buy drugs and food
>failing school
>might have to drop out
>haven't heard from friends in months
>realize I peaked at 18
>will never have the relationships and bonds I felt at that time
>took those things for granted
>thought things would always stay the same
>But how fast things change

now I'm typing all this shit up for strangers on the internet, smoking my 6th cigarette this hour. Haven't left this chair all day.

Really sucks when I think about how far I've fallen
On October 31st the exact same thing happened to me, OP. My girlfriend of 4 years told me for the past three months she had been thinking about us and that she just didn't have feelings for me anymore. We were supposed to be getting married this time this year.

I was a fucking wreck, I had a lot of trouble eating and lost over 30 lbs but I promise you things will start to look up, it just takes patience.

Keep your head up, OP!
seriously wtf is this shit ? why are bitches on /b/, go back and tell your stories on /soc/, this here is for /b/ro's
What do you guys think?
Do women realise they can be manipulative bitches and unreasonable?
Or do they really not realise this?
Look OP, burning all that stuff might have felt good but when your older maybe you can look back at it, just to remember happiness you shared with another person. I have some sentimental items from my first love I saved that i know i'll like to look at some day.
Well....they usually involve the bitch with another guy.
Or the bitch going insane and me cutting out.

I have 3 half-decent ends though. Two cuz I just wasn't into it, and the third cuz the girl's goin to college in florida and I dont do long-distamce.
Haha. Wizard in training here. I have hugged about 5 girls just as friends and that's all I have done or will ever do. Only a few more years til the real magic happens. Hopeless fuckwits.
From a girls perspective it just sounds like you want a quick fuck
File: tired of your shit.gif (750KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tired of your shit.gif
750KB, 480x360px
>3 years relationship
>it was pretty good
>gave everything for her
>all I asked for was a little patience
>shit hits the fan
>broke up

Worst thing is that I hate her, I hate remembering her, I hate anything that resembles or reminds me of her, and what worse is that when I fap sometimes I remember her and ruins it.

>pic semi related
>married for over 10 plus years in a sexless relationship
>tried to get spouse to work on our issues through counseling (solo or marriage), tried to spice up our marriage, and even lost weight hoping it would improve
>gave spouse ultimatime: have a year to work on our issues or I was leaving
>spouse didn't take me seriously
>left spouse
>been 2-3 months since told'em I wanted a divorce
>finally moved out of the house
>been in a relationship/dating someone for a couple of months
>have giant mood swings from being happy to self loathing to pitying myself, etc.

But I know things will get better. I don't have a choice in the matter. At times I miss my ex, but I think about there would constantly be all talk but no action.
So you have this whole dumb long thread and nobody gives this genius his due???

Rekt sir... well done
Shit son.
That's fucked up man. The girl in my post was my first real relationship. lost my virginity to her and everything. Kind of glad its over because it taught me a lot of things. I'm currently doing my own thing, making money and going to school. My career path will eventually lead me to making 150k + before I'm 30. Life is hella good.
> Have gf one month during Hs
> sends nudes
> nice.jpg
> breaks up
> ok.jpg
> next day making out with nigger
> notnice.jpg
you dont know what the fuck love is.. get your heart broken a few more times and ull figure out what it is. she had a crush and you didnt fall so hard and it weirded you out.. and she realized how fucking weird it was and yet resented you for blowing it off and then she would never feel the same. its so very easy to break someone from ever feeling completly safe and trusting of you.

love...its not some magical shit.. its hard work and loyalty and real talk.

grow up kid.
Hating isn't the worst.
Still having feelings for them is.
I still have a weak spot for some of my exes.
This includes relationships that have been over for years.
I am over them but still feel something for them.
Don't have this with all, just a few.
Fuck that was beautiful. I knew I was holding on to those ugly clay tablets for a reason.

Screencapped, anon. Fucking screencapped.
Today my girlfriend of 1.5 years broke up with me. I honestly should have seen it coming, over the last few weeks she barely responded to my texts, always found excuses not to be with me and when we were together, it was like I wasn't even there. She didn't listen to me, not even look me straight in the eyes. I fooled myself it was only a phase, maybe it'd go away and she would go back to being the loving and caring girl I fell in love with. I was wrong. Today we met and I knew something was wrong from the moment I saw her. She didn't smile at me when she saw me aproaching, she didn't stare at my lips and then look me in the eyes as she used to do, leaning in for a kiss only to leave me hanging for a bit. No. As soon as I was in front of her, she told me we should just "go back to being friends". We're both going to uni this year, but to different cities, and she said we wouldn't have time for each other, she had to focus on her studies. I felt this pressure in my chest as I gazed into the nothingness. Hours have passed and I can't even think right. Deep down, I knew she had never loved me as much as I love her, but I was foolish and tried to deny it. Today my world shattered in front of me and I could only stand there and watch it fall. I know I'm being a pussy, but she was my first real girlfriend, the first girl I actually loved. I don't know what to do now...
Such is life man.
We ned these threads to remember and feel all of it.
Hope you found a study you really like.
Completly throw yourself into it.
I didn't because of my gf then and I really regret that today.
Doesn't mean I'm not suffering. To be honest I wish I wouldn't have met her at all.

None the less, let's not let it sink in us and drive us to depression. Drink a bit to drown your pain.
Kill yourself.
Music saved me in these cases.
You can completly lose yourself in them while also falling back to reality.
I can relate. Learn not fully emotionally invest in anyone but yourself.

Also, make some money and buy yourself shit. Worked for me.
I hate music, and whine is making me forget. Cheers!
You know how everybody always says you should completly invest yourself in a relationship?
Don't you will completly lose your sense of purpose if shit hits the fan.
Also this means she is in control of your life and you aren't.
Not completly throwing yourself into it is hard though.
Especially in the beginning when evrything is perfect.
I don't drink.
Never knew there were people who didn't like music.
I am suprised.
Cheers though.
Lesson learned, I hope. You break up with them, not the other way around.
File: 1402922552782.jpg (284KB, 1200x1324px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284KB, 1200x1324px
Going through the same thing OP stay positive
Since she was my first real relationship I built my life around her. Didn't neglect my friends or anything because I only have two, but yea. I didn't do things I liked as much because I was always with her. When we broke up I didn't know what to do because I had always done everything with her. The biggest thing I learned was to have my own life as well when I date again. You don't have to ignore them, blow them off, or even play hard to get.

But you do need to realize that every gets buried in their own coffin. So make time for yourself and have an emotional plan B.
File: 1391631427114.gif (884KB, 198x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
884KB, 198x257px
Like I said, anything related to her makes me nauseous. Still I don't recommend drinking as it leads to alcoholism, but uhm oh well.
You are a musician or just listening?
In my sophomore/early junior year of high school I was dating this upperclassman girl. She was a year older than me, half asian and half white. My first girlfriend and the stealer of my virginity. We mutually broke up after she went to college.

I've dated 2 girls since then and am currently going into my second year with my current girlfriend.

But I'll confess right now that if my first girlfriend ever texted me out of the blue saying she wanted to get back together

I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Don't sweat it.
We all made that mistake.
I made it multiple times.
They will still say you are not investing enough when they break up with you.
Currently going through shit maybe some advice will come my way?

So I met this girl online long time ago when I was 16 and she was just turning 18 but after about 3 months her parents found out about us and took her stuff away because she is a Jehovah witness

and I'm not anything not even atheist or anything so they got upset and so 2 years past after i looking for her because i had asked her to marry me before she got caught but 2 years past and she came back and we been together for another 2 years..

She finally got a job and now has this semi crush on a guy named Adam and we been going through the fights over and over again me begging her to stay and her telling me the real reason she is leaving is because its "wrong" religion wise but she tells me she loves me more then him and she feels married to me
thanks a lot for the advice guys
Horribly failling at learning to play the guitar but really appreciate music.
I listen to it as long as I am awake.
Can't stand silence so that also helps.
This thread is filled with pathetic fags but I think you take the cake guy. "ima keep my ex gf's stuff till im 90 so I can get all nostalgic about her and our young love" lol sounds like you need to learn to let go. here is a tip for all you broken hearted losers, live for yourself and learn to love yourself , life isn't all about companionship
Good luck in guitar playing, I tried and failed. Best of wishes and don't give up.
It is 4:45 here and my spelling and grammar is getting crappy.
I still hope my posts make more sense then this one.
So we never met or anything its hard for me to make money AND pay bills and she has the money but for the past 6 months hasnt done anything just keeps what seems to be chasing after this adam guy

Well we finally "spilt" up but she comes on everday and sees me even says I love you well during one of these days Adam has a date with her but it has to be with her parents cause of the religion thing..So i purposely sent flowers to her and just yesterday i sent her the engagment ring i bought her hoping to turn her around?

Like i said she ALWAYS says she wants to be with me but "cant"

Anyways i been trying to get her back have her move in with me but she wont/scared or somthing so i thought i'd share this story and get opinions idc if im wrong or anything
Will keep trying.
no problem /b/ro. do things that make you happy until you no longer think of her on a daily basis.

she will always choose religion over you. save yourself the begging and just move on.
Also Im mega high havnt eaten much in 5 days and cant sleep due to nightsweats? I just wanted to vent idc if anyone answers for that matter cares I just thought id give it a shot
What makes you think she would choose religion?
I would like to help you but can't figure out your post.
I think you need to let her go.
Inlaws can ruin everything.
No matter how strong you are together.
She isn't gonna risk losing her parents over you.
you can't sleep because you do drugs and don't eat. pull yourself together and accomplish something. Like emotional autonomy.
because she currently IS choosing religion dude. according to what you say anyway
>be me
>me 10/10 who actually likes me
>date for a couple of years
>talk about marriage
>she's adamant, "no kids"
>i am more than ok with this
>get married
>all is well, travel many places together
>suddenly, "anon, let's have a baby"
>still don't want children
>agree to think about it
>talk about it more
>try to find out why she suddenly wants a child
>she says it must be hormones
>ask her about taking care of child
>she expects me to do most of the work
>(she hates children)
>express WTF
>finally tell her i still don't want children
>sex disappears
>one came home and divorce papers were on the table
>signed them moved out before she got home from work

have never looked back
That's cold dude.
Respect to you.
Why did you burn it in your house you dumbfuck
Yeah i wanna say this guys got it right but for the rest of you confused her you go

>Get engaged to Jehovah witness over the net
>Years pass shes already said yes to dating another guy for religious reasons
>Says she loves me and wants to stay but cant
>Still comes on to tell me she loves me and hangs out with me
I enjoyed talking with you guys.
Going to sleep now as it is nearing 5:00.
Goodnight fellow anons
You're a badass.
she could be using you

tho, don't trust me so much, I'm just guessing
File: 1406636766766.jpg (49KB, 380x319px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 380x319px
I spent a year helping someone back on their feet (abusive father/trust issues/massive alcoholic) only to be dumped for some 19-year-old (im 25) arts major who "truly" understood her. three months into their relationship she's downing tequillas for breakfast and has no money. guy decides to jump the ship. i even told her it'd end like that.
My favorite break up
>be dating this hardcore punk chick
>badass bitch with a mowhawk who only ever wanted to fuck and fight
>dressed in all black with thigh high boots and fishnets on and walked around downtown until some guy hit on her and then slammed him up against a wall and pulled a knife on him kinda girl
the night before
>best friend's birthday, go out, get hammered, meet up with my girl late, she's been with my friend holding her hand through her drunken night
>she's pissed
>k, you're a bitch anyway, whatever
>hang with my buddies and sort of ignore her, she bails on the party and goes back to mine to "go to bed"
>get back hours later and she's on the porch, locked out, SUPER PISSED
>haha, drunk still, whatever bitch
>go inside party, pass out
>wake up in the morning
>she says, "i don't think this is going to work"
>she says, "it's your fault"
>she says, "i'm leaving"
>k, gimme a hug first
>hugs me, starts crying, leaves
>k, let's get fucked up
>start drinking with my buddy
>my friend and her boyfriend wake up from their sex coma and leave
>roll out and keep the party going
>drink ALL day
>double whiskey sours until i couldn't feel my face
>friends meet back up after their afternoon whatever
>party continues
>drink bottle of kraken with buddy
>his girlfriend has bright spark
>let's go to the hot springs
>get in the car, get to the springs
>lounge in a tub full of natural spring water and chill out for ages
>7 in the morning rolls around
>hike back to the car
>drive out
>get home
>pass out
>wake up to 20 missed texts and calls from this bitch asking if i'll call her back so we can talk
see ya dude
Yeah I kinda feel the same, So I just came out right and said "I'm done you like Adam more if this is surely what you want i'll leave" but she begs me to stay?
How is it fucking possible to break up after 4years?
Either you have a mindset to never go serious or you make damn sure you never let go of the first one you catch.
you appearantly dont know what a sir is or a rekking someone he said something a 12 year old would say
i got one.

>be 18 or so
>be in relationship with a girl for 4 years
>started young
>took each others virginity
>we start smoking weed
>leads to me experimenting with "harder" stuff
>this goes on for about a year and a half
>i'm high as a kite almost every day
>daisy knows this and doesn't mind except when i don't get high with her
>she goes away for about a week
>i'm just getting super fucked up
>she comes back
>new person
>she begs me to stop getting high
>i reluctantly agree
>few days go by, i'm sober since she begged me to stay sober
>go over to a friends house
>line of percocet on a mirror in front of me
>decide it wouldn't be too big of a deal if i took a little
>fastforward an hour
>high, talking to daisy face to face
>she notices
>"Are you high, Tom?"
>"uh... no..."
>she looks defeated, disappointed
>takes her stuff and goes home
>doesn't say goodbye
>next day I don't hear from her
>figured she wanted space
>go over next day and her mom tells me she moved to england
that was three years ago. it still hurts to think about.
my 12 year relationship just ended sunday. she moved out today
Yeah, if I ever end up as bitter and jaded as you are, I'll know I've lost.
i'm sorry man.
File: Photo0695.jpg (83KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 1280x960px
You guys are all gay.
Post nudes.
thats just beta man how do you have no clue abt 7 guys... at what point does that pussy start not feeling right ??
Jehova's witnesses are hard to be turned into atheists, I suggest you to move on, but before that ask her why does she wants you to stay so much.

Or if you want her then tell her that you would feel like a crap knowing she's kissing the other guy, that you still have feelings for her and that you love her so much. If she says no just say "fuck you" and show her a finger.
What a fucking pointless story.
no wonder she left you. You're a beta faggot and you don't even TRY to fix it
If you break someone's heart, they're going to be angry and not want your shit around being pointless shitty reminders.
Yeah I got a question OP, do you like fucked up tiles? Cause that's what your getting.
I have done both and this is where my troubles begin~

asked her why she wants me to stay
>I cant llive without you
>I love you
>I feel married to you
>I dont like him but I love you
>My heart hurts to much

I tell her i want her to stay i really do hell if i had someone to donate to me $500 I would fucking literally DO anything becuase then I know i can show up in person and maybe win her over? but its just a relationship so ofc no one gonna help its not "important" I agree

I'll try to say i want her to stay in a way more of what your speaking of maybe it will work?
>Be be
>Be 25
>GF is cheating
>She and her lover get shot
>Wasn't me
>Go to prison
>Make some friends
>Live happily ever after

She is probably trying to get you into that shitty sect.

Yeah..I feel shitty dude like i want to leave and be strong you know? alpha yeah yeah go fk the girl maybe 10 feet away from me because she looks at me like she wants it

BUT I been with her for so long im a little scared? and i dont want her gone and i'm not sure how to live life single?
Shawshank redemption
You'll soon realize that she wasn't really worth it and you could definitely do better.

>but but she was the one

No she fucking wasn't. Give it two months of jacking off to porn that isn't of her.
are you fucking serious?
Oh please forgive me I been so out of it that I should probably type better

I will try atleast from this post onward
>and i dont want her gone and i'm not sure how to live life single?

There are so many women on this planet.

But yeah ask her if she wants you in that sect if she says no then tell her what I told you to say if you really want her.
i feel like an idiot
What do you mean by "sect"?
jehova's cumdumpster
Jehova's witnesses

Well since its /b/ I dont have to worry to much but I worry that she is the best of my life and the rest will be shitty as fuck. I guess though that really depends on how i handle it right?
ofc shes not going to admit to it i was in a relation ship the exact same. I was her first, cared for her, was there for her through all her life drama. in the end none of that shit matters. i always knew when she was lieign to me about talking to other guys immediately. When mine left me i knew immediately there was another guy. She had recently gotten a job at a restaurant and you know how that is. The reason she wouldnt tell you is because shes knows she a unhounourable slut that deserves to be burned to death. Mine tried to come bring me my things and talk to me but i didnt let her made her drop my shit off. You shouldnt of given her any satisfaction like you did but its ok you live and learn.
Ive never had my heart broken by a women so I dont think I can be bitter or jaded, I just find it amusing to see all these people who put so much stock into companionship,
SHIT son, you came out the startin' gate broken.

Protip: most humans without some serious mental issues strive for companionship. Many go for love, some are content with friends.
You'll forget her soon, I'm obsessed with this girl but I still know that I will forget her and hopefully find a better girl.
For me I put so much into it because when i experienced it for the 1st time it really felt like the greatest thing life had to offer

I dont know if im wrong and im only 20
this is my fear man, i'm 19 now, just graduated high school and i head out to college in florida about 18 hours from home, leaving all my friends. i hope i don't end up like this. my senior year i had the same exact experience as u, all these amazing friends and fun times, now it's coming to an end, but i hope i have the time of my life in college.
File: Untitled.png (624KB, 593x789px)
624KB, 593x789px
For shits and giggles heres her picture

If it cheers people here up cause your all going through the same shit i am

i'll post her nudes
File: 1406305585669.jpg (75KB, 601x601px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 601x601px
12 years man, shit

hang in there, /b/ro
I guess you feel better now lol.
Join a club. I was fucking ecstatic to get out of my high school-I had a lot of hit I had to put up with there, and college was so fucking freeing.

Haven't made a single friend outside of the club I'm in. Don't regret it for a second because these people are some of the best people I've met.
lul ive been lurking for years and have never posted a pic. i knwo this sounds rediculous but how do i convert pic files to be posted on 4chan? will deliver with epic newds ive always been to scared to post but feeling yoloish tonight boiz
If people are dumber than you, get on their level, otherwise you will fail at making friends.

good night everyone...I mean morning
I still feel the same honestly the same...I want her..and i hate her same time but you know im starting to slowly move on its just hard

you dont convert them you just upload them at least I do
Bunch of whiny faggots in here.
Hey /b/, I had the same problem with the hurdur ex that went for her guy friend and I kept chasing her but I then realised I was being a fucking idiot, sometimes you just need to sit back during these situations and think for a bit, at the minute I'm with the fucking girl of my dreams, she's just amazing, I honestly couldn't see us breaking up because we're so compatible, we make fun of each other, swear at each other, laugh at each other and we haven't had an argument yet and it's been 2 years, it's just so much fun to be in, it's basically a bromance without the homo but it goes to show give it time and you may find an amazing girl, there's one out there for you, you just need to keep going forward and not worry about it, just find a girl who makes you happy and clicks, you can do it /b/ros, I love you guys

Holy shit. This is fucking pathetic.
Move. the. fuck. on.
I would seriously like some help here

Those who have read my story and have an idea of whats going on

Part of me thinks that if i leave stay away from her that she may come back if she truly loves me

So should i just gtfo of her life? would that be the best option i have or do i continue fighting for her?
Fear not. Just going to get lunch with the people on your floor or whatever will make you plenty of friends. Keep in mind - there are an awful lot of people in a scenario very similar to yours. You're not alone.

This may not make you feel better, but you may not talk to many of your HS friends after your first year. You'll be excited to see your friends that first summer back, and it'll kind of suck. You'll really want to go back to school. After that, you'll be more tight with your college friends.

Not a certainty, but noticed it with me and plenty of other folks...and I mean it in a good way. The college years will seem a lot more fun and free than HS ever was. It's just scary because it's different. Fear not.
>she may come back if she truly loves me

People arent dogs.
You know I also have huge stomach issues and have nightsweats want to make fun of that too? Currently i am a punching bag and I dont care at the moment
o gawd just wait until you see her in the club one night with another guys. prepare to cringe
The hardest thing in the fucking world to do right now is not chase her, but it's the only way you'll stop feeling like shit. It'll take awhile, and it'll come in waves, but give that shit up.

Fiance and I broke it off after 2 years (not long, but we've moved for each other and first time living with somebody). The only way it eventually got better was to let that shit go.

It sucks. You don't want to do it. Your brain will grasp at straws to say, "see? things are getting better!". It will suck. You don't want to. Do it anyway.
I'm shitty at greentexting, sorry in advance.

>>Be super beta in high school
>>Super into this girl
>>She friendzones me, this sparks off my depression
>>Be now, four years later
>>"Got over" depression, got a good job, get /fit/
>>Drunkenly fb message her one weekend
>>She responds
>>things go well. Like, really well. Like, we'd be dating if now didn't live a thousand miles away from her
>>Constant texting, skype calls when we can, all that shit
>>over the last two weeks she's stopped responding to any text/not answering my calls

And now here I am, trying to drink myself to sleep. The depression is coming back. Can't eat, don't want to work out, can barely sleep unless i'm drunk as hell. Fuck guys. I'd do it again in a heartbeat just for the couple weeks of happiness I had talking to her again, but i'm wondering if I threw away four years of getting over her for just a couple weeks.
File: IMG_0612.jpg (112KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 640x480px
your turn m8 she got a lil exotic look to her i wanna see her naked
File: 42e1bd3f.jpg (33KB, 452x327px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 452x327px
I was in a seven year relationship. One day I was sitting in one of the bedrooms on the computer and she walks in and says "I think we should see other people." For a second I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. My babygirl. Mi amorsita. She was leaving me.

Minutes later she began packing all of her clothes and valuables. I cried. She cried. I pleaded with her to stay as she sobbed and packed more of her things. Eventually I pressed her on whether there was someone else, and she denied it with such an unbelievably fluttery voice. I asked to see the recent messages on her phone (she constantly kept it locked), but she refused.

Eventually she drove off into the night, back to her parents (we're in our mid twenties). That night I drank a six pack and cried on my doorstep waiting for her to turn the car around and take me back.

Days went by. Weeks went by. I would attempt to contact her, but she kept conversations to the length of brief exchanges, keeping me at arms length emotionally. She would not give me a reason as to why this all happened, and so suddenly. I was torn, confused, and furious. Pretty soon I developed poor self image issues, believing her to find me ugly after aging past our high school days.

A month goes by and I'm at a friend's apartment. As I'm leaving I realize the apartment staff had my car towed. I'm furious and it's almost five in the morning. As I'm walking the five mile trek to the tow truck joint I decide to call my friend to pick me up, I beg for his help and he agrees to assist. My friend picks me up and we get to the impound but the tow truck guy is off towing another car, so we sit in the car until he comes back.

My friend pulls his phone out. "Do you know who ____ is?"
Me: "Who?"
Friend: "It says this ______ guy is in a relationship with your girlfriend. She's had a second account on Facebook where she's been in a relationship with this guy for the past month."

They are getting married.

Improve yourself and move on OP.
I have never had a girl break up with me. I have had girlfriends that just disappeared, never to be seen again. An every time the police come around asking questions, I tekk then that just because Idated 12 girls that have disappeared doesnt mean that they will ever be able to prove anything.
File: ccc.png (468KB, 617x791px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
468KB, 617x791px
On the bright side she lives in cali and i dont?

Seems you know exactly how I feel. You seem to know exactly how I feel

Here you go

I got 1 standing up naked and another on all fours with anus showing thats all
Send the vid pic to dat bitch let her know whats up
I have my friends and have been with a handful of women, its just not my entire world. who knows it might be something mental.
i never post in thred like this normaly, but i got something ... my ex gf was a pretty fucked up girl, she was so dependent that she'd put me before her own life in her list of priorities. the problem was that i was'nt in love with her ... i just wanted to help her get out of all this.

we spent 3 years together, the first year was great, the pussy game sucked ass but whatever ... we where acting like friends with benefits, not like a real couple that loves each other. she loved me of course, but i was in the wrong, i was the guy that wanted her to have a great future, with a great guy that loves her.

so we where living in an appartment together, but it was clear in my mind that when the opportunity would come, i would break up with her. so i did, and everything fell appart, she tried to kill herself, twice. i found her half-conscious in her bed, she had took a cocktail of medicine and a gallon of windshield washer, i rushed her to the hospital...

cont ?
>Seems you know exactly how I feel. You seem to know exactly how I feel

Ment to say seems you know how i feel I will prob take your advice

Sorry multi tasking and high
File: IMG_0013.jpg (2MB, 1936x2592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1936x2592px
goddam she sent u that? wtf is that ?? lets see the other
The worst part is the disbelief. Feel you, /b/ro.
File: bhjlbvijkbv.png (700KB, 1600x1114px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
700KB, 1600x1114px
We have sex on skype andd I took them without knowing technically speaking if this gets to far out she can be disfellowshipped from the JW and yes i have had thoughts of sending this to her father as revenge
Holy shit. That's fucking cruel.
Maybe not exactly, but I bet it's close. Just know that being that deep into somebody is similar to being addicted to a drug or something. When you're forced to quit cold turkey, your brain is going to go haywire for awhile. Gotta keep moving, though. Each morning is just a tiny bit better than the last one.

You don't want to think about this now, but you'll be with other chicks and think, "she did a rotten thing, and she's a fucking cunt". That's the last stage before, "who? oh yeah. I used to date her".
File: image.jpg (15KB, 267x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 267x200px
Pain, Suffering, and loneliness is a very serious matter, son.
You make me feel so much better

I can't thank you enough
File: Mine.png (496KB, 656x782px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496KB, 656x782px
Oh this will be the last one i got even tho no one asked for it
File: image.jpg (98KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>new kid in school, transfer junior year
>no friends for weeks, very depressed
>group of girls finally come talk to me
>find attraction for 2 of them
>choose the wrong one
>go through hell for few months
>make matters worse a close friend died so was depressed yet again
>girl thinks that my lack of speaking is me spreading shit
>tell her the truth, she just brushes it off and tries to one up me
>friend sends pretty hurtful messages and i cant fight back
>cry on my 17th birthday because fuck catholic school
>end things with the girl by saying she was worse than drugs
>swim in sea of ganja for a month
Catholic school was rough, those fuckers showed no mercy
That's good, but you'll feel have another wave of feeling like shit again soon. Don't mistake that for a step back. It's part of it.

Chin up, fucker.
she got what was coming to her anon...you will find someone better, just watch
Yeah i know what you mean by the waves...When they come i end up calling her cell and technically im not supposed to

How do you make it through them?
I've actually just told my gf of 2 years I don't love her anymore, lol I feel heartless. Is that normal?
dump her, it is only ethical
Already did m8
File: IMG00687.jpg (151KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 1024x768px
ahhh didnt know you had thats wats up das wat i was lookin for.. anywho if you dont even have to live in same state with her you should be forgetting about her in no time. your best bet is to get a new gf that lives in your state. thats what i did to my e girlfriend. pic related its my old e girlfriend
It happens.

When I lost my relationship the best thing for me was realizing that it's pointless to chase after someone that won't love you back.

She may be hurt at first, but she will come to terms with your decision.
Anon speaks the truth. Just make sure you don't become like her. Take courage, brother!
I wish mine did it to me. she fucked my friends, and then used me for 2 years because I was the only one there.
you could be wrong or right it just depends on what kind of person you are , for me there came a time in my life where I wanted to strive for something more, I had a desire to achieve things for myself, at that point most people kinda became distractions to my desires.
I'd like to think so. And they way she's acting and handling her life, I predict things will only get worse for her. At least I hope.

I'm hoping I do man, thanks.

>Highschool gf breaks my heart and gets another boyfriend
>Found out she was cheating on me the whole time
>Quit crying and grew a fucking pair
>Beat the shit out of her new boyfriend
>Found out i was actually pretty strong
>spent the rest of my highschool years beating people up at random
>mostly for social justice
>swagfags, bullys, teacher's pets, preppy kids
>Lost gf, but became a vigilante

good times.
File: images-2-1.jpg (3KB, 134x90px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 134x90px
I never loved a hoe
Damn dude, that's fucking awesome.

What color is your fedora?
the same color as your cock, considering i dont own one.
just dont let her take any more money or time away from you. Everytime you reply to an email/text/phone call she wins. Good luck anon.
You'll be ok OP
Bitches will be bitches, if you're the main source of income, enjoy your extra dollars
Gf of 4 years left me and I've had enough money for an xbone, car parts and endless body shots off semi naked babes
Hahahahahaha. Just fucking with you dude.
when we arrived, theyu took her away from me and brought her to an other hospital, they was'nt equiped for that type of contition. they gave me the location of the other hospital and said i could come to visit her tomorow ... so i left, after crying 15 minutes laying down in the snow in the middle of the parking lot ...

i did'nt sleep at all, i waited until 10 o'clock showed up and went to the hospital to see her. her condition was stable, the filtered her blood all night long. she asked me if we could try to work something out again ... i said yes, just because i knew she was'nt ready yet ...

6 months passed by, she lived in an rental room and me back at my parents house. we where seeing each other 4 to 5 times a week, and each time i left i cried cuz i knew i was'nt in my place, i was faking it. i just wanted to know she was alright and she would be ok... but one day, idk why, i went into automatic mode, i said to her that we needed to see a psychologist or someone tohelp us work on ourselves, but i had an other plan in the back of my mind.
That's what I've learned man. Have you gone through a similar situation?
God damn...are you me??

I didn't chew her out, unfortunately. I go into "Disinterested Sales Rep" mode whenever she talks to me. Deleted her from Facebook. Keeps messaging me, not even understanding what went on.

Perhaps I should call her up and tell her that she's a heartless opportunist? At this point I don't really even care anymore.
Really, really tough, but I try to call somebody else, or text one of my friends or something and make a nigger joke instead (or whatever floats your boat).

Again - not exactly reinventing the wheel here, and you'll slip a few times, but if you can grit your teeth and get through a few waves, the rest get a lot easier.
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And not a single fuck was given that day.
> /b/ro not a /b/eta
You think i should just up and leave (delete her off skype etc)
Always remember you CANT TURN A HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE. It's never been done and you will be in a world of hurt. Find yourselves some good girls that are LOYAL and are not heartless cunts that will dump you and cheat on you with no feelings and move on the next hour while you have a hard time coping for the next few months and maybe years. Fuck hoes but don't fall in love.
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