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My name is Ethan. I am in my 20's and I wanted sex slaves

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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My name is Ethan. I am in my 20's and I wanted sex slaves My journey to this decision started when I was about 4 years old. I was watching a movie with my dad. I have no idea what movie it was but I remember there was a big fat, king sitting on his throne and he had several beautiful slave girls surrounding him, rubbing his shoulders and fanning him. There was nothing sexual in the scene other than the scanty slave outfits. I thought to myself “Wow, that would be the life.” I found A girl on Facebook that is super cute and nice that I wanted to be my first so imam begin the story of breaking her in.
cautious bump
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>I’m going to refer to her as slut
>Slut is a spoiled little brat that whines about her parent etc
> I am playing the poor, mistreated kid, unhappy with my life
>tell her I have a uncle I’m thinking about living with because my parents are so unfair
>I jokingly tell her she can come live with me there if she wants to run away together
> I assume she couldn't possibly be stupid enough to run away with someone she's never met
>Day later She asks me if I was serious about running away together.
>She apparently got in a big fight with her parents and wants to leave home

> I’m freaking out because never thought this would actually happen.
>I'm not sure where to go with it from here. I'm obviously not a 17 year old boy.
>I message slut back and told her I’m working and can’t come get her, but I'll have my uncle pick her up if that was ok, and I'd be home after I got off work
>She agrees like a dumb bitch
>I tell her to meet my uncle at a McDonald's near her house. I describe him (me) to her.
>I talk her in to leaving her cell phone at home by telling her it could be used to trace her, and I promise her I would get her a better one this weekend.
>I also tell her to delete her account from the social site “so they couldn't find us”
>I can't believe she is going for this
>I’m scared to death I would find cops waiting for me at the McDonald's
Expecting a tree fidy, or walk the dinosaur but willing to except it for a good story
>Everything seemed ok, so I approach her and asked if she was Slut (using her real name of course). She said yes and I introduce myself as the uncle and ask her to get in to the car.
>We arrived at my house
>I tell her my nephew will be home soon and to wait in the living room
>I go into the other room
>I stood in the other room for several minutes trying to work up the courage.
> I finally decided it was now or never. I had a dog training collar in the kitchen junk drawer.
> It's the kind where you loop the chain back through the big ring on it and put it over the dog’s head. When you pull on it, it tightens and basically strangles the dog until you stop pulling on it.
>She was sitting in a chair watching TV with her back mostly to me
>This was it decision time. There is no going back once I did this
>In a burst of bravery, I walk up behind her and start to quickly put the collar over her head.

>It was now too late to turn back. I have the collar over her head but she is scared as hell and starts scratching and kicking at me.
>I give the collar a hard jerk and her eyes kind of bugg out a little bit as she gets a horrified look on her face.
>Im not sure if I could keep the pressure on until she passes out, or if it would just kill her outright, so I loosen up on it a bit, sit on her chest, trapping one of her arms under me, and I yell at her to calm down.
>She keeps fighting back with her free arm, and is thrashing around so I scream that if she didn't stop fighting, I would kill her. I have no intention of killing my prize, but she doesn’t know that.
Hoping op just writes a good fictional account without Rick roll at end.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I like it already. Cont. OP

>She finally stops thrashing around, but is hysterical, crying and yelling “Why are you doing this!? Who are you!?
>I told her to remain calm and I promise no harm will come to her if she did what she was told.
>At this point I took the chance that she would pass out before she died and tighten the collar.
>After a few seconds, I don’t count exactly how long, she stops struggling and seems to be passed out
>I know I may not have long to work, so I immediately pick her up and carry her downstairs.
>I lay her face down on the massage table, strapping her arms to the arm rests and folded the table in half, securing her feet to the legs of the table with ropes.
> I leave her fully clothed, but bent over the table with her ass sticking up in the air and legs spread slightly apart.

>I started getting really happy because I HAD MY GIRL!!
> I have a hot young girl tied up in my basement. I really did it
>I had fantasized about all the things I would do to her, but I never really thought about what I would say.
> She was taking longer to wake up than I thought, so I meekly fondled her ass a little bit. This was *my* ass now.
>I reach under her body and feel her tits. They are just as firm as they looked. My God, I haven't felt firm tits like this since I was 15. And these were *my* tits now.
>I had my sex slave, and had her forever. I didn't want to rush things.
> I am much too nervous to get an erection anyway.
>She was out maybe 7 or 8 minutes when she finally started to wake up. It took her a few moments to realize that she was tied down
>Maybe she just realized she was securely tied down and had no choice. She just starts crying and saying “Who are you? Why are you doing this?
>I say “Everything will be explained to you in the morning, but the short version is that you have been kidnapped. You are to be trained as a sex slave
I believe you were watching star wars. the king was jabba the hut.
go on
Keep going
Still here...
Gonna need proof of this
Keep going
yes !!
Neckbeards all and one fbi agent, one dhs, one statie, ne nsa, and one from each service military service and op is cia

>“I am your master now!” …Whack! I paused between each whack for a few seconds
>“You *will* obey me!” ...Whack! She is screaming bloody murder now. It is hurting my ears.
>“You will obey your master instantly and without hesitation!”... Whack!
>She stops screaming and starts begging “Please stop! Please! Oh God, please stop!”.
>“Say 'You are my master and I will obey you' and I'll stop!”... Whack!
>Her ass must be getting numb now as she has stopped screaming and just lets out a loud yelp when this blow lands and then starts sobbing loudly.
>“Say it!” …Whack! She totally fucks the line up and say something unintelligible, so I repeat it:
>“Say 'You are my master and I will obey you'!”... Whack! She lets out another loud yelp and almost says the line correctly. I decide it's close enough and stop paddling her.
I'm lurking and getting ready to fap to this story
Was the film Star Wars VI?

> You will never have another cell phone, go to the mall with your friends, or have a boyfriend.
>You will live to please your master. Get your crying out of the way tonight. Your training starts in the morning and crying will not be tolerated.”
>With that, I turn the light off and leave her in complete darkness except for the glow of the DVD display. She is still sobbing as I walk upstairs, locking both doors.
>I managed a few hours of sleep and then went downstairs. She seemed to be half awake and half out of it. When I walked in, she popped her head up and started to try to make a deal with me.
>“Listen, I know what you want. It doesn't have to be like this. Untie me and I'll do what you want. Promise you'll let me go and I will have sex with you.
>I'll make you feel really good, then I'll go home and no one has to know this ever happened.”
>I walked up to her and stroked her hair, looking down at her with a mixture of pity and disappointment on my face, saying “It's too late for that now.
> You had your chance for this to be easy, and you chose to make it hard on yourself.”
>“Please, I know how to make you feel good. I will do anything you want, I'll fuck you all night long if you want, just please let me go! She begged.
>“Too late” I said, as I slip a ball gag over her mouth
>pics or it didn't happen
I can feel it. We're going to be trolled any second now.

>“You will instantly obey my every command, won't you?!”
>She frantically starting nodding her head and screaming, I assume she was trying to say “Yes”
>I had already decided that disobedience was punishable by 10 lashes so I gave her three more in rapid succession.
>“This is your punishment for simple disobedience: Ten lashes.”
>“Unfortunately, you also tried to escape. You must be punished for that as well. The best punishment for attempting to escape is to prevent you from trying it again for a while.”
>After removing her shoes but leaving her socks on, I said “This is your punishment for trying to escape.”
here it comes
File: 000.jpg (39KB, 564x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>diary of a slave merchant: 2007
google for more

>After removing her shoes but leaving her socks on, I said “This is your punishment for trying to escape.”
>I then took a length of garden hose about two feet long and whacked her left foot with the hose, right at the ball of her foot, just below the toes. To say she screamed again is an understatement.
>Feet are very sensitive. I'm sure this pain was much more intense than the paddling or the caning.
>I wanted to get this over with quickly so I hit the left foot 4 more times, at different places.
> I wanted her feet sore enough that she would have some trouble walking for a day or so, but not permanently injure her.
>I waited about 30 seconds for her to calm down a bit, then I started on the right foot. I gave the right foot the same five lashes, in roughly the same places.
>“Please..please... god... please...I'm sorry! I'll do whatever you ask.
> I will not try to escape again. I swear! Please don't hit me any more! Please... god...” and she started crying again.
kek. hats off to you

>At this point I was actually feeling a bit sorry for her,
>but I have to carry out all of her punishment.
>She has to learn what her place is and what the consequences of her actions are. I hope this is the last time I have to do this, but it must be done.
>I told her I was going to move her and that if she resisted, she would get more of what she just had. She probably thought it was over at this point, but she was mistaken.
>I secured both of her hands with two of the four pairs of handcuffs I had bought at the adult book store. I then locked light chains to the handcuffs and ran them to two of the rings in the ceiling.
> I untied her and told her to stand up. She slowly stood up as I was taking up the slack in the chains.
>“Please..please... god... please...I'm sorry! I'll do whatever you ask.
I thought she was gagged?
fuck you faggot
Thought she had a ball gag...
Its obviously fake
“Step over here!” I ordered. She complied but walked softly and slowly because her feet were very sore. It appears as though I used about the right amount of force on her feet.

“Raise your arms!” She did as she was told, but only raised her arms to about shoulder height. “Over your head!” I demanded. She looked at me with a look of “Oh God, what now?” on her face, but slowly raised her arms above her head.

errors will occur my bad
OP is converting the story in greentext format.

>“Step over here!” I ordered. She complied but walked softly and slowly because her feet were very sore. It appears as though I used about the right amount of force on her feet.
>“Raise your arms!” She did as she was told, but only raised her arms to about shoulder height.
> “Over your head!” I demanded. She looked at me with a look of “Oh God, what now?” on her face, but slowly raised her arms above her head.
>I pulled the chain all the way through the ring until her hands were all the way above her head, then pulled them even more, forcing her to stand on her toes.
>She was still fully clothed except for her shoes, and still had the ball gag in her mouth.
>This was what I was looking forward to; exploring her body.

Shortening as well
What a cunt. Not even a real story.


>walked behind her and got close to her ear and said “You are mine now.” She let out a whimper as I grabbed her ass.
>I squeezed her ass cheeks and it felt wonderful. I had not felt a firm ass like that in so long. “This is my ass now.”
>I said as I continued to fondle it. I slowly worked my way up her sides and under her tits. “These are my tits now.”
>I said as I cupped her magnificent tits in my hands. They were just over a handful, just like I prefer them.
> I played with her tits for a few more minutes and worked my way down her stomach. Just feeling her firm body even through her clothes and bra was worth everything up to this point, and worth the risks I was taking.
>You have no idea how many times I've seen these firm young girls and only been able to fantasize about what they felt like.
>I then worked my hands back around to her ass again and fondled it for a minute or so and then started working my way down to her thighs.
> I ran my hands along the back of her thighs and then to the inner thigh area. As I cupped her vagina in one of my hands I whispered in her ear “This is my pussy now.”
It's not even a great story. Wanna Bet by AnonyMPC is much better...

I felt up her legs and into her panties, then pulled the fabric down to her knees. While I was seated and she stood in front of me, I had a nice view of her puffy little pussy and I felt like a taste, so I leaned forward and tongued her crack for several minutes. When I'd had enough of eating pussy, I stood, told her to lie on the couch, and took off my pants as she complied wordlessly. She even took her panties completely off without having to be asked, because she knew what was coming.

The mark was still visible from the last time since the marker we used was semi-permanent, so it still made a good reference point. I stuck the head of my penis in, and then slowly got as far as was allowed to go.

I thrust in and out, in and out, enjoying her squeezing the top half of my cock tight. After a while, she linked her legs behind me and her heels dug into my back.

It wasn't a gentle nudge of inadvertent movements. She was pulling me deeper inside her, and I was already as deep as I was supposed to go. An invitation is an invitation even if it's unspoken, so I went with the flow, let her pull me in, and sank all the way into her. She let out a moan of pleasure, and I thrust in and out, letting my balls slap against her. I fucked her as hard as I could and as long as I could, then pushed one last time as far as I could into her as she gasped, and let jet after jet of my sperm shot into her pussy.
"Well, I guess you've been officially fucked now," I said.
"You bastard," she yelled.
i'll check it out
>sometimes because wow goodle, k?

>She let out another whimper and squirmed a bit. I think she had to pee.
>had my fill of fondling her for now and lowered the ball gag. “Please, I'll do what you want.
>Please let my arms down and I'll do whatever you want. They are hurting, please let my arms down.”
>I replaced the ball gag and replied, “I will let your arms down in a few minutes,
>I think you may have forgotten that we still have to deal with you injuring me. I have six scratches, two of them fairly deep. I cannot let this go unpunished.”
>upon hearing this, she started crying again, begging and pleading but I could not understand what she was saying.
>I just stood there in front of her for a few moments, letting her wonder what was going to happen. I then reached for my belt buckle and started to slowly unbuckle it.
>The look on her face was one of confusion. I imagine she was thinking “Was he going to rape me now? Why is he undoing his belt?”
>I unbuckled my belt and pulled the belt off. As I doubled it over, the look on her face changed to one of fear. She now knew what was going to happen.
Im just going to abandon thread if there isnt anyone lurking anymore and pre heat some incest anyone lurking?
Lurking please continue
Go on. There are better ones, but this one is worth lurking
im lurkin
I am lurking

>I really do not enjoy this” I lied, “but you have given me no choice.
>I walked around to stand behind her as she was still begging and pleading. I started on her ass. I lost count of how many lashes she got on her ass and up and down the back of her legs, probably about 10.
> I was careful not to hit her hard enough to leave any permanent marks.
> She was kicking around the whole time, so I waited a few seconds between each lash for her to get back on her toes.
>I then said “This will stop when you say 'I am your whore slave and I will instantly obey your every command.'” I knew she couldn't say it with the ball gag on but she wasn't ready yet.
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File: Spiderman 4chan.14.gif (389KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Spiderman 4chan.14.gif
389KB, 200x200px
File: Spiddd.jpg (63KB, 474x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I fucking love this

>I walked around to face her directly and started on the front of her thighs and hips. After about 10 lashes in the front,
>I gave her a minute to settle down and again said “This will stop when you say 'I am your whore slave and I will instantly obey your every command.'” and I lowered the ball gag.
>“Oh god, please stop!... You're killing me!” she screamed.
>“That's not what you were supposed to say.” I said as I replaced the ball gag. And walked behind her again.
>This time I targeted her back and shoulders. I gave her at least 12 lashes and then walked back around to face her.
>She was mostly limp and just hanging there.
>“You have one chance to get this right: say 'I am your whore slave and I will instantly obey your every command.'” and I lowered the ball gag.
>She said something but it was barely audible. I started to put the ball gag back on and she really perked up and said very loudly
>“I am your whore slave and I will instantly obey your every command! Please stop! Please!”

>I decided she had endured enough for now. I looked at the her and noticed there was a small wet spot in her crotch, like she had let out a bit of pee during her beating.
>This brought to mind that scene from the movie "Last House on the Left" and gave me an idea.
>“Ok, slave” I said, “This is your first test. Piss your pants!”
>She looked at me like I was crazy and I think she didn't understand what I meant. I then raised the belt and whipped her on the thighs three times yelling a word with each lash “Piss!... Your!... Pants!”
>She looked up towards the ceiling, then closed her eyes and had a completely humiliated look on her face
File: jaws.png (141KB, 634x743px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I could be your sexslave :) I'd love to be one...

I'm a very hot girl
>Her chin was quivering trying to hold back tears and I could tell she was concentrating, trying to pee. Finally after about 10 seconds, a wet spot started to appear.
>She must have really had to go as it made a huge wet spot down the front of both legs of her jeans and got the floor wet as well.
>I guess I should have thought this through a little more. I now have her hanging there in wet, smelly jeans and piss on the rug that I forgot to pull up.
>But, man, that look on her face was worth it. She was no longer a spoiled brat flaunting her body. She was on her way to being broken. She's not there yet, but well on her way.
>I went around behind her and looked at the size of her jeans and shirt, then lowered the chains a bit so she could sit down on the floor.
>“Stay right there until I return.” I said as I walked back upstairs
File: 1370009574933.png (121KB, 333x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: TRAP.gif (953KB, 500x214px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
953KB, 500x214px
>I went downstairs, threw some jeans, panties and a white button up shirt down on the floor.
>I forgot to get her bra size so she will have to use the same one for now. I also gave her a box of baby wipes and one of those 99 cent ham and cheese lunch meals, as well as a small bag of beauty
> items such as a hair brush and some makeup that I just guessed at; I had no idea what to get.
>I told her to clean herself up, change her clothes and I'd see her in the morning. Before removing her ball gag, I told her “Say 'Yes, Master'” and I removed her ball gag.
> She quietly let out a “Yes... Master.”
>I picked the rug up and she let out a few faint whimpers as I turned the light off and went upstairs.
I'm enjoying myself.

>This morning it was time to get her naked. When I went downstairs she had cleaned up and changed pants as I had told her to do.
>I had forgotten that she was wearing chains on her wrists and couldn't change her shirt.>
>She even brushed her hair enough to be presentable,
>but didn't use any of the makeup. I saw this as a little passive rebellion on her part. I hadn't told her to use it, so she didn't; she wasn't going to be any prettier for me than I specifically told her to be. I let it go this time.
>I told her “Good morning, Slave”. She remained silent, looking at the floor.
>“Master is talking to you, Slave” I said.
>“Good morning... ... ... M-m-master.”
>“We're going to switch you over to a collar and free up your arms” I said as I put the new dog collar on her and attached the chain to the collar and ceiling ring.
>I then freed her arms and she started rubbing her wrists. I left enough slack in the chain for her to walk around in about a 3 foot radius.
>“Master is talking to you!!!” I growled.
>“... Thank you... ... ... Master.”
File: IMG-20131024-02303.jpg (638KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
638KB, 2048x1536px
It's no trap :) It's something u want and i can offer
tits and timestamp
>There was a noticeable delay before she would say “Master” and a barely detectable sarcastic tone when she said it.
>Another of her little passive rebellions. We'll deal with this soon.
>I pulled the recliner over from the corner and sat upright in it about two feet in front of her.
>I grabbed the dowel rod I used on her yesterday and put it across my lap. I told her to stand up and face me, which she did.
> I just stared at her for a few moments and she diverted her eyes and looked down.
>“Look at me.” I demanded. She looked up at me but her eyes kept darting away for a fraction of a second.
>“Look me in the eyes and quit looking away.” I said. She stood there staring at me and me staring back. I don't know what was going through her head right then but
>I can guess it was not pleasant thoughts about me.
>After staring at each other for an uncomfortable minute or so, I said, simply “Dance.”
yeah right,, got a million pics on my pc. but can't put pictures on it RIGHT NOW....
>She looked at me and said “What?” with a tone of “Are you nuts!”. I immediately and with one swift motion swung the dowel rod off my lap and on to her left thigh, yelling “Dance!!!”.
>She grabbed her thigh where I had hit her and looked at me with a look that I couldn't quite interpret. Maybe it was a look of “I can't believe this pervert” mixed with “That fucking hurt, you bastard!”.
> After about 3 seconds, she slowly started to swing her hips very slightly and said “Yes... ... Master”. That was a good start.
> I let her do this for a bit and then said “Move you hips more.” to which she again replied “Yes... ... Master.”
>At this point I was getting annoyed at her delaying saying “Master” and whacked her again with the dowel rod, yelling “Stop pausing before saying 'Master'!”.
> She again grabbed the spot where I hit her and said “I'm sorry, Master!”, her voice cracking a bit as she tried to hold back the tears.

>“Dance sexy! Slow it down, grind your hips, thrust out your chest. Turn around slowly.
> Dance like a stripper. I'm sure you've seen them on TV, do it like they did.” I said all at once.
>“Yes, Master” she replied as she started to at least try to act sexy. It wasn't really very sexy, but being in control of this hot
> young girl was giving me a rock-hard boner.
>“Face me and keep dancing.” I said as I clicked the remote for the TV and satellite box.
>I put it on the “Love” music channel. I didn't recognize the song. It wasn't exactly “sexy” music, but it was good enough.
>“Look me in the eye and caress yourself as you are dancing.” I demanded.
>She did as she was told and stared me straight in the eyes as she ran her hands up and down her sides and hips.
> I watched her for a few minutes and then commanded her “Caress you tits and and thighs too”.
>She started to get a look of humiliation on her face and started to tear up a bit, but did as she was told.
>“Now, run your hands up your inner things, and against your pussy.” I demanded. This was getting to be too much; my balls were starting to hurt.
>“Keep dancing. I'm going to ask you some questions.
>When I ask you a question you will always reply by repeating the question as a statement. In other words, if I say 'Do you like ice cream?' you don't just say “Yes, Master.”
>You will reply with 'I do like ice cream, Master'. Do you understand?”
>Yes, Master.” she incorrectly replied. She obviously doesn't understand yet.
>“Keep in mind that we have been watching you for months.
>We have listened in on your phone calls and read your text and Internet messages
> We know most of the answers to these questions already. If you lie, you will be punished. Now, answer properly this time... do you understand?”
>I said, raising the dowel rod just a bit to make her take notice.
Story should be a comedy movie. Some guy kidnaps some teenage girl and conditions her just to participate in tap dancing competitions.
I didn't read this post because it did not contain tits or a timestamp
need people to bump
i don't know where my sides went
You know the rules TITS OR GTFO!
>She looked confused for a few seconds and then said “I understand, Master.” Good girl.
>“How old are you?”
>“I'm 17, Master.”
>“How many boyfriends have you had?”
>She thought for a few moments and said “Four, Master”.
>I quickly whacked her on the right thigh; “How many boyfriends have you had!?”
>“... I... I have had four boyfriends, Master” she said as she rubbed the spot where I had just hit her.
>“Are you a virgin?”
>She looked very embarrassed as she said “I am not a virgin, Master.”
>“So you have fucked a guy before?”
>She hesitates for a second, embarrassed to say it; “I have fucked a guy before, Master.”
Start deleting shit then, I'm sure you don't need them all
>“How many times have you fucked a guy?”
>She looks down at the floor as she answers “I have fucked a guy 1 time, Master.”
>“Keep looking at me, Slave”
>“I'm sorry, Master.”
>”Did you enjoy fucking?”
>“I did not enjoy fucking, Master. It hurt.”
>Well, damn, I missed her being a virgin by one guy.
> Over the course of these questions, her dancing slacked off to not much more than slight hip movements.
>“Turn to your right.” I said and she complied.
>Whack! I lash her across both ass cheeks
>She grabs her ass with both hands and cries “What did I do, Master?”
>“Move your hands, Slave.”
>She hesitantly moves her hands away from her ass and... Whack! I thrash across both ass cheeks again.
>“The first lash was because you stopped dancing without permission. The second lash was for speaking without being spoken to.
You still there OP?
Gettin tired need motivation dump ur good tit pics
>You never speak unless you are asked a question, or you are given a command. Do you understand?”
>“I understand, Master. I'm sorry, Master.”
>“If you ever have anything to say you feel is important enough to risk punishment, you may simply say 'Master?'.
>If I decide to, I may say 'What is it, Slave?'.
> If I feel what you had to say was not important enough, you may be punished. Do you understand?”
>“I understand, Master.”
>“Now, start dancing again.”
>“Yes, Master.”
>With this she starts dancing, and if it's not just my imagination, she seems to be trying a little harder to be sexy.
>I wanted to get some action going now. “Face me and keep dancing, Slave.”
>She slowly turned towards me and kept dancing.
>“Unbutton the top button of your blouse”.
>Her face turned a bit red and she got this look on her face like she knew where this was leading.
>“In between my commands, you will continue to dance and caress yourself,
>but I want you to continue to face me unless I saw otherwise.”
>“Yes, Master.”
>“Unbutton the next button.”
>“Yes, Master.”
>“You do not need to need to respond to each command while you are dancing.”
>“Yes, Master.”
>“Do the rest of the slowly buttons as you dance.”
>She continued to dance as she unbuttoned the rest of the blouse. It was now hanging open,
File: CH13.jpg (189KB, 1080x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189KB, 1080x720px
I really only have ass and cleavage
File: HNI_0012_JPG.jpg (60KB, 469x547px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 469x547px
moar op
File: 1406063949648.webm (2MB, 1280x720px)
2MB, 1280x720px
All I have left over from a dead drive
>giving me a nice peep at her cleavage.
>“Unbutton your pants.”
>She looked like she was about ready to cry, but managed to hold it back.
>“Unzip your pants until the top of your panties show. Unzip them very slowly.”
>As she slowly slid the zipper down about half way, I saw the top of the white panties I had bought for her,
>with the little pink bow at the top. My balls were aching.
>“Slowly remove your shirt, by raising your arms one at a time and pulling the sleeve off.”
>She did as requested, but stopped looking at me while she was doing it.
>“Look at me, Slave!”
>“I'm sorry, Master.” she said as she looked at me and awkwardly tried to unbutton the sleeves.
>With her shirt off now, I wanted to savor every minute. “Just dance for me now. Turn around a few times, slowly.”
>She danced in place, slowly turning around.
>“Have you ever kissed a girl, Slave?”
>She looks around the room quickly, as if making sure no one else could hear and she said “I kissed a girl one time, Master.”
>“When was this, Slave?”
>“When I was... 13 or 14. It was my best friend. We were just playing around, Master.”
>“Have you ever had sex with a girl, Slave?”
>“God, no! I...I mean, No, Master.” I raise the dowel rod. “I mean, I have never had sex with a girl, Master”.
>“Unhook your bra but do not remove it yet.”
>She reached around with both hands and unhooked her bra.
>“Hold your bra in place with one hand, and slowly slide the straps off of your shoulders as you dance.”
>It was incredibly sexy watching her slide the straps off her shoulders,
>while trying to keep her bra up, all the while looking me right in the eye. I like the eye contact. It's too easy to do this while looking away.
>When she looks me right in the eyes, she knows who is in charge. My balls are about to explode, but I'm not going to ruing this moment by rushing it.
>“Turn around some more as you dance.”
>I could see a few faint red marks on her back as she turned around. I had used just about the right amount of force while whipping her
>painful, but no damage.
>“Face me and bend over towards me, but maintain eye contact.”
> I wanted to get a good view of her cleavage. It was beautiful.
>“Now, stand up straight. I want you to keep facing me and gyrating your hips as you *very* slowly lower your bra.”
>She did as she was asked, but tried to keep one arm partially covering her tits.
>This was actually ok with me. I like to be teased.
> I couldn't see them completely but could tell that she had medium brown nipples, exactly the kind I like.
>“Use both both hands to cover your nipples and move your tits around, mash them up a bit and push them together as you dance.”
>She stood there gyrating her hips and playing with her tits. I don't think I can take much more of this. I noticed the pants I bought for her were not a perfect fit.
> They were starting to work their way down her hips a little.
>“Now slowly reveal your tits to me. Keep dancing.”
>Slowly, the full glory of her young, firm tits became apparent.
>“Take your index fingers and caress your nipples.”
>She was getting more used to being almost naked in front of me. It didn't seem to humiliate her as
>much as it was at first. I'd have to do something about that.
>“Ok, We're going to move to your pants. I want you to very slowly inch your pants down as you turn
>around and swing your ass and gyrate your hips, but keep your panties on.”
>The look of humiliation started to return as she slowly spun around and lowered her pants. One side of her panties had worked in to her crack.
>Once her pants were about half way down her thighs, they fell down and bunched up below her knees.
>“Slowly step out of your pants and kick them away.”
File: Rob Schneider.jpg (103KB, 475x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rob Schneider.jpg
103KB, 475x356px
Starring Rob Schneider, Mila Kunis. and Justin Timberlake

Rob Schneider is a failed tap dancing champion that was laughed out of the tap dancing professional circuit or whatever the fuck they have, so he leaves and vows to one day get revenge on the people who betrayed him.

Fast Forward 10 years, and Rob Schneider is OP, talking to teenage girls online, trying to find the perfect one for his "conditioning," and that is when he finds Mila Kunis, she falls for his trap, and is locked in Rob Schneider's basement, filled with memorabilia of past Rob Schneider movies and tap dancing awards.

Here is where she is trained to be the best tap dancer the world will ever know, unfortunately Rob Schneider didn't count on his arch-nemesis, Justin Timberlake, dropping by and stealing Mila Kunis from the clutches of Rob Schneider and forcing Rob to face him 1v1 in a tap dancing battle to decide Mila Kunis's fate.
>She did as she was told and stood there in just her white panties and the blue socks she had on when she first got here.
>I could see the faint shadow of her dark pubic hair.
>I told her to stop dancing and had her strike several poses as I took pictures from my recliner. When I had enough pictures, I said “Face me and stand up straight.”
>“Lick you index fingers and caress your nipples again. I want to see them standing up erect.”
>She complied and her nipples did indeed stand at full attention. I was not dumb enough to think she was enjoying this in any way.
>Whenever I read one of those rape stories on-line, I immediately quit reading and delete it when the victim starts to enjoy it.
>That just does not happen, and takes the fun out of it. If I wanted to read a consensual sex story, there are plenty of those available.
>But I digress. This was purely a physical reaction to the stimulation and cooling effect of the saliva.
>“Have you ever masturbated, Slave?”
ayy lmao
File: CH10.jpg (128KB, 1080x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 1080x720px
still here
File: 1406378822023.jpg (48KB, 500x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 500x527px
>This time her face turns bright red and she looks down at the floor briefly, hesitating just a bit too long. I start to raise the dowel rod and she blurts out “I have masturbated, Master!”
>“Good, then you know how. Show me how you do it.”
>“Wha?... Master?”
>“What is it, Slave.”
>“Please... don't make me do that, Master!”
>“Why not, Slave?”
>“I can't do it, Master. I can't do that in front of you. Please, Master, don't make me do it.”
>“Are you disobeying a direct order, Slave?”
>“No! Master, no! I am not disobeying. I'm begging you... please... don't make me do this.”
>“Slowly move your right hand down to your pussy, Slave. Now!”
>“Master... please...” she sobs as she slowly moves her hand towards her crotch.
>“Keeping caressing your nipples with your left hand.”
>A tear falls down her beet-red cheek as her hand reaches the top of her panties.

>“Slip you hand in to your panties.”
>She lets out a pathetic whimper, but does as she's told.
>“Spread your legs a bit...a little more. Ok. Use all of your fingers to lightly caress your pubic hair.”
File: Jen.jpg (94KB, 599x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 599x768px
Here's a pic of Jennifer Lawrence, if you're into that chick.
File: 1406434592279.jpg (291KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
291KB, 960x1280px

>It was at this point that I first saw her bush. It was... substantial. She apparently had never shaved. It might have been the hairiest snatch I had ever seen.
>We need to do something about that. It looks too scruffy.
>“Now move your hand down and caress your pussy lips.”
>More tears were flowing as she did as she was told.
>“Do not cry. Your crying time is at night while you are alone.“
>She sniffed a few times, wiped her nose with her left hand and tried to compose herself. She went back to caressing her nipples with the left hand.
>“Now, I want you to masturbate for me, just like you do when you are alone.”
>“Master, please...” She sobbed. “Please...” she trailed off with several more sobs.
>I raised my voice for emphasis. “Do it now, Slave.”
>She sobbed a couple more times as she started moving her hand around under her panties.
>Mostly left and right with an occasional up and down movement.
>I couldn't take just watching any more. I got up and stood behind her. She acted startled so I said “It's ok, keep going.”
> I then started kissing her neck as I placed my hands on her hips and fondled her ass, and slowly worked my way up to her tits.
>You probably realize by now that I'm a “Tit Man”. I love a firm pair of tits more than anything else on a woman.
>I fondled her tits for several minutes while kissing her neck, then moved around in front of her.
> I bent over, moved her hand out of the way and started sucking on her tits.
> After a minute or two of that, I got down on my knees in front of her and slowly started to slide her panties down.
>“Keep going.” I said.
>Once I got her panties down, she stepped out of them and I moved her legs apart again. She was completely dry and closed up.
>She was probably not even touching her clit or lips the whole time, but I didn't really expect her to.
>“Lick your right index finger. Get it nice and wet. Slobber all over it, then use it to wet your pussy. I want to see your pussy lips open and glistening.”
>She did as she was told, tears still streaming down her face.
>Her pussy was still not responding, so I took her hand and spit on her fingers. “Rub that in to your pussy lips. I want you pussy wet and open.”
>“Master?” she asked.
>“What is it, Slave?”
>“Please, I can't have sex with you, Master. It hurts too much. Please...” she begged, and then started sobbing louder.
>I was torn. I was starting to feel a bit sorry for her, but I really wanted to fuck this firm, young body.
> I finally decided that I would save fucking her for another day.
>“Slave, have you ever sucked a cock?”
Keep going, OP I'm lurking and enjoying myself very much
>She looks absolutely humiliated as she says “I...<sob>...I have not...<sob> sucked... a...<sob> cock before, Master”.
>“Are you sure you have never sucked a cock before, Slave?”
> I was hoping that if she was lying, she would think I knew about it and confess.
>“My boyfriend put his in my mouth once, but it was gross and I couldn't do it, Master.”

>I walked back to my recliner and stood up in front of it, facing her. She was about 3 feet away now and completely naked except for her blue socks.
>“Get down on your knees.” I commanded.
>She complied and wiped tears from both cheeks.
>“Now get down on your hands and knees”. As she got down on her hands and knees, I noticed the way her tits were hanging. It was very nice. They still held most of their shape.
>“Crawl over to me slowly, Slave”.
>She started to crawl, but a bit too fast for me. “Slow down!” I demanded and she slowed down. When she got right in front of me, she stopped and her face was towards the floor.
>“Get back up on just your knees.”
>“Master...” she sobbed as she put her hands up in front of her like I was going to hit her.
>I think it was maybe more of a “Please keep that thing away from me” gesture.
>“Kiss my cock through my pants.” I commanded
I want you all to remeber you my name call me Story teller k i will probably post a story everyday form here on out
not call you master, it would be more fitting
File: Hentai.png (114KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 259x194px
Keep going OP. Here's some tentacle shit if you're interested.
File: 1406474733580.webm (3MB, 960x540px)
3MB, 960x540px
Also, heres a webm of the most perfect pussy ever for motivation

>She did kiss my pants, but missed my cock by several inches. It was closer to my left ball.
>“Unzip my pants, slowly.” I said.
>“Master, please, don't make me do this. I can't! It will make me throw up. Please master!” she pleaded. It will do her no good.
>“Why do you think you are here, Slave!” I yelled. “Did you think you were here to mops the floors? You are my SEX slave.
>Your job is to please me in any and every way I demand.
>You begged me not to fuck you, and for some reason I took pity on you and decided to put that off for now.
>But you WILL suck my cock or you will be tied up, beaten and then I will force it down your throat. Do you understand, Slave!? Do you!?”
>She looked terrified at my outburst and backed away just a bit and said, almost hysterically “Yes, Master! I understand! I will do it. Please, Master!"
>“You will do what, Slave?”
>“I will suck your cock, Master.”
>“You've went and pissed me off now. Maybe I will just take out my anger by tying you up and taking you by force!”
>“Please, Master, No! Please, I will suck your cock. I promise.
>I'll do it just like you like if you tell me how. I've never done it before and I don't know how. Please, Master, let me do it!"
>“Ask me nicely.” I said.
>“Please, Master, may I suck your cock?”
>“Convince me.”
>“Please, Master. I want to suck your cock. I will do it for as long as you want. Please, Master. I will put it in my mouth and suck on it for you.
>Please. I'm begging you. Please let me suck your cock!”
If it what the people want then call me master K
Master story teller
story teller master
File: 1406333549016.jpg (54KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 600x800px
I'm calling you the faggot that posts shit. get the fuck on with it
I dont have the sauce i took it from a webm thread on /b/ yesterday, sorry bro
Lurking here

>“Ok. You may suck my cock. Slowly unbutton and unzip my pants, and slowly pull them down. Leave my underwear on for now.” (I wear boxers.)
>She did as she was told and I stepped out of my pants.
>“Now, reach your hand in through the leg of my underwear and caress me.”
>She reached her hand in and clumsily fondled my balls.
>“Take your other hand and pull my cock out of the hole in front.“ She immediately did as requested.
>“Kiss it.”
>She puckered up and laid a quick kiss on the tip of the head;
>about like you would kiss your grandma goodbye.
>“Stick your tongue out and lick it.”
>She looked up at me like I had just asked her to lick a pigs ass, but stuck her tongue out and gave it a quick lick.
> Her tongue was quite long and pointed. That would come in handy.
>“Take your tongue and lick all over the head until I tell you to stop. Keep caressing my balls.”
> I had her do this for a minute or so and then told her to lick along the shaft. She definitely has a nice tongue.
>After a minute or so of this I pushed her head away and told her to pull my underwear down slowly. As she pulled them down,
> she looked fairly repulsed by the full view of my cock and hairy balls.
>“Lick my balls.” I demanded.
>She let out a quiet sob, but started licking my balls. I was very close to exploding. My balls were literally aching at this point.
>I had to release this load soon. I decided it would take too long to teach her proper blow job
>techniques so I just said “Suck my cock now.”
>At this point I realized what a risk I was taking.
> I had not yet come up with a way to prevent her from biting me, so I decided to rely on fear.
>I grabbed her by the hair to stop her from putting my dick in her mouth yet and said “Listen to me very carefully.”
Its ok
File: 1405211991840.jpg (125KB, 797x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125KB, 797x1200px
what the people want, is for you to hurry the fuck up with the story.
>I jerked her head back a bit for emphasis and continued,
> “If you bite me, or hurt me in any way, I will torture you to death.
> If you hurt me badly, I will go to the hospital with you tied up down here, starving and sitting in your own shit, until I recover
> When I get home, I will torture you almost to the point of death.
> I will then let you heal for a few days and then torture you almost to death again.
>That will be your life for as long as I can keep you barely alive. And once you do die, I will spend the rest of my life tracking down and killing everyone you know.
>Do you understand?” I saw that in some movie once. I hope she hasn't seen it.
>She looked horrified by what I had said and replied “I promise I won't hurt you, Master”.
>“Good. Suck my cock now.”
>She looked up at me, apparently hoping I would change my mind, or tell her what to do. I wanted to see what her idea of sucking a cock was.
>I almost laughed out loud when I found out.
>Whatever she was doing felt weird, so I told her to look me in the eyes. She stopped sucking when she looked at me.
got me wet
File: n.png (83KB, 183x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 183x275px
>“Keep sucking and look me in the eyes while you do it.” I said.
>It was then that I realized she was literally sucking it, like you would a straw in your soda. Her cheeks were caving in each time she sucked in.

>At this point I didn't care. I was about to explode, but figured I should warn her.
>“Slave, I am going to come in your mouth now. Do not take your mouth off until I tell you to, or you will be punished.”
> She tried to say something, probably begging me not to come in her mouth, but I couldn't understand her with my dick in her mouth.
>This was going to be a huge load. I was not going to punish her for taking her mouth off but she didn't need to know that.
>I wanted her to at least try to take the come in her mouth. It takes practice to be able to do that, especially with the load I was about to blow.
>The “sucking” she was doing was not very stimulating, so I grabbed the back of her head and started pushing her up and down on my cock, almost but not quite gagging her.
>She let out a small grunt each time my cock bumped the back of her throat.
>It took about 30 seconds to start blowing my load. I firmly held her head in place as I shot the first load in to her mouth.
>She tried to pull back but I kept her head in place and rammed it into her again as the second load flew in to her mouth.
>She was putting her hands on my thighs now and trying to push me away.
>I felt the third load fly out just as she managed to pull her mouth off of it. The come landed on her face and partially in one eye.
> She jerked her head back as the come hit her eye. I grabbed her by the hair and held her head in place as I shot the last few loads in to her face while masturbating.
slave K, get on with it
> She jerked her head back as the come hit her eye. I grabbed her by the hair and held her head in place as I shot the last few loads in to her face while masturbating.
> She attempted to block it with her hands, but most of it ended up on her face.
>I finished masturbating myself and looked down at her. She was gagging and spitting on the floor. I let her spit a few more times the told her to look at me.
>She still had a few globs of come on her face. I took my finger and scraped up one of the blobs.
>“Open your mouth, Slave”
>“Master, I can't... it's so gross. I'll vomit. Please, Master!”
>I had now had enough of her arguing back. I grabbed her roughly by the hair and yelled “Open your fucking mouth, bitch!”

>I put my finger on her tongue and wiped the come on it.
>“Swallow it!”
>“Mathter!” she said as she tried to not let the come touch the rest of her mouth.
>“Swallow it!!!” I yelled.
>The look on her face was priceless as she closed her mouth and tried to swallow it.
>She gagged and her face contorted, but she managed to swallow it after a few tries.
Ok everyone Master k will wrap up the story soon ill be back tomorrow with a better story everyone alright?
Nice try
Lost is at matter. Keep going

File: 20140711_155500-1.jpg (205KB, 1976x1152px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205KB, 1976x1152px
alright master k
It occurs to me that this should be tagged appropriately and posted to Tumblr.

>open your mouth!” I inspected it to make sure she really swallowed it.
>I then wiped off several more spots of come and wiped them on her tongue.
>“Swallow it!”
>This time it was a little easier for her.
>“Good Slave” I praised, “It will get easier the more you do it.
>I will expect you to soon be able to keep your mouth on my cock as I come, and swallow it all without taking your mouth off.”
>She just looked at me, not sure what to say.
>“You have pleased your Master. I have decided not to punish you for taking your mouth off. In fact, I will give you a nice reward tomorrow.”
>I went upstairs and grabbed some food and a drink for her. She hadn't eaten much since she got here. I gave her the food and said
>“Clean yourself up and get dressed before you eat.”
>“Thank you, Master.' she said, but it wasn't very sincere.
>I looked back as I was closing the bottom door. She sat there on her knees, naked and beautiful. This is as good as it gets.

>I went back upstairs and slept.
that's it im done ill be back tomorrow with a continuation or different story Master K is out
File: 694.png (38KB, 420x413px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 420x413px
totally legit.
File: Thread.jpg (42KB, 499x331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 499x331px

around 2pm maybe dont hold me to that

it fuckin killed me though didnt eat or take a piss im tired and hungry as shit now i shoulda fully pre heated before serving
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