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ITT Post the sexiest thing youre qt 3.14 has ever said to you

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Post the sexiest thing youre qt 3.14 has ever said to you IRL
Ill start
>"I love blow jobs, they make me super wet"
Forerver alone fags welcome as well
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Come on, i know theres some /b/tards that have actual relationships
"We need to meet Felicia Day in real life so we can take her home and do stuff to her."
>"Would you be with me if i broke up with him?"
>"Would you be abel to have sex with me if i left him?"
File: 1406247743242.jpg (23KB, 500x500px)
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Daaaaamn dude
for real
>hit that
> " I have a porn video of a girl with a dog "
Trust story, just happened, I was looking through her old CD's of where she had been saving files. Knew she had a porn stash, found some hentai, and then when I asked her about it she brought up that one. She was afraid I'd judge her, but I love my dirty girl.
Fuck her but don't get with her. Not worth it.
File: 1405909222604.jpg (46KB, 455x427px)
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Post sauce bro, people like that beastility stuff
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>am I allowed to come now?

the first time I made my girl orgasm
>"you know you are fuckable, right?"
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>am I ALLOWED to cum now
>"That's it! Keep sucking my nipples like that and I'll let you do whatever you want to me!"

That was a good day
(from the same girl)
"Would you be interested involving another couple, any maybe having a little group play?"
>"I don't know why but it turns me on so much when I feel you cuming inside me"
Oh i will got this shit all planned out.
She left him 1 week ago, but that was cuz he cheated and i just happen to be friends with the girl.
I have always been the shoulder to cry on.
`Please stop!`
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Nipples are the SHIIIIIT
Godamn I love my girls nipples
their all fat and shit, just thick, suckable nipples.
Godamn. Could suck on them all day.
You're hurting me!
I'm begging you!
Your cum is so sweet
Perfect natural blonde I use to bang.

>"Lick my pink asshole."
>Me "God yes!"
>dont you dare fucking stop
>various forms of "can i cum" or "im cumming"
uk, because even though i can tell,
i like that stuttered
way girls talk when theyre about to climax

or one of my favorites
>masturbate? thats what im here for
Would, but we never found the porn stash, she's got hundreds, maybe even thousands of discs. I just found like 4 hentai videos in fucking real player format.
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>Stealth mode
Hell yeah bro
Seriously though
Hit that
Im expecting thread where you're all like
>yo, I hit that
Do it
>do it
"I want you to slide your hard cock between my tits and shoot a huge load all over my face."
Yeah lol we were being kinky and edging each other n shit hard with foreplay.

>mfw I hadnt even put it in yet
"Please insert 25 cents to continue"
"Are you gonna cum in my ass?"
>as I'm taking her anal virginity
Can I stand on your head?
lol first time i did that to my girl
her face was a priceless mix of

she said nothing other than
>wow thats hot
i think she was talking about my cum temp
because i was doggin it
I have a cool qt3,14 but she doesn't like ass licking
>feels bad man
dude that feel

i mean, ive sneaked some in when 69
but shes a jittery one
doesnt like me down there for too long
I have been talking with gf of mine about that
for her it's not only temp. She said she loves the feeling of blood float in dick when one is cuming
+the feeling of something nice filling her pussy
they fear of shitting or farting in our faces but honestly I can take the risk, ass tastes and feels so fucking good
"I want you to fill me with your cum, but only once you're thumb is all the way in my asshole"

>This is why birthdays are great
Man it is especially when the girl just loves and wants you to do all kinds of breast and nipple play. Day I found out my GF pulls out nipple clamps with a chain, attaches them on and tells me to pull on it as we fuck. FUCK YES as I grab that chain with my mouth aaaaaa fuck, great memories
>you're thumb
>you're thumb Harry
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cumming in that pussy is literally the best feel ever.
OP here
Im all
"I really, really want to cum inside you"
Shes all
>"Baby, do whatever you want with me"
While on phone, she told me that we "should totally try masturbating in the back of a bus"
She was kinky as fuck.

Ok, so i originally typed 'untill you're all the way in my asshole' then realised i should mention the thumb cos otherwise sounds like anal sex. so i added it in and forgot to change the you're to a your.

my bad.
>sitting in a bus
>gf next to me
>get boner
>"anon do you want me to take care of that?"
>proceed to get handjob in a bus
The qt3.14 42 yr old grill i was bangin at 19 didn't say shit that was that sexy, but one day she just pull a face and leak out about 400lbs of cum and I was like DAAAMN
>"do whatever you want to me"
This line right here said by any QT.pi will ignite so many dirty desires
ill bet shes super ugly and fat
> "I love watching you cum"

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How long did you last?
id be like, maybe 30 seconds
Fucking A
yeah, she squirts a lil
she cant tell if its pee or not
so she doesnt let me drink from the oasis :/
i just like fillin holes with goo
like it or not lol
Yeah, you like that you fucking retard?
i would never take you out shopping shoes with me
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>"You know, I do like anal aswell"
I've only watched 3 Animes, only enjoyed two, those being Toradora and Girls Und Panzer
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Its like, when you least expect it they break out the kinky
and all you can say is
>Yes ma'am, I do, in fact, want to put it there
Hell yeah
Earlier in the night she'd been a grade A cunt and pissed me right off then when I got back to our tent she let me do her up the ass and kept telling me to go harder and punish her.

File: 1382066518827.jpg (257KB, 1600x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bumping with some Hi-res ass
File: 1381006317805.jpg (374KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Better stop jerkin and lurkin, post fuckers
File: 1382066429360.jpg (151KB, 1016x703px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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One more then im switching to moblie
Lurkers better represent
Forever alones are welcome, post your stories bros!
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Will do.
Might be done tonight just got a txt "I'm coming by open the door"
Wish me luck, not that i need it.
>I wanna do it in an alley just out of sight.. or maybe where they can just see us.

also (when she put in 2 pigtails for the first time)

>Ah, I feel like such a little girl. Tell me teacher, how do I raise my grades?
"You're amazing" - whispered as she lay still shaking from on orgasm
"OH MY GOD"X50 - Polish accent made it extra hot.
"You haven't cum yet? I've had like 8" - Whisky dick, bane of my existence
my beautiful goddess told me

>"dont look at me you ugly shit"

10/10 she wants the dick
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"please cum in my mouth"

damn i miss her
>"you gonna cum for me baby? I want you to cum inside me."
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recent from last saturday on the way home
"are you opposed to road head?"
proceeds to suck me off all the way home. fucked all night and morning until my dick was raw. love that girl
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Thread posts: 63
Thread images: 21

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