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>Explain your fist time

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>Explain your fist time
I lost it to a hooker, beat that!
>be me, 37th birthday
>convince one of the other librarians to come out for a drink
>put on my cleanest shirt and everything
>she said "happy birthday anon" and gave me a kiss on the cheek
>shot my wad in my pants immediately
>metro boy
>hipster bar
>Sicilian slut
>three days later
>Howl's Moving Castle in the background
I was staying with her at her parents house and we were in her room, we started making out and shit, (the night before we rubbed shit and she sucked me off)
she was a virgin too, tried the puss, wouldn't fit, no lube or anything.
"Can we try anal?"
"Sure, just be careful"
I proceed to lick and finger her ass until I could fit 3 fingers in.
Proceeded to fuck ass until I came and then I licked her puss and ass some more.
Not romantic but damn it was good.
Ass taste more irony than I thought.
I was 14 at a party, went up to my friends sisters room. Gave him head, he got on top of me and fucked the shit out of me
>tfw you can never taste 14yo pussy

...faganon or fem?
I'm a female haha
Went over to the girls house. We laid in her bed to watch a movie. Things started getting frisky. Told her I had some condoms in my bag, should I get them. She said yes. She played some music on her lap top and boom goes the dynamite
It was about two years ago. I now have a one year old.
>tfw you will never a slutty 14yo
>inb4 chris hanson, I said "will never"
>be 16
>with gf
>both virgins
>she tells me she'd love to lose her virginity to me
>time comes
>have slow boring sex for 45 mins
>she stops me and says "ok, thanks"

nobody came, nobody had fun, was just weird and boring. We split up a few weeks later without ever sleeping with each other again.
We were in the back of my car and after about two strokes a cop pulled up behind us and that was the end of that.

I really miss high school.
>fist time
I've never had a fist time :/
HELLO, hence the no virgin logo.
>be me
>be 19
>be with gf home alone
>start making out
>goes down with my hand
>she whispers to my ear "this is my swamp"
>she grabbed me with her big femanon hands
>dad gets into the room
>she says: its all faggot now
>disappears by the window
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>be me @ 14(21 now)
>meet up with girl ive been flirting with for a while
>got my parents house to myself
>we know where its going
>she is hestiating
>"we can stop at any point, just say the word"
>gets the pussy

Worst sex of my life, lasted for about 10 minutes before it started to hurt too much for her

pic related
File: OpobSkP.gif (246KB, 500x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>17 years old.
>met a girl over the Summer while on vacation in SoCal. (I live in Norcal and have family in SoCal)
>we talk and she eventually becomes my girlfriend.
>3 Months pass, I visit again for Christmas
>went to a New Years Party, got wasted with her.
>went back to her house because her parents were away.
>proceeds to her parents master bedroom and lay on her parents King size bed.
>she mounts on top of me, we make out, I, being the beta I was, asked, "can I put it in?" lawl. She nods and we fuck.
>10 minutes later, I hear keys unlocking the door. Try to put my boxers, but I'm too late.
Well we were both 16 and it felt so right, sleeping all day staying up all niiiightt. Until she bleed all over the fucking sheets man, that fucking sucked. We kinda just stuck to blowing each other for a while after that lol
oh, you mean FIRST time...I thought you paid a hooker to fist you.

File: BUENO.jpg (88KB, 641x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 641x534px
>be 17
>been with dreamgirl since 16
>she claimed to be a lesbian until she met me
>took me half a year to get into her pants
>making out as usual in my bed she starts panting hard
>kiss her collarbone (says that really gets her going)
>work my way down her belly
>make my way down to her pants, i glance up, she nods in approval
>unbutton, she blushes as i take off her underwear
>eat her out for fucking ever
>eventually she says "hey i came 5 minutes ago ,"you want a turn?"
> take off pants, slip on a condom because i'm not an idiot
>finger her for a second
>stick it in
>makeout and fuck for like 10 minutes
>tell her i'm close
>she says go for it
>cum, rub her clit til she cums
>mfw when i watched a lot of porn and asked a Girl-friend what to do
hottest most amazing gf i ever had used to play that song all the time while i was fucking her

dem feels
>be me
>be 26
>ugly as fuck
>tfw no gf all life
>take car
>call hooker
>meet at parking lot
>fuck her in the car
>say thank you
>go home
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great beer.gif
477KB, 320x240px
>be out on the lake fishing with gf
>nothing really biting
>grab a Miller to pass the time
>gf tells me she's getting cold
>it was getting kind of late
>start feeling a little frisky
>gf way into it
"I know a way we can warm up, Anon"
>a little nervous, but just go with it and trust my instincts
>we undress as we kiss, but only a little
"You okay with doing this?"
>she's fuckin ready
>go at it slowly cause in a fuckin canoe
>mfw it was just like drinking a Miller for the first time
>mfw fucking close to water
Fuck yeah I feel you man, that was the jam back in the day no matter what anyone says
That was almost some kind of adolescent rap.

We were both 16 and it felt so right
sleeping all day, staying up all night
couldn't get it in first time, got anxious and soft then we stopped.
>Be me 16 f
>Prom Season, teenage promiscuity in the air
>I was one of the volunteers to finish some of the decorations
>My partner is the schools football captain
>Painting and his shirt gets dirty takes it off
>He's a 10/10 perfect body and face and everything
>The room is hot I take off my cardigan and I only have a thin shirt under
>I try to open the art room door, we're locked in
> I grab a water bottle and spill it all over me, it was that hot.
>My shirts too cold I take it off. I'm only wearing a bra and a high-waisted skirt now
>my double-d boobs prevent me from doing anything right.
>I bend over and one pops out.
>The look on his face was great, he begins to kiss my nipple as I grab his bulge through his jeans
>he puts his hands down my skirt and ribs my clit
>I take off my panties and I am only wearing a skit now.
>He unzips his jeans and his throbbing cock jumps out
>he is massaging my clit with his cock
>I'm so wet
>I moan
>No I say. And we wait till marriage 15 years later.
who was it
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20KB, 470x336px
>me at 16
>been dating gf for about 2 or 3 weeks
>she lives with her mom
>which is out of town with her bf
>obviously gonna stay the night there since she's gone
>fast forward to night time
>watching tv
>begin to make out
>gets a little more touchy feely
>she stops me
>"hey anon, you sure you want to do this?"
>I have said no to other chicks cause I didn't wanna lose my V card to a slut and she knows this
>"I just want to make sure your sure about this"
>dick is full on diamond ready to drill
>"yeah of course I'm sure otherwise I wouldn't of taken your and my pants off"
>fucking women logic
>go back to hardcore making out
>full blown tounge version now
>playing with her tits cause...well they are tits
>move in for the kill
>still kissing so gotta feel my way around
>dick makes contact with her pussy
>start rubbing my dick against her pussy
>she is so damn wet at this point
>she notices and gets even more into kissing
>realize my virginess can't handle this
>instantly blow a load all over the couch
>mfw I came before I even got inside
>she wonders why I've stopped
>I point to the side of the couch
>she giggles and starts kissing me again while stroking my dick
>this time I go straight for the goal
>get back into position and locate her honeypot
>shove my dick right into her dripping pussy
>feels good man
>proper sex begins
It's not a song or anything. Ocean Avenue by yellowcard.
>mfw when
>be 13
>at a friend's house having a small kickback
>get drunk af for the first time
>start hitting on a girl
>I can tell she's into me by the way she's looking at me
>grab her and kiss her
>shit starts getting intense from heavy breathing to crotch grabbing
>go upstairs to some bedroom and I lay down on the bed
>im drunk af my eyeseight keeps getting blurrier
>dick still hard as a rock
>next thing I remember is bitch jumping on my dick and then i fell asleep
>wake up alone the next morning feeling like the most alpha motherfucker

I was actually too drunk to use a condom and I ended up getting her pregnant. She was 4 months in until she fell down some escalator and had a miscarriage. I dodged a bullet there.
File: 1406079650642.gif (482KB, 434x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
482KB, 434x360px
> be 17
> at home alone with friend
> 8/10 blonde girl
> movie watching turns into tickle fighting
> tickle fighting turns into playing with her legs
> I get the eyes
Yes. Those eyes.
> I finger her
> bluff it out like I've had sexual encounters before, which I haven't
> she wants to cum
> gets up
> "This is weird, anon"
> putting away dick that I pulled out while fingering
> she never noticed it until now
> walks over to it
> gives me the eyes again
> attempts to sit on it, feel slight resistance from an intact hymen
> she stops lowering herself after that point
> I'm in a blind fit of sexual energy
> grab her waist and force her down
> she looks like she died
> her face is that of concealed pain and utter shock
> her pussy is bleeding
> my dick hurts bad now
> thready breathing ensues while she pulls herself off my bloodied dick
> she's clutching her abdomen area
> get her ice
> years stream down her face as she tends to her torn vagina
> After some time she gets up
> she walks up to me with water dripping down her beautiful thighs
> she slaps me. I take it
> "I oughta rip your dick off. Better yet, I should call my parents. Or the cops."
> Fuck.
> "But this is as much my fault as it is yours. Your lucky you didn't hurt me deeper in."
> Relief.
> I get slapped again. I take it again
> she grabs her car keys and walks out towards the front door to leave
> she stops before door, I get a half angry, half bittersweet smile
> "Next time, okay?"
> nod in pure amazement
> she shuts the door behind her
> I dodged a huge fucking bullet
> there was no text time
> somehow we still managed to be friends
> fast forward a few months (it was the summer before my senior year in high school)
> end up fucking another 8/10.
> underclassman
> rides like a champ
> gg Blondie
> gg
>be 14, betafag with 9.5/10 GF
>after school we'd go behind the buildings and make out
>she asked if I wanted her to suck my dick
>she does it once, we don't have enough time for a full BJ
>she occasionally sucks my dick, but never to the point in which I cum
>eventually I convince her that we should fuck behind there once
>we get back there, not expecting anything, and she gets on top of me
>she ain't got no panties on
>unzips my zipper
>dick shoots up like a rocket
>we fuck, but only for about 3-5 minutes.
>neither came, but feelsgoodman

part 2 if anyone is interested
he propably hates you for that you stupid cunt
Lost it to my girlfriend of 6 months she was a virgin too, her a 20yo and me 17 was pretty good, we dated for another year and a half and she loved to fuck, i ended up leaving her because she was straining my already almost nonexistant social life and started being a bitch
>be 17 yold, and racist as fuck.
> 17 year old black girl puts her phone in your pocket at a party.
>Shows up at your house the day after.
> Makeout session on my Couch,
> Fuck her silly inb my moms bed while 2 of my friends where playing computer games at my room.
> 1 friends enter the room. Omg it reeks of sex in here.
>Get here to do the dishes,
> The end

> My First.
all of my wuts
File: thatfeel.png (18KB, 450x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 450x450px
>First time
File: DLX3EUB.gif (2MB, 400x304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x304px
>it was her father and mother.
>her dad screams at me and tells me to get the fuck out.
>have no car, it's 3am.
>her mom calms down the father eventually, while I'm sitting downstairs.
>they let me stay only until I get picked up in the morning.
>I lay in a little 4x9 closet, wondering if her father would come kill me.
>she comes in and tells me they're asleep.
>she joins me and we continued to fuck throughout the night. I came several buckets until I shot blanks.
>I got picked up at 7am and laughed about it with my family.

I'm not longer dating this girl, we broke up 3 years ago after a 3 year Relationship.
10 layers outta 10
>high school
>pretty good 8/10 blond girl in my class approaches me in the hall while I was just out to go to the toilet
>"hey anon follow me"
>decide fuck it, history was shit then anyway and my teacher was an asshole so I might as well stall time
>I could tell something was up when she first asked me to follow her
>she walks into an empty classroom
>walks into the class storeroom
>fucking right before my eyes she rips off her shirt and whips out her tits at me
>"hey anon can you please fondle them for me?"
>my fucking dick
>ask why whilst trying to hide my rocket
>"well I saw other kissing in the hall, and you're pretty cute"
>I don't have the fucking time to just be standing there
>walk straight up to her and start groping her nice tits
>stick my dick in while I'm at it
>cum on her plump thighs literally 30 seconds later
She then put on her clothes, and walked out of there like nothing had ever happened
>detention by history teacher for taking too long out of class
Fuck you, Kim.
>be 14
>flirt with girl on my bus for a few days
>tell her to come over one night
>she does
>we bang
>she blabs to the entire school about how good I was [i wasn't]
>she blabs to the entire school about how hung i was [i was average]
>spend the next 4 years of high school as the discreet guy all the popular girls were fucking behind their boyfriends backs
>no regrats
>Be me exactly ten days before my 17th birthday
>Go round a good friend's house to get drunk
>He invites a girl
>She's quite chubby but 9/10 face, scrubs up well
>I also have a thing for fat chicks
>Anyway my friend was the one who wanted to fuck her
>He's too beta though
>As we get drunk the girl realises that nothings gonna happen between the two of them and that I am obviously the better catch
>Heavy kissing/fondling ensues, with friend still in the room
>She starts sucking my dick out of fucking nowhere. Friend still in room
>We hear his mother coming so me and the chick pretend to be asleep/passed out
>She comes in the room and the two of them talk about whatever the fuck
>After she leaves me and the girl are still pretending to be asleep
>Suddenly friend says ''Anon man you could have at least put your dick away''
>be 9
>12 year old cousin tries to get me to hump her
>find out I am impotent
I was at a music festival where you can camp, goes for 3 nights. On the third day I was going to stay the night/stay up all night. I had friends there doing speed and weed. I was just smoking some weed. Anyway later we were dancing to some reggae dubstep, and this girl starts dancing real close like. So I move towards her and we dance and eventually start hooking up. My friends moved on so I did too, the girl followed for a while but disappeared. Fastforward through the night and I get bored and go looking for her. Find her at the same stage dancing alone. Resume where we left off, eventually start hooking up outside the dance area and she invites me back to her tent. I'm thinking yes this is it don't fuck it up. We small talk on the way there, she asked how old I am, told her I was 17, she was 17 too. Was actually 16 but thought it was better to lie so she wouldn't think I was too young. We got back to her tent and things were going well. We undressed and I felt my dick plunge into wet pussy for the first time. It was great until my dick decided to go soft. I was thinking this can't be happening now seriously the one time I need it. But I didn't have a fit, we just stopped and I felt bad. We cuddled for a while then Ileft. In hindsight we probably could have tried again but iI was just really depressed cause my penis let me down when I needed it. Fuckin asshole.
So I got into a long distance relationship with this girl. I had never even been kissed, was 17. Fairly new to the internet, so the idea of liking someone out there on the other side of my little world felt cool, plus she liked me too.

Anyway, the day finally came a year into talking. I flew out to meet her (she'd later fly out to meet me and so on and so forth till I dumped her for being crazy, met a local girl and realized how dumb I was). So I get there, I'm nervous as fuck. At least she looks like her pictures and her family seems nice enough.

She noticed I was acting weird and it was because I couldn't poop. I'd been there a day now and I guess nerves had kept me from wanting to go. I didn't shit for like three days up until the trip too. I tried to go on the plane but couldn't. So it was building in me, a nasty storm of various unmentionable food stuffs.

When she goes to talk to her mom about whatever, I jam down the hall to the bathroom, thinking if no one knows where I am, I can finally unleash the beast. It hurts at first, and feels almost sharp. Like a dagger of shit right at my ass opening. I couldn't figure out the lock on their broken door, but somehow omitted it from my now poop addled mind. Only something was wrong. I heard her asking where I was. She must've seen the light. Why would she come in here though? Because she's fucking weird that's why.

She opened the door. I was mortified. The shit took this moment to completely evacuate, sensing it's last chance for the entire duration of my week long trip. The sharp arrowhead of fecal mass blasted my asshole to literal shreds. A tear ran down my cheek as she laughed and approached me in seemingly slow motion, still not realizing what she had wrought. She was laughing and talking about how she'd never seen a dude sit on the toilet. Then her face contorted into a grimace that haunts me to this day. My shame was complete.

being this retarded
top kek
her name was rightillia she was beautiful and felt like she knew exactly what I wanted
My first time the condom broke, no joke.
Luckily she didn't get pregnant
>15 and 8 months
>best friend of two years and me go to light festival in city
>get pretty drunk
>she holds my hand rest of the night to "stop her from falling over"
>we get back to her friends house where she shotguns spare bedroom with double bed
>she climbs under covers, pulls me in with her
>starts slow, she tells me to put my hand down her pants
>I start rubbing and clit
>she says to go in
>I finger her for a while
>she takes my pants off and starts sucking me off, trying to get me hard
>I'm fucking nervous, can't get hard
>she takes her panties off and starts grinding on me
>she puts condom from her purse on me and we fuck for 40min

She was my fuck buddy for a good 6 months after that, good times
With my first bf. I wanted to wait till we have a closer relationsip and he knows my body. We touch each other and rubs my pussy... "Put the condom".
why don't you take a seat
Spatters of feces rained down and around the bowl, unleashing the most hideous stench of sulfur and dead animals. My tattered, tender hole vomited chunks of detritus the likes of which even a garbage man could not dream up in his worst fears. Some liquid, frothy material would occasionally erupt and drip down my legs. Then it would harden and become vicious sharpness again. Then it would finally peter off into tiny, soft rabbit pellets. The entire time we locked eyes. There was no love or mirth in our affixed gaze. This was not something to be toyed with and the situation had to be handled delicately.

For several minutes nothing was said (ok maybe it was only seconds). Then she didn't run like I thought, but approached and pressed her mouth so hard into mine I could do nothing but breathe her in, mingled with my shit bowl beneath us. She retrieved my surely putrid cock from under the seat lid, and worked her mouth on it furiously. My first kiss and bj! But the smell, the feel of my now ruined ass...It was ruined.

She was overtaken with a strange lust. She rode me on the toilet right there that night. We never spoke of it again and I never knew why she cared so much about easing my pain, but I knew then and there, she was totally, utterly fucked in the head.

Her grandpa later told me I broke the toilet with my shit storm.
>I was only 9 years old
>I loved Shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies
>I pray to Shrek every night before bed, thanking him for the life I've been given
>"Shrek is love" I say; "Shrek is life"
>My dad hears me and calls me a faggot
>I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Shrek
>I called him a cunt
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
>I'm crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it's really cold
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>It's Fiona
>She says, Shrek couldn't come
>I am so happy
She whispers into my ear "I wanna be yor swamp."
>I grab her with my hands and puts her down onto her hands and knees
>She's ready
>I spread her ass-cheeks for my shrek
>I penetrate her vagina
>I roar in a mighty roar as I fill her with his love
>My dad walks in
>I look him straight in the eyes and say "It's all ogre now."
>Fiona leaves through my window

Later she comes and brings little shreck with her. What do, /b?
>We all start laughing
>Friend says he's going for a ''walk''
>After he leaves we immediately get to business
>As she's pulling desperately on my cock though I feel pain
>Assume its normal since this is my first sexual experience and just grin and bear it
>Do tell her to chill out and go slower but she just doesn't
>Because of the now slight pain in my dick I cant get it up
>Still manage to fuck all night somehow (Inb4 you cant insert a floppy cock into a vagina)
>The next morning we part ways after I ask to do this again some time
>Go home
>Go to take a piss
>Sweet Mary mother of Jesus' hairy nutsack what the everliving fuck is that
>My dick is deformed
>A huge tear running along 80% of my shaft

Wasn't all bad though, dick healed nicely in literally two weeks and now I just have a faded scar that looks badass.
Also fucked that girl for months. She came back despite me not being hard the first time because I kept hitting her G-spot. Thank fuck it's only a few inches in.
>be me, be 16
>meet 10/10 qt3.14 in class, get her number with my fake alpha skills.
>lifting for a few months, noob gains activate
>confidence is through the roof, ask her out and she says yes
>fuck yeah nigga
>fast forward a week later
>we've been making out like animals the whole week, I decide I want to take the plunge and lose the v card
>invite her over on Friday night, plan to meet up at midnight when parents are asleep
>meet up, sneak in through my window and make out like animals.
>start fingering her, this is the first time my hand has touched a vagina so I try to find the clit
>I would have found the fucking Zodiac killer down there before I found her clit, end up just kind of rubbing every part of her pussy
>this shit ain't working, plan b and tell her to show me where it feels best
>she shoves my hand like a mile up her cooch, I just say fuck it and pull out a condom and ask her.
>she says yes
> drop condom as I'm putting it on because hands shaking so bad
>condom covered in lint but it's completely dark so she can't see
>shitty planned parenthood condom with no loob, vagina is way lower than I would have thought, and all I could think of when entering was sandpaper.
>after 5 minutes of slow but gentle sex, I pull out and start to move my face down to her pussy
>tells me to stop
>thank fucking god because I had absolutely no idea what I would have done had she let me eat her out
>wants to stop for the evening, tells me she loves me (again, we've been dating for a week) and sex is just too hard for her because she loves me
>in my confused state, "I l-love you t-too"
>didn't mean it at all
>realize she wanted to stop because it physically hurt, I thought my dick was too big but she was just not wet at all, I still tell myself my dick is just too damn big
>alpha as fuck
Let me tell you about my "first time"

>Be 17
>Over friends house
>Get drunk as fuck
>He is drunk as well
>Were playing vidya and as I try to stand I fall and land on his lap
>He gets a insta-boner
>I can feel it prodding my backside
>Get up and sit down next to him
>He was wearing basketball shorts so I could see the full glory of his erection.
> Being drunk I cant help but touch it
>He lets out a gasp then pulls down his shorts
>He is fucking huge
> Wrap my hand around it and begin to jerk him off
>I get supper into it and start licking the top
>He blows his load all over my face


>3 days later
>We havent talked since that night
>I remember, but he doesn't
>Things were super awkward
>He invites me over again and I say yes
>Didnt want to say no he might think something was up.
>He proceeds to get drunk and eventually I have a few beers too.
>Oh shit.jpg
>He asks if I could do what I did the other night again
>He remembers
>Panic and I tell him I should go
>He says no and blocks the door
>Proceeds to push me on the couch and rip off my shirt
>I try to resist but he was too strong
>He then takes out his cock and forces it into my mouth
>Im crying now
>My best friend is raping me
>He proceeds to throat fuck me for 15 minutes before pulling out and slapping me with his cock
>I try and scream but he covers my mouth
>This is where it gets bad
>Forcing me onto all four he pulls down the back of my pants and spreads my legs
>He then forced himself inside of me and began to pound me relentlessly
>Hymen breaks
>I cry
>This continues for nearly the whole night him raping me repeatedly
>He eventually falls asleep
>I was too scared to move so I just sat there and cried myself to sleep.
File: wgJp6C0.jpg (204KB, 948x1265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204KB, 948x1265px
>me be 2013
>been in a spiraling drug fueled depression since ex broke up with me cus shes two years older whatever the fuck that means
>but my bitterness overrides everything
>since i turned my attention away from X I do significantly better in school
>start working out
>keep busy to keep her off my mind
>by spring break bitches in my school know my name
>they follow me on twitter and IG
>see qt3.14159
>start up a bullshit conversation
>she eats that shit up 0-100
>3 days later im in her bedroom
>this is the first time i've talked to her in person
>tweet game stronk
>proceed to facefuck her and do the deed
>mfw were both virgins
>mfw i lost my virginity in spite of X
>mfw she was 14
Went out with this chick once. didnt last long. After 4 years of being friends and seeing other people we graduate from highschool, end up single and decide to be cuddle buddies (both still pretty depressed from being dumped). Fuckin love this girl. Rockin body, loves gaming, really shy and sweet. About 3 months in we went on a ski trip to big bear mountain. Started making out in the cabin. she beats me off while i finger her. I make her cum. She gets on her knees, moaning softly and gripping the sheets. Her tight hairless pussy dripping as she tells me how much shes wanted this. I stick it in and its amazing. Was loving and rough. Feels so great but I go limp anyways about 4 mins in and stop feeling any pleasure with my dick... for no reason. I get pissed off and she comforts me. We start dating. though it happens much less than it used to. I still randomly go limp for no reason. been together 8 months now and i fucking love her. We're inseparable. Feels like a dream come true. Just...wish i could find out whats wrong with my dick..
>be me at 16
>Have thing with friends mom
>Smoke pot and drink often with friends and friends mom
>She goes for a walk in the neighborhood park and I join her
>Talking about stuff
>Sex comes up
>Before I know it, she is undressing me and herself
>Teethy blowjob
>Bit of fingering
>Missionary without a condom
>40mins later I'm still going strong
>She tells me that I can come inside her
>Kinda give up halfway, because it was in the middle of the park.
>Go back home, with my thighs soaked in vaginal juice.
>Go on /b/ and fap to some hentai, pass out.

Later on, somehow word got out about it and I had to deal with the whole CPS thing. I was called to go to a CPS building, and had no idea what it could have been about. Thankfully nothing ever went to court. A therapist actually told me that cases with underage males rarely go to court, which was a relief.
and now my dick is hard.
>be 18, a little over a year ago
>gf's 17th birthday
>Go see The great Gatsby, eh/10
>Eat at a fancy Asian place, shit was cash
>head back to her place
>We'd recently gotten into a pattern whenever we see each other:
>Intense spooning, it gets her off
>followed up with her either giving me a handjob or blowing me
>She's wearing a black dress and I've got her held from behind
>She tells me I should put it in
>last a whole 2 minutes, the both of us
>awkward as shit, no longer virgins
>steadily improve as we fucked more and more

Guess it's about as good a story as any.
>be me, 17
>at friends house for a few days, his sister has this 7/10 friend there
>friend and I go out, smoke shit loads of potpourri
>come back to his house at 3 am
>knock on his sisters window so she can unlock the door so we can get in
>her friend unlocks the door

By the way my friends were getting our shit I went ahead to get the door unlocked and to make sure it was clear for us to go in, his dad always stayed up until like 4 am
>her friend and I are watching youtube videos
>suddenly she lays right by me
>start making out
>friend comes home and passes out 3 feet away from us in his bed (we were on his bed)
>pretend to sleep
>can't sleep
>make out more
>tit grab ftw
>start fingering her
>she's going nuts, grinding on my hand and basically having an orgasm from just my fingers
>she takes off her clothes
>pray to god I'm not going to spaghetti and blow my load in 10 seconds
>fuck for about 2 hours
Sex is boring by the way. It's only interesting if I'm on top but other than that its just really warm and really wet, completely overrated in my opinion.
Part 1/?
>13 nearly 14(probably have 3 pubes to my name)
>go to friends house
>girl 8/10 calls him for sex
>says her hambeast friend is also there
>try to deny but he wanted pussy
>end up getting dragged to her house by friend
>steal a few bottles of wine from her dads cellar
>I pretend to drink and shit but I'm not feeling it
>end up getting stuck with fatty in her room listening to music and her garbage talk
>hambeast asks me if I want head
>she has those braces with the elastic sides
>commence dick shred
>ask her to stop
>she gets upset
>"oh uh i wanted you to stop because I wanna fuck"
>she gets condom
>its got that gel that numbs your dick to last longer (durex performa)
>put my dick in fatty
>fuck for a half hour
>she jerks me off
>I dont come
>I get ridiculed in school for months
>get on top of her
>get it in first try
>fuck her
>she gets on top and rides me
>put her in doggy
>decide she's shitty on top and doggy wouldn't work because all the motion it was waking my friend up
>get back on top
>fuck her for 30 minutes
>she's had like 7 orgasms by this point
>squirts all over his bed again
>power thrust in her
>friend wakes up, looks over at us
>"fucking be quiet if you're gonna do that"
>an hour later I blow my load al over her
>she starts wiping it off and eating it

Yeah sex was extremely disappointing. At one point I almost told her to stop because I wasn't getting off and wanted to play oblivion
>make out some more
>finger bang her some more
>she gets dressed and goes to sleep in her friends room
>next day she's too sore to do anything
>day after fuck for 15 minutes and had to stop because everyone came home

I got blue balled so badly at that point,
I was trying to go fast so nobody would find us.
Anyways she went batshit crazy, made my name her phone password and called me constantly. I'm not gonna say I regret fucking her but I regret almost having a relationship with her.
But yeah sex is completely overrated its not all it's hyped up to be, at all I was so disappointed. Once I lost my virginity it was so easy to get pussy, I never really tried to have sex but I tried for like 2 days and lost it to a girl I just met.
Also 2 weeks later I fucked another grill, it's like that barrier of "oh shit I wonder of she's going to be the one ill have sex
>be 16
>chilling on bro's roof with bro
>sketchy shit
>ask bro if he would bang his gf on the roof
>no dude wtf i dont wanna fall off
>"ima fuck on this roof"
>gf comes over to his house
>this time is further than usual
>condom on
>hold on babe lets go on the roof
>roof sex for 1 1/2 because too afraid to cum and lose control of my spider man grip on the tiles
>be 16
>gf 15
>get head at movie theater
>mom drops us off at house
goes shopping
>finally alone with gf
>fuck, no big deal
>went for 35+ mins had to stop
>gigantic white 7 incher must have destroyed her

sex has never been all that good and I've been with 10+ females. blow jobs on the other hand. that's my weakness
File: watdog.jpg (7KB, 197x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, 19 y/o beta britfag
>go out with Uni friends and 1 canadian guy that gets all the pussy w/e he wants
>final night out before christmas holidays and everyone goes home
>slow start, chilling in a pub then we hit clubs
>sitting in the corner with other beta fags when canadian friend starts probing us about not talking to girls
>starts pushing us into girls forcing us to converse and shit
>finally start talking to this short, easily 8/10 qt, 0 fucks given to what was being said because of being forced into it + alcohol has taken over

>next day, check facebook and theres a friend request there from curly/10
>accept and talk occasionally over christmas about random shit, actually manage to get her number aswell
>back to uni, everyones going on a night out to celebrate being back
>nights going pretty good, talk to more girls because of the confidence forced on me by canadian friend
>eventually we all get chucked out of the clubs and stumble back to a mates flat for post drinks
>sitting there in a circle playing ring of fire when drunken self decides its a good idea to ring the girl and invite her here (its 4 in the morning at this point, were all drunk and people are starting to get tired)
>"hey femanon were all having drinks at a friends, wanna come hang out?"
>"sure anon ill be right there!"
>she turns up and plays ROF with us and starts getting close.
>people start leaving and decide its time to get out of there before host gets rowdy
>tell friend he has to find a place to pitch for the night because femanon is staying at mine.
>Proceed to flat with girl
>get in tell her Ill set up camp on the floor or some shit
>"Its fine anon I dont mind sharing a bed"
>1 sentence and I turned from calm, composed drunk to spaghetti about to rupture from my ears
>get in with her fully clothed, both of us turned to look at each other
>start kissing
>thinking "holy fuck 10 seconds ago I was a kissless beta fag, look at me now mum! I pulled!"
>Be 16
>Dating online
>He's in Vermont. I'm in California.
>For his Birthday, his mom brings him out to Cali
>First time meeting
>It was pretty awesome
>They were in a hotel ... with a hot tub
>"Hey, we're gonna go to the hot tub... wanna come? No? Kay, we'll be back."
>she thought nothing of it...
>Stradle him while we are in the hor tub
>Push bikini to the side... two or three pumps later... I pull out and the next girl to get in the tub got pregnant.
>broke up 3 years later

>implying everyone on /b/ isn't a virgin
>be 18 and omega virgin
>was stupid and never really gave a fuck about education
>shitty grades and not even that smart
>the only thing I was good at was english
>speak way better than the average person in my country thanks to /b/ and online games
>sign up military
>couldn't take it anymore after one year, shit was so brainless
>made a good amount of money in kosovo though
>1 month passed and still no job
>meet girl online
>she's looking fine as hell
>kinda built up some confidence while in the military, so I tried really hard to get her in bed
>she wasn't really dtf because she doesn't knew me that good
>after one month of dating it's "official"
>she is finally ready for sex
>I'm suddenly not, way too nervous
>she initiates sex nearly every night, at least she tries to
>always find a shitty excuse
>the furthest we got was oral sex on her
>too scared that my poor performance will drive her away from me
>one night after heavy drinking with her family
>we get to her house, smoke a cigarette and lay in bed
>drunk and thought "fuck it", literally
>her legs never opened so smoothly
>intense fingering and oral sex incoming
>after about 30 minutes she grabs my junk
>first time ever a girl grabs my dick
>pulls me on top of her and sticks it in
>I'm fit, so I bang her with the force of a thousand suns
>she screams loudly, parents in same house
>I say "shut the fuck up you retard"
>she doesn't care, I should fuck her harder
>after 2 hours of raw sex I haven't come yet
>she's dissappointed that I haven't come yet
>of course I haven't, I'm drunk and nervous. She didn't knew that a drunk dicks takes forever to come
>breaks up with me telling me she couldn't take it that I have no job and spend way too much time on the computer
>hear from a friend that the reason she broke up was that I couldn't cum and she felt like I think she was ugly
>contacted me me a few days ago on facebook
>have a job now as a translator and look better than ever

What to do /b/?
>be me
>be 16 on a cruise to Alaska
>going to teen club bullshit
>ultra qt3.14159 arrives on second day, curly blonde hair shorter than me
>do fun speed dating thing at group dinner b/c the chick in charge wanted to
>perfect excuse for guys to pursue qt3.14159
>during dates guys quickly find out blondie is taken
>"What other things do you do back in CO, Chris?"
>"We'll I'm working on my Eagle Scout Award."
>"You know how to tie knots then?" she giggles
>overly obvious winky face
>dinner is over
>everyone is heading back for sleepytimes
>"Hey, Chris! Wait up!"
>my ears tell me it's the blonde
>my boner tells me it's time
>do a 540 and walk away
>begin talking
>walking and talking, go up on deck and admire the stars
>she's all cuddly and shit
>"Will you take me back?" she says
>"Well, I share a room with my parents so..."
>"No, I mean back to my room."
>Jesus appears
>nods and gives thumbs up
>back in her room, violent kissing
>"So," she said playfully, "how about those knots?"
>pulls out about 30 foot of silk rope
>mfw I like bondage
>tie her to the bed
>"Smack me," she begs
>wind up like a fucking spring
>most satisfying smack ever
>her face is bright red
>shocked look on her face
>powerfucking this girl in her room
>just go for anal
>she orgasms instantly, collapses
>I scream "get up slut"
>"yes master"
>tfw she couldn't walk the next day
> start jacking each other off
> holy fuck, someones touching my dick
> for some reasons my boners on the edge, not full
> she continues yanking whilst im focusing pretty much entirely on keeping it up enough for to do it.
> eventually she asks "want me to get on top"
> for the love of god please do, ive waited 19 years for someone to ask that.
>she does it, full insertion.
>dumbly ask her "is it in yet"
>look down and answer my question
>for some reason the only thing I can think of is that shitty aston martin or bmw(idk) billboard that says "you know you arent the first but do you really care"
>she goes on to slowly move
>concentration wavering from a mixer of the billboard picture and alcohol
>dick goes flaccid whilst inside her
>start panicking and apologizing
>femanons fine with it, end up cuddling and falling asleep.
>next morning
>wake up to penis, hard as diamonds poking her in the back
>wake her up because of it
>"haha sorry about that"
>alcohol is out of my system, spaghetti surge rising.
>"its fine" she goes ahead and starts on me again.
>get around to putting it in again
>same thing happens, flat as fucking dodo
>she says its fine again and that she has to go anyway
>not even mad, save me from this embarrassment.
>she leaves and I go off and meet friends and discuss the disaster that was my first time.
>I fucking hate billboard
File: 1387125005085.jpg (46KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 15 working on my uncle's farm for the summer. He had a bit daughter a couple years older than me. One day uncle is in town shopping. Daughter is laying in the yard is a Bikini. I'm cleaning the horse stalls in just a pair of shorts. Raging boner. Finally get my courage up to make a move. Brush her hair away from her face tell her how sexy she is. Lean on and kiss her neck run my hands down her back.
>she isn't telling me to stop I move my hand under her tail and finger her. Turn over the muck bucket behind her stand on it and slid my dick inside 3 strokes later I cum buckets. I fucked that hot mare every day after that for the rest of the summer.
>Best summer of my life.
It's an Aston Martin ad
feminazis got butthurted
> be me 16 7/10 beta
> dating 8/10
> she has a alrigHTC face but nice tits and a pretty good ass
> dating for about a month or so
>she says "hey anon are you still a virgin?"
> I just tell her the truth
> she s answers with "well your birthday is soon so maybe I could help you with that"
> fast ford 2 months
> dad is super chill so I ask him if I can bring her over and let me use his place
> he says yes
> day comes, kinda nervous but fuck it
> fuck her 3 times
> she didn't give oral so I didn't either
> when I asked her if she would she said "you pee from there"
>haven't been laid since
I was 16 got as far as third base with a lotta other girls. Kayla was her name, we did it in the back of her mom's minivan in the parking lot after school. I I hadn't jerked off in a week so I came in less than a minute.

Don't worry tho, we went again immediately after that.

About a year later I find out she got 2 years for drugs and ramming her boyfriends truck thru his house while he was inside.
first time, immediately upon entry, bro who's house it was starts hammering on his bedroom door screaming to let him in, destroys moment. decided not to count it. next time in my house undisturbed. was ok, but I fucked it up by being kind of a faggot and overly scared to hurt her (both first time) and literally appologizing/checking shes ok anytime she made a sound. things got better with that girl, but still bad, wasn't till later womens i learned we just had horrible awkward chemistry.
her breasts were like bags of sand
no fucking shame
>be me
>13 years old
>at friends house playing runescape
>because runescape was cool at this time
>his dad walks in "I'm going to visit your mom at work, I'll be back in a hour or two."
>like any teenage boys would when left alone with internet, we looked at porn
>end up masturbating together
>the we progress into handy J's
>then we explore the realm of anal
>oh god it hurt like fucking hell, but you gotta do hat you gotta do
>cum on my face
My goddamn sides have left the cosmos, never again to travel the stars
>be me 18,virgin
>met a grill at party
>1 week later we hookup, awwwyish.jpg
>we start kissing and stuff
>says she wants the d and if I ever had sex
>says yes, got no clue besides porn
>she want me to put it in,too much of a beta to do it
>says that all my hookups did it for me
>doesn't believe shit, fuckfuckfuck.gif
>tried to get it in, failed
>she sticks it in
>cum in like 2 min
>she says she enjoyed it, while we both know she didnt
>2.5 year relationship now
I lost it to a gorgeous Hungarian hooker
holy shit princess cruises???????
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