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Sup /b/ros. Just got kicked out of house along with my brother.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Sup /b/ros. Just got kicked out of house along with my brother. He failed his college class and i passed all seven of mine with a's. Anyway i just got thsi appartment and i wanted to share some highschool stories with you guys.
Hey good for you man. Leave this board and don't ever look back
First one

>Be me be 17 US gov ap class
>Teacher is a 22 year old bitch who is still taking classes on teaching
>always gets mad if you interrupt her or say somthing happend anyway other then hers
>One day im doing my work just looking down when all of a sudden "Hey sleepy wake up"
>Not knowing who she means i just ignore it She repeats it 4 time and keep in mind i have a pencil in my hand and i am taking notes for the up coming test.
>All of a sudden she slaps my desk and throws my papers on the floor
>"Anon i told you 3 times to wake up" confused i told her "Correction you told sleepy to wake up. Also it would be useless if you told me as i was awake taking notes which you just knocked off of my desk."
>Tells me im disrespectful makes me stand in the back of the class and takes all of my notes.
Go into class
Handcuff bitch teacher
Rape her bitch ass
Second one
>Few months later after christmas break
>Had just turned 18
>Debate time in government class
>Super left wing homosexual is saying all this shit about environmental protection
>All of a sudden he says we need to destroy all oil refineries, gas stations, and gas powered cars
>Tell him we could slowly integrate it without completely destroying society and that he should not always be so extreme in his solutions.
>He tells me the earth will be dead in 10 years if we dont do anything
>I tell him earth is not alive it is a giant space rock
>Continue to say as long as we are consious of our decisions some will make good choices and the environment will get better.
>He tells me im wrong
>I procede to find and give him 5 credable scientific sources to show im right
>Tells me im stupid and that i know nothing of the environment
>Says he won the debate as he knows science and stuff
>His exact words "I know science and stuff"
>Science and stuff
>Valid argument
>After class contemplate suicide as people like him exist
>Decide not to as he is failing class and I'm doing fine.
>Same teachers class
>She has some thing against farting
>Gave one kid isi because he farted
>One day we are taking test and i sneeze
>She suddenly just yells "Anon im tired of your shit"
>Don't think about what im about to say and suddenly say "Ok then fuck you"
>Realize what i said to late.
>Kept a strait face entire class is looking at me
>She explodes and tells me im an ungrateful punk and that i she is going to get me expelled
>Figure ive already done myself in i say
>go for it
>I get isi that story next
And OP was never heard from again
>Next day
>be in Isi (for anybro who is to uneducated that means in school suspension)
>Not really a punishment as you still have lunch which is 45 minutes
>ISI room is right next to room 249
>room 249 special education department
>Always hear stories of how they somtimes make detention kids bond with shortbus kids
>Guess they think it will make people grateful
>Get told im going to share my work with Jordie
>Im like "Oh shit jordie"
>Jordie is insane
>He was fine until 7th grade when he got hit in the head with a baseball bat
>He has mental break downs where he attacks the person who set him off.
>For some reason he is afraid of vacuum cleaners.
>Anyway im doing precal with jordie (who seemed pretty cool) when im asked to go talk to Mr.Anon the vice principle
>Mr.Anon ask why im there as i have a perfectly clean record and have never even gotten written up (detention) and i've gone to state and international rally (academic competitions)
>Tell him teacher told me she was tired of my shit after i sneezed
>So i returned with an obscenity of my own.
>Ask exactly what i said so i told him
>He laughs and said he will deal with the problem and gives me a handbook to read.
>He tells me to go to page 46
>I read page 46 when i see somthing highlighted "In any incident where a teacher and student get into a verbal or physical encounter that is inappropriate the one who initiated will be the one who is dealt with.
>Mfw i figure out this means i should not be in trouble
>Mfw Mr.anon calls teacher in and tells me to go back to ISI room while he talks to her
>Get back in room to find all my belongings in pieces (glad i didn't bring psp that day)
>Ask what happend and jordie says Leon did it.
>Leon is ash and Jordie is garry oak if you catch my drift
>Leon says it was Jordie
>Jordie has one of his famous break downs
(running out of space will con. in next post)
Slow as hell
Fuck you. Type faster
>Jordie is throwing shit everywhere (mostly my shit)
>Hits leon in the face with a chair like a wooden one not even plastic
>Leon is knocked out and jordie darts out of the door
>Mr.Anon comes in and i let him know what happend
>He tells me my record is clear and that i will be getting a written apology from Ap us gov teacher
>He also says they will cover all of my broken goods and ripped text books
>Says i should go home for the day as all of my work is ruined
>At his point im pretty happy i mean i just watched a tard get dunked another who is mentally insane just broke loose into the school, im getting a mandatory apology from a bitch who hates me, and i get out of school early with all my work exempt
>Lifes good
>I end up going home early but i found out what happend the next day from friends and Mr.Anon
>Mr.Anon was pretty much my buddy from then on we sometimes go grab a drink at local pub he got me out of more trouble then you guys know
>Anyway back to what happend
>Apparently jordie got into the girls gem.
>the girls looked themselvs in the shower (which has a gate) to protect themselves
>the tard wranglers eventually prodded him back into room 249 with some vacuum cleaners
(Next post can either be about spanish class or the mandatory religion class as it was a private school, i ahve some stories about both but relegion was my senior year anyway your call b)
go on OP
Well since people are on my ass ill just go chronologically with spanish and precal which are back to back so stories tie in
>few weeks after tard incident im just chillin in precal talking to teacher
>He is a 60 year old vietnam vet and a pretty cool dude
>Tells me how he hates this class as half of them are black (Pre cal is my only basic class tho i took it with seniors) trash
>It's about 15 minutes into class when some nigger bitches start being loud talking about reggie (fucking cheep niggers)
>I think nothing of it at the time but my teacher Suddenly laughs and yells "I got you now" Everyone shuts up stairs at him except me as i know he has just had a breakthrough
>He walks up to the niggers and gives them forums and tells them to report to the school nurse
>Find out the next day from him when they arn't there that he gave them drug test forums (you don't have to take drug test unless you are on a sport and a coach has to give it, they are all cheerleaders and he is a coach)
>Any way they all failed and had their backpacks searched by the local police
>one of them was charged with possesion with the intent to sell to minors and use she is still in prision (Statelaw but im sure you know what state it is)

Next post is about spanish
File: 1404765684360.jpg (5KB, 433x277px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 433x277px
type faster op i'm actually interested
>Well i also took spanish with these niggers
>Spanish was not fun for me
>The fact that i had to learn this filthy language for scholership was sickening
>Well my teacher was in the same situation as my Ap Gov teacher
>She was in her 20s and still in college
>Well she was "friends" with these niggers
>A few people started rumors that i had reported the niggers to Precal teacher
>Find out all my stoner buddies hated them as they sold reggie and everyone who bought besides other stoners only bought from them as it was so cheap and they were to dumb to know the differnece
>End up being praised by everyone except this teacher (And the nigger bitches baby daddies but that will be next post)
>Well this teacher is handing back quiz one day and i see i made a 0
>No grading marks just a 0
>Im pissed
>Release the well thought and logical think beast
>Ask why i made a 0
>She tells me i used my cell phone to look up answers(this is takes place after the tard incident like 2 days the niggers were expelled a week before this, anyway my new phone wasnt in yet and my old phone was broken still)
>Look her in the face call her a lair.
>She smiles as this is where she wanted me to go guess she didn't know me and Mr.Anon were bros now
>Goes off on me and tells me im a little jerk who needs to get his ass beat
>I tell her she is too young to teach a highschool class as she is still having periods and obviously cant keep her emotions in check
>My friend josh is laughing his ass off as he knows the situation as well.
>She sends me to office
>I get sent home early i get another written apology
> teacher is fired as this is her 4th incident of insulting a student.
Keep going OP
and can someone screencap all these?
File: 047.jpg (281KB, 1200x1756px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281KB, 1200x1756px
Would you let Mugi shit on you?
Last story for junior year next is my senior year which i have a lot more stories for.
>End of the year stoner friends who sell are all collecting loans one of them got expelled the week before hand
>We will call him NS his initials
>We both took the same Us gov class and one day he comes in super high
>Not even trying to hide it as he is not on any sports team and cannot be drug tested.
>Well apparently he had some other shit in his system because what he did is so retarded and godlike no person not under the influence of illegal substances would do
>Walks up to gay kid and says "Hey faggot where is my money"
>Teacher's mouth falls open (this is the same gay guy i hate we also have gav in our class the one gay guy im actually good friends with)
>Well the gay kid says "Wow you homophobe people like you are whats wrong with the world"
>NS says nahh son i love gay guys gav come see
>Gav walks up and NS just grabs his ass and kisses him
>MFW Gav's face when, teachers face when
>NS is strait with an 7.75/10 gf
>NS procedes to say "See now where is my money you faggot i sold you so much weed, like not even cheap shit.
>Only time ive ever slapped my face with pitty
>Teacher grabs NS by the arm he pushes her off and punches gay kid in the face
>MFW gav and everyone else started clapping
>Class ends with gay kid on the ground NS screaming for his money and yelling on her office mic
>Nic had me collect money from gay kid the after he was expelled
>He gave me an envelope and told me to give to the gay kid
>I gave the kid the envelope and he gave me 4000 cash i got to keep 200 of it because i helped NS
>Still don't know aht was in the envelope
Yes also continuing with my most hated class ever... relegion
Hurry up faggot.
Thred is ded
File: huge shit.webm (2MB, 320x240px)
huge shit.webm
2MB, 320x240px
Quit saying fucking reggie are you a nigger?
>Start of senior year school had us come 2 days early for a new type of orientation
>Turns out they bought laptops for every student
>Not top of the line but actually decent i could run crysis on mine so
>Anywho me and a few friends saw this as a great oppertunity.
>School had 3 differnt internet connections when one of us stayed home we would ddos relegion building as it only took one week for us to hate this bitch
>Her first lesson went like this
>She asked the class who doesn't know if they believe in God
>I raised my hand, so did my 1 of my friends and NS's gf
>She tells us we are all insane and that she will cure us
>Unsure of how to react i simply arched an eyebrow and one of my friends who was full blown athiest said
>Im not insane i didnt kill 42 children for calling elisha bald
>She turned red, like holy shit
>His response was simply 2 Kings 2:23-24
>I think thats kinda unfair he just doesnt agree with you i stated
>She turned on me with the fury of a 1000 periods
>Is that rhetorical?
>Spent the rest of the day outside the class with him as it was our last hour.
These are some pretty interesting stories OP
If only you lmao'd your a's
>Few months later
>One of my friends figures out her account information on BlackBoard
>Official grades are listed on BlackBoard
>0 to hero
>Me and friend decided to take full advantage of situation
>We got back into class eventually by saying we had converted to christianity.
>One day she starts talking about the saints
>I raise my hand and say "Don't you have to be in heaven to be a saint"
>She smiles and answers yes
>I'm like how do we know they are in heaven for all we know they could have had secret love children or been into necrophilia.
>Over 9000 periods of unbridled rage hit me
>How dare you even suggest that saint francis would ever do that
>"Atleast i dont think im god unlike you, who says i know who went into heaven, heratic"
>Get sent out of class it was my first period that day due to some peprally shit
>Stopped standing outside class and walked to front office started chilling with Mr.Anon in his private office
>He has a wii
>We played mario party 4 from gc
>All of a sudden "Anon T Anon get in the office now"
>Mr.Anon ask why the new relegion teacher was on the intercom
>Said she kicked me out when i disagreed with one of her relegious views.
>Hfw he turned from black to purple
>Told me to stay in here brought teacher in his office and said what happend?
>She said i insulted her and therefor god and that i was gunna go to hell
>He looked at her for a moment and said "Did you just tell a student he was gunna burn for eternity?"
>He gets on on cell phone and starts trying to find out who hired her
(More in next post)
kekking at all your bitch insane teachers
>Turns out she was the daughter of the head of the relgion department
>School had math science english, history, and relegion departments
>Mr.Anon calls guy to office
>He comes in and sees my nametag (All students have one) "your the kid who keeps giving my daughter a hard time but give it time and you will love god as much as her"
>Mr.Anon shoots me a look that says neither of these two will be reasoned with.
>Tells me we will have a parent teacher meeting between her and my parents.
>Tell him my mother works out of state for 2 weeks at a time then gets 2 weeks off.
>He nods and says its fine just get my dad
>Wait till the fanatics go back to their classes and tell Mr.Anon "Im in trouble"
>He asked why
>My dad is more zealous then those two.
>His face when
(Next John Heggie christain vs catholic battle royal)
I have a similar story about religion

>Senior Honors Religion Class
Don't ask me why, I got shanghai'd into it by last years religion teacher who was a pretty chill dude.
>Senior year religion at my school is about morality and acting as a Christian in society.
>Be 18
>Started questioning beliefs sometime around the end of sophomore year, do research, yadda yadda, become agnostic
>All year is me generally agreeing with the class on morality front (Abortions bad, slavery/trafficking bad, Charity good, etc.)
>Teacher and classmates always praise me for insightful comments and opinions and I generally pull a 93-98 all year
>Nearing the end of Imprisonment in the Catholic Dungeon
>Religion final time
>Teacher is really cool about it, says since we're honors and we have a small class of ~9-13 kids she knows we understand the material, but is forced by the school to give a final, we just have to write a 1 page paper that tells her how or how not the class has helped us grow in our faith and personal betterment
>Can do
you keep posting his face when etc but with no image
Why do you assume your posts are going to fit in after spending basically no time here
Look who it is again, ID Heaven. I'm fed up with your shit faggot. The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet.
Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag?
Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to "Heaven" does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.
>It's 4:30 the next day.
>Drive to school with my dad in the passenger seat.
>Mr.Anon told him what happend and i was pretty sure my dad was pissed at me
>Get to school other two are in there
>Everyone sits down my dad ask are these the teachers
>His face is pretty red i think he is mad at me
>He suddenly slugs bitch teacher in the face
>Holy shit did that just happen
>Dad says if she ever questions my faith again or puts me on the spot he will press harassment charges
>Her dad just looks at my dad in shock and Mr.Anon says we need to go
>Never heard anything else about it she kept teaching the next day she had a black eye
>never had anymore trouble with her
>Friend found her credit card info a few months ago and posted on here aparantly the card was stolen and she is in jail now.
>Fuck highschool teachers i have more stories but ill post later.
>So you know its me ill post a link to the new thread on my steam account comment section.
>Start writing
>figure fuck it its the end of the year I won't bullshit her this time
>Paraphrase to da max "Actually agnostic, you probably figured it out though, haven't really grown faith-wise because of this obviously, but I feel like all of the moral teachings are generally spot on and have solid reasoning, generally enjoyed class, loved having people who actually want to debate and discuss instead of sleepers and slackers, thanks for a great year, etc"
>Turn in paper
>Graduation time
>go see what's up
>Religion teach in office with principal
>holding my paper
>oh god damn it
What's wrong?
>Religion teacher is spitting balls of fire
>my eyebrows are now singed off
No, I'm being honest. I figure its the end of the year and I don't really need to lie about myself anymore.
>Principal and I are bros (helped me get eagle scout, I do organizing shit around the office for NHS hours, generally a cool dude, gives me thoughtful look like what's she talking about
Dunno if bait or stupid but ill assume your idiotic.
ID heaven is not one person dumbass
Why do you have a religion class, are you in catholic school?
Yea i went to public school for some time before that but i wanted to try somthing new so i shelled out the money to go to a private school it was fine but man the teachers were assholes
haha yeah I've heard the best way to ensure you're never catholic is to go to catholic school
it's a pasta for heavens who act like fags, I've been in this thread the whole time
So whats your steam?
Im not going to highschool any morei just got kicked out because of my ass hole brother. Anyway i just got an apartment and wanted to share how fun my highschool was and i still had a clean record at the end. Dad still thinks im relegious tho i havent hadthe heart to tell him. Prolly will now that i got kicked out. Also link to steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072734933/
File: jookabox.png (86KB, 555x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Religion Rage part III Attack of the Apostle
>generally confused as to why I'm being yelled at for telling the truth in a no judgement class setting
>Principal is on my side clearly from his facial reaction
>religion teach says she's giving me a 0 for the year until I correct my paper
>know full well she can't do that, maybe this quarter, but i'll still pull a 72-74 so I'm like whatever
>Get 73% D in religion
>Passed, which is requirement for the school
>Graduation day
>Teacher drilling holes in my head as she hands out our blessed crossed as a going away present from the school
>won't give me one
Accept Christ as your savior and I can give you this, but Until then I can't in good conscience let you take this, for all I know it could be used is some ritual
>passes me up
>get home, mom asks where my cross is
Teach wouldn't give it to me
>explain situation
Mom is hardcore catholic but is also Gigantic libertarian and as much as she wants me to be catholic decides she can't force it on me
>both go to school and explain situation
>principal hand me a cross saying he knows me and who knows, I could have a change of heart, and knows I wouldn't willfully destroy a religious symbol
>Religion teacher gets fired for being a bigot
>mfw I saved 90ish kids a year of false safety and helped several of my jr friends be allowed to express themselves
>mfw I had a good experience from a catholic school
All christians ain't bad
Good ending achieved
>1 VAC ban on record
Yep and i ruined everyones cs:go games trust me its a shit game so worth
CS is a shit game, I agree. I'll play dota with you some day, faggot
Sounds good to me
Glad to see you had a good ending ill go ahead and share one more story before thread 404s
it involves a good teacher and dick students this time.
hey look a fag
THis one i freshman year
>Be me in english one constantly miss classes because my dad was diagnosed with cancer that summer and i have to drive him 3 hours out of town to md anderson in texas have A's in every class.
>One day some jocks are bitching about reading assignment
>All you have to do is read 2 chapters in the hobbit
>Then answer 5 question quiz
>Teacher (who i respected very much as at that moment in time i was the only student who knew she had breast cancer and she supported me through the cancer with my dad)
is fed up with these douche bags.
>Well one of them throws a shoe at her
>A fucking shoe
>Knocks her very realistic wig off
>Didnt know she was bald all the kids started laughing
>It was football team running back
>Ask him wtf his problem is
>He calls me a faggot and tells me to shut up or ill regret it
>Ask him why im the faggot if he thinks he can rip off 90s tv buillies
>Walks over to my desk and spills my coffee.
>I procede to tackle him into the next persons desk (Who is now the person im dating) and he falls onto that.
>I procede to start wailing on him
>Teacher pulls me off kid is crying
>Crying little bitch
>I never get in trouble as he finds out she has cancer later and apologizes and teacher never reports
>Felt good
Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 5

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