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>tfw want to kill myself but I made a promise to someone

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>tfw want to kill myself but I made a promise to someone not to

Can we get a feels/bawww thread, /b/?
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Sure, what's wrong op?
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>tfw lost and don't know where to go
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Self-loathing and a quickness to feeling sad.

Usually the things that set me off make me feel worse because they're trivial, something within my control, or feel pretentious.
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I guess i'm waiting in the good times too,
I recently had to cut off the first girl I ever loved and had a real relationship with. Found out she cheated on me when we were going out.
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dump incoming to get this thread rolling
Ahh, sorry man, that sucks. Are you seeing a therapist/psychologist?
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That really sucks. I'm sorry to hear that happened, and I hope you find someone who doesn't do that shit.

Those words feel empty and I'm sorry for that.

If the person I'm with right now ever cheated on me (they're who I made the promise to) I don't think I could keep going.
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iktf man
>youre gona make it
just look forward to tomorrow
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i only got like 5 more
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Allergic to feels.png
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Yeah, melancholy is making its work around here too.
man the fuck up brendan
I have no idea why, but that hit me like a freight train...
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Don't kill yourself, man. If you have nothing to live for, go do crazy shit. Have fun, do exciting things.
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What do you guys listen to when feeling down?

Here's a personal favorite track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzNCGnGMn3o

Aside from that; I love Fat Jon, Nujabes, Force of Nature, and some jazz artists. I really like Miles Davis, Bill Evans, and Sun Ra.

What about you guys?
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I did but it didn't really help, I'm not suicidal or anything, just really sad and down.
I'm trying to forget her but she's friends with all my friends so it's hard to get her off my mind when I hear things about her, i'll get over it sooner or later. This is the first time I had feelings like these and there hard to deal with.
I don'y have anyone to talk abut it...
This hit me more than I would have liked it to... Damn

be me.. be 8
>Stay in the kitchen
>knife on your throat
>rape, wars, Crime... What a shit tier world..
>dont wanna live anymore
>mom comes in kitchen
>Takes some food..she don't even look at you, she goes... Wtf
>hear Parents rofl... About you
>dad yells..
>Get beatin

Be me.. be 12
>Summer vacation, some holiday bro
>dads fuckin Camcorder broke
>Aunt and family lives in the same house for the time
>dad yells
>i didnt broke his fuckin shit
>he Beats my sister
>aunt Beats my Cousin
>its a fuckin Cam
>dad yells.. Its your fault
>Really.. I didnt broke his shit
>he yells, does not stop..
>i attempt to jump out of the window
>5. floor
>he's smiling.. Watches tv
>get up..go to the wall, infront of dad
>smash ur Head hard as you can
>feel blood, wall is red
>another family member stops you
>dad watches TV
>"Idiot fuck, clean that"
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>itt: faggots who have at least medium life (food, place to sleep etc.) being bunch of fucking posers.
right this way sir
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idk but this one always its me hard
Be me, be 17
>Meet that ONE girl in your life
>be best Friends for 1 1/2 years
>"I love you"
>but, Shes like.. Im Sorry,we can stay friends, i cant never ever feel the same
>the one girl in your life
>..im still loving her
>even she cant Love me
>go home, be alone
>take painkillers
>puke blood

Be us, be 18
>have that good Friend
>best fuckn human you ever met
>his stomach hurts,he says
>Hes sick
>dies 2 months after...
>Drive all Night long
>stop Car , Get out
>its dark
>Lie down on rails
>see the lights
>be happy
>that fucker brakes
>Stops like 10m infront of you
>saw you.. On the rails... In the fuckin darkness
No, though I probably should.

Thanks m80. I doubt these thoughts will be there with me in the morning, it's more a recurring speed bump. I wish it was that way for all of us.
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except ted totally boned robin, and then goes after her again when his wife dies.

robin is like desert; you can't have it all the time, but it's awesome when you do
sorry man, shit like that is never easy.
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you arent alone anon. thanks for posting.

Be us, be 20
>Get sick of life
>Drive 3 days to nowhere
>don't know where you are
>stop at insustrial Place
>Looks death, nobody here
>Get up the Building
>Sunset is .. Wow
>Sit on the roof corner, was like 3./4. stage
>watch Sunset
>think bout life
>why she can't love me
>why i'm isolating myself
>why i'm destroying everything
>Everybody likes me..
>Except her
>why i'm like that
>whats wrong with humanity
>why theres so much war, Crime..
>Stay up
>Turn around, back to corner
>let yourself fall backwards
>be happy
>see her face
>be happy
>Wake up
>everything hurts
>still alive

What i learned?
If you try to kill yourself.Be sure that it is killing you to 100%
I know, it's making me feel worse. Everything's fine with my life and I'm sitting here bitching about something minor.
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Damn, this really fucking got me.

How is everything going? How did you get away? I'm happy that you're here man.

I think thats what you feel

"Why i'm like that guys?
I help everybody..
I drag them from the deepest depressions, from the darkest darkness
they ever saw.
After that.. everybody leaves me.
Nothin is fun anymore.
Vidya, girls, RL, sport.., nothin..
Out there are people with real probs.
Whats my excuse to fag around?
Why my mind is already broken?"

Cause thats what i feel.
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what i listen to when sad
Meant this post for

This is still so fucking sad.
last one i got guys glad i could put some stuff in here peace /b/ros
Anything by Brand New:
From First to Last:
Ten Onder:
Teeth of the Lions Rule the Divine

I know it's a mixed bag, but those are my downer bands.
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It is probably cuz you were raised by decent family who gave you pretty much all the basic stuff you needed but way down the road you became antisocial and lazy and you feel that universe owes you one or something. Man the fuck up - you probably won't win a lottery so u gonna do it the old fashioned way which is getting ur shit together or accepting your place.

My life would be regarded as awful by most of people but I realized that is what I like and what I am and now everyday is a fucking bliss to me.
Thanks man. I really appreciate it.
no such thing as soul mates
You can say that, cause you havent met your robin now.

anyone here ever felt just different from people. Like you can't explain it you just feel different like you don't belong. You have many types of friends and you jsut feel out of place. like you just don't belong for some reason. even in your own family as much as you care about them you just feel different. as if something may be wrong with your or something? you feel lonely even if your with a whole bunch of people
three months ago my pet bearded dragon had to be put down because of its seizures after having him for 5 years. the week before he died I started to read the bible. I've come to realize that the worst always happens to find me and Its been going down hill since then. Contemplating whether or not to end it after losing my best friend
anyone ever been in love and wanted to marry the girl of your dreams but don't feel like your worth her love? That's me right now.. 4 years of dating and I am flushing it down the drain with insecurity lies because I know she wouldn't be happy married to me. I don't like me.
I rather meet batman and ask about his parents, but OK.
My dad was kind of an ass to my mom and I. Regardless of what pissed him off, any time he was angry he'd take it out on my mom and I.
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Thats, why we're here. And everybody knows it.

Every faggot, every asshole, every psychoass.
Everybody is here, because thats the one and only place where we belong.
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I made this for you OP. Please don't KO
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That promise isn't worth shit when you are dead. If you want to do it, go for it.

I love that person too much to do it.
You are describing 99% of worlds dads. Can't expect to get the lucky 1%. And anyways, why are you giving a fuck what happened ages ago? Either go and confront him to get it out of your system or just forget about that shit. It was ancient Egypt, not it's 21st century so get moving.
fuck this one makes me so sad and pissed.

same kinda shit but she ended up fucking me over hardcore.
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Any other pictures similar to this?
sonder isnt even a word!!!!
Damn you
You know, I always wondered what I could do to make my life happier and more enjoyable even though I'm single and always sad. Then I remembered money exists and so dues alcohol and strip clubs.

ya niggas need to visit it one day and make yourselves happier. Better than dealing with someone you never know when they will cheat and just leave you. Could be the first day, or the next. hurts more that way. In a strip club, it's strictly business and you still get that attention you want, even if it's shortlived, like how relationships are.
The man who creates these makes up words to describe complex emotions. Sonder, I assume, is a combination of sorrow and wonder. Kind of beautiful ind a dumb whimsical sort of way.
But the thought still remains.
don't know why but this song always gives me the feels.
holy FUCK
must be a idiot
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Fresh from The Feel Zone. Also someone read my fucking poem.
>tfw she's in the other room.
She's aromantic though, feels nothing like that.
I hate it.
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If we ever reached a point where living beyond X years was a common thing, we would start to see young marriages ending before the couple dies. That's why I'm not gonna get married for a long time: love is clearly not forever. In fact, marriage is a ceremony of necessity, not of passionate origin.

Nothing is forever. It's a function of entropy; all things trend towards decentralization, and by fixating your love on one person, you are asking for that relationship to implode.
Were here because we have something to say or do that doesn't jive with society's limited window of acceptable ideas. Be it fetish porn, depression, extreme politics, anime, obscure music...we all have a reason. To think that all of us are depressed is a ludicrous generalization. And to think that such a small Overton window is a valid state of society is equivalent to asking for the clock to stop ticking.
English is an inherently anarchistic language.
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it might seem stupid but you were spared you life even in complete darkness. I know it isn't easy to feel better. But just hang in there. I love ya /b/ro
*an you pleb. I guess you're the idiot now.
Avenged Sevenfold (yeah I know..)"I won't see you tonight Part 1"

Listened to that when my dog passed away, he was my first real friend.
I'll never forget him.
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>tfw this is a dream
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Same, you're not alone, anon
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Wallowing in despair is so hedonistic
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GF left me 4 years ago, struggled with depression and all that shit, best friend died two weeks ago after months of no contact, job not working out for me and I just baww all the time
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File: 1404578095115.jpg (38KB, 500x544px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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At least you got a job, imagine all that but worrying about where you're gunna live in a week
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>live with parents due to heart condition
>don't do anything
>work a job with "reduced" labor so I don't die randomly
i like this because it is creative... also gives me hope of another reality I may once wake up into and escape this one
my father died when I was young and I had to deal with my parents go through a terrible divorce and this gets me every time...
File: 1405654660832.gif (478KB, 140x105px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How do you "know" that she wouldn't be happy married to you. It sounds like you're just being a low self-esteemed faggot. Explain yourself.
>Tfw my father died from cancer exactly 6 months ago
>Tfw you will nevere hear him say ''You're doing it good Anon, I'm proud of you'' or ''I was waiting for you, made you some meal, I knew you were going to be tired'' again
>Tfw he will never hug you again
>Tfw I realized who my father was and had a good relationship with him just the last year of his life

I miss you dad
Are you a dog?
I get called a pussy when I say that continuing to live takes incredible strength, but I think it's true and I think it's strength I don't have. How do you do it guys
God damn I fucking hate seeing bawww threads. I used to be like you guys and lurk through these threads and be depressed all the time and shit. One day I realized that all that was the epitome of being a pathetic bitch. Nothing in my life has ever changed by being a butthurt little bitch about it. Do I still cry or get sad? Of course, but I don't loathe about it now like I used to.

I still occasionally go into bouts of depression, but quickly snap out of them. It's a trap that you faggots need to wake up to. I'm not saying don't be depressed. I'm saying don't give into it because as soon as you do you lose. Go ahead and cry it out about how you just broke up with a girl. Tomorrow you better fucking wake up and do something else. Even if that's just playing video games all day. Depression's a bullshit excuse for anything. You get happy by getting shit done

Tldr: quit giving into your depression, go do literally anything else (even masturbate), and get this crap off my /b/
But that's not true. True love endures and DOES last forever. Maybe you haven't experienced true love yet.
Okay I was just scrolling past /b/ and saw this and was fairly convinced by only looking at this page that dogs were plotting to build some sort of alien superdog demon thing
I kinda want to accomplish something before I die. Just something.
So you used to enjoy and participate and these threads but now that they no longer amuse them you just want them to disappear? How very selfish of you.
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>my /b/
Yeah, you are not alone.
Thanks for that anon, I suddendly feel better!
After reading all that I suddendly stopped feeling depressed!

All my problems magically disssapeared and I'm a winner now!

... You are an asshole.
i hate that i feel this way. i don't even know why. i don't have a bad life or anything and i feel this way. i feel alien when im around people.
File: 1403055582447.jpg (174KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im bracing for impact, even though im years away from my father dying

im not religious, but i still pray to whatever is out there that he'll live to see me graduate, because if he dies while im in college, my life will literally end.

it'll be bad after college, but i'll at least have education and shit done and some time down the road i can resume my life.

i get teary just thinking about it. it scares me anon, it really does.
File: 00000106.gif (42KB, 650x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know that feel. My dad left when I was two, haven't seen or heard from him since. I thought I was ok with this, but my mom died 2 months ago of cancer, and I suddenly realised I'm all alone. My great grandmother is the only living member of my family (I have other relatives, but they aren't really family; I don't know them, they don't know me) and she is 90 and bedridden 14 hours away.

It's a very lonely feeling, not having family. I feel adrift, almost. Like I'm tethered to the ground by a fraying string, and I could fall into the sky at any moment. Sometimes I lie awake crying because my daughter won't ever get to meet her grandmas.
Why don't you cry about it?
File: Unbenannt.png (120KB, 313x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 313x199px
Selfish /B/astard

Shame on you
Fucking deep anon.
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File: 1385832867763.png (175KB, 200x343px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>there are people like this in the world
>there are people who think depression can just magically go away by - poof! - being happy!
I miss that feeling so much, I miss the want to do anything, I miss the want to be happy. The only thing I want anymore is to get fucked up so I don't have to deal with the fucking way I feel all the time. I'm getting more and more desperate and I just don't think it's worth it anymore.
Taking LSD made me really realize this
Do you think that the personalities of people change, or simply how they express their truly unique and individual sense of self? Furthermore, do you think that entropy applies to not only relationships and human affairs in general, but to all parts of humanity including personalities, perspectives and consciousness?
I wanted him to saw me graduate. He promissed me to stay there until I was done with college. He lied Anon, he knew he would die and he still told me otherwise.
every time I view these kinds of threads I always play this song. To me it fits I guess. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k_IsvE111A

I love you /b/ros, don't even forget I'm here rooting for you all the way, every day.
That breaks my heart man, I truly wish this never happens to any of my nephews. It would fucking destroy me.
File: 1355638537798.jpg (344KB, 1024x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344KB, 1024x640px
File: 1405548566428.jpg (44KB, 499x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 499x422px
seriously dude, 2 ex wives and 3 daughters. shit happens. but I'm happier now than I've ever been. got me a new lady, good job. don't Fuck your life away for some cunt, good things still happen. best revenge is to live happy and well. don't give her the last win by saying she's so important that your life can't go on without her. I know, first love and shit. my first wife, together 10 years. cheated on me. she got 2 kids from other men. I got through it. YOU CAN TOO. STAY STRONG MAN
>True love endures and DOES last forever
"True love" is an example of No True Scotsman, because "no 'true' love cannot last forever; the example provided was just not true love."

Love is a feeling. There's a reason we often call emotions like this "feelings:" these emotions are internal, chemical based responses to stimuli. Hence why kids do drugs, to trigger these feelings artificially. "True love" is a release of chemicals. Nothing more.

Let's stop putting this shit on a gold pedestal. Face it, so much misery and hatred has come about because of moral lapses in the name of "true love." "All's fair in love and war," and the popularity of this sentiment, is a testament to that. No you idiots, not all's fair in love and war; people get hurt, people get fucked over, and you do nothing good for yourself when you fuck others over.

There is nothing wrong with romantic love (which I am assuming is what we are talking about; the English language has a simplistic ability to express emotion), but there is everything wrong with glorifying it's existence, as if fucking each other at any cost will save the world
fuckin hell
that made me cry
2 ex-wives?

I mean, I can understand that you fuck it up once... But TWICE? Didn't you learn something from your first failed marriage?
File: e0f.jpg (33KB, 486x565px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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whats worse is i hate my mother, and she hates me, so my father is the only family member i have.

i try to plan out my life, the steps i take, so that i have a rough idea of good paths to take and good decisions to make, i plan my purchases and i budget and i even have a purchase-order which is stuff i want, put into a list of most important to least

i have this idea and hopefully - plan - of what my last parts of college will be like, and what grad school will be like and what i'll do,

but if i account for my father dying, i cant plan past it, everything is just black, my life will simply end. He's the only person in the world that keeps me going, and im doing great right now because of him, he's the guy who looked me in the eye and told me " You're not a looser until you give up ", and ever since then i've never stopped trying, but its like that concept is tied to him, if he dies, it dies too, and my existence is completely meaningless.
>last time was happy when about 10 years old
>dealing with severe depression
>therapy doesnt help
>medication as last resort
>find the love of my life
>she leaves me for her ex
>just want to die but cant for my family
>everyday is suffering
>tried a lot of stuff to make things better

Could I get a hug or two?
>Do you think that the personalities of people change, or simply how they express their truly unique and individual sense of self?
>Furthermore, do you think that entropy applies to not only relationships and human affairs in general, but to all parts of humanity including personalities, perspectives and consciousness?

I'm not sure if you're trying to put holes in my argument, but that's actually exactly correct.
File: 553158783.jpg (801KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
801KB, 1920x1080px
Why can't we be happy? What's wrong with us? I can't speak for you but I've tried everything, pills psychiatrists, meditation, deep relaxation. Everything. The only thing that makes me happy is drinking and drugs. The only thing that's remotely comforting is knowing that there are others who simply can't be happy, but it makes me wonder why they continue to live, and why I continue to live
If internet hugs count, sure.

If I have no reason to live, why would I have any to die?
Made me cry and I dont know why.
File: 1405269674002.jpg (348KB, 2461x1348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
348KB, 2461x1348px

I wish i could /b/ro
I just read that elsewhere, made me angry as fuck.
Not gonna read again, wont ruin my day again
truck driver. them hoes get lonely when your gone all the time. didn't mind spending them checks tho. New lady is on the road with me, it's great. always with her, always working, so much to do and more money than I can spend
File: 1376125025486.jpg (40KB, 800x663px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 800x663px
Here's a gift for you gentlemen, I hope it helps.

Personal issues.

Do you feel upset?
Why do you feel upset?
Why does that/those reason(s) bother you?
Why is that a problem?
Why do you assume its a problem?
Why is there something to assume?
Often times, people are depressed, for seemingly no reason, or for a reason, yet it still bothers them, but in all, these reasons are, either illogical, or irrational.
Let's break it down.
I once had an issue that was bothering me, a long time ago, and it was for a long time. I assumed there was a problem, a reason, and because of that, I kept feeling bad. But then, with enough introspection, I went down all of the paths of questions as to find out the core of each piece of the issue, in reality, there was nothing there.
So, lets think of it like a web page.
We open a webpage, and it's there, it functions and does all kinds of things. During the time of its use/effect, the website goes down and disappears. The website still stays functional as long as we do not refresh the page to load it's data, or do anything new with it that has not already been done as we already have an imprint of what it's supposed to do. The system simply assumes that everything is still there, and is still functioning, just like our issues.
Now, if we refresh the page, like trying to understand the source of an issue, we obtain nothing, because nothing is there now, there is no webpage, and no source of an issue. When nothing appears, all functions of the webpage halt and no longer effects anything else, just like our problem in topic. Thus, the problem bothering us goes away as we have proven to ourselves, there is no need to be upset.
Do I ever know that feeling. I just want to go to sleep and not wake up, but I know it won't happen. The only thing that makes me smile is knowing that there's a small chance I could die in my sleep
i just scroll right past it whenever i see it. Makes me too angry, regardless if it's fictional or not.
No, no. I just wanted to make sure. I've done a lot of social observations and experiments, and I've been writing down the results and coming up with my own ideas about society.

But, back to business. Which part of my first question are you agreeing to? And have you seen these ideas listed in any other format?

Lets say we are scared about going outside because they were hit by lightning.

And I'm being basic here, but lets break this down.

First, we don't want to go outside, why? Because we're afraid of being hit by lightning.
Why are we afraid of being hit by lightning?
Because it's happened before, We've been hit by lightning, why does that bother us? Because it's traumatic and it causes pain.
Why is it traumatic and painful?
Because our body was hit by lightning & our senses are built to react to these things that damage us, physically and mentally.
But now, going outside, we're not hit by lightning.
We're also not in pain.
We're also not experiencing anything traumatic.
Those feelings no longer exist, nor are happening.
They're gone.

If I'm not being hurt physically or mentally, why would my senses react to being hit by lightning?
I'm not being hit by lightning.
If i'm not being hit by lightning, why would it be traumatic and painful?
I'm not, because it's not happening.
If It's not happening, why would It bother me?
It doesn't.
So why would I be afraid?
Because I assume it will happen again.
Why do I assume that?
Because it's happened before.
But before doesn't exist anymore!
Then neither does your problem.

Now, you may wonder, why is this any different than telling yourself "There's no reason to worry, it's in the past and there's no reason to get upset over that!"

That's because, they haven't had it proven to themselves, that in fact is very basic and doesn't do them any good, they truly believe that the problem has basis, and they won't believe otherwise until it has truly been proven to them.
To prove it to them, they must break down every piece of the problem down to the core of each individual issue, and determine the core problematic piece is not there, then slowly break down each bigger piece until you get to the surface, and then the problem is proven to them, as no longer being a problem, and thus is gone. It will stop bothering them as they understand it has no basis.
I hate my mother and she hates me back Anon. I used to be a lonely child, no friends, no brothers. One day i was sitting in the sidewalk when one of guy walked on me. Long story short he raped me inside of an empty house in my neighborhood. I was crying and i told my mother what happened, she said ''That's what happens when you are stupid and trust people, you deserved''. Next thing I know she comes closer to me and hits me with a stick in my back until it breaks. Now i have to live alone with her.
Depression. Stop ignoring it, go seek a therapist. If you don't find one, then seek more. Don't stop, unless you want this to end badly.
To not face waking up again and startinfg a new day
File: 1404879159526.png (364KB, 500x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
364KB, 500x313px
The funny thing is that it does. You control how you respond to everything in your life. You'd be surprised how better you'll get through the day if you emotionally detach yourself from anything unpleasant.
File: 1398918545421.jpg (63KB, 561x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 561x401px
I get really upset that I realize that my whole life I've only had myself as a friend.

One day I think I'll find a good friend.
One day I think I'll be a good friend.
Just don't try to plan Anon. Not because everything doesn't go the way you want it to go it means something bad is happening
Fuck you
File: 51984.png (366KB, 584x419px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
366KB, 584x419px
i dont need rage fuel ontop of these feels anon.
You loved her so much, that you couldn't share her happiness when she found something that made her feel good.
That's a good goal.
All my actual friends are online.
I love them, but you know.. you cant hug them or be with them.
cuck faggot
Happiness101: stop being a faggot
Get a new friend then, preferably one that isn't a lizard that only stayed by your side because you hard food in your hand.
>tfw a promise means nothing to a dead man
File: 1397412200099.jpg (164KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 600x600px
Because life is worth living.
As much as death would be a comfortable ending, No one wants their story to end.

You are the main character and author. No author worth a damn would burn a precious book he had been working on for 25 years.
You know these texts from the image, and just scroll past.
Like that kitten text, never again..
Its a really shitty book then, it would be better to put it out of its misery
No you don't. Depression, actual depression, is an real (as in physical) brain disorder. Why else do you think that happy pills make a difference.
File: 1405547029368.gif (454KB, 480x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454KB, 480x363px
Biggest bullshit ever..

File: 112233.jpg (87KB, 500x679px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 500x679px
Lel he's mad now
File: 1327725178271.jpg (37KB, 400x447px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 400x447px
What should I do /b/?

My father years away from dying, (Or at least that's what I want to believe) but the idea of losing him weighs on my mind.
And that's what really bothers me, it makes me hate myself. I'm a 24 years old man, I have my own life so I SHOULD FUCKING know this already... I should know that I will be the one burying him.

My mother died when I was 12 (lung cancer, it wasnt treated on time) so he has been the only family I've ever had.
I try to spend as much time as possible with him but this just... backfires horribly. I can see that he's getting old. He's slower, weaker and well, He's getting OLD.

And yeah, I know death is something natural... I know it's the natural thing to happen... But I just can't... I'm sick and tired of losing people that I love.
File: 1274986907184.jpg (18KB, 402x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 402x371px
>appeal to authority

If depression is an illness, Isn't happiness one too?
Ooohh soo deep. Wow that's so deep. It's such a deep thought. Wow you're the philosophy king.
I agree with the both parts of the first question: I do believe that people's personalities change, and that how people express themselves also changes. I'm open to both explanations.

I got a wake-up call about love from a guy named Peter Kropotkin, in a book called "Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution." There was a passage in the first chapter about how we simplify the idea of "love," that the word covers a range of complex feelings. He doesn't really argue for or against true love; it's more of a refutation of mainstream Social Darwinism by looking at Darwin's original work, and some of the author's own empirical work as an explorer for the Russian government.

I also read a general Wikipedia article about love, and delved into the biomechanics of love and happiness, but I don't remember the names of any texts.

Good luck with your project!
It can be. It's called mania.
No need to hate yourself for that, true you're older but losing your father at early 20's is still heavy.

I dunno the exact situation but if you can spend time with your dad, talk with him, don't talk with him, enjoy some moments. Knowing when your loved ones will go is a curse and a blessing.
Never read/played/watched Chrono Cross, but this is beautiful. Your post didn't go into the dark. I'm here. Thank you for bettering my night in the smallest, but most meaningful of ways. Beautiful music.
I just want one friend.

He can live anywhere.

Just one.
My father abandoned me and came back into my life then left again thanks for the feels anon
Okay, I'll look into that book. And thank you!
File: 1401979768792.jpg (72KB, 970x661px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm not saying that depression isn't a thing, I've experienced it. (That in no way makes me an expert) I was on "happy pills" for a year or so before quitting cold turkey. One day I just thought "I need to stop being such a huge edgy faggot and just get on with it."

I have a relatively joy filled life, I've felt true depression only a handful of times.

And yet few things make me feel more alive than reveling in sadness, be it my own or induced by the witnessing of others. I'm addicted to these emotions, and I suspect many of you are as well.
File: 1396114196823.png (63KB, 889x987px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw life 90% good but you fixate on the 10% bad
>tfw you're in the good times
>tfw the bad times are coming
...I got excited.
File: selfie.jpg (122KB, 800x1249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 800x1249px
OP, gas a kike.
I promise by the time you're done gassing it, you'll feel right as rain.
Welll, that's good for you then that you managed to solve it without medication. Did it last? There are many people who can't do it without pills. We're talking people who have to persuade themselves for hours to even get out of bed.

Play World of warcraft, believe me.

One of my most intensive friendships was in there

I was wow newbie, like lv 11 mage, never played it before

Found a sweet Priest lv 10, we saw us.. walked around, wihtout speaking one word.
After 1 hour, i begun to speak, like" hey, what we doing :D"
and stuff like that
After 1 month of good ingame friendship i was like "... im am man.. you know?" And he was like "me too silly asshole haha"
No matter, good friendship...best friendship i ever had
It was one of my best moments in life to meet that guy ingame
Actually, that's the greatest friend you'll ever have. Learn to love yourself and you'll never be alone.

Had friends, had a lot of mates, but nothing was ever worth myself.
How can that be so hard?
>Be 12
>Use the family computer for various things
>Stumble across some pokemon site
>People chat around about pokemon and what not
>I'm 12, so this is awesome, talking about pokemon with other people, online
>Become friends with someone on there
>We spend about a year chatting, reveals to me that she's a girl
>13 year old doesn't care about gender
>We become good friends for the passing months, slowly turning to years
>Time passes, we've been friends four years now
>We call each other on skype, send pics back and forth, just good friend things
>At some point, I reach the point where her being a girl sounds more cool
>Our conversations become a little more lewd
>We get really close, sharing more and more personal thoughts as the months go by
>Because I we were aging teens, we show our bodies to each other, because we've known each other for years now, and we're comfortable
>Reach the point where we've been friends for five years
>Talk to each other almost every day those five years
>One day tells me her computer is acting up lately
>We continue on for a little while
>One day she doesn't come online
>She doesn't come online the next day either
>Or the next week
>Or the next month
>Or the next year
>She hasn't been online since

I haven't heard from her in three years. I know she was kinda poor, and looking for a job. Her family was also really shit, I could sometimes hear her dad, drunk and yelling in our calls. I hope she's okay
File: 1387879929509.jpg (49KB, 400x390px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You dumb, ignorant fuck. You think that we like feeling like this? You think that if there was just a way to "Just be happy "we wouldn't do it? You think we haven't tried Just moving on from depression? That's not how it works
File: just.jpg (9KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 480x480px

If you were 12.. and there was Internetok.. chatrooms oke........AND.. SKype..
how old are you? 16?
File: acidfeel.png (193KB, 229x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193KB, 229x292px
whoaaa dude I can go deeper

>what psychiatry is an extension of the law and depressed people only realize how fucked society is maaan? w-what if it's actually no measure if health to be well adjusted to a sick society?? whooaa duudde CRAZZZZZZYYYY
I think most people don't understand it

>Be me
>4 years old
>Have two sisters, an older and a younger sister, 9 month old pregnant mother and a regular Dad working at a law firm
>Woken up in the middle of the night
>Mum has gone to hospital, am told that my new sister is gonna be here soon
>Go to hospital
>Little sister is born
>Remember hearing my Mum crying shortly after
>Told that my little sister has Cerebral Palsey and Autism
>Don't understand what that is
>Dad says he'll be out for an hour
>Uncle brings him home 4 hours later, drunk
>Be 10
>Littlest sister can't talk, only make some words and demanding screams
>Hate her
>Mum hates her even more to the point where they'll have screaming fests
>Me and my sisters blamed for everything
>Only thing I really like is my Dog, every time Mum and my youngest sister are screaming I go outside with the dog to comfort myself
>Dad is infinitely better than Mum, but he's never home
>Be 12
>At grandparents house for the weekend
>They're very nice to me and my sisters
>Go back home on sunday
>Can't see the dog in the backyard
>Go inside and ask Mum where the dog is
>"I couldn't stand the fucking thing, it always barked at me, I gave it to someone else while you were gone."
>Start crying, she yells at me to shut up
>Be 14
>Saved up enough money to get a craptop
>Works kind of like the dog, keeps me calm in bad situations
>Mum refers to it as "Fucking melting my small mind"
>Don't care, she can't take it off me
>Have a strong resentment towards her at this age
>Hear that my older sisters friend is in an emotionally abusive relationship
>The abuser is my friends brother
>Brother doesn't know about the abuse, still dislikes his brother, talking to me about all the bad shit he'd done
>I tell him about the abuse
>He looks stunned for a bit, before nodding and leaving
>Get home, older sister crying, Mum angry
Alright /b/ its late. Incoming life
>Be me sophomore in college
>Got out of highschool with a diploma majoring in zoological science.
>everything seemed fine at the time
>go through graduation
>suddenly feel empty
>Fast forward to end of graduation ceremonies
>see family
>no one really seems happy for me nor even gives me a smile
>One tear goes down my fathers cheek
>Ok least he cares.
>Backtrack a little bit
>When i was about 8 i began having thoughts of being transgender.
>now am 18 going on 19 shortly with said thoughts.
>insurance wont get me psychiatric help
>have constant panic attacks
>have constant anxiety attacks
>have constant anxiety and fear
>Have severe agoraphobia
>Try to call treatment centers to get help
>"No anon, we cant help you because you dont have insurance that isnt from the government"
>mental state is slowly deteriorating as we speak
>backtrack to highschool.
>beat up every day
>called a wimp, a nutcase, a nobody
(this is backstory) continued
It's always those online friendships that do not even compare to rl friendships.
File: 24092326.jpg (43KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 400x400px
File: 1396448950147.gif (622KB, 480x304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah it lasted for years until a couple of my relatives whom I was close to died. I didn't get out of bed for close to a week, cried plenty. I'm of the opinion that you have do die just a little bit inside to deal with the world not being the storybook fable where good is rewarded like you were told as a child.
File: 1354422158465.jpg (169KB, 623x765px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 623x765px
Oh, fuck... my feels...
>Throughout life my self esteem is low
>No self worth
>always give never take
>Ever heard of the empty cookie jar?
>Every day there is brain fog
>cant keep balance
>paranoia of death every two second.
>no friends
>no one to rely on
>play videogames to numb the pain
>Lose friends on said games because they dislike trans persons.
>And pretty much death etc. in family
>more generic buildup

Will now give you the /b/aww you are looking for
If you got steam feel free to add me mate. www.steamcommunity.com/id/modification always up for new friends. :)
Not everyone is the same, yet everyone starts off by using the,selves as a template for understanding others. Over time the assumption that everyone is like you is modified to accommodate all the differences we observe.

Some people can control their own emotions. I'm not sure if it's a skill or technique that anyone can learn given instruction and practice, or whether it is some innate ability linked to the strength of the prefrontal cortex and how well it can suppress and control the impulses from the mammalian part of the brain.

Either way, all I know is that I can control my own perceptions and from that my own emotional reaction to things. Yet I've met many people who claim this is impossible.
File: 1404250487369.png (197KB, 1567x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197KB, 1567x686px
Well thats youre problem, you rely on other people to be happy. Why cant you just promise yourself? Learn to love and trust yourself or else you can never be happy.
I don't think you know how long Skype has been around. You do know it existed before Microsoft bought it, right? Skype was first released in 2003
somethin tells me you ain't find the right person..
I'm not depressed in reaction to anything, Im just...
Fucking depressed. I've never been through a heart tearing break up, none of my family members have recently died. A lot of bad stuff happened in my family but I've accepted it, the depression must be physical but if it is its so overwhelming That pills can't fix me
>Apparently my older sister was just about to get her friend out of the abusive relationship, until the abuser heard about the 'rumours' of his abuse my sister had been spreading
>Plan completely ruined
>I am to blame
>Mum takes my computer away
>I tell her that it wasn't my fault, and that I couldn't have known my friend would tell his brother
>She doesn't care, she tries to push past me
>Decide that someone needs to be done
>I grab a thin wooden plank that our Dad used to measure us every christmas
>Tell her to go away
>She stares at me and tells me that I am the reason everyone in this family is fucked
>I am the reason why my sisters friend is in an abusive relationship
>I am the reason why she hates me so much
>I start crying and put the plank down, I tell her that she made me like this
>She grabs me and shoves me into the car
>Autistic sister is screaming, on her way out Mum slaps her and tells her to shut up
>No-one else responds, she does this a lot
>She drives for a while, before stopping in front of the police station
>She takes me in and tries to get me arrested
>The cop there says that I have a strike and if I do anything else then I will be sent to jail
>I know this means that if I do anything at all my Mum can report me to the police and get me arrested
>I go home, laptop is taken from me, banned from it for two weeks
>Get into bed, cry
>Two weeks later I ask Mum for my laptop
>"You don't deserve the laptop, I sold it."
>She sold my laptop, the one I worked for only getting 5$ allowance weekly from my dad
>I can't do anything
>I go to my room and cry
>Be 16
>Everytime I hear my autistic sister screaming I cringe
>Everytime my autistic sister screams my mum comes and hits her, hard
>Dad is never home to see it
>I told him about it once, but he was so blinded by something else (Whether it be that he's married to her or she can take everything away from him if he wanted)
>He tells me that I'm wrong, she would never do that to my sister
It has been 2 days since I had to cut off the only girl i have ever loved because she cheated on me with her ex.
Sorry to hear that that you got the same treatment man.
What did she tell the cops? Unless pasta
I just now i will probably die alone

I really have no selfesteem, sometime i want to kill myself, but i really have no reason to do so

Life hard, you know?
same here man. went to therapy for years. took the pills. now I just get drunk or high whenever I can to ease it.
but it seems that the only thing I'm living for anymore is the idea that maybe things could get better. the thought that maybe someday I could learn to love myself and find my way to being truly happy is all that keeps me living.
Know* wtf fuck my phone
File: 1403203654791.jpg (632KB, 2251x1689px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
632KB, 2251x1689px
Oooohhhhh nnnoooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Anything but being alone! That's the worst!!!
File: internet.jpg (670KB, 672x6287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
670KB, 672x6287px
>talking to me about all the bad shit he'd done

please elaborate
File: calvinandhobbes.jpg (1MB, 708x6437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 708x6437px
File: balladofeightbeer.png (549KB, 1632x4644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
549KB, 1632x4644px
Yeah, i think that im just young and this is just part of it, but being alone is so fucking depressing

I kinda miss my "ex", she was a huge bitch to me, but i truly cared for her
>be me, 18 something
>going to engineering school
>former friends all fade away in their universities, except girlfriend
>start spending more and more time with her
>dumps me out of the blue, didn't see it coming
>I start feeling really bad: sadness, then finally I can't feel anything anymore
>Stop going to school, cover it all up in front of my new "m8s"
>Finally go to the doctor, tell him I think I have depression
>Gr8 doc, helps me with therapist and meds
>parents find out 2 months later, dump the meds in the trash and scream at me
>had a secret stash, continue taking the meds anyway
>they refuse to understand that I can't feel shit
>finally snap out of it, relieved after going through this
>start life anew, new school, new friends
>decide to contact old high school friends
>find out my 3 best friends all had a depression last year and didn't tell anybody about it

It goes away and you feel better - eventually.
shut the Fuck up and let us wallow in this pit of emotion you faggot
File: 5555555.jpg (209KB, 500x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
209KB, 500x383px
>be me
>play piano sometimes
>city has a public piano program, dozen pianos scattered over downtown area
>go to one, tucked away in a park beside some trees and benches
>piano detuned as fuck, like almost quarter tone off (C is almost a quarter of a way to B)
>consistently detuned on all keys though
>tone is fucked too, from neglect and age

Even though this thing was such a abused and neglected piece of shit, of all the pianos I've ever played this one was the most memorable. you could hear what the player was trying to play but something always sounded just a bit off. a bit flat. like when you hit a note the damn thing would choke and whine and try it's best to spit out your melodies but would always come up a bit short. I fucking loved it. It sounded haunting and so achingly sad somehow. I don't know.

>halfway through epic improv, I'm just tearing the keys up harder than ever
>scruffed up old guy shuffles up to me, drinking beer
>"may i sit here n listen?" Thick Ukrainian accent
>"uhh sure man"
>sits on a bench
>I continue and finish
>I see him wiping eyes
>"plees, continue" through sniffles
>New song
>as much emotion and depth I could ever put into it
>I'm swaying like a madman, throwing my whole body into it
>finish song on this longing beautiful melody
>look up to see the guy is full out bawling
>"hey you okay man?"
>"is okay is okay your song jjust make me sad. is beautiful, I had hard life. it make me think.."
>I notice the guy's a full on homeless person
>fuck it, I walk over to him and introduce myself
>we chat for a bit and i get to know him a little
>part ways and never see him ever again

I'm not sure why I'm telling this story /b/. I guess I just learned that day that almost every single one of us has lived a full fleshed out life story and that sometimes its just so easy to forget that. It's so easy to just see the guy on the street as some drugged up failure when in fact he's just like any of us. God bless you dude if you're out there.

So my life has pretty much sucked. Been through divorces and have had custody over me fought over like hounds frothing at the mouth. Been told my father was a druggy, a dope dealer, a baby killer. Been told my mother abused me and i can remember that at least. Been crammed full of shit i really didnt need to know at my age. Fast forward to now. Out of highschool. in college. Ive got a great car. Got a job. Got a roof over my head. but i have no one in life. No friends. Nothing. I stay in my room all day. I suffer from Major anxiety disorders and depression. I hate my life, i hate myself and i wish i was born what i feel to be the opposite sex since i cant even live in my own skin. Everyday i feel like i live a lie. Begin to go out every now and again. Begin to walk in the park, hoping to maybe meet someone. Begin to realize thats pretty creepy. I go home and realize theres no food in the fridge again, better wait for foodstamps, 1 month passes, no foodstamps. Work overtime so i can start eating right instead of crap like mcdonalds. Slowly get lonlier. Sit on porch one day. See this cat, all dirty and dingy like it just got in a brawl with another cat. She came up to me slowly and rubbed against my leg. Looks like i found a friend so i named her Roxxy. She still lives outside of my apartment, occasionally getting in trouble with other cats. Anyways. This is basically my daily routine. Go out. Go back in. All while lieing about who i am and how i feel all day long
nailed it
>One day he is home when she starts screaming
>Autistic sister wasn't even doing anything, she was just 'in the way' when Mum was angry
>She hits her so loudly I swear the neighbours could hear it
>I go out and hug my sister
>Mum is telling me to get away from her and that she doesn't need any positive reinforcement
>I just stare at her
>Dad comes out, hears Mum yelling and me hugging my sister
>Dad just shakes his head
>I tell him that if this happens again I will have proof and everyone they know will hear about it
>Dad tells me that I'm wrong, Mum didn't hit my sister out of abuse, but out of frustration
>What the fuck is the difference?
>I drop it, I can't do anything until she attempts it again
>She never brings it to that level, at least not while I'm home
>Other little sister says it still happens when I'm away
>Be 17
>About to turn 18, have 3 friends, we all have decent jobs and we're all moving into some cheap apartment
>Don't care, anywhere but here is good
>Mum and Dad don't know about the move
>2 days before birthday
>Mum asks us all to come out for a family meeting
>With tears in her eyes, she says she has breast cancer, and about 70% chance to live
>Everyone crying, except for me and autistic sister
>Says she'll need help around the house and that all of our other activities have to be cut out to help autistic sister
>I decide to tell them that I'm moving out now, so that it won't be too much of a surprise to the rest of the family
>Mum forbids it
>Tells me I can't leave, she needs me to help
>I tell her that she never helped me and I get some of my things together
>Week after I moved out, I'm at the cinema with my friends
>Happiest I've ever been
>Get home, get text from my younger sister
>The doctors were wrong, Mums cancer is terminal
>Don't give a shit, happy that she's going to be gone and my family will be happy again
>Wake up the next morning, cops at the door
>Apparently I went home to my bedridden mother and beat her
Chris we will talk about this
File: 1402870157692.jpg (72KB, 450x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 450x337px
Nobody is talkin anytrhing, thread is dying
Don't get me wrong, I love magic and mystery just as much as the next. But when magic and mystery starts to hurt people, then it needs to go! Hence why we shouldn't put love on a pedestal: that hurt people, when others use love as a justification to act irresponsibly.

It's got nothing to do with lovesickness, so much as it has to do with the facts I have been given. Not to say that all love will necessarily end either, but usually it's because the couple dies.
that is also my exact situation. I still love the bitch. but she still has a boyfriend. I can't do anything sneaky without feeling scummy. and I know she's been with him too long to dump him for my sorry ass.
He kicked the family dog almost every day
Killed my friends pet guinea pig
Was leeching off his parents
Everything that happened around the house, if it was the older brothers fault, he would always blame it on my friend, no matter what
Parents didn't always believe him, but they believed him enough times to count
The rest are all fuzzy, but a lot of them are centered around my friend also doing something stupid, his brother taking it to another level, and when it failed, his brother would get all the shit
That I had swung around because she tried to punish me, and that I had slapped my sister before picking up the plank
I'm lurking g for you, anon.
>Apparently I went home to my bedridden mother and beat her
God your mother's a cunt
Anyone have that reaction pic?
Are you me?
You all need to get some shoes on and go for a run.
Same here
My grandfather died 21st of December last year.

I loved him more than anyone in the world. Except my mother. He taught me how to fish, solder, plumb, garden, make wine, carve wood - so much.

I hadn't really seen him as often as I should have because his wife (my grandmother) is a total bitch who has insulted both my mother and girlfriend. She also convinced him to take me out the will.

I had a feeling he was going to die soon in hospital (like hours) and I didn't want him to be alone. So after I finished work at 2am I went to see him. I stayed with him until my grandmother sent me away in the mornin.

Got a phone call 20 mins later " come hospital now "

Arrive to see my grandfathers face lifeless and his body twisted up in agony.

He was dead. Never cried so much in my life. Nearly crying typing this.

Despite them writing me out the will my grand mother Tried to give me his war medals (he was in the SAS and Gurkhas) my reply was "I'll pick them up next time I'm round"
Never seen her since.
Just remembered something that changed my life a little bit.
>be me 18
>going for my normal walk
>apartment happens to be on the corner of major cross streets.
>As i get out and lock the door i begin to put on my headphones.
>As they reach my ears i hear a loud bang
>Run down the stairs as fast as i can towards the intersection.
>Hit and run
>Plowed into a 4 door with 2 kids in it and drove off
>I run as fast as i can to the passenger door and get the kids out without even thinking
>Kids yelling "Daddy daddy daddy"
>Give myself a mental slap in the head and run back to the car.
>Driver side door completely fucking wrecked and pushed inward.
>Look at the father, his head is bleeding slightly, but he is conscious so i say "Hey brother stay with me, your kids are waiting for you"
>He turned his head to me and said that there was no way he was getting out alive.
>i reached my head through the smashed window and see that the entire drivers side compartment pretty much collapsed into his lower half
>think to myself "fuck fuck fuck"
>Tell him to keep breathing while i try to figure out what to do.
>at this point people called paramedics, i gave the kids over to a mother who was standing with her own kid
>"Watch them carefully"
>run back to car
>Father is starting to lose consciousness
>Ask for his name "Names Paul"
>Say im "anon"
>"Paul can you move your arms or legs?"
>"no, i cant feel my left arm and my legs are numb. My chest hurts and its getting harder to breathe
How the fucks can the cops buy that if there's no physical evidence and you spoke against it?
Bump for anon
Why would they believe that a mother would lie about this sort of thing? They'd think the kid did it.
Because domestic abuse is a common thing?
>Paul begans gaspin for air at this point, in between normal breaths
>Hear sirens
>Thank god.jpg
>firetruck arrives, along with paramedics
>Tell them there is one man pinned in the car with no feeling in his lower half
>run back to car with them
>paul is unconscious now
>Emergency personell extract him from the vehicle and attempt to get him to regain consciousness
>They cant
>Kids slip past the woman i had watch them
>"daddy daddy daddy" Theyre bawling in tears, to me they looked no older than 10, maybe 11? both were young boys.
>I quickly took them away from the scene, they didnt need to see that their father had a severed leg and an arm that was only attached by a ligament
>Sit the kids down
>throw up at what i just saw
>didnt realize the extent of injuries the man had until they got him out.
>feel extremely bad.
>Begin to talk to the children
>"I'm Anon, i was one of your dads good friends, he said he loves you very much and that he wants you to keep on living, and to tell mommy how much he loves her"
>"Anon Mommy died in the hospital today"
>Learn that their mother had died of ovarian cancer
>Look at the kids dead in the eyes and start bawling and hug them tightly
>Escort them to the paramedics to check them for injuries
>they only had minor cuts form broken glass
>Tell the medic that they dont have a home in his ear.
>Look him in the eye and say "Find them somewhere nice"
>Ran for 2 hours and collapsed exhausted.
>Dads name is paul
>Has twins
File: thisis for you.jpg (182KB, 778x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
thisis for you.jpg
182KB, 778x521px
this bump is for you.
>I tell the cops that's bullshit, I was at the cinema
>They say I have a history of violence
>(All thanks to that one mistake at 14)
>I show them the ticket
>They don't arrest me, but they do go home and question my Mum, who is still sort of on chemo
>She had some bruises on her face, I didn't think that qualified as a beating, but they still came for me
>They don't arrest her either, because she doesn't have long to live
>They tell me to wait it out, there's no point in arresting her
>I bitterly agree and go home
>a month later, Dad texts that Mum has passed away
>Out of care for the rest of the family, I go to the funeral
>My sister tells my dad not to ask me to talk
>Funeral finished
>Go home, autistic sister is in the hands of my older sister, who is training to become a doctor
>Little sister is applying for the army
>Dad gets his own law firm, it started slow but it's going alright now
>I have a fine job, still living in the shit apartment but it's alright

Somehow I knew that once she died everyone would be happier, I was right. No-one really talks about her, she didn't really achieve anything except drag everyone else down. Might sound like a cunt, but I guess things to get better sometimes.
And from that day on i now have a phobia of seeing car accidents on the road.
My father goes by Paul
I have two twin brothers that age.
Dont know what the fuck happened to those kids
Will most likely end up suffering from depression later in their lives.
>TL;DR Car accident Dad is kill on way home from hospital after Mom is kill from ovarian cancer, Kids lived in the back seat and i couldnt save their dad.

To this day i feel like its my fault, but i didnt want to risk internal injury to the guy by moving the door or anything inside the car.
Because of the history of violence. And she's an old woman. And if I remember correctly, a lot of false accusations can get passed with little evidence if the 'perpetrator' is male
File: 1390793550789.jpg (94KB, 350x676px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 350x676px
File: maximum.jpg (6KB, 212x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Even though I've read this one before, right in the feels man, right in the feels. Fuck me.
fuck this hits home

sometimes i just feel like a shell of someone who could've been someone great or charismatic or smart but i just end up being clay that the people around me mould.
File: dsvhsnvlkasncka.jpg (85KB, 1024x645px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Always hit's me hard
>Because of the history of violence
Don't tell me you already did something stupid
>a lot of false accusations can get passed with little evidence if the 'perpetrator' is male
Except you were a fucking kid.
Well, last time someone I cared about promised me they wouldnt kill themself, they did it anyway so you might as welk just kill yourself.
Might as well tell my story. When I was younger, the only person in my family that actually cared about me was my grandmother. I found her dead when I was 12. I spent the next 6 months almost completely forgot about, nobody cared about me at all except my martial arts instructor. I wound up stopping an attempted rape, got stabbed a few times in the process. Afterwards, the girl I saved and I got really close and eventually started dating. She was my first everything. About a year into the relationship, I went over to her family's home to find her corpse hanging in her room, she had killed herself. Afterwards, I started drinking and doing drugs. I was 14 at the time. The day I finally stopped doing all that, I found out my parents were getting divorced. I didn't trust anyone until I met a new girl, years after everything else. Just being around her made me feel like nothing could ever be bad, even when I was told I had 6 months to live and my family was losing our house Fast forward about 5 yeara, (2 months ago), she tells me she's not physically attracted to me anymore and leaves me. I haven't been able to cheer up since, and the only reason I won't kill myself is because of my nieces and nephews.
Charlie Brown, eternal king of feels.
>all my life wanted to kill myself
>been a loser lonefag all my life
>living in parents house
>even my little brother moved out and started living with his GF
>GF cheat on him
>he kills himself
>mother is devastated
>i can no longer kill myself
>im the only son she has left.
I thought you were referring to the legitimate false accusation when I was 18
But yeah, I was a kid. Where I used to live a lot of kids were violent, so it was just a daily routine for the cops
"Oh, another 14 year old had a hissy fit? Give him a slap on the wrist like everyone else."
oh god i remember that post.

It's not your fault anon. You did what you judged to be best. That's commendable in itself.
Yeah, but i feel like if i did something different, even ran to drivers side first, i couldve done something. i really dont know. Its just a shame that two young kids lose two fucking parents on the same day in a series of unfortunate events no lemony snickets intended.
There's no way you could've known that. When you think about the other alternative you could've done, ignored it and moved on, you actually did quite a lot.

Damn dude. Ever considered manning up?
I was the only one who ran to help, everyone else stood there. I seem to be the only one i know who goes into the fray to try and break up fights or save someone from dangerous situations, or pick up an OD'd druggy and drop them off at a hospital.
And that's a wonderful thing. If you weren't there, the kids would've been probably dead.
They would've been better off dead, when the weight of the world hits them they'll hate you for saving them

I'm signing off but have you considered that you have depression? I have bouts of it myself and I've been tweeking my life around a bit to try to fight it.

Exercise + diet + surgars+ sleep + pills + mindset

It may not be easy, but depression is more often than not treatable nowadays, and it's always worth it. It's your life we're talking about.

You should reach out to somebody. There's always people helping and willing to help anon. Good luck, good night all, and keep fighting.
Well, aren't you just a little ray of fucking sunshine today?
That's retarded. Why would one hate anybody for giving him a second chance. If they really want to die, they can always suicide anyway and the outcome will be the same.
It's true, growing up with no parents will Ruin those kids. They'll end up drunk in the gutter almost guaranteed. No one is happy in the end but those kids learned that way too soon because they got saved
Thats personally what i believe too, i live with that guilt.
Closure in Moscow
maan, tfw the only person i've ever loved could never feel the same way about me. and probably wouldn't even care if i left.
wow, this one really got the feels train going

Pretty gay. You should kill yourself.
if it were that simple, i wouldn't be such a disappointment
File: 1401746805112.jpg (41KB, 770x434px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 770x434px

So you picked a shitty career that anyone can do because you were to lazy to at least do a trade? I mean you get paid while you work.

You literally destroyed you marriages with you shitty choices. You should feel bad. You should probably kill yourself. But you should probably not because that way you'll feel more pain.
My parents moved to the US from South Korea when I was 2. I've never known any family from Korea or the US, nor any way to contact them. When I was in kindergarten my dad would pick me up every day, and on Friday we would go get ice cream. I remember running outside as fast as I could on Friday, and I can still remember how much he smiled and how much he hugged me when I got to the car. Sometimes my mom would come on Friday, but usually she was at work. One Friday I ran outside only to see that my dad wasn't there. My mom wasn't there either. He had never been late since the day school started, not once. It turns out that my parents were on their way to pick me up when they were t-boned by a guy who ran a red light. It hit on my fathers side and he was killed instantly, and my mother died on the way to the hospital. I went in to foster care at the age of 5 and remained there until 18. By then I had received all my schooling, including a diploma, and I had enough money to go to a community college thanks to being female and Korean. There I met a guy who seemed funny, smart, and caring. We were dating after a few weeks and it went well for a few months, but he quickly got possessive and took me talking to other guys as a threat. I figured it was harmless and told him they were just friends, but he wouldn't believe me and ended up cheating on me for revenge. We got in to a big argument at his house, and all I remember is trying to leave at one point but he stopped me and started beating me. At some point I blacked out and when I woke up I was on the couch and he was gone. My vision was blurry, my head was spinning and I had a massive headache. I stumbled to the neighbors house and tried explaining what happened, but apparently I wasn't too coherent, but they took me to the hospital anyway and it turns out I had a pretty bad concussion. When I was actually coherent I pressed charges and he went to jail for domestic abuse.


Since then I've been afraid of relationships, both intimate and platonic, and often times come up with excuses to keep myself from going out with friends or on dates, and I'm 22 now. Most of my friends have stopped talking to me because of that and I still haven't managed to find any family. I've been through all kinds of different therapy, and sometimes it helps when I'm in a controlled environment, but when I go out I forget about the therapy completely and revert back to my quiet, introverted self. Because of that I feel like killing myself a lot, mostly when I go to sleep at night, but I usually avoid sleep so I don't think about suicide. There's no one around to miss me or care and I've lost the ability to make friends or get a boyfriend, I can barely bring myself to go to work, I dropped out of college long ago, and I have nothing going for me...
I just broke up with my girlfriend of ~3+ years, and honestly, i don't know what I'm feeling. i'm just here staring at my screen.
Maybe you could tell someone around you. Maybe they're avoiding because they might think you're being an uppity bitch or something, when the reality is quite different


Prolly feelin pretty faggy

Basically everyone I used to know heard about the fight and him beating me, and they asked me all about it and stuff when I got out of the hospital, but as I grew apart from them they figured it was because of that and I was just being weird.
Is that so? Then fuck them. What kind of friend leaves you when you're in need of emotional support.
File: 1404557041974.jpg (354KB, 583x1508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354KB, 583x1508px
>Ask someone if they wanna hang out
>Been almost 5 days and they haven't answered back
Why is it so fucking hard just to say no? All ignoring does is make me feel shitty and think that you're a foul cunt.
Fuck.... the don't worry about disappointing me one... that's pretty much exactly what my father said on his death bed.
Keep strong /b/ro. In the end we're always here for you.
I'll drink a pint to him right now

Fucking tell em that then.
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