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Question /b/ If you feel like a total piece of shit. And you

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Question /b/
If you feel like a total piece of shit.
And you get drunk to wash away the pain.
Do you feel worse or better?
I'd like to know before I drown myself in alcohol for the first time.
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mini dump bump
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I counted.
Worse. I did it for the last 6 months. Got a job and quit drinking 2 weeks ago and it's the first time I haven't felt like a piece of shit since I can remember. It's alright to be depressed sometimes anon, just ride it out. Life happens. But you'll spiral hard if you start drinking.
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Been wanting to die.
A lot of wishing I were dead.
Any alternatives to fixing that?

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I spent around 10 years doing that, it doesnt work. All that happens is you get drunk, feel like shit, and its more out of control and you most likely will do something stupid. Then you wake up in the morning feeling like total shit physically and now you have to deal with not only what you did in the first place but what you did when you were drunk. So you get drunk again and the cycle continues. Do yourself a favor, just deal with it without a crutch.
Yeah been there too. Not much I can say other than you gotta find something worth living for, whatever that means for you. I had a ton of talks with people around me about my state but it took me long time and a really low point to realize I'm the one who has to do something. If you care enough you'll find your something when you're ready, but it's up to you anon
Where's this set from? The girl above is perfect

As for the drinking, it doesn't help. I feel like a piece of shit but I've learnt to deal with it. What you feel about yourself and how you perceive yourself isn't necessarily how others do too.
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>Been wanting to die.
Booze definitely doesnt help that. For me it made suicide all I ever thought about. After quitting, I havent been suicidal much since.
Anon, dependency is never a good answer. I don't know your situation completely, but I can tell you that from experiences of my own, it led to a self destructive behavior that ultimately ruined what I had worked for and my relationships with people. Keep your head up, stay on /b/ with us and things will look much better. :)
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I already feel the physical pain.

Everything I had worth living for has crashed and burned. My family is currently burning though.

Some guy dumped and I saved, yes she's sexy as hell.
Also, I'm pretty sure I am what I feel. Shitty.

I'm the type that gets bulled, friendzoned. general beta, with a side order of bad hand dealt in life. covered with a thick topping of bad luck.

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Thank you.

I don't have much to ruin, but thank you.

Booze is out of the question, what about weed?

for smothering negative emotions, I find alcohol usually just amplifies them or replaces my sadness with anger and I may walk around punching walls and feeling rage. weed makes me actually feel happy to be alive and in a good mood. Either way it's only a temporary bandaid. A short term escape. You still have to fix your sober life to end up truly happy.

Who gives a fuck. Surely you can meet likeminded people who you get on with? As for being beta and friendzoned, brothels are legal in the UK. Just fuck hookers, they're cheap.

I guarantee you'll feel better after that.

Please post rest of set, thanks
>inb4 faggot but this shit worked for me:

reddit. com/r/theredpill
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Found a job recently, drug tests and background check come back soon, then I can work.

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I'm what you would call... a bitch.

I want my first time having sec to be meaningful.
Which seems to be pussy repellent, I'm a virgin at the age of 23. my ex wanted to wait till marrige, I was down for that. would be more "meaningful"

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new set
I was talking about being hung over, its the worst. Anyway, if things are so bad do something about it. Lift weights and learn a skill, thatll give you confidence and change your overall outlook on life.
If you decide to kill yourself, do what I did, set a date a couple months in the future. Plan it out. Then if the day comes and you still want to do it, do it. For me it just made me live outside my comfort zone because fuck it Im gonna kill myself anyway. I would recommend suicide as a last resort, like after you have done all the shit you are scared of. Rob a fucking bank I dont care, just dont become one of those assholes who shoots up a mall.
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Booze makes it worse.
Weed makes it worse when you come down.
Also, I guess I shouldn't' be smoking if I have a job.
I've tried to make friends, but I'm starting to think I'm autistic, because the shit never works out.
Needing reason to live, or the ability to not feel suicidal.
Suggestions /b/?

Tried lifting weights, learning Spanish, going gout more, living outside my comfort zone. I got curb stomped by bad luck and life. At least I'm still learning Spanish. But I cant lift for a while now. Also, I want it to look like an accident so nobody blames themselves for my death. So I'm still planning that out.
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Do push ups at least. Working out improves your mentality and makes you look better. Not to mention if you are in shape you can defend yourself. Good luck making it look like an accident, it probably wont happen. Your best bet is to just leave a note and say its nobody's fault you just dont want to live. But I say rob a fucking bank and go live in the tropics. Or start selling coke. Something. Because look, if you really want to kill yourself, no punishment is going to matter, you're going to be dead. So you can do whatever the hell you want.

stop thinking about all your 'handicaps' and 'problems' and start focusing on what will make yourself better. be selfish as fuck about it. get pussy and sex off that bullshit pedestal, it's not worth it. change your outlook on life. study up on social interactions if you have trouble with that shit. more than likely your trouble comes from your own insecurity which more than likely comes off to other people. it doesnt matter if your a berger or not you can still make friends and still live a good life. start thinking about what the fuck you can do for yourself instead of all the things you imagine to be wrong with yourself. again, i'm assuming you're all down and you 'lost' your something worth living for because it was your ex who was stupid enough to be religious or something and not wanna fuck, ONE OF THE MOST BASE HUMAN DESIRES PREDATING RELIGION. get over her, she isnt worth it, but YOU are. if your family or anyone else around you is burning themselves to the ground, don't let them take you with them. everyone acts on their own accord, anon. it's not your fuckin responsibility if they wanna burn themselves. in the same way you came to us here, and we offer our advices, do the same for them. but that's all you can do. stop dwelling and start DOING
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Only issue is they work really hard to prevent suicide in jail.

When I said my family is burning I meant a rash of cancer is breaking out with them, and they're all slowly dying except for my dad and my sister. I get what you mean I've just never been the selfish type. everyone calls me "pure" I dont drink smoke or party, or have meaning less sex. I respect women and try to stay out of trouble to the best of my ability. I was always told If i was a good little boy and did that my life would be great. They were fairly wrong.
Lol, its no trouble to die in prison. It sounds like you dont really want to die, you're just being depressed. You'll get over it.
yeah no shit they were wrong look at how you feel. that's what i'm trying to tell you, CHANGE YOUR OUTLOOK. there's no pride in any of that and there's no pride in being a selfless walking mat either. until you can put this through your mind you will continue to live a repetitive cycle the rest of your life.
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Yes, you can die in prison, but not suicide.
I don't want to be stabbed 50 times.
I want it quick at least.
I was thinking of messing with a local gang.
That way it would look like I was just being a dick head, and got killed for it.

Easier said than done, theyll most likely just beat the shit out of you. You can easily kill yourself in prison, dont worry about it. If you get murdered that would most likely be quick, because they dont want the bulls to catch them and pin another murder case on them.
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