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What introduced you to 4chan? >sees that all memes comes from

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What introduced you to 4chan?
>sees that all memes comes from 4chan
>went to 4chan /b/
>gets freaked out
>comes back craving more
>never leaves
>Kim Jung Un person of the year. Made me top kek. Wanted more of that stuff. Got disappointed.
>Moot hottest person of the year. Also made me kek. Wanted more of that god-tier kek. God disappointed
>used to surf a site called hugelol
>constant memes about how 4chan is this horrible shithole of diseased filth
>fearfully decided to check it out out of sheer curiosity for the wicked
>all I've seen was a bunch of retards acting out their edginess
>meh, not that I'm any different
let's liven up this thread with some nice tunes
I'll start:
Playing MW2 S&D and always checking on steam web browser /gif/. Damn good times
Was on omegle about 4/5 years back
> want to see something fucked up?
> 4chan.org/b
- stranger has disconnected
Friend of mine and I used to browse during TMSCA. Became full time /b/ro during freshman year of college. Never going back.
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Well once you go chan you never go back
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no brother though
I first came to 4chan because I wanted to know the author on some drawing so I contacted /r/.
Totse closed. Zoklet didn't cut it, and I was getting out of the LT/F&B game. Next best thing was our old adversary in lulz. Shits changed since then, but I never really found anywhere else to go.
Came here for the porn
Stayed here for the weird fetishes I now have because of this god forsaken community.
Heard about it from the vestibule on the IGN boards back in 07 or roughly around that time
Was a dumb website with dumb shit

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You probably always had them, you just didn't know it.
Pretty much every person has something dark
within them and 4chan just does a community
service by making people aware of stuff and yeah
7chan did.
I preferred 7chan because the boards overall were slower. This was before auto-update and the catalog.
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An old EQ (and other mmo) guild Fires of Heaven had a forum thread called "the pretty girl thread" that was 2000+ pages, had been constantly updated for 4+? years with high res, high quality pics. The site died ~2years ago, i miss that place. Thousands upon thousands of pics....

Someone on there linked to an image or mentioned /s/ was a source for one of them, and it all ended from there.
try «bonjour madame»
may cheer you up
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Where Am I.gif
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>be me
>be 2009
>browsing funnyjunk like a faggot
>tons of funny stuff
>sauce listed as 4chan /b/
>look it up
>be to much of a faggot to try it out
>Have friend
>friend is a /b/tard
>gives me shit for using fj like a teenage girl
>give in, go to /b/
>1st thread is entitled "How do I start fisting myself?"
>leave, back to fj
>most of what they have is from /b/, but all the real /b/ shit gets censored out
>good enough for me
>Then one day, a scandal rocks fj
>top rated poster takes his "oc" from /b/
>"isn't almost everything here worth seeing from 4chan?"
>"No OMG anon you're missing the point."
>"And isn't everything just a repost of a repost of a repost anyway?"
>"but I gave him karma!"
>"Who cares? We're all anonymous in the end aren't we?"
>"Nu-Uh imma be internet famous one day!"
>My points are being downvoted into oblivion
>realize that fj is a hypocritical echo chamber.
>Leave, never return
>go back to slashbeeslash
>tell myself to be a man and get over all the gore and porn and shit
>everyone here is an sick fucking asshole
>but none of them pretend to be anything else

pic related, mfw first time on 4chan
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Yeah, there's no use denying it.
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A real gentleman invitation.
Used to hang out with this qt back in 2006 and she was like "hey, ever heard of 4chan?"
I didn't even have a computer so of course I hadn't. Well that's how it happened.
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Friend showed me the first boxxy video, then showed me a video of a /b/tard on a motorbike driving to her house and shitting on her doorstep for the lulz.
I then lurked for 2 years before posting anything. I can say there's alot less cheese pizza, and alot more trap shit.
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>mostly this place
>taking class on Apple programs like photoshop
>someone says "look at these memes"
>hooked since
ill get shit for this im sure..
>few years ago
>browse reddit for a year or so
>they can not quench my thirst for filth
>end up on a subreddit /r/niggers
>see some shit from here
>ask where it came from
>never looked back(aside from /r/incest)
>4chan "raids" tumlr
>checks out b since everyone's blaming it on them anyway
>haven't been on tumblr since
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friend from middle school back in 04 tells me about 4chan and i come to check it out and didn't really find much interest in it until around 06-07 and haven't really left since.
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summer q:^)
I came becouse i heard all the dank memes are from here xD
>hey,4chans full of shit
>check /b/
>get over initial shock of multiple porn and gore
>become addicted in 2 days
And that's how this whole trip started.
I was told not to look up Yotsuba hentai. I did it anyway
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Shouldn't porn be on /s/ or something

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Thread images: 14

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