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Tell us /b/, whats been bugging you lately? Let it out here.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tell us /b/, whats been bugging you lately? Let it out here.
Failed lots of stuff in college, 250 euro per repeat in my fucking fancy faggot college.
Granny died, bad time to tell me dad.
The internet is boring, including 4chan,

And you should all feel bad.

noise in neighbourhood

I can't even sleep normally

fuck everything
I don't like the profile picture that I use on social networks and haven't changed it in ages.

Nobody in my friendship group really takes photos though so there's nothing for me to use other than selfies and I don't want to make it obvious that I'm a lonely fuck.

Wat do?
Broke up with my gf of 3,5 years

I think she is happier like this, but i am not sure if i am. It's going okay so far. Really weird feeling
I'm fat and I can't get myself to bother doing anything about it.
>heaven has a good side too
>first true love
>18 young angry and freedom loving
>get into fight one day
>tell her i hate her, didnt really mean it, just wanted to be spiteful
>she left
>a week later shes moved on
>start dating someone else for 6 months
>Still occasionally miss my ex
The funny thing is, after that break up, i realized i was being a jackass to her, and i really wish i could have grown the fuck up. She ended up finding out she was pregnant with my kid, but she had it aborted. Still kind of hurts, and i occasionally find myself wishing i had that family with her
Suicide feels, you know, wanting to die and shit
Just the usual
>mental problems
>Can't stop thinking about the slut I was stupid enough to fall in love with after 10 months of being apart.

Fuck this existence.
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I've been cockblocked by the FBI, DOJ, and IRS.
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Someone hijacked the timeline I am in.

No qt 3.14 gf
99 problems
Job prospects = wage slave or contract traveling gypsie
Zero friends (I'm the competition or they want out of the closet and want help)
only people I have are mom and dad
I'm in 4chan
My fedora is salt encrusted and shredded from wear
My autism has been honed into a weapon
I'm in 4chan and I'm okay with it.
Was contemplating using that again and saw the fbi logo a few days back, lame ass shit.
I got sunburt, if that counts
did shite last semester in biology and chem, don't know if I can transfer to the college I want to go to.
switched majors from biology (wanted to be a cardiologist) to comp sci.
scared of ending up without decent paying job, like my dad.
just gonna be another nameless cog in a large machine when I graduate.

most of all, I'm scared that I'll be wasting my life on here.
Depressed as fuck, boyfriend deployed to Afghanistan this Tuesday. Fighting too often, crying too much.
I met a grill from /d/...

she was the only one that ever flirted with me and made me feel loved.

We talked five hours straight and traded pics the first day.

Every day after, she was cold as fuck and distant... I think she hates my guts now. And it pisses me off because I feel like she was just fucking with me from the beginning.
My constant failing at studiying
My addiction to 4chan
I also want to be trans but don't know how people around me will react.
Life is shit
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Why do people have to be this lonely? What's the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?
Not one for faggotry, but if anything I'd say get a fresh start in a liberal town and become trans if you're that worried. A lot of people don't accept it(I'm borderline just because most of them are fags, not in the homosex way though)
My boyfriend feels so distant and he's practically unresponsive to my attempts to get closer. Though being an autist he might not realise what he's doing wrong.
Like somewhere in California, here they're pretty accepting of trans, pan, homoraccoon or whatever other sexualities there are now
what are some good liberal towns? Or even countries?
>Not a bad body
>Ran into a primary school friend in uni
>She's gotten really fucking hot
>Give her my number
>No text

God damn it I just want to date this bitch.
I'd say San Francisco would be your best bet; massive queer community. San Diego would be good too probably. Only problem is California is expensive as shit.
We don't you text her?
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I've got a lot of work to do. The more I do the more I have to do. The only reward is more work.
I' ve just been dumped by my girlfriend and 3 days after the break up, I've seen her making out with another guy. Ever since I couldn't sleep, couldn't even set myself to do anything productive. I just lay in bed and watch youtube videos...
I'm off anons, hope you all find your calling, best of luck.
Cant find work anywhere, looking every day applying as much as possible. Meanwhile one of the only friends I talk to who works less than I do is getting given money for nothing from the government for being a fucking retard and spends it on a gaming PC, overpriced phones, big TV etc and then boasts about it and gives some bullshit excuse about where he gets the money from.

Fuck this stupid earth
I feel like I'm wasting my life. I'm trying to get a job to save up money for college, but nobody will hire me so I'm stuck.

It's been like this for nearly a year. I've never had a job before this either so any workable experience is out the window. Everything thus far has only been volunteer work.

I just want to hurry up and start my life before I become "old"
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