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Its Story time /b/ I've been buzzy tryping out two of my

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Its Story time /b/

I've been buzzy tryping out two of my best sex experiences
You pick what i post

Story 1: Me on a paradise island with girls

Story 2: Backpacking with my niece

Both never shared before 99% legit
How old is the Nice?
Under 18, tell story
backpacking with niece
Post them both faggot.
Do want... some day this year...
NIECE. Definitely niece.
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>About 5 years ago
>Me 21yo planning my second backpack trip in South East Asia.
>Cousin (20) likes to travel but not all by herself, she contact me
>"I like to go to Vietnam for 4 weeks, do you want to travel with me?"
>Sure i never been there but i will be in the area, message me if you know when and where you will be, i pick you up

>Fast forward
>I have been traveling for over 3 months having random sex maybe once a week (deferent girls)
>(plenty of stories for another day (if you like it and you're not bothered by my crappy english))
>quite like the rhythm, my balls get used to it and i don't have to fap to much to get the poison out
>Cousin mails me when and where she will land couple of weeks before.
>i travel to destination 1 day before i pick her up.

>I see her walking in the arrival hall she didn't spotted me
>was forgotten how good she looks (we don't see each other that often)
>She walks to those slidedoors and i see her brighten up, i see she's all tired but tries hide it from me.
>Its is only a short ride to the city center but she is getting all sweaty, she is not used to the heat.
>I stayed in a small hotel, to give her a little more comfort after a long flight.

I normaly try to travel light and in quest houses whenever i can. best way to pick up girls :P

>I apologize i got the only dubble room left in the hotel with only one bed when i show her the room.
>"thx, don't worry we gonna have to sleep close to each other the next 4 weeks anyway"
>she told me looking in my eyes for just 1 second longer than normal.
>i answer without speaking.
>I think you might me sleepy after a long flight isn't it?
>Yes, and its so hot here (it was specially a hot day that day)
>M:, yes it is, are you hungry? there is a nice place for noodles around the corner.
>"No, i want a shower and relax a bit" (it was late already) i understand, i think i go out for some noodles shall i bring something t0 drink when i come back?
>"Yes please" i hear her from the shower
>Me, no problem see you later. i grab my stuff and head out. just before walk to the door "Anon?"
>Whats up? "can you give me [some kind of skin care product] out of my bag?", sure no problem.
>I have to go trough her bag finding some nice underwear and bra's, already thinking of her wearing it.
>Found it!
>Oke the door is open, just leave it in front of the mirror. "are you sure?" "sure".
>Me opening the door place the skincare product in front the mirror getting a vague outline of her outstanding body (small tits, just how i like it to be honest) from behind the shower curtain.

>I stuff the bra's back in her backpack close the door and walk to noodle place to get some late food.
>The waitress reminds me from earlier and ask if i'm oke. "Yes perfect, why?" she can't express her thoughts
>i order and when she comes back with my drink she tells me "You are silent", i apologize and i tell her my mind is drifting, as you can imagine after what happened.
>i eat my noodles in silence and can think only about her, i don't want to fuck her its family and it gets complicated.
>and surely she don't want to get intimate, i must have misread here signals, my mind is running crazy
>Pick up something to drink and something to nibble from the minimarked and get back to the hotel
>She is already on bed (hotpants t-shirt) when i open the door. Give her something to drink and look though a tight braless shirt at her breast, i quickly ask how the shower was? and get myself some shower stuff and razor.
>She start telling about her flight, not too interested in her story but i don't know what to talk about with my mind preoccupied.
>I get boner in the shower, but she is talking away and i can hear her clearly so she must hear me clearly if i start fapping.

where do you live? I'm guessing you're asian
File: BC5_00016286.jpg (52KB, 354x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good eye Watson!
Not asian, West European, This happened in Vietnam tough
Vietnam wouldn't be too far of a flight then?
>The next couple of days we stay at the same hotel so no relief for me and the pressure is building
>but i'm a decent guy so i sit it out
>we plan our next stop and have some great days and we getting on very good, others thing we are a couple and after some days we don't correct the assumptions anymore and let them think.
>We traveled for 2 weeks and we arrive on an island and this is our his is our 6th or 7th place and we have once again a small joint bed and small crappy shower.
>Today we take it easy and do not much more than sunbathing swimming and snorkeling.
>I admire her body more and more but can hold my dick calm, i'm so happy i have quite a lot of experience with different girls so i don't get an embarrassing boner on the beach or in front of her.
>We start to touch each other more and more,
>not in the places i want to get touched by her the most but i start to think she is sending signals more frequent and less confusing.
>putting on sunscreen doesn't feel weird anymore.
>When we snorkel and spot something and push each other on the ass in the right direction
>I discover when i dive after her, her bikini bottom catch a little bit water and escapes between her legs and i can spot some lips. I want to snorkel all day now. I see shaven pink fish everywhere now.
>Later that night we have a barbecue on the beach with some cocktails good music but not to loud to we can talk about the awesome time we have and celebrate the halfway mark of her vacation.

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I see, continue
>in the short walk back to our guesthouse we joke about who can have the shower first, i win and can go first
>i noticed she has looked at me undressing to my boxer short before, its maybe the cocktails be she can't look away this time.
>So far it was only looking and we didn't touch intimate body parts and i feel my morality won't allow me to go further than that.
>I get a boner in the shower but its a semitransparent shower door and i'm sure she is looking so i have to stay with my back to her and stay in the shower until my dick calms down.
>I dry myself put back on my boxer and walk out the shower.
>She had chanced to her nightwear already and squeezed passed me in this small room in to the shower.
>I pick a nice spot on the bed and wait.
>She finished rather quick and comes out of the shower and crawls on the bed, my good friend gravity opens her t-shirt so i can see her petite boobs unhindered.
>She noticed, i can't speak. i manage to say s...s..sorry
>Can is ask you something? she asked?
>Me: "Yes"
>Do you like them?
>I know where she is talking about but don't what to answers. I love small boobs, and with her petite body it is perfect absolute perfect. but is it smart to tell her that?
>I want to, i try to be honest as much as i can but i don't want to be a perf or give her the illusion i don't like her.

>She sees me thinking and give me some more time to think by taking her shirt off.
>i can't think any more. fuck it i'm gonna tell exactly how i think about her boobs.
>Blood is rushing to my dick, i'm wearing a tight boxer and the stretch keeps the package compact.
>The are awesome i say. maybe its just me but i don't like massive boobs specially not when the get older.
>I know you are insecure about them, i have seen your padded bra and bikini.
>She shies away just enough for me to notice but i take her hand and tell her reassuring the look perfect and i like her just as much when she wears a normal bra or bikini.
>She squeezes my hand
>Her nipples getting hard and still sitting on her knees next to me laying down on this tiny bed.
>She turns 90degrees giving me a lovely look at her side.
>I smile like an idiot giving her the confidence to guide my hand she was still holding to her breast.
>That first touch is magical, it always is in my experience but this felt like heaven.
>I switch to my other hand to get a better feel.
>I was to buzzy figuring out how to be tactical that my dick was still not hard
>The moment i realize that fact she lays her hand on my belly and with one of my hand on her breast one of her hands on my belly by boxer get to small in a split second.
>Her hand goes down a few centimeters and my head has pushed my boxer away peaking out touching her hand.
>She didn't realize and she moved 5cm up in the air, i got the best smile back.

>still looking at me she pulls away boxer and get a good grip on one of the hardest boners i ever had.
>"i bet you never have to ask a girl if the like you penis". i say nothing and move both my hand to her face and pull her closer to me.
>She hugs me when i come sitting up and she steps with one knee over my waist sitting on me basicly.
>I pull her face even closer and whisper if she is sure about what is going to happen?
>She pulls away just a little "nothing is gonna happen silly". she move down take my cock in her mouth and start socking
>I have to feel those tits again and sit up a little so i can reach. they are so soft while hanging down like that.
>her nipples getting harder and harder
>I have to stop her before i blow, i don't want to cum after 2 minuter.
>I grab her shoulders mover her over on her back and i kick off my boxer completely
>She moved her hands behind her head like "bring it on Anon"
>I pull down her hot-pants and see her pink shaven pussy for the first time completely. Definitely 9/10 how far pussies go.
>Drop het underwear behind me grab with on hand her breast and kiss softly her inner legs moving closer and closer in on target.
>Not long before a wild clitoris appears pumped full off blood. Time to tease her a little bit oc.
>More kissing between her legs and start eating her out.

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>She tries to talk but i lick her clit i hear sound that starts as a word ends in a moan.
>I don't know how much time i have spend down her but i feel and hear that shes enjoy herself so much i don't care.
>She grabs my hair and push me harder down when she comes for the second time.
>I start to giggle. She pulls my hair and i have to stop she looks me in the eye and tells me that is need to be inside her NOW.
>I reach over the bed in search of my backpack and a condom
>She pushes her hand under my body in search of my cock, i lay on top of it so she can't do anything with it.
>I find a condom and move back on my knees.
>She won't let go and start jerking and sucking while i try to open the condom.
>I hate them but its the only reason i never caught a std so use them always (you should to /b/)
>I take my time to open it to give her some time to play with my dick.
>She looks up sees my condom ready to go, we smile and i put it on
>I think she wants the control first so she push me over and climbs on my.
>She steer my cock in the right position and slowly slide down, biting her lip and moansing.
>i grab her boobs.

>She moves slowly up and downs and she gets more comfortable with every stroke.
>I move my thumb to her pussy and apply pressure on her clitoris, cant really play from this position so she takes it over rubbing own her clit, that is so fucking hot
>i stroke her cheek, she bites my thumb and play with her boob with my free hand.
>I getting closer to orgasm but she is not taking back, she don't get it or wants to ignore my signals.
>Thinking off dead puppies. Thinking off dead puppies. Thinking off dead puppies.
>I take her head with two hands and pull her down so can whisper we have to move positions or take a small break or i shoot my load.
>She can only smile she is close to her orgasm. "We try another position next time" she moves faster and faster and she comes hard.
>I follow just seconds later, one of my best orgasms ever.
>We are tired but heart beating like crazy. we can only talk words or just a part of as phrase.
>She bends over and lay flat on me. her face on my chest, hair in my face.
>Softly playing with her sideboob

>"Anon, you have to do this again" i moan approvingly "Licking me i mean".
>Its not the first compliment i got licking pussies so i was assuming i did it better then her last boyfriend.
>me: "so you ex bf was not to good at it?"
>she giggles moves her head at me looks me in the eye, he never got down on me [sadface]
>I have no time to react she closes in for the kiss.
>We never kissed, well not like that anyway. She is a good kisser for sure
>Now all blood has left my cock and it flops out of her, we giggle
>Me the asshole i'm have to go to the toilet and clean up a little. ruining the moment.
>When i'm back she lays naked on top of the covers, its to hot even without the sex.
>I lay next to her speechless for like 5 minutes, we move even closer so we have full body contact.
>Breathing is normal again
>"Anan, i wanted this so long, you remember the first night. The door to the shower was not locked you know. i only lock when i have to pee"

>I asked if the blouse down an hour ago was intentional? "Yes, but i truly want to know what you think about my breasts thou".
>Me "I didn't lie, i think the are amazing." moving in playing with one of her boobs "I really dig them"
>Same as your pussy, stroking it softly when i tell her i saw some of it earlier today when snorkeling.
>"Really, how?" i explain "Hope you enjoyed the view" "I did" she chuckled.
>Silence for some time.
>"You do want to go down on me again, right? It felt sooooo good, i never want a bf who wont do that ever again"
>"its not free you know, i wasn't able to have sex or even to fap for two weeks" [Big smile]
>"I didn't dare to do that since we travel together, luckily we still have two weeks left" she said
>I can't think of something witty "Thats a deal"
>In the next two weeks we had sex whenever we had the change. if we could we stayed at hotels instead of a guest-house. Getting some more privacy :P

we barely speak and never about the those weeks, she has a boyfriend now i only hope he goes down on her.

Hope /b/ liked it as much as i did. Any Questions?

post your second story noaw
Yes. This
dude that was pretty engaging. i usually dont like to read sex stories but why not if theyre good?!
paradise island story.

also, do you have a pic of your niece?
Does that make you her uncle? how old was she?
Thx, pretty cool to think back at these times
The confusing part is, he said niece at first, then in the story, he called her his cousin
which made me think she was his cousin too.
makes more sense that way
Oke here we go

>Background info:

>Me 17yo Backpacking
>This was my first backpack trip and is was traveling for a mouth and a half and wanted to spend some time in paradise.
>I picked a beautiful island (Perhintians, Malaysia) before it got ruined by too many tourists.
>The island was only known by backpackers and divers and i'm both.
>I did my rescue diver course there and it was time to rest a little between dives, been there for 2 weeks total
>I got one of the cheapest huts but one with the best view over the beach and the island.


>I have been diving and training for my rescue diver course with the instructor and some hot older (30ish) woman doing some research and catching rides to the dive sites with us.
>Hot lady no doubt but not interested in a 13y younger guy like me
>besides i was buzzy with my course and the instructor and she did her stuff.
>For lunch we always go back to a lagoon on the island where the instructor lives during the season and we go to a small restaurant on this private part of the island.
>We start talking a bit more, about what she is doing and my travels. a proper adult conversation nothing special and definite no sexual tension between us.

>This repeats for 3 or 4 days she is around us all the time. I finnish my course.
>Time to celebrate with a barbecue and cocktails on the beach (like every other night) just the two of us its quiet on the island, most of the tourist must have left that day.
>She is leaving the next morning around 10AM and don't want to make it too late.
>The barbecue was on the other end of the beach and we have to walk about half way in the same direction back to our places
>We don't walk fast and i try to slow down even more than normal, no idea why.
>She asks where i sleep, and i point out my hut, i can see it in the moonlight from the beach.

Sry, English is not that good

>"Not vary comfortable is it?", No i replay. Its cheep though and the view is great.
>"I stay in [some stupid name of her place]" She said. I have know idea what it is so i ask.
>She tells me she sleeps in one of the huts inland. Attached bathroom and solar heated shower.
>I hate cold showers and on the island there is only electricity for 2 hours a day so a somewhat heated shower is a luxury.

>I know there must be a dark path inland somewhere she must take to her chalet but i have no idea where it is until she stops and asks if i like to see it.
>Our conversations where not great and there was no sexual tension between us so this was somewhat a surprise for me.
>I don't know what to say so i answered with the first thing popped in my head "OK"
>"I think you will like it". Still thinking like an idiot i say something like "i hope so".
>just meters from the beach and under the trees its pitch black and navigating without a flashlight is almost impossible.
>She hands me her flashlight and waits for me to take point. not knowing the way i have to be careful and move slowly.
>She lay her hand on my back and i turn around.
>We move in for the kiss.
>I'm not a small guy (1.82m) but she is taller than me and i have to angle up for the first time it felt weird,but sexy.
>I'm just wearing a sports short and t-shirt and she feels my boner growing against her thigh. she don't react.
>We walk for a few more minutes to her chalet and she lights some candles (showing my still half erect dick) and does the 'this is my bed and this is the shower tour' of her chalet.
>"You know me well, i do like your place"
>We start kissing again and our clothes come off rather quickly.

>We don't speak much its just passion. I know she must be very experienced.
>I had regular sex for a year with my ex girlfriend and had 4 partners up to that point but i learned thing that night.
>We where all sweaty and covered in cum taking a shower together. Not hot definite the best i had in 2 week.
>She thinks is better i stay the night i we talk about our sex history and i start fingering her again and not much later we go for round two and this time i cum in a condom.
>We talk some more before we fall asleep.
>When i wake up she is up already and buzzy packing her backpack.
>"I don't have coffee" she said. Good that is my job isn't it?
>Its almost 10am and we walk back to the beach to the boat that would pick her up.
>the boat is late so there is time to have breakfast and some coffee on the beach.
>The big boat arrives but can't beach so the smaller boats on the beach prepare to drop and pickup new tourists and we say goodbye
>I help some people and there backpack on the boat and do the reverse for the backpackers coming on the island.
>What happens next is to good to be true but it was. One of the girl coming off the boat is a gorgeous 20yo german girl.
>I help her with her backpack and she is asks me where she the best place is to sleep.
>I you want to go for a cheap option you have to go that way, it's only 20RM but not much for comfort.
>"Thats ok, you stay there?", yep. pointing to the hut overlooking the beach.
>"Wow, that looks great". Me:"I'm going that way now, shall we?"
>We walk to my place and we agree to go for lunch later.

>She was already siting at the table on the beach when i come down from my hut.
>"Your late" she said like bilbo baggins. i try to remember Gandalf's line but fail.
>She tells me she dosn't have as the view of my hut but she like the place and we talk for hours
>Later that afternoon when its not that hot, rent some snorkel gear and i can see her body in bikini.
>I must get her, that is my goal.
>We spend the rest of the day and evening together and we get along very good.
>We're having fun and she seems to like my body too, we snorkel close together and touch each other constantly
>Barbecue and cocktails on the beach. Its paradise.
>We see lighting and hear thunder coming in fast and not long later we run over the beach back to the hut on the hill.
>She jells "See you tomorrow, good night."
>There is no coming from that and i hate myself.
>I wake up early and go to the beach for breakfast some coffee and a book. The air is still cool and you can still smell the rain from last night.
>I'm reading my book and drink my coffee when she comes setting next to me and asks me about my night.
>Happy to see her again obviously and we talk about yesterday and how great this island is.
>I had a diving trip planed for that afternoon but she is not a diver, "Thats a shame"
>We agree to have dinner tonight and we part ways

>Coming back from my dive trip i walk back to my place to shower and take a rest when i hear "Anon!"
>She is sunbathing, i move next the her and talk about what we did today for hours
>Its back on. Whenever its possible we sneak in innuendo's and whenever its silent for a bit we look at each other and smile.
>Its time to eat and we walk back fresh up and have dinner with wine.
>Its getting dark and the electricity gets on and the lightbulb in my hut light up so my hut is clearly visible.
>I tell her i have to go back and switch if off or there will be a million mosquito's in my hut.
>"You do come back right", "Of course".
>We drink some cocktails and its get quieter and quieter between us.
>Shall we go back to our huts? i asks. "yes,... have you seen my hut?"
>I didn't "Its all the way to the back near the banana trees" -silance- "There so many mosquito's last night"
>She gave me the best opportunity she can to ask her to come stay with me "You can stay with me. i don't have that many mosquito's"
>She reacted fast as lighting "Good!" Now keep you cool Anon.

Gives sex ed advice half way through story of fucking his cousin.
Good guy
>I open my door and we move in. she walks to the balcony, i light a candle and stand behind her overlooking the beach with the light from the restaurants and barbecues.
>I hug her from behind and kiss her neck.
>A gasps of relieve and i feel her body relax
>I move my hand over her tummy and move up to her boobs.
>She turns around and we kiss.
>I pick her up and set her down on the balcony railing against the support post
>Remover het top and bikini an play with her tits, kiss her nipples and kiss her.
>She jumps from het railing and let me sit in the deck chair taking out my half erect cock and sucking him it hard
>She undress completely, i follow still sitting down and let her sit on my lap and play with her small strip of pubic hair and move down and finger her until she comes with a suppresses moan.
>The extra excitement of the possibility being watched it exciting but in all fairness its very dark and the small candle inside barely lights up the balcony.
>"Do you have a condom?" Of course i have and i move inside to get one.
>She is waiting for me, and watch me putting it on biting her own index finger. When i walk out she stops me and we kiss and she take my hand to her breast and i move my other hand to finger her some moar.
>She is wet and i lick my finger to taste her juice.
>I set her on the balcony railing again and lick her out. And keep my dick hard by jerking on it.
>She plays with my hear and her tits

>She turn around and bend over the railing and i take her from behind.
>"are you conna cum already?" I was not close "Is there something wrong?"
>"No, You want to come over my chest?"
>I never done that before, well not intentionally. "Sure, that will be fun"
>She is close to coming again, i reach around and play with her clitoris while fucking her from behind and i feel the shockwaves and pinching moving through her body and my dick.
>We move position, i sit on the deckchair she's on top facing me.
She is moving her opperbody back and forth and i grab her magnificent boobs when i can reach laying flat on my back getting my cock deep in her.
>She plays with herself riding me and still bending al the way down to kiss me and back up to angel my cock to put pressure on her g-spot
>She comes again and slows down bending forward kiss me and tear up a little
>"You want to cum?" She asked?
>I answer with a kiss and she unmounts grabs some clothes to protect her knees against the wooden flooring
>remove the condom wipes the lubricant and takes it in her mouth.
>She plays with my balls and sucks like a pro (i guess)
>I'm close to cumming and make some more noise to let her know. She is still going and i grab her head and move it away.
>She pushes her head back futher over my shaft looking up and reassures she knows what she is doing
>She did. just before i cum buckets she takes my dick out her mouth and jerk and squeeze the cum out of me shooting and dripping over her breasts.
>We take a freaking cold shower in the shared showers getting caught with some cum on her neck by the night guard
>The next day she checks out of her hut and move in with me
>I extended my stay with a few day.

Never forget and forever in the wank bank
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Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 7

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