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Sex stories from when you were a kid

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Sex stories from when you were a kid
>be me
kindergaten to 2nd grade i sucked my cousins dicks and one fucked me in the ass a few times
>now i fantasize about finding a perfect trap and repeating the same thing again
> inb4 y not just a guy. cause i consider my self straight with a bi fantasy
>Found fort in woods
>Moldy, wet Playboys and Hustlers

8-year-old heaven
>consider myself
When I was 7 I had a dream that my friends and I were breeding rabbits to sell. Except that to get the rabbits pregnant, we would put our penises into the rabbit's butts and pee in them.
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>be me
>be chillin with older sister in our room with our bad ass bunkbeds
>we're playing house
>she puts up blanket to cover bottom bunk
>tells me to come inside for dinner
>crawl into bunk
>she's naked
>knees to her chest, pussy spread open
>rubbing herself
>tells me to take off pants and come over
>do it
>she softly strokes my cock with free hand
>asks me if i love her
>tell her yes
>leads me closer between her legs
>slides my dick up and down her wet pussy
>eventually slides into her and we slowly start to fuck
>older bro walks in
>sticks his head
>tells us to stop cause mom wants to go out for dinner
>mfw both of us lost our virginity to each other
>mfw i've never told this story to anyone, ever
>mfw my sister vehemently denies it ever happened
>mfw i still fap to the memory to this day
damn, i've been waiting 24 years to share that story for nothing
no for nothing. there will always be lurkers
A similar thing happened with me and my cousin but we stopped before i put it in because parents. Shes like mega hot now and we havent talked in like 10 years
Don't worry, I've archived it.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
Why the fuck do kids always find playboys and hustlers out in the woods? It's like some guy purposely puts them there for kids to find.
Don't h8 appreciate
How old have you and your sister been?
it's probably because some kids stole them from their parents and ended up ditching them in the woods.

I've run across three separate porn stashes in my 34 years.
That's probably what happens, honestly. Or some teen stashes them there.
its people like us to help the next gen of guys be pervs
im jackie chan
That's exactly it.
Age of you and sister when this happened, and now, please.
i don't want to say, but i'll say we were not teens
>be me 5 years old
>best friend was the girl across the street, Allison
>lived in Ohio at this time and all the parents let their kids wander
>play in mud, climb trees, ride bikes through fields, me and her do everything together
>brother has to get surgery one day, parents won't be back for a week
>stay at Allison's house while they're away
>get back inside one night ridiculously dirty
>told to take showers immediately
>wait for her to take hers, finally hear the shower go off after a while
>take clothes off and walk in as I assumed she got to her room already
>see her bare ass facing me and I came to the conclusion that I was wrong
>she suddenly turns around
>see no penis, kinda shocked whilst sporting a titanium hard on
>she's staring at my dick
>both just keep staring at each other for a bit
>out of nowhere she says "can I touch it anon?"
>just nod my head
>bends down and grabs it, starts squeezing, shit feels good
>then she sticks her tongue out and licks the tip a few times while squeezing
>suddenly she stops and stands back up
>"okay now you gotta try it on me anon"
>sit down with her pussy right in front of my face
>figure I can't squeeze anything so I'll just move her lips around with my fingers and lick
>says it feels funny but "in a good way"
>after a few minutes of that she stops me and says she has to pee
>for some reason watch her pee then take a shower
>this sort of thing happens 6 more times before I move away

Still in touch with her but she probably doesn't remember.
>be me
>probably like 5-6
>my sister's about 8
>get under covers and start making out
>she sucks my dick but never let me do anything with her meat tunnel
>the end ._.
Why not? Text stories are not illegal in any way, no matter how graphic. And everything posted on 4chan is assumed to be fiction anyway. Read the rules.
> watch her pee
muh dick
i just don't want to say. I shared my story, enjoy it
>be me
>be 1
>rape my uncle
>tell him i love him
>tell him lies about earth SHATTER THEM LIES!! OHH BABY WHY OH WHY OH WHY

>death bed
>death bed
>death bed
Bumping for interest
ITT: Lies
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Faggot. It wasn't even a real story.
chances are they've been every age up to their present one... I imagine...
I found a few stashes when I was a kid too. One had a cherry magazine in it the other was fairly ripped up just had a bunch of images from porn movies. Found a playboy and Hustler another time.
I actually do have a bit of a piss fetish now too. Funny how life works anon.
>be me
>8 or 9 or something I cant remember
>cousin lived with me for a while
>she was about a year younger
>sit and play shit games on pc together
>sometimes would put my hand in her pants and sometimes "kiss" her pussy

another time

>same ages
>go into basement
>tell cousin to close her eyes
>she does and I pull down her shorts and underwear and begin licking her pussy

stuff like that happened like 8 times but I cant remember much. I have never told anyone and I still wonder to this day if she remembers it like I do...
no matter how many times you call me a faggot, doesn't make you any more relevant to this thread.

for your information, it was a completely true story.
>dad alcoholic
>brings home some bitch
>starts to plow her
>was moaning her face off
>get idea
>sliding glass doors
>walk around house
>can see everything
>dad going H.A.M
>can see her just loving it and having a continues stream of moans
>start wanking
>3.2 jizzaseconds later I'm done
>walk in house
>pretend I can't hear anything
>5 minutes later she comes out hammered completely naked
>dad doesn't see me
>she goes and lays down in bed blacked out
>dad gone for phone call
>sneak in
>touch her pussy
>stick finger in
>go to room
>lock door
>masturbated while sniffing her goodness 5 more times
>go to bed
so hows the smell of your dad's dick?
>be 9 yo me, 14 yo cousin
>we used to play a lot, and I slept on her home on a week basis
>one day, when we was ready to sleep, we started to watch a movie and I laid in her bed with her
>movie got boring, but I was cuddling her, flacid dick
>then, she put on a tv chanel where some women were dancing almost naked
>dick almost instantly got hard, I was a premature kid
>she felt it. And put her hand there
>we started cuddling more, her hand felt great
>suddenly, she started rubbing her ass on my dick
>I moved down my pants, as she moved hers down too
>she moved my dick between her legs, I started to move my body between her thights
>she moved my dick inside her vagina, it felt amazing
>she rubbed herself while I shove my dick, then I came outside her (felt something very strong comming, she took it out and held my dick in her hands)

today we talk normally, we repeated it only twice after that day (she gave me a blowjob and we fucked in the shower)

I miss it, she's very hot today
He wore a condom so it wasn't really his dick.
>today we talk normally, we repeated it only twice after that day (she gave me a blowjob and we fucked in the shower)
I require greentext of both stories.
okay, I'll start it now, just keep the thread from 404
I have a feeling she wouldn't remember it the same; girls I know I did stuff with as kids will not remember it or at least admit remembering it. Kind of how some have sex and say they didn't go very far.

Bamp bamp bamp bamp
all these b/tards claiming to be commiting actual incest.

Oh would you look at that! These niggers don't know how to reply properly. Good show
If I ever have a cute little daughter, I would not molest her or anything of the sort. But I would sure as hell go to town when she's asleep.

Picture this:
>be late at night
>mother is out, we are home alone
>we're watching a movie, but she's already asleep
>just wearing panties and a pijama dress

I would sofly touch her asscheeks and rub her vagina through the panties, carefully observing that she doesnt wake up. I would stick my face between her asscheeks and profoundly sniff the sweet scent of her innocence.
If she was tired enough, and she's in a deep sleep, i would slip her panties a bit and gently smell her vagina, maybe even lick it a bit, but carefully, as i stroke my cock.
I would, if the situation is right, touch her lips with my dick and in the moment of climax, cum in her ass, and use the panties to dry up the semen.
The next day, or if she were to wake up, it would be pretty easy to play it off cool, you know how kids are when they're half asleep. It also helps that im pretty good at lying and keeping a poker face.
Not so much sex story but...
>Be me
>Be 8 years old
>Older sister let me watch Wayne's World.
>Become obsessed with the movie
>Sister has friends over
>go in sisters room and put on one of her bra's
>go into dining room
>in front of her and her friends start singing Happy Birthday Mr. President

By George

Uber amounts of come raining from

My dick

Please don't stop the stories
I see what you did there.
That is molestation you fuckwit
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implying on a bump..
my god, love it.
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> two older sisters
> early memories include Steph (seven years older) showing Tracy (2 years older) the facts of life using my body.
> She said that the penis would shoot lots of seamen and she jerked me off, and I sort of came - but not much came out.
> She realizes I am too young, so they try again a few more times over the next few years, They think its funny.
> Eventually, I do produce large enough quantities of seamen. Steph feels mission accomplished and loses interest in it.
> Steph brings it up as a joke now and again. But I think she feels alittle guilty about it, and just jokes about it to see if I am ok about it.
> She doesn't know that until Tracy went off to college, Tracy did pretty much everything with me, regularly.
> Tracy is always very much in charge. I am just sort of her toy. She isnt that bossy with other guys, and I am not passive with other woman, but this is just how we do this.
> Been jealous at times of Tracy's boyfriends, and she was had issues with my first real bigtime girlfriend, but we deal with it.
> We havent done this as much recently cause shes been at college. But summers, yes.
> She says I will go to the same college and we can share a place. And I will be "evaluated" a lot. Thats our code.
>she probably doesn't remember
she remembers
believe me
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>very attractable cousin comes to visit years ago
>insist that she sleep next to me
>we were young (prolly like 7 or 8)
>used this deceive parents
>she sleeps next to me
>feel urge to get closer
>feels awkward man
>next day yell at her for not wanting to watch Animaniacs
>inb4 you don't like Animaniacs
>> Steph brings it up as a joke now and again. But I think she feels alittle guilty about it, and just jokes about it to see if I am ok about it.
Just for fun you should have made her feel like shit over it. Get all moody and standoffish whenever she brings it up.
following >>554745591
>after the day we had sex, we was closer sexually, I know she looked when I was pissing, once she got me sniffing her panties and when she went to beach, she gave me a photo of her on bikini (won't dump it)
>one year later, they made a big party on her house
>the place is really huge, I mean, it can fit 3 average houses on the total area of the house
>we and the rest of the cousins were playing hide and seek, it was kind of dark
>I decided to hide with her, because we had little time together on the last months
>giggling, we hid inside a storage room for food and stood still, she was behind me because I run faster
>the warmt of her body and her sweet smell brought back memories, making my dick hard
>she put her hand there, I think she saw the volume on a shadow
>she was touching my dick almost on the dark, with only the light from the outside coming from the windows of the backyard (no one was there)
>then, she started rubbing me off faster, while I touched her down there (she was using a bikini and I had a speedo)
>when things got really hot, she made me turn around, pushed my backs against a wall and kneeled in front of me
>she said "this will feel good, trust me" because I was nervous if people would come and see (I actually remember her saying this)
you watched your dad fuck a hoooker? ewww dude
>then, she put down my speedo, showed me her breasts and started licking my dick clean
>her tongue around the head of my dick felt great, she went down all the way
>I still haven't found a girl that could give a blowjob that felt soooo good as her blowjob
>Some time later, I announced I would cum (I read some magazines on the past year, got very interested in sex)
>she improved the blowjob, and I came inside her mouth, while she rubbed her boobs
>her eyes rolled and locked on mine, while I came in her mouth, and she had a smile on her face
>when I finished and was ready to have sex, we heard the kids coming to the storage room, she got scared, fixed her bra and I fixed my speedo, hiding my boner
>they found us there, hiding (no one saw nothing wrong). That day, I asked my parents if I could sleep on her house, thumbs up

will write the rest in no time, just wait
We tolerate freaks of all sorts here on /b/. We'll criticize it nonetheless, but it is still welcome. However, illiteracy such as yours will not be tolerated. Leave now and never come back.
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>young me
>chilling with older brother and older sister
>we play and end up beating the crap out of each other
>because that is all kids do
>by my aunt
>also beat the crap out of me cause I was a fucking moron and still am, but probably less
>but one day, sleeping over at her house, my cousin
>13 years old at the time, 1 year younger than me
>comes next to me at night time and asks
>"what the fuck are you doing here, you pervert? Don't think just because you are my cousin that I won't call the cops! Go sleep in your fucking room!"
>I respond:"Are you retarded? What did you think I was going to do here? Rape you? You are my cousin, even if you looked good, which you don't, I couldn't even get it hard. I am not a psycho, fuck you!"
>then she grabbed my dick
>but then the real story happened
>...no it didn't, stop reading you dumb fuck!
>> Be 16
>> Little Sis be around 11
>> Be horny as shit. Tried to convince her to go down on me
>> Didn't happen, did kissed, she played with my tits.

I feel guilty, she's now 16 and pregnant and I can't help but to think I fucked her up.
She's straight so no damage done.
got another one:

>be six
>girl across the street the same age
>been friends for a couple years
>usually either go to her house or my house to play
>one day she wants to play "doctor"
>father had warned me about "doctor"
>even at 6
>we play "doctor"
>few days go by
>girl over my house playing with plastic cowboys and indians
>anon whats that?
>she touches it
>she says ewww
>runs to her brother
>he don't have a fucking clue since he's younger whats going on
>few weeks later we're hanging out in my room
>ask her if she wants to play a game with me in the bathroom
>we go into bathroom
>basically told her to grind on me
>this age 7 or so for each of us
>she and i get naked
>hold each other
>hear footsteps coming upstairs
>OHFUCK.jpg its my mom
>put on clothes as fast as possible
>shirt inside out
>mom notices
>blacked out after that point

>20 years later and its still not the same between me and her
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youre a faggot.jpg
37KB, 800x400px
just found your house on google maps bro
I'm a hebe, and speak out on behalf of non-abusive pedos.
But you are a moron. That is NOT not molesting her. It is NOT okay. Even if she didn't wake up, it would not be okay. But most likely she will wake up and pretend to still be asleep because she is terrified. You will keep doing it because you think she is such a heavy sleeper, scarring her more every time.

Autist detected.
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>be like 8, cousin same age
>always playing house for some dumb reason
>one day we're chilling in the closet sitting cris-cross in front of each other for some reason I can't remember
>tells me "anon my daddy told me about what mommies and daddies do for fun"
>"what, anonette?"
>grabs my hand and places it down her pants
>uses my limp hand as a sex toy
>after a few minutes of me thinking like what the fuck this is so warm and wet lolwut, she says it's my turn
>shimmy down my pants like a madman
>she leans forward and sucks my little peepee till it's rock hard
>parents call for dinner
>i haven't seen in 10 years
haven't seen her in 10 years for fucks sake
>functioning alchohalic neighbor got girlfriend who had daughter
>me and her are both 9
>in tree house and are really hot
>both get naked and are all sweaty
>she starts rubbing herself and says it feels nice
>I rub her some, she licks me dick saying she saw her mom do it
>continue being friends til this day
>came to sudden realization one day that we were pleasuring each other
>bring it up to her
>she thought she was crazy and thought is was a dream
>still good friends
might be funny to tease her by saying I was traumatized and need therapy for it, but I mostly just change the subject cause I don't want her to think too much about what Tracy and I got up to after that. She taught Tracy to do this.

I do feel a little sense of loss about it. It prevents me from feeling a "sibling respect" from Steph - if that makes any sense. And there were times when Tracy didn't do anything cause she was dating someone and I felt like I had lost connection with her. But that has changed. Even when one of us is dating someone, we kept at it and we are ok about everything.
>me and her
>me and her
*she and I
that day, we was ready for anything to happen, I lived very close to her house, so I just went for mine to get some clothes and a cartoon movie, then I came back and my parents went home
>during the night, we watched the cartoon movie with her sister and brother (it was A Goofy Movie, everytime I watch this movie I remember these times)
>when the movie ended (we was on the living room), her brother was already sleeping and the sister (which was older) was on her own room
>her parents were already sleeping, so we decided to stay awake a little longer
>she was using only a long tshirt during the movie, we hadn't taken bath, nothing sexual happened during the movie
>I decided we had to take a bath before we sleep, I had perverted thoughts
>when we got on the bathroom, we started taking off our clothes, then I went and kissed her
>besides our age difference, I was as tall as her, so our bodies matched
>our first kiss (it was her first too) was very exciting, at first was strange because we didn't knew how to use tongue, but then we got into it and things got very exciting (girls say I have a very good kiss, I believe that this cousing teached me how to do it right)
PART 1/6
>be 8
>live on an isolated cul-de-sac
>parents won't let me leave the block so not many play-options available
>see three girls I know (around my age) playing across the street and join them
>let's play dolls anon
>eh....fuck it, sure
>go to one girl's house because she has a sweet rec room full of toys
>her mom's off to run errands and makes girl's older sister watch/babysit us
>older sister must've been around 12 or 13 (I only remember thinking of her as an "adult")
>she also must've been cute; a remember hearing my brother and his friends say she was hot
>all of us + older sister are playing house with Barbie dolls
>dolls are living a glamorous life sharing a condo on the beach
>I'm playing the Ken doll: he's an ex-ninja and reknowned doctor
>girls's dolls decide to go out dancing, so there's a lot of trying on outfits
>we make jokes about how the dolls only have bumps for private parts
>jokes turn into role-playing weird sexual situations with the dolls
>like "I just showered and have to make it to the bedroom without the rest of you seeing me naked"
>or "we don't have pajamas for the dolls so everyone has to sleep without any clothes on"
>older sister's doll decides she feels sick and gets in bed (naked of course)
>but we were going to go out dancing!
>what do we do? WHAT DO WE DO?
well, in a way the thing with Tracy is more on equal footing since there's not that big of an age difference, but even if you're ok with it Steph really did abuse her age difference, and that must eat at her now.
PART 2/6
>anon you're a doctor, can you do something for her?
>of course I can, bitches, outta my way
>girls' dolls take the private helicopter over to the "dance club" on the other side of the room
>my doll gives older sister's doll a physical exam
>super awkward for me and I'm trying to avoid my doll touching her doll's naughty bits
>her doll touches its tit-bumps and says it hurts there, specifically
>wait a fucking minute...
>the older sister has engineered this whole situation and WANTS me to touch her doll
>she asks me if I "know what to do."
>anon, just kiss me here
>she indicates she wants my doll to kiss her dolls' boobs
>sounds a little weird but why not
>we're both completely silent while we manipulate our dolls to grope each other
>she lays her doll on top of mine and we sorta of watch them lie there
>like 20 minutes of hot doll-on-doll action
>girls' mom comes home
>time for dinner
>we all part ways
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PART 3/6
>next weekend I'm bored again and meet up with the girls
>hey anon let's play school
>we set up the "classroom" in the girl's garage (same girl's house from part 1)
>one girl is the teacher, rest of us are students
>the older sister shows up out of nowhere and wants to play too
>the more the merrier!
>older sister declares that she is the principal
>she sets up her office in a small shed in the backyard (through the garage's back door)
>happily playing school for a while when the principal shows up and hands a note to the teacher
>anon you've been called to the prinicpal's office
>ooooohhhh you're in trooooubllllle
>this blows, I didn't even do anything
>go out back to the shed/principal's office
>older sister has me close the shed door
>anon you remember how you made me feel better last week?
>I made your doll feel better, but yes, I remember
>she takes my hands and puts them on her chest
>this is some kind of trick to get me in trouble!
>I try to run, but she holds my hands to her chest
>anon go ahead, I won't tell
PART 4/6
>start squeezing her boobs over her shirt while she just watches me
>feel the satiny bra underneath
>I remember distinctly thinking this opportunity will never present it self again
>suddenly, kind of aggressively, I put my hand under her shirt and run them under her bra
>she gasps and her face turns bright red
>she half-heartedly tries to pull my hands out
>her boobs are bigger than my hands and SO SOFT
>something's weird...like little erasers or something on her boobs
>again kind of aggressively, I pull her shirt off and slip her bra straps off her shoulder
>her boobs in all their glory
>the "little erasers" were her hard nipples
>I play with her tits for a few minutes
>she tells me to kiss them
>I do, kissing and sucking on her tits
>she leans her head back and pushes out her chest
>hey this if fucking GREAT! I could do this all day
>I felt like finally I knew what this "sex" thing was all the adults were keeping from me
>then we hear the "teacher" calling for us
>she puts on her t-shirt
>I must've had a giant stupid grin on my face because she looks at me and laughs
>she walks me back to "class"
>anon were you....okay with that?
>so you won't tell anyone?
>spend the rest of the day distracted
Sis why are licking me?
Why did my peepee turn hard?
Why does it feel strange good?
Why are you stick a finger in my butt?
Why am I not supposed to tell mom and dad?
You are right about the first post, when used as the subject of the sentence before the verb. But when used as the "object" in the sentence, isn't "me and her" correct?
>"20 years later and its still not the same between me and her" Correct?
I haven't gone more than 3 days without blowing my sweet juices since freshman year of highschool..i'm going to be a freshman in college this year...does that count as a story?
PART 5/6
>another weekend comes around
>that morning I'm like a stalker at my bedroom window
>the girls finally come out and I run out like my house was on fire
>hey anon do you wanna--
>we set up the classroom
>the older sister passes by and sees me staring at her, like come on come on
>she laughs and, same as before, declares herself the principal
>I'm antsy in the "classroom"
>the older sister comes in with a note...and it's for one of the girls
>the girl goes and comes back a few minutes later with some dumb errand to do for the principal
>"class" continues for like another half hour
>it's my personal hell
>the older sister finally comes in with another note
>it's for me this time
>ooooohhhh you're in--
>outloud: oh shucks I hope I'm not in trouble
>I head out to the shed
>in the shed now and I close the door
>is there something you want anon?
>c-can....we do that thing like last time?
File: 1365722534232.gif (691KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
691KB, 600x450px
Will contriboot
Ninja doctor operates without you even realizing when he did.
PART 6/6
>she says okay
>the older sister pulls off her shirt and unhooks her bra this time
>she beckons me closer
>I go to town on her tits
>there is nothing better than her tits. not even candy
>I'm actually IN LOVE with her tits I think
>she puts one of my hands on her crotch and I instinctively start moving my hand around
>she seems to like that
>my hand slips into her shorts at her waist
>she gasps and tries a little to stop me
>I reach her pussy
>hair? folds of skin?
>then everything got very wet
>what the fuh-- did she just pee on my hand?! (she didn't, I'm an idiot)
>anon hold on
>she drops her shorts and panties
>I drop my jaw
>she DID have hair down there (a little bit anyway)
>then I start to pull down my shorts
>no anon, you have to keep your clothes on
>she sits on a lawn chair and tells me to do what I like to do, but between her legs
>she pushes me down to her pussy
>no technique whatsoever
>I start licking all over the place, pussy lips, her pubes, thighs, underside of her butt cheeks
>she grabs my head and holds me over the top of her pussy lips
>go crazy with my tongue
>she gets all tense and grips my head like a basketball
>I gotta be honest...at the time I did not like going down on her
>it was complicated down there and a hint, A HINT, of pee smell
>she finished and let me move back to her tits
>then those god damn girls started knocking on the shed door
>if you and anon aren't going to play just say so
>I had to stall for time
>"I don't want to play anymore then"
>the girls were like "FINE!"
>I watched the older sister get dressed and said thank you
>she touched my chin and smiled and we went our separate ways
>the girls were so insulted they never let me play with them again and I only saw the older sister in passing
File: gb peter smirk.png (545KB, 700x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gb peter smirk.png
545KB, 700x528px
>10 years old
>friend takes me into the woods
>shows me how to jerk off
>fucks me in the ass
Well, I need pictures of your sister now
thanks, was a good fap
What happened to part 3?
>be me
>be like 11
>be stayin at a friend's house watchin' porn
>adjust pants because boner
>friend asks if he can help
>be confused
>friend pulls down pants and holds me down
>friend sticks the cock attached to confused me in ass
>now I'm bisexual
Yea, you are right, I guess I should make sure Steph knows its ok.

But it cracks me up that you suggest Tracy and I are on an equal footing. She certainly doesn't think we are equals, but I guess older sisters are like that.
you skipped it
>be 15
>have first sleepover with guy
>I've liked this guy since middle school
>parents are sleeping
>playing truth or dare with friend
>dares me to kiss him
>he gets a boner
>I'm feeling all hot and bothered
>get on top of him and start grinding
>he can feel my soaked panties rubbing on his pajama pants
>shoots and has to go to sleep with slimy wet pants

join the club, friend
>while kissing, I started to rub my hands on her, while she massaged my balls and held one hand on my butt (the feelings of the nails were so sexy, damm)
>when we turned the shower on (so people wouldn't come and check what we was doing on the bathroom), she was already very wet
>she sat on the bottom of the toilet while I licked I licked her smooth pussy, so salty and tasty, I'm addicted to licking pussy since that day
>I stroke my dick so hard that I was almost cumming, then I dragged her to the shower with me
>she was brathing very fast, the bathroom was hot
>I made her face the wall and she sticked her butt to me, while opening her pussy and turning her head to see me
>she probably said something, but I don't know, I just put my dick inside her
>we held our moans together, I pound her and rubbed her clit at the same time, while holding her mouth with the other hand
>I felt that her pussy squeezed me and I knew she was cumming, but it was so intuitive that I couldn't say this by the time
>when I was ready, I came inside her, it felt soooo good that I kept pounding her for some time
we kissed some more and took our bath normally, washing each other with soap and shampoo. She turned the water off
she got the snoopy shampoo (don't know if any of you fags remember it), it's a very slippery one (almost like some oil), and started to rub my body with it
when she reached my dick and balls, oh god, it was a fantastic handjob, she almost made me cum while holding a smile on her cute face

Top fucking kek.
Really? I didn't know that it could have happened to someone else..
Neighbor had a shed near edge if property wood was rotting on side kicked it big hole ,milk crates full grab 15 or so go home tell bros go back next day all gone
I'm dumb.

PART 3/6
>next weekend I'm bored again and meet up with the girls
>hey anon let's play school
>we set up the "classroom" in the girl's garage (same girl's house from part 1)
>one girl is the teacher, rest of us are students
>the older sister shows up out of nowhere and wants to play too
>the more the merrier!
>older sister declares that she is the principal
>she sets up her office in a small shed in the backyard (through the garage's back door)
>happily playing school for a while when the principal shows up and hands a note to the teacher
>anon you've been called to the prinicpal's office
>ooooohhhh you're in trooooubllllle
>this blows, I didn't even do anything
>go out back to the shed/principal's office
>older sister has me close the shed door
>anon you remember how you made me feel better last week?
>I made your doll feel better, but yes, I remember
>she takes my hands and puts them on her chest
>this is some kind of trick to get me in trouble!
>I try to run, but she holds my hands to her chest
>anon go ahead, I won't tell
cont (finale)
>She turned the water on again to wash me, when all the shampoo was off my body, she went down and sucked my dick
>not waiting longer, she got up again and now, facing me, put her backs against the wall and opened her vagina
>I shoved my dick very deep and fucked her brains out, for the last time
>we came together, I did it inside her
>we ended the bath, still rubbing each other
we dried each other bodies and got dressed, then I slept on her room
that night, we just cuddled and rubbed each other off, untill we fell asleep
She moved one month later, to another country, and came back 2 years ago
Now I'm 21 and she is 26, she already has a fiancè and he kinda looks like me (taller than her, tanned skin, athletic, hair looks like mine)
We talked very little and still we see each other few times (I moved to another city right now, very far from home)
The last sexual anything we had was when she came back, we went to swim together and she saw me on my swimsuit, she kept looking for a long time (I have a big dick, it startled her I guess), but we couldn't keep in touch (she was on her way to travel)
She's super fucking hot now and I wish we could do it just once again, for the old times
It's the first time I told these stories in my entire life, hope you enjoyed
Wait no I'm not.

All six parts.
Well, she might be dominant, but developmentally there's not such a big gulf between 2 years apart than with someone who's 7 years older.

The "Straight until gay experimentation with friend oh shit now I'm bisexual" Club is always looking for new members!
Which part, being forced into sex by a friend during your formative years and having it alter your sexuality?
Probably happens to lots of people.
I meant, the other guy skipped it, not you, you only get my thanks.
File: mtr_1386431802485.png (115KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 500x333px
>shoots and has to go to sleep with slimy wet pants
lel all of it

Yeah, well here I am
Guess that makes me the dumb one. :|
All parts:
>be 6 year old femanon
>at the park with my family
>mom and dad are focused on my older sister's softball game
>i'm on playground with friends
>memory fuzzy, but I remember guy comes up to us
>he was dressed in shorts/polo shirt/had a racquet
>guy says he lost a bunch of tennis balls in a thick row of hedges next to the tennis courts
>would give us a quarter for each ball we'd bring back to him
>4 of us are on board
>follow him over to hedges and we crawl in with him
>little open space in between/underneath hedges
>it's like a private space you can't see into or out of
>we're all busy looking for tennis balls
>find a few, maybe 3 or 4 each of us
>he pays us $5 each (in singles so it seems like a lot of money)
>we are over the moon about it
>then he says he's a doctor and wants to give us a check up
>we're like this is highly unusual...but ok
>he lines us up and pulls our shorts and underwear completely off
>apparently we're fine with him touching us
>I remember we were all real quiet, like out of respect
>he rubs between my legs, squeezes my butt
>I remember it feeling weird to be bottomless but still have my socks and shoes on
>bored/impatient when this went on for more than a minute
>eventually he "examines" all four of us
>he asks if any of us have to pee
>one girl does
>we all watch her pee because the doctor said so
>then we get dressed
>he walks us back to the playground
>tells us the usual "keep this a secret" stuff and goes away
>one of us is suddenly weirded out and scared, almost crying
>the rest of us tell her to quit being a baby
>she calms down
>we go to the snack shack and get ice cream cones and a TON of candy
>eat like royalty
>eventually game ends and we get called over by our respective families
>never had a reason to tell anybody what happened
>don't think the other girls ever told either
Pfft. You guys are just jealous cause you weren't raped by someone you trusted and now love dick.
Still me.
>be 10
>neighborhood girl who is maybe 15 babysits me a few times
>4th or 5th time she puts porn on my dad's computer
>makes me watch
>i'm grossed out
>tells me to do sexual stuff to her
>say no
>she makes me do it under threat that she'll tell my parents I was bad
>do it
>i did not like any of it and was not into it, but she didn't care
>lick her junk, lick her butthole, finger her for what seems like an hour
>at some point she fingers me, too
>i especially did not like that
>but curiosity about how two girls can have sex overrides my revulsion to it
>molestation session wraps up
>she puts me to bed
>i'm wide awake like wtf just happened
>parents eventually come home
>hear babysitter gush to my parents about how i was the best kid ever
>babysitter says she'll only accept half payment since i was "so good"
>weird kid logic: parents thinking i was a good kid + my sacrafice saved some money = felt good
>remember thinking babysitter and I both got what we wanted
>this was a fair transaction
And finally...
>parents tell me they're having a date night
>same babysitter will be coming over again to watch me
>try to strongly suggest that I'm old enough to watch myself
>they say no
>try to strongly suggest I don't like this babysitter and they should get someone else
>they say no
>babysitter shows up
>take my bath
>eat my chicken nuggests quietly
>watch disney movies in the living room
>just trying to stay off her radar
>hoping nothing happens this time
>she goes into the other room
>hear the computer turn on
>annnnd here we go
>she calls me into the room
>makes me look at porn pics with her on the computer
>she's explaining stuff to me
>like you suck a guy's dick to get it hard
>this is called 69-ing
>etc etc etc
>i think if I act interested and appeciative she'll like me and won't touch me
>she puts her hands into the back of my pj bottoms
>feels me up every which way
>fingers me a little
>says i have to do it to her
>tell her fine, but that she has to shower first
>be a good host and get her some towels and bodywash
>she uses the guest bath downstairs
>i'm waiting in my room, filled with dread
>she comes upstairs completely naked
>same routine again
>lick her junk, lick her butthole, finger her for a long time
>she's done and goes to nearest bathroom upstairs to pee
>i'm in bed trying to sleep
>hear her come out and she heads downstairs
>at the same time she comes out I hear door to garage open
>parents are home
>they catch her buck naked
>mom flips out and yells at her
>babysitter leaves
>dad comes in to check on me
>i act like mom's screaming just woke me up
>what happened dad?
>uh nothing, nothing, go back to sleep
>find out later they assumed she had a boyfriend over
>good riddens
check again, my friend, the example you cited was not one of the ones I quoted, for the very reason that it WAS correct.
File: 1373516363235.png (141KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 480x480px
>shoots and has to go to sleep with slimy wet pants

Well I thought I had fapped myself dry today.
You proved me wrong.
Thanks, anon.
I think you got raped
If he didn't use a condom with a prostitute I'd have to call him a dumbass.
I remember something similar.
>Be around 6-7
>Sis three years older
>Don't remember the circumstances but
>Both of us in the bathroom
>Sister is sitting on the hardtop lid of toilet, legs spread, pussy exposed
>I'm kneeling down in front of her, about to lick or kiss her pussy for some reason
>As it's about to happen, sudden knock on door
>Shit, it's mom
>"What are you guys doing in there?"
>Both of us quickly get dressed and come out
>Never repeated or tried again
The memory of those 30 or so seconds are very vivid, but I'm still not sure if it really happened. And confirming it with my sister would be impossible without being awkward. Shame.
>we're like this is highly unusual...but ok
good grrl
File: XNHGqRa.gif (2MB, 320x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 320x180px
while writing this and the the memories came back on my head, I swear I could feel her smell as fresh as years ago
it's strange to tell my story here, but it feels very good to do it
I will cum later just like the gif
>they catch her buck naked
Dad must have enjoyed that.
File: rage4.png (38KB, 338x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 338x360px
>be 14
>cousin also 14
>she's about 5/10 but always fantasize about her
>get drunk with her
>decides to try to give me lap dance
>not the best, but we were young
>then decide to watch porn
>she starts fingering herself
>boner x10
>ask if i can help
>she says she didn't fall
>doesn't get the hint
>say 'oh, ok' because i'm drunk and stupid
>just sit there watching her until she finished
>mfw i missed my chance

haven't done anything major with her since but every now and then i'll get a hand full of boob when we play around
not really from when i was a kid but

maybe three weeks or a month ago i went to my cousins house, several cousins in one house.. girl who is closest to my age i hardly talk to, but we are going to university together in the fall now that ive transferred she has sudden interest for me. It seems like this interest is more than family oriented. wat do?
Me and my cousin (we are both male) fooled around with each other until we were 14

Anyone interested in specific stories, I remember quite a few.
looking for some real life advice here /b
>Be 12.
>Living with my parents, obviously, on their land.
>20 acres of land all to ourselves, full of hills, trees, ponds, streams, and the like, far away from the city...yet our house is a shitty, nearly rundown cabin that looks like it would be something out of a horror flick because my parents are poor despite owning 20 acres (welcome to Alabama).
>Closest neighbors are a decent ways away, but we see them every Sunday at church (surprise), and they are old family friends.
>They have a daughter just a few months younger than me, we basically grew up together. She's tomboyish but definitely cute.
>One day she and I are skinny-dipping in a pond on my parents property.
.Pond is well inside the property and surrounded by woods, unlikely anyone would notice us.
>She and I grew up together and already played "doctor" multiple times so seeing each other naked isn't new...though at this point it's been a while since I saw her because she was visiting family.
>Shes jumping up and down in the water, getting a good look at her tits.
>They were at that point where they weren't quite developed, but puffy and her areola were getting bigger.
>Her nipples are about as rock-hard as my dick at this point.
>She gets out of the water, see she's got a nice figure going on and that short tuft of pubic hair.
>Stay in the water with my painfully hard erection.
>She sits on the grass and looks at me, saying "come sit next to me, anon," while patting the grass.
>I get out, trying to conceal my erection and sit next to her.
>She puts her head on my shoulders.
>Little while later she notices.
>"Do you mind if I try something? I heard my cousin talk about this before."
>MFW she pushes me on my back and starts sucking my cock.
>Wet and sloppy but Im 12 so how the fuck do I know better.
>I didnt cum, but she stops anyway and asks me if that felt good.
>I say yes, and she smiles and lies on her back looking at me.
I'll admit a polite curiosity.
>be 7
>best friend steven invites me over to play
>we play GI Joe for a while
>hey you wanna see something really neat?
>we sneak into his parents bedroom and find their porn
>also "sexy squirting cucumber"
>porn gives us hardons
>we sword fight with peepees
>he's sticking his dick in her how do we do it?
>I dunno, maybe stick it in the butt?
>ewww gross I don't want poop on my dick, you do it.
>ewww gross, no way.
>a few days later
>playing in a field
>there's a little girl, like 3-4 years old
>she comes over and squats down
>she's wearing a dress but no panties
>hey let me show you something I just learned about
>lay her down in the field
>tall grass everywhere, totally can't see us
>rock hard boner
>put my dick in her
>hump away awkwardly for a while
>boner is hard as diamonds and it feels great humping her
>eventually the feeling goes away
>why am I doing this, again?
>hey, are we done? I have to pee.
>watch as she pees
>she leaves
>she comes by every day
>I hump her every day
>I don't think there's ever a day I saw her with panties
>I fucked her for three months straight
>never had an orgasm, I'd just get a steel-hard boner, it would feel great, and then the feeling would go away and I'd lose my boner
>she moves away
>none of the girls my age will do it with me.
>It's icky
>don't have sex again until I'm 11
>I'm cumming like a champ by then

Wat do is jump on dat shit
File: mitch.jpg (11KB, 260x308px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 260x308px
Ask this guy
about to lose my green text viginity
she seems like she's just out befriend you since you'll be going to the same place but you might as well try:
i found one when i was a kid too i opened the first page and there was about an inch of crusty old cum plastered on the page.... i ran away so fast from that stash
File: Do wan.jpg (25KB, 500x539px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Do wan.jpg
25KB, 500x539px
There you go young padawan, now about your problem, I would seriously see if you can get a good bang before you can't anymore
File: 1403517708884.jpg (36KB, 600x452px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 600x452px
thank you i feel like i would never put myself in that situation.
although we were on a couch together watching something while i was there and she kept touching my hand and acting as if it was an accident or that she didnt notice she was touching me at all
I thought you came so hard you became blind.
>I get on top of her and start rubbing my dick on her pussy.
>She smiles and closes her eyes, puts her hands on my hips.
>I slip inside her and start pumping.
>Nut furiously inside her, doubt I even lasted a minute.
>I slip off of her and lie there for a few seconds until she says "can you do that again, but with your fingers?"
>I start fingering her while she's kissing me.
>She starts moaning softly.
>Eventually she lets out a loud moan and yanks out my fingers.
>Wipes herself off and jumps back in the water like nothing happened.
>Later that day when her mom picks her up she gives me a quick peck on the cheek which everyone else thinks is adorable.
>MFW my dad is joking about me having a gf and my mom talking about the innocence of young love and shit while my friend is walking away with a pussy full of my cum.
she sends me signals that are too hard to miss

i came
File: inandon.png (14KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 600x600px
You should ask her for a final fling before she ties the knot.
Could be a great last chance.
Also, considering your past, I highly doubt that if she rejects the idea that she would turn around and tell people about it.
That would just bring up the discussion of your past with her and she is five years your senior as well as the initiator of the whole affair.

Where are you from btw?
Not trying to be a douche and say
>hurr durr ur gramer sux go dye
but English obviously isn't your first language and I thought I'd help a bit.
In most instances of your usage of the word "on" you should replace it with "in."

I put my pants on.
There is a hat on my head.

There are a lot of people in this town.
The square peg won't fit in the round hole.
the world belongs to the bold
happy that I could help anon
I came
>be me
>i noticed my seven year old standing in the laundry room
> one hand between her legs
>rubbing herself she didn't stop when i looked and when i asked if she was feeling good
>i ask her if it was good
>she said yes daddy
>i took her into my study
>pulled her pants and panties off
>sat her up on my leg with her back leaning on my chest, spread her long skinny legs
>used a big drop of saliva on my middle finger gently slid up and down her moist middle and flickered the tip of her clit.
>she had about 5 orgasms and the feeling of her convulsing in my arms with her arms around my neck made me cum in my pants. >now she loves oral sex because she can have a few littel orgasms and then a big one.
>soon i will teach her how to make me cum in her mouth

i'm addicted to feeling little girls cum now and my young one just turned five, the future looks wet.
>-be me a sixteen year old sophomore back in the day
> have qt 3.14 gf who is 14
> fucked her right in the pussy
>69 a lot
> make her finish so much she gets dizzy and passes out a few times
> the feel when parents know but they don't care
> the feel when we did it in public and only in my bed once
>we did it in belks fitting rooms and in my truck and on a public beach once
>the feel when the feels aren't bad feels because were still seeing each other
>be the feds
>see this post
>file subpoena to get your IP address
File: image.jpg (6KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 125x125px
did i fucking stutter m8?

I'm fucking happy...that I could help...god damn it
well mate, it's hard to revive these subjects from the past, because I live very distant from my home town and we barely talk nowadays, but it would be amazing to have sex again (if this happen, I'll deliver story and some pics if I'm able. The marriage will be next year, july)
Well, now that you ask, I'm not native english speaker: I'm spanish. I got my english from songs and games mostly, and I do plan to improve it (career and curiosity)
I think you might be lost
do it faggot
I ain't the feds, just warning the poster.
>Be 8
>New neighbors
>Live in small rural community where houses are several hundred feet apart
>Hard to explain the layout of our property at the time, but there was a house right next to ours, only on like it on our road.
>Practicing piano when girl and boy come over and knock on our door
>Mom answers
>We'll call the girl D and the boy M
>D tells my mom they had seen me in the yard
>Asks if I can play with them
>Of course!
>Bring them to a tiny tree fort my dad had built me
>Get to know them, D is 7, M is 9.
>Do normal kid stuff for a while
>Suddenly D asks me if I'd ever seen a muck
>The fuck is a muck?
>Say no
>M tells D to show me her muck
>She pulls her pants down a little, shows me her twat.
>Admire her muck for several days while her brother supervises
>Play games where we pretend to be egyptians and swing our genitals around at each other
>Watch each other pee
>Become quite interested in D
>Pay no attention to M

File: wonka11.jpg (68KB, 1000x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 1000x1200px
File: ukno.jpg (140KB, 467x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 467x700px
Not wincest but it was with my babbysitters daughter (busty caramel 16yrold)

>Be 9-10'ish (Sega was hot and that gay dude who does the spin classes on tv was popular)
>watching that mmbop music video by the Hansons.
>Caramel girl comes down to see what i'm doing, her little brother (same age as me) was in the garage hittin' pogs.
>Says Hansons are gay, throws in terminator and leaves my sight for a bitty.
>comes back
>orders me to undress, i comply.
>Says to lay on the couch on my belly. (couch was positioned so that i was laying and facing the TV)
>She takes her shirt off, glance over, don't know what she's doing.
>Big ass cans, with dark nips.
>Tells me to just stay still
>Lays on top of me and rubs me with her tits. (kinda like those asian massage nurri oil videos or w/e)
>Don't mind because feels nice.
>Still watching terminator but also realize she's breathing a bit harder
>As she gets up she pulls me and orders me to turn over.
>She attempts to ride me
>have no idea wtf was going on but my area started to feel gooey.
>positions my hands to fondle her breasts, which i then do.
>She continues this for a bit, then at the time i had no idea, but i'm pretty sure she came.
>She left, went upstairs, w/e
>roll over and just catch the ending where Arnie is lowering into the lava/molten metal w/e.
>That thumbs up.
now that i'm older that was probably the coolest part of that whole story for me. Thanks Arnie.

>next day i come over
>want to hangout in her room and read goosbumps but she acts all tsundere with her friend and tells me to fuck off because they're watching Spice girls.
>say fuck it, go outside and read curious george.

All in all, was a decent time.
I know it wasn't wincest but i thought i'd share my story.

Fuckin' Days of out Lives man. When her mom was home it was either watch that or play Pogs with her son. He was that kid where if he didn't get a good hit with a decent flip he'd call redo.

He also made me be the girl in Zombies ate my neighbors.
>yfw netherlands match
You should call her sometime.
I'd love to read the greentext of your glorious reunion.
^---this. Ya dun goof'd
consequences will never be the same
serves you right
this wasn't our year, fuck
well man, I'm gonna run now (keeping a daily basis running), save my story for the future generations of /b/
thanks for the advices, adios
hey annons, does anyone know where i could dl mp3s of stories like this to fap to?

also, sucked a few dicks, played with one pussy and got ass fucked all before age of 10. never sucked a cock as an adult, not that i wouldn't, just like pussy better. still crave cock from time to time.

have some oc of jenny sucking my cawk for your trouble
File: hattip.jpg (18KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 320x320px
buenos noches, anon-kun
I'll do my best to have some stories to greentext, wait for it
>says hansons are gay
>watches spice girls
love it when people do stupid shit like that.
cute and 13 never would have happened. at 12 and 13, girls are already scoped out by teenaged boys and them girls dont even give a thought to someone there own age or younger.

>sometime later
>D invites over to their house to play with her and M
>Head over
>Knock on door
>Mom sends me up to her room to find her
>M is no where to be seen
>Where is M?
>"At a friend's birthday party"
>Asks me if I know how to kiss
>No shit, you use your lips.
>Says that's not real kissing
>Pulls me closer
>Makes me sit cross legged
>Sits on my legs
>Opens her mouth wide and starts to make out with me
>I have no idea what I'm doing
>Try to repeat her mouth movements
>Occasionally touch her lips with my tongue
>She likes it
>I like it
>She suggests we play Bus
>Pretend we're strangers on a bus
>She sits next to me
>Role play strangers on bus for a while
>I just want to keep kissing her
>Finally get back to kissing
>Now with more tongue
>Tongues are tangled together
>I don't know if it's good or bad
>Touch her sides and hips a lot like people do in movies when they slow dance.
>Her mom comes up stairs
>We break apart
>Go downstairs with the rest of her family to hangout for a while.

>be me
>56 years old
>creey pedo
>napped a unknown boy around the age of 3 from some playpark
>looks like the toddler Josh for those who seen him, i like boys with short 3 and a cute face
>I take thim to this little cabin far away in the mountains
>we arrive
>feed the boy
>he has to be fit
>talk with him
>comfort him
>tell him he is okay and I will not harm him.
>I hold would hold him close, stroke his hair and try to get him to sleep
>I spend spend a couple of days like this making him t rust me
>trust is somewhat in place
>I undress him for a shower
>wash him all over
>dry him with a towel
>then take him to my bed
>get my ducktape, lubricant, dildos of various size ready
>spend next couple hours with opening him up progressing in dildosize until he is ready for my cock
>put him into my lap and strap ducktape around his and my own legs.
>I drag some jeans on to keep him tight and stop him from moivng
>dick into his butt.
>strap the jeansbelt around us both and make sure he cant move and start fucking him over and over again and keep cumming multiple times inside him
>keept him there for 6-8 hours with just short breaks between the pumping
>keep him a few days to make sure he was clean of my dna and drop him off outside a store somewhere for some to find him.
I live in ohio and the girl is her last name mitts? Allison mitts?

sounds like you got hit by a smooth criminal.
I know, right? Hansons get more pussy than spice girls any day. MMMBop is my mothafuckin jam!
fuck you craster.
>Be me
>at school
>raging hormones=raging boner at random times
>in hallway
>my friend Destiny is in front of me
>Destinys pretty much a dumb slut
>she almost got held back that year
>It's summer and close to the end of the school year, so everybodys wearing shorts
>including her, she's wearing short black running shorts
>I grab dat ass
>she was a little shocked, but just did the *gasp* anon, was that you?
>yea, it was
>other than that she didn't care much, and let me grab her ass as much as I wanted
>the week after we have plans for the weekend, and her and I have plans to go to the mall cuz we're fuckin tweens
>Not wincest but
Funny how a childhood sex stories thread became a wincest thread, huh?
I would never admit it anywhere else, but yeah, that shit's catchy as hell.
See this: >>554761607
>I meet her in the mall around the food court, and we just walk and talk, stopping in stores to check shit out
>the convo changes to sex at some point
>she asks if I've ever had a sex
>"I haven't, but I came close to it"
>"how close?"
>"we were making out and stuff, but she had to go home for whatever reason"
>"well anon, have you ever received a blow-job?"
>"okay then"
>we walk a while just making comments about stuff in stores
>we stop by bathrooms and she says she has to show me something cool
When i was a kid? how about the other day??

>In my late 30's
>Son and his wife (my daughter-in-law)
>trying to save money for their own house so they move in with me.
>small two bedroom one bath but its just me and my dog so it works plus easy to clean.

>He leaves for work i jump into shower she starts knocking on bathroom door begging to go pee, i tell her if it's an emergancy i'll turn my back and she can come in but NO #2!! lol

>she seems to be taking forever and im not wanting to loose my hot water and go back to taking my shower.

>realize she is watching me threw rough glass and appears to be playing with her-self.
>im no clue what to do or say

>i joke and ask if she fell in and she replies "no just enjoying the show" then "would i mind if she stayed just to watch".

>i joke the water is getting cold so not much to see (lol) she says a whole lot more than my son plus with his long hours he been holding back and not given her any in few months.

>No comment and i can hear her breathing heavy and can make out her rubbing her clit/pussy So i tell her im almost done just have to shave real quick and lather up my pubic area and balls.

>She's shocked and begs to watch so i open glass door to let her watch... she keeps biteing her lip then asks if she can help.

>Hell's yea this hot 19 year old about half my age can help.
>she does great job and helps by keeps stroking my cock to keep it hard and easy to shave.
>she tells me to rinse so i close glass and start to rinse and rub my hard cock she says no fair and opens glass door.
>asks to check her work and gets down on knees for closer look then says shes never sucks a shaven much less fresh shaven cock and starts to lick then suck it.
>she's "ok" but not the best BJ ive had but doesnt take long for me and tell her im going to cum.
>she starts to pul back and fuk that i grab her the back of her head and slam it all the way in and down her throat as i shoot my full hot load.
Kill yourself.
saw the pic and came in for the stories.

Decided to write mine expecting shit because no wincest.

Thank you kind Anon, i would have never known..
>I play along because I know what's going on
>she takes me to girls bathroom and takes me to back stall
>she locks the door and says something along the lines of "are you ready?" Or some snarky shit
>I unbutton my pants and she gets on her knees, giving me one of the best blow-jobs I've had til this day
>I almost cum but she stops and turns around
>she gets up and let's her ass bump my cock
>I grab her ass with both hands, then proceed to pull down her pants
>I squat down and start licking her vagina, while actually finding the clitoris
>I knew she'd be into some good shit, so I gave her the shocker and licked her ass (she had an awesome tan line btw)
File: image.jpg (428KB, 1000x1716px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Posted this last night but...
>Christmas party at uncles
>aunt is a total busty milf PAWG
>red dress
>white pantyhose
>sitting beside each other of the couch
>her feet end up in my lap
>rub them
>she plays along
>presses the soles of her feet against my boy bugle in an attempt to hide it from others

Bumping with tits
>be me 13
>has gf 13
>normal relationship for a few months
>girl starts sending weird texts
>wants to do stuff with my dick
>have her come over
>moms at work dad's upstairs playing xbox
>watch Spider-Man in the basement
>under blanket
>she grabs dick
>gives me a hand job
>couldn't cum cause other friend rings door bell
>tell everyone at school she gave me a hand job
> never talks to me again
>had sex with her when we were 16
>mfw I can't green text
1) no, dickhead, from when you were a kid
2) shittiest father ever
3) shitty story
4) you suck
fuck off

>sometime later
>D and M show up at my house
>They want to play
>Invite them up into my room
>Decide building a fort would be great
>Pull the blanket from my top bunk down over my lower bunk to make a semi fort
>Fortify it for privacy
>Enter between top and bottom bunk at foot of bed
>Climb into fort with D
>M is just outside of the fort talking to us and playing my PS2
>D wants to make out again
>Okay great!
>More tongue than usual
>Start to get into it
>Touch her butt and back
>Like it a lot
>At this point, D had declared that we were boyfriend and girlfriend
>Says if we're together, we should do more
>She reaches down and grabs the waist of my pants
>Slide them down, exposing my now hard cock
>I do the same to her pants
>M is now at the foot of the bed, watching us
>"You guys are bf and gf, what else are you going to do?" or something like that
>Watches us as we kiss with our pants down
>Pull each other closer
>Tip of my cock beings to poke at the soft pussy lips
>I can feel the sweet divide of her smooth skin and pussy
>Don't penetrate because 8 and don't know wat do
>Mash my cock against her pussy for a while, while french kissing each other
>M still watching over us
>Shirts get pulled up a little to reveal more skin
>Mom calls us all downstairs, because she made us snacks
>Readjust clothes and head downstairs
So much this
>I get up and slide my coc awkwardly in her ass cheeks
>I slowly prod her asshole, and put my hand up her shirt to grab her tit
>I continue slow fucking her asshole while grabbing/slapping her ass and pinching her nipple
>I last about five minutes, and end up cumming up her ass which in turn makes her cum
>she gives me another blow-job which makes me cum again and she swallows it
>we get dressed and get out of there, surprisingly no one entered the bathroom while we were in there
>we end up fucking a couple other times we were alone, mostly anal
>>be 7 yo me
>>cousin comes over with parents
>>i grab her pussy and she runs and tells her and my parents immediately
That sucks anon

>being this desperate
Dreamers: the prequel
Like Santa Claus, but for porn
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>be me
>be 9
>neighbor girl likes to play "sit on head"
>MFW i still like this game
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Snoopy confirmed
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