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Incest thread. >Be me >Be 5-6yo >Older sister is 6

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest thread.
>Be me
>Be 5-6yo
>Older sister is 6 years older than me
>I just learned that I can get my dick hard by touching it
>See my sister showing her unmatured boobs to some random dude on the internet.
>Ask if I may watch
>She agrees but only if I don't tell mom/dad
>I say ok
>She asks about my dick
>I tell her that I can control it
>She asks how.
>I say I can get it hard when I touch it
>She wants me to show her
>I do as she wants
>She grabs it says "eww" and starts jerking me off
>I tell her that I can get it soft again.
>She tells me to wait and starts sucking it.
>I am young I just feel a slight shivver.
>I tell her that I want to show her how I get it soft
>She says ok and I take her to the bathroom
>I start peeing and it doesn't work
>I tell her that it usually works
>She goes back to (at that time) our room
>I continue touching myself and watching her flashing her breast

That's all I remember.. Was a long time ago, we never brought it back up. I think she has forgotten it.. Although I have been wanting to bring it up
Pic unrelated.
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> I think she has forgotten it

She doesn't.
>hugged mom
>stomach touched her boob
I thought that as well but I don't wanna risk sounding awkward
Shameless self bump, cuz I want to read more stories
Also bump, love bro / sis cousins etc
I can feel the 404
suck my dick
Shoulda hit that shet
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eh fuck it there is nobody in this thread
I even think OP has left
>Be realistic, I was 5-6 yo at the tome
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Spidey thread?
Nah I'm still here...
File: 1401320405819.jpg (9KB, 281x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bump for stories!
im in the exact same situation /b/ro

>around 7
>sister is 10
>shared a room
>sister would make me eat her pussy
>hated it
>used to suck my tiny prepube dick on occasion
>dont know if she forgot
>too scared to bring it up
>would fuck her brains out now
File: 1404324124670.jpg (44KB, 477x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well sadly that's all I got, it's the first time sharing it, I feel relieved
why is it a big thing??
File: Know That Feel Bro.png (42KB, 500x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Know That Feel Bro.png
42KB, 500x461px
I cri evertim
No, it's just kinda weird..
>be 10, so is my cousin.
>school holidays and she stays with us for a while.
>Middle of summer so we are both I. Underwear.
>we play fight on my bed, she accidentally hits my balls.
>I tell her they are really sensitive, and she overs to kiss them better
>She licks my balls and sucks on them, moves up higher to my dick, gives me the worst blow job I have ever had,
>felt like the greatest thing ever at the time.
Anyone want more about her?
>sister is ten years younger than me
>when she was 5 used to pick her up from school for lunch
>mum/dad at work
>used to take her home, feed her, then play 'tickles'!
>used to rub my dick into her lil pussy
>came a few time on her pussy, never was fully inside...
>she was to tight
dont you feel bad about it?
or dont you worry how your sister may be trying to handle this situation once she gets older?
>Be me
>Be around 12
>Playing "house" with my younger cousin
>Screwing around the real house and find a playboy magazine
>See the perfect boobs
>Beg cousin to show me her's
>After some time she agrees
>Get a massive boner
>She touches it on purpose
>I get red but she continues
>Hear grandma coming downstairs
>Act like nothing happened
>Years later: Don't remember about it untill you start a b/s incest thread.
Now that I think about it, my childhood was awesome. I have a couple of other stories but they belong to another thread. Sadly I have to be leaving, gn /b/ros
OP you're always surprising me with your faggotry
sometimes worry if she remembers it
if she does shes never said
shes 32 now , doesnt seem to have affected her...
Bump for storues for fapping
Its nice to know someone has put up with what i did, in a way I feel like id be much better off if it never happened .
>be 17
>cousin is 14
>met cousin on myspace
>had never met before
>meet at out grandmas house
>she blows me
>cum down her throat
>fuck her brains out that night
>she rides me and i but my nut everywhere
>she let me finish on her tits on occasion
>When I was 15 I got a hand job in front of my sister from her friend
Truth or dare?
Did you read my story last night?
Yes it was truth or dare
File: 1190996501458.jpg (361KB, 1552x1442px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
361KB, 1552x1442px

>sister would make me eat her pussy

Every time I hear a similar story I wonder how this happens. Like did big sis just one day go "Hey, come over here and lick my [whatever the fuck little girls call their pussy, I'm afraid to Google 'what do little girls call their pussy' due to NSA]"

>wishing I had a sister growing up

I don't think you're telling the truth!
File: photo 1 (4).png (1MB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
photo 1 (4).png
1MB, 640x1136px
If you admitted some shit like that to your parents, without thinking, you would be the one at fault even though you were only 5-6 and she was 11-12. Had it been the other way around, no doubt she would spill the beans and you would be so fucked. What I just said is essentially the Feminist Ideology, women can get away with what men can't get away with, but they they also wanna be able to get away with what men can get away with.
Repost it bro
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I didn't save it I'll have to retype it. Hang on
fuck off heaven
Fuck you
>can't remember age, we were between 5-8, my sister one year less
>we used to make challenges, like both trying to do some shit and there was winner and loser, winner could choose what looser needed to do
>couldnt even think about sex, dicks and vaginas
>but i already knew my inner love, anal
>every time ask my sister to show ass and spread anus
>not even kidding, guess it was something like that freud anal shit
>one time she bet she could climb the door frame by streching legs
>she goes straight to the bathroom and takes a shit in front of me with ass up in the air and spreaded cheeks
>im analytically studying shit coming out, idontevenknow.jiff

>another time we are at my grandma house, were in other room from my parents
>but were not playing with toys, again she lost and her ass is in front of my face, her anus heavy breathing
>"anon i need to take a shit, let's stop it"
>that colon movement already awoke my germinating passion
>"no way, im coming with you"
>"but anon they will see us and maybe ask themselves something too much"
>"fuck, youre right"
>still regretting that sad day

i used to think she forgot about that and fucking hope so
i now have this strong desire to destroy her anally mode that will enver be fullfilled

>it seems fucking absurd/usual incest shitty story but thats all true. never tought about her sexually at the time to

No you !
Post it bro
File: image.jpg (37KB, 488x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 488x534px
Moar please
Come on post that shit, did your sister help?
He's taking forever
Here it is
>Be New Years, 15 years old sister and her friend 14
>At Grandmothers like every New Years
>Do the normal New Years, watch ball drop, some fireworks etc
>Gram goes to sleep, we stay up. Drink Gram's beer
>We hang out and eventually someone suggests Truth or Dare
>Boring at first, a lot of truth questions, Ever seen a dick? Ever kissed a girl? Etc
>Drink more and get braver, start with Dares
>Eventually we all end up in our underwear, then my sister dares her friend to take off her bra
>Fuck Yeah Tits!! First real set I've seen
>More truths, some dares. Then my sister dares her friend to touch my dick
>Again Fuck Yeah, first time having someone touch my penis
>She pulls it out right there, my sister yelled "What right here?"
>I got a handy, don't remember how long, I came over her hand and the floor
>My sister watched the whole thing, I cleaned up with my tshirt
>Truth or dare ended there, we stayed in our underwear, watched a movie and went to sleep
You should have dared them to suck your dick after that, or for them to go down on each other
A lot of things I could have done differently looking back. But damn it was fun, got jerked off, got to play with and suck on tits.
Damn I wish I had siblings. I'm an only child. Lucky bastards.
Nice, as this guy>>554692741
Suggested. That would have been fucking awesome.
why did my childhood suck so much
File: 1359061979945.jpg (30KB, 600x421px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 600x421px
During the game both my sister and I kiss and sucked on her friends tits. Later on I got a blow job from her. I watched porn with both of them and I did get to peep on my sister and see her tits also.
Do you want the story of me peeping on my sister?
no one wants to hear about your sisters shits
we'll take whatever other sex stories you got
******** YOU HAVE BEEN VISITED BY THE HANK HILL OF DOOM! ******** post this in 3 threads or you will die tomorrow

……..,'::::::::::,~'': : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : '-|
……..|::::::::,-': : : : : : : : - -~''''¯¯''-„: : : : : :\
……..|::::::::|: : : : : : : : : _„„--~'''''~-„: : : : : '|
……..'|:::::::,': : : : : : :_„„-: : : : : : : : ~--„_: |'
………|::::::|: : : „--~~'''~~''''''''-„…_..„~''''''''''''¯¯|¯",
………|:::::,':_„„-|: : :_„---~: : :|''¯¯''''|: ~---„_: |¯¯|
……..,~-,_/'': : : |: _ o__): : |: : : :|_o__): \.. |
……../,'-,: : : : : ''-,_______,-'': : : : ''-„______\-'
……..\: :|: : : : : : : : : : : : : :„: : : : :-,: : : : : :\
………',:': : : : : : : : : : : : :,-'__: : : :_',: : : : ,'
……….'-,-': : : : : :___„-: : :'': : ¯''~~'': ': : ~--|'
………….|: ,: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :|
………….'|: \: : : : : : : : -,„_„„-~~--~--„_: : : |
…………..|: \: : : : : : : : : : : :-------~: : : : : |
…………..|: :''-,: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :|
…………..',: : :''-, : : : : : : : : :: : : : : : : : ,'
……………| : : : : : : : : :_ : : : : : : : : : : ,-'
……………|: : : : : : : : : : '''~----------~'': :,'
…………._|: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :|
……….„-''. '-,_: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ,'
……,-''. . . . . '''~-„_: : : : : : : : : : : : :,-''',
Better bump because im gonna write some shit on my mpbile phone. Gonna take sone time and dobt want the tread to have 404d when im finished
Not a great one.
>Sister always slept with door ajar so our cat could go in and out
>In the summer she would always sleep topless
>I was always awake before her so I would peak in
>I saw her tits fairly regularly, she wasn't always facing the door or on her back
>C cups, with nice round pink nipples
>I never had the balls to go into her room, she wasn't a heavy sleeper
>I would jerk off into her bra every now and again
File: 1202517610981.jpg (117KB, 485x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 485x600px

i do
You could have had a hardcore 3way. Bet ya a filler that if you got your sister drunk enough, she would suck your dick.

My sister blew me when we lived in Texas. Wasn't anything special

>be like 15
>sister 12
>doing the whole "show yours / mine" game
>see her tits
>show her my dick
>she touches it
>starts jerking me off
>ask her to suck on it
>she's not good, using teeth
>tell her that her teeth hurt
>she fixes it
>feels good as fuck
>tell her to swirl tongue around the head
>feels awesome, feels like days, probably only 5 minutes though
>about to cum, decide to not tell her
>tell her to suck harder
>she does, but I want more so tell her harder
>she sucks so hard it almost hurts
>think "this is like porn"
>feel the cum about to burst out of my dick
>grab the back of her head and force her head all the way down my dick
>she starts gagging
>I start cumming
>she gags more, bestfeelsonmydickever
>only place for the cum to go is down or out
>feel her trying to swallow, cum is getting everywhere
>finish cumming, still holding her head
>let go, she keeps sucking a little more then stops
>she said that stuff tasted really bad and she was kinda mad that I made her gag
>she wipes off her face with a tshirt of mine and then goes to her room
Tell us all you got mister, did your sister ever touch your dick?
No she never touched my dick.
>She did walk in on me looking at porn and jerking off.
>I kept going, she has seen it before. (New Years)
>She said "Gross, Aren't you going to stop?"
>I said No and she shook her head and left
she thinks you have forgotten
You ever cum on your sister? How old are you guys now?
File: 1368791329457.jpg (120KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 640x960px
This looks a lot like my sister and her tits. First time I saw this picture I thought it might be her. But just not quite. I never did get a picture of her tits in the morning.
Never came on her, around her yes. I also would jerk it into her bras. Never her panties.
Forgot, I'm 29 and she is 28
You guys should go "camping" some time. You can get her drunk as fuck, and when she passes out put her to bed and kinda just fuck her mouth

She's pretty damn hot
File: image.jpg (79KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 480x640px
Thread must not die
holy shit
anyone into feet?

>stayed over at my 9/10 cousin's house, she was 15
>waited until middle of the night and snuck into her room, knew she was a heavy sleeper
>licked her feet for around 5 mins
>then got her dirty socks and panties that she wore that day out from the laundry basket
>went to the washroom and sniffed them while fapping
Where's the mom/son?
I got nothin on it man
Okay, here's one about my cousin and I not long ago.

>Be 17 year old me
>Perfect 15 year old 10/10 cousin
>Quite close with cousin, more of a sister really
>Wanted to bang her for years
>Jerked off to her countless times, still do
>When I've stayed at her place I've jacked off into her bra whilst she's in the shower and shit (she sings in the shower and her voice is fucking good aswell)
>We go on a small family holiday to Spain
>Just me, her and my mum
>Mum sleeps loads, so most of the time it's just me and cousin
>It kills me to see her perfect 15 year old gymnast body everyday
>Decide it's time to do something about it
>Manage to get hold of some drink
>"Suprise! Let's get fucked up"
>We buckle down at the beach with drink and proceed to get wasted
>Just as we leave she stumbles into me, pretty damn drunk
>Accidental boob grab of the year award
>Perfectly cupped her tit as I caught her, instant graphene-tier boner
>"You seems a bit excited hehehe"
>She pulls in closer
>8 million BPM heart rate
>She licks her perfect lips and leans in
>We twist tongues like fuck
>If I was any more hard I'd be done by now
>She pushes me over on the sand and sits on me
>Leans down and kisses me, inching down my body until the 200/10 blowjob she started giving me
>She stops just before I nut and gives me the sexiest look ever
>"You know what to do"
>Fuck yeah I do
>Pretty much dump tackle her to the floor, kissed her and took off her bikini top
>Them tetas
>Take off the rest of what she was wearing
>Without thinking I penetrate her with every ounce of strength in my body
>She lets out the loudest and most dick-hardening moan ever
>"Don't stop, DON'T STOP"
>I ain't stopping for jack
>Simultaneously we both unleash our orgasms unto the earth
>Best fucking bust ever
>Lie there next to eachother for a while, out of breath, not saying a word
>"Don't... tell... anyone..."
>Instinct kicks in
>"What's in it for me" I ask

Will continue.
type faster mother fucker
but agreed
holy fuck this thread has brought a lot of repressed memories to the surface . I'm so embarrassed and confused.
Post them.

>She looks at me with a 'really?' face, then smiles and winks
>"We'll see, cheeky"
>We slowly make our way back to the hotel and I fall straight asleep until the next day...

>Wake up, breakfast as usual, bacon sandwich with a side of staring at my cousin
>She smiles at me, then goes to get dressed
>Come out in a perfetly fitted leopard print bikini, tight white tank top on top
>"Wait up a sec, I'll come with you"
>"Oh will you now?" she said, then giggled
>Get dressed and walk down to the poolside with her, get a nice obscure spot in the corner, but perfect sun clearance
>"So, about last night..." I ask
>"You want to know what's in it for you, don't you?" as she said it, she pushed her chest out a bit, unff
>"Well, yeah"
>She giggles then takes off the tank top, titties jiggle when she does so
>She notices my dick go rock solid, I have no shame, I already put it in her
>"I can start now if you want?"
>She comes over and sits over me, pulls my trunks down and goes to town on my dick
>She starts fingering herself as she sucks, her moans vibrating my dick like fuck
>I grab her head and make her deepthroat
>Massive moan
>No gag reflex
>She then goes turbo on all fronts, we both cum within seconds
>"That's all for now" she says, then takes a nap in the sun

Last part coming up. Sorry it's taking ages, didn't type it out beforehand.
post my /b/rother. Post and thy troubles will go away.....or haount you into an early grave....welcome to /b/
post yfw you realize you should've fucked her in the ass
OP is back, smoked a joint to relax.. I am proud
Ok iv got one (kinda incest i guess)
>Be around 5 years
>At aunts house playing with her daughter, also 5ish grill
>One day we are in the bathroom getting ready for bed (sleep over) aunt is sleeping heavy in her bed
>She takes of her shirt (no bra cus 5) while i brush my teeth
>No big deal since she almost had no breast's
>Im in my boxers only not giving a fuck
>She then takes of her panties and my 5yrld dick starts tingeling when i see her pussy
>She notice my boner and asks what's wrong
>I say idk but she is really interested and asks if i could remove my boxers for her to see it
>"Oh, ok" i remove them and she see's my dick
>She ask's if she can touch it even more interested
>Im fine with it and she starts to feel it out
>I ask if i can touch her pussy and she allows, we both enjoy it
After a while we go into her room and we hide inside her really big closet, since we thought it would be more fun
>I come up with an idea that my dick should touch her pussy
>She says ok and we get into a like scissor position
>We grind for a while (not puting it in from what i can remember) and i kiss/lick her pussy
>Both enjoyed it and we did it a couple of times before her family moved out of town
>Have not seen her since
>inb4 fake

>Couple days go by, nothing much happens between us
>Cheeky fondling some nights, but nobody cums
>On the way to the airport, she pokes me, and signals to look down at her crotch area
>She's wearing perfect tight 3/4 yoga pants by the way
>She quickly flashes and shows she has no panties on, she's pretty good at hiding that fact since I didn't notice any cameltoe whilst I gawked at the airport
>We get on the plane, share a giggle until we're mid flight
>"Come to the back left toilet in 5 mins" she say before she gets up and goes
>5 mins go by then I get up and go meet her
>She opens the door for me, I close it, lock it, she immediately kisses me and we make out until she notices how hard I am
>No fucking around (well), I immediately de pant, as does she, and I shove my fully erect penis into her perfect little vagina
>With my every thrust, she lets out these perfectly toned moans which echo in my mind whenever I see her
>When she climaxes I swear she almost had a seizure from pleasure
>Straight away afterwards I finish off in her again, such a glorious feeling
>We end up back in our seats and after a while, arrive back in Greatest Britain
>Get the 'sexy eyes' when we drop her off, followed by a lip bite

Fuck I miss that holiday.

Also, it was safe to cum in her since she had her period 5 days before I initially fucked her (8 days by the time we were on the plane), so we don't have an inbred redneck child together luckily.
bet you regret not trying her ass
I remember being about 3 or 4 at home so was my mother she is doing housework in her night gown bent over hovering and shit it turned me on. I came up behind her with my erect penis and started to thrust she turned and looked at me but continued telling me i'm just like my dad.

On holiday large family of cousins group of female cousins who are older tell me to get naked I am 6 at this time they get my younger female cousin to get naked as well they lock me and her in a closet with her we explore each others bodies.

there is more I am completely distraught it like my life just changed

later on we take a show with each other and start kissing she puts my member between her legs i pull back and forth my head rubbing her clot no penetration though .

Oh, I do. How I'd love to bend her perfect perky ass over the kitchen counter and ravage her hole.

I'm going on holiday with her later in the year (Bigger family holiday though), I might try something and see if I can slip into her crack.
File: image.jpg (135KB, 550x413px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135KB, 550x413px

Almost identical happend with me except we were both dudes. I think he was molested or something because he was always doing fucked up shit and I just kind of went along
>meet at out grandmas house
>she blows me

I read that too quickly, and it made me think you had been given a blowjob by your grandma.
And how did your cousin react to seeing you and your grandmother doing all this fucked up shit?
Good storry but you being all caps is faggotry.
I have not seen this level of shitposting since last 3 years.
Thread posts: 117
Thread images: 25

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