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Incest stories thread since the last one 404'd on me mid

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest stories thread since the last one 404'd on me mid typing
>be 16
>be on.vacation with older sister
>week long vacation
>have to share bed since were at a relatives small house
>haven't fapped in 3 days
>4th night ive had enough
>wait until sis falls asleep
>start fapping
>she wasnt asleep
>she rolls over to see me holding my dick
>make up lame ass excuse
>she says its alright and everyone does it
>couple minutes pass, I'm still hard
>feel her slide her hand under the cover
>she starts whacking me off
>cum buckets
>she goes back to sleep
>only time thats ever happened
>never spoke a word about it to eachother
Shameless self bump
Cmon /b/ i know more of you had experiences
None for myself, but here's muh archive for everyone else:

http://goo gl/j18y4x
Fuckin creep, OP

>Visit same vacation spot with sister
>Having cup of tea with sis
>We hear a thumping noise
>It's Shrek
>He rapes everyone
>Almost fills the house with ogre cum
>He rushes to me
>He cracks my skull open with his eshrekt long dong silver
>He manages to get his ogresized dick in the cracks.
>He fills my head with cum

Shrek is love, Shrek is life
File: shrek is love.png (135KB, 375x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shrek is love.png
135KB, 375x360px
Guy ever finish that aunt story? I forgot to turn on auto so I didn't get past thanksgiving part.
i missed it entirely

Was about some 12/13 year old and his slut aunt

It's all ogre now
>Be me
>Be 17
>Have 19 y/o cousin, 8/10 long brown hair, glasses, slim figure
>The ass was fat
>Fairly close, close enough to hold a conversation about stuff
>Comes over to stay for a month or so while her parents are overseas
>Finish having shower
>Get into my room and drop my towel without noticing she's using my computer to check Facebook and shit
>Hear her gasp
>"I'll be out of your way soon. Just let me log off Faicbuk"
>"N-n-no pr-problem"
>Pick towel up
>See dat ass through gap on chair
>Wild boner appears
>Room is kinda cluttered, got dresser in doorway so she has to squeeze past
>She notices boner through towel
>She's looking
>Spaghetti paralyzed
>Turns dat ass toward me
>Squeezes through me and dresser
>Moves forward and then backward slowly
>Grinding ass on boner
>Hormonal instincts take over
>Grinding there for solid 5 minutes
>Look down, she's rubbing my balls
>"I-i-i-i'm gonna cum"
>Cum buckets
>"Holy shit anon, now I have to have a shower"
>Clean up jizz with towel
>She leaves room
>Shut door and furiously fap over what just happened
>>soooo..... more to this?
>Hear shower door unlock half hour ish later
>Look on floor near computer
>Her bags are there
>"Hey anon, can you bring my bag here"
>Take bag to her still not dressed, wearing briefs
>Her head pops outta the shower doorway
>Grabs bag and pulls me in with it
>"Took you long enough"
>Making out ensues
>Grabs my hand and starts grinding her pussy on it
>Handjob for handjob
>Jacking me off while rubbing my balls
>Suddenly wild mom appears
>"Hey anon, can you help me with something in the garage quick?"
>Look cousin in eyes
>One thought as she drops to her knees
any caps of the thread?
also bumping
Go on...
Don't ask to continue, just fucking do it.
he wasnt asking (fuckwit) he was saying there is more to the story. questions are often indicated with so-called "question marks". They look like this --> ?
>"I'm just drying off Mom, won't be too long"
>Eye contact made during blowjob
>First blowjob ever and it's from my cousin
>Taboo makes it all the more hotter
>She suggests 69
>Have no idea what I'm doing but sure why the fuck not
>Lie down, her on top
>Starts grinding her vag into my mouth
>Doesn't taste all that bad
>Starts grinding harder
>Breathing issues arise
>Notice that her thighs are locked firmly around my head
>Take chance to pull off and breath
>Deep breath and back to it
>She starts shaking furiously while whimpering and trying to keep her moaning to a minimum
>"Anon? Are you up here? I need some help bringing stuff from the car inside"
>Start fingering her like through the fire and flames riff
le bump
>Start fingering her like through the fire and flames riff
That gave me both nostalgia and a boner at the same time. Thank you sir.
Bumping for this story, please continue anon.
>Start fingering her like through the fire and flames riff

Toppest of all keks


pick one

Everybody do the dinosaur. PLEASE!
Did you check the archive I posted in >>554611912
File: 1399676028385.jpg (22KB, 500x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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summerfag detected
>"Sure Mom just getting ch-"
>wtf is that???
>Feel something on my ankle
>Look down to see her grabbing at my leg
>Close door
>She sits up and kisses me
>Then goes back to the blowjob
>"Yeah Mom, I'll just be a minute"
>Fuuuuuuuck so close to cum
>She knows and stands up
>Slides cock between thighs and starts hot dogging it up and down her vagina
>All new level of sexy
>Dat ass backing up
>Dat feel on my cock
>Jacks me off during
>Is this a dream???
>"Anon I'm gonna come up there and drag you outta your room soon"
>"A-almost d-d-done Mom"
>Cum buckets
>She collapses on top of me
>Kiss her on the cheek
>She pulls me back as I get up and kisses me on the mouth
>"That was amazing anon. Maybe next time you could actually stick it in"
>Walk out of bathroom and clean up
>Put on singlet and shorts
>Walk downstairs and help Mom with groceries

The whole time she was over was either spent in my room watching movies and cuddling or doing dirty shit. Mom never really came up into my room cause of several awkward moments where she caught me fapping so I knew that we'd have a lot of time. Safe to say, it was at least a months worth of time. Between submitting assessments online and playing vidya, I'm surprised I made time for it all haha
Been here for four years faggot.
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alright, just stop. seriously this shit makes me cringe when i see it.
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Great story.
its never ogre

? ?
Nice story, makes me want to share my own.

I have an older sister who used to bully me for years until one night she came back from some party totally wasted.

>be that night
>really late, parents long asleep, school's out for both of us
>normal late night activity for me - fap session
>don't expect her 'till morning so be full into it
>hear some crashing around by the door
>"what in the living fuck"
>put on my home only baggy short shorts and go check it out
>take my barbells bar to not risk anything
I stared working out because of her ridiculing me.
>it's her crashing on the stairwell, totally wasted, like never before
>"oh for fucks sake"
>go back to put the barbells back and return to see what is she doing
>she starts wrestling the door
>open it for her
>"the fuck you doing cunt, wanna wake parents up?"
>she blubbers something and leans on me pushing me inside
>she reeks of alcohol
Heh thanks. First time I've shared it sober since it happened.
>be 17 year old me
>meet 15 year old cousin on Facebook I didn't know I had
>brunette, tan, cute face, thick body
>we start messaging each other constantly
>get real close
>fast forward a month or two
>we visit them (Texas)
>finally meet cousin in person
>it's awkward we barely talk at first
>we eventually get comfortable and she gets really flirty
>mom and sister notice
>comment on it on our way back to where we were staying
>dad gets mad and tells them to shutup (his side of the family)
>I just laugh and deny noticing
>next night I get invited to stay over at cousin's place since were leaving for home in the morning
>I accept invitation of course because dat ass
>we get to her place and just hang in the living room
>her brother goes out with his gf
>her stepmom doesn't give a shit about us and goes to bed
>we're on the carpeted floor eating hot Cheetos and drinking mtn dew watching Spongebob because fuck you that's why
>she starts to want to play fight and flirt
>pushes me and throws chips at me
>smacks me (turn on for me)
>I pick her up and slam her on the couch
>we laugh and fight some more
>stepmom yells at us to shut up
>I pin her down holding her by the wrists
>looking into each other's eyes smiling both out of breath

cont ?

You're doing god's work, anon.
I like where this is going. Please.
>she puts her arms around my neck and starts to say something in that drunken speech about men being pigs or whatever
>her bf must've dump her I guess
Not the first time AFAIK, that's what you get for being such a cunt
>get sick of it, push her away
>"get off me bitch"
>she lands on her ass, shocked, looks me in the eyes
>tears push into her eyes
>a really sad view
>I'm starting to feel sad
>grab her by the arm "c'mon ya need to get to bed"
>she lightens up a bit
>leans on my again, says how all men are pigs and whatnot and how she only ever had me
>"what in the name of fuck you vile demon,you only ever bullied be physically and emotionally"
>don't say that loud, just lead her to her room
>we're finally there
>drop her on the bed and about to leave where she says
>"Anon pleeese help me I cant be like this"
>she's lying on her back, flimsy skirt and shirt unbuttoned half way up revealing way too much skin
>that's kind of hot
>remember I was in the middle of hour long fap session, just edging myself
>dangerous tingling in my way too baggy pants
>decide to not push my luck
>start moving back to the door
>"Anon, pretty please"
>she said that in a way too erotic way
>mind says go out
>body freezes
>dick says close the door first
>I obey
>move slowly to her bed
>really slowly
>she keeps her eyes fixed on me the whole time
>lean onto bed from side
>get on top of her, one arm keeping me up, the other makes it way to her shirt
Every time someone posts that I kind of wonder if it's the same anon or if it's different people.
as the anon who posted the shit about getting arrested for cousin touching, I love your archive and have for a while. You're awesome
>our smiles slowly fade and it gets quiet
>I loosen my grip on her wrists and get off her
>she sits up both of us still staring at each other
>I make the move and stroke her cheek like I've seen in the movies
>she leans in
>I lean in
>spicy hot Cheetos make out session begins
>long tongue
>I'm in love
>we stop and laugh a little she then takes me by my hand and we tip toe to her room (it's late)
>as soon as the door closes we are at it again
>she takes of her shirt and so do I
>tits are pretty big (I'll post a picture later if thread is still alive)
>more making out and this time we take off our pants
>there's no stopping this
>she grabs my dick..
bumping for my boner.

every summer since 2012
File: image.jpg (21KB, 500x364px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>pics in an incest thread

Dont let us down Anon
File: OtcVw.jpg (109KB, 800x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she grabs my dick..
and you immediately started cumming and farting, right?
dick fell off
>starts to jerk me off while I'm sucking on tits (we're both virgins btw)
>I feel it
>about to blow
>she can tell and stops, says "not yet" and winks
>my god this is heaven
>she's laying on top my dick between her thighs
>kissing my neck and starts to go down
>yes pls do that
>sucks dick like a champ omfg
>can't contain
>I cum in her mouth
>she wipes and lies down next to me, kisses me on lips idgaf
>my arm around her and her head on my chest
>feels so beautiful I'm telling you
>after a while we get dressed and fall asleep (I go back to the living room before morning)
Keep this thing bumped you nigs.

>she stares in my eyes
>the smell of alcohol is so intense I might get drunk myself
>reach the first button
>she touches my face
>she stops too
>"Anon you know [incomprehensible] I care"
>say nothing
>she starts to brush me cheek
>I can feel blood rushing to my face
>more blood rushing to my dick somehow
>think that I should really back out now
>undo the first button
>she smiles like she've never smiled to me before
>a genuine smile
>oh god what is going on
>undo the second button
>and the next one and another
>task finished
>look at what I've done
>look her in the eyes
>look back at her body
>delicately part the shirt
>oh shit her belly is just perfect, her titties in that bra
>I get harder
>help her get her arms out of the sleeves
>oh god I think I'm gonna cum soon
>she starts wiggling her legs a bit
>"Help me with these I can't reach"
>look down there, past the miniskirt
>high heels
>shits about to get really real
>get off the bed and move to the legs
>kneel down and unbuckle the first one
>take the shoe off
>she wiggles her toes, spread them and moves the foot around a bit
You know, like everyone does after getting out of shoes after a day in them.
>I lean a bit to reach the other one
>her bare foot dangerously near my face
Bumping for stories
i hate you for not pretyping your novel.
i still love you for the story.
replying while bumping
bump for early morning fap times
daft bump
replying to bumps with bumps
bump for stories
I never considered myself a foot fetishist but the smell that night, the delicate moisture.
>she put her toes on my lips for a moment
>I cum a little
>no backing down now
>get above her again
>she's still looking me in the eyes
>reach her skirt and yank it off from her in one move
>she gasps
>get on the bed, position myself directly above her
>"Pam, I-"
Her name's Pamela by the way. I never used it though.
>she grabs my face and move it closer
>we kiss
>the taste of alcohol, fruity lipstick and herself mix in an overly erotic aroma that sends shivers down my spine
>it's a long kiss
>too long
>out of breath
>we finally break it up
>heaving breathing ensues
>I collapse on her before realising it
>my boner rubbing against her thigh
>she put her arms around my back
>I raise a little to see her face
>she's blushing and smiling
>and have that look of lust in her eyes
>lift myself and start to fondle with her bra
>how this thing works goddamnit!
>finally manage to part it, might've broken it
>her perfectly firm tits with big, pink and super hard nipples emerge

Sorry but it was a decision made in a moment.
bump need my mornin faps
no way the next post take 15min to type. well, it was nice as long as it lasted
>Before leaving that morning she gave me a kiss on the lips

It's been 4 month since then. We talk every day but have never brought that up.

pic related
that's her
File: 1395174193957.jpg (128KB, 623x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 623x700px
almost gave up on you.
best bread ever!
Got any n00dz?
We need a pic of her whole body anon
You're a lucky man.
fookin bumping
File: 1379244079966.jpg (39KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 400x300px
Bumpin 'cause I want to see how it ends.

I swear to god, If it ends with >everybody walk the dinosaur ...
File: carnage-spiderman.jpg (246KB, 1500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246KB, 1500x1000px
>go to brothel
>choice between a cute asian chick and a redhead with an ass halfway down her thighs and scars all over her arms
>after much deliberation choose the asian
>kind of an underwhelming experience
>a few months later my bro says "he do you remember our half sister anonnette"
>"i found her on facebook"
>he makes a date for all of us to meet
>mfw it was the asian hooker
Who is she?
>put my hand on her tit
>is this the real life?
>"Anon you know that you are the only one I really loved right, only you ever cared for me, only you would ever like me for who I am, that I love you"
>what is this I don't even listen
>"Do you love me Anon?"
>manage to get my eyes away of her tits and look into her
>I think I should say something
>instead lean and kiss her again
>she returns it and even moves her tongue in
>we brake and return the kiss a few times until she pushes me down on her
>kiss her nipple
>she keeps pushing down
>stop at her bellybutton for a while
>she pushes me down to her panties
File: eat it.jpg (46KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
eat it.jpg
46KB, 1280x720px
Welcome to a new CHAN (daily updated).

Need so speed thing up a bit.

>black, semi transparent, expensive looking panties
>my dick gets even harder than before
>start eating her thru the panties
>this is too good
>she starts moaning
>keep at it
>slowly peal her panties off
>grill juices all over, stringy and whatnot
>slide them past her knees, she takes one leg out and spreads them liek a whore
File: boner appears.gif (21KB, 455x364px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
boner appears.gif
21KB, 455x364px
god I love a pussy sticking my meat in her mouth
Dam shes bad. Goodstuff. Got any body pics?
Body and sorry no nudes... YET!
I'm off now /b/ros
Happy fappin!
>her bald, wet, pink pussy wants me
>kiss her right above the clit
>kiss her inner thighs
brush my tongue over her pussy lips very delicately
>finally bury my face in her and start to eat her out
>she's spazming, starts to caress my hair, puts her legs over me
>I raise a little for better angle, she follows
>put my hand under her butt and keep raising
>we lift from the bed, I on my knees she on her back
>keep doing her
>finally after what felt like hours she clenches gasping and moaning
>we fall back, I break up the bite, with her juices all over my face
more pics pls
Go get those nudes and come back to share em with your /b/ros you glorious bastard!
>heavy breathing
>she starts giggling
>I start giggling
>she pulls me closer
>we kiss
>she stops to lick my face off her pussy soup
>we kiss again
>she moves around from under me so we switched positions
>she sits on me and starts to grind
>she starts moaning again
>I start moaning
>she leans in to kiss me and then goes down on me
>takes my shorts off
>erection like never before shows up dripping pre all over
>she licks the tip
>almost cum
>she looks me in the eyes ans smiles
>move her pussy above my shaft
>slowly put it on
>starts riding it
F5 is broken.
>I know I wont last long so I start to hit my waist up whenever she lands on it
>with every push she gasps
>with every pull she moans
>louder and louder
>finally cum with the force of 100 start going supernova
>grab her waist an pull it down on me
>she keeps moving around
>I keep cumming
>the biggest and longest orgasm I ever had
>finally spent
>she leans on me to kiss
>pinches my nipple which sent a wave to my dick
>we break the kiss and just stay like this, more and more tired
>finally fall asleep with her still on me
you are the master of suspense
>pics with facebook id
>no one posting her facebook
What happened to /b/?
So, what the fuck happened with you? Do you still talk with your family?
We're waiting for nudes, dumbfuck
Check muh archive, it's in Family Thread #5 or #6 in the latest file.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
First time back in 4 years and you just made me wonder the same in a wincest thread. Also why is only 1 guy posting and how come I can f5 faster than people post?
the suspense is kill
refreshing is automatic now...
>didn't sleep long though and I woke up before her
>just lie there next to her, with her head on my chest and contemplate
>just before she wakes up a wave of guilt hits me
>I feel bad about all this and still afraid of the nasty shit she'll definitely pull out when she wakes up and sobers
>she wakes up
>she looks around in that hangover gaze
>put her hand to her head like a hangedover person do
>finally reaches my eyes
>she lightens up
>she kisses me
>"Anon, I always loved you, you're the only one guy I could ever love"
>dick stand up
>she notices and giggles
>we're about to repeat but I notice it's almost the hour for parents to wake up so we break up the embrace and I leave to my room

This was the first night.
Nothing big happened for a week except she flashed me a few times and invaded me while showering.
She even changed her attitude towards me a bit. No more mean bulling but she's always there to pinch me or say something nasty to keep the appearances.
f5 is not kill. Stop.
you say nothing happened for a week....did something happen a week after?
how old are the both of you?
Well, me and my fiancee currently live with my mother while the two of us are going to college. She wants to help make sure I don't end up dropping out like she did when she was younger. Shes really awesome. My grandmother... eh for a time. Not anymore, shes become even more of a righteous cunt. My aunt, nope. I had a few talks with her during treatment, which was supposed to sequeway into a talk with my 'victim' for closure and shit. But for soooome reason my crazy aunt put a stop to that. But yeah, kinda screwed up my family life. Unrelated my dad who I hadn't seen since ~3 showed up on my 18th birthday with no previous contact over the intervening 15 years. He also sent a cop to my door to ask if I wanted to meet with him, bout gave me a heartattack.

As this info is relatively irrelevant and contains somewhat identifying personal details would you mind leaving it out of your public archive anon?
more sister fucking

come on man. i know there's more than that
>to keep the appearances
And to make her horny. She likes to get me down so I can "take revenge" on her in bed. She likes it a little more rough.

Yes. This was almost 6 months ago. Ever since, we're at it on a, more or less, regular basis. More often since the Summer break. We are even going to country for a week or so, if we manage pull everything out.

She's 22 and I'm 19.
how old were you at the time?
File: 0000 (2).jpg (587KB, 2257x1346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0000 (2).jpg
587KB, 2257x1346px
not a great story but I'll contribute.
>drinking with older sister
>she has a very petite body cute little tits
>tells me she has back ache
>convince her to let me massage her
>go to her room
>she lays on stomach
>i start rubbing her shoulders
>tell her to take her bra off so it's easier for me
>she does it
>i start to rub her tits from the sides
>she positions her body upward
>start feeling her tits
>keep rubbing her back and shoulders but will return to tits every now and then
>start rubbing her tits with one hand and jerking off
>she notices but doesn't stop me
>after a bit more of this she says "maybe that's all for tonight"
hoping this weekend will be better - pic related her in bikini
ah 6 months ago. sorry
I'll post another one just to keep the thread alive. Nowhere near as exciting tho
File: 1394297429459.png (633KB, 1160x4920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
633KB, 1160x4920px
Here's a classic incest story.

>Be me
>Be 19
>Have sister
>Be twins
>Fooled around a lot when younger
>Skip to present
>Be invited to visit some friends out of town
>Arrive and greet everyone
>Little shit son, little shit son, little shit daughter, 6/10 daughter, other two sons who could hold their own and a shitty friend of one of older sons
>Night time comes
>Sister and I get to room
>End up chatting and getting onto the "Do you remember back when..."
>Things get sexy
>Look up to see little shit son staring in window
>Walk up to him
>Push him out
>No ragrets
File: 1346890050278.jpg (168KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 768x1024px
Yep. Want to know anything more - ask away.
Picture almost related, she looks very similar but with different hairstyle and darker eyes.

One time we were helping parents with the groceries, a family trip to the local supermarket. In the end mum forgot something essential and they went back.
It was a rather "calm" week with much shit going on in school for both of us and parents on the look-out, so after we've put the bags in, we immediately started at it, right there in the kitchen.
>she opened my zipper and took the dick out, stroked it a little while kissing
>I couldn't wait more so I just turned her around, yanked her denim pants just barely enough to find a way into her and had her from behind (not anal)
>I knew she was enjoying herself way more than I did
>she came before me and I busted inside
This was the second and last time when we did so without a condom. She's on the pill normally, but it's safer like that.
>upon me pulling out, the load dripped out as well, staining her pants
>we didn't notice it until parents came back
>mum pulled her to the side to tell her about it
>the way she turned red instantly made excited like hell, had to run to my room to not make it suspicious
any pics of her?
I was more intrigued than turned on by this. Holy shit.
Game of Thrones?

Similar elements to that movie Lolita where the stepdad runs off with daughter after wife dies and makes love in a hotel room.
yes, though i reposted most of it at the beginning of this thread. Go here >>554628027 http://goo gl/j18y4x (period in the space) File dated 2014-07-01. Control F Jail. I'm 13 she was 10.
yeah dude pic related
>[email protected]

gets me every time

good job man. good job
Surely, unoriginal faggot
Hey bro, I'm pretty sure she was just fed up and wanted to get to sleep, so got you to cut to the chase.
File: 1395271212850.gif (2MB, 339x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 339x187px
the sad part is that it's so obviously a honeypot.

>look guys CP
>you have to pay to download it though since i purposely made the files too large
>don't worry it won't come back to bite you in the ass when the downloads you made are matched to your account
Here guys have some hilarious pussy
Youre just an idiot. Any and all CP is fine, what youre looking at is a way to get your system infected,
I might share another short one, just to keep it bumped.

>happened like a month ago
>early evening, we're alone but not doing anything
>I just got back so first thing I did was heading to the bathroom to freshen up
>she enters like it's nothing and hand me the phone
>"It's mum"
>I just started brushing teeth
>"Don't you see what I'm doing fool!"
>"She says it's important"
>take the phone but leave the toothbrush in my mouth
>mum says something about bank account or whatever, related to her job
>Pam starts to caress my neck
>give her a "NOT NOW" look thru the mirror
>she gives me a "RIGHT NOW WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NO" look back
>she kneels down
>unbuttons my pants and slide them down to my knees
>already hard
>she bites my ass cheek and starts to play with my balls NOT touching the dick
>her other hand finds it way to the spot where dick ends behind the ballsack
>this is so good
>I bite on the toothbrush and start hearing mum yelling "Anon! Anon! Are you even listening?!"
File: 1404454988260.jpg (51KB, 500x442px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 500x442px
Dunno man, I never had any issues with her smell.
We are creationists, though.

>"Yea, yes, yes. Just repeat the last bit".
>mum starts talking again
>sis picks up the pace
>this is bad
>grab the edge of the sink with my free hand full force
>I can focus on this and survive
>can't understand what's mum talking about, just yes and OK with her through
>she finally ends the talk with me agreeing on something I don't know crap about even with all this talking
>turn around to face my tormentor
>she's giggling like a retard, with one hand still on my ballsack and the other now in her pants
>I grab her by the hair and slide my erect cock into her mouth
>"You want it so bad you'll-"
>can't finish because she started working her tongue on my head like a mad woman
>I cum instantly
>she twists my ballsack and I cum more
>she drank it all, raised herself, took out my toothbrush, kissed me (this was pretty disgusting but also very hot) and used brush her teeth with my brush
I hope the thread doesn't die before you end your story
Evidently not.
Butthurt tumblr cow detected.
This bit's done.

I could drop a few more but I don't have any of these done already and typing is a real pain. especially knowing she ain't here for me tonight.
Welp, you know that if you post moar, it'll get archived. If it's getting late for you and you still want to post it, drop me an email and I can put it in the right spot, no problems.

(hotmail.com) fakebob001
What did you mum want you to do?
I'll try with one more.
This happened earlier then the very previous bit.
The conclusion to the whole thing is that we're preparing a trip to spent some time outside of the city and suspicious looks of others. If everything works out well, we'll have a whole bungalow for ourselves for a week or even 10 days.

Some sort of saving trust where part of the money is working on stocks or somewhere. Needed my consent.
I asked her about it later. Didn't made anything from the call.
Wanted me to start ...
>Some sort of saving trust where part of the money is working on stocks or somewhere. Needed my consent.
>I asked her about it later, when she brought all the papers. Didn't made anything from the call.
>sit on the couch and watch some stupid, direct-to-TV flick
>mum's in the kitchen reading magazines, pops working late
>sis comes in
>"Move away dork"
>I do
>she sits down and starts watching
>romantic scene starts playing
>I got an idea
>look around - mum won't see anything
>slowly move my hand closer
>make my way under her sweatpants
>no reaction so far
>go deeper, go further
>before I reach my destination I look around to see if mum's in the same spot
>she is
>commence the attack
>delicately caress her pussy
>sis starts breathing heavier
type quicker

i need legit pics of pam

PS: you should write novels holy fuck
Bump, edging!
>keep at it but be very delicate and slow
>sis turns redder and redder with every stroke
>dick likes it
>slide a finger in and quickly remove it
>she sighs audibly
>turn away to see if mum noticed
>it's all cool
>keep massaging around her pussy
>she really enjoys herself
>slide two fingers in
>she almost moans
>back out a little
>romantic scene ends with a jump scare
>that very moment I pinch her pussy lip, not strong to hurt her but enough to make her jump and yelp
>instantly move hand away
>start laughing like a cretin
>mum comes in to see what happened
>sis is red and mad at me, she slaps me a few times calling me names before she leaves
>I keep laughing
>mum asks what happened again
>tell her I pinched sis when the monster popped up (no more details though)
>sit the movie through and later go to see what's with my sister
>she's still mad at me, won't talk with me and won't let me in
>she got over it in the morning, thank God

Why thank you. I'd write faster if I didn't have to take care of my prick.
vouching for 1st greentext-only novel written by Anon
I'll get those from today and maybe add a little more for later, pre-typed and shit. It might not be tomorrow but I will be dumping.

>i need legit pics of pam
No way I'm doing this.
but you must return before this thread dies

why not
Definitely not the first greentext-only novel. His is 10 pages long including responses (so far). I've archived at least three other stories that are 10 pages just from the greentext alone, and that's just wincest.

If we go outside wincest, Karina is something like 40 pages, again just with the greentext, and I've seen several greentext over the years that easily reaches 50+ pages. And that's to say nothing of Storybro's Magically Lewd Sleepover, which is over 400+ pages. (And the sequel, Road Trip, is currently in writing.)
What was Storybro's Magically Lewd Sleepover even about? I wanted to know but was too lazy to read it since it is over 400 pages.
>but you must return before this thread dies
Have some chores to do before mum gets back. I'm already running late.

>why not
It's a secret, remember?
Thread is on its last legs, my grandma can write better stories than the ones bumped recently.
>be 24
>cousin I never see 32 (like really havent seen or talked in 10 years)
>visit her family randomly with my family
>we go off together alone to pick up some things at the mall
>she looks like a sarah michelle geller
>we had sex in the parking lot

im not blood related im adopted so i g uess its cool. havent talked to her or seen her since lol. we both laughed and agreed how hot and naughty it was that we were cousins and it turned us on more. sick fucks i guess :)
No idea, not getting into it yet either. I've got enough on my hands just archiving wincest.

Oh come on, that was lame. You can do better!
Amazing. More.
well thats what happened, dont feel like doing every detail in green text and shit. just google sarah michelle gellar and fap to it or whatever u fags do here
I doubt Jamie and Cersei were 19 when that happened, they were easily nearly 30
>be me 17
>get home from late night drinking
> put porn on
> fapgoodguys.jpg
> mum knocks on door
> enters
> sucks it
Sharing another to help bump thread.

>Be me
>2 years after cousin fiasco happened
>Cousin comes to visit again
>I'm 19 she's 21 now
>"Hey anon, missed you so much!"
>"Yeah completely mutual sunshine"
>She leans in and whispers in my ear
>"I like when you call me cute names"
>Diamond boner rn
>Whisper back
>"I think the word I was looking for is sexy"
>Her expression changes from smiles to lust in moments
>"Is your room free?"
>"Yeah, parents are out till 10 tonight. Something about dinner"
>Up the stairs and in the room quicker than her pants came off.
>Shiiiiiiiieeeeet ass got more toned, tits a little bigger
>"Anon are you just gonna stare or??"
>"Just surprised at how someone could get so much more hot over two years"
>Jeans off, shirt off
>"Ooohhh anon you got pretty buff, two years does make quite a difference"
>Shut door, pick her up and dump her on dresser
>She's exhaling into and biting my neck
File: 1388629542746.jpg (28KB, 512x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 512x384px
My sister is two years younger than me. She is really pretty with big tits and pale skin. Some things that occurred:

>when I was 15 she watched me fap and cum
>realized this after she entered the pc/tv room to fetch the tv magazine with a very blushed expression and nervous body language
>i had been fapping just violently to some kazaa porn

>when she was 13 or 14 or so she came into my room just like that, topless.
>she hung a little gold chain on her hard nipples going "look it supports the chain it hangs on my nipples!"
>i just manage to stutter "t-thats nice" and wave her out before she notices my raging hardon

>we both move out but still travel together with our parents in our early 20's
>share hotel room with her, not a bed tho
>she sometimes says "you know you'r a really handsome man..." and stuff like that once or twice
>I pretend I didnt hear it

>last night one particular holiday, sharing room again
>almost asleep I get woken up
>sitser wants to crawl into my bed "hey dear let me get in there", or something highly creepy and fucked up only female hermons can come up with
>going 100% nooopppeee and as gently and not freaked out push her away from the bed
>lay awake the rest of the night with thundering heart and leaking precum all over my matress thinking of what if
>get to have fap of my life in shower next morning

Overall I'm really happy I didn't go for any of it, even though it made me really hard directly aftewards. Firstly it would've prolly ruined our relationship, and secondably she really can't keep a secret, also it's fucked up.

W-women, right?
Jeez, it's like you people don't want me to ever catch up on editing the wincest archive.
>Hear car pull into drive
>Walk over to window
>Wild Mom appears
>Put shirt on and tell her to wait
>Walk out and Mom says that she's just home to get dressed
>Mention that Chloe is here to visit
>"Oh that's nice, you must enjoy her company"
>Cock twitches at the thought of "her company"
>Walk back into room
>"Oh god I thought you weren't gonna come back"
>Still harder than diamond
>"Sooooo... quickie?"
>Move from dresser to bed and by this point she's soiled her panties
>Making out for a bit
>She starts sucking on my tongue
>feels weird at first but go along with it
>Reaches into my briefs
>Starts rubbing the head and gets pre all over her hands
>Finger in mouth
>Starts making out again
>Kinda weirded out but fuck it, feels hot
>She starts sucking on my fingers
>Guides my cock to her vag
>"So gushy anon"
>Cock twitching in her hand
>She rests it on her vagina and I just sit there coating my dick in her juice
>Grab a nipple in my mouth
>Sudden inhale from her
>Finally position my dick near her pussy and end up sliding right in
>Start pumping in and out
>She's moaning and whimpering in my ear
>Put her legs over my shoulders
grats, man, she's hot
File: kitty.jpg (84KB, 700x553px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 700x553px
last week:
>playing around with cousin
>i get boner
>we tickle eachother
>she touches boner
>takes off my underwear and jacks me off
>doesnt come
>fall asleep
>wake up and starts grinding on her ass
>she starts jacking me off again
>i cum on her ass
damn it was so awesome but i felt so disgusting @[email protected] i couldnt even enjoy in and out
File: Not a Real Person.gif (59KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Not a Real Person.gif
59KB, 320x240px
do you guys prefer wincest with two girls, two guys or one girl one guy? I'm programming a story generator.

Post what you want in it as a reply (senarios, people, locations, etc)
Lol sorry bro I'll stop posting for now. I'll just post when this one 404s and the next one arrives
I was being sardonic. Feel free to keep posting if your heart desires.
>be me 13yo
>brother 16yo
>me playing final fantasy on my nintendo ds in the basement
>brother comes
>sis can i ask something?
>what is it?
>long story short, he asks me 4 a handjob
>what is that and how is it done?
>brother shows porn
>ok, lets try
>do handjob
>it hurts, he cant finish, painfull face
>later that night, he comes my room
>ey sis, can we try again? this time do it like that (show porn doing handjob and blowjob).
>ok, lets try
>i do
>he cums buckets
>its fun, he is all ashamed after it
>its ok idiot, i was curious too
>we dont talk about it any more

5 years later

>we having a deep talk about life and all
>comes to a point where he says sorry for what happened, feel guilty
>tell him he is an idiot, i would have done it anytime he asked back then
>his face was like wtf.jpg
>never talked about it again

honestly, not a big thing to do a handjob to a loved one... i dont see whats the bad thing w it
I don't care give me everything you can come up with. No pedo, though.
two girls would be hot, go on
dude that's fucking cool bro
Need some outfits.

self.outfits = []
if self.gender=="f":

Someone list outfits for male/females
>it's an evolutionary thing.
I'm not sure how anybody could possibly be this stupid.
File: 1402781302850.gif (884KB, 245x138px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
884KB, 245x138px
>Start fingering her like through the fire and flames riff
Yeah was pretty surprised when Mom was talking to us. She didn't spring us to any family and let us decide when we wanted to tell others.
did you ever tell someelse about it?
oh my god that's awesome

File: 1403791488093.gif (932KB, 175x131px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
932KB, 175x131px
Done everything right. Except for never doing it again, fag
Only close bros when I was drunk. My Dad found out when he got back from a business trip. She still hasn't told her parents about it
File: 1403886150687.gif (832KB, 252x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
832KB, 252x188px
>Start fingering her like through the fire and flames riff
lold hard
TinEye has failed me.
because that's a dick move
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