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someone posted an awkward sex stories thread and deleted it or

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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someone posted an awkward sex stories thread and deleted it or maybe i took too long cringing/typing.

i need to let this story out of my mind and into the wild. i die a little every time i remember this shit

>be me, total beta virgin, maybe 3 years ago
>friend's sister is in town, she really likes it here and gets a job at a strip club
>she's pretty hot, obviously slutty, ends up staying in my room because he can't accommodate her and she doesn't want to pay for a hotel or whatever. (i don't really know, she was banking so much from her job)
>first few nights she slept on my couch, eventually i said you can take the bed if you want but she suggested we share it
>sleep next to her in my bed, literally the first time i've ever shared a bed with a woman, instant erection. for the first night i couldn't even sleep. feeling her warmth next to me kept my heart beating so fast. i was literally afraid of moving for fear of waking her up
>second night i waited until she was asleep and put my arm around her, she pushed her body into mine, causing my full erection to press against her ass. i literally couldn't even breathe. i had no idea what to do so i focused on controlling my breathing and enjoying the moment. i was so confused, she had to feel it. nothing more happened, though, i tried to make it seem like i was asleep for a long time until she rolled onto her back, and then i tried to give her back her personal space without making it obvious i spent the last three hours watching her sleep... i might have managed like an hour of sleep that night

this just covers the first week or two of the ~2 months she lived with me. does anyone want the rest? it takes me a while to type this, i could just put this shit back in the vault and play games
I'll bump you once OP, but after that you're going to need to deliver. Whatever you type, save it to a document in case you want to try later.
I'm curious, I had a similar kind of progression with the girl I lost my virginity to.

Or at least details.
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Go on
half an hour and OP still hasn't continued. fail thread so far.
so i had a shitty job at the time and came home at random times, the next few nights i came home at like 5 a.m.

>come home, see her in my bed, shower and put on gay pajamas I bought to sleep in bed with her because i thought it would be less awkward
>put my arm around her again, erection builds and presses against her ass again, nothing really happens because she's practically comatose and i feel totally outclassed by her beauty (despite her job as a stripper)
>content to just have a girl in my bed, manage to fall sleep like that... same thing for the next few nights. sometimes she sleeps on the couch, seems random. she drinks some nights too, might not think it's a good idea being drunk in my bed with me, but i don't really know her motivations.

heard a rumor she was trying to sleep with some "hot guy" but the guy wanted nothing to do with her, he later said he believed she was trying to trap him with a baby. she definitely seemed like the type.
shit i refreshed for like 15 minutes and no one came. i thought it was destined to die, sorry guys
keep going OP!
ok pressing on

>one night pick her up from her work and bring her back to my place, she showers and gets into bed, i pretend to be busy while she's doing this so i don't get into bed first.
>i shower, get into bed afterwards, she seems a little different so i keep my distance, but it's no different. it takes a long time for me to calm down, but after like half an hour she turns onto her side.
>i wait a few minutes and wrap my arm around her, i really enjoy this
>it's different this time. she's definitely awake. i'm definitely awake. i feel her press herself into me, her ass against my cock. my mind is melting
>she takes my hand and puts it under her shirt, presses my hand against her breast. i have no idea what i'm supposed to do. i've never been this far before, but i have watched a thousand hours of porn. i use my left hand to massage her breast, running her nipple through my fingers, and i can start to hear her breathing intensify. i think she's using her hand to masturbate. i keep doing this, maintaining total silence, all i can think about is using that one hand to play with her tits. i keep doing this and eventually she cums. she gets up and goes to the bathroom, i roll over and try to figure out what the fuck just happened

i don't think that's enough detail for you to appreciate the autism that went down under that blanket
like... i didn't move. at all. i gave her one arm and one hand while she masturbated. if i wasn't so beta i could have gone all the way


>nothing else happened that night, or the next day, acted like it never happened. at the time i didn't realize how bad that was.
>went back to sleeping next to her, as normal, but felt a little more emboldened
>went to sleep with her, put my arm around her, but held it pressed against her breasts, thinking i was encouraging further action.
>after a few nights, this happened again. she took her top off this time, and pushed her bra up so i could easily play with both of her tits. this time she put her hand against my dick while she masturbated. i didn't cum, but i probably could have if i wasn't so nervous. again i laid there, paralyzed, only using my one arm to stimulate her.
>i was her toy
i'm obviously not good at this greentext shit, sorry brahs

>she'd been living with me for maybe a month at this point, she'd used me to help her masturbate about 3 times now
>pick her up one night, she's been drinking. she wasn't at work, i grabbed her off the street, she'd been at some club with a friend.
>she literally kisses some guy standing outside of the club on the corner of the street and says good night. she sees me and walks over.
>i had the window down to wave/get her attention and when she got to the car she leaned into the car and kissed me. her mouth tasted like ashes and beer, but i think it was my first kiss since high school. it was awesome. i was so happy
>she gets into the car and i drive her back to my place. she doesn't even shower, she just gets in the bed and passes out. during the car ride back i had thought of all the things that could finally happen that night

not gonna lie, i was feeling totally in love with her by this point. pure infatuation

Bumping for you OP
>be 14 year old shit
>know kinky German girl from school
>always talking eventually she is totally down for sex
>shit starts going down two Weeks later at her house (bad planning, family home all the time)
>I arrive nervous as fuck
>first time, hope no ones home
>no one is, sweet
>we talk for a bit in her room boot school shit try to be calm
>eventually conversation dies down
>kinda awkwardly get closer
>we kiss then she fucking sticks her tongue in my mouth
>holy shit this feels good
>rub my tongue against hers
>her warm breathing, our tongues touching, her warm skin, the fucking adrenaline
>she starts undressing giving me sexy fuckin looks
>holy shit nipples
>decide I'll put on condom I stole from my mom's room(her boyfriend's)
>put that shit on like a boss (thanks sex Ed)
>start kissing each other again and take off more clothes
>holy shit a pussy
>don't know what the fuck to do
>eventually she throws herself on her bed face up and beckons me to stick it in
>I don't fucking know where exactly but Imma try anyways
>after fucking around trying to find her entrance(it's lower than I thought it would be) for what felt like a minute of pretend foreplay I finally get it in
>I can't feel fucking anything. Like wtf I barely feel her. Ok I do but like it feels like i'm less sensitive than usual (uncut so touching my dick's tip with my hands feels hella strong)
>im just on my knees on her bed not doing shit because my dick doesn't feel it
>"I uhhh don't feel it"
>"I think it's the condom, not you."
>"are you fucking saying i'm loose? What the fuck!?"
>"no no noo. I mean my dick is hard and like the condom isn't working"
>she gives me this confused angry look
>she gets up and locks herself in the bathroom
>"I want you to get the fuck out of my house anon"
>I don't know what to do
>leave as to not cause a scene
>she ignores me the rest of the year
>find out later I need to use magnums(fuck you planned parenthood cunt who said one size fits all, fuck you sex ed for having her as a guest)
That still counts as a first time right /b/?
we never really talked much. she was adventurous, went to the beach or went shopping or hung out with her friends during the day, the only time we really spent together was when she needed a ride or was crashing in my room. if people want more details about her i might provide a little. no joke, my friend browses this website though and i don't want him to know about the level of beta/relations that went on

>my memory isn't perfect, but within the next few days she had withdrawn a little bit, was sleeping on the couch, spent some time in her brother's room on his couch, or maybe with some other guy
>she did come back to my room though, and basically spent the rest of the time she was with me in my bed
>it started the same way, i climbed into bed with her, got under the covers, wrapped my arm around her, but this time she wasn't even wearing a bra. i wrapped my hand around her breast, and she turned on to her back and looked at me. i just looked back at her and moved my hand to lay flat on her stomach. there weren't any lights on, but it wasn't that dark in my room. i had given up the gay pajamas a long time ago and was just wearing a work shirt and cheap boxers.
>she didn't know i had an erection, but she probably assumed i did like every other time i got into bed with her. she used her left hand to reach down and touch it. i don't think she expected it to be sticking out from my boxers, but it probably didn't matter, she was likely a veteran of many sexual adventures. she stroked my cock for a few seconds while i laid on my side, and then she moved my hand down to her vagina. she was wearing panties, but she pushed them to the side and used my fingers to rub her pussy, basically using three fingers to rub in a circle. after a few seconds she figured i'd got the pattern and let me do it. she kind of weakly rubbed my cock while i was rubbing her.

out of space, continued
Hurry the fuck up OP!
sorry, this is basically the story of my first awkward sexual relationship, not just one small story. i may be getting into too much detail, so sorry if it's boring. i want the awkwardness to really hit you in the gut, though

>all of my attention was on pleasing her, so that was totally fine. after about a minute she put her other hand back on mine, where i was rubbing her. she pushed my fingers into her pussy. it was so slippery. my fingers were already a little wet from rubbing around the outside. she had me pressing two fingers into her and pulling them out. i didn't know if this was good enough but i just kept doing it. after a few minutes of this she was breathing super heavily and had abandoned any attempt of pleasing me. i pressed my third finger into her and changed my grip so that i could stimulate her faster. i think she approved, she was using one hand to rub her tits and the other was grasping the sheets between us. i could feel her grip tightening on the sheet as i stimulated her
>suddenly she pressed her hand onto mine, pulled my fingers out and had me rub her pussy on the outside again, rubbing her clit, in circular motions and her breathing became increasingly ragged. she began to squeeze her legs together, against my hand, and suddenly stopped breathing altogether for a second or two against me as she came.
>i was so happy to have helped her, that was good enough for me. she quickly got up and went to the bathroom again. when she came back she climbed into bed, pressed her body against me and we fell asleep.

i legitimately didn't want more than that.

but the saga continues
>first time nervous as shit
>Leaves the bitch making her think she's a loosy goosy
Hell yeah that counts ahahaha
haha sorry man. i never realized how long it takes to type this stuff and keep it coherent
>put that shit on like a boss (thanks sex Ed)


Cock size? I use magnums but I'm a little over 6 inches. Regular condoms are too tight and bunch up during sex.
I'm a little over six and a half inches but I have a thick dick. Funny thing is I always thought I had a small ass dick because i'm a grower rather than a shower. Bitches never find out thought because I get rock solid in 0 to 1 second. It's like a tactical penis, ready to strike at any moment.
ok so the status quo continued, we literally spent no time together unless i was helping her go to and from work or we were in bed. she might have spent time in my room watching tv, but i would just pass the time on my computer.

>the previous experience basically repeated itself, except she didn't even pretend to be interested in jerking me off. she was using me. she was totally using me, i had finally realized it. i was just convenient for her. she had a free place to stay in an area where rent is really, really high, and now i was a sexual plaything when she couldn't get laid by any of the men she wanted.
>i didn't care, though, i was happy to have any sexual interaction with a beautiful girl
>one night, and this was pretty late in her time staying with me, there's not much left to tell, i turned out the light as she climbed into bed, she was wearing short shorts and a tank top, i climbed into bed after her but i heard her drop her shirt on the floor next to the bed. i was hoping that this would be another interesting night
>she was laying on her side, so i assumed my now natural position next to her. i pressed my lips against her shoulder, near her neck. i hoped that she would let me know this was something she liked. i got literally no feedback
>i started kissing her lower neck, softly, every few seconds. i was mortified. there was no response. i thought i'd made a grave mistake so i stopped. i moved myself back from her in case she wanted her space, but then she rolled over on to her other side and faced me
>she put her leg on top of mine and ran her hand down my chest. she pressed her fingers into my boxers and wrapped her hand around my cock.
>i was waiting for her input, waiting for her to relay to me what i should be doing, but she wasn't giving me anything to go off of
>after a few seconds of her hand resting on my cock, feeling it she started stroking it, she told me to take my boxers off

Bumping OP, please keep going, hooked as fuck on this
>be 7
>met a 16 yo guy when I was going home from prep school
>he was so nice and sweet, he even treated me an expensive desert
>it was getting late and I need to head back to home
>he offered me a ride
>when I was near my neighbourhood I told him to drop me there and said "thanks brother"
>he missed my neighbourhood and took me to his home
>got raped afterwards
Fucking constant blue balls huh?
10/10 I Lold
Well that escalated quickly
File: 1402831677489.gif (368KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nah... that bitch was loose or didn't know how to kegel man.
No matter cut/uncut, big/small a condom is a condom... it sucks and is better without, but if ya gotta do it... it's better than no sex.
Regardless, regular condom works just as well, it'd just have to stretch and feels tighter. Loss of sensation to the point where you don't feel it it's more like she's lose.
>Be me
>Be having sex with gf
>Tall pretty blonde. Probably a 7/10 to you guys though.
>She is pretty quirky and nerdy.
>We are having sex
>She is turned on and tries saying something sexy
>"Fuck me long and hard.." *giggles*
>"I was gonna say like your penis" *still giggling*
>Not sure if she was laughing because she thinks my dick is actually small or because she just realised it was a weird thing to say
>She's called my dick big before
>She says I'm good at sex
>She can never give good sexy talk though

>We have sex another time
>Afterwards in bed she asks what I'd do if she got pregnant
>I said I'd be fine with whatever she wanted (no idea why I said that, I was probably all happy and innocent back then and reckoned it would never happen)

>We once thought she was pregnant because her period was a few days late
>It was highly unlikely as I always used protection and was super careful about that shit.
>We reckoned abortion would be a good idea
>She wasn't pregnant
>Spent a lot of my relationship being paranoid
>I was 16-17 during that time
>Hope never to date a girl who lies about pregnancy
>Ex gf was always vague about how she felt
>All emotional shit was brought on by her

>We have sex another time
>She queefs while I'm fucking her with a condom on
>Makes a massive farting noise
>We stop and both laugh
>She seems kinda embarrassed
>I can't stop laughing
she was a beautiful blonde, pretty tall at 5'9, with a perfect body and a pretty face. legitimately 9+/10. she was fairly smart too, if she wasn't a stripper or a little bit crazy she'd be perfect

>i pushed my boxers down hurriedly and she wrapped her fingers around my dick. she pushed the blanket down a ways and sat a little bit upright, exposing herself in the dim ambient light. i hadn't really seen her breasts much beyond the cleavage that was almost always present, but they were so fucking beautiful.
>i had laid on my back and she had gotten closer to me, she started jerking me off slowly. it was amazing.
she straddled my leg between hers. apparently she had taken off her shorts when we were getting into bed, because i could feel her warm pussy pressing against my thigh.
>she began rubbing her pussy against my leg as she rubbed my dick. i wasn't making much sound except my breathing. i'd literally never said a word to her during any of these encounters and i had no idea what to even say. none of that really seemed to matter to her though, she knew what she was doing. she knew i was incompetent, she knew what she wanted from me.
>she asked if i had a condom, i said yes and she told me to get it
>i got up and fumbled around in the dark for the condoms i'd bought like 2 months ago when she'd started sleeping in my room, before i knew how weird shit was going to be
>i gave it to her, and laid down where i was before, she got back on top of me, this time with both of her legs straddling mine. she grabbed my dick again and put the condom on. it was pretty weird, i'd actually never worn one before. i could feel her pussy's heat, though, and it was driving me crazy. her pussy was less than two inches from my dick at this point.
>she leaned over me, and pressed her breasts against my chest while she began to rub her pussy against my dick. she did this for a few seconds before reaching down with one hand and grabbing my dick

Holy shit are you me?

Cocks smaller than my thumb when flaccid but fully erect and it's been too much for three girls Ive gotten with. I never show it flaccid though. They only get to whip it out when I'm hard.
I think it would make more sense if she was loose. Like looking back I think might have been her first or second.
I just placed my thumb next to my dick. Kek
Best storry eva brah, i want moar

I wouldn't say you're in the wrong here bro
Bumping for OP epic story. You sure you can't post a pic of her? Censor whatever you need to censor.

I don't see any trolls in this thread.
Haha you best be 6'4 too.
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> when I was 15 (virgin) I was at a dance by myself. My sister who was a more popular good looking senior was there with her bf and tons of friends. As I was setting in a chair watching people dance a guy approached me, sit next to me, and asked me why I wasn't mingling. Come to find out my sister felt bad for me so she sent this guy to help. He tried to encourage me a bit, but to no avail. Eventually he shrugged and said, "tell you what... brb."

> 5 minutes later he returns with this absolutely beautiful senior girl. He introduces us and she sits on my lap and starts talking to me asking me questions. I try to converse but I'm super nervous. Eventually she hops up and asks me to dance. After some persuasion I agree. It started slow dancing, but later she showed me how to grind on her.. which was Fucking awesome! :) around 9 p.m. she offered me a ride home.

> in her car, which was one of the remade new chargers, she asked if I wanted to go home or if I wanted to go to her house since her parents were most likely gone. I give an idk answer and she says "we will go to my place, I got some stuff I want to show you"

Anyone interested in the rest?
>she lined my cock up with her pussy. it was finally happening. i was about to have sex. i could feel the tip of my cock pressing against her and then she slowly began to put pressure against it
>it went in effortlessly. i was inside her. i couldn't think at all. i put my hands on her thighs as she pressed her pussy all the way against me. my whole dick was inside her and she was pressing down against the base. (i'm only 5 or 6 inches of masculinity, sorry ladies) i could feel the tightness of her pussy wrapped around my dick. it was incredible. she rocked forward and began grinding her clit against me. the condom probably lessened the experience drastically but also probably kept me from cumming in a minute.
>she was riding me and loving it. she didn't moan or anything, but i could tell by how she gripped me and how she was breathing that this was working well for her. i didn't have to do anything.
>she switched styles and began going up and down on my dick, i was able to thrust against her which caused her to exhale sharply. i'm not a man of many moves but i was glad to be able to do something.
>she kept at this, going up and down on me, for a few minutes before stopping and asking me to be on top.
>i didn't really know what to do but it's not that complicated
>she laid on her back with her knees up, i pressed myself between her legs and used my hand to press my dick into her
>it felt so good again, that feeling of warmth as you slide all the way in


Continue plz
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OP is becoming so alpha as his story continues, that it makes me depressed about my life.

I am, but I don't want you to post it because it probably ends with you losing your virginity, which would make me feel insecure.
5"11 ;-;
>be 15
>awesome! :)
is currently 15
cont anyway
>be me
>gf is 14, about to turn 15
>legal loophole abuse inbound
>been doing oral for months now, never popped her cherry though
>on her 15th birthday she says 'i want you to fuck me'
>we go at it, heavy kissing, some grinding, playing with tits and rubbing through clothes
>get her wet enough for oral, do it
>'put a finger in my butt, Anon, do it!'
>i love anal, huge turn on for me
>before I can, suddenly sneeze really damn hard
>headbutt her pussy
>we both shout in pain
>after rubbing face and jaw for a while, look down between her legs
>blood everywhere
>freakout ensues

It turns out that I slammed my face into her crotch so hard that I tore her hyman. We spent the rest of the night cleaning and didn't get to cum before her parents got home. Had to finish ourselves off when I left. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

It's okay though, we finally fucked the week after.
Feel ya OP.
>8th grade
>sleepover at school
>teacher say sleepytiems
>we all get ready for going to bed and shit
>I'm laying in the middle of 3 girls
>teacher say no no
>i say yes yes
>eventually move
>suddenly my friend gives this mattress to me because I laid on the ground (best friend to the day today)
>girl says, lets sleep together there
>spoon her and couldnt sleep for 2 hours
>i was breathing fast as shit
>I just lay there, frozen
>wat do
>after 2 hours I sleep good

Still think of that today ;_;
Kek'd well
4 shit stories in a row, thanks champ
File: 1402922300584.gif (2MB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x225px

>i pressed all the way inside her and then leaned over her. i didn't know where to look but i figured eye contact would be a little weird, so i just closed my eyes and focused on pleasing her
>i began fucking her just like they do in the movies, in and out. it didn't feel so great when you were doing the work. she pressed herself against me at times but it was mostly my job at this point. i was supporting myself with my arms locked, hands beside her. her hands were on my back, on my sides. she scratched a little throughout
>my dick felt bigger than ever. my heart was racing, i was sweating. i was breathing so heavily, a mix of exertion and desperation. this was nothing like jerking it to tentacle porn
>she was not complaining. her breathing was awesome. you could sense the need in her breaths, she wanted to orgasm. she wanted to cum on my dick. i could feel her gripping the sheets again as i fucked her. she said harder, inbetween breaths. so i started thrusting as hard as i could, going as deep as i could. it felt so great. she was squeezing my dick with her pussy, all i could think about was cumming in her. i wanted to do it so badly. the condom was probably the only thing that made this fun. the sensation was definitely muted, from what i'd felt when her hand was on my dick, but i just had to account for that by working harder
>i thrust more and more into her as she lost more and more of her breath. i could feel she was close, i wanted to get her to cum for me
>finally she reached down with her hand and started rubbing herself, rubbing her clit. her legs locked around mine and her other hand was gripping the bed, i knew it was about to happen
>i pushed deep into her for a few slow strokes and i felt her pussy tighten. her pussy was closing around my dick. it was the best feeling i'd ever felt. her muscles tigthtened and relaxed as she lost it, it lasted for a few seconds as i slowly continued fucking her, and then it was like a brick wall

7/10 made me chortle.
keep typing you fucking faggots before i abandon this thread
File: 1343380170095.gif (2MB, 282x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 282x257px
Are you fucking texting this shit without t9? GODDAMNIT OP YOU WOULD BE FAGGOT

>it was like a brick wall. her pussy had tightened all the way, i couldn't push into her. she was still riding out the high of her orgasm, her arms and legs only just beginning to relax. i was confused, i didn't know what to do, but it definitely felt like it was over
>but that's because it was over. i pulled up onto my knees, my erection sticking up, the condom awkwardly placed over my dick. she was coming out of it. she sat up quickly and gave me a kiss, stood up and ran her hand along me, along my chest, over my shoulder, as she walked to the bathroom. she took a shower this time. i wasn't sure what to feel. it was like opening a treasure chest to find it was empty
>i threw away the condom and wiped myself off with a paper towel. it was over. that was the end
>i laid down in bed and turned on the fan, she came back 10 minutes later and climbed into bed next to me. she ran her hand down my back and rolled over, facing away from me

the end. kind of disappointing right?

nothing else happened with her, fuck my life. shortly after this eventful night she had been here for a while and was making all that money, pocketing like $500 a night. she bought a brand new car and moved into an apartment with a friend downtown.

i was just her toy, someone who was convenient for her to use. i guess i'm happy with how things went, this event inspired me to actually pursue women and i ended up losing my virginity to a fat drunk chick like two months later. i had a qt3.14 asian girlfriend about four months later, and that went pretty well

I am also like this. I have even thought of the phrase "tactical cock" before. I used to never show it until it was time to fuck or at least after we'd been making out a while. Later in life when I was living with girls (and eventually got married to one of them) they'd see it and I'd sometimes catch them looking at it, probably wondering how it was so small when flaccid. Later I'd imagine I was punishing them for thinking that as they came on the end of my much larger cock. It's fun.
You lost your virginity to her, not the fat chick a couple months later
i promised you awkward shit. these are the memories that haunt me.

i can't find any pictures of her. she got into some bitch drama on facebook with her roommate calling her a slut and she deleted it. she made another one but i think she deleted it too.
>we get to her house and she lets me in. Offers me her dad's beer and I refuse, but she pop's it and hands it to me anyway. I take a drink of what was then foul tasting liquid and set it on the counter. She grabs my arms and pulls me into her room. Immediately she explains that she wants to teach me about sex. I say nothing. She strips completely naked and presses her body up to me. She guides my hands all over her body. She explains her clit to me.

> eventually she lies down in her bed, feet hanging off, and tells me to undress. I take my dress clothes off (tried to dress fancy) and pause at the boxers. "Comon those too, don't be shy..." reluctantly I drop them.

> she laughs that I already have a boner and makes a skipping the foreplay joke. She lays on the bed completely and beckons me over. I crawl on top of her and she guides me through the insertion process.

> she tells me when to stop and go. Explaining that I have to pace myself so that I don't cum. And when I stop, I need to occupy her with massaging her clit, or kissing.

> I start thrusting into her again, this time faster. She tells me to slow down but I don't. She yells at me to slow down and stop. I can't, something primal has taken over, I love it, and I can't stop. She yells at me to pull out but it doesn't register, and I feel the bliss about to erupt.

> suddenly she pushes me, hard enough my dick comes out, but the final push was to much. As it flew out, I ejaculated with the force of the Hiroshima bomb. The cum fires out of my dick at supersonic speeds, and goes straight up her nose, right as she inhaled. Causing her to suck up the semen like cocaine from the ending of Scarface. This in turn, cause her to choke, and projectile vomit all over me. Now I'm scared, embarrassed, stinky, and nauseous. This causes me to vomit on her tits.
thank you lol

i wanted to say that but was never sure if that counted.

i was visiting my sister and she took me to her friend's house where they invited some people for drinks. her friend is pretty big, she fed me drinks all night. everyone decided to crash at the same time and i was super drunk. i had no idea where to go
there was a cute chick that lived there who i'd been watching all night, but i think she was involved with some local basketball player that was there.
i look around and fat chick says "hey anon you can sleep in my room"

the rest is another nightmare

Would still say alpha as fuck, lost your virginity to the hot as hell stripper, not fat chick. And btw there's a lot of people who would like to have been in your situation
Share your other nightmare nigger
>know girl for nearly 20 years
>be friend for at least 10
>she talks freely about stuff like fapping
>she implies she wants to try the d
>suggest the dicking
>she complies
>the P-day
>unable to maintain an erection with the fucking condoms
>having FML-themed thoughts, be embarrassed
>she understands, wants to try again later
>everything goes okay the second time!
bumping for this
File: 6238289535_normal.jpg (73KB, 640x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 640x1843px
> thankfully she was nice enough to give me a ride back to my house, but it was a very long, and quiet, and awkward car ride home, with the lingering smell of vomit.

This is 100% true story, sadly, I was haunted for the longest time. I never spoke to get again. In hindsight, it's super funny though.
Hey Picasso, you think everyone's first time is a fairytale of awesomeness? No perfection between the sheets.

My first kiss I basically begged a wildly drunk girl for (who turned out to be an ex of my brother's). I remember what I said to her while she was dancing on a table:
"Please, would you give me this one kiss"

Good story, though. It reminds me of the good sex I had with a slut for a while.
I'm glad she helped you to gain more confidence. It makes me kind of angry to hear how she treated you over all though. Probably something close to this happened to me with a cute little spanish bitch when I was in high school and I also never pushed for more. But it gave me confidence to actually get a real thing going a year later, so I guess that's the best you can hope for.

Unless you can muster confidence from nowhere and tell them "you aren't done yet", forcing their mouth onto your cock. And I doubt most people here could do that smoothly.
oh man. i wasn't sure if anyone would ask.
i was drunk so self confidence level over 9000
having defeated the beautiful stripper of the west and claimed my title as king of the world i entered her bedroom figuring it was time to fuck.
>didn't even think about how awkward it was that my sister must have known what was gonna go down with me and her friend, that idea alone kind of haunts me, but whatever, people have sex.
>get into her room, she closes the door and turns the light near her bed on, she invites me into her bed as she gets in
>i take off my pants, shirt, socks, and jump in bed.
>i was drunk so i don't remember a lot of details, but she took off her shit and was only wearing a bra and panties, she was probably 5'6, 230 lbs
>once i'm in bed she starts kissing me, i roll onto my side and start playing with her breasts, i go under her bra with my hand, her breasts are, naturally, huge, so i just focus on playing with her nipple. she's making out with me, my kissing skills are completely undeveloped, so i just let her do whatever, we're both drunk.

sometimes i think back to this and wonder if this constitutes rape, continuing
Were you using the native extension Update? Tends to do that sometimes, so you need to do a proper refresh with F5.

>her tongue is definitely in my mouth. not sure if i like it, her mouth tastes awful, but whatever. i do my best to keep my tongue dancing with hers, to keep my lips pressed against hers
>i push up her bra, over her tits, because it's pretty damn restrictive. she takes the cue and stops kissing me, she removes her bra completely and goes back to kissing me. i don't really have anything to lose so i figure i'll just do whatever i want here
>i reach down and squeeze her ass as she does basically nothing, her hand is on my side, i guess she's focusing on kissing or not falling asleep or something
>she likes it, though, i hear a little "mm" come through as she takes her mouth away from mine. i start kissing her neck because the whole tongue to tongue thing wasn't really doing anything for me.
>she gasps and moans accordingly, i suck on her neck and nibble a little, she starts to slide her hand down my side to my boxers.
>wasn't wearing cheap boxers this time, actually have a button to keep the barn door closed,
>she pushes her hand under my boxers to my dick, while i press my hand under her panties. it's a rainforest, though, she's totally wet
>i do what i learned from before, i rub in a circle, pressing my middle finger into her slit
>she's not too into it, i guess, after a few seconds of stroking my cock she pulls my hand away and takes her panties off. i take my boxers off and throw them away.
>we're out from under the blankets now, there's not much light but i can see i've got some work ahead of me.
Is OP's picture that cripple that was getting a blow job from another female cripple?
i have watched more than enough porn. regular porn is so boring by now that i can't even get off to it, so here i am in bed with this girl and i decide that i'm the captain of this ship

i obviously enjoy pleasing women, i decided that whatever happened tonight didn't really matter, but i wanted to at least get her to cum for me, and so it began

>we were both naked in bed at this point, and still completely drunk, or at least i was. i wanted to go down on her. i thought that would be great for her
>i didn't know. i didn't know
>i pushed her legs apart and climbed on top of her, i kissed her lips and worked my way down to her pussy. it wasn't a great show, but she knew what i was about to do
>she said "you don't have to do that" but i was the captain, i had already decided.
>i pressed my lips against her pussy. immediately my nose was filled with the smell of sweaty, wet vagina. i would have gagged in any other circumstances but i figured it was too late and i wanted to maintain composure. it was so gross, though.
>i committed. i ran my lips up the slit of her pussy and let my tongue out, i pressed it into the slit. and again, the fucking taste. the taste... i remember it to this day. it was like licking a battery. it tasted like a battery, if you remember pressing them to your tongue as a kid (maybe only stupid children did that, not sure). it was so bitter, but god damn it i was going to do it.
>i licked, focusing on keeping my tongue in the slit of her pussy, i ran it up and down. i don't think i could have physically inserted my tongue into her pussy, i tried, but it was too awkward
>i kept at it for a few minutes and she enjoyed it, she was moaning a little but it didn't seem worth it.

captcha negative ceemin

The stories are good bro. May as well share my own. Made a beta fucking move.

>be me, 14 virgin
>15yo gf, my height, 5'11", ballerina amateur model time, obviously fit
>shit you not she was pushing DD bras at this age
>spent the night at hers after a while of dating
>day consisted of much foreplay and blueballing
>hits night time
>paranoid af cause dad was huge so too scared to make a move
>alpha body clock gets me the fuck up at 3:30am
>sneak to her room and start to tickle her fairy (its not rape if you like it)
>shit gets heated and I slip on the rubber, watching her undress
>took control of the situation because I'd watched my fair share of porn and knew the basics
>go for ages and neither of us finish until too tired to continue
>go back to sleep and wait for some sexy time during the day for her to finish me off

Sounds alright so far but if interested ill get on to where I fucked up
You are a brave man anon.
NEVER go down on a fat chick, it's common knowledge.
if its worth the read can someone please save this piece and post?

>i came up from my mission a seasoned veteran, i had bested my foe and it was time to take to swords.
>as i began to mount her she asked "do you have a condom?"
>i lied "no" because i wanted to try sex without one.
>she said "fuck" and went quiet for a few seconds
>"can you pull out before you cum?" she asked
>i said "Yeah, i've never came in a girl before"
>she asked if i was a virgin and I said yes, because i thought technically i still was
>she resigned, this whole thing occurring over the course of like twenty seconds, and said ok just be really careful, i'm not on the pill
>i had gone totally limp. i was fairly uninterested in this, she noticed and started using her hand to get me hard again, and then she switched to her mouth.
>it was pretty good but it didn't feel as good as her hand did, wasn't really doing that much for me actually
>after a few minutes i told her that i was good to go and she laid back down, i got on top of her and pressed my dick against her pussy. I rubbed it between the lips a few times and it felt pretty good, she enjoyed my dick rubbing against her clit as well and she moaned for me
>i pressed the tip against the entrance of her pussy. she was really wet and i slid right in again
File: 023.jpg (22KB, 400x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 400x600px
>Be me
>with a a slutty ex gf
> virgin fag by that time
>we go to their house
>nobody is around
>gf says "lets go to the storage room" then winks at me
>when we got to the storage room she starts making out with me
> she grabs my fucking hard ass cock
>she takes of her underwear but she does not undress BTW she was wearing a slutty nursing uniform from our school

You're rly bad at telling stories.
OP pls continue

Go on, any pics as well?
>it felt good to be inside her but i think the alcohol in my system was dulling the sensation, i had heard of guys not being able to perform under the influence, i figured it was probably the same with me.
>the sex was fairly straightforward, i pushed into her and back out, her legs were up, her knees beside me. she didn't scratch, she didn't do much to aid this journey, she tried to keep kissing me but i didn't really enjoy that and it was distracting so i put my mouth against her neck when i could, to keep her from kissing me, i didn't really have the breath to do much more than that though
>i thrusted into her over and over again, i tried doing it harder and i could her my legs clapping against her thighs, her body, it felt good, but i didn't feel anything happening
>finally i heard her starting to whimper and moan softly, she had been breathing pretty steadily before but it now coming in short bursts, like she was purposely holding it in
>i had figured out a good rhythm and how hard she liked it and i kept pushing until i felt her legs tighten around me
>she let go with one big exhale and i could feel that she was orgasming..it was nice, it always is. i was relieved that it was over.
>the poor girl, she tried to go down on me afterwards, but i was limp. i blamed it on the alcohol and she let it go, it really seemed like she felt like she'd done something wrong because she couldn't get me off

we were both drunk so we both just fell asleep after that. in the morning i rushed to the bathroom to scrub myself in the sink before riding back home with my sister, i just hope i didn't smell like sex
nothing to see here
more of nothing

>We continue to make out
>then she unzips my pants
>cock goes out and gently slaps her face
>she smiles at me and sucks that hard ass cock
> after that we make out
>WTF her mouth tastes salty but fuck it anyway
>looks at me and says "Im gonna let you fuck the shit out of me today anon
> Boner intensifies
> Asks me if I have rubber I say I don't have
>she's ok with it
> I slip my cock on her pussy I can't get it in
>Be like that for like 5 mins
>looks at me and says anon thats my pee-hole
>Me i was like oh yeah what ever
>guides my cock to her pussy
>fuck her
>come in like 3 minutes
>looks at me with disappointment

pic related
Lol you gentlemen aren't alone, I myself am above average when hard , almost 8 and very thick but when im soft its literally the size ofnmy thumb but I get hard in like 3 seconds flat, but sometimes i just ignore the sensations just to feel my cock swell inside a woman's mouth when shes sucking my cock
File: spencenator.jpg (168KB, 1280x956px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 1280x956px

Looks like a nice slut
File: 1401310352257.jpg (62KB, 517x610px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 517x610px
>has sex with a condom
>takes 4 hours to greentext it
File: 1403529659866.gif (2MB, 280x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 280x210px
some more nothing once again

Am also a 'grower' not a 'shower', local terminology, cock looks like a useless piece of shit in its wizards sleeve (uncut) but it almost quadruples size
yeah. i didn't think it would go down like that, but i wanted to highlight every painful detail in case someone was interested
Dude you got laid with a hot chick and ditn have to deal with relationship bullshit. On the beta scale of 0-10 this is only like a 5. You should be well pleased. What chance do most betas have of fucking a hot chick. You got used, so what. You won too right...
yeah. i kind of just buried it away for a few years and only remembered how awkward it was.

she came back and stayed with me for a week before she went back home, a few months after all of this.

the last day she was here i had to work, i left her in my room. as i was walking out, i wanted to turn around and say some emotional, clingy shit to her, but instead i just smiled. she texted me later and said that i was really sweet and that she'd miss me.

i don't really regret it, just wish i had entered that situation with more experience and confidence. it was good but it could have been awesome

Thank you for the story, first time will stay always with you :)
Pulled on my foreskin to reveal my tip and whispered "girl let me whisper in your ear"

OP, I am not rocket scientist or literature specialist but have you ever considering maybe writing a fucking book? I mean fuck dude I felt like I was having sex with my wife; same stuff happens.. except she doesn't run off to the bathroom... we turn into idiots after sex and giggle around like little school girls after for some reason. But dude; seriously.... write a book.. if you ever find something to write about.. fuck even replace 50 shades of gay..
lol thanks.
i've always wanted to write. this is probably the longest thing i've written, though.

we'll see
HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!
Go on
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