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Wincest thread ITT post your greentext stories

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest thread

ITT post your greentext stories
> be me age 21
> fuck ops mother while i make him eat his mothers shit
>have sister

who wants to offer me a movie deal for this story
Seems legit
told this one too many times but tldr
>sister comes home for holidays from uni
>taking care of our aunts dog while she went on vacation
>we have always wanted a dog but never had one
>yadda yadda
>100% sure my sister was getting dog dick at night
>our rooms are side be side with a small air/heating vent between them

any questions?
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>Free Live
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why are you such a raging faggot?
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Dij sahmone sai didderspooge?
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>be me
>have younger adopted sister who is reasonably cute but not too bright/lazy
>not even look at her weird 'til we both hit puberty
>she sprouts a C cup at age 14-15
>this one time in the pool she yanks my bathingsuit off as a prank and I do the same to her
>suddenly random boners when seeing her in her pj's or in tight shirts

Shall I continue?
What made you believe she was getting dog dick at night?
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You shoulda bust up in there and been like


>Tfw no spiderman
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No. Shit up feg.
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yes continue
>> Asked my sister to fuck me
>> She said no
>> Fingered her a lil in her sleep while jerking off anyways
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I dont think she realized how well I could hear into her room at night

She would always take him into her room when she would go to bed

Moans, gasping, typical orgasm sounds, heavy dog panting and nails along the hardwood floor. A few times I could hear her talking, saying shit like "get it get it" or "good boy good boy" followed by grunting and moaning
Ok fuck it, I'll bite.
> be 14
>10 year old sister
> blonde, blue eyes, cute face
> one day playing on trampoline
> sister wants to play truth or dare
> ok
>"you start anon"
> get brilliant idea
>spend next ten minutes daring her to let me dry hump her
> dry hump for a while, this happens for days
> stop one day and forget about it for a while.

> she turns 12, I turn 16
> she's asleep on the couch one night
> remember those days where I'd use her to get off.
> boner
> start feeling her up, rubbing her pussy through panties,
> I pull her shirt up and, suck her nipples
> she moans in her sleep, I start to jack off
> about to finish
> cum with force of a thousand suns, right on her belly
> she never acted any differently, probably thought it was my tard brother
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Fidget shit the fuck up your dirty little mouth pussy
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At least I fingered my sister, you jelly, I ate her pussy a long time ago too... Why the fuck did it smell like peanut butter I'll never know
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Dick spider


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Shut yer fukkin edgy underage gabber m8
Nice. I giggled
hurry the fuck up
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someone forgot to take their meds
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>I get to be about 20, she's 17
>at the time was a kissless virgin
>me and her have always had a decent, somewhat intimate relationship, i.e. she tells me about her boyfriends and I tell her about my lack of girlfriends
>one day, after subtly flirting with her about the size of her tits for a while, I blurt out that I'm "seeing someone", but that I've never seen a girl naked before
>basically beg her to strip for me so I can "be more comfortable around this girl when the time comes"
>she feels weird about it but eventually gives in
>I try to hide my hard-on, staring at her c cup

Fastforward to years later

>have made her more and more comfortable being naked around me and letting me feel her up a little
>basically, as it turns out, she has no problem whatsoever letting me play with ANY part of her body besides her pussy and her ass
>she's insecure about her ass, which is kinda flat, and thinks that it'd be "just too weird" if we were to fuck
>besides that, I can do whatever the fuck I please, so long as there aren't other people in the house
>sadly, there's always a shit-ton of people around the place, but once in a blue moon when it's just me and her I can either get a tit-fuck or a blowjob or a handjob

Feels guilty as fuck as soon as you cum, though. That's the main issue.

She's FINE with it and even enjoys being able to make me cum without me actually fucking her (I suppose she's a tad insecure)...but it still makes me feel guilty, since I pretty much tricked her into it after years of planning.

I'm one sick fuck.
Young teens I collected. (hope you'll like):


Oh, addendum:

>the way I've managed to convince her to do this shit at all in the first place is by telling her that "I have anonymous friends on the internet, who made me promise I'd show them pictures of me doing stuff with my girlfriend"
>pretend to take pictures for other people when she strips for me
>started out innocently enough, just a few poses of her with a bra on and then off
>moved it up to completely naked, with oil on her tits, so I could lather it on myself
>moved THAT up to pictures of me fondling/sucking her tits
>moved THAT up to me sticking my cock between her tits, once I lost my v-card to another person and felt less insecure about my own dick
>finally, a couple of months ago, moved THAT up to a full-on blowjob, the culmination of years worth of nagging and prying and convincing
is this legal teens?
stop being a faggot and post pics of her

That won't happen. I never save the pictures because I'm not that fucking stupid.

But in a week or so, I'll make a thread on /b/ with a fresh batch. Without showing her face, of course.
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>be 19
>go to bitchy aunt's house to swim laps
>didn't know female cousin was having pool party
>suddenly, girls in swimsuits everywhere
>all 14-16 years old
>all hot
>they jump in the water and start playing around and acting slutty, including cousin
>my aunt is sitting poolside somehow oblivious to it all
>wet teenage girls rubbing against me, fuck yeah
>my dick is like diamonds, the hardest metal
>one girl starts grinding her ass against my cock and i push back
>my aunt chooses this moment to notice what's going on
>"WTF are you doing Anon, get out of the pool this second!"
>starts bitching about sexual assault, calls me a pervert
>blames everything on me and not the slutty girls
>exit pool with raging boner, girls laugh, aunt scowls
>fuck these bitches
>seek refuge in bathroom, drop pants, find lotion and commence fapping
>about to bust epic nut when aunt barges in to bitch me out again
>forgot that bathroom has a second door
>too late to abort and i’ve had it with her shit, so proceed to cum buckets all over her sink while giving 0 fucks
>aunt stands there in shock, her self-righteous pretention visibly disintegrating with each blast of my juicy nut
>she watches me finish cumming with a thirsty look on her face
>got you now, bitch
>hand her a towel and tell her to get the last drops
>she grabs my dick and carefully milks out the rest
>start wondering what it would be like to fuck my aunt
>interrupted by knock on the door, cousin wants to use the bathroom
>aunt leaves, i walk out
>cousin and her friend walk in
>cousin sniffs and makes a face, asks me if i was jerking off
>600% done with this bullshit, i say "yeah, so what?"
>they ask if they can watch next time
>say ‘maybe, if you’re lucky.’
>later get aunt to give me a handy, next time a blowjob, after that we end up fucking
>bitch loves it
>becomes regular 2-3 times a week thing
>eventually fuck my cousin and couple of her friends
>stick with aunt because she’s better
can someone go to this and tell me if it's legal?
>be 18
>sister 28 years 8/10
>finding shit in my room like every sunday
>cellphone memory appears
>looking the content on pc
>cellphone usually crap in it
>find pictures of 8/10
>all decent ones and a video
>open the video
>8/10 nude touching herself
>playing with her tits her big ass and shit
>what the fuck is going on with my body and mind
>quickly save the video on the deepest part of my computer and a hard drive
>never talk to anybody about this

3 years have been passed, my sister got a boobjob and now is a 10/10, and i still don't know how i feel about the video
NOT legal..
yes it is go ahead and click / download it

100% safe, brah

trust me
im chad
what is it?
post screenshots of it
vouching for this post as being 100% certified chad
But ok? I've take the bait before and downloaded the videos but nothing happened. Do they track you or something?>>552516101
Gonna need proofs
pic related?
Thank you
Did you go to it? What was on the site that's illegal?
Vegan is a faggot! Leave this shit tier thread
oh hi Chad

Chad Anderson I know its you
I know its you chad the guy who lives in beaverton Oregon united states
I know it's bait but diamond isn't metal you asshole
yes it is
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im so proud i was in that thread

one of the most profound posts of all time
an hero

>go to bitchy aunt's house to swim laps

How is he going to swim laps in that pool. Are you fucking retarted?
Jesus. You can convince your sister to suck you off yet I can't even convince my wife to give me an old fashioned every once in a while
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That is a reference to the original GameFAQs moment of pure fuckery
Thread posts: 69
Thread images: 23

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