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Pic not related >be 17 >not really a loser but never had

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Pic not related

>be 17
>not really a loser but never had gf
>never even really touched a girl before
>have step sister three months older than me
>she’s pretty popular at school
>hot but I knew her since she was little so im desensitized
>we mostly get along
>end of 11th grade
>school just got out for summer
>maybe a week after school was done
>sitting at home
>downstairs watching tv
>parents not home
>just me
>hear front door open
>immediately the air is filled with girls voices mid-conversation
>must be step sister and some of her friends
>turn head around
>front door is visible from where im sitting
>its maybe 14 feet away
>sister is with 2 friends
>one I’ve seen a lot before, she comes over to our house a lot, named emma
>the other ive never seen before
>holy shit she is Gorgeous
>long brown hair
>perfectly tan skin, not too dark, not pale either
>stunning face
>busty tits
>from this angle I can tell she’s got a nice tight ass
>thin figure but she’s a little curvy
>no question she’s at least 9.5/10
>think anything else and u must be a fagboy
>sister sees me and says “hey anon”
>I say hey back but can’t take my eyes off this girl
>sister says “this is lauren”
>she smiles and waves at me “hi anon”
>I sort of wave back
>intimidated as fuck by this aphrodite looking smut
>definitely the hottest friend my sister ever had
>and my sister has some hot friends
>she’s wearing this tight white shirt and dark blue short shorts
>emphasizes her body so well
>still in disbelief
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nyd lendää.png
66KB, 604x533px
Interested. Please continue.
>im still looking at lauren
>then they go upstairs
>turn back to face tv
>try to watch it but my mind is elsewhere
>tfw you try to remember what someone you just met looks like but you can’t remember exactly
>15 minutes later
>sister comes downstairs
>she goes into kitchen
>opens refrigerator to get a drink
>bottom floor of our house is open concept
>kitchen opens into den that im sitting in
>I can’t help myself
>have to ask sister “who’s your friend?”
>she says “she’s emma’s cousin, she’s visiting from out of town. They’re really close”
>say “oh cool”
>she says “she’s gonna be here for the next two days I think”
>trying to act nonchalant but again I say “oh cool” in the exact same tone and inflection
>sister looks at me like wtf then takes 3 bottles of water upstairs
>go back to thinking about lauren again
>still can’t concentrate on tv
>its just the background noise above which my mind flutters
>maybe 5 minutes later parents come home
>don’t remember where they had been
>greet them then go upstairs
>don’t wanna hang with the ‘rents (cuz im cool)
>my room is at the end of the hallway upstairs
>have to walk past sister’s room to get there
>sister’s door is closed
>can hear muffled voices inside her room
>walk past into my room
>leave door open in case I can sneak another peek at lauren
>get on computer
>after a while mom comes upstairs
>she knocks on sisters door then opens it
>greets them and introduces herself to lauren
>after she gets in the door I can barely hear them
>they conversate for a minute
>faintly hear sister say “they’re gonna stay here tonight ok?”
>hear mom say “sure sweetie that’s perfectly fine”
>gotta stay cool
>this hot girl is gonna be sleeping under the same roof as me
>gotta stay cool
>stay in room for next few hours
>it starts getting dark outside
This thread is going no where..
>still no sign of lauren
>mom comes upstairs again
>turn around and look out into hallway
>see her stop by sister’s room
>tells them that she and my stepdad are going out to meet some friends for dinner
>they’ll be back late
>mom comes into my room
>”did you hear all that anon?”
>tell her yes
>she walks back downstairs
>her and stepdad leave a few minutes later
>a few minutes after that I have to pee
>have to walk out into hallway to get to the bathroom
>walk out into the hallway and into the bathroom
>shut door
>don’t wash my hands because im a fucking badass
>go to open door
>as Im about to reach for the handle I hear it turn
>door opens
>I freeze in fear as I see lauren standing there
>we’re both startled
>just look at each other for a moment in shock
>first time seeing her this close
>god her eyes are so seductive
>perfect shade of brown
>her skin is perfectly clear
>impeccable complexion
>she looks even better up close
>she says “oh sorry anon I didn’t realize someone was in here”
>I say “oh its alright I was just leaving”
>she laughs and stands to the side so that I can walk out
>as I walk out her arm accidentally brushes against mine lightly
>this makes us both look up at each other again
>even though her arm brushed mine I quickly say “oh sorry”
>she laughs and puts her hand on my shoulder
>says “its fine anon”
>my heart starts beating hard
>sounds like a tennis match in my head
>looking into her eyes
>suddenly I notice how incredible she smells
>everything about this girl is perfect
>im getting overwhelmed by the moment
>say “ok see ya” and walk back to my room quickly
>get back to my room
>sit down in my chair
>heart still pounding
Welp, you lost my interest
so this girl just watched you pee and not wash your hands like some kind of barbarian, and your first reaction isn't why the fuck is she hanging out in my bathroom
Just me or is op an introverted faggot?
He is, he also needs to hurry this story faster im starting to get bored.
>try to control my breathing to slow my heart down
>it starts to work
>hear bathroom door open down the hallway
>instinctively I look up
>see lauren walking back to sister’s room
>she sees me
>then she smiles and waves before walking back into sister’s room
>those seductive eyes
>closes door behind her
>realize I got a boner from her touching my shoulder
>you would too if a girl this fine touched you
>get back on computer for a few hours
>be maybe 4 hours later
>room is pretty dark except for one small dim lamp light
>haven’t heard anything from sister’s room in a while
>things have gotten quiet
Come on OP, don't disappoint. Fucking get on with it
>start to feel a little hungry
>start walking downstairs
>as I walk past sister’s room her door opens
>oh shit
>again its lauren
>start getting riled up again but try to stay cool
>impulsively I whisper “whats up?”
>she whispers back “I was going to try and find something to drink… emma and your sister went to sleep but I couldn’t”
>say “oh ok there’s probably something in the refrigerator”
>she steps out of sister’s room
>closes the door quietly behind her
>start walking downstairs with her
>feeling unbelievably intimidated
>never talked to girls much before
>definitely not any this hot
Take your time OP. Still reading with interest :3
File: summer2.gif (3MB, 286x258px)
3MB, 286x258px
Be careful not to miss the most minute of detail out.
>struggling for something to say
>say “so emma’s your cousin?”
>she says “yeah im visiting her for a few days, we’re really close”
>say “oh that’s cool where do you live?”
>she says “in arizona” (this was in Washington)
>say “you don’t get to see her much then?
>she says “not as much as when we all lived down in Arizona”
>by now we’ve reached the kitchen
>most of the lights are turned off downstairs
>very dim lighting
>open the refrigerator door for her
>the refrigerator light brightens the kitchen
>there’s some water and some green tea
>say “you can have anything in there pretty much”
>she grabs a bottle of water
>says “thanks anon”
>she unscrews the cap off the water
>Im captivated by her divine presence
>watch as she brings the bottle up to her lips
>her full, voluptuous lips
>they wrap around the top of the bottle
>watching her in that moment was perfect
>she lowers the bottle back down
>looks up at me
>can’t bring myself to look away
>she says “wow this water’s really cold anon”
>say “oh yeah?”
>she says “yeah feel my hand”
>as she says this she smiles and grabs my hand with hers and looks into my eyes
>the physical contact makes my heart start pounding again
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74KB, 790x528px
Are you talking about this shade of brown?
loading up for some serious spaghetti
Fucking dammit
Hurry up and get to the dinosaur part.
>she wasn’t lying, her hand was cold
>feels so soft at the same time
>say “wow uhhh…..yeah that’s pretty cold”
>im flustered
>she moves her hand in mine
>interlocks our fingers
>says “mmm your hand feels so warm”
>still looking up at me
>she takes a step closer
>her hand is still in mine
>that look in her eyes
>I exhale
>she gets even closer to me
>before I know it her face is moving in towards mine
>this can’t be real
Keep going, take your time.
Op I'm going to cream hurry up
why would you tell your sister you're in anonymous? isn't that against the rules?
>feel my lips tingle as hers come into contact with mine
>so soft
>her lips were a little bigger than mine
>they wrap around mine so perfectly
>she kisses me softly
>kiss her back
>god her lips felt amazing
>after I don’t know how long (5 seconds) she pulls away
>looks up into my eyes
>feel her grab my other hand
>interlocks her fingers with mine
>she bites her lip slightly
>then moves back in and kisses me again
>again she kisses me so softly
>again I notice how incredible she smells
File: 1402126633248.png (171KB, 334x393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171KB, 334x393px
>going to cream
>all she did so far was holding his hand
>start to kiss her back a little harder
>feel my dick rising within my pants
>there’s no way this is real right now
>she lets go of my hands
>raises her hands up and puts them around my neck
>pulls me close to her
>feel her breasts press lightly into my chest
>can’t emphasize enough how soft her lips were
>she starts kissing me even harder
>lets out the quietest little moan
>my hands have been just hanging down at my sides
>she takes one of her hands and grabs mine
>puts it on her waist as she kisses me
>I instinctively put my other hand on her waist
>she pushes her body against mine
>I stumble backwards as we kiss
>stop stumbling as my back hits the edge of the counter
File: image.jpg (19KB, 290x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>doesn't account for the fact some people like the actual story
hahaha kisses, exciting smells and holding hands. bestdayever
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24KB, 414x438px
ohh my sides please, mercy
>she’s pressed against me
>suddenly im very aware of her midsection pressed against my crotch
>feel her tongue caressing my lips delicately
>cant tell if im supposed to do the same
>figure I cant go wrong by trying it
>as her tongue slides across my lips again I slide mine out against hers
>she slowly slides her tongue into my mouth
>we start making out
>my head starts to feel hot (my actual head)
>she lets out another quiet moan
>dear lord she’s unbelievable
>in disbelief that a girl this hot would even talk to me let alone do this
>she pulls away from our kiss
>keeps her arms wrapped around my neck
I genuinely loled at this
>looks at me
>she smiles and says “you’re a good kisser anon”
>almost say “I am?”
>catch myself and instead say “so are you”
>almost can’t handle the way she’s looking at me
>she kisses me again once more
>then removes her arms from around my neck
>grabs my left hand
>leads me out of the kitchen and back upstairs
>we go up the stairs quietly so as to not wake up sister or emma
>walk silently past sister’s room
>get to my room
>lauren opens the door
>gets on the floor
>she closes the door quietly
>still pretty dark in my room except for the one lamp light
>not too dark to make out her flawless face
Girls this hot fuck normal guys for two reasons
>feeling of being loved/liked/needed
>she’s still holding my left hand
>pulls me over to my bed
>we sit down next to each other on the end of it
>she quickly moves in
>starts making out with me again
>even more intensely this time
>her soft lips are pressing hard against mine
>my boner is pretty much throbbing inside my pants
>she puts her hand against my chest
>pushes me down against the bed
>she positions herself on her hands and knees
>kissing me the entire time
>I start backing up towards the top of the bed where the pillow is
>she moves back with me wile still kissing me
>I make it to the top of the bed
inb4 walk the dinosaur
File: 110.jpg (55KB, 374x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 374x374px
>she lowers herself down so that she’s sitting on my crotch
>right on top of my crotch
>after a moment I feel her warmth against my boner through both our shorts
>didn’t think i could get any harder but i find a way
>again her breasts press into my chest
>feel a sudden desire to touch them
>still too beta to try that
>as if she’s reading my mind she pulls away from our kiss
>sits up on top of me
>pulls her shirt off over her head
>her breasts flop out
>no bra
>holy shit her tits are incredible
>probably were some nice c cups
>nice little pink nipples
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464KB, 2048x1536px
>she leans back down to me
>grabs my hand
>presses it into her right breast
>I take a deep breath as I feel how soft and warm it is
>she smiles
>presses my hand into her breast even harder
>lets out a half whisper/moan
>starts making out with me again
>her hand is still pressing mine against her breast
>she starts dry humping me faintly
>boner starts to throb hard
>she’s grinding right along the length of my boner
>there’s no way she can’t feel how hard it is
>gradually she’s dry humping me harder and faster
>starts pressing down against me
>fuck it feels nice
Bump for OP. Don't fuck this up. If OP doesn't fuck up I'll give a story about a chick I fucked when I was a freshman and she was a varsity cheerleader (senior)
OP is a liar and a virgin that doesn't understand how nipples work

>tan skin
>nice little pink nipples
maybe the lighting wasn't perfect
and the water bottle? fell to floor or what?

this story is bullshit
File: image.jpg (245KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
245KB, 2048x1536px
>be 16 years old playing SOCOM II at a friends house
>friend has his gf and some girl over
>friend asks if I can hang out with the other girl
>need to take a few shots to be alone with her
>friend goes in other room to have sex with his gf
>alone with girl so we start talking
>she admits she was molested by her father years ago
>i feel awkward as fuck
>girl asks if I want to have sex
>due to ugly face I decline, but ask for head
>she starts sucking my dick
>she stops and tells me not to cum in her mouth
>reminds her of her molested years
>cum in her mouth anyways and tell her to swallow
>she swallows and says i love you daddy
>i freak out and leave
>never see her again
>she starts moaning into my mouth as we’re making out
>make out like this for several minutes
>she takes her hand off of mine from pressing it into her breast
>starts to reach down
>feel her hand run along the length of my chest
>down my abdomen
>she lifts off from dry humping me
>moves back a little
>her hand runs lightly along my boner from outside my shorts
>it throbs hard at her touch
>nobody’s ever touched my cock except me before
>still kissing me
>starts to reach her hand down into my shorts
>feel her fingertip brush the tip of my dick so softly
>holy fuck

>not really a loser but never had gf
>never even really touched a girl before

>not really a loser but never had gf

>not really a loser
inb4 dinosaurs
File: 1403060319890s.jpg (3KB, 125x108px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x108px
>>she’s still holding my left hand
File: s2a1CnK.jpg (1MB, 2560x4000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2560x4000px
>copy & pasta
>confirmed for faget
this shit is really stretched out , isnt it
This is gonna be dinosaur or some shit
He didn't say she was a filthy shit-skin. She is white master race with a tan from the Arizona sun.
>she wraps her hand around my boner
>can’t believe someone other than me it touching my cock
>she pulls away from kissing me
>looks down into my eyes
>starts barely caressing my boner
>running her fingers all along it
>boner is constantly jumping from the pleasure
>she asks “does that feel good?”
>I nod
>too flustered to speak
>she pulls her hand away
>uses both of her hands to tug down on my shorts
>arch my back so that they can come off
>she pulls my shorts and boxers down all in one movement
>throws them onto the floor
>for a moment I wonder how I got into this situation
>almost naked with maybe the hottest girl I’ve ever seen in my bed
Get exposed for your lies Faggot OP
all those who interrupted are faggots
why am i still reading

That isn't even the same story you fucking fag
File: 1397379822225.jpg (218KB, 604x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218KB, 604x428px
it obviously is a copypasta, faggot.
we're just waiting for the ending OP thought of.
>the thought passes quickly when lauren sits on the bed between my legs
>she lifts her legs up
>starts to pull down on her own shorts
>I get insanely horny
>start to sweat
>pull my shirt off
>feels like my whole body is tingling
>she throws her shorts to the floor
>she’s now in just her panties
>then she lifts her legs up again
>slides her panties off
>though its dim I can faintly see her pussy
>there’s basically no pussy lips… its an innie
>my first thought is that its gotta be so tight
>now we’re both nude
>she gets back up over me
>puts her hands on my comforter that we’ve been laying on
>she tugs down at it
>lift my body up so that it can move past me
>she lifts the comforter over both of us
>now we’re both under the covers
Whatever. Good copypasta is good.
realised this is a different story.
>im the faget naow

Continue OP
copy and paste faster I don't have the entire night faggot
>can really really feel the heat emanating off of her body now
>she gets back over me again
>leans down
>her nude breasts press into me
>her body feels so warm
>starts kissing me slow but hard and intense
>feel her bare pussy brush against my boner lightly
>it flexes up against her
>her pussy feels really warm
>as she’s kissing me she reaches her hand back down
>feel her fingers grab my cock
>she lifts it up a bit
>still making out with me
>starts to bring her pussy down towards my cock
>try to pull away from kissing her to look down and watch
>her face follows mine, won’t let me stop kissing her
actually kekkd
>feel her pussy come into contact with the tip of my boner
>think I can feel some wetness in addition to the warmth
>her hand is still pointing my cock up into her
>she starts to push her pussy down onto my cock
>feel my tip start to slide inside her
>yep she’s wet
>didn’t expect it to feel this warm
>she breathes in through her nose deeply
>she’s slowly lowering herself down onto me
>god damn its really tight
>feels way better than I would have expected a pussy to feel
>get about halfway inside her
>best feeling ever
>she lifts back off me a little bit so that just the tip is inside her
>still kissing me
>starts sliding back down around me again
File: image.jpg (52KB, 500x409px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 500x409px
she got a fuckin dick man
dunno what shit u talkin about das lewd as hell
>she moans into my mouth as I slide in even deeper into her
>this time she slides me all the way inside her
>feel her pussy slide down onto the base of my cock
>she rests there with me completely inside her
>she’s so tight
>almost as tight as my hand
>she just sits with me all the way inside her making out with me for a minute
>every little movement she makes sends a surge of pleasure through my boner, making it throb
>then she starts sliding up and down on my cock
>haven’t stopped kissing her for a few minutes now
>would have figured she would go slow at first
>instead she starts riding me a little fast
>sensory overload
>try to think of something else to buy myself some time
>its tough when she’s kissing you and you’re inside her at the same time
inb4 emma and sister openz the doorz
>there’s no way im gonna last more than two minutes
>her pussy feels too good
>her lips feel too soft
>she’s just too hot
>about two minutes later I’ve just about reached my limit
>try to move my head away from hers to tell her
>her face follows mine again, she doesn’t want to break our kiss
>im seriously about to cum
>she starts riding me even faster
>she’s sliding all the way up to my tip and back down each time
>put my hands on her cheeks
>pull her face up from mine
etc etc something about Bel Air...
Haha Oh my fuck.
>she’s smiling so sexily at me
>its like she likes that I can’t handle it
>whisper to her “you’re gonna make me cum”
>she whispers back “you wanna cum?” as she sits up a bit
>I say “yeah” as I feel myself about to erupt
>my toes start to curl
>she keeps riding me hard
>put my hands on her hips to pull her up off me
>she slides up just barely too far while she’s riding me and my cock slips out of her
>her hand shoots out and grabs it
>as her hand touches it a bit of cum starts to shoots out
>she says “come here”
>quickly puts my cock back in her pussy
>keeps riding me fast
>im busting hard inside her
>she kisses me hard again
Almost as tight as my hand. Ducking hilarious
>unleash the force
>kill louren
>I can’t help but moan
>her pussy tightens around my cock
>she starts riding me slowly but deep
>her legs start to shake around
>starts breathing really erratically
>holy shit is she cumming??
>she lets out a somewhat loud moan into my mouth
>knows we have to be quiet
>im still cumming
>she pulls away from kissing me
>looks straight into my eyes
>we’re both breathing heavily
>im done cumming
>she keeps riding me for a second
>then she stops riding me and just thrusts down all the way on my cock
>feel her pussy get suddenly wetter
>presses against me hard
>feel her ass cheeks against my upper thighs
>she grabs my upper arms hard
>her thighs quiver emphatically
>so sexy
>she unclenches her pussy
>we’re both sweating, me a lot more than her
>she looks down at me and lets out a giggle
>says “oh my god that made me cum”
>say “what, when I came?”
>she nods
>we kiss again
>after a minute of making out she raises up off my dick
>im still hard as a rock
>look down
>expect to see my cum flow out of her pussy
>none does
>that’s how tight she was
>make out for another minute or two
>she gets up off me
inb4 9 months pass and he's a father
>stands up and starts putting her clothes back on
>watch her body as she gets dressed
>she puts her shorts back on before her panties
>im still laying in my bed
>she walks over to me
>leans down and kisses me hard
>then puts her panties in my hand
>says “take these”
>we look at each other for a moment
>then she walks away
>as she opens my door she turns and flashes me one last smile
>walks out and closes the door softly behind her
>sit still for a moment
>take a huge whiff of her panties
>dat smell
>like I said I was still rock hard
>masturbate thinking about what just happened
>fall asleep after a few hours
>lauren and emma left before I woke up the next day
>never saw her again
>still sniff her panties to this day even though they smell a little strange now

we're waiting...
mfw i fucked sister
inb4 lauren is sister
unless this is ps or heavy makeup this girl is amazingly pretty facially
File: BMWVXy2CMAASVB0.jpg (138KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 1024x1024px
she's gotten older now

>find on facebook
>have her move to washington (shittier than oregon, but better than AZ)
>continue fucking hottie or find out if you have a bastard
File: 1403322520533.png (32KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 400x400px
This was so long and boring.
File: Anal_1.gif (4MB, 200x154px)
4MB, 200x154px
Got it, here's my turn.

>Be me, nerdy kid back in high school, still nerdy but I used to no-life oldshool RS everyday
>I was in marching band, top student in graphics, did musical shit
>there's a girl in my graphics class, let's call her Mindy, who fucking sucks at graphics and it's the easiest thing ever
>my teacher, let's not call him anything because this will be the only time you hear of him, tells me to go ask Mindy if she needs help one day
>go to Mindy Tuesday afternoon and ask her if she needs any tutoring, free of charge, since I know she needs to get good grades for cheer
>she giggles, says yes, asks my name
>Let's call me Nathan
>"Well nice to meet you Nathan" with a smile, then passes me her number and says "text me sometime so we can get together"
>mfw I had no phone because I had no friends, but went and got a phone right afterschool from AT&T (iPhone 3 at the time)
>2 year contract fuck yeah man here's to my first relationship
>text her "hey it's Nathan, when would you like to study?"
>she responds almost instantly "tonight if you can"
>heart starts pounding and say "yeah sure, my house or yours?"
>she says she'll come to me since she know I can't drive yet
>send "lol yep, good ole laws"
>she smiles and says I'll be there at 8ish
>oh fuck I just made a study date with the hottest cheerleader in school and I'll be alone with her
>my parents work crazy hours, moms a RN and my dad's an architect so it's rare to see them for more than an hour

OP that's Donia

yes cont
>this can't be real
You're right.
Your story said she had brown eyes.
my story also started with "pic not related
File: Anal_2.gif (487KB, 473x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP that isn't a girl named Lauren as your OP

but anyways;

>come home from AT&T and my mom gives me $40 for pizza and shit then off to work
>tell her thanks mom, love you have fun
>no wincest with mom though
>girl texts me "hey, do you want anything from Wawa?"
>tell her nah I'm ordering pizza
>she send a smile face and says hehe ok
>8 rolls in, get the text she's on my street
>tell her to come in when she gets here
>she says ok
>hear the door open then hear "Nathan?!"
>yeah up here come over here and sit on my dick
>not really, said yeah over here at the table, pizza just got here dig in
>she giggles says ok but she forgot her books
>tell her np I have extras
>realize I sound nerdy as fuck
>ff 30 mins, we're not studying, we're sitting on my couch watching netflix, she's on the recliner I'm on the couch
>she asks me if I've ever had a girlfriend, blah blah
>tell her no, giggle then say you're actually the first female I've had here
>she says, "well I guess I gotta make it special? " then smiles
>she stands up, grabs the blanket she's under, comes over to me and lays down, pulls my arm around her, head snuggled into my shoulder, blanket over us
>my heart is fucking POUNDING harder than James Deen pounds Stoya every night

Donia is my version of perfection http://i.instagram.com/donialuvsu/
but regardless continue
File: Anal_3.gif (1001KB, 460x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1001KB, 460x256px
Ah shit yeah didn't see that until posted, my apologies OP.


>she asks me if I'm nervous, shy, blah
>tell her yeah, this is the furthest I've gotten with a girl
>she asks me why? and then says I'm so nice that I should have a girlfriend
>tell her, yeah nice guys don't finish last
>she laughs, then says "well I hope you don't" then gives me a kiss on the cheek
>back to snuggling
>she puts her hand on mine and interlocks it
>her forearm is on my dick and I'm trying not to get a boner
>she moves her arm slightly and my trying doesn't work and get a massive fucking boner
>at this point we're laying down, she's laying on my chest with one arm across my dick, and the other behind me
>she feels my boner, asks me if I'm alright
>tell her yeah, don't be worried it happens
>she says oh okay I'd offer you some help
>literally choke up saying "uh well hng uwppfniousioad"
>she giggles and said, are you a virgin?
>well no shit, you're the only girl I've been this far with
>tells me she'll take care of me
>full slut mode released, she sits up, rubs my chest, then tells me to kiss her
>I tell her I've never kissed anyone, she says just do it Nathan
>I kiss her, bite her lip a little bit like I've seen in porn, kiss her neck
>she moans a little bit very quietly though
>feel her hand reaching down upon my penis
>feel her hand go into my briefs
>feel her hand touch my dick and nearly lose my fucking mind

stop asking and just keep going
File: 1402993300541.jpg (8KB, 261x143px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Post pic of panties fagot
File: Anal_5.gif (945KB, 448x242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
945KB, 448x242px
just wanna know if anyone's reading man

>literally no clue what the fuck is going on at this point, I have the hottest cheerleader, in fact hottest girl in school giving me a handjob (of what I've found out was terrible)
>she asks me if she can suck it
>tell her yeah sure if you want, then laugh trying to be smooth
>feel her mouth touch my dick and almost explode like Jason Biggs did in American Pie
>think of dead puppies and grandmas titties
>oh yeah lost bj train of thought got this down
>realize she's still giving me head
>it's only been 15 seconds
>she asks if I want to finger her
>tell her yeah but dunno how
>she says just stick index finger in, and keep thumb on outside but at top of pussy, rub with thumb and push with index
>do that, she loses her mind
>pretty sure she came
>we're fucking, I have her bent over the coffee table with her face on a plate of pizza
>heh pizza face
>we've been fucking for 15 mins now, I have a rubber on, can't feel shit
>take rubber off and tell her I'll pull out she asks "if I know how" tell her yeah I got this
>we fuck for 2 mintues before I nearly cum
>she moans, tightens up, and then shakes hard as fuck
>I cum on her back, she gives me a kiss and says "guess nice guys do finish last, Nathan"

we studied pretty much every friday after that, she's actually a yoga instructor now. talked to her recently about getting coffee, found out she moved 6 towns up (which is nearly 3 hours away) but we're planning on seeing eachother again
so when did you wake up and realized
it was a dream?
when I graduated college and got my job as network engineer.
I laughed so fucking hard.

If this was meant to be funny, well fucking done. If it wasn't...pic related
OP, I take it Lauren was on birth control.
You did good Anon
or he was lucky as fuck...
>she smiles
>harder than James Deen pounds Stoya every night
i kek'd
ur fukin ghey and this story blows they all end the same with "autistic anon wildly experiencing some attractive girl throwing herself at him and they have sex"
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