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High stories faggots >be 15 (now 22) >be at my friend's

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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High stories faggots

>be 15 (now 22)
>be at my friend's place
>one of first times getting high
>friend invites two sluts over to smoke
>think getting high will get me the pussy
>smoke up fat j
>mfw people quit and i get last 3 hits
> munchy fest follows
>Remember two females here as well
>eye potential fuckable blonde
>get slutty slut face in kitchen alone
>she is at most 7/10
>8/10 cuz i know she is fuckable
>hanging walk into kitchen with her
>try to say something but the dry desert fuck of cotton mouth kicks in
>see cup
>see facut
>resume experience with girl after godzilla burp
>"it's so awesome that anon invited us to come hangout and smoke with you guys"
>"sharing is caring"
>dafuq did i just say
>"can't believe you finished the rest of that j"
>"yea, i smoke weed all the time"
>"I think we should give anon and my friend some alone time, lets go to his bedroom"

yawn. This shit isn't interesting amongst friends, why the fuck would anyone be interested in your faggoty high school antics on an anonymous image board?
More pls OP

even tho you guys don't want moar i gotta finish

>have to walk past bro and other slut face on the way to bedroom
>make eyecontact with bro
>exchange sly fistbump without sluts seeing
>no we didn't, i am high as fuck, fistbump table instead
>make it to the bedroom
>slut jumps on the bed and onto her stomach exposing bottom of ass busting out her skirt
>hold on
>wild n64 with goldeneye tries to lure my young high mind
>fuck that shit
>virgin so want to get laid already
>"why don't you come lay with me anon"
>"hehehe don't be shy, I don't bite"
>lay down next to her
>feeling like boss
>she grabs my thigh with her hand
>"your so cute when your high"
>Oh shit what do I say
>"Thanks slut face, this is a nice bed"
>she just giggles and moves toward my neck
>starts kissing it
>her hand gets closer to my hardening cock

>rock hard now
>she reaches the tip
>she starts stroking it
>goes to unzip my pants, she gets them open
>starts reaching into my boxers fishing for the dick
>she stops raping my neck and goes in for the lips
>start making out furiously
>her toungue is raping my mouth
>still fucking blazed
>think of pizza bites my friend bought in the freezer
>fucking delicous
>so in the moment bite down on slutface’s tounge
>she screams in pain
>”what in the fucking hell anon”
>me, in all my wisdom, “uhhh”
>”i think i am fucking bleeding”
>she runs out of the room
>here her explain to friend what happened
>he starts dying
>her and slutface sidekick leave

so i didn’t get my nut, never saw her again, and every time she comes up with my friend he dies of laughter. Those pizza bites were delicious though
you fucking retard. made me lel
go to reddit you drug addict
OP is trying too hard
File: bagel-bites.jpg (106KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how could you.
topkek m8
File: lolwhut.png (95KB, 194x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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smells like summer
File: 1396795491564.png (489KB, 632x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>normally adjusted
>high on acid
>7 AM
>coming down
>take a shower because why not
>jerk off
>end up jerking off to traps
>mfw right after I cum
File: image.jpg (18KB, 213x237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My nigger.
Not a stoner, but oh well
>Sick with random ass sickness
>Vomiting every few minutes, can't breathe, etc.
>Mother's got some sort of breathing medicator pump thing
>Ask if I can use it to clear my congestion
>Add the little med capsule thing and start inhaling steamy fumes
>Tastes like sugar
>Within a few minutes I'm ticklish all over and feel like I'm floating
>Double vision
>What the fuck does my mother need this for?
>Lay on the couch laughing for half an hour
>Fall asleep
File: nigger.jpg (9KB, 259x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 259x195px
>about to smoke weed with my homies
>pouring rain outside
>like i can't even light the lighter or pack a bowl without it going out or getting wet
>me and friends have genius idea to hot box there moms car
>so we get into his moms car and we start seshing
>about a hour into the sesh we are all high as fuck
>random guy starts speed walking towards his moms car
>we sketch out and think its a cop so we hid everything
>this guy opens the door and starts screaming what the fuck are you doing in my fucking car
>we book out of what we think is friends moms car
Made me laugh.
>be 16
>smoke some dank with us anaon
>smoked before
>hit the bowl
>cough my lungs out for straight 30 minuets
>seeing angles like you never seen before man
>heart beating 3x faster than it should
>whats in this man?
>nothing faggot
>flip shit for the next two hours
>wake up from nap its all good

Me and another friend still believe to this day that it was laced
I get very dizzy and light headed after I smoked that time
>Me and 2 friends are high as fuck running around in one of their houses
>All of the sudden we're standing in front of the pantry for some reason
>As we are about to get our chips, i'm kinda zoned out and I start to tap my foot in a rhythmic beat
>Friend 2 sees this and starts humming a tune to it
>Friend 1 picks up on this and hums an overture to complete the masterpiece
>Our fucking faces when we just created a Stoner Barbershop Trio
>Get high
>Get munchies
>Go to burger joint
>"Can I take your order?"
>Order largest thing they had
>Total is blah blah
>Go in for wallet
>Give her cash and say thanks
>She stares at me....
>I gave her my fucking ID
you shouldn't be jerkin it to traps, stalker
File: duty.jpg (320KB, 700x739px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
320KB, 700x739px
fuck off dutyfag you're not in charge of the zone
File: riff raff.jpg (108KB, 475x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
riff raff.jpg
108KB, 475x275px
>Blazing in the truck coming back from Dallas
>Coworker chugs 2 big glasses of ice teabecause hot+stoned
>"Hey guys i think im gonna puke"
>"Nah, man youre just high, dont freak out"
20 minutes later he pukes up a liter of iced tea and a bag of chips.
>Mfw i just lay back and watch the clouds.
Also can someone help me figure out if it was laced
because I get spells of being dizzy and heart beating crazy fast like the high now
But... but... Tunder S14

just got finished playing some Call of Pripyat 30 min ago
File: gh.jpg (8KB, 247x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 17
>don't smoke that much but there was this party that night and there was going to be a fuckload of weed
>fuck it 420
>we all start blazing
>like 10-15 joints
>my one friend is known for being really paranoid when he smokes up
>he needs to leave soon
>wants to fit in so he decides to join us
>he takes a pussy toke so we force him to take a good 4-5 real good inhales
>he starts coughing like mad
>says he has to leave soon
>we're all like no way your driving after smoking that much
>his eyes get all big and he starts hyperventilating
>he starts screaming "GUYS!!!!"
>we all start laughing at him
>he starts wailing and pushes the group apart like a medicated moses and runs inside
>we arrange a way to drive him home
>still super blazed
>so we walk inside to find him playing some shit on the piano
>we get our coats on and start waiting for him to stop playing this fucked up sounding song on the piano
>dun DUN DUN dun
>i sit down next to my friend
>waiting for the guy who was rushing us to get ready like 5 minutes ago
>friend turns around and starts crying
>i just start laughing the hardest i've ever laughed before
>turn around to see our tranvestite friend start drooling on the floor
>we eventually start driving
>get to his house
>guy who was driving gets out to let friend drive the 1 minute back to his place
>says goodbye and gets out of the drivers seat
>then quietly gets in the passenger seat of the same car
>we sit there for a good 15 minutes
>friend notices the time and freaks out
>gets out of car
>runs all the way home
>laugh whole way back
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Did you know the majority of fappers to traps are straight-males?

>/b/ me /b/ young /b/ faggot
>don't blaze (yet) because I'm a fag
>friends blaze
>I'm far away crouched, like the fag I am, in fear
>friends finish highAsFuck.jayPeg
>go to movies, fairly empty
>friend snacking the whole time highest I've seen him
>...what is this....he vomits violently into the seat in front of him...seat is empty, like I said, theater was pretty empty
>he claims it was food poisoning from the theater snacks
>mfw he greened out
File: yes.png (201KB, 419x418px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201KB, 419x418px
>be 17 and stoner
>hanging with stoner friend we'll call him tonkawa
>getting high one day thinking of things to do
>decide to call little brother and see if he want's to get high
>he is 15
>he is with his 15 year old friend
>they both want to get stoned
>roll what me and tonkawa call a flying dutchmen (dutchmaster)
>pick up brother and his faggot friend in tonkawas van
>go to smoke spot and blaze up
>flying dutchmen is a go, the spirit is with us
>brother and friend start saying dumbass shit that makes no sense "whoa was that mike from monsters inc????"
>me and tonkawa begin plotting
>decided that we were going to get out of the van while it is moving but only at like 2mph and blast knee deep by job for a cowboy
>start up van get on the road cant wait to see how they will handle something this stupid
>find dirt road in oklahoma
>pause the music find the track we are looking for turn up volume all the way
>bail out and walk calmly and next to the van
>me and tonkawa can hear they're screaming and freaking the fuck out
>get back in van after like a min of walking turn down the volume and start talking like nothing ever happened
>look back in van and see brother and his friend breathing heavy and sweating profusely
>they told us they thought the gates of hell had just opened and they were driving through them
>mfw no one sees shit this stupid even if its their first time smoking
>tried playing CoP
>just can't concentrate
I really need to get past the beginning sometime
>Thanks slut face
Fucking got me
>smokin tons of weed with my brother out in the deep country
>2 am, gotta leave, but high as fuck
>walking thru the woods at night hear shit in the woods
>scared aliens will get me
>pack of wild dogs appear
>run like fuck from wild dogs
>come out to a dirt road with a dumpster
>jump in dumpster
>spend night in dumpster
chill out bro, I've had the same experience from a single bong hit. the dank is probably just too strong for you, can you try and describe in better detail the feeling you're having?
>Be Halloween of last year
>friend says "hey anon, let's get toasted"
>proceed to get toasted in a graveyard during Halloween. Hell yeah
>friend says some stupid funny shit while I'm hitting the bowl
>proceed to release the biggest gust of a laugh into bowl
>bud goes flying all over his moms car
>still laughing my ass off
>friend looks like he's about to bury me in this graveyard
>we then venture to a church up the highway
>park in back and toke it up
>I pretend to see something in the church window
>OHSHIT what is that!?
>friend starts to wig out
>I end up convincing myself that there actually IS something there
>two guys stucking foned in a church parking lot wigging out
>a fucking owl flys across the windshield while we're staring at the window
>get munchies from hell
>go to a local Dollar General
>load up on $50+ worth of funyons and pastries
>sitting in parking lot smokin an munchin
>foggy as hell. I'm talkin some silent hill shit
>hear scratching and rubbing on car door
>brave man anon here decides to open the door and look
>friend yells at me right as I step out which causes me to right about soil my trousers
>turns out a cat was just pawing at the door
>we decide we've had enough scares for one night and we go to the local middle school and toke it up there and several places over two cities and towns the rest of the night

It was a damn good time
>be 15
>never smoked before but I'm hanging out with this mexican guy who does all the time
>we walk to his house
>he's moving out so all the furniture is gone and they're fixing up the place
>we sit down on the floor and he packs a bowl
>this guy offers me greens
>what lol thanks a lot
>I take a fat meaty ass rip from that fucker
>hold it in for like 10 seconds
>release a massive plume of smoke
>coughing profusely
>*cough* holy shit lol *cough*
>The pipe had gone full circle at that point
>I end up taking one more hit then we decide to go outside
>im fucking blazed
>can barely stand
>we sit down on his swing set in his back yard
>we chill there for a minute
>I look over and theres a bird hanging dead by the neck on his house
>somehow a nylon string got wrapped around its neck and trapped him hanging off my friend's rain gutter
>we freak out because we're high as shit and cant fathom what could have happened there
>legitimate terror ensues for another 40 minutes
well I've smoked before so I didn thtink this was that much of a problem
But ill usually be sitting down and its like I space out real hard but im aware of it like the high
Ill come out of it with my heart racing
File: ohjesusnigger.jpg (11KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jesus dude....there is so much to say about how much you fucked up in 5 seconds but you already said it all bwahahahahaha.
yesterday I got couchlocked at my friend's house, first time it ever happened to me and I was high as fuck. felt pretty sick and tingly, was spacing out hard like you talked about. try not smoking so much at once, maybe that will help. I'm almost 100% sure it wasn't laced.
>worst greentext of all time
>u're mom
How many Duty hate pics do you have?
The only people in those games I actually hated were the bandits. Always killed them when I saw them.
Fuckin bandits.
They got rid of a lot of tiny features from SoC in CoP, but I'm getting used to it. Couldn't finish Clear Sky though, way to heavy on the faction war shit.
>mfw hello, hello?
>Be me
>Be 21 collegefag
>Haven't smoked in maybe a month, decide to share a kief bowl with a friend
>Go back to my room, put on the Blurred Lines video
>Eventually mute it because the song sucks
>Put on Backseat Freestyle in the background instead, watch them titties shake to "goddamn I got bitches"
>Feel like a genius
>Do it again sober and it's still cool
I'm a genius
My fucking sides!
File: stfu.jpg (29KB, 440x275px)
29KB, 440x275px
fucking forgot pic
Do you really want to know?
File: 1400819486176.jpg (21KB, 284x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 284x285px
>thanks slut face
File: stonercomics.jpg (35KB, 317x303px)
35KB, 317x303px
>be me, 15
>have loving home but my friend Tommy has own apartment so I spend every afternoon there and the weekends
>Always have a ton of people over
>Get ridiculously baked almost every day
>Saturday night
>one of these nights
>about 10:30 p.m.
>Tommy rolls up a fat ass blunt that takes five of us 15 minutes to finish
>roach in the bong, Tommy finishes up
>everybody silently leaning back, exchanging bloodshot glances
>friend Anthony comes up with the best idea of the night
>call up the pizza place
>Order a extra large pepperoni pizza
>Start watching trippy videos on youtube
>half hour later
>doorbell rings
>"Shit guys, who's that?"
>Tommy says "Probably the cops, shut up"
>open door to peek outside (there was the apartment door and a glass door into the building)
>freaking out
>"It's the pizza man."
>much relief
>"Who the fuck ordered pizza?"
>looking for someone to pay the guy
>guy still outside glass door
>keeps ringing the bell for five minutes
>nobody has enough money
>pizza man still ringing
>decide to wait for him to go away
>roll up again
>fifteen minutes, going strong
>Doorbell silences
>"is he gone?"
>Take peek out apartment door
>Pizza man is gone
>Pizza is not
>see pepperoni pizza slowly sliding towards the ground on glass door, leaving a glorious trail of marinara

I suggested we still eat it but we were too lazy to walk all the way to the door.
File: madhatter.jpg (12KB, 300x301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why the fuck do you faggots still smoke weed. Synthetic master race
cheeki breeki
File: image.jpg (55KB, 447x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 447x386px
>do dabs and white wall the bong while I'm at it
>drive to gas station
>lost keys.jpeg
>frantically search for keys
smelling up the parking lot cause I have bud in the car
>tfw nothing about bandits in my STALKER folder
File: image.jpg (73KB, 533x499px)
73KB, 533x499px
rule 34 is real i guess
that's like choosing to fuck Betty White over Mila Kunis
File: file.png (680KB, 1920x1200px)
680KB, 1920x1200px
you have no idea.
>Be me still in highschool
>In drama with tons of chill ass people
>The same day, we finished the last night of our show and broke down our set
>Chilling with a bunch of my friends long after the audience and our drama director left
>"Let's smoke this kush y'all"
>Walk into the nearby woods to smoke weed
>Our usually spot in the fence has been chained up
>A little ways down, a fellow stoner kid climbs through a crack in the fence and tells us to enter here
>We smoke that kush, literally on school property
>Walking out of the fence
>Pass one of those tall batter fences schools tend to have
>I say, "I'm gonna fucking climb that"
>I start climbing it
>I look down, and everyone else is climbing it too
>Back on the ground, we wonder what to do next
>Somebody suggests we break into the school and chill in the drama wing
>We actually do it
>Then we smoked more weed inside of the school

Dumbest shit I've ever done in my entire life. Not even slightly worth the risk. We did, however, raid the entire concession stand. It was a good night.
No you don't. Stop being such a pussy, are you like 14 years old?
where did you get all the other stuff? (sorry, not interested in bloodsucker porn, too many wasted bullets. fuck your invisibility)
File: image.jpg (113KB, 777x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 777x432px
>be 15
SFW stuff from /k/, rest of it from paheal. Sorry to say, but 90% of it is bloodsuckers.
File: image.jpg (18KB, 251x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 251x201px
>be me , 15
>Theyre serious!
hahaha fucking awesome
> be 16
> live in hick town where weed grows like...weeds
> family friend grows his own
> whips out something he calls "train wreck"
>sit around in a circle With me, friend, aunt, and uncle
> not my first time, but first time hitting the pipe
> hit it like a champ; choke like a bitch
> suddenly everything starts looking like sepia tone
>I feel like I'm in a mobster movie
> paranoid as fuck
> everyone is whispering
> "are we....going to put a hit out on someone?"
> they look at me like I'm crazy
> "I'm sorry, I'm just- I don't know, I don't think I can do it"
> "what are you talking about anon?"
> "I'm not a leader, I'm a follower"
> realize I'm fucking high and incomprehensible
> Go upstairs to calm down
> start eating bread until the whole loaf is gone
> feel like my throat is getting a massage with every swallow
> took a nap
can't really see there being hamster porn, so i guess it makes sense...
There's some other stuff too. It's really quite interesting
This is such a beautifully typical high experience. These are the best.
oh my god it even has the diet sausage...
File: 1403059700642.jpg (9KB, 319x179px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 319x179px
>have this mate and hes dad is in airforce and never home
>his house is huge and empty perfect for smoking in on the regular
>this one particular evening we had more people over then usual
>utter chaos
>stoners everywhere throughout the house
>one group smoking bongs upstairs one group smoking downstairs
>there are a few newfags that get really paranoid
>at one point we are all smoking on the outside balcony upstairs, everyone in street can see
>the house adjacent to us has its lights on and people peeking though
>they are freaking out about it
>we decide to mess with them
>"oh fuck i thought our neighbors weren't home today" he said "the owner is a cop" fuck fuck fuck
>its a decent neighborhood so its a believable story
>everyone get inside turn off the lights
>people are freaking out in the dark anticipating a police car to pull up out the front of the house
>for the next 10 mins its like a swat raid in the house people lying on there stomachs snailing from room to room in the darkness
>some guy is in the bathroom tub throwing up because he is legit scared
>someone crawled up a hole in the roof and his ass came through the ceiling
>laughing for next 20 mins
>kid that lived their was pissed off about it
it gets better. The best part is there's only 2 or 3 artists doing all this
File: 1381358738953.jpg (49KB, 403x403px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 403x403px
>First time smoking
>Snuck out that night with friends
>Took 4 massive hits off of gravity bong
>brain.exe has stopped working
>Night comes to a close, about 5 am
>Need to get home before parents wake up
>Drop friend off
>Some how make it home alive, still barely able to process reasonable thought
>Stop car at top of street, turn off lights and radio
>Crawl at a snails pace down 70 yd street
>Literally 5 mph
>Make it to drive way
>Miss drive way by a good 3 feet and go into grass
>Back up and try again
>This time left tires are just in grass
>Don't park in usual spot because there was a puddle and I didn't want my parents to notice the tire tracks on the driveway
>Make it inside and go to bed
>Wake up before parents wake up in a cold sweet
>Ass naked
>Look outside
>Worse than I thought
>Entire driver side of car is still in grass
>Trunk is wide open for some reason
>Look in trunk
>Find my clothes from last night
>Guess I didn't want to bring the smell in?
>Also in trunk is a note
"Dear tanner, remember to thank chris for getting you high, he's pretty cool"
>Park car normally and go back to sleep

God I love weed
File: image.jpg (11KB, 193x191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 193x191px
>get super blazed with buddies and fall asleep cause too much gta San Andreas and bong hits
>wake up on couch to laughing and breathing in my face coughing like a bitch
>mfw my bestie was blowing weed smoke in my face while I was asleep so I stayed high in my dreams
Someone cap story for the future generations
File: image.jpg (24KB, 289x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 289x292px
I kekd so loud thank you
there is not a single female in all three games
that shit will put you in a coma
File: bhas.png (48KB, 649x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 649x336px
>be me
>can't smoke because drug tests
>hang out with stoner buddies anyway
>friend pities me, gives me gram & 1/2 of some spice
>smoke spice get fucking lit
>they get baked and we drive to get mcdonalds
>"dude get me a milkshake"
>excuse me can I have a milkshake?
>"Sorry honey our ice cream machine is down"
>Damn....do mcflurries count?
all of these grammatical errors
Okay, so you set up the plot.
Gave us a setting.
Gave us a obstacle/problem to be solved.
Then you just leave it at that. No resolution what so ever.
come on people i'm bored , its 2 am! POST SOME GOOD SHIIEIEITTTTTTT
I have two stories.

>just got off work
>hungry as fuck because of when i work
>might as well get stoned
>smoke a couple bowls
>chick fil a fuck yea
>walk straight to register
>skipped 2 people in line
>they let me order anyways
>lady asks me what i want
>"ill have two number 2s"
>thinking in my head this will trick her
>"okay that will be $12" cant remember actual price
>place a $5 in the table
>she looks at it
>I look at it
>she looks at it
>"oh" place another $5 on table
>eye contact battle begins
>"oh" take all cash back and put a $20 on the table
>walk away fast and paranoid
> dont get my change
>get the food without saying a word
>rush out of the place, while she tried to chase me down
>made it home safe


>out of school early
>smokeout with buddy
>in good ole mcdonalds
>thinking about my order
>know what i want to say in my head, say it in my head
>"did you get that" said me
>"what? you didnt order"
>be me 38
>functional alcoholic
>smoked tonight for first time in 4 yrs
>be me, "why did I stop doing this and start drinking more?"

I have to watch Tom Baker Dr Who now.
>freshman in college
>only smoked a few times before, always made me paranoid/uncomfortable so i generally didn't enjoy it
>all my friends are straight up stoners though, smoke all day every day (i'd just kick it and pass when they offered, fuck all that judgemental bullshit)
>getting ready to go to caf for dinner, they're doing my fav caf meal that night so decide 'fuck it i'll smoke'
>take (i can't even remember how many) fat rips from bong
>dinnertime, follow my friends to caf in a haze
>caf lady asks for student ID
>hand her debit card
>"uh... i need your student ID"
>hand her driver's license
>"no. your **STUDENT** ID"
>finally best the challenge of the Cafeteria Guardian, gain access to the grand Halls of Food
>friends are way ahead of me in line at this point
>oh shit, i'm alone, oh well the line will lead the way
>flying on autopilot, get as much food as can fit on my tray, seriously it's just too much fucking food
>get out of buffet line, realize i now have to brave the crowds of the caf to find my friends
>standing at entrance, somehow manage to eagle-eye the table they grabbed in seconds (thank god, was about to freak out)
>i walk up, sit, and start eating like rosie o'donnell falling off the diet wagon without saying a word or making eye contact with anyone
>register some laughter going on around me, whatever, fuck you guys you did this to me, plus, food.
>all of a sudden see (we'll call her anonette) and some of her girl friends approaching us with trays

fuck it , cont, you got me hooked
File: 6ABBI.jpg (90KB, 523x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 523x720px
>second time smoking weed
>with friend
>both live on the coast so heaps of stoner surfy fags
>we surf but don't smoke but know heaps of people who do
>friend "hey anon, wanna grill today?"
>meet up with another friend and his dealer
>sitting in this spot that overlooks the beach, actually pretty nice if you ignore all the used Billy's and tin foil
>hit about three to four cones
>after about twenty minutes of listening to some MF DOOM decide to head home
>go for a swim at the beach on the way back
>nearly at friends place, see one of both of ours family friends driving with parents
>we try to hide behind a tree or some stupid shit
>they pull over
>"what are you doing"
>everyone's going down to the beach to play volleyball, our parents included
>aww fuck
>end up heading down to the beach to play beach volleyball with our parents and family friends with younger kids
>so paranoid
>after two hours go home and sleep that shit off
>was so fucking scary at the time
>i had been talking to/hooking up with anonnette for a week or two, starting slow but progressing at a decent rate, she was older and cute as fuck, pretty much out of my league
>trying to lock that down, i wouldn't say i was stressing about it but i was definitely invested
>also one of anonnete's friends was hooking up with one of my friends (typical friend group merger/hookup situation)
>i guess they spotted us and decided to come and sit
>try to put on cool face
>not even close to working
>"hey anon what's up?"
>"oh, uh.......
>*oh god this is the absolute worst*
>she tries to keep chatting, i do my best to maintain conversation but it's just really not working
>i'd later find out she thought it was funny but i seriously thought i was destroying my chances with this girl
>5 or 6 hours pass this way (at least that's what it seemed like), finally they leave, we leave too
>go back to stoner friends' dorm room, watch a movie & smoke more
>fucking depressed, god damnit i just fucked it up with dream girl
>finally just get myself so high i pass out
>wake up to text from her making fun of me for being so stoned
>(for a few weeks, then we 'broke up' for some other dumb reason)
>the end
Holy fuck you are dumb
wish i had a friend that would give me smoke blows at night ;_;
op is a faggot
File: image.jpg (69KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 800x600px
File: Shaq knows.jpg (5KB, 200x211px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shaq knows.jpg
5KB, 200x211px
You're god damn right.
gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy , i mean it was an ending but i expected ya know, some cool as shit to happen, you ended that all depressingy
15 at the time, 18 now inb4 underage b&
>first time smoking out of a bong
>it's white widow
>don't smoke often
>hit it first
>stupid 15yo me rips it as hard as I can
>heart rate goes up 150%
>"shit guys my heart's fucking up"
>"nah man the weed should help bring it down even, chill, take another hit"
>rip it again
>can't get out of forest for ten minutes (10 feet from the outside)
>walk around tweaking out of my fucking mind for three hours
>sit down at a table with the guys, storytime.png
>can't finish my story because I'm too high
>some guy suggests I smoke a cigarette to bring myself down
>end up smoking a whole pack in half an hour or so
>talking to one of the guys who was there the next day
>"yeah I noticed how many you were lighting when you lit a cigarette off of another one with another behind your ear"
File: peter fall.jpg (16KB, 300x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
peter fall.jpg
16KB, 300x160px
>be me
>be with friends in my room
>4 guys smoking chronic out of 4 hose hookah
>put on futurama
>hypno toad comes on
>friend is standing looks at TV when hypnotoad comes on and falls pic related
>because of fall friend nocks over chair small shelf with books and smashes hookah violently
>friend is blacked out
>try to wake him up "Anon ANON can you hear me?"
>pick him up off the ground and lay him on my bed covered in hookah/bong water
>imagine mfw bad idea and bed smells like hookah bong
> friend comes to in after a few seconds
> friend asks why were all stareing at him as he starts to get up
> friend asks if i'm ok
>" i'm fine Anon WTF happened to you?"
>friend replies, whatchutalkinboutwillis.jpeg
>say " Anon you blacked out"
>he says "i did? man the last thing i remember is futurama and then i was laying down."
>other friend chimes in " All hail the hypnotoad!"
File: 1402458231563.gif (3MB, 267x199px)
3MB, 267x199px
>be 15
>plot with bros to jump a faggot we didn't like for whatever reasons we had.
>kid bullied me for three years its_on_motherfucker.gif
>plan how to do it all by myself because friends blaze a lot and cannot plan shit that's not gonna get us caught.
>get bear spray, masks and metal poles with tape for grips.
>busing with metal pipes that are notably bulging from our pants because lol no car.
>skip ahead we get of the bus and decide to ditch them anyways
>the plan is "jim" makes it look like he wants to buy weed from nigger about to get jumped to lure him out.
>Then "kyle" flanks the nigger with bear spray and I use a fake bear spray bottle (squirt gun) on "jim" so it looks like a robbery and not connected to "jim"
>Nigger walking down hill "que eye of the Tiger" were sitting on the path 10 feet above I gotta run down a slope
>middle of winter slippery ice get lucky and don't slip
>run up to "jim" fake spray him first then fake grab his bag
>"kyle" the biggest tard, I told him to wear the mask with goggles. /spoiler/ he didn't.
>flanks the nigger and runs down a 10 foot slope WHILE PRESSING THE BEAR SPRAY. It looked like that community gif with Annie.
>we "borrow" the niggers phone and 14 grams of weed from him
>time to haul ass
>the fucker got a can of mace emptied into his face and started to chase us up a road that was on a hill
>profit of weed and phone

those "friends" tried to steal the phone from me after even though we planned to split the profit just so they could buy weed. then they didn't even say so much as sorry once before cutting contact with me.

hypothetical story btw. coulda happened. Maybe not.
tfw still bored to death because these stories suck more than the newest swiffer jet series
File: 1395014283849.gif (2MB, 282x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 282x192px
File: Hodor.jpg (10KB, 196x232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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mfw anon dosen't post no tfw pic
I that she itself adorations, he hung to have logicamente that the suspicion copies the more and a the a free one one of points we I news that begins leave it even you to this to that could be deed the color of the art of the actions of certain way that has some objections in in the thought logicamente of your finds, did not hang represents some hostages that some time, since that
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U wot m8.jpg
10KB, 190x173px
>be 17
>new years bitch
>smoked once the summer before
>know the best dealers out of all my friends cuz I was in a band with them
>buy a quarter just for the party
>no one is home at my house and im getting a ride to the party with some chick
>smoke like, half a bowl
>get paranoid as fuck till she gets there
>take a shower while listening to tool
>fucking fantastic
>get to the party
>only one high so far
>some chick tries to teach me the gas pedal
>don't get it at all
>thinking synthetic thc and research chemicals are bad
Worst story so far.
You're obviously too high to write comprehensively.
any one ever cap off craigslist
also if your in 323 and have hookup lmk
Dat ID.
Fug U Chick
>be 17
>second time smoking
>go up to a mountain with my buddy
>he has a new bong
>smoke 3 bowls between the two of us
>drive back to his house
>holy fuck the lines on the rode are crazy looking
>forward to in his house
>try to read some shit
>decide to crawl up to the mirror in the room to check out my eyes
>so red, remember i have to be home in an hour
>get paranoid as fuck
>begin backwards crawl away from mirror
>feels like ive been crawling for a year
>look backwards at the wall behind me (destination)
>about half a foot away
>looks like a mile
>begin to cry and repeat "its just too far...too far...far away..."
>remember im at friends house
>look at him
>hes just laughing his ass off while i cry about not being able to crawl to a wall

didnt smoke weed for a while, but college came then it was all day every day dabbin like its my job
>be around 15/16 ish sophmore year
>over at my friends house to work on a sci project lets call him d
>in his backyard passing blunts with some other guys back and fourth
>d is a year older than i am so he was ready to become a senior there was only a month or two before summer
>some girls that he knew came over with a few beers some chocolate rum shit and pina colada mix
>already pretty baked i run over to to the girl with the rum and ask if we could split it together cause she was a solid 7/10 lets call her k
>k agrees and we go back outside and hit it off over music and some other shit taking swigs back and fourth
>d and all my other friends start makin jokes and shit about us how we should fuck already
> k laughs and says that she hadnt had a good pounding for a few months
>my dry spell will finally be over! I scream in my head
>scince i was stoned and had a buzz going i was pretty shitty at talking smooth
>but alas she wanted me to hang out with her inside on the couch
>drunkenly make out for good half an hour or so before i get a call from my parents and i was going to get picked up
>hated that bout my parents when i was younger i could never fucking be over at a friends house later than 10
>we say good bye nd shit and d asks all of us to come over the next day so we could either inflate air mattresses and use them in the lake or we could all drive to the beach
>k asks if im going so she can wear something special
>not going to pass up that offer so i convince my parents that the project i had still needed work so fuck church
god you're an asshole
>told stoner friend I was bringing weed
>he brought even more and his bong
>head out side
>smoke all his weed and 2 bowls of mine
>biggest fucking hits ever
>sitting by a tree
>don't really feel it
>stand up
>almost fall back down because it hit me like a fucking train
>get inside, put bong away
>friend who's hosting the party was still anti-weed (now we smoke there regularly)
>"are you two high???"
>my friend who I smoke with, we'll say Tom, says "whaaaaaattttt??? Noooooo!!!!"
>meanwhile, everything is swaying back and forth
>hands are changing size
>"I have to sit down"
>host friend "why??"
>"I'm high as fuck"
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
>be 17
> very high
> friend on lots of LSD
> friend buys $200 worth of munchies from gas station
> can't open packet of tim tams
> friend on lsd stomps on $200 worth of munchies out the front of the gas station
cont pleasesesese

Research chems are fine. But the overdose potential of the synthetic cannabinoids is quite high. Have a little too much of some of them and you're pretty fucked. Even if you blend it with something else, you'll never get an even mix and can still end up taking too much.
>can't tell if I'm talking when I talk
>people respond so I assume I am
>can't focus on conversations
>to the couch!
>me and Tom lay on the couch for a while
>hosts sister, her husband and her kids come home
>paranoid as fuck
>kid makes Tom play with him
>wtf is going on
>they all leave or go upstairs or something
>apparently I told like, 8 people I'd smoke them up
>take like, half the party out to smoke cuz everybody wanted some
>some up everyone
>somehow still have enough weed for the next 2 months
>mfw I paid 35$ for that quarter
>mfw everyone got fucking baked
>mfw I have no face
>go inside and watch we're the millers
>pass out
>it was a good night
who the fuck listens to tool in the shower
Just that tool.
only two times i've been high

>smoked weed out of a hookah
>was drunk as hell too
>smoke some more
>puke all over a gril's shoes


>smoked weed in a blunt
>drunk as hell again
>puked all over my own shoes

fuck weed
>i go over to d's house the next day around noon and we go around the neghborhood to gather our group up and pick up some bud
>k spent the night at a friends who lives down the street from d
>when we pick them up we have a group pol about either swiming in the lake or going to the beach ..the beach prevailed so d borrowed his moms truck and another friend drove her car
>most of my bros went with d but i went with k and her friends in the car and we rolled up and decided to get everybody high in the car
>bad idea
>half way there everyone in the car was pretty high and we almost got into 2 crashes ... By the time we got to the beach d asked why we were so in shock
>protip never let a girl drive stoned
>the drive was horrible the anxiety was intense
>only benefit was that k held on to me the whole time and had her hand on my thigh moving up and down being a tease
>k went to the changing rooms while d and my friends and i were contemplating if we should light up now or wait a while
> k returned minutes later and shocked all of us wearing a blue bikini top and black bottom .. She was a petite white girl but she had an ass of fabled beauty
>insta boner - so k and i ran to the ocean and swam made out and fingered her for a good while
File: 1377035310906.png (267KB, 500x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
267KB, 500x422px
>be me
>be 17
>be germanfag
>in spain for vacation
>germanfriend who lives in spain comes over
>hey anon wanna hang out at my place??
>be at his place
>his mom always knew we were smoking
>come on kids show me how you roll joints
>her friend has the sickest marrocan hash you can imagine
>we roll 2 joints
>smoke one
>we are high as fuck
>we start laughing for no reason
>laughing for 20 min straight
>his mother: oh fuck i opened the gates of hell
>we get hungry for some reason
>lets eat cereals
>we go to the kitchen
>we eat cereals
>we look around because everything is so corious and interesting
>our eyes catch
>we laugh again uncontrollably
>my buddy tries to hold the cereal in his mouth
>but he has to laugh so bad
>blood pressure increases
>suddenly he gets the worst blleding nose ever
>hes bleeding so bad but still laughing
>he wants to get over to the sink
>he cant walk because its too much for his blazed brain to walk and laugh while still bleeding
>somehow he makes it to the sink
>i stopped sitting on my chair 15 minutes ago im lying on the floor dying
>he bursts aout laughing and spilling his cereals in the sink
>his mother enters the kitchen
>the whole kitchenfloor is full of blood, milk and cereals
>the fridge is open for like 20 minutes
>im on the floor laughing so hard i almost cant breathe
>my buddy is standing in front of the sink bleeding and laughing like never before
>okay guys i think youve had enough go to sleep now
>we go to his room still laughing like crazy
>we start playing wolfenstein enemy territory
>laughing the whole time
>we sleep
>next morning a friend of my buddies mother comes to visit
>my friends mother wants to impress her with her house and car and shit and its really important to her
>we look like fucking ren and stimpy
>be 19
>getting high with bro while parents are away
>reheating some leftovers
>red chicken curry
>bro is making a monstrous sandwich
>go to get a fork
>get a spoon, can't tell the difference
>overheated that bitch
>stare at reflection in spoon
>eat the rest with my hands
>take a shit
File: 1374501249554.jpg (13KB, 170x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 170x213px
>she gets mad
>okay guys here is your 2nd joint from last night i give it to you if you just hide the entire day in your room and lock the door AND DONT COME THE FUCK OUT ITS IMPORTANT!!! YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND THAT???
>i take the joint from her
>put it in both of my hands
>rise my hands above my head
>make the stupid zelda sound if you open a chest
>me and my friend start laughing like crazy
>but we need munchies
>we get munchies and drinks and shit
>start smoking it
>start laughing and shit
>after 2 hours his little brother opens the door with the second key he has
>hey anon can i play with you?? the kids from moms friend are stupid
>we look through the open door down the hallway
>the mother and her friend standing there
>the mother is like: OHFUCKNOPLZ
>suddenly one of the kids of the mothers friend walks in the hallway
>shes a 3 year old girl
>raises her skirt
>shits on the floor
>we laugh so fucking hard
>we go there and wipe the floor at first with papertowels then with a mop heads
>all like being the good son and his good friend
>while the whole thing we laugh like idiots
>moms friend suspects nothing thinks we laugh because her daughter shit on the floor
>she says: oh thank you guys im so embarrassed if i can do anything for for you just tell me ahahahahaha
>i look at my friend
>i tell her: yeah sure you could go to mcdonalds and get us some food
>sure guys
>takes her car keys and leaves immidiatly
>mother comes back
>wheres my friend anon?
>shes at mc donalds
>shes getting us some food
>more wat
>40 min later she comes back with the biggest load of mcdonalds ive ever seen
>we go back to my friends room
>play wolfenstein ET have mcdonalds
>best high day ever
I forgot. I also suckered punched him as hard as I could and he was crying while he handed the phone over. no ragrats. lel.


The problem here is alcohol. If you smoked weed alone it'd be fine, but being drunk then smoking is a bad combo. Only drink and smoke if doing it at the same time and you pace yourself
Anyone ever get the munchies on LSD, cause i sure haven't. if anything it made me less hungry.
I enjoyed that. Thanks.
File: buttpipe.png (645KB, 779x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
645KB, 779x498px
>be 17
>be camping with friend and his family
>hangin' in tent
>Do note me and friend have been smoking every weekend for the past couplle months and ocasional week days
>Dad opens tent
>Hey guys whatcha doin?
>Also his dad was very strict and didnt like the fact that his son smoked weed
>" You guys blazing up in here"
>uhhh.... no
>"You want to?"
>our fucking faces when
>"just tell me when you want to"
>zips up tent walks away
>Me and mmy friend are going crazy with joy
>couple hours later we smoke with his dad while his other family members sit around camp fire not aware we are getting blazed
>sit around camp fire, take a few swigs of whiskey with his dad
>His dad is a very strict guy and he never let his son smoke let alone smoke with him...
>pic related the next night when his dad let us smoke by ourselves in tent.
ive only done it once and took 6 hits and was too busy crying at how beautiful the world is to notice any hunger. however, drinking lemon juice followed by water was the greatest thing ive ever done on acid
this is probably the best one ive read

captcha: wipe bodas
>First time I had it, about 10 years ago, about 5 of us including my brother took 2 tabs each.
>An hour in, start smoking buds and trip commences.
>We start to get the dries.
>Brother gets icy milk from fridge, fuckyes!.wad
>Bro opens milk, tilts head and pours the whole bottle down his front/t-shirt while making drinking motions.
>Epic lels ensue.
Also, on a side note, a kaleidoscope while high, especially on acid, is the best thing ever. Try it, trust me. Look for the boat with the young boy on it.
Sure it wasnt a crack pipe?
>be 17
>chilling in the park with friends matching one up
>start throwing a football around
>two bitchass motherfucking whitebois who go to our school and play football ask if we wanna play tackle football
>say alright
>they come back with their entire cracker family
>us vs them
>playing like usual, since we are high we are losing because we aren't being serious
>have the ball thrown to me
>youngest cracker faggot runs at me and tackles me hard, he was like 14 years old
>get up, he has a giant smile on his face
>a week later me and my friends are going into the lockerrooms, see the youngest cracker faggot, he says, "ha you spics can't hang or what?"
>after the football game I kicked his brother and they started bitching about playing dirty whatever fucking fags
>go up to him and tell him to shut the fuck before I fucking knock him out and break him
>throws his back on the floor and shoves me
>immediately retaliate by punching him hard as hell in the face
>he starts swinging back
>can't really block all his shots, start walking backwards to avoid getting hit while covering my face
>he shoves me again and I fall
>gets on top of me and starts punching me
>cousin hits that faggot with a book,
>all my friends start punching him too
>at this point all of us are beating the fuck out of him, I smash his face into the lockers a couple of times
>by the time we finish his shirt is torn, he has a bunch of scratches on his back from me smashing him on the lockers, he is bleeding from his face, is pretty much knocked out just laying there
>get kicked out of school, he couldn't remember who it was and they told me to snitch for less punishment but I didn't
>about 3 weeks later I was at a car meet with my older bro
>see white faggot and his younger bro approach me
>tells me he is going to beat the fuck out of me for messing with his lil bro
>brother turns aroundpulls out his 9mm
>says, "You crackers wanna start something"
>funny as fuck to see them walk away
And faggots above didn't want to read this fine story. I laughed
I took 2 tabs alone in my room once when I was 15 or 16, I decided to pet my dog after 3 hours and I saw arrows around my hand (hundreds of mini ones) and his fur had hundreds of "connectors" for the arrows kinda fucky but cool.
Yeah, moreso than when I smoke weed.

If you like kaleidoscopes while on acid, then you'll have hours of fun staring at a pineapple. Goddamn they're trippy
I anyway.
>still in high school
>me and three friends want to get high
>everyone staying the night at my house
>we decide to go down to the beach to do it
>after we've each had a few cones friend who gets really paranoid when he is high starts to freak out
>he says he can see a boat that just pulled up in front of us at the beach
>trys to get us to leave but we can't see shit
>he starts getting really scared saying that the boat has blue and red lights on it and is a police boat
>runs away leaving us on the beach
> after about 15 more minutes when we had finished off the weed we went to look for him
>he had climbed a tree in the park behind the beach
>spent half an hour convincing him to come down
>went straight back to my house and he refused to leave
>we ended up leaving him and going to a gas station to buy some krispy kremeshave 2 stories both not that great but I'll post
oops didn't type top part. i have 2 stories that both suck I'll post them both anyway
File: 1372577687418.png (130KB, 515x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 515x408px
>camping with bros in the woods
>in total we all had like half an ounce with us
>this girl I used to have a thing for was there
>earlier in the day was so stoned I left my backpack with my glasses in the woods
>later that night
>go looking for my bag
>girl comes with
>we smoke a couple bowls before leaving tent
>she gets paranoid
>really clinging to me, freaked out
>girl has a panic attack and starts crying
>thinks she sees a monster
>mfw it was a white propane tank
>girl hugs me and I grab her tits
>shes too stoned to care

that was a great night
File: wheels.gif (967KB, 500x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
967KB, 500x368px
>get super high and go to supermarket with friend
>late at night so not many people around
>suddenly see man with a bicycle helmet pushing a shopping trolley around
>lose my shit trying not to laugh hysterically while pondering why he needs a helmet to push a trolley around
>browsing aisle with friend looking for goods
>lose track of what we are looking for
>ask friend what we're doing here
>friend ponders a while and says 'to consume'
>me and friend can't stop laughing
>need to take some time away from friend for a while to act serious so we can complete purchase without laughing my ass off
>be 18
>be at friends house
>sniff a line of special k
>take a hit of acid
>stare at the snow falling inside that shows up because the sun is coming through the slits in the blinds
>after a while look over at your friend and watch as he puts the leg up on the recliner he is sitting in and the chair eats him
>laugh uncontrollably as it spits him back out
>watch as the skin, then tissue melts off of your arms and hands
>walk over to friend with arms out trying to touch him with your skeleton arms
>get thirsty and go to kitchen and get to center island then notice that the blue tiles are now sky and you're now 20,000 feet up.
>freak the fuck out holding onto the island for dear life until friend comes and pulls you back to the safety of the carpet

Drugs are fun
>second time smoking weed
>it about three to four cones
>after two hours
>two hours
GR8 B8 M8 You would have to smoke a lot to get that high and i doubt you where that good at smoking your second time
File: Fusilli_pasta.jpg (1MB, 2272x1520px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2272x1520px
Another story
>Was 16
>Had about a gram of bud left over from last time I got high
>Parents were out for the whole night so decided to smoke the gram at like 11pm
>Started to get the munchies so I went into the kitchen to find something to eat
>The only thing I could find was a box of uncooked fusilli pasta
>It was hard as fuck and almost impossible to eat but I needed to have something
>Ended up eating the entire box
>Next morning my teeth were fucking killing me
>Had to get a tooth taken out and replaced because the fusilli had fucked it up so bad
>Never told my parents what had messed up my tooth
>get high as fuck

that's it, mayne
Laced weed is only ever PCP (Usually), you will know because it's fucking awesome.
Heart rate going fast and worrying about it being laced is an actual side effect of weed. If you worry about it, it's good.
10/10 I like you sir
Not even once. Nice troll. 10/10 made me rage and butt hurt. I have severe memory loss from JHW compounds. Fuck you. and fuck RC's
File: O5ojyWJ.png (20KB, 100x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 100x100px
you dumbass, of all the things you could have eaten.
File: 21321312421421.png (212KB, 922x882px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
212KB, 922x882px

>blurred vision
>remember I need to see my dealer
>text her
>head over
>get there
>buy oz.
>she gibs me a dab
>take hit
>higher than shit.gif
>ask her how her day was
>tells me shes going to school
>ask her if my started night school
>asks me if I'm fucked up/stayed up all night
>u wot m8.png
>tells me its 6:40 am
>I thought It was 6:40 pm
>shes kek'ing at me
>mfw I thought I was twelve hours into my future
I was sold some bud(later was told it was laced with coke). But now I'm not sure

>Be me, 15
>Waiting in line for black friday, 5am
>Getting me a 40" 1080p flatscreen for $200(still have that shit, been 3 years)
>buddy holds spot, go behind the local bank at 7am and toke up
>Come back
>hearts racing
>try to listen to some music
>Doors "Riders on the Storm" comes up
>Piano solo and rain feels like needles jamming into my brain and electrifying it.

The fuck was that?

>be 17
>at friends brothers house (dealer)
>get more stoned than a educated woman in the middle east
>start rambling
>go on about how time is a christian thing
>2012 AD
>after death of jesus
>lose my train of thought

I still cringe about it to this day
>be me 16
>chilling with around 10 friends
>all of us stoned as fuck
>one friend of mine heard about a bar marathon in the city
>we went there
>participated in this bar marathon
>essentially sprinting from bar to bar, drinking a beer in all of them
>in total around 10 bottles
>now also wasted as fuck
>one of us suddenly had a genius idea
>his idea was to steal one of those 40lbs concrete bollards
>proceed to walk around town with this huge ass bollard
>suddenly get another genius idea
>nobody had enough balls to do it, bunch of pussies
>i decided i'll do it
>take bollard
>get a taxi
>ask the driver with my stoned as fuck voice to open the trunk so i can deposit my "luggage"
>throw bollard in the trunk
>get in, tell him to drive in a general direction
>at next redlight jump out and run like fucking usain bolt
>friends meanwhile captured it on video
>proceed to meet up a few blocks away
>look at video showing the confused taxidriver opening the trunk and throwing the bollard on the streets
>be the only senior in my show choir
>every underclassman always invited me to their super duper edgy parties
>decide to go one night out of pity
>freshman girl came with her brother in my grade
>he pulls out coke and cuts some lines
>she and I snort every line and get totally fucked up
>we go into the garage and start hooking up
>freshman girl and I take turns sucking her brothers cock
>he comes on my face and she licks it off
>a few months later she tells me he raped her when they got home
File: escalated-quickly.jpg (33KB, 624x317px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 624x317px
what the actual fuck
File: 1399740493251.gif (1MB, 444x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 444x250px
File: astral mountaintop.jpg (1MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
astral mountaintop.jpg
1MB, 1920x1080px
>Be 16
>Me, two best bros, call them J and C are at C's house
>Picked up an ounce the day before
>Tear open bag
>Smell fills the entire fucking house
>All three of us pull out our grinders and grind away
>Grind weed for a good 15 minutes
>Only grind 10 grams
>Pack C's gasmask, and J's massive fucking steamroller
>Thinking hard on something to contribute since I don't have piece
>Go downstairs
>See water keg, like the kind in the office water dispensers
>Craft tin foil bowl, fill keg with water
>pack 3 grams in bowl, then initiate gravity bong filling sequence
>Literally can't see through the yellow as shit smoke
>grab some plastic piping and head back upstairs
>J and C are both impatient as fuck and pissed I took so long on my piece
>Put keg on table, throw away used bowl and stick tubing in the keg
>Give to C and tell him to inhale
>Drops tubing and coughs like a bitch
>J and I keep hitting the g-bong like men possessed
>Take a short break as C finally stops coughing
>J looks at him and laughs while covering his face
>C looks at him with pissed face
>"The fuck is so funny"
>J is laughing like a retard by this point, grabs tube and hands it to C
>"Dude hit the fucking bong already!"
>C scowls but begins ripping to himself
>Keg is still as yellow as it was 1000+ hits ago
>J starts laughing and hitting table
>C and I freak out and ask him what it is
>He just snatches tube and runs off to C's room
>C and I just hit the keg straight for a few minutes
>J returns around 5 minutes later, has tubing wired into C's gasmask
>Puts it on me, stick tubing in keg
>Hear muffled "Rip it bro!" from both of them
>Exhale fully
>Inhale fully
>Mask fills with smoke
>Can't see shit, start laughing and breathing harder
>Everyone's laughing
>Take mask off and room fills with smoke
>Take a second to stop laughing
>Close my eyes
lol, that would be scary as fuck
The worst part is that I was super jealous bc had had a crush on her brother since I was in elementary with him and he never looked twice at me

>because he only had eyes for his little sister
God yes
File: image.jpg (45KB, 300x273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking lold
yes continue, plox
>Camping with my friends
>night time
>hear frogs in the lake next to us
>spend an hour in the dark laughing and trying to catch frogs
>only got one
>named it Franklin after the turtle
>let it go
File: lel.png (41KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 1200x1200px

>get more stoned than a educated woman in the middle east
>stoned out my mind
>smoking a cigarette with friends in kitchen
>put a cig behind my ear
>continue conversation
>suddenly get this intense pain all through my body
>cant figure out what it is, start screaming like a bitch thinking I'm having a heart attack
>friend hits my ear to get the light cigarette off

I put the cigarette I was smoking behind my ear
Train wreck is pretty common up here.

North east America?
>See (what I now know to be) Vishnu, Buddha, and God, conversing with the milky way in the background
>All three turn towards me, grinning
>God grins and says "Dude, you okay?"
>Eyes flash open, See J poking me, asking me if i'm alright
>What in the literal fuck just happened to me
>Destroyed brain decides answer lies in smoking more weed
>Keg is still fucking full of smoke
>Jesus fucking christ there's so much smoke left
>Go back to gasmasking the keg
>Nearly tap out quite a few times
>C literally falls out of his chair at one point, just opting to lay on the floor
>Better alternative than annihilating his lungs like me and J
>J starts laughing like shit again
>Oh fuck I recognize that laugh
>Runs off again
>Comes back in with knife, duct tape,one water bottles, and his steamroller
>Jesus fuck wat
>Sit there, blazed as shit as J constructs a fucking alchemy lab in front of me
>End up like this
>Steamroller is taped to water bottle percolator, which is then attached to the keg, which leads through the piping into the mask
>J is grinning at me, asks if I want greens
>Too fucked to even care anymore
>Hook up the gasmask, give J thumbs up
>He lights the steamroller
>Black out
>Wake up to J laughing
>Barely manage enough cognitive though to hand him gasmask
>He goes to town
>Manage to wake up C
>Doesn't know what the fuck happened, last remembers hitting the keg with me
>Hear thud
>J is face down on the table, still awake, drooling
>Tell C to ignore
>Hook him up to the new setup without him realizing the game has changed
>Light it, tell him to rip it
>Same exact fucking thing happens to C
>Face down on table, drooling
>Manage to get J to light it for me
>Rip with all I can muster
>Face plant table, black out
We all passed out around the same time, which was about 9:00 p.m. I was the first to wake up at 4:00 p.m the next day. The story spans a couple more days if you guys want me to keep going
Keep going you glorious bastard.
lel you make it sound so old skool.
Did it have sweet RCA inputs to hook up your Sega Master System?
File: chutney_1210898c.jpg (36KB, 460x287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 460x287px
>be 28
>new to smoking
>smoked a couple of joints in the flat then decided to do some groceries.
>get to morrisions and instantly become paranoid that everyone thinks im high.
>End up staring at a jar or cranberry and red onion chutney for what felt like an age
>was thinking what it would be like to be tiny and swim around in chutney, climbing on the cranberries.
> the whole time im listening to vacuum cleaner noises on my mp3 player so the outside world was shut off.
> to this day it freaks me out thinking about it and im not sure why.
File: 9808989890890808.gif (2MB, 298x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 298x300px


>utilizing gravity bong
>4th or 5th rotation
>friend starts thrashing his head like you do when you have water in your ear
>fucker doesnt realize im brewing a hit
>danger close.webm
>see giant ember in his hair
>see smoke emerging from his skull
>slap the ember off his head
Top kek
File: fag.jpg (155KB, 900x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155KB, 900x700px
I used to smoke that shit called Scooby Snax, but now spice is illegal in my state because it killed so many people. Now I am happily smoking weed again.
File: b7e.jpg (194KB, 1128x1046px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 1128x1046px
>be me and 3 friends
>trippin bawls on acid
>days consists of spontaneous trips to different places
>go to arbys drive thru
>peaking our dicks off
>get to speaker
>order when ready
>okay lol
>nobody can comprehend the fucking menu
>start laughing hysterically at all of the roast beef
>tripping face dude
>been a couple minutes when someone honks their fucking horn at us and scares us all shitless
>realize we all got out of the car to look at menu
>in the fucking drive thru
>bunch of trippin kids crying laughing at roast beef I would have honked too
>mfw we got in the car and drove off with nothing
File: pizzadeliveryguy.png (158KB, 335x325px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 335x325px
>be 18
>at bros house with 2 friends
>we used to just chill out on weekends because there isnt anything else to do in this shit town
>bro gets some real quality weed probably the best ive smoked till this day
>tfw we forgot to get our fastfood before we smoked
>oh shit mane
>we got totally blazed to the point we don't even want to move for the next few hours
>we were haungry as shit though so we decided to just go and get some mcdonalds
>so we drove there (easier than expected) singing some death metal which none of us really like.
>get to mcdonalds
>started to walk in to sit down and eat.
>we finally realized how obvious we would be and got back into car
>pull up to drive thru
>"Welcome to mcdonalds how may I help you"
>we all just start fucking laughing viciously until none of us can breathe.
>we start to settle down and she politely asks our order again
>fucking start laughing insanely
>decide we shouldn't order from there so we pull through and there all staring at us as were still laughing uncontrollably as I almost rear-end somebody
>go to hardees
>"welcome to hardees" as my friends cut the employee off with a burst of more laughter which goes on again.
>we just leave hardees instead of going through the same process.
>eventually come back home with no food
>tfw empty fridge
>managed to order some pizza
>pizza bro shows up chill as fuck
>he starts laughing at our very obvious high state
>hes an obvious stoner too and we offered him a hit
>he initially declined ofcourse because of his job
>got him to take a few hits and he had a slice of pizza with us.
>he stayed a bit and we reminded him of how long he was staying
>was his last pizza delivery for the night but he had to close the store up
>brought some fresh pizza ingredients over
>enough to make like 5 pizzas
>twas a great day
Haha, I've done the same thing. I walk around Safeway and try to act like I'm not high while I look for Doritos or corn dogs.
>be 14 or 15 idk Freshman year
>Go to first "high school party"
>friend I've known since fifth grade there, let's call him C
>"Anonette come smoke with us."
>"Sure, ok."
>go into pool house, go into bathroom
>chairs all sat up, other friends sitting around passing gravity bong
>gets handed to me
>take huge ass rip
>continue smoking with others for a good hour
>leave pool house
>C & my sister decide to jump in pool naked (up to this point everyone stayed in the hot tub cause it was early fall)
>they jump in pool naked
>sister jumps over little wall from pool to hot tub and starts putting bathing suit on
>C grabs vodka bottle, holds it over his junk, and runs around far side of pool
>friend's dad whose house it was at sees C's naked ass running around side of pool
*set up
>16 or so
>in my garage blazed as fuck and jerking it to porn at like 12pm
>all of a sudden two of my friends bust through the door while my dick is in my hands
>quickly turn monitor off and keep my dick in my hand
>too fucking stoned to put dick away
>get laughed at
continue anon
smoked it a few times and it is absolute shit
the fact that this is a transparent picture makes me really happy
Fuck it, thread's slow so continuing.
>Host's dad comes outside, bitching.
>didn't care about anything but the naked teenagers
>"WHERE'S J?!"(one of my female friends)
>me: "She's in the bathroom right now."
>mfw she comes out right in time before he storms into the hot boxed pool house bathroom
>my, sister, and J get kicked out
>freaking out because C and two other friends were stuck hiding in the pool house bathroom with the weed
>get to J's house
>her stoner dad looks at us, laughs his ass off, and brings us to Waffle House without asking anything
>about to leave Waffle House when host calls
>"You guys can come back, you just have to keep your clothes on this time."
>sister earns the nickname "Little Miss Naked"
>laugh our asses off, but don't go back
>crash at J's
>next morning go to beach with her, host, C, sister, and the stoner dad
>get high on the beach
>sister is battalion commander in ROTC
>practice today
>go to practice with her and J high as fuck
>start laughing every time I get yelled at
>mfw no one ever notices we're high except J's dad
*me. Fuck I can't type this morning.
I once smoked synthetic shit. heart just beat like crazy and I couldnt focus on anything vision wise. it went on for what felt like 20 minutes (in reality like 5) then I went and yacked due to dizziness.
to be fair I had this after about 4/5 drinksand 4/5 normal cones
but thats the only time ive ever had anything luke what you described
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aight got a good last acid trip story
>be me
>sophmore through junior year do shitloads of hallucinogens
>be junior year
>new hookup for what he said was super strong lsa
>going to a rave
>since i usually take 5-6 tabs when i do lsd ill do 2 of my old dealers stuff and 2 of the new strong shit
>2 hours in and in my homies car as we dab in back seat
>before the dabs i thought i was trippin but after 3 dabs i was zonked out of my mind
>carry on with rave plan cause we paid for it
>im no longer in my mind
>looking out the window and the trees are turning to this jelly texture and im sinking into the seat and stuff
>getting closer to rave and friends still dabbing while at a stoplight
>all the windows are down and i look over my shoulder and theres a cop
>"anon wtf are you talking about there arent any cops"
>look back over and it was just some white car
throat massage
Learn to fight your own fights,
dude weed is so much better for all but social situations where the people arent good buds
File: 2014-06-20_031108.png (14KB, 181x69px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 181x69px
>so the driver of the car im in wants a dab now cause he sees how much fun we were having
>we didnt know he had been on a 4 week t-bread to pass a piss test for work
>heat up nail and get dab ready
>he rips it and starts coughing like a motherfucker
>he starts choking saying his asthma is hitting him
>bruh settle down have some water
>he drinks some water and calms down a bit
>starts the car again and we start to go
>he looks back at us and his eyes are super fucking red "idk if i can drive like this guys im too fucked up"
>ok ok lets get someone more sober to drive
>pick some other nigga whos on 2 tabs of lsa to drive cause he thought he wasnt too high to drive
>he does pretty well and we go to tacobell to eat and buy some molly and more wax
>the whole time im seeing cops everywhere but my friends kept telling me it was in my head
>finally get to rave
>go up to guy at door with tickets and he looks at them then my friends and lets us in
>i walk in and the dude who let us in starts yelling at me and pointing to some other dude
>go up to other dude
>give him tickets and he scans them and gives them back
>i start to walk in and he yells at me to come back
>hand him tickets again
>it sounds like hes speaking some foreign language
>shows me wristband
>ooohhhh ok
>stick my hand through hole in the glass so he can put the wristband on me
>looks at me like im crazy
>me and all my friends confused
>pull hand out and just walk into rave
>hand grabs me and puts wristband on
>didnt even check to see who put it on me i just want to dance
>dancin and meeting with old friends when i hear sirens
>whisper to some dude next to me that the cops are here to shut it down
lol u puked bc alcahal
File: 1400653499918.jpg (726KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
726KB, 1600x1200px
>he was on something to and starts to freak out
>starts telling other people
>niggas start panicking and running to the back of the venue to try to get out rear exit
>guys who put on show get word and start to unplug sound stuff
>people getting really scared and my friends and i are all huddled in the back
>word gets out no cops are there false alarm
>i need some air that was too much
>walk out of rave and decide i need to sleep
>down some alley and see some old couches and decide thats a good place to spend the night
>forgot i left phone and wallet in car
>no idea where i am
>no idea how to get back to rave
>see more cops
>holy shit i think im having a bad trip
>cops drive by staring at me
>one drives by and does a uturn right behind me
>he must have reconized the wristband
>acid mind figures the wristband was a tracking thingy
>rip wristband off and throw it into some drain on the street
>cop goes the way the wristband floated
>laying on couch focusing on happy things
>hear my name being called
>oh shit they found me
>its my friends
>friends have been looking for me for a while
>bring me back and i tell them i just need to be alone
>"ok anon here you can sleep in our car whatever you do dont leave"
>not friends who drove me so still no phone or wallet
>in car watching people walk by and stuff when some niggas by a pickup start starring at me
>they had film stuff
>oh shit the cops tv show is here
>still in car
>they keep starring
>suddenly car is surrounded by cops all looking at me as i curl into a ball and wait for them to pull me out
Similar story
>with friend
>we're high (no shit)
>at a convenience store
>bought stuff
>hand clerk 20
>she says no 21.99
>gesture with the 20
>my friend nudges me
>"dude, 21.99"
>hand her a five along with twenty
>walk out
>cashier definitely had no idea
File: 1400610488888.jpg (2MB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1920x1200px
>a long while passes and noone pulls me out
>turns out car wasnt being surrounded im just really high on acid
>ok well since i have nothing on me im going to talk to the cops crew
>get out of car like my friends told me not to do
>walk up to cops crew
>introduce myself as the guy they were looking for
>they look super confused
>explain the cops are chasing me and im being unjustfully arrested
>they look super confused
>they end up playing along and ask me to make it easy for them to get a good shot
>wow cops are cool
>walking away to go to park nearby when while crossing a street i realize they and a whole gang of cops were following me
>run for it
>wait i dont need to run i have nothing on me
>turn around to stand up to them
>put hands up and they stare at me
>they must think i have something in my pocket
>reach into my pocket and take out housekey and put it on the ground and stand there with my hands up
>nobody moves they just keep starring
>get on the floor to put hands behind my back to comply with their orders
>plane flys overhead and i assume its a police helicopter
>holy fuck they must really want me
>just lay there for a while waiting to be cuffed
>eventually hand touches me
>"anon what are you doing out of the car and on the ground?"
>explain the cops are coming for me
>look around and realize its only me and my bro
>dude im trippin
>brings me back inside to socialize
>i end up crying and getting on the ground again with my hands behind my back cause i thought everyone in the rave was a cop
>all my friends tell me to calm down and i take it as an intervention
>later that night i broke into a car cause i thought i saw water in it for our rig
>later that night i quit doing all hard drugs
>later that night some nigga stole $40 from my wallet
after that i smoked again and got flashbacks so no more smoking for me
>tfw my brain is fried now
>tfw i get frequent flashbacks
>tfw i cant even smoke now cause of too much acid
it was a good night
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