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Random story thread? I got a story or two. >Be walking to

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Random story thread?

I got a story or two.

>Be walking to the bus stop for Summer school, my grades were shit that's how I landed there
>The previous days I have been going through the most agonizing shits, like painful, jellyfish stinging liquid that basically rocketed out my ass
>Anyway, since the shit can be predicted (Like eating food the night prior, I can prevent having to shit in the morning
>Lol not this time
>I have three massive bowls of Captain Crunch cereal, not thinking anything of it
>The next morning however...
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go on.

>Anyway, as I left for school, my stomach was pretty fine, not a single pain
>My body made the illusion everything was fine
>Guess again
>Half way to the bus stop my stomach starts to sink as if a fucking anchor just dropped into the water
>Like, this wasn't like the other shits
>This was like, you find a bathroom now or you will shit yourself
go on.

>I'm essentially in the local park (because I would usually cut through there straight to the bus stop)
>That's when the time shit son body function kicked in
>There were two buildings around the park; A parkhouse where they store the balls and shit, and a library
>While gripping my stomach, trying to suppress the rebellion of shit raging in my colon, I walk over to the Park house, praying for the door to be open
>Lol nope
>That bitch is locked

>My stomach makes that gurgle noise it makes when the shit is imminent
>I'm not shitting my pants
>Slouch over to the library in hopes that the library is open, because it's a fucking library, it's usually open in the morning
>Wishful thinking
>The door is locked too
>I begin to weigh my options
>As I thought, I let out a double agent squeaker
>Fucking christ that was a close call
>No time to go home
>No where to go
>Wait, what's that over there?
go on,

>In the distance, I see what saved my life that day
>A rather attractive bush
>Thought to myself
>GO native, only way at this point
>I move over to the bush
>I go deep into it and crouch down
>As soon as I pulled my pants down, shit erupts from my ass
>When I say erupt
>It fucking burned like Fire Lord Ozai during an eclipse
>The shit was of pure liquid with a solid shit nut or two thrown in there
>I shit for about 30 seconds
>The smell of shit was overwhelming
>Why does Captain Crunch set me off like this?
>After I shit
>I thought about it
>How do I wipe?
go on

>I began to get scared
>I let out the most destructive monsoon shit the likes of the which hasn't been seen before
>I look around
>This wasn't a leaf bush
>This was a pine bush so those little needles ain't gonna work obviously
>Begin to panic
>Then in the corner of my eye
>I see a gift from the gods
>It was a lone Wendys napkin
>Just minding it's own business
>Lol come here you
go on,

>Wipe so gently
>Use every inch of the napkin
>Fold that bitch around
>Wipe my ass clean
>I pull up my cargo shorts and begin to walk out
>I look at the mountain of liquid destruction that has laid waste to the surrounding area
>Next to it, a lone napkin that has a bad day
>Walk to the bus stop
>Get on the bus and get to school
>How was your morning Anon?
haha. niggers.
I have more stories

I have wincest stories too
go on.

I'm just gonna go on with a wincest stories!
go on

>Be 8 or so
>For the summer I live at my grandma's beach house because my parents thought I needed some time away from video games
>It's fucking boring here
>It's a huge house and all that shit
>But being alone in the house usually (Grandma was a very busy lady for 75 appearently) wasn't too fun
>I spend most of my time sitting on the beach swatting at the water with a stick because I was fucking bored
>As I swatted, in the corner of my eye
>I saw someone approach me
>It was a girl, just about my age
go on

>I look over to see her
>She was wearing jean shorts and a white tank top
>Shit was hot as fuck for an 8 year old
>However I was a nervous kid, extremely nervous
>She is now just a foot away from me
>Hello! What's your name?
>I fumbled a bit. Anon is my name, don't wear it out
>The fuck did I just say
>She giggled
>Dodged a bullet there
>My name is Elizabeth! Wanna play or something? You seem bored all by yourself
>Well why the fuck not
go on

>We go for a walk around the beach
>She talks about Webkinz or some shit, I try my best to respond
>She seems to enjoy my company as I enjoyed hers
>"Wanna see my tree-house?" She asked swaying slowly
>Thought to myself, well Grandma isn't home ever so I'm sure she won't mind me hanging out with a friend
>We walk into the woods
>Walk for about five minutes or so
>Reach the treehouse
>This thing is fucking amazing! Had windows and shit on it, looked very pristine
>She climbed up the ladder, I tried to not look up at her butt for the fear she would look
>I shoot a glance, her eyes meet mine
>"Staring at my butt are ya?"
>"I-I was looking at the sky! The clouds are neat today!"
>Can't fucking see the clouds
>Hoped my story worked
>Lol it didn't
>"It's cute how you wanted to look!" Elizabeth said with a giggle as she hobbled over the top
>I began to climb the ladder
Go on

>I make it to the top
>The inside is very girly looking
>Stuffed animals and shit are around
>"Who built this for you?" I asked
>"My Dad did! He's a really good builder!" Elizabeth eagerly disclaimed
>I was envious of course
>So we're just sitting in the tree house, then she asks a question
>"Have you ever kisses a girl before?"
>My heart began to beat fast
>"I can't say I haven't?" I felt so uneasy and nervous about this, I never kissed a girl before
>"That's adorable!" She began to move close to me
go on
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Omg why are these not pretyped? I have plenty pretyped on my laptop just for you /b/. Unfortunately I'm on my phone and I have no interwebs for my laptop
>She sits next to me, like really close to me
>My heart is just beating so fast
>"I think you're really cute Anon. You seem like a really nice boy too..."
>I look her in the eyes, those beautiful Hazel eyes
>I felt all my nervousness disappear
>She began to move closer and closer
>Her lips touched my cheek
>All that nervousness came back in that instant and I got all red
>"It's so cute how you get nervous Anon! Don't worry though, I won't hurt you." She said with a reassuring smile
>I spat out, "I think you're cute to Elizabeth!"
>Welp that came out
>She looked shyly into the ground, with a smile
>"I'm really glad."
>She grabbed my face gently by the cheeks then pulled me in
any body wanna hear the tory about how i killed a nigger and got away with it

>not using phone as wi-fi hotspot
I'm too poor to afford that
It's 2014 and Obama is president. How could I afford that?

>Her lips came into contact with mine
>Lips feel really soft and warm, this isn't half bad
>Our lips didn't really move, no make out session (yet) but just a solid kiss
>We both moved back, she was smiling and blushing
>The sun was going down as this point
>Where did the fucking time go
>"Anon I have to go now, can I see you tomorrow? Maybe I can come over to your house?" She asked doing her usual sway
>Well I don't see why not!
>We climb down the ladder and part ways for the day.
>My thoughts and dreams were of the kiss, the warmness of her lips, I want her to come over
>I yelled to her, "Meet at the beach at Noon!"
>She said she would
>Tomorrow came around
Bumping for nigger story and treehouse story. I might post a story of my own if you faggots don't mind that I won't be green texting
Hack ze phone

>Tomorrow came around, she was waiting on the beach where we originally met
>She's wearing a Pikachu shirt and white short shorts, looks more cute than yesterday
>We walk over to my house
>It's empty, no one is home, as expected
>"So what do you want to do?" I asked casually
>"I want to explore!" She said kicking off her shoes
>She made a break for it
>Not in my house
>I am the tag master
>She is remarkably fast
>I lost her around the corner
>Dafuq, where is she?"
>I stopped in front of the closet and imagined where she could have gone
>I hear the closet door slide open suddenly
>"Hiyah!" She yelled tackling me to the ground
How? I have a hydro XTRM. Not very knowledgeable about computers, phone's, etc

>She pinned me to the ground, holding my shoulders with her hands
>"I got you!" She laughed exaggeratedly
>"Yeah you did!" I replied starkly
>"You know, with you on the ground this gives me an idea."
>Oh boy here we go
>She lets go of my right shoulder
>Her hand begins to move down my chest down to shorts
I did save a story about a really vivid dream I had on /b/ once if anyone's interested. I'll have to get it from my laptop, but that's more easily done than getting my greentexts.

Go for it man!
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From yesterday or today...dont really know the stories blend together but some anon was nice enough to compile them. Figured while we wait for op
>be 15
>throwing a ball around with my friend in my back yard
>friend throws it over the fence
>tell him he needs to go get it
>he hops the fence
>i'm halfway up it to watch
>nigger comes out from house
>friend scared shitless
(note that i live in a really bad neighboor hood with a lot of niggers)
>nigger charges my friend
>he barely gets over the fence
>nigger hops the fence after us
>i run to my back porch
>grab a baseball bat
>turn around swing that shit hard as i can
>nigger is kill
>friend starts freaking out
>call the cops
>cops get there interogate us tell him the nigger
charged us
>he believes me
>hell to the fucking yes
>friend takes therapy to this day
>>I pull up my cargo shorts
>cargo shorts
confirmed neckbeard

>The front door begins to open
>"Anon? Are you home?" My grandma calls out
>We jump
>She doesn't know about Elizabeth, she can't know she's here (She gets mad when other people are in her house)
>Elizabeth motions to go into the closet, we slide into the closet like snakes, stealth as shit
>My Grandma walks just outside of the closet we are in
>Elizabeth giggles silently, she thought this was a funny
>This is serious hiding from Adolf Grandma
>She walks past
>We sigh in relief
>She whispers to me
>"Anon, do you want to kiss again?"
>My Grandma

That was style bro for ten year olds
> my grandma


That was a typo, whoopsie, anyway

>She lays down on the coats that fell off the hangers
>She whispers for me to lay down with her
>She rings her fingers through my hair ever so gently
>She feels my face, in the darkness, I could feel my heart beat increase
>Her lips touch mine, her lips were wet, she must have licked them before
>We just laid there, kissing each other gently
>She stops
>Why did u staph mate
>She begins to unbutton my pants
>Feel my nervousness simmer
>This is too hot for me
>Attempt to contain myself
>For some reason my belly begins to wiggle a bit out of nervousness
>My pants are off now
>Her hand reaches under my underwear

Anyone lurking?
I'll read it whatever I love these story's
yes, keep goin please
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Op do it
Alright, lemme find it real quick

>Her hand touched my dick
>Her hand was very warm and was so soft
>She caressed my dick gently, the dragon began to come out of it's slumber
>I felt embarrassed that she was feeling my dick, but then again, she seemed to be very intrigued by it
>"Your dick is very nice, Anon." she whispered in the darkness
>I tried to remain calm, she began to jerk me off
>I haven't masturbated before so this was a new experience
>Felt good man
>She kept that up for some time, she went at a slow place
>She stopped
>"Do you want me to put my mouth on it?" She whispered
>I said yes nervously
>The feeling was amazing, her tongue felt so nice as she licked it
>She fit my whole wang in her mouth, it felt slimy but felt so amazing
>Yet again she stopped
>She began to remove her pants
Found this. What you do you /b/ros think?

Cant read it Bro

I have to clean up shit

Can you guys bump to keep this thread alive for about fifteen minutes?
go on
good luck reading that shit m8
Fucking dammit.. hold on...
Supreme bumb
I will destroy your anuse
Captcha: Tempting oyurget
Hai Ghost
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Hai Ghost
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img (3).png
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>Is that ur 4chan name?

>She sees my dick
>Ready to put it in her mouth
>Door suddenly breaks down
>Shrek floods room with his swampy smell
>Kills her after fucking her with ogre cock
>Proceeds to fuck me with ogre cock
>''It's all ogre now.''
>It really is over, shrek had AIDS
>Shrek is love, shrek is life
Ok so my dream can finally be read after fucking around on my phone for awhile on a Facebook page I admin. Lucky Mouse. Enjoy. Sorry, that's the best I can do atm with nothing but my phone
Fuck off faggot fuck. Come on OP I want to see how this becomes incest. So bumpedy bump

This thread needs to live

I have returned! Thanks for keeping this alive while I was away, I continue

>She pulled off her pants
>In the darkness, I could make out that they were white panties
>She began to grind on my dick, this feels nice
>I saw a wet spot that was building up on her panties
>"What's that wet stuff?" I whispered
>She smiled as she kept grinding, "That's my cum, that's what happens when I get excited."
>Lol okay
>The wetness gets more and more moist
>She asks, "Are you ready?"
>Ready for what I thought? Sex? Aw jeez
>"Y-yeah, let's do it."
Agreed too, for the sake of little girl *wink wink wink*
Lucky Mouse (Facebook page) will now start posting stories semi regularly.
Awh yeah, giggity.
pre type this shit next time m8
>8 year old
>"cum" "dick"
OP, you fucked this up
Retard, she's already had sex before obviously probably with her dad. Oh yeah.
No. Just no.

> story time

Down in front

>She removed her panties and put them at her side
>She slowly floated over me onto my dick
>Ten seconds to Zero Time
>She guides my dick into a her pussy
>At first I meet some resistance, this felt weird, it was wet and soft
>A moment or so later I break on through to the other side
>The feeling of a pussy is nice. It's very warm, tight, and especially wet
>She goes down as far as she can, then up again, then down alittle farther
>Her head is hitting the coats above us from all the bouncing

Anyone still there?
i am here OP
lurkin please continue


Yes. Pleade continu. This is amazing
This thread sucks. The only nigger posting any stories is too retarded to have anything pretyped
Stfu and listen up son. Gotta respect yur elderberries.

>This goes on for about ten minutes or so
>I hear my Grandma's footsteps
>Elizabeth bends down, she is laying on me, trying to keep quiet
>Her juices start to flow from her pussy onto the base of my dick
>I watch under the crack of the door the direction of her feet
>Her feet turn towards the closet

Go on..

please continue. I love this story so much cos i can relate to this. Alnist same story but skightky different.
I finnaly caught up so im now watching live
Oh god OP please continue, you must ehehehheheeueueueueu

Good timing grandmas about to join in
Pedo alert^
Yo man, not cool.
I would be posting Loli by now but fuck i want to see where this goes not spam it.
BUTSEKS amirite
Seriously, cheese pizza is some fucked up shit and your probably fucked in the head if your into that shit
Y u no continue? My dick is getting limp. Toplel
Don't mind me
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We're you trying to say that to me m8?
Penis has reached maximum limpness
Rocket launch aborted

> on /b/

Pot, meet kettle
Hansen you mother fucker.
2 words to describe me

>We lay there, motionless, remaining as still as possible
>A sound fills the air
>The door knob is beginning to turn
>This isn't good at all
>Begin thinking of suicide method when she finds me
>Another sound screeches through the air, the phone rings
>A gift from the Gods
>She walks away from the closet
>It was my parents
>They talked for however long, seemed like forever
>We knew it wasn't a safe closet to hide in, so we put on our shit and moved to a different spot
>Just happened to be my room down the hall
>We watched through the crack of the door as Grandma opened the closet door we were just in
>She looked down at the ground at the wet spot we made just a moment ago
>She shrugs it off and grabs her coat
>The house is ours again, Elizabeth goes to my bed and stretches out
2 words to describe me
-Mobile (ATM)
Its been nearly twenty fucking minutes. Either you are writing the bible out word for word or you are thinking of ideas. Get on with it. My dick is so limp its inside of me.
In the mean time...
..lets wait?
Oh ye bae bae.
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Does this help?
I think I can smell fish through my phone
Thats some top notch bait tactics

>I move onto the bed, she is completely naked now
>Though she had no breasts, seeing her bare nipples was a complete turn on
>I move on top of her
>Her pussy is still loose
>I push in
>I place my hands on her hips and start pumping into her
>She moans in Ecstasy as I keep pushing
>Her juices begin to gush from her pussy

>Shit was hot as fuck for an 8 year old
>an 8 year old
>8 year old

Bullshit level is OVER NINE-THOUSAND!!!!!
Oh yes rocket launch restarted.
go on
Who gives a fuck it's hot.
Moar. Im about to "wet the bed" brbrbrbrbbtvopvk

lol my captcha says 'push'. How fitting.
No fuk u fgt jam bund blu up da rokit
I need a piss but my parents are awake in the bed in the other room. Ill get buttfukd if i get out now. So close to climax. Not sure if piss or jizz. :l
>suddenly spaghetti
>Bork'd is love, Bork'd is life.
>Bork'ds schlong
>inb4 faggotry
What the actual fuck my fellow niggatron?
File: image.jpg (174KB, 850x637px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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U fucking faggot go die

>I begin to feel something strange
>What is happening?
>I moan out, "Something's happening!"
>This was my first time cumming so I don't know what to expect
>She pulls my dick out of her and I cum all over her stomach
>It was a clear liquid, but it so much
>It sat on her belly and begin to roll onto the sheets
>She grabbed me and held me close
>"Thank you, Anon."
>We sat there and hugged each other for what felt like hours
>The hug eventually led to cuddling naked together
>It felt really nice
>I felt really good being with her

Thus ends this part of the story. I have another from five years later if anyone wants to here that
>8 year old
Complete bullshit, but 8/10 made me hard
File: image.jpg (238KB, 1000x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238KB, 1000x750px
I'd like to think its real u dunking faggot piece of shit man I love little girls heuheuheuheu

I can't explain why I came at such an early age, but if you do, it's clear and lacks sperm cells
You can I did it when I was like 11 it's just like clear n shit, faggots.

I shall begin the story now guys
Fuck you that's piss.
But please do go on with the next story OP
File: 1402875874211.jpg (27KB, 314x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> couple months ago
>stoned as fuck
> ate a whole pizza by myself
> stomach hurts like a little bitch
> somewhat goes away but still lingers around
> what seems to be an hour later
> gotta take a shit
> get to bathroom
> start to jag off
> feelsgoodman.jpg
> I cum all over my legs and shorts and stomach
> well fuck
>before I can bend over to clean myself I feel a sharp stab in my stomach
> slowly go back into my regular sitting on toilet position
> I begin to shit out what seems to be the jalapeño pepperoni pizza I ate earlier
> the burning sensation of a thousand suns ripping through my asshole confirms this
> I wipe my burning assholes with baby wipes
> I throw the tissues into the toilet bowl like I usually do
> I flush
> I feel the toilet shit water touch my ass cheeks
> godfuckingdamnit
> too stoned to efficiently move without upsetting my stomach
> the smell of shit and cum overwhelms me
>I gag
> throw up in my mouth
> try swalloing it back in
> I fucking can't and this just makes me gag harder
> throw up even harder and spit out all my throw up
> covered in throwup and cum on a clogged toilet
> things can't get anymore worse than this
> I'm so fucking stoned I can't process how much of a disappointment I am to the human race
> briefly think about evolution and dinosaurs
> take a nap as I stay seated on my clogged toilet, covered in my own cum and throwup
> wake up
> mfw

Those were dark times
Give us ze story. We needz moar.
That was amazing anon, I had many a laugh reading that.

10/10 saved.
OP and you Anon, I love you guys, thank you so much for those storys :')
ITT: fags can't prretype

>So that summer Elizabeth and I made a pact to see each other every summer
>This didn't work out too well and I couldn't return for five years
>I begged and pleaded to go back to her house
>Eventually my wish was granted
>I had changed in those five years
>I wasn't the nervous boy sitting on the beach head swatting at the water
>Anyway, fast forward to getting to Grandma's house
>I walk down that much remembered beach and just sit there, looking into the lake
>I hear a familiar voice, just a little lower
>"Hello Anon, it's been a long time hasn't it?"
>I look towards the voice, it's Elizabeth, she looks completely different
>She has gotten taller and slightly tan
>Her breasts must have sprouted and are a solid C cup, her butt also got a adjustment, it looked very nice and plump
>"Hello Elizabeth. It has been quite sometime. I wish I could have came sooner!"
>"Came like five years ago perhaps?" She said tauntingly
File: 1352010465827.jpg (33KB, 350x343px)
33KB, 350x343px

>"Haha! Maybe! How have you been Elizabeth?"
>She walked up to me, kissed me on the cheek,"I missed you alot Anon. I'm just happy you're here with me again."
>She embraced me, like the type where you never wanted to let go
>"I am here now. For the whole summer."
>She cozied up into my shoulder

Ya guys still here?
Yes. Keep it coming son. How old were you two at the time?
Cum is something that your body can produce (and release) from the minute you are born. Sperm and cum are two different things. Understand now anon?
File: image.png (227KB, 440x479px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227KB, 440x479px

We both were 14 at the time, our birthdays are both in September

>We just walked down the beach, talking about what happened in those five years
>"Did you hear about the festival going on?" Elizabeth asked curiously
>"No, what festival?" I responded
>She simply pointed up the the road to a area where carnival rides and tents were set up
>How the fuck didn't I see that shit
>Lights and all
>"I was planning on going there tonight, maybe we can go together, it can be a date!"
>A date? Well that could be fun!
>Yeah sure! I'll wear something nice
Go on
When I was 5 my 14 year old neighbor used my finger to make herself cum while we were swimming in my family's pool.

A week later her 16 year older brother made me suck his dick and he stuck his finger up my ass.

My childhood didn't get much better after that, fun times...
Welcome to the rice fields motherfuckers
>thanks for a genuinely entertaining story OP
did you like getting fingered?

This story screams anime but I still like it, unfortunately I've got to go eat dinner at a family reunion so I'm hoping an anon will cap this story.
Yeah Akisora or how that shit was called or something else from the guy, as he always does the kinda stuff.
Cmon you OP I'm trying to buss a nut

>Fast forward to night time
>I wore this button up light blue shirt (I still have that shirt) with a pair of jeans
>Meet up at the usual spot, I get there first for a change
>I see walking through a new paved area through the forest
>She is wearing this beautiful white dress just above the knee and a thin white jacket
>I honestly thought she was the most beautiful person that day
>"Hello Anon, ready to go?" She asked swaying about
>"Of course!" I said eagerly
>We began walking, she wrapped her arm around my arm as we walked up the hill
>"Are you excited for the festival?" I said
>"Yes, but I'm more excited knowing I'm with you here, right now."
>That made me feel
>We were now at the festival

What this Anon said

I would sincerely request someone cap this please.

Thank you to whoever does, I will finish it tonight, more coming Bros
OP, for once, has stopped being a faggot. I demand more. I'm sure you will deliver.
nice story OP

>The festival was just your average carnival, had all those cheap carnival rides operated by the druggy looking volunteers.
>We rode a series of rides
>After we rode them we sat on the curb eating funnel cake with too much powdered sugar
>Elizabeth took a fingertip full of sugar and put it on my nose
>You bish
>How dare you
>"Oh it appears that I got some sugar on your nose, let me clean that for you."
>She gets up to my nose and licks the powdered sugar off
File: images-6.jpg (3KB, 129x129px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 129x129px
>me a freshman in highschool
>goofy as fuck
>got game with a couple chicks
>one in particular likes me quite a bit
>I finally work up the nerve to ask her to gibe da pusi b0ss
>she giggles and says mehbeh
>she wants to hang out after school
>we meet up at park across road from the school
>skip to the good part
>she's tanked my shorts and underwear down exposing solid dick
>71/2 in.
>she's already naked
>kisses the head for some time
>tells me to lay down
>we're behind a fence so 0 people can see
>she attempts to sit on my dick
>its too wide
>she slides down and it eventually goes in
>she has like 2 or 3 orgasms
>I finish inside.nyeeesssss
>we proceed to do this off and on for the rest of high school
>she now wants the ring
That's it guys I bolted. The Pusey was nice mane
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>be nine or ten
>enjoy pokemon
>freaky neighbor girl keeps inviting me and my friend to her house
>she’s 16, fat and weird
>we say no
>she keeps trying
>we finally give in because its hot and she has a pool
>go to her house, no parents around
>girl shows us a stack of old porno mags
>starts making comments about how much she likes to suck dick, get fucked, etc
>look, we just came here to swim, fatty
>she starts talking about fucking her dog and shit gets even more uncomfortable
>girl says we should go skinny dipping and starts taking off her bathing suit
>friend and i have had enough and we gtfo
>fast forward a month or so
>freaky girl approaches me and says she has pokemon cards to trade
>she has my attention
>go to her house, she takes me to her room
>no pokemon cards in sight
>says she’ll give me some rares if i let her touch me
>i’m ok with that
>she sticks her hand down my pants and starts jerking my dick
>feels bad because she does it too hard
>w/e, pokemon cards are worth it
>after a minute she pulls down my pants and starts sucking my weenie
>i like this much better
>have erection, girl gets naked
>her body looks like a pear, fat ass, small tits, not attractive but intriguing on a scientific level
>she puts my hand on her pussy, feels hot and slimy
>pulls me on the bed and makes me fuck her
>have no idea what i'm doing so just pretend i’m a jackhammer and pound away
>girl seems to like it
>feels kinda good, maybe this isn’t so bad after all
>after a while feel pressure building in my penis
>push hard thinking ‘fuck yeah i’m gonna cum’
>get ready to cum buckets, wait…nope
>its pee
>unleash a torrent of pee into her vagina
>girl starts thrashing around and screaming
>panic, think my pee is burning her
>jump off and grab clothes
>girl is covered in pee, bed is covered in pee
>realize i was not prepared for any of this
>girl yells at me, asks why i stopped
>i am so done
>get dressed and run out

never did get to trade pokemon cards
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