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Tell me your locker room stories.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tell me your locker room stories.
>be op
>stare at dicks at locker room
Once between classes I stepped in a puddle of nasty green shit on accident in the locker rooms. It was fucking nasty.
>be me
>enter locker room
>change clothes

That would be it, I am not a faggot

The most interesting story I have is
>hear shouting from locker room
>nobody wants to go in
>I sneak in
>some fucking huge buff dude yelling at his phone
>skipped that day
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> go in room
> 100 Japanese men in there
> instant bukakke
> ????
> shit was so cash
first gay experience in a ymca locker room at 16
>Went to an Australian school
>We don't have locker rooms
I'm also Aussie and we had communal showers but no one ever used them.
>>work as a lifeguard at an indoor pool
>>go to locker room to take a piss during break
>>walking back to the pool
>>friend's dad is there
>>"hey anon how's it going" normal convo for a few minutes being friendly
>>mid sentence he just drops his shorts
>>continues talking to me like its no big deal his dick is just hanging out while he's talking to his son's friend
>>go back to the pool
>>text friend and tell him the story
>>we both laugh
His dick was huge btw...
>enter in the showers
>a man start shitting in the shower
>"all the cabins are broken"
>while talking a 15cm brown worm exit from his anus
>all the floor was brown
>leave without a word
>no shower that day

showers like op's pic
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this is after a pool day with friends

>the showers all empty
>we start to act like down
>one grabs two tubes
>start to make the monkey
>an old man enters
>we calm down
>the same friend of the monkey thing put his penis between his legs and act like if he has a vagina
>he go to the shower near of the old man
>the old man say "this is the man's showers lady"
>we litteraly lol
I peed in the locker room shower once in 8th grade.
Stick to speaking Romanian from now on.
ai dont anderstend mai frend
What the fuck does this post mean?
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>12 y/o
>mom signs me up for swimming class
>after class take shower
>all the boys were shy at first
>classes go on
>everyone now used to showering together
>boners poppin right and left
>became a joke in time
>walk into shower with boner
>one of the boys smacks my cock down
>it pops back up
>everyone starts laughing
>I turn red, try to leave
>grabed from behind and dragged into shower
>I try to get away
>two boys hold me up against the wall
>they all take turns smacking my cock down
>they start to call me webble
>they take turns grabbing my cock
>then they started jerking it
>started to feel good
>I stopped strugling
>two boys drop to their knees
>both start to jerk me
>I let out a moan
>cum on their faces
>chaos and laughing breaks out
>coach yells into shower
>knock it off girls
>tells me to see him in his office after shower
>he sucked my dick till my mom came for me
>went like that all summer.
>boys jackin me in the shower
>coach blowin me in his office
>best summer ever
>till the next
Where are you from?
>be in elementary school
>final year
>showers mandatory after gym class
>everybody having laughs
>Polish kid won't take towel off
>gets confronted
>people start bullying him
>guy pulls towel down
>weird fucking dick, even for that age
>thin shaft
>huge cut dickhead
>covered in smegma (i'm gagging just thinking back)
>nobody knows what it is
>one guy says his mom calls it dickcheese
>nicknames were born
>mushroom dick
>fungus hermit
>whine and cheese

Bet this kid never took his pants down in front of anyone ever again, we gave him hell.
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>be 10
>in soccer team
>in showers after soccer practice
>need to piss really bad
>piss in group shower without anyone noticing
>huge yellow pool under other kids feet
>parents come in the locker room
>see piss under that kids feet
>gets shit from his parents

hahaha similar shit happened to another kid in my class, he wanted to fit in with some of the "cool kids" so he took a piss in the shower like 3 other dudes did.

Then everybody started hating on him cause he's a ginger and we told the teacher that he pissed in the shower.

His mother was one of those involved types who helps as lunchmom and extra overseer when events happen, so she came to the gym locker room instantly and gave him heavy lecture in front of everybody, lols commenced.
I want to go to the local pool showers and oggle little naked boys. Too bad I'm too much of a pussy and I'd probably get arrested.

just get a cane and super fat sunglasses and pretend to be blind.
A nude blind guy with an erection would look pretty suspicious standing in the middle of a group of naked kids.

oh wtf i got you wrong, didn't know you wanted to get into the showers with them. what's your problem anyway man... how does that shit give you an erection
>be me
>never be in a locker room
I used to have family showers as a kid. My dad would put his dick right up in front of my face. It sort of left me with a complex. I now want to expose myself to boys.
>Not having sex with your bros in the shower after sport

get help... before you do something drastic and end up beaten to shit daily
>be me in jr high gym class
>everyone showers after class
>dick starts getting hard
>start washing it
>feels good
>feel like im gonna cum
>cum buckets
>everyone is in shock
>all the kids go home and tell their parents what happened
>I get arrested and fired from my job
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>Be homeschooled
>MFW I hear about everyone else having to strip naked with dozens of other horny faggot asshole highschool kids
>not really something I regret missing out on
>be me, 7/10-ish, i dont fucking know
>be 17
>after hung gar lessons
>its a co-ed class
>i joined late and got put with the girls since they started later
>end of class
>go towards boys locker rooms
>shifu stops me, a she by the way
>pretty okay body from all training but dat face
>"i'm not opening up the entire locker room for you by yourself anon, just go in the girls locker room, like you'd mind"
>"don't get your ass kicked by trying anything funny"
>i'm sweat as shit and wanted to shower
>have to ride my bike home, 20 minute ride, not doing that all disgusting like this
>knock before going in
>"i'm comming in!"
>step in locker room
>they stare at me like they're seeing water burn
>shifu follows me in
>"ladies the young man's joining you, spare his pansy ass for now"
>they seem somewhat reluctant
>don't give two shits
>go in
>start undressing
>having been practicing since i was 15 shaped my body pretty fitly
>i notice some looks but decide to ignore it
>i want to fucking shower
>down to my underwear by now
>notice more "sneaky" stares that are all but sneaky
>fuck it, i'm taking a shower
>take towel out of bag
>walk into the showers
>see a girl peek around the corner "what are you doing anon?"
>start to take of boxers
>she hides her face
>throw boxers towards my bag
>hear confused noises

It gets better from here, but I don't wanna typ if you shits don't care

this thread has potential

>be me, 15
>go to beach with friend from school who is 15
>so cold that we have to wear wetsuits when swimming
>all sandy and use the outside shower afterwards together
>i had boxers on under wetsuit, he didnt wear anything, he's way more confident than me
>he takes off his wetsuit and has a pretty big dick
>he tries to pull my boxers down, i get a half chub thats clearly visible under wet boxers
>he starts jerking off and we talk about girls we both know and think are hot and what we want to do with them
>after about 3 minutes of this I have a raging boner
>decide to take off my boxers and we both jerk off, keep staring at each other's dicks and talk about fucking girls
>"wanna race, anon?"
"yeah" i say
>he beats me, but i cum 10 seconds later
>continue jerking off and watching porn together, once in public pool showers but we were the only people

Pretty positive he's bi but is too much of a bro to ever come out, and I'm pretty sure he's more straight since we never touched each other in any way. I love jerking off with certain other guys, but dont know how much more I'd like than that.

Sorry first time ever greentexting. Jerking now to the memory of this.

One person's good enough for me, gonna write the rest
File: 1399957240504.gif (3MB, 128x301px)
3MB, 128x301px
>whine and cheese
>Be 4
>Went to Ben and Jary's with family
>Wander down store rows while family is finishing ice cream
>Wander into locker room
>se thinks
didn;t know how to act
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact. Please continue.
>be at gym at night (11:00) because work and kids
>locker room is pretty empty
>putting on shoes after shower and dressing
>old guy comes out of the showers
>old as in flabby tits, grey hair (head and pubes), shuffling
>his locker is a few down from mine (what are the odds)
>drying himself off with the towel and talking to me
>inches closer to me with his cock facing me
>finish tying my shoes and his cock is about a foot from my face
>nope it out of there

If he was younger I probably would have punched him for being so blatant.
File: 1400226809275.gif (548KB, 118x112px)
548KB, 118x112px
What highschools do not have separated showers? not mine.

>these girls were generally pretty hot
>practice made their bodies great, decent boobs, hung gar training doesn't really prevent growth like that like some sports i think i don't know
>my dig's pretty hard knowing all these girls are but a corner away
>hear giggling
>had heard the door open and close a few times by
>don't pay attention washing while starting the wall
>don't wanna know if any girls are looking
>more giggling
>two hands pass over my eyes
>reflex kicks in
>backwards tiger claw, remember where i am and stop
>only slows down, already going
>got my hand against someones waist
>its skin
>"calm down anon" voice says softly
>one hand passes over both eyes
>puts the other on the hand i had on her waist
>"guess who"
>"i don't think i mind who"

Cont as fast as I can, have to write this now, relying on my memory
tell us moar
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>me and this other guy in the shower
>third guy comes in, covering his dick with his hands
>ok whatever
>2nd guy laughs at him
>dick covering guy says he does it for us obviously, he doesnt like seeing dicks
>he says he doesnt give a fuck
>starts doing the helicopter
i can fap to this.

>presses against me
>feel her breasts rest against my back
>still no clue who this is
>don't care at all
>"how about now?"
>pretty girl, red hair, wears it in a braid, the cutest of the bunch
>i fancy red heads hence i was kinda hoping it was her
>"is that your final answer?"
>i don't care if it's not i like where this is going
>"i think i need more confincing"
>she turns me around, still having her hand over my eyes
>hear a slight gasp
>i have a decent john, just over 7 inches
>she kisses me
>"how about now?"
>"anonnette?" hoping it is by now
>hand disappears
>it's her sister
>brown hair, but pretty much as cute
>"you don't mind do you?" she smiles
>"i'll happily be wrong this time, anona"
>kisses me again
>feeling her up as i go i by now notice she's completely undressed too
>is anyone still in the lockerroom?
>fuck if i care
>pick her up by her legs
>turn around and press her against the wall, still kissing

Already feggets, I gotta go eat dinner, I'll be back in 30 minutes. Either keep this thread alive (doubt it) or look out for me to start a thread in that time

I'll post the previous three (including this one) and the ones to come then

Hope you enjoy, see you fucks in a little
fuck you boner kill. i hope you eat cum in your dinner. I'll wait for that day then. Cheers you cum slurping faggot.
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>Builds up the story
>leaves half way though
>not comparing dicks

You better hurry up!
>This is what pedophiles actually fantasize about.
you're the worst type of person
and this was how you learned you love the cock?
did you find out if your friend inherited his dad's penis?

I'm back faggets

You guys still here? If so, I'll continue

Boners return guaranteed
oh you hurried up, nice please continue
please continue
dont even care if its fake it got me hard
Hell yeah we are here!

Hell yeah I did, wouldn't want to let my /b/rothers down

Hold on to your boners, I'll be writing as fast as I can

Happy to hear you faggets like it

You are completing Gods work
You mean:
>Not being a mentally ill faggot.
In junior high the kids in my class would always bean dip me.

I fucking hated those days.

People were so immature.
Okay, so let's continue where we left off;

>I rest her against the wall
>she giggles
>still kissing her
>she has a few freckles just above her breasts and a bit on her collarbones
>just looking at her naked would get anyone rock hard
>she grasps back to find support on the wall
>hits the shower button
>it's like making out in the rain
>drops bounce off me as she starts to move her hips against me
>bites me lip gently as she pulls back from the kiss
>"i noticed you looking at annonette during practice, i was scared you liked her"
>chuckle at the thought of her watching me
>"oh really now?"
>"you're cute, couldn't help but be jealous" her face is turning red
>she places her hand on the back of my head and pulls me towards her
>kisses me on the cheek and whispers
>"the lannisters send their reg-" I'm joking, sorry, had to, I'll continue
>"pretty please make me feel good"
>"pretty please? haha"
>"i want to feel like fireworks"
>just go in for another kiss
>move down to her neck
>continue lower
>kiss her collarbone
>top of her breast
>she has her hand in my hair

continuing still
Bump to keep the thread alive
bumping for the story im gonna cum over tonight
>be 13
>Go to same locker room as mother, single lad.
>Never seen real live naked girls.
>Small boner appear, ignore and enter swimming pool.
>In swimming pool, having fun with mommy and we hug etc.
>I get a boner again, boobs pressing against me.
>Mommy feel it on her stomach, and ignore.
>Boner rises, and i start to hump her stomach, grinding my boner against her.
>She tells me to enter the locker room, and she will be right in.
>I enter the bathroom, and mom enters 3 min later.
>I standing there, naked with boner.
>Mommy comes closer and closer, finnaly graps my little penis.
>She work it, and work it and work it and suddenly feel very odd feeling. My legs feel num, my mucles are going crazy and i can barely stand. Nothing comes out, my mom exits the bathroom and we both take a shower.
>In the car on the way home, i ask her what that feeling was. She told me never to tell anybody, or she would go to jail and never see me again.
>Asked if we could do it again some time, we agreed on trying it again when we came home.

That Lannister's reference killed my bonner. lol'ed though
All girls do this
And that is why you pretype

>I can feel her heartbeat
>kiss her nipple, lick it slightly as she lets out the cutest little moan
>Going hands free, completely holding her up to the wall with my body alone, resting her on my legs
>use my hand to play with her other breast as I use my mouth and tongue on the other
>i've been with girls before, know how to do this well, ain't ignoring the other booby
>praise that booby, /b/rahs
>praise it good
>buy it dinner
>...moving on
>massage her breasts as I go down further
>kiss her belly, noticed I can't go lower while holding her like this
>Move my arms under her legs
>pull her up
>her lady parts are in my face( shut up, I have trouble saying the word, it feels wrong. just shut the fuck up )
>she's not too close to the ceiling luckily
>she grasps my hairs between her fingers
>rub my nose over her clit as I move my face up
>have it guide me as I start licking
>her hand is going mental on my head, grasping
hair and releasing again only to grab more
>she moans
>somewhat louder now
>manage to get my hands on her breasts as I continue going down on her
>don't know if its the shower or her but she's wet all right
>slowly move her down again as I kiss my way up
>kiss her again
>she still a bit flustered, face red, chest bumping up and down from heavy breathing
>hottest thing ever
>"my turn" she says under her breath

continuing stil

I've never even seen GoT, haha
obviously fake so nah, just stop.. dont continue.
Not like I was counting on writing this today
One time I was in a locker room.
Gotta fit the forum broo, none of these stories are real, just reflections of once dirty mind..
>be football (American) player
>have lots of niggers on team
>be white
>penis is larger than everyone in the locker room
>become sad because interracial cockold doesn't turn me on anymore
obvs fake but please continue anyway
I had my first threesome a the Y. Adolescent crisis unit. I was 14. Was in a room with two other guys, and we blew each other all night. Good times /b/ good times.

Locker rooms...everyone looks at everyone's dick, in a casual way. It is just what men do. Anything beyond that is creepy, and is what gives fags a bad name. Men have been naked with other men for centuries, it is no big deal.

It's because gym class has been pussy-cized, and you are no longer graded on showering.

However there is always an anomaly. That is relevant to my interest. 99% of the time, acting out just put you in a room full of threatened men coming at you. Not to fuck you, but to fuck you up.

A healthy dose of paranoia keeps me from being bashed. Just once I wish all those rules were off the table, and 80's bathhouse breaks out.

If you look, be discrete. Keep the images so you can fap at home.
In everyone's life, there's a Summer of faggity-two.
Everyone knew that the moment you went in those showers your bag and everything in it went flying all over the changing rooms. So deodorant was our shower equivalent.
>In China for a visit
>Go to indoor waterpark
>Go to lockerroom similar to OPs picture
>Everybody's dick (including mine bc Im beta) microscopic as fuck
>Asian stereotype confirmed
0/10 for lying
>I've never even seen GoT, haha
you should, its awesome

She goes on her knees
>shower's still going
>it's not a timer-button or something, just on and off
>you guys ever had a blowjob in the rain?
>It's valhalla
>she strokes it slightly
>moving it around, looking at it
>she holds it against her face
>"it's pretty big, anon, you're lucky"
>"oh, I feel lucky alright"
>she kisses the tip
>smiles at me
>she takes the head in her mouth, revolving her tongue around it
>she starts to gently suck it, using her tongue as she goes
>wondered how the fuck she was so good and imagined her having had practicing
>kind of a boner kill
>convince myself she practiced on toys
>this innocent brunette's a virgin, i tell myself
>boner back, stronger than ever

blowjob's pretty much like that for a few, can't tell you much more, moving on to the more fun part

>she's still stroking me as she gets back on her feet
>bj felt like freedom
>rock hard still
>Hung Gar ain't the most "flexible" of martial arts, but this girl must've been a cheerleader or some shit because what she fucking did
>"anon, fireworks, now, please"
>don't say shit, just kiss her
>she pushes me back slightly
>lifts up one leg, rests it against my chest
>grab her leg
>she rests against the shower wall
>prod my throbbing dick against her lady parts
>it slips against it easily
>rub it against the lips to tease her
>"be gentle, you're my first"
>y'all never no luck like this

>mfw you actually think heaps of these stories are fake
Not everyone is a liar
>lying on the internet
>be 10 yrs old
>my nan takes me to the local pool
>my nan is you typical dumb bimbo, only reason my grandad married is because she was a 10/10 back in the day
>convince her I cant go into the lockers on my own and have to go into the women's lockers with her
>tell my nan ill go change in one of the toilet stalls
>on my way see at least 6.75 vaginas ranging in age from 10-40
>see some tits as well, I have a distinct memory of a milf having some big ass titty honkers
>went home that day and tried to draw them on MSpaint from memory
Being in a room of naked classmates never got me excited. This was my class, not hot boys.
Meh, seen a bit, didn't like it

it's too many characters to keep up with for it to be fun, and it's a bit overrated

most people watch it soley because
1) the visual effects are neat
2) hipsters being all "it's like lord of the rings but a series, i'm such a geek
3) only a small percent, probably those who read the book, enjoy it for what it is. I can respect that, but it's not my thing
>draw them on paint
>only a small percent, probably those who read the book, enjoy it for what it is. I can respect that, but it's not my thing
My case but my brother and sister watch it with me and they find it really cool. Maybe because anytime they have a question about the show or something they don't understand I can explain it to them. Try watching the show with someone who's read the books/already watched the show once to explain it to you when you don't understand and I think you'd find it very cool
>Needing to have something explained to you and not just watching/figuring it out yourself
Sigh. I feel like I'm watching something with children whenever someone has to have something explained to them.
File: 23680-05wq.jpg (28KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 17
>with friends at camping
>go to swimming pool locker room
>kids 10/11 yo all over there
>all naked
>one has a sleeping whale between his legs
>he knows what he has
>mfw 11yo kid starts running behind his mates doing helicopter with his huge meat bar
the build up is climatic if you pay attention to each character's storyline and i can't wait for the next episode
>be gay 15 y/o twink
>friends start taking me to the gym with them cause they feel bad for me for being a skinnyfag
>after we work out we sneak into the "Mens Health Club" cause they have a free sauna
>everyone in there is old and naked
>friends make fun of me if I wear clothes in the sauna so I strip to fit in
>feels like everyone is staring at me, but nbd, we soak and steam and go home
>weeks go by
>tell my friends to go home without me one day cause I'm gonna soak in the jacuzzi for a bit
>they leave
>relax for a bit, close my eyes, start to drift off
>open my eyes and there's four guys just staring at me
>they drag me to the steam sauna and all take turns on my ass
>for like 4 hours
>can hear people laughing and making comments as they walk by
>apparently I had been marked the second I walked in there
>never been to the gym since

Hey fuck you maaan I am romanian and I can speak english 100000000x better than than faggot fuck, who isn't even romanian, he's just from Fucktardistan.
Like you understood everything the first time you've watched GoT and didn't need to rewatch/reread some parts in order to fully understand everything
File: f5.jpg (114KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 1024x768px

>I slip it in gently
>only a bit
>pull back
>go in further
>start going faster, long strokes still
>she's moaning loud as shit
>fuck her against the wall
>grab a better hold of her leg
>grab other more at her hips
>with a quick movement turn her around and hold her up against the wall
>she throws her arms around my neck, hold the back of my head in her hands
>she pulls me close as I continue fucker her
>slipping in and out as she starts to make out with me
>I place a hand on her breast and start playing with it as we continue
>I can feel her around my john
>she bites my lip again, slightly harder this time
>lets go and flips her head back
>tries grabbing something, reaches back
>she moans as she grabs ahold of the shower bar, pressing the button as she does
>shower turns off
>she's singing the song of her people as her nails scratch over my back
>gotta admit, that felt pretty good
>feel her wet lips slide over my john as I give it a last push and cum myself
>i pull it out just before
>come over her belly
>rest my hand against the wall, standing over her
>she kisses me and places a hand on my cheek before slowly sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor
>I grab my towel and dry myself off as she continues to shower a bit
>put the towel around me
>walk out
>three girls were still in the fucking locker room
>two were masturbating still
>one was hiding her face behind her bag
>how did i not fucking hear them
>they all look at me like i'm a mayan god

Needless to say, classes were amazing after that. I'm in a steady relationship with Anona now and still practicing hung gar two times a week. She quit though, couldn't afford classes anymore. I offered to pay for her but she said she'd use the time to focus on her studies, so 's allright.

Hope you fucks enjoyed

true, probably

maybe i'll check it out some day
Hope you fuckers enjoyed, I know I did then, haha
Believe it to be true or don't, I don't care and I'm sure you lot don't really either, haha. I can post some more stories like these, not the same circumstances, but still really hot. Most with Anona, some from before this with other girls.

Tell me if you liked the way I did the story by the way, what I could've let out, what parts were unnecessary, all that ya know?
> in highschool.
> after swim team practice
> everyday we all get hard
> compare our cocks.
> nothing ever went further.
> :-(
Thanks anon that was a cool story
Actually I did, but okay then. Things made more sense as different parts of the puzzle were introduced, but the only time I have ever re-watched an episode I've already seen is when I've done a GoT marathon just before the new season starts. Is it really so hard to believe that some people don't need to have their hands held?

we should hang out sometime and you can show me this big white cock of yours.
>After baseball practice
>Playing Butt-Ball
>(Shitty game using a raquetball and throwing at each other in the shower)
>Kid drops axe gel
>Bends over
>Being pitcher from said practice
>Throw so hard the ball gets stuck in his asshole
>Principle doesn't know what to say to me
>Whole school respected my pitching after that
>get used to the locker room at the local pool where men's is right and women's is left
>go to one a couple towns over
>instinctively go right
>don't even notice anything wrong
>empty room
>listening to iPod while I change
>drop trou
>turn around about to get trunks out of bag
>look up
>sister's best friend standing there in one piece swim suit
>must have been there to practice for swim team on an off day
>oh fuck
>pull out ear buds and try to talk, only muster an "uh"
>deer caught in head lights
>she starts to laugh
>I'm soft, can't even try to blame flaccid size on pool, haven't swam yet
>"aww, that's just..." Shit eating grin
>her laughing and tight body turns me on
>"its still small hard? Oh that's just sad"
>says she won't tell anyone I was in women's locker if she can take a pic of me fully erect
>do so, dress up in shame, don't even swim, go home
You're very welcome, /b/rother

Care to choose the next, got some others:

-Anona in her car
-Anona during a school fund raiser
-Other chick (redhead, god I love those) that I met through her sister who I helped fix her car
-Some french girl I met when I was a year abroad in Cavalaire Sur Mer (France) for a student exchange thing
That was the point of the last piece of text.
You pick.
Also speaking of romanian shit, here's a locker room story of mine from highschool

>Be me after sports class
>Sweaty, all the class together, dressed, sitting on benches in locker room
>We had a sports exam of sort and were waiting for teacher to come and announce grades
>Teacher takes fucking forever, everyone is bored and sweaty and waiting to change
>I am getting restless, some guys leave, bitches stay, still wanting to change sweaty fucking clothes badly
>More waiting, still waiting.
>I say fuck this shit and and start changing
>drop shirt, drop pants, whatever maaan
>Bitches be like "OOOOwww guy wat u doin, ooo niiice etc
>No fucks given
>Bitches be mirin
>Felt pretty manly, man.
>A good day in romania

None of your gay shit that Ive opften heard here though.
Aye, alright, I'll go with the third one cause that was really something

It's a short one though, but you'll enjoy it
And I want to masturbate so I don't feel like typing a whole lot more
> be me
> 22 y/o
> finished working out
> go to locker room
> get towel
> shower
> change clothes
> go home

You guys are faggot pieces of shit if anything other than this happened
I don't play sports, So, I don't use faggy locker rooms. I am usually too busy getting pussy.
I'm about to sleep keep it short. Loving it though.
0/10 virgin.
>finish shower and drying off
>locker room crowded
>locker room adjacent to bathroom (as usual)
>guy comes out of bathroom carrying newspaper
>obviously some reading material while taking a shit
>walks past everyone
>has toilet paper tail hanging from his ass.
>everyone chuckles at him
>get home
>rub one out
>watch TV for a bit
>go downstairs for food
>sister getting food
>she says "hi" with a big friendly smile
>maybe she hasn't seen yet
>"what's up... little brother?"
>mfw I'm 3 years older than her
>mfw apparently 6 inches is small
File: 1400544417546.gif (492KB, 400x220px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
492KB, 400x220px
It's on the high side of average, your sister's friend is either a nigger-slut, or has only seen dick in porn. You could have shut your sister up by slapping her with it.
And Jock Itch.

Completely agreed, and also if you do wanna go gay with a guy at least dont do it where Im fucking changing after sports, what the fuck, invite him over to your place, buy em dinner or some shit

>"anon, what are you doing this afternoon?"
>"nothing, why?"
>"something in my car's making a sound, could you take a look at it?"
>fixed her car before, we're pretty chill so I figured sure
>"when do you get off?"
> "two hours"
>"aye, me too, i'll come to your car alright?"
>"thanks anon, you're the best"

Later that day

>go to her car
>she pokes me in the back followed by a friendly 'Hi'
>she's pretty cute, but couldn't see her as more than a friend, she was too chill
>she explains what she hears and where she thinks its coming from
>offers to ride me to her place to hear for myself
>promises me a beer and maybe some left over pizza if her dad didn't eat it already
>we drive
>notice the sound
>it's like a small ticking
>try to listen
>"found it?"
> "i'm trying"
>wait a sec
>hold the rearview mirror
>sound stops
>it's the fucking mirror, it's like a shit bit loose
>get to her place
>tighten the fuck a bit
>she guides me inside
>she sits a beer down on the table
>"i'm gonna start on Prof. Anonin's essay, i hope you don't mind me leaving you down here."
>figured it's fine
>a few drinks in her sister comes down stairs

Still here. Will be gone in about 15 minutes.
whole new meaning to "pitcher" and "catcher"
>mfw she's been flirting with one of my best friends
>mfw I know he has a 9 1/2 inch cock
>yfw me and my friend have seen each other's cocks
>ofw we have no face
>she's fine as fuck
>9/10 body
>8/10 face
>cutest babe ever
>"oh hey"
>"what are you doing here?"
>"i fixed something in your sister's car, she offered me a beer"
>"those are mine, anon"
>was drinking a desperado, bitch got good taste at least
>"ah, shit, sorry, she just gave this one to me"
>"it's alright, i guess"
>smile at her
>"then again, maybe you can repay me"
>take another sip "oh really?"

she takes me to the garage

>start making out against her sisters car
>side note; sister has a fucking impala, beautiful beast but shit the engine on that thing
>she undoes the buttons on my pants
>grabs ahold of my john through my boxers
>i started to fondle her breasts as we went on
>she pulled it out
>squats down and starts to go to town on my john
>"i thought i was the one paying you"
>"tschomashoe thsomathshhgsg"
>she has some weird voodoo shit going on
>hexing my cock into a new level of erection
>strokes it with on hand as she plays with herself using the other
>gulping my dick down, licking it all over
>i'm coming, ffs this babe
>cum in her mouth and over her tits
>she swallows
>"swing by for another beer tomorrow, handsome"
>she walks off like it's nothing
>fuck yeah I will
>did a few times after that, mostly more blowjobs and a bit of fucking but we got caught by her sister
>sister didn't speak to me for two weeks
>fucked her sister when we started speaking again for a week or so

guys, I love my life, seriously
and little tip; it's always about confidence, fat or skinny, buff or not, confidence's the key.
>microdicked asian detected

it's okay man, i am always around to satisfy your wife with my big white cock
Thanks dude. Good stories.
I'm actually Australian. I just think the stereotype is stupid.
You're very welcome. I'm happy you enjoyed it
File: 1399905490890.jpg (226KB, 1024x1301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Post a pic of yourself please, I'm bi and this made me go abc
>she has some weird voodoo shit going on
>hexing my cock into a new level of erection

I can do my dick, but I'm not doing face or anything, sorry mate

I know too many people lurking 4chan, mostly /b/
>After baseball practice
>Playing Butt-Ball
>(Shitty game using a raquetball and throwing at each other in the shower)
>Kid drops axe gel
>Bends over
>Being pitcher from said practice
>Throw so hard the ball gets stuck in his asshole
>Principle doesn't know what to say to me
>Whole school respected my pitching after that
dick is also a kind of face, bro.
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