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I said you should bump guys... I hate the new /b/ http://

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I said you should bump guys...

I hate the new /b/


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>she want's to bang brother
>sends him tits
>he just jokes about it
>she's retarded
>nothing happens
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bumping for story

Laat maar, wil niet b& worden.
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I haven't seen nazichan in a while
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Nazi xD.jpg
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Yes, she does have a fucking obsession with hitler that borders on the insane.

But what are you expecting from fucked up retards.

>le ebin hitleru maymay images xD

Hahaha. So funny.

Serieus, kanker op met je 'ermegerd ik wil niet b% word'. Kankerdebielen, heb gvd wat ruggengraat ofzo. Alsof de mods het een kanker kan schelen.

Pass die naam

Ik score pics

>die tieten
Ik wil 'em
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You the guy with the E-Mail?
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How come the thread died by the way? there were enough people keeping it alive.

Not to be an arrogant kanker but she seems pretty easy and i'm reasonably top tier.
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Long story short:

>I know her
>she thinks she's clever as hell
>annoying as fuck edgy bullshit
>fucked a nigger to gain his trust
>said she scammed azerty and KPN with them
>created a junk directory of a trusted company
>scammed the nigger as well though
>went to germany
>last known location belgium

Some script kiddie who thinks she's tough meat. And I find it hilarious to prove her wrong and destroy her life in the process.

Why? She's a bitch and deserves it. If you can't keep your mouth shut about shit like this and then try to fuck with me expect something in return.

So now we're playing my game.
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I have no fucking clue man.

Either /b/ is way too fast or some janitor is butthurt.

>pretty easy
She is. Will notify you shortly.

Also bump the fucking thread you faggots I don't want this to 404 again

Also disclaimer:

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op's posting with the speed of a snail, that's why no1 bumpin
I knew this shit would pay off.
Waar in Belgie precies?
And also, how did she try to fuck with you? F
Ik twee dit.
How about you keep dumping faggit?
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Lekkere tietjes hoor
How about you keep bumping genius.

No clue.

By being a retarded faggot. So now it's payback time.

>please don't post my pics or info

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hurry the fuck up and show us the vagoo
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>softether VPN

Only works when you don't blabber your shit around. Seriously, how can you be so fucking retarded.
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IMG_0181 (2).jpg
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>le ebin h4xx0r tools xD

Pfhaha. I hope she get's fucked.

All in good time my friend.
is this nazichan's tits?
Ik wil slapen negert
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Yeah, someone created a thread with pics of her a few months ago, she begged me to not post her info.

And I didn't.

But now it's just so much fun.
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Btw her name is not danielle, don't even try lol

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I also have pics of her period blood.

>le randumb photo

Haha, so funny.

Hope she kills herself.
just vagoo
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Breast Lump.jpg
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This is at the time when she was sick and developed some lump in her breast.

Nope, not cancer. Wish it would've been.
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Currency System.jpg
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Oh, wow her hands are really disgusting, I'm noticing that only now.

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Wonder how it feels to get fucked.

I guess she thought I wouldn't do it.

And I normally don't. But you crossed the line a few too many times bitch. And now it's time to pay.
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Bumping for more vagoo
Nigger shut the fuck up, you're posting a bunch of semi-shitty pictures on an anonymous site, without providing name or anything.

Do it faggot. Gib dox.
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No, fuck off.
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Je bent het zelf gewoon en wil gewoon kanker aandacht of wat? Kankerwatje, DOE HET.
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last bump for me.. not enough vagoos.
hahaha he still loves the bitch
>lol ohpe ur never going to get laid now u went too far
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I only read cancer, write english.


No, I just wanted to bang her.
That's not her.

Post dox.
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>That's not her.
It is. When she was 18.
Stop being so autistic and admit that it's you and you're just fishing for attention, or post the fucking dox and be done with it.
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 33

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