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Incest thread, I'll start! >Be me, 11 yr old with 13yr

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest thread, I'll start!

>Be me, 11 yr old with 13yr old sister
>Setting: night time, with single mom at work
>Sister and I are probs playing SSB on the N64
>Something happens, one of us wins and we chase eachother through the house
>We end up on the couch, and one thing lead to another
>The ol' "I'll show you mine..." stuff ensues from here, and I reciprocate
>I whip out my ~3-4in baby dick and she looks at it
>After a while, she starts lightly touching the scarred region, and I feel orgasmic shivers down my body
>Blahblah, she takes off her shirt, and I'm staring at my first real tits.
>On a 13yr old.
>I fondle, twist, measure viscosity, and tickle my sister's nipples
>After laying down a towel, this continues for about 30m with us on the ground
>Eventually, I have to go piss and she comes with me
>We watch each other piss, hottest shit ever
>Mom calls, coming home. We get dressed and split

This went on for about 4 years until my sister grew out of it or puberty ended. I have more stories to tell, but I'll take my business to r/incest if no one speaks up
I'd like to hear more, that gave me semi boner
bump for interest.
no stories of my own though
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Has the thread died already?
>be 17 living with mom, dad spilt years ago.
>sniffing her panties and jerking off in her bed.
>mom walks in, drunk as fuck and doesn't realise what im doing.
>she lays next to me and pass's out, i still have a massive boner.
>decide fuck it she ain't waking up soon.
>slide her panties off and pull her skirt up, lick her pussy and ass as i jerk off,
>roll her on her side and undo her bra, pull her tits out and jerk off and cum on them, wipe off cum with her sheets, tuck her in and turn off the light.
>wake up the next morning, no questions asked. she didn't remember a thing.
Anyone want more? have a few more good ones.
my father started fingering me at age 9 and we progressed to full on sex prettyfast.
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more please
dad and coach?

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are these pictures supposed to make you wonder why the creator took the time to create them when such an accent would str8 ruin the mood everytiem. Because that's the vibe I got.
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i love your story.

you should bump with it. good story. could get more in here
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I meant to say this.
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r u avin a giggle m8. its bare hot as fuck
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Yes plz
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we have different tastes I suppose. Who the fuck talks like that? british people? really?
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>Be me, 11 y/o with 16 y/o cousin
>We were playing with other cousin at "the house"
>Me and the 1st cousin were the parents
>2nd cousin plays on other bed and just talk to us, but no eye contact whatsoever
>I accidentally touch her butt
>She turns to me and says "do it again"
>I dont touch it, I fucking grabbed it
>She wants the d, so starts looking for it
>Not exaggerating, but I've never had a small dick, not even when I was 11, so she was surprised how hard I was
>2nd cousin turned out to fall asleep
>We noticed and we start kissing
>She takes off everything, and starts sucking my dick

Sorry my bad english btw, that's not the best I have, if you're interested I'll keep posting shit

these days i just post the pic version


cuz a lot of people dont like how it can kinda derail or be the sole focus of a thread. this seems to be mostly straight incest thread, so i wouldn't want to do that.

I wrote up four more segments, but I've noticed that a lot of details are either omitted or a tiny bit out of order, so I'm hoping to re-write the whole thing from start to finish one of these days and post all that.

It's to raid wincest threads because anyone who likes wincest is a massive cum guzzling faggot
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ill rek u i swer on me mam
>are these pictures supposed to make you wonder why the creator took the time to create them

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No we don't. Unless you're from Essex.
File: 23.jpg (310KB, 764x1023px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's like American Redneck speak... but for UK people...
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>prettymuch most nights mom would stubble home hammered and pass out. then i would fuck her even cum in her.
>one of my friends kept talking up how hot my mom was, i told him for $200 bucks he could fuck her.
>few days later he comes over, mum gets home at 1;30 we go into her room shes already naked passed out face down.
>i start on her playing with her ass and sliding a finger in, he comes over and fingers her pussy.
>she scares the fuck out of us and starts talking, she shit bricks and leave the room, i want my money still so i grab he sleeping pills crush them put them in a fifth of vodka.
>wake my mom up, she's in a daze and i convince her to finish the drink. after about 30 minutes we go back in and shake her up, she out solid this time.
>we both take turns fucking her, then i get on the bad and pull her ontop of me slide my cock in her pussy and my friend goes in her a.
>we both pump massive loads into her holes.
>i roll her off me and leave her to sleep, we get to my room he gives me the money and heads off.
>did the same thing about a month later with him, and i let him have time with her alone now, but he is still happy to pay me $200 bucks each time.
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fo that price he could get a right propah workin bird mate.
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Well, I don't know. As someone from the North of England, I'd generally say we correspond to your South (on the whole a lot poorer than the south, more traditional, somewhat simpler) but we certainly don't talk like that. If you watch Game of thrones our accents are like the Stark family and those from the north.

People from Essex are from the richer areas of the South but they've only become wealthy since the 80s and so they have no class.
sick morrigan cosplay, gr8 tits
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>2nd cousin of the last story is the cousin I most visit too
>Be me, 13 yo, she's 11
>We share room in vacations
>She starts hugging me
>At night, when everyone else is asleep, she says "why does my boobs are this small?"
>Takes off shirt and shows
>I ask if I can grab them
>She says yes
>Grabbed and jiggle a little
>She stares at my fucking circus tent on the sheets
>Looks amazed
>Take off everything
>She gets closed and says "do you love me Anon?"
>We start fucking
>Lost virginity with my fucking sis-cousin (In spanish, is a term we use to name a really close cousin who we share the most time)
>I cant cum
>I cant believe she's not bleeding or anything
>We start fucking again and again
>Its fucking 4 am
>Finally, I cum all over her legs and stomach
>She says "wow... so this is how it feels like"
>We close the door with 2 locks and sleep naked
Started curating an archive of stories last night. Pick a file and then use the blue "Open" button in the bottom right.


Looks like I'll be getting more stories to archive today.
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i read
>fuck her even cum in here
and I got a boner instantly
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>why does my boobs are this small

keep going man, this is great
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now I don't remember much but i'll try
>be me
>be maybe 10
>go over to family's house every now and then.
>hang out with older girl cousins who were 13/14
>play this "spiderman game"
>all i can remember is running around then making out with them , both of them. We did this pretty much everytime.

and that's it. Make out with my ( now fat and ugly ) cousins
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1MB, 201x148px
Holy shit. I hope there aren't any British people in this thread taking these pictures seriously. My drunken self is just sitting here, laughing my ass off at these ridiculous captions.
>feels like a bloody big jellied eel
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>"why does my boobs are this small?"

Your story is awesome. share if you have more sir
Her pussys green n moldy wtf
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Yeah...what the fuck is up with that green pussy? Is she not British but Irish? Is that where the term 'the luck of the Irish' comes from? What the fuck is wrong with you people? I have so many questions and just want some answers.
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>measure viscosity
My sides

I think he's saying it's a super super exaggerated version of UK vernacular. In the US we have 'redneck speak' in comedy and shit, but nobody actually believes real people talk like that, it's a super exaggerated accent.
This british shit is completely not funny and very annoying. But I'm curious as to how you're posting so fucking quickly
b wouldnt care if they are people too
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581KB, 1495x2251px
File: 47.jpg (102KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Boobs are liquids, this is a fact.
File: 48.jpg (121KB, 765x998px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thats all m8s
Ok I know I'm a fag for this but..
>me be 14
>vacation to DR (the old country)
>wake up at my aunts house,kinda late, morning wood
> my cousin (married/23) sees me
>"wooow your dick is so big anon :o" pokes the tip
>suggests I go back upstairs and handle that
>I pussy out on opportunity due to family being there
File: good shit.webm (1008KB, 1972x838px)
good shit.webm
1008KB, 1972x838px
lol wtf does "ows yer fatha" mean?
Last story (with cousins only)
>Be me, 2 yeas after, I'm about getting 15 and she's 13
>Boobs obviously bigger
>We havent done anything else since the last story
>I live in Puerto Vallarta, so if you're from USA, you should know its a good place to visit on vacations
>Vacations, obviously
>We go to my swimming pool
>Everyone else from my family goes, they say they're going to buy something to eat
>We are alone in house and pool
>She comes at me and gives me "the look"
>I give them the "I know what that means" look
>We start kissing and touching
>I start fucking her in the pool
>Really hard
>Its difficult to fuck in a swiming pool without lube
>After a while, I can get the d inside
>We fuck a lot, and I she starts screaming out of pleassure
>She says "you're the best"
>I love that even better
>She cums
>I cant see it because of the water, but I can figure it out because its warm
>I cum and we stare a little on how the semen looks underwater.
>We go to my room and start all over again
>Family gets to house
>We keep going, just without noise
>I cum again, this time she whispers "please, let me get it all"
>When I'm about to cum, she throws me away and lick every single drop

Fucking love her, now I'm 17 and she's 15, we keep giving each other "the look" but we dont share rooms anymore and there's no chance
>be 11
>mom always away working, made all the money
>dad mostly at home, but "worked" away every couple of days
>this week dad at home full time
>hear moaning from his room
>thought he was hurt or sick
>peaked in, dad naked
>he spots me
>i run back to my room and jump in bed, pretend to sleep
>dad comes in, strokes my hair
>starts running his hand up my body
>pulls back my nightshirt and undies
>gives me the d

>i didn't want the d
my fucking sides
You wouldn't happen to know any good scottish porn videos, would you? Specifically scottish.
According to urban dictionary

>sexual intercourse or other sexual activity
>According to Michael Kelly, a writer and historian in New Zealand, "the origin of the expression 'how's your father' can be traced back to Victorian times. In those days any man with a daughter was so protective of her virtue that he would take extraordinary measures to safeguard it. Unmarried girls would be kept within the bosom of their family as much as possible, chaperoned on excursions, and on those occasions when they were let out of bounds for social events, their fathers would often accompany them discreetly by hiding underneath their voluminous skirts ready to pounce on any man who transgressed the bounds of propriety.

>However, a father with more than one daughter couldn't be everywhere at once. Thus, a suitor having a discreet vis-a-vis with his beloved would cautiously ascertain her father's whereabouts by asking, 'And how is your father?' If her father was currently under her skirts, she would glance downwards and reply, 'My father is very well, thank you, and as alert and vigorous as ever, and maintains his interest in rusty castrating implements.' Her beau would then say, 'I have always had the greatest respect for your father, and of course for you. Let us hold hands and think about the Queen for a while.' If, on the other hand, her father was elsewhere, she would reply, 'The mad old bastard is currently stationed between my sister Constance's thighs. Let us go into the garden and rut like stoats.'

>Hence, 'How's your father' became a euphemism for you-know-what."

But as a brit, I can tell you that I have heard it used before
Just did it, check the response to the other comment
moar details pls
>wooow your dick is so big anon

said no one ever
Tell me about it please
I think just "fucking" would have been a proper answer
>be me, mid 30s have a son
>i work all day and the job is stressful so i always go out with my friends and have a good time
>come home late and drunk and go straight to my room to lay down and pass out for work the next day
>do this for awhile and my son grows older
>one night come home, drunk as usual, and lay in the bed
>i notice hes in there but dont say anything just to see what he does
>he starts taking off my panties, and then licks my pussy and asshole
>i let him, since im a single mom i dont get with guys much since i dont want my son to have a step father with problems blah blah
>very enjoyable, he cums on my tits and even wipes it off, and tucks me in for bed

he did this alot, even had a friend come over and they both pumped both of my holes.

want more stories?
If you post tits + timestamp, hagus maximus
>be me
>probs started around 11
>two cousins 12&14
>we used to play a game called house
>I assume we are all familiar with this game yes?
>so I would be the dad and one of the girls the mum
>they'd always argue over that
>so game was pretty innocent for a while
>We kinda just act normal and pretend to do groceries and shit like that
>I remember around 12 puberty hit me like a fucking bomb
>insta-boner over everything, can't control
>so one day I'm over at their new house that has a detached garage
>it's been converted into a bunk house and has two beds on either side
>one time we're playing and one of the girls says it's bed time
>so basically we turn the lights of for 10mins and just lay there cuddling
>insta-fucking-boner, my elder cousin notices and shifts closer
>god I am freaking out at this point
>she's not ugly, rather attractive, just never thought of her like that, being my cousin and all
>I try and squirm away from her but my backs already against the wall
>she puts her ass right against my raging monster(it's only like 7 inches but hey embellishment)
>she starts moving her ass, grinding on me
>little 12 year old dick doesn't know how to handle this
>I feel something coming and I jump up freaking out and high tail it out of there
>the girls stop me before I get back to the main house
>convince me to come back and play
>as soon as I get back in I hear the door click locked
>girls begin to undress in front of me, dick is obviously still hard as hell
>"don't you love us anon?"
>"I....yes, but I don't know....."
>"It's ok we'll show you what to do."
>they proceed to take off my pants and lay me down on the bed.
File: Shit Cooking.jpg (124KB, 1292x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shit Cooking.jpg
124KB, 1292x259px


>so my son fucks me still most nights when i come home drunk, cums in me, i cant have kids tubes are tied and its an enjoyable experience
>typical night, go home drunk and son comes in
>but this time he has a friend with him
>son does the usual thing as his friend watches in awe
>but this time i decide to make some noise and talk just to see what they do
>they both jump scared, their faces were priceless
>son leaves the room and comes back with a drink, i could tell it was spiked with something
>he "wakes" me up and i down the drink for fun
>go back to "sleep"
>son shakes me to prove to his friend im asleep
>they both start fingering me and eating me out
>my son fucks my pussy as his friend fucks my asshole
>feels amazing
>they both cum inside me

this goes on for awhile and i think my sons getting paid to let his friend do this but im not sure exactly, since everytime they do this the next day my son goes out and buys new stuff.
So fake but so good ... continue
pics or GTFO
Let me guess there are dinosaurs walking around?
8/10 for actually getting a few replies
Please tell me you have that original set. I've been looking for it for ages.
File: spideycard.jpg (44KB, 333x493px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 333x493px
capcha: taineme adjourned
Are you guys seriously that stupid or did you just get here
Someone already posted this story from the son's point of view. Nice try/10
be me at dads house with younger brothers on this wincest thread.... they're like 4 and 7?

u guys are pervs honestly....not cool guys

#420 movin to colorado tuesday.

gonna get baked

#lovin life
#chillin with my bitches

Adfa = {<A> | A is a dfa. L(A) accepts all Sigma* in the alphabet Sigma.} is A_dfa decidable?

love u guys

#420 makin mula _ _ _ _
Are you seriously encouraging shitposting? Or did you just get here?
have you considered that maybe you're being softly trolled
But anon posted reverse story and I called him out on it.
That's not really trolling
So did anyone see that new spiderman movie that just came out? It looked pretty good...
Ok, you didnt asked for this one but its a good one, now I quit cousins. This one was with my own brother.
>Be me, both me and my brother have 13
>Was before the 2nd story to those who read it
>This time, I'm getting a shower
>I finish, go out
>Open the door of my bath and go inside my room
>I'm the only one with a PC, he has a smartphone so he normally doesnt complains
>He's watching porn and jerking off in my PC
>I say "what the fuck man"
>He turns and he has the biggest fucking erection i've ever seen
>We make eye contact for like 20 seconds
>I start getting closer, step by step, really slow
>He stands up
>We get really close
>I kiss him, suddently
>He goes back surprised
>Gets frozen for like 5 seconds
>He takes off my towel
>Now I'm as hard as him
>He starts sucking my cock
>We switch
>He fucks me
>I dont fuck him
>I like it
>I turn and he keeps fucking me while making eye contact
>Maybe, best sex I've ever had
>I suddently say "I love you"
>He goes a little bit slower and kisses me, really, tongue and starts kissing my neck
>When he's about to cum, he gets him cock out and he starts jerking off both dicks with the same hand
>We both cum with less than 10 seconds of difference
>We both suck each other dick
>Act like nothing happened that day

We've done this other times, but is not as nearly as hot as the first time
My parents divorced when I was real young, around 2 or 3, and dad got full custody of me. We always bathed together, pretty normal father daughter stuff. Around when I turned 6 he'd start mentioning how much I reminded him of mommy, and he'd kiss me right on the lips.

Soon enough he asked me two things, if I could stay naked at home and if I would sleep with him. We've seen eachother naked so much so i didn't mind doing it, and I loved my daddy so sleeping with him sounded fun. That night he told me he could make me feel good with a special massage, and fingered me. I passed out a little ways in but it was a really enjoyable experience. The next night he taught me how to give him a footjob, and it went on like that for a while, switching pleasuring eachother every night.

have you considered that maybe you're being softly trolled
Baited maybe, trolled not so much.
>12 year old dick
>7 inches
no please don't
I need MORE
>spending my day alone
>edging myself as much as possible at the family computer
>after about 2 hours of edging I was ready to blow and decided to >at that moment my 17 year old sister and her friend walk into the room.
>they gasp
>they just watch me furiously beat off
>I try to stop myself but can't
>just have to let it play out
>eyes lose focus on hers as I let loose with a grunt
>first thick rope of cum shoots off and lands on the carpet between me and my sister and her friend
>the rest covers my stomach and hand
>when I finally came back to my senses I catch the last second of them leaving the room.
>sisters friend told everyone
>now known as the guy who shoots loads like a pornstar when it was just because I had been edging for hours.
have you considered that maybe you're being softly trolled
Go ahead
Baited maybe, but trolled not so much
thats hot. fuck.
boner right now
maybe he started puberty really early?
>He's watching porn jerking off in my PC
>jerking off in my PC
>in my PC
have you considered that maybe you're being softly trolled
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>stonkin tadger
thats hilarious, but great haha
Baited maybe, but trolled not so much.
I'm sorry, I dont see how I wrote something weird there. Maybe (most likely) I misspelled something, since I'm mexican, sorry my bad english if so.
>the younger one climbs up beside me and starts kissing me
>I've got no clue what I'm doing but I just follow her lead
>she used a lot of tounge i remember
>she stops after a a few minutes and shows me her pussy
>Ffirst one I've ever seen, I remember idiot me thinking it looked nothing like the diagrams
>she started fingering herself vigourusly and letting out cute little moans
>the older one has just been watching up until now but decides she wants in on the fun
>she grabs my dick and starts to lick the head
>holy shit this is amazing, I feel like I'm gonna explode
>the younger one moves closer to me and tells me to help her
>I start to finger her, she instructs me on what she likes and tells me to use my tounge
>I tell her that's disgusting but she said she cleaned earlier
>the older one is in full blowjob mode and going pretty hard at it
>this goes on for maybe 10 minutes then we hear my mum yell that we're leaving
>reluctantly leave but don't want mum knowing what just happened
>we don't visit my cousins for a while, their mum goes on a bit of a drung binge for a while
>they end up with their dad who lives 6 hours away
>don't visit for nearly two years
>they come and visit me at school one day and holy shit did they develope
>my mum picks us up and drives us home, turns out they ran away from home and want to live with us
>one day mum goes to pick up my younger bros from fotty practice and i'm alone with my cousins
>i'm just sitting in my room playing some vid-ya when they come in
>they are naked, full... stark... naked
>they pounce onto my bed and hold me down, not that I'm really resisting
>soon enough we're kissing and rubbing each other
>I'm a little older now and know a little bit more so I start trying to get my pants of quickly
>they both know what I'm struggling to do and help me out
>they're smiling gleefully up at me and start taking turns sucking me
>I cum in about 5 minutes
>they laugh at me and leave the room leaving me laying there
>be me
>go to florida with mother and brother for my aunt's second marriage
>spend 2 weeks with her before the wedding
>cousin (her daughter) pissed off cause she still misses her daddy and doesn't like the new guy
>She's actually the same age as me so we spend most of our time together
>She starts opening up to me about all her emotional shit and thanks me for keeping her company
>wedding day comes and before the ceremony we sit in the dressing room with her mom and she breaks down
>tears fucking everywhere
>She storms out and everyone expects me to go after her
>fuck it might as well
>go to parking lot and see her crying under a tree
>dont remember what I told her but got her to stop crying
>she gives me a hug and before we know it we're kissing like no tomorrow
>thank god her dress wasn't that long
>start fingering her right there
>she had to fight the moans cause people would have heard
>alarm on phone goes off and interrupts and it's time for us to go and take our seats
>she tells me that was weird but we should do it again in the future

There's more if anyone is interested.
After a few weeks he started to eat me out. We didn't just do it in bed either, we'd be naked on the couch watching cartoons together and he'd get on the floor in front of me, spread my legs and just go to town, or he'd pop a boner and swing my feet over. I usually passed out when he ate out, so he'd cum on my legs or my feet while I was out.

That went on for a few months, and I eventually managed to stay awake through my orgasms. This is around when dad taught me how to give oral. It was really interesting, his cock tasted alright but cum always grossed me out. He made me swallow though, so I dealt with it. It became really routine, I'd come home from school and he'd finger me or eat me out, and afterwards I'd give him a footy or blow him.
colour me interested
How old are you now?
underage b&
I'm 24 now.
Go ahead I'd like to hear about these land before time
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