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wincest thread? greentext stories and pictures

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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wincest thread? greentext stories and pictures
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where the fuck is everyone
The captcha is too fucked for people to post.
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fuck you spiderman
its not that bad, faggots need to get over it what else do they have to do with their lives
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im gonna keep bumping til you fags show up
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the threads been dead
lurking, not easy to post
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its easy enough
have a story im working on but i guess ill try again tomorrow when you fags get your shit together
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fucking finally another post
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Bump for interest
you fags want a story?
i only have a bit today
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do it
You have my attention
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criticism welcome, first time trying to writefag
pic related, looks a bit like her
>be me
>have only had one girlfriend
>just graduated the past school year
>13 year old sister
>mostly only hang out during family time
>until one day
>sister comes home early from school
>in room playing vidya
"Anon, are you here?"
>dont reply because dont care
>hear commotion from down stairs
>cant make it out
>sounds like porn to me
>go downstairs
>see sister doing what looks like masturbating
>cant see because couch back facing me
>see laptop playing some kind of porn
>audio on
"sis, what are you doing"
"oh, Roby, I thought you werent home"
>shes quickly pulling up panties and turns off laptop
>i laugh
"no its fine, everyone does it"
>she's looking down at her feet
"...but no one in my grade says they do"
"they are probably lying"
>she perks up and hugs me
"thanks anon"
>notice shes touching me with the hands she was just rubbing with
>notice her sweaty, flushed cheeks
>the look of sex on my 13 year old sister
>for the first time i realize
>my sister is becoming a woman
>she lets go and heads upstairs
>stare at her petite booty as she walks up
>go to couch
>sit in spot where she just was
>notice moisture on cushion
>look upstairs, as if she would come down anytime
>start to get horny thinking of what had just happened
>jack off to the new thought of my sister as a sexual being
Do it for the trips.
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I posted a few I have, but want more!!
>be me
>have boner
>dog already used up
>see sister

There ya go
fucking magnificent
>engage slowclaps
just waiting for comments on what i should do next time, then will continue, its just getting started
What the fuck is up with all the long, shitty boner-killing dialogue?

Just post the fucking pics without all the boring as hell yammering!

You'd think this was a bunch of 12-year-old kids or something!

Wait! This IS a bunch of 12-year-olds!

Well, grow up! No one wants to read all that shitty text. Whoever wrote it should stop, because writing is your weak point, not your strong suit.
Go in for it all the way. Nut in her
>am 10
>making my action figures compete in the Colosseum
>all of a sudden this girl walks into my room, accompanied by my dad
>"anon meet your sister alexis"
>"uhh hi"?
>go back to playing with my toys
>see mom walk by with a kinda upset look, she obviously doesn't like having alexis around, dont think to much into it, cuz i iz kid
>"anon dont be rude, shes your sister be nice"
>"if she's my sister, why am i meeting her just now?"
>"because shes your half sister"
>"half sister why is she only half of my sister?"
>ill never forget the look he had, it was a look of shame, regret,uneasiness,and plain dumbstruck look, almost like he couldn't possibly think of anything to say.
>"just play with your sister"
>so now its just me and her, her standing there akwardly in her pretty white and black dress
>"uhhhh, wanna sit with me or something?"
>comes over and sits next to me
>my names anon, im 10
>my names alexis im 8
>"that means im older, and you have to do what i say"
>"because im older and wiser than you are, once your 10 you'll understand"
>here you can be spiderman
>"what are we playing?"
>"were not playing alexis, this is a life or death battle to prove who is the best of the best to please lord china
>"whos that?"
>"the creator of all toys"
>"you can see his mark on them right here"
>"show her the made in china engravement"
>"lets start this round is punisher vs spiderman"
>"start manipulating my punisher action figure into fighting stance"
>then i would slam my toy into her hand, making her drop the toy
>when she would drop it i would make punisher stand on top of spiderman, and declare my toy the winner
>we do this ALOT over the next few weeks of us getting to know eachother
>she eventually gets the hang of how to play with me and actually starts to play right
>plays video games with me, watches tv with me, sleeps with me in the same bed.
>shits going pretty good until one day
>"anon lets not play action figures today
will continue shit tier story til the end

later that night

"anon come down for dinner"
>go downstairs
>dinner table
>notice im staring at my sister
>shes smiling a little
>"does she notice me staring?"
>finish dinner and think nothing of her smirks
>back in my room i hear a knock
"come in"
>my sister comes in wearing her cute pjs
>shes looking at her feet again
"yes Tiff?"
>she looks up, blushing
"...do you masturbate?"
>smile at her
"didnt i incinuate that?"
>she looks confused, her hair falling into her face
"oh, it means like hint at it"
>smiles again
"i thought so but i wasnt sure, so i asked"
>shes perking back up
"how do you do it?"
>her immature curiousity shows on her face
>her nipples poking through her thin shirt
"do you want to see?"
>she blushes
>her smile is making its way through her innocent demeanor
>i decide i can have a little fun with this
"but i didnt really get to see what you were doing downstairs, you stopped so quickly"
"anon what are you trying to say?"
>smile at her
"lets show each other"
>she smiles at me
"first, take your shirt off"
>take my shirt off
>halfway decent body, not fat, but not too muscular either
>shes flushed, but not looking away
"do you want to touch"
>she nods
"come here"
>she steps forward
>i take her hand
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yesss continue
Go on...
continuing because fuck you lit fags

>place it on my stomach
>start to flex so that she can actually feel something
"oh bro, you got muscles all of a sudden"
>she laughs
"shut up Tiff"
>lightly push her
>shes staring again
"my turn anon"
>she takes her shirt off and her boobs looks perfect
"whats your bra size sis?"
"ummm i just started wearing one im not sure"
"thats fine just was wondering"
>she gives me a look that i cant discern
"so are you just gonna stand there or are you going to touch?"
>i get the idea and begin by feeling her stomach as she did me
>shes closing her eyes
>im guessing this is the first time shes been touched like this
>my hands wander to her small tits and i can feel her nipples are a bit hard
>an audible gasp is heard from her
"Roby, i didnt say you could touch those"
"you didnt say i couldnt"
>she is forcing back her smile
"fine, continue"
>she winks at me
do people even wink in real life? Isn't that only in movies, i look like an idiot when i wink
my sister however looked so perfect, that wink made my night
>i start to massage her breasts and gently pinch her nipples between my thumb and index finger
>she is breathing harder and is stifling her moans
>i hear footsteps coming up the stairs
>mom always comes and says goodnight to us
>both of us
>throw my sister her shirt
>i keep mine off
>i sleep like this anyhow
>mom knows this
"here, sit on the bed like you're watching me play video games"
>usher her to the bed
>grab controller
>hold guide button
>come on come on
>Halo 3 start screen blares
that shit was always loud as fuck
>mom comes in, looks shocked to see my sister
captcha is fucked so posting is fucked

lurkin hard plz continue
Oh hey, I was in that one. Good stuff
>continuing because fuck you lit fags

Yeeaaaahhh, copypasta
are you saying this story i just wrote today is copypasta? alright makes sense to me. this is not good enough to become copypasta, just trying it out, hopefully will get better, maybe go back and refine the story

unfinished story looks like copypasta troll
then i fucked my mother and sister right there and then, it was magnificent. not really, continuing

"you two never play together"
>she starts to smile
"i was wondering when you two would start hanging out"
>i look at her
"shes only watching, shes shit at the game"
>sister glares at me
"hey, am not!"
"enough you two, be in bed by 10:30 Tiff, I'm going to sleep"
>she kisses our foreheads and is out the door, but does not close it
>as she often does, it annoys me to all hell
>decide our playtime is over
>closing the door would look suspicious
>we start up the campaign
"hey, wait, look at me again!"
"for what?"
"im a dinosaur"
>stare at her and laugh a little
>she looks at everything in the game, it takes us an hour to get to the dam in Sierra 117
"okay sis, looks like our time is up"
"aww, can we do this again...all of it"
>she giggles
"of course, i have something cool to show you in this level, ill save it for tomorrow though"
>she slowly walks toward the door
>but not before lifting her shirt and giggling one last time
>i laugh and close the door behind her
>my mind wanders that night as i stare at the "dinosaur" she had just been playing as
>i turn off the unnamed console and begin to ponder what had just happened
>"i just felt up my little sister"
>"and i liked it"
>"then we went to being closer than we ever were before, playing halo for an hour, not even accomplishing anything"
>"this will be interesting"

all I could write today.
i know im a faggot but let me know if i should continue or quit while im ahead. will be back same time tomorrow with more if enough people want it to continue
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continue now, fag...
unless you want more shit tier writing i dont recommend it, was going to continue writing until the captcha shit happened then i just stopped. im not one of those autists who remembers fucking everything. thats why my sister sounds like a fucking idiot
continue pl0x
>"what else are we gonna do?"
>"we can play another game"
>"hide and seek?"
>"uh mortal kombat?"
>"here you choose the game then jeez"
>"okay!" then a huge smile comes across her face, i still remember it clearly because i thought it was pretty cute at the time
>"lets play mommy and daddy"
>"ive never played it before, how do you play it?"
>"I play this all the time with my sister"
>she stands up and heads over to my closet where i keep all my shit
>"pulls out this old ratty looking baby doll"
>"here anon its our baby"
>"what no way that thing is creepy looking"
>"omg anon you cant call your son creepy, that's what bad fathers do"
>didnt want to be a bad father like i always heard my mom complaining about
>"ok sorry, i was just kidding our babys cute"
>"ok heres how we play mommy and daddy"
>proceeds to make me feed the baby, was the baby, burp the baby, play with the baby, tell stories to the baby, explain to the baby how to be a man, etc.
>it was the goddamn most boring day id ever experienced
>by the time it was time to tuck our little bundle of sunshine i was already bored as fuck.
>"ok, now your gonna tuck him into bed and then, mommy and daddy are gonna go to bed together
>whatever gets this shit to end
>fucking screams it in my ear
>"you didnt kiss him goodnight'
>kiss that little bastard doll right in his fat plastic face
>i turn around to see alexis rummaging around my blanked
>she pulls out this big old furry winter blanket
>lays in down on the floor in a square
>"its time for the mommy and daddy to go to be know
>its finnaly over, sweet jesus thank you.
>"take your clothes off anon"
>"mommys and daddys dont wear clothes when they sleep together"
>"what makes you think that?"
>"well my parents dont"
>"come on anon"
>she takes off her pajama bottoms and shirt and then crawls under the blanket giggling
>get introduced into to a feeling known as akwardness
here you losers have this writefag to keep your boners. will hope to continue tomorrow, just browse the wincest threads til i appear or some shit
Obviously not the same faggot, but a bigger one
>decide fuck it why not, maybe this is where the game actually becomes fun
>strip down to my unders
>and crawl under the blanket
>"uuhm, what now?"
>"now you kiss the mommy to bed"
>feel my face get really hot, and feel so fucking akward and nervous
>"o-okay one sec"
>shes just laying there in her panties staring at me
>prepare myself and get ready
>kiss her on the cheek and say good night
>she starts laughing her ass off, almost as if she was making fun of me
>get really embarrassed now, want to stop playing
>"anon, daddys dont kiss mommys on the forhead"
>"we're not married though"
>"we are right now, were pretending"
>"daddys kiss mommys on the lips"
>"what, are you to scared to?"
>"im not scared, i just-
>she kissed me right there, right i was coming up with an excuse of why i wasnt going to do this
>i lost my first kiss to my sister(i know beta as fuck)
>she starts giggling and says, "now were like a real couple"
>says that we have to do real husband and wife things
>"we have to make a baby"
>am really sheltered, blocks on any kind of shows with kissing and sex and everything.
>videogames were my only outlet to sex, and violence
>she climbs on top of me and continues to kiss me
>unsure of how to act i kinda just sit there, letting her kiss me
>it felt fucking amazing, i experienced my first erection then
>about then im pretty sure my animal instincts, or whatever kicked in because a bout a few minutes later i was on top of her inbetween her legs dry humping the fuck out of her pelvis
>didnt even think to remove my unders, because it already felt so fucking good.
>not sure if she enjoyed it, but i sure as fuck did
>kissing her(not really just pressing lips and smooching)deeply and just thrusting away on her
>right as things start to get really heated my door comes swinging open followed by my mom
>i freak out and stand up, all she sees is her on the floor shirtless and me with just my unders and an erection
>get the shit smacked out of me for molesting my sister
>dad tells me what i did was wrong, and that i shoudn't have manipulated my sister into doing that
>mom constantly telling me how im evil, and how i was a typical guy
>alexis never came over anymore after that.
>still wonder what shes up to nowadays
I'll be lurking. Someone screencap it just in case

>lord china
Double Bampy
I'm staying over at my mothers for the Easter holidays, and my sister is also here. I am also in possession of a pen that conceals a hidden camera. How shall I proceed?
Record the shit out of her, maybe in the bathroom. Could catch some cousins too. Just prepare the Brain Bleach for the dudes

There are only 4 people here. Me, my sister, my mother and my brother. The house is small enough that I can keep track of where everyone is most of the time.
File: 1361000280481.png (722KB, 562x844px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Use that to your advantage. You need atleast one vid of her in the shower.
10/10, would still fuck

I could open the bathroom window and have it record from there. The problem is that it only records for 45 minutes, so I'll have to find a convenient excuse to go outside around that time. I'll start taking notes on her schedule and behavior, see if I can't figure out a time period where she always showers.
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mfw i missed the shit captcha.
Best of luck man.
Any stepmom stuff with feet?
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what the hell is wrong with you sick fuckers?
Sis fuckers*
File: 1387218460019.png (257KB, 500x377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Y'all motherfuckers need therapy
File: wincestandshit.png (253KB, 1752x1504px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here you go you lazy fucks

oh hey, this threads still alive. cool, i guess.
I love these threads.
>be me
>be 14
>was an awkward kid, not beta just awkward.
>Have hot as fuck cousin 8/10 if she has any tits to speak of she would have been 10/10
>always have huge crush on her, family knew but chalked it up to being kids
>One day cousin and her family visiting from Virginia
>Cousin is in shower, and I needed a towel from the bathroom
>"Hey cuz, I'm coming in to get a towel. Swear I won't look"
>Open the door, but do not walk the dinosaur
>"Anon, is that you?" she asks.
>"Yeah Cuz, be out in just a second" I reply
>Looking at the curtain with all the attention
>"Come here Anon, I need something real fast' she says
>I step over to the curtain, my heart racing.
>"What's that?" I ask. My mind races with possibilities as my breathing becomes heavier.
>"To show you this..." she says.
>Curtain opens, and there is my cousin, nude and glistening in the shower's spray.
>She has naturaly tan skin, her father's family has quite a bit of Cherokee in their blood.
>She is slender but not anorexic. Body is amazing. She has light brown nipples like two small grains of rice, her pubic thatch is neatly trimmed, a mix of brown and blonde fuz that matches her hair (when it is dry that is).
>I am speechless, this is something I have wanted to see for years.
>"Well, what do you think?" she asks, smiling somewhat meekly.
>"Wow.... you're beautiful..." I stammer out. Talking is hard, there is a lump in my throat and an unusual feeling rising inside my chest. Later in life I would recognize it as animal lust and a feeling of anitcipation from the taboo things that really turn me on.
>Her smile widens and she reaches out and puts her hand on my shoulder.
>She leans over and kisses me on the lips. I return it with great enthusiasm, letting the towel I had been holding drop to the floor.
>As she pulls back, she looks down at the bulge in my pants.
>"Is that for me?" she asks. I don't have a chance to reply before she speaks again.
File: woncestintofailcest.png (223KB, 1360x2456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here is the other for you lazy fucks
File: blowjob.jpg (1MB, 3264x1952px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x1952px
Bumping with pic of me getting blown

these are the most autistic things i've ever seen.
am i the only one who thinks mom-son impregnation is hot?
File: 1.jpg (8KB, 267x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 267x200px

>7 billion people on Earth
>Am I the only one?
>"It's just what I wanted...."
>"I've wanted you too... for a long time." I reply
>"You better get out of here, we will talk later." she says, and closes the curtain. She tips my a sly little wink as it closes.
>I left the bathroom, carrying the towel. By this point I had forgotten why I even needed it in the first place.
>Rest of the day passes without incident. I am stealing every glance I can at my cousin. When no one else is looking, she will lick her lips or blow me a kiss.
>be night time
>be in bed
>I had been laying awake for hours, wondering how I was going to get some alone time with her.
>Hear doorknob turn
>In the silence of my room, it sounded as loud as the pendlum from the Vincent Price version of Poe's story.
>Door opens, soft light from the hallway silhouetting a young female figure in a nightshirt.
>"Anon, you awake?" I hear her whispery voice ask.
>"Yeah" I reply. She steps softly inside the room, closing the door behind her.
>I hear her turn the lock
>She tiptoes over to my bed, and pulls back the covers.
>Off comes the nightshirt, and in comes my cousin.
>I always sleep naked, and she knows this.
>She lays down on my arm, assuming the classic cuddling position, laying on her side with her body pressed against mine.
>Her head is laying on my chest, I can smell her hair and feel her small, hard nipples pressing against my side.
>Her hand begins to rub on my chest
>"Anon?" she says in an interoggative tone.
>"Yeah?" I respond in a choked voice. I am having to keep myself from going into full rape mode, all my self control is being exerted.
>"You make me feel safe, you're the only guy who ever has. I love you" she says.
>Her words cut through the haze descending over me, sobering me up a little.
>I raise my head from the pillow to look at her. She looks at me.
>"I love you too, you know that." I say.
>She smiles and says "Good."
Anyone still lurking? I am not going to keep going if ther isn't anyone reading...
Just get to the part where you fuck her
dont listen to him, everyone likes a good build up to the rumpus humpus
Do not leave me hanging
File: 1.jpg (11KB, 264x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 264x264px

I was lurking. Then I made this post. Now I shall continue lurking.
Yes, mother son is a complete turn off, I always go with father daughter, that just got
Bitch, type!
Type nigger

I'm not a big fan of mother/son at all. I'm split between bro/sis and father/daughter.
>Her hand travels down from my chest an wraps around my cock.
>I jerk a little, it is the first time someone other than me has touched it. The skin is very sensitive, and it sends electric shivers through my body.
>"Relax" she says, and kisses me on the cheek softly. I turn my head, and kiss her on the lips.
>Kiss is chaste to begin with, but it turns passionate and deep very quickly.
>Our tongues meet for the first time, twining around one another. I put my hand on the side of her face, just below her ear.
>her hair falls around my fingers, the soft, silky texture is heavenly.
>I wrap the arm she is laying over around her shoulders, pulling her even closer to me. She is taking my breath and giveing her's back to me.
>Her body writhes against mine in sinuous motions, responding to my embrace.
>She begins to stroke me in a slow, steady motion. I moan as she does this. She pulls back from the kiss, looking into my eyes.
>"This... this isn't right" I say. I have to speak in gasps, as the pleasure is making it hard to breathe normally.
>My entire body feels flushed and hot. My skin is on fire, and my heart is beating like a trip hammer.
>"Maybe it is.... but I don't care...." she says as her head descends toward my chest.
>I was still pretty muscular back then, and she took time to kiss all along my upper body on the way down.
>After what seems like a torturous eternity, she makes it all the way down to my cock.
>She kisses the head softly, then proceeds to lick it. The entire time she is looking up at me, her hazel eyes sparkling like diamonds in the moonlight filtering in through the blinds.
>Without warning, with no hint or preview, she takes me wholly into her mouth. I moan somewhat loudly as I pass her lips, feeling her velvety mouth close around my throbbing manhood.
you know this is probably just a link to a virus you little newshits
theres no nudity, or kids getting raped. whats the whole mod cry for lol
>I clap a hand over my mouth, worried about the noise. I look down at her.
>She just has the head in her mouth now, and as she catches my gaze, her lips open into an almost evil little smile. She is looking right in my eyes as she goes all the way down again, taking me all the way into her throat.
>I bite my finger hard enough to draw blood in order to keep from moaning like an animal who has been shot.
>She starts to work me with her mouth like a veteran hooker, never gagging as she goes up and down with increasing speed.
>She doesn't just bob, she also sucks as she takes me inside, the seal of her lips doesn't break. Within minutes, my cock feels bigger than it ever has. Even in the moonlight I can see it's color has changed from it's normal reddish tint to purple.
>I reach down and wrap my fingers into her hair as she goes faster and faster. I feel it coming, and don't want her to stop.
>"I'm going to..." I manage to say between great, gasping breaths. She undertands and goes all the way down to the hilt, using her throat muscles to finish me off.
>I shoot what feels like the biggest load of my life into her throat, even with my thrashing and spasming she never loses me from her mouth.
>After I had finished, she finally raised her head and took my cock out of her mouth.
>"Well, I hope you enjoyed that Anon" she said.
the whole point of the text is to create a scenario where there is ostensibly incest happening or preparing to happen.

Without the text, it would just be random porn. If you want that, go to a porn thread
File: 1.jpg (15KB, 218x322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 218x322px

That's what she said.
your parents are terrible, but not as terrible as this story
/b/ is a no fun zone now, and all the newfags are convinced that being in the same thread as kiddie porn will get you v& even though it NEVER EVER HAS
>I look at her, still trying to catch my breath.
>"Yeah.... you could say that..." I say.
>"Good, I wanted to get that one out of the way before I let you fuck me." she says.
>She lays back down next to me, curling up to me as she had when first entering my room.
>"Take a few minutes to rest, then you're mine cuz" she says.
>I look over at her, wondering who this girl is that has replaced my innocent little cousin. She is only 13, and already knows tricks I doubt even most women of 25 know. (It wasn't until years later I found out she had been getting molested by an older male neghibor back in Virginia)
>We lay together for about fifteen minutes or so, then she reaches back down and grabs me again.
>She moves away from me, and stradles my legs, so that my cock is resting against her neatly trimmed pubic thatch. She begins stroking me again.
>"Anon, do you want me?" she asks. She looks more beautiful at that moment than she ever has, a teen goddess who is all mine for the taking.
>"More than I have ever wanted anyone Cuz" I tell her. She smiles down at me as she repositions herself over my cock.
>She moans softly as she slides down onto me, taking me inside of her dripping wet pussy. I reach up as she settles down onto me and pinch her small nipples. She puts her hands over mine as she begins to ride me slowly.
>Her perfect, tight little ass is slowly grinding against my legs as she moves. I can feel her tight, wet little hole gripping my shaft as she goes. Within minutes, her first orgasm hits.
>I feel the juices run down onto my balls as she cums, her soft little moans are like the swetest music I have ever heard. My heart melts inside of my chest as she looks down at me, her eyes filled with tears and adoration.
>She rides harder and faster, her pussy clamping down tighter and tighter onto my throbbing cock.
>I feel my next load beginning to surface, but I am not ready to cum yet.
File: image.jpg (632KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
632KB, 1536x2048px
>tfw 4chan is dying

Any pics?
Sorry, even if I did have pics of her, I wouldn't post them. I am not trying to shame her, myself, or our family.
File: 1.gif (725KB, 200x197px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
725KB, 200x197px

>implying your family has any shame.

Waiting for rest of story

Literally came buckets. It got on my bed, fuck you.
>I flip her over onto her back, nevel letting my cock leave her pussy. I place my hands behind her knees, and her legs automatically fold over them.
>I proceed to fuck her missionary style (blasphemy, I know), setting my own pace. I slide inside her in long, slow strokes. Using her pussy's muscles as a gauge, I try to bring her to the brink of orgasm before slowing down and letting her body subside. This had the effect of driving her half mad. She begins to talk during.
>"Anon.... please.... make me cum again.... please... Oh God... please...." begging me to give her what she needs.
>"Not until I think you're ready Cuz" I tell her. She thrown her head back into the pillow, her mouth a perfect "O" as I slam into her hard and deep. Her fingers grip the sheet as her juices flow out onto the bed.
>I build speed with imperceptable slowness, making her wait for the moment when she can get off again. I hope this will drive her insane, so she will come back for more before she leaves.
>After about ten minutes of this, I really begin to fuck her. Her pussy is as wet as a swimming pool, and her eyes are rolling back as she finally gets to cum again. She squirts all over my bed and clamps my pillow over her face to muffle her moans.
>As she is cumming, I fuck her as hard and fast as I possibly can. Her arms hug the pillow to her head, and I am sure that if anyone else in the house is awake they will probably hear us. At this point, I am too into it to care.
>Her moans and whimpers are finally too much for me, and I know that I can not hold it back any longer. I pull the pillow from her, and she is looking up at me with worshipful eyes.
>"I'm going to cum.... where do you want it?" I ask her.
>"On... my.... pussy...." she gasps, her eyes never leaving mine. I start to moan myself now, and pull my cock out of her just as the first thick, ropey stream of cum is firing from my dripping cock.
You're welcome.
Also, can someone screencap these when I am done and post it? I don't know hwo to do that. It's all I ask.
First writefag here. different id. Just wrote the second part to the story. Will post tomorrow. Going to bed now you sis tickets
Bumping for this.

Keep it up fucker
just right click save as
>I look down from her, watching as what looks like a gallon of cum erupts from my throbbing cock. It covers her entire pubic region in a dripping white waterfall of seed.
>I am unable to speak or even breathe in the grips of my orgasm. The only sounds are my silent, choking gasps and her sultry, feminine whimpers.
>I had been jacking my cock, milking every last drop out for her, onto her. When I knew I was as empty as I could be, the grip of my orgasm faded an I drew in a great, gasping breath. I let it out in a soft, stuttering series of little moans.
>I let go of my rapidly deflating python, and began to run my hands over her soft, slender thighs. She was looking up at me still, and her hands went from her hard little nipples down to the considerable mess I had left on her pubic region. I could see my cum covering almost every inch of her perfect pussy. She used one hand to scoop up some of my cum and she brought it up to her mouth and began to lick it off of her fingers.
>After they were clean, she reached down again and began to rub it around all over her pussy. She began to playfully rub her feet over my hips and chest, moaning softly. I looked down at her, the sight of her half closed eyes and one side of her lower lip being bitten was enough to melt my heart all over again. God she was so beautiful.
>I grabbed one of her ankles, bringing her small, shapely foot to my mouth where I tenderly kissed the sole. She giggled a little.
>"Anon.... thank you..." she finally said. The last she drew out in a soft, delicate whisper.
>I kissed one toe before I replied "No, thank you... you are my first..." I told her.
>She sat up, propping herself up on her elbows. Her hair was again cascading around her shoulders. "You could have fooled me, that was incredible" she said.
>It was my turn to smile, though I imagine that lopsided grin was half hidden from her by her cute little foot. "Thanks." I said
hey, you're fairly good at this writing thing anon, i really like your story. gratz on the win
File: z82.jpg (153KB, 758x809px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She reached down into the floor and grabbed one of my dirty T-shirts to clean herself up with. After she was done, we once again curled up together.
>I sat an alarm for 0400 and pulled the blankets up around us. We lay in one another's arms, drifting off to sleep.

That, /b is the story of how two cousins fell in love. Of two young people who found in a forbidden act a peace neither knew could ever exist. Is it true, or only fantasy? Well, that's for me to know and you to guess at. Maybe it happened to me, or maybe it happened to someone, somewhere once upon a time. Who is to say? Only I will ever know the truth, for I am.... The Dark Writer....
Well written, would fap to more
Would love for someone to take all those posts and make one image.
Thank you. I appreciate it. Just make sure that no wincest thread escapes your attention. On the darkest of nights, I will be there. Bringing my tales of twisted love and dark romance to you, /b.
Dude... my friend... thank you. I wish I knew how to do this.
File: The Dark Writer.png (170KB, 1904x2292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Dark Writer.png
170KB, 1904x2292px
Wrong version.
Here we go.
Nothing to it, just paint and elbow grease.
Imagine if people actually spoke like that
I don't even know how to screencap or find it if i did
Print-screen and CTRL+V

It's not rocket science and has been done the same way throughout the years
It's been months probably since I've been in a wincest thread. I've posted my story before, people seemed to like it. I wonder if anybody would remember if I posted it?
In the meantime have this photo and pretend it's your sister.
My cousin and I are both married, for the last 6 years we have met up in a cheap hotel once a month and fucked like horny kids. No inhibitions at all, it's fucking awesome
You have just solved one of life's greatest mysteries....
Well, I mean, nobody said anything but I'm gonna post it again anyway. OC.

>Only child
>Basically brought up with two cousins
>One my age, other two years younger, both girls
>They always had a pool, so our summers would always be spent in their pool, and I practically lived with them until it got cold again
>As soon as I am old enough to develop feelings for a girl I fall in little boy love with the cousin of my age
>This continues until I learn my first tastes of physical attraction
>Get first boner just thinking of her
>That next summer was difficult, as I noticed what her first bikini didn't conceal, and how her ass looked (no tits to admire at this stage)
>One hot night I fap for the first time, thinking of her
>On the other hand my younger cousin is mousy and unattractive to me, but still a neat little friend
>I've stayed over night at their place a lot before
>Parents go to concert, leave me at their place for the night
>Their dad (single father) is a shift worker, so he goes to sleep right after dinner to get up at dawn
>I'm annoyed because the cousin I'm into is at some kind of dance thing, so I am left with the little one for the evening
>Watch tv and shit
>Eventually she abandons me to go and read a book, I'm familiar enough with them for this to be okay and chill in the living room
>Get boner
>Fuck, why here?
>Doesn't go away
>Dawns on me that I could fap in the shower
>Hurry to the bathroom, but before I go in my 12 year old mind, filled with very young lust, spies my cousins door next to the bathroom
>The cousin I like, and who isn't home
>Craziest ideas in my head
>Crazy for a 12 year old anyway
>Creep over to her door
>Silently push it open, look inside
>No one home, obviously
>Look up and down the hall
>Go in
>Close door behind me as softly as possible
>Look around, before deciding on something
>Creep over to her drawers and start going through underwear
>Giddy, find it a turn-on, disgusting and hilarious all at once
>Tentatively sniff some white panties
>Weak at the knees, take it over to the bed and pull my dick out
>Start jerking it
>Mind is blown by the excitement of the situation
>Pick up panties and wrap around dick
>Nearly there, holy shit
>Not even thinking about clean up
>World is mine
>"What are you doing?"
>I know the voice instantly
>My blood is ice, my mind just stops
>Can't even move as I hear steps moving up besides me
>Young cousin stands there looking into my eyes, curious
>She looks down and sees my dick
>She looks suddenly shocked
>Only for a moment, then she just looks at me with disgust
>"Stop that"
>She leaves and goes back to her room
>My knees are water, but I put the panties away and zip myself up
>Leave the room and lean on the door
>I consider my next move
Also, the names these cousins should be known by are 'Arya' (younger cousin) and 'Annie' (older, obviously).

>Hesitantly go to Aryas door, knock softly
>"Come in"
>I go in and she looks at me like she's surprised I'd show my face
>I guess I am too
>Close the door, a bit of awkward silence
>I try some kind of 'birds and the bees' talk to cover my ass
>As unconvincing as only a moronic 12 year old can be
>She looks me dead in the eye and says "That doesn't explain why you did it into my sister's panties."
>Well fuck. No it doesn't.
>I am a tomato at this point, so red it stings
>I concede that no, that was weird of me
>Awkward silence
>"You won't tell on me will you...?"
>The desperation is probably abundantly clear, even to a 10 year old, or especially to this asshole
>"Why not?"
>I know she's going to blackmail me
>I just beg
>She relents and tells me she won't tell anybody, not her dad and not Annie
>But I have to be her slave
>I accept this solution gratefully
>Her first demand as my master is to drop my pants
>Despite what fantasies and porn might have you believe, it was a horrific request
>I'm embarrassed as fuck and do not want to drop my pants
>I say no, again
>She looks annoyed, says she'll call her dad and tell him everything
>I'm angry, I tell her that she's just being cruel and I don't have to
>She walks past me to the door
>I grab her shoulder and beg again
>She tells me that she will tell if I don't do as she says, and that I agreed to be her slave
>I hate her so much at this point
>She goes back to sit on her bed and I drop my pants
>First thing she does is laugh at my dick
>She says it's shrunk and it's ugly
>My pride dies
>Probably close to having a red-out for all the blood in my head
>I tell her it is not tiny and I can make it big whenever I want
>She says I probably can't
>Prove it
>God damn it
>I say no, it's weird
>But she is my master now, and as it looks like she's about to call "dad" I hastily say 'fine fine'
>On the condition that I can face the door while I do it
>Accepted by my benevolent master
>I spend forever trying to get a boner again, it's such a weird situation that it takes a long, long time
>Not a word between us of course
>I try to wonder about Arya's panties, but I decide I'd much rather think of Annie's
>Finally have a little boy boner
>Gulp and turn back to show it
>Bitch be asleep, lying on her bed
>God damn it
>Hesitantly head over to her, prod her shoulder
>Nothing happens, but I suddenly think of how my hand has been on my dick and now it's touching her
>touch her face with his, and her lips
>In my head it's like a first blowjob
>Her knee lifts up and moves, bumping my hanging dick
>I lurch backwards, because holy shit someone touched my dick
>But hey, I can see panties now she's parted her--
>"I knew you would do something like that. Creep."
>Her words scare the shit out of me and my boner quickly dies again as she looks at it with now open eyes
>Absolutely humiliated
>We hear Annie being dropped home from her thing
>Arya says I can go
>I have an awkward hello with Annie then get in the shower
>Go to bed after, no cumming for me
>Home the next day

For a while after that nothing really happened. I fetched her food and drinks when we were together, I didn't mention it when she would take my stuff, I was a good slave. Then things got more interesting a while after.

>Hot day, swimming at their place
>Uncle and parents are on the porch drinking
>Eventually we get out of the pool and go inside
>Put a movie on
>We all have our seats, but as the movie starts Arya suddenly sits on my lap
>She explains that I'm in 'her seat' but won't let me move
>Annie shrugs it off
>We watch the movie
>It's pretty hot and uncomfortable so I ask her to move
>She keeps shifting her position
>I begin to notice the motion
>It's like she's grinding me
>At some point I realize she actually is grinding me
>I frown hard at her but she pretends not to know
>The motion is obvious, what the fuck is she doing
>I have a boner now, and I can see her smirking and it's not at the movie
>Annie goes to get another drink
>I pinch Arya and say "stop it!"
>She pinches me and says "Shut up slave"
>Annie comes back and the grinding doesn't stop
>When the movie ends she gets up and moves to another seat
>I have to awkwardly hide my raging boner from Annie
>The humiliation is almost unbearable
>Annie looks confused but I don't think she is aware of the grinding or the boner, just my expression and Arya smirking
Some time later was her birthday, and I was still doing stuff for her. I assumed after her birthday it would stop but she disagreed. I started refusing her and she would threaten to tell my secret. On top of that she started punishing me via punches and not letting me share their snacks. One time she punished me by making me let her dog lick my face.

>Despite all of that, I'm actually feeling good about her
>Annie doesn't dominate my mind so much
>I don't exactly find Arya very attractive, but I think she's cool and I'm really grateful for her keeping my secret
>I feel like despite her occasional cruelty we're better friends
>But then in the pool, I DO start to notice some physical things about her
>I notice that she is less skinny than her older sister- not fat by any stretch, but just more
>Her chest is a little puffier through her one-piece bathing suit
>Her butt is a little rounder
>Her suit always gets caught in between her cheeks, I blush like crazy when I notice that
>One day the three of us are in the pool and Arya demands something
>I disobey her
>She says I'll have to lick her feet
>I say no, I still won't, and no I won't lick her feet
>Annie finds this funny
>Arya looks legitimately annoyed
>Sullen silence from her
>Later Annie gets out and heads inside
>I go to follow but I am sternly forbidden
>Arya sits up on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water up to her knees
>She lifts one leg out and wiggles her toes at me
>"Lick my feet, creep."
>"You're the creep."
>"You're my slave."
>I still refuse, and she's looking mad, her cheeks are red
>I'm nearly relenting
>She splashes her foot back into the water and scowls
>I keep quiet, waiting for her judgement
>"If you won't even do THAT, you have to kiss me."
>She says kind of like it is meant as a threat, but also seems kind of bashful about it
>I don't really know what to say, but I feel butterflies in my stomach
>Never had a proper kiss before
>It looks cool on TV
>She is surprised, but hops back into the water and I go closer
>She stretches her neck to be at the right height
>I take a look around to be sure we're alone
>Look back at her, she looks kind of like she's having second thoughts
>Gotta take the opportunity
>Kiss her and hold it for a bit
>Break away, but she doesn't move so I kiss her again, it feels nice
>Thinking of what they do in movies and stuff
>Hands on her hips and I try to get my tongue in her mouth
>Clumsily successful, I get in there and start sliding all over her mouth
>Something tells me to touch her chest
>I reach up with one hand and gently start massaging a nipple
>She suddenly breaks away and shoves me, then goes back to sit on the edge of the pool
>She says that was really gross and I enjoyed it, so now I HAVE to lick her feet
>The boner I have is indicator that she tells the truth, I enjoyed that way too much
>I guess I kind of earned a punishment
>I check for onlookers again and tentatively lick her foot
>Ideas rampaging
>When she doesn't put her foot down, I start moving up her leg
>I give little licks to her leg all the way up, looking up at her expression to judge what to do next
>She stares back at me but does and says nothing
>I get all the way to her inner thigh
>I stare at her little pussy, shielded from me by a thing bathing suit
>It looks like she has a tiny camel toe, not that I know what to call it at the time
>I breath onto it, and she gasps in a way that makes me rock hard and my mind goes almost blank
>I reach out with my tongue and carefully, cautiously lick the bathing suit
>She squeaks and her thighs clamp onto my head hard enough to shake some small fraction of sense into me
>I pause, then hear a voice call out for us
>I slip under water and push myself as far from her as I can get in a second or two
>Come back up
>She's wrapping herself in a towel, nobody else is in sight
>Her dad called because my parents arrived to pick me up

If anybody is lurking and cares, more specifically more than one lurker at least, I'll continue past what I have pretyped.
Is there a payoff?
There is.
The Dark Writer wishes to read the rest Anon. Continue.
Go mother fucker
Don't be a needy attention whore. You always assume someone's lurking. Always.
you've already written this kill yourself
People would share these stories if they weren't need attention whores.

>Some time after that, pool weather is long gone
>It's been raining a lot
>Arya and Annie both get dropped at my place for a few hours
>Annie spends most of that time on the phone and being distant
>Only few times Annie does start participating in talking and stuff, Arya kind of shuts her down
>I feel bad about that
>Oh well
>Eventually, when the rain has stopped, Arya and I decide to head outside into the yard
>Annie says no, it's muddy and cold, so we go without her
>Spend a little while mucking around out there
>Steal a little kiss in the alley between my house and the neighbours'
>We have this caravan out the back
>Arya takes my hand and leads me to it
>Unlocked, we step inside
>I close the door after us
>A few moments of silence, broken when Arya suddenly asks, "Are you my boyfriend now?"
>"I don't know, do you want me to be?"
>She says yes, but she looks conflicted, as she probably should be
>"We're cousins, so nobody can ever know, not even Annie"
>She says she knows that obviously, and asks if it's still ok, because she really wants to do that thing we did at the pool
>I tell her there is nothing wrong with it if we don't have kids
>She walks over to the double bed in the back of the caravan
>I check out the windows, all clear
>When I look back she is lying on her back on the bed with her skirt lifted and lying on her stomach so that I can see her panties
>I can only stare
That got me a littl teary Anon. That was a cute story and pretty sad.
>Panties are plain white, but they have this little pink bow which makes them pretty adorable
>Besides that she's wearing a knee length plaid skirt and a sleeveless red t-shirt
>I feel my pants tent when she puts one of her own fingers on her muff through the panties presses down
>Stride over, full of purpose, and drop to my knees
>I don't even remember where I put her panties after I took them off, it seems like was on her pussy the moment it was uncovered
>Licking all around, at first eager and clumsy like a dog, but as I explore it I slow down a bit and am more cautious
>After a few minutes I notice a couple of places that she reacts to more than anothers
>A good quarter of an hour goes by of Arya squeaking and wriggling and gasping while I fully explore and taste her
>I can tell that aside from my own saliva, she's putting out her own moisture
>Didn't know girls did that
>Suddenly her voice goes into an even high squeak and then she gasps and all of her muscles tense for a solid half a minute or so
>Apparently her first big orgasm
>My boner is relentlessly fighting against my pants by now, not having gone down since we started
>I stand up and drop trou
>Lift her legs up and hold them
>Rest dick on her mound
>We both hesitate
Muh dick
>Arya shakes her head, negative
>Contemplating this
>Every instinct is telling me to put my dick in this wet vagina
>But Arya is scared
>About to pack it in when I get an idea
>"We don't have to go the whole way"
>I start slow thrusting
>All I'm doing is sliding my shaft up and down her slit
>It could have been getting her clit too
>We both seem to be finding pleasure in this compromise
>Keep going, get faster
>She lifts her shirt when I ask her to and I get a good look at those mosquito bite tits
>Probably why I am now very partial to small ones
>She puts her shirt down for some reason, which turns out to be a mistake
>I don't cum as fast as I would have if I had been inside a vagina, hand or mouth, but I do cum fairly soon
>Spray all up her t-shirt
>A little even gets on her neck
>Unfortunately she refuses to taste any
>She takes the shirt off so we can hug
>Hold each other for a long while
>Kiss again

>Arya had to put the shirt back on and belly-flop into a puddle of mud to excuse us washing her shirt
>Annie and our parents were completely oblivious
I liked it, did something else happen after this?
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whole story for those interested, and this is the last
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