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wincest epic storys please there was a thread yesterday i furiously

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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wincest epic storys please there was a thread yesterday i furiously fapped to.
dat gyno
That doesn't look like wincest...
the fuck why do u think pic is related
boy meets girl. boing meats girls. it was sister
Erotic stories are for women and faggots.
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>Be 18
>I'm the guy that trolls these threads posting spiderman
>My sister, Mary, sees one of these threads pulled up on my computer while I'm grabbing a coke
>She's 16 years old and always getting into my shit
>Gets the wrong idea
>Confronts me about it
>"Does this stuff turn you on, Anon?"
>"No!" I tell her "I just read them so I can post pictures of spiderman!"
>She looks at me funny.
>"That makes no sense, Anon."
>She looks at the screen again.
>"A lot of this things are about sisters..."
>She looks at me.
>Shitting bricks, even though I am innocent!
>"Don't tell Mom," I beg.
>Mom probably wouldn't get spiderman either
>Mary looks at the screen again
>"A lot of these are about moms."
>Looks back to me
>"Do you want to fuck our mom, Anon?"
>She sounds a little disturbed.
>Rightfully so, because incest is bad.
>Which is why I troll these threads.
>"Of course not!"
>She grabs the mouse and scrolls down some more.
>It's all new stuff, and because of this interruption, I can post more spiderman
>"If that's the case, Anon, then you must be reading this because you want to do me, right?"

That was a great greentext anon. More greentext about Mary!

>Hurriedly tell her that I do not want to do her.
>She is my little sister, and incest is wrong.
>Mary looks at me funny.
>"What is wrong with me, Anon?"
>"I'm as cute as some of the girls in these pictures you like."
>I tell her that I do not like the pictures.
>I tell her that I am there just to post spiderman.
>"Bullshit! You don't have to lie about liking incest, Anon."
>"You want to do Mom then, don't you?"
>Really don't want to do Mom
>She's not hot even if she wasn't my mom
>Little sister is at least cute
>"No, I don't want to do Mom!"
>Mary scrolls down some more.
>"Well, you don't have a daughter, so it must be sisters that turn you on."
>She sets the mouse down.
>"It's okay, Anon, I'm not going to freak out because my big brother wants to perv on me"
>She looks at me sharply.
>"Just stop lying to me about this spiderman crap."
>Start getting frustrated
>"I'm not lying, Mary! You don't turn me on at all!"
>She looks at me again.
>"Then tell me again what's wrong with me, Anon."
>"A lot of these are about moms."
>"There's nothing wrong you with, Mary"
>She frowns at me.
>"You think I'm fat, don't you?"
>Mary is not fat,
>"Mary, you're not fat."
>"You think I'm ugly then, don't you?"
>Mary is not ugly.
>"Mary, you're not ugly."
>She frowns at me again.
>"Then why do you say you're not turned on by me?"
>She just doesn't get it.
>"Because you're my sister, Mary."
>She looks annoyed and jabs her finger against the screen
>"But you're reading incest stuff!"
>"I'm posting spiderman!"
>She looks more annoyed.
>"That makes no sense whatsoever, Anon!"
>She looks at what she's pointing at on the screen.
>She stands up.
>She turns around
>She pulls her pants down a little, showing her butt to me.
>Starts reading from the screen.
>" 'Come on bro, don't keep me waiting.' "
>" 'Your little sister is ready for a good hard night of incestuous fucking'."
Lurking, keep it rollin faggot
>Mary has a cute butt.
>Even though it's sister-butt
>And I'm absolutely not into that shit
>Mary waits a few seconds, then jerks her pants up
>Turns around to face me again
>"So, did that make you hard, Anon?"
>I was a little hard
>It sometimes happens when I'm posting spiderman
>It's from the pictures of naked women
>Totally not from the wincest
>"No, I'm not, Mary," I lie, because that would be awkward.
>Mary stares at me again.
>"So my body does nothing for you?"
>She looks at me some more.
>Then she pulls her shirt off over her head.
Rofl do continue. This is getting ridicules
>She's not wearing a bra underneath
>Avery my gaze because they're sister boobs
>"Look at me, you idiot!"
>"I can't. You're my sister and this is gross."
>She smacks me on the arm.
>Kind of get distracted by how this makes her tits jiggle.
>Someone how I notice that out of the corner of my eye.
>Wasn't trying to look.
>"Liar!" Mary says. "This shit turns you on!"
>She grabs my head, and makes me look at her.
>"I know I have decent tits, Anon."
>Shakes them a little.
>She looks back at the screen.
>Puts finger in her mouth and bites it gently.
>Starts reading off screen again.
>" 'of course I know it's sick... or whatever...' "
>" '...so, this totally grosses you out?' "
>" 'Because my boyfriend hasn't fucked me in two weeks.' "
sounds legit.

actually not really. continue anyway.
troll on you magnificent sic bastard
>Stops looking at screen.
>Takes finger away from mouth.
>"Now tell me that you're not getting hard, Anon."
>I swallow with some difficulty.
>"I'm not getting hard."
>More annoyance from her.
>Then she puts her hand on front of my shorts.
>I might still be a little hard.
>I might actually be really hard.
>"You fucking lying shithead, Anon!"
>Mary actually grabs my cock through the fabric.
>"You are too being turned on by me!"
>Don't have a good response to that.
>My first thought is to post more spiderman.
>Second thought is to call sister a fag.
>Neither is going to work under these circumstances.
>"It's not you that's doing it, Mary," I tell her weakly.
>"Stop lying!"
>Looks at screen again.
>" 'Oh my god! You're getting a boner!' "
>" 'Do you really think I'm that hot even though I'm your sister?' "
>She glances back at me for a second, hand still grabbing my cock through my shorts.
>" ' It's friggin's HUGE! Can I see it?' "
>She pulls my cock out of my shorts and underwear.
Post moar!
Continue, you goddamn faggot
This shits turning me on
This shit is fucking great. CUNTINUE YOU MAGNIFICENT FUCK
>Mary's hand is on my naked cock now.
>Lingering effects of seeing naked women in those wincest pics have made me hard
>It won't stop getting harder.
>"Shit, Mary, you shouldn't be doing that!"
>She looks at me like I'm an idiot.
>"You shouldn't be reading sick incest shit, either."
>"And you also shouldn't be lying about wanting to do me either, Anon!"
>She looks back at the screen.
>"Look, Anon," she says, pointing at another picture.
>"Here's one you can read."
>I lean closer to the screen to see what it is.
>Sister gets onto her knees in front of me.
>See what the caption says.
>"I... I'm not reading that."
>"Read it! Or I tell Mom about your perversion."
>Reluctantly, I start reading.
>" 'C'mon Sis wrap those slutty lips around my head.' "
Hurry the Fuck up, I can't fap all night
File: 8RQRH.jpg (68KB, 380x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 380x625px
>on aunts couch
>everyone's asleep
>I can't sleep
>11y/o cousin comes out
>she sneaks over to me
>she whispers my name
>I don't respond
>she yakked all day
>she gives me a little push
>I do nothing
>I feel her hand rest on my cock
>she squeezes my cock
>I should stop her
>she strokes my cock through my shorts
>this is wrong, I have to do something
>my cock jumps into action
>to late
>she slides my shorts to the side
>pulls my cock out
>continues stroking me
>she leans in and licks my cock
>it feels great
>she's licking, stroking me
>when she starts making yummy sounds I'm ready to blow
>then she does it
>she tries to suck my cock
>mmm, think good girl
>oh god, no No NO!
>she's chewing on my cock
>m-my cock, i-it's confused, wtf
>can't take it anymore
>roll over, go to sleep
>stupid bitch
File: 1390569138811.jpg (6KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 225x225px
>Reluctantly, I start reading.
>" 'C'mon Sis wrap those slutty lips around my head.' "

sides in orbit
File: 1391561476909.jpg (31KB, 288x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 288x316px
Suspense is killing me
File: my-body-is-ready.jpg (23KB, 500x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 500x380px
>Look at my sister immediately in panic.
>"Mary, you're not going to-"
>Mary does.
>She puts her slutty lips over my head.
>Pray for spiderman to save me.
>Mary starts sucking more on my cock.
>Her hand strokes the shaft.
>She's done this before, I think.
>Sucks me for like thirty seconds, even though time seems to be standing still.
>Keep praying for spiderman to save me.
>Spiderman hasn't come yet.
>Worried that I will soon, though.
>Then Mary pulls her mouth off of my cock.
>"Now try to tell me that you aren't turned on my your sister, Anon."
>"You keep getting harder, you fucking perv!"
>She looks at the screen again.
>" 'See? I told you your little sister gives the best blowjobs.' "
>"So you don't like it then?"
>I hesitate.
>"It's incest, and it's gross."
>She frowns again and looks at me.
>"Then I shouldn't start up again?"
>I open my mouth.
>Words don't come out.
>Mary looks at me for a few seconds, waiting.
>Waits a few seconds more.
>She opens her mouth.
>My cock goes back in.
>inb4 walk the dinosaur
>in the early 90s
>be 19 and in college
>pretty hot, can't stop looking at myself in the mirror
>have a sister 14, dad gone, mom kind of a drunk
>kind of into bad boys
>know she's going to end up raped and murdered one day
>wants to go to college party
>tell her not to go
>trick drunk mom into getting her grounded
>she sneaks out and goes anyway
>my friend Al finds out she's there and tells me I need to get there
>rush out to the party
>find her there
>already wobbly-legged
>being given more alcohol and lead upstairs
>make a big scene, tell everybody she's 14
>punch the guy out
>also grab girl who's passed out that Al tells me someone was gonna rape
>take both sister and coma-girl to my car
>drop coma-girl off at her sororoty (she turns out to become a judge)
>take sister home
>try to give her a brotherly lecture in her room
>she says she just feels so ugly
>puts her hand on my cock through my pants
>she takes off her top and says she just wants to feel beautiful
>she is so hot
>it's like she's not my sister at all
>she kisses me
>say "oh boy"
>can't resist, she kisses again and i kiss back
>start having sex
>Al tells me "You've done it, Sam, you've changed history!"
>surrounded by blue light
>leap out
>suddenly a redneck is saying, "I don't care who you are up north. Down here, you're a nigger."
>"Oh boy."
This made me harder more than the other story.
File: 1390878095188.png (506KB, 3025x2126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
506KB, 3025x2126px
Go on please.
File: (1MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, px
I was about to make this thread. Post more. and pics without captions. fapping furiously right now.
alfonso gtfo
File: 8sdj1rY.jpg (152KB, 618x995px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152KB, 618x995px
inb4 dinosaur
>I know I should just leave, but can't make my legs move right.
>Feeling of her mouth on my cock is awesome.
>Even if it is my little sister.
>While she's sucking me, one hand is scrolling the screen on the computer.
>She stops and points at something.
>Lean in to read the caption.
>"What? No, I can't read that, Mar-"
>Her hand squeezes my balls menacingly.
>" 'Oh fuck, you suck my cock so good.' "
>" 'Keep going sis, I want to cover your pretty little face with my cum!' "
>I guiltily feel myself getting more excited.
>Mary starts bobbing her mouth faster up and down my cock.
>Feel myself about to explode
>Mary points at something else on the screen.
>Read it automatically.
>" 'Oh fuck, don't stop, sis!' "
>She doesn't stop.
>Feel myself about to explode.
>She takes her mouth off my cock.
>Jerks me as I explode onto her face, neck, and tits.
>Filled with pleasure and guilt as I cover my sister with sperm.
File: lewd47.jpg (18KB, 221x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kinda sorta wincest
>Christmas break
>sister comes home from uni
>our rooms are right next to each other
>one night can hear her moaning and grunting pretty hard
>this continues on for a few nights
>shameful faps commence because it sounds like shes REALLY getting it
>realized shes been keeping our black lab in her room the nights in question
>get down and listen though the heating duct
>can hear panting and obvious dog sounds, claws against the hardwood floor, growling, her saying "get it! get it!"
>fapped so hard i got a blister
godamn you, finish you magnificent bastard.
>inb4 Mary Jane, Peter Parker, Spiderman...
File: castlewincest.jpg (531KB, 1422x1308px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
531KB, 1422x1308px
>Guilt takes over as I come down from orgasm
>"Mary, I'm sorry-"
>"Shut up, Anon, and tell me that you aren't hot for me now."
>She's licking my cum off of her lips.
>Still not sure how this all got to this point.
>"You're still my sister, Mary..."
>She rolls her eyes.
>"And you're still a fucking liar!"
>She goes back to stroking my cock.
>"Look! You're already getting hard again!"
>Goddamn you, you traitorous cock!
>"I can't control what my cock does, Mary."
>"Or what happens when you do stuff to me."
>Her shoulders slump.
>"Fine. Then I won't make you do anything."
>She looks back at the screen.
>Scrolls down further.
>Finds something.
>Looks at me for a second.
>Looks back to screen.
>Stands up.
>Takes off the rest of her clothes.
>If she weren't my sister, she'd have a smoking hot jailbait body.
>She goes over to my bed, and gets down on all fours.
>Ass sticking right out at me.
>" 'Go ahead, stick that big dick in your little sister's pussy...' "
>" 'I know you've wanted to fuck me for a long time....' "
>Be 14, sister is 13.
>Mom works night shift.
>stay up late and watch adult swim
>sisters asks to play truth or dare.
>eventually somehow she has her pants off and is rubbing her pussy lips on the hand rest of the chair I'm on
>this nights leads to lots and lots of nights with each other, masteurbating, oral, rubbing my dick on her pussy since it hurt too much to put it in.
>Only had sex once
> on that night i was rubbing my dick on her pussy and i stopped right there and just layed down.
>it felt amazing, she gasped and grabbed me.
>slowly pull in and out. feel like I'm cumming after 30 seconds.
>Nut all over her asscheeks and sheets.
>lost our virginity to each other
>she gets a bf a few months after this and it stops, acts like nothing happened.
>i didn't have sex with a girl until a few days before my 19th bday n it was with a 9/10 15yr old.
Any updates for Amy or Zoe???
Zoe update is tomorrow at 12 PM CET
Zoe will be updated by tomorrow, and Cam probably got caught and an heroed
only one I've heard of is Tasha's Brother and the Lilliad, brief dressdown of Zoe please?
>and Cam probably got caught and an heroed
Does anyone have a link to cam and Amy?
Give me a sec

continue for the love of all that is unholy!
Nice pic, would love to fondle them tits
>I finally realize that Spiderman can't save me now.
>Hulk Hogan isn't going to appear, either.
>This is my chance to make my escape on my own, though.
>Mary is on my bed, and couldn't stop me if I ran.
>To, you know, save myself from the horror of incest.
>Of fucking this hot girl, even if she is my sister.
>And because all that incest stuff is gross.
>And because I've been trolling that stuff for years.
>I've got principles, and morality to stand up for.
>So why am I getting onto the bed behind her?
>Start kneeling behind sister.
>Expecting her to get up herself and run away.
>Instead, she just kneels there on all fours as I get closer.
>Then I pause, telling myself I shouldn't do this.
>That I can't do this.
>Mary looks over her shoulder at me.
>" 'I'm not telling mom stupid. As long as you're not, you know, rough.' "
>Swallow hard, then put the tip of my cock against her pussy.
>She's wet, even though I haven't done anything to her yet.
>She's not moving at all, even though I'm literally this close to fucking her.
>She's not making me do anything.
>She's not trying to get away.
>I know I should stop.
>Instead, I push my cock into her.
Amy pastebin

Zoe caps, links to pastebins on the side
hi as always bro red. thanks for continuing the story!

>>Goddamn you, you traitorous cock!

Story of my life.
thank you you're awesome
I'm not Brother Red, just a follower
Oh gosh. I Wish i had a sister now.
Please go on!
nice one, cheers man
You are more than welcome, anon
ah gotcha. Didn't realize he'd made an announcement yet about when the next installment was happening
>What the hell am I doing?
>I'm fucking my sister!
>That is everything I hate.
>Wincest is the cancer that is killing /b/
>By posting spiderman, I was saving /b/
>But somehow it ended up with me fucking my sister.
>Fuck you, spiderman!
>Feel sister's tight pussy squeezing my cock as I sink into her.
>She's not a virgin.
>Vaguely disappointed.
>I'll get over it
>Start fucking her incestuous pussy.
>"See, I knew you wanted to do your little sister!" Mary moans triumphantly.
>"I just wanted to post spiderman!"
>Mary keeps thrusting her hips back at me.
>"Tell me how much you wanted to fuck your little sister, Anon!"
>I didn't, really.
>At least, I don't think I did.
>I hate incest.
>Yet here I am, fucking my own sister.
>I'm kind of having a good time.
>I decide to indulge her.
>"I've always wanted to fuck you, Mary," I fib.
>"Don't call me Mary!" she says, her pussy working my cock as I pump her.
>"What do I call you,then?" I ask confused.
>"Little sister!"
>"But that doesn't make much sense in the context of-"
>"Do it!" she screams at me.
>" 'I've always wanted to fuck you, little sister'." I repeat.
>Mary moans.
>"Oh God, your cock is so big, big brother!"
>"Fuck your little sister harder, Anon!"
>Okay, I'm going to overlook the unrealistic dialog.
>I oblige her request, and fuck her harder.
>My first thought is to post more spiderman.
>Second thought is to call sister a fag.
>Neither is going to work under these circumstances.
Have fun

I might aswell just post a complete update of everything

He said that he'd try to make it tomorrow and the time is just the time that he usually updates, so it's not certain

Tashas Brother_Complete-
Update 1-7
update 1-7
Update 8
Zoe caps 1-8
The Liliad_Complete-
Our Crazy Jenny_Complete-
My Private Camwhore_Complete/Uknown-
Uncle Anon_Complete-
Incest Cruise_Complete-
Cassie_Complete(Zip File)-
Collection of Stories check 'em out
i already came, no need to continue
>I finally realize that Spiderman can't save me now.
>Hulk Hogan isn't going to appear, either.
top kek
>Fucking my sister feels incredible.
>I may have been slightly wrong about this entire wincest thing.
>Not sure if I can give up on posting spiderman after so long, though.
>But that decision can come later.
>Because I'll be coming sooner.
>Grab onto Mary's hips and fuck her furiously.
>"Fuck me, Onii-chan!" Mary urges me.
>"Onii-chan?" I think.
>Mary may have been checking out incest before she stumbled upon my computer.
>" 'Ohhh yessss! Fuck me, fuck your sister!' "
>" 'Make me cum all over that big dick... Mmm right there, bro!' "
>Then Mary gives a little squeal, and I feel her pussy shake around my cock.
>For the second time, my cock unloads.
>The first time was on her face and chest.
>This time it's directly into my sister's pussy.
You then proceeded to start yelling
>>>/a/ FAGGET
>Feeling tons of cum erupting into my sister's womb.
>"Sorry, Mary, I can't stop!"
>Mary's body shudders some more as she takes my load.
>"Don't stop you idiot! I'm okay with it!"
>Feel less guilty.
>Feel more cum leave me.
>"Oh fuck!" Mary calls out. "Fill up your sister's fertile, slutty pussy!"
>That draws my attention.
>"Mary, are you using protection?"
>"Shut up, Anon, and make a baby in your little sister!!"
>"You're really fert-"
>"Take my sperm, baby sister, and make me a baby."
>I probably could have said it with more conviction.
>"Ohhhhh!' Mary moans, cumming again.
This used to be my favourite ump-word
>Finally stop cumming.
>We stop to catch our breath.
>Then Mary looks back at her shoulder at me.
>"You know, you could have just told me long ago you were hot for me."
>"Or at least that you were into that incest shit."
>"I mean, I'm not at all," Mary continues, "but it's not that big a deal."
>"And if you weren't being such a dick about lying about it, I wouldn't have had to let you fuck me."
>I decide now's not the time to tell her I'm not into incest.
>Largely because I'm not sure it's entirely true anymore.
>I pull out of Mary, and we lie together for a bit.
>Then we go back to look at wincest captions.
>She finally sees the spiderman pics.
>Explain things to her.
>Lie that I've been into wincest for a long time though.
>Wincest threads in /b/ are now our thing.
>We come for the captions.
>But we post spiderman and other shit, just for the lulz.
>Mary says she may post tits if people ask her enough when she's posting spiderman.
>She might even do a cam show if people keep asking her.
>If she posts Hulk, she said she's even more likely to.
>So please keep posting the wincest /b/.
>For both my sister and me.
someone screen cap this shit right here.
captcha jealousy deethn
File: CLAPPING.gif (63KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 200x200px
10/10 A heartfelt story of a brother and sister overcoming adversity and stigma, ending up closer then they ever were before.
File: 1392508830565.jpg (55KB, 675x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 675x500px
File: 1390623562114.jpg (71KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 1024x768px
Thread posts: 91
Thread images: 17

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