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OP FROM YESTERDAY'S THREAD Pure wincest time ITT dumping the

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Pure wincest time ITT dumping the origins and going from there.

>be 17
>mom 40
>would take baths with her up until I was 12ish
>kind of a mommas boy
>I would go around in boxer cause shits not really uncomfortable for me
>same goes for my mom who would usually go in bra and panties
>summer comes
>fucking hot
>I would take daily showers first since I come home first
>get out of shower
>in boxers, out of bathroom
>catch mom in the hallway on her way to the shower
>shes on her work clothes
"pff finally, taking forever honey"
>think nothing of it
>remember I forgot my glasses on the sink
>wait till I hear no more water running
>got to the bathroom
>mom comes out
>she lets out a short jump
"anon you scared me"
>see she's only wearing her bra and a towel covering her lower half
>get kinda bored
"mom, I've never noticed but it looks like your boobs have grown"
>puzzled face
"Wha-? You… think so?"
>get my glasses
>come back
"oh yeeea"
>shits pretty quiet
>seconds later she point to my boxers
"Yea I've noticed you did too"
>not even hard, regular bulge
>what’s going on here?
"yea I remembered I could grab half of your boobs with my 11 year old hands"
>let my hands slowly approach her boobs
>was joking at first
>she doesn’t asks me to stop
"go on, let’s see then"
>eh, why the fuck not?
>grab both of her tits
>my bigger 17yo hands can fully grasp her tits now
"hmm I guess I was wrong"

"well when we used to take a bath i remember your junk would perfectly fit on my hands while I cleaned you"
>she reaches
>grabs crotch
>everything at this point seems fucking surreal
>we stood in silence
>me grasping my mother’s tits
>her grasping my bulge
>took me a second to realize shits getting intense
"well I can certainly say you've grown"
>shitshitshit wtf
>let go of her tits
"thanks mom, I guess"
>lets go
>go to my room
>masturbate with force of a thousand suns
>wtf is wrong with me?

2 days pass
>mom gets done with her shower
>calls out for me
>i head over to her room
>still in some pair of boxers
>she's blow drying her hair
come on then
You have our attention, op. Please continue.
>she tells me to go buy some groceries
>says she’s out of money
Some background info: she's a single mom I have a brother but he was 20 at the time and moved out.
She holds two jobs to make ends meet to pay off the house and shit
>dispute by saying I have no money
>she’s kinda surprised since I fucking always save my money up
>eh bored again
"come on mom you got two jobs I only work 10 hours a week"
>gets playfully mad
>it’s a thing we do to exaggerate
"What? doesn't your father give you a compensation?
>she fucking hates my dad
>she get up
>comes over to me
>still in bras and panties
>pulls a 20 from her bra
"you had that there the whole time?"

"It’s a girl thing"

"you were literally just in the shower"
>tells me it was in her work pants the whole time before
>joke that she had money all the time
>she playfully says some shit about how she’s the best mother ever
>we do this thing where be playfully slap each other (not hard) in the face
>it’s much more of a simple touch to the face but with a slight push
>anyways she ‘slaps’ me
>joke that I'm the best fucking child she's ever had
>I playfully slap her as well
This is where shit hits the fan:
>we were standing on the edge of her bed
>my playful slap was overly exaggerated
>by that I mean she pretended to fall on her bed
>see her legs spread by a tiny split
>she’s still in her panties
>decide to joke again and say some bull shit just to try to get another slap
>pretend to reach for her face but I end up fumbling on top of her
>side of me says it was by accident
>I don’t really care shit hits the fan
>mind you, I’m still in my boxers
>my stomach hits her panties
>she spreads her legs
>hold myself up with one arm
>stare at each other for a good 10 seconds
hurry the fuck up OP
type faster bitch
"did you hear that?
>we're still in the same position
>i move up and down to make the bed creak
"i thought I heard your bed creak"
>keep moving
>holy fuck I'm trying to buy my way out of this
>boner arises
>shit intensifies
>still moving mom looking to the side to hear the noise
>bed creaks
"there it is see?"
>mom is surprised
>I look down
>see her glorious tits covered up by her bra
>boner is halfway complete
>still moving
"huh, I guess you’re right, it is a bed though"
>smile at her
>moving kinda fucking pathetically to save some of my life
>boner touches my mother's part
>holy fuck I’m done
>she looks down
>I come to a complete stop
"oh hon-"
>looks back up with a concerned face
>panic mode
"someone should really look at that creak though mom."
>laugh and move to save myself
"where was that creak again?"
>see looks to the side
>holy fuck wut?
>stop moving again
"no no keep going, let me hear that creak again"
>confused but oblige
>moving again
>boner hits her snatch every now and then
>seconds pass and she moans
>boxers where very loose at this point
>every thrust the tip of my dick would pop out
>she moans repetitively now
>holy fuck
>she closes her eye and grabs a hold of my waist
>pull me closer
>balls feel on her snatch
>she pulls down my boxers
>dick in full throttle
>she’s fucking wet at this point
>still fucking moving
"I can't seem to find the creak mom"

"go faster then"
>move faster
>dick is hitting my mother pussy
>only a small layer of clothing is stopping me
>she grabs one of her boobs
>slowly pulls down one part of her bra
>reveals a tit
>animal instincts kick in
>don't know what the fuck I’m doing
>suck on her breast
>get a chance to look toward our parts
>most beautiful thing I've ever seen /b/
>get one hand on her panties
inb4 dinosaur
I want you to know.
That thing you just wrote right here just gave a grown man a boner to cut wood and build a house.
>grab under her panties
>stick the lace aside
>reveals her pussy
>wet as fuck just as I suspected
>body filled with lust at this point
>direct my dick
>enter her
>she says nothing to object and just moans
>i start thrusting
>at this point no holds bar
>continue in missionary
>i could feel the very insides of my mother
>she goes hardcore with the moans
>eventually turns into yelling out:
"Oh yes! FUCK, ANON!"
>keep going for a good 10-15 minutes
>put her on her side and fuck the shit out of her
>grab her tits
>feel her thighs, her body, anything.
i finished already
getting hard
> I wanted this to count
Now I'm not a virgin only had sex twice before, cock is mind you 5 1/2 inch
>felt unlike anything I've ever felt
>keep fucking the shit out of her
>eventually I feel the need to cum
>tell her i'm gonna burst
"go ahead anon, cum inside"
>that's good enough for me
>pump by the force of zeus
>dick nearly falls off
>see my mom still moaning with her messed up hair she was gonna fix
>most beautiful fucking thing
>cum with force unlike ever seem
>nearly collapse
>fall on top of her
>she embraces me
>kiss her neck
>she lets out a satisfying moan

To this day we fuck occasionally. I told her why she let me keep going at first and she said it was because she basically hadn't had any action in like years. I know this event in full detail because it was my first time with my mother so sorry if you were bored with detail.

Hate to tell you I told you so..

I'm a slow typer these were from yesterday. I'm still writing a new one.

Up next Movie Night

Also these are 100% real I con't make this up if I tried.
hurry negro
>fast forward about 6-7 month i believe
>I'm 18
>mom's 41
>we started 'movie night' one snowy afternoon about 3 months back
>out of all the weeks of movie night this one was the best
>We got Marley and me on Blu-ray
>shits sad I know
>we would lay down on the sofa with blankets covering us while we cuddle
>popcorn and shit
>some nights end with sex some don't
>don't expect this night to
>anyways about 10 minutes into the movie
>talk about the cute puppy
"aw man makes me want another"

"no way we can barely handle 2 mom"

"Just so cute!"
>she goes more under her covers just revealing half her face
>suddenly she starts moving
"come on anon, look at it!"
>I'm not sure how she'll feel about the end
"haha no way!"

I'll be happy to answer some questions and shit, no pics though on the first post her legs look almost identical to them.
>movie about 20 minutes in
"This seriously makes me want a puppy anon"
>fuck too emotionally attached to this dog right now
>decide to get some spice on
>start making my hand toward her tits
"are you sure? you just want one cause it's a puppy right now, wait till it grows up"
>she notices my hand on her tit
>she lets he hand rest on top on mine and squeezes
>are we gonna?
"let me try to convince you then.."
>is she really gonna offer sex for a puppy?
>starts moving her hips
>eventually starts dry humping
>shes wearing thin layered pjs
>get them down feel up on her thighs
>lets a small moans
>start kissing her neck
>make my hand up her shirt.
>feel her tits in full content
>movie is probably 30 minute in
>I have sweat pants on
>still grinding through these layers of clothes
>fuck, the tension
>play with both of the tits and dry hump while she's letting out cute moans
>eventually gradually stops, I make her face me
>her face screams of "Fuck me already"
>kiss her and start making out
>loosen her bra
>pull her shirt up
>stare at those marvelous tits
>start sucking on those beauties
>she grabs my shirt and pulls them up
>at this point I manage to lay my fingers on her pussy
>moaning is heavily increasing
>movie is idk 40min in?
>stop after a moment and pull my pants down along with my boxers
>dick is fully erect
>I take the covers out of the way and make my way downward her panties

Oh thank god this is happening again.

I just got home from work, thought I may have missed it.
I'm looking forward to the rest of your kinky stories!!!
oh fuck, and I gotta go to work, keep it up, guys!
>plant my face of her panties and grab a hold of them with my teeth
>take her panties out like a fucking pro
>fuck, those legs
>feel those wonderful thighs
>slowly plant my mouth into her pussy
>start eating her out
>this is only like the 3rd time I've done it
>but shit this one was so good
>she was extremely wet
>moans are fucking erupting at this point
>dick is beyond hard
>make my way up and makeout again
>grab those tits
>dick is sliding and grinding on her pussy
>shit is intensifying
>can't bare it any longer
>put it in
>glorious amounts of feeling
>start pumping my dick into her
>she sound way too into this
>this is getting more hotter by the second
>still fucking the shit out of her
>pull out tell her to turn around
>goes on all fours
>make my way in
>fucking doggystyle
>fav position
>grab both ass cheeks and continue
>she's still fucking moaning hard as fuck
>something happens
>I can't explain it to you /b/ but its sorta like i came but I really didn't.
>like I didn't cum and my fatigue wasn't gone but my dick was still harder than rocks
>fuck idk

Welcome back, you might want to give another thread a go because I'm dumping the once from yesterday.
>kept going
>and going
>tried position after position
>one leg in the air while I stand
>reverse cowgirl
>the fucking works
>idk what happened but I felt like a god
>literally like 30-45min in
>I even reached the point where the movie ends
>fuck I still hadn't cum
>mom was enjoying it all the way
>goddamn still no cum
>but not giving up
>started pumping way faster
>almost lost breath
>at this point I just wanted to cum
>mom's moans where still in full effect
>she's on top
>leans in for a kiss
>makeout again
"how many times have you cummed mom?"

"I lost count"
>lets out more moans
>fuck goddamn
>still fucking haven't came yet
>put her on her side again
>tell her to clinch her legs together
>dick is still inside her just need to release
>go with a force never before seen
>something comes up
>i feel it
>shit I might cum
>this is it
>go as fast as a wild man
>tell her I'm gonna cum
>fucking moans
"yes! GO ANON!"
>end up cumming fucking gallons
>my dick felt like it literally fell off
>so fucking amazing
>check back
>movie is beyond over with
>its been like a hour of nonstop sex
>felt like a fucking king /b/
>put some minor clothes back on
"we missed the movie anon"
>im fucking panting my lungs out
>oh well
>I don't think she would've liked the end it would've killed the mood
"you weren't serious about that puppy right mom?"
>look back at me
"nah you were just getting too frisky"
>dodged bullet
>fed my other two dogs right afterwards
>aww yea

First time eating her out is next
This thread is tight
>fast forward 1-2 months after first sexual act
>still summer/autumn here
>hot as fuck though
>mom has short shorts on
>my weakness
>she's in her room watching netflix
>sit next to her on her bed
"bored as heck, mom"
>its a saturday
"why don't you go out?"

"too fucking hot"
>laughs a bit
>steal glances at her majestic shorts
>she obviously isn't enjoy netflix
>turns off tv quickly
>glances at me
>I think she saw me starring
"so what do you want to do?"
"idk anything"

"lets go to the park, then"

"I'd rather boil inside"

"I'd bet there's some nice wind"
>don't really recall much but we got some leashes to take our dogs with us
>go to the park everything swell
>very hot
>both sweating
"lets go back anon"
>go back to the house
>take shower
>remember our first time
>we've done it 2 time or so before this event
>comes out
>wearing bras and panties like before
>im in my boxers as usual
>we might as well go naked at this point
>she grabs some short shorts and a shirt
>holy fuck why?
>short short are too much
>steal some glances
>mom is noticing
>pretend I'm falling asleep
>make hand touch her thighs
>slowly feel
"you know at this point you can just tell me if you want to do it, honey."
>oh my word
>look up and kiss her
>she smiles
start to grow a boner
>tells me to grab her tits
>do so
>get on top of her
>moans commence
>boner popped out of boxers hole
>still making out
>can't help but look down at her shorts
>it's literally my weakness
>start to dry hump while clothed
>fuck I need moar
>unbutton her shorts
>slowly take them out
>see her beautiful snatch
>make my head toward it
>first took a deep smell of it
>stick out my tongue and try to massage her through her panties
>grab hold of it with both hands
>stood up and took them off
>mom is heavily breathing
>stick my face on her pussy
>start rubbing, licking, sucking in any which way I could
>first time doing this so im all over the place
>stick my tongue deep massage her clit
>goes on for a good 10-15 minutes
>mom moans significantly
>shit is beyond cash
>make her extremely wet by the end
>fuck like rabbits
Then we sat down and watched more netflix. Eventually falling asleep.

First time anal coming up
post pic of mom
I second this motion
"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

everyone knows.... pics or it didnt happen

File: 1330670324016.jpg (140KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 640x960px
someone make a pastebinner out of this when op is done

When you're done posting yesterday's stuff, can I request you do "Cooking Sex" story next?
>be almost a year since first incident
>subject of anal has been tossed around
>closest I've gotten has to sticking a finger in her ass
>one afternoon during lunch while watching TV
>gay reference comes up
"I don't understand how guys like things up their assholes"
>is she gonna try to get me to stick shit up my ass?
>quickly change it back to her
"you mean you don't?"
>silence at first
"no- not really"

"but you never really even tried"
>she looks like she's pondering
"I don't know but I'll be up for something like that mom"
>looks enlightened
"Well I guess we could try it once-"
>she starts mumbling off
>got this
"I'm going to the pharmacy later I'll let you think about it"
>>holy fuck did I mildly convince my mom to anal?
>go to pharmacy
>get some shit like chips, gum, and lube
>weirdest trip ever
>come back home
>mom is in her bed
>bored out of her mind
>set the lube on her bedstand
>loudly as possible
"Is that?"

I'm not posting pic of her since you guys have a way of finding area and shit through them, I've never trusted /b/ for once in my life

pic related though, It's an almost splitting image of her body figure.

I'm finishing it up anon! it should be after the outside adventures one
I don't even care at this point
Fuck me someone's using the pic here: >>531183601
this. I missed some of the parts as the story goes on since OP gets on late
is dead try again
File: 1391658522386.jpg (669KB, 1732x2061px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
669KB, 1732x2061px
"yup! so are we ready?"
>she looks sorta unwilling
"I won't kill you or anything"
>laughs it off
>tell her ill massage her back to relieve her
>shes ok with it
>start massaging and slowly undressing her from her gown
>kiss her neck and try to please her senses
"Idk anon"
>embrace her more to reliever her
>shits going good
>tits are out
>grab one and squeeze it
>making her horny
>moans are back people!
>tell her to bend over
>slowly does it
>take off her panties
>see her cute asshole
>get the lube ready
>use it on my finger
>shits weird but idc
>prone her
>she gasps, slight moans
>i pump up the speed

Feels bad man
>I'm not posting pic of her since you guys have a way of finding area and shit through them

Fucking this. I've never posted any pictures on here for this very reason. Is there some sort of service out there that might guarantee the removal of metadata, or whatever it is they use to track shit, out of an image/file?
Or am I just fucktarded?
does imgur do that?
We are all fucktarded and faggots and niggers anon.
>she's ok so far
>remind her its just my finger
>try to use my thumb to get some pussy action
>more speed
>she moans significantly
>I think its working
>try to mix it up with two fingers now
>pretty much the same response
>keep going
>she seems to be enjoying it
>she clenches at random
>this gets me extremely hard, fast
>her asshole acted like a suction
>holy marvelous slight
>with the other hand get lube
>put on dick
>still going at it with fingers
>take them out
>ready my cock
>spread lube good
"now this might hurt"
>her whole body is laying down
>I try to go in
I'm not even going to lie, it was hard at first trying to stuff that shit
>3rd times the charm
>tip goes all in
File: 03 (2).jpg (101KB, 580x871px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
03 (2).jpg
101KB, 580x871px
I use GIMP, save as JPG, then strip EXIF data

also, facbook strips all EXIF data, so if you use that as a base and blot out her, then you sould be good. (unless her profile is has indexing enableed in her privacy settings so google can search)

it's called a dry orgasm, homie. rarely happens, but its the shit. closest thing we'll ever get to having multiple orgasms.
>just fucktarded
whoa anybody have yesterdays post? or a pastebin
Sounds like a trap anon.

>use your Facebook
>mom moans harder
>stand still for a moment
>try to go more in
>mom clenches
>that clench fucking got me
>i felt like cumming right then and there
>held my composure
>inhaled short breaths
> tried to go in more
>holy fuck she clenches
>no fucking joke I couldn't stop myself I came inside her ass the second time /b/
>half my shaft went in and no more
>she moaned and stuck my dick out
>she realized I came in her asshole
"holy fuck how far did you go?"
>make a line on my dick with my hands halfway up my shaft
"this far"

"holy shit you came a lot"

"you fucking clenched mom, it fucking got me"
>we made out and got to go anal in the next couple of weeks again.

Outside sex is next

I mean, I'll try to look at that shit and see if I'm successful, but yea not counting on a sole advice for now.
If I figure it out I'll do it tomorrow but as for today no dice.

I've been trying to figure out what the fuck happens to me when this shit occurs Thanks anon!
it was an example (albet a shitty one)

OP, jusst look up how to strip exif data
Boner has been destroyed due to slow typing speed
you just gonna post text tonight?

if so, perfect, since i can leave my comp on and stil read this stuff
tell me when your done so that i can archive this
Dear OP,
I do not give a shit if this fake. You are doing such an amazing job at writing. If I ever find you..i'll buy you all the beer you want.
>not sure date but me 18
>mom 41
>mom like to keep a small garden outside
>its not the fucking best garden but It's got bright flowers and shit
>she also has one for the backyard
>this always fucking got me since our whole backyard is sealed with 8ft wooden fence
>so nobody will ever see that garden
>but shit idk
>it was mid spring and mom went to go heavy duty on the garden in the back
>Im talking shovel, gloves, hat, the works
>she was wearing some blue short overalls
>Im pretty sure her thighs are my weakness
>go out to feed the dogs
>shes there in her garden
>watering them bitches up
>offer to help
"Well can you pull these weeds out? they're pretty in there"
>grab those bitches up
>feel like alpha male
>no really
>she looks over
"Oh aren't you a strong man!" sarcastically
>sprays some water at me
>we laugh
>give her a look
>run up to her
"Yes I do!"
>grab her hose
>start making water go everywhere as we tug for the hose
>shit its everyuwhere
I'm not gonna lie this is gonna sound like a movie scene and I can't fucking believe it myself

Shit man there's plenty here for newcomers. Again suggest you view other threads before coming to fap

Yes sir hoping to get at least 2 new epics tonight

will do
And she hasn't given you a BJ?

Terrible mom!
>still tugging for that hoes
>she eventually yells
"Stop! OK you win"
>let go
>she bends over to turn the hoes off
>we're both soaking wet
>she get on her knees
>as do I
>kinda out of breath
>we both look at each others soaking body
>nothing but laugh and sounds of nature
>faces are about half a feet apart
>without no fucking sound
>without no warning
>we both lean in an start making out
>Its like we read our fucking minds
>shit is intense
>5 bucks says the dogs are confused at this shit as well
>i grab her hair and make my way toward her shoulder
>still making out
>im getting so hot over this
>it might be because we're outside
>boner arises
>slowly open the small gate to enter the garden so out dogs can't access it
>still making out, direct my mom to lay herself on the grass
>holy here it goes
"let's go inside"

she has, I'll post the first long bj I got from her after the cooking sex one.
this nigga
"N-nah we can get a quick one here"
>looks surprised
"What if someone sees us"
>well never thought of that
>didnt really care
"no one will see us, come on.."
>start making out again
>kiss her neck
"um.. anon.. um"
>remind her nothing to worry about
>beside just a quick one
>she doesnt tell me to stop
>unbuttoning that overall was a mess
>still, got it off eventually
>shes on her panties and a shirt now
>she wants to do this quick
>I was born ready
>dick was ready
>those fucker dogs got inside the garden, because they always want in there
>we laugh
>commence kissing body
>grope her tits
>take off my pants
>boxers too
>about knee height
>pull lace of panty aside to reveal her pussy
>shit this is more intense than it should be
>its cause we're outside
>the danger of knowing we might get caught excites me for a second.

I don't know how much of my life I can garantee you this is real. Heck I'll let you come into my house if you buy me a 12 pack. lol
>stick my dick inside
>with moms wet shirt there was really no need to take it off
>the weather was perfect
>I began pumping more into her
>her was starting to moan loadly
>i told her to stop cause we might get heard
>first time mom actually stayed extremely quiet
>this is way to intense
>i began to keep pumping away
>spread my moms legs wide open
>shit was getting to her too as she closed her mouth and looked side to side
>her torso springs up
>i hug her with my arms wrapped tight around her
>tell I'm going to cum
>shes feeling it too
>just nods while moaning silently
>I take one final thrust
>cum buckets
>held her tightly
>she yells out under her breath
>holy mother
>get dressed quickly
>dogs are fucking about
>she kisses me again before heading back into the house
>I sit on the doorstep admiring nature
>what a trip

New story: Cooking sex coming up!
there needs to be more anons in here.
>this shit is just too good to pass up
>massive erection here
>OP was not a faggot today
>inb4 obvious troll

bump bitch
Keeping this shit alive
wow just like in my animes OP!
File: IMG_5066.png (229KB, 517x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229KB, 517x316px
bumpity do da
>be 18, near 19
>mom 41
>shits pretty cool
>came back from school
>mom’s day off
>she’s cooking
>near winter
>wearing tight jeans with a shirt and jacket
>has an apron on
>on her days off she goes all out with the cooking
>been bored all day
>food smells good
>go up to the kitchen
“hey mom”

“hey honey, how was school?”
>blah blah convo
>offer to help
>tells me she need some pots clean
>do them
>getting hands wet and shit
>finish and turn to my mom cooking
>talk and shit
>somehow end up doing that playful slap thing we do
>get her face wet
“Ah! Your hands are wet Anon!”
>try to wipe hands on her apron
>before I do I get sudden spark to do it near her tits
>fuck it, on her tits
>wipe my hands on her breasts
>she looks down at them
>doesn’t mind
>grab a hold of them
“How about when I’m finished cooking?”


You should have been here last night.
OP you're lying
how did i miss this last night when was it on
what time last night? eastern time zone here
>i lurked /b/ from like 11 till 8 this morning
>never saw this thread.
>my fucking luck

It was about 24 hours ago.

You may have skimmed over it; it was at the end of a failed mom/son incest thread that had got spidered.
>fuck man I’m kinda into it
>go to my room and watch some youtube
>clicking on vids with some sexual innuendos
>start to feel it coming
>either masturbate or wait
>after our sexual experiences I feel like masturbating is silly, lonely.
>fuck it going in
>go back to the kitchen
>mom is washing some shit
>come up behind her
>embrace her from behind
>arms wrapped around her waist
>kiss her neck
>she sticks her ass out in response
“oh hey, watcha doing?”
>say nothing and continue the kissing of her neck
>grab her hips
>post them close to my semi-boner
>I’m sure she feels it
“honey let me finish cooking”

“come on mom, just… real quick”
>she starts walking toward the stove
>grab both sides of her jeans
>holy fuck were those things tight
>manage to pull them down
>bare ass with panties barely covering them expose
>shes still walking toward the stove

i mean shit whatever you want to believe.

I came late on a mom/son thread sowy

same time as right now
File: r-phbu1vfn.jpg (368KB, 1100x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
368KB, 1100x1600px
FUCK i was in that thread enjoying the spideys
>stopped lurking because of no good WINCEST and spidey was getting annoying
i saw the thread and left because spidey
so nobody archived or screencapped that bitch
>stops after she made it
>grope her ass checks and put my boner in between them
>shes not minding it man
>continue to dry hump her
>she loudly clings her spoon on the stove
>puts both hands on the stove edges
“alright you win hurry”
>fuck hells yes
>take my pants down
>boxers go down with it
>she bends over more for easy access
>I begin to stick it inside her
>fuck I needed this
>begin to pump my love muscle harder and deeper
>stove slightly moves and shit
>is this save? Lol
>didn’t care at this point
>no holds bar
>keep going
>she moans so fucking hard now
“hurry anon! I gotta finish cook—“
>pump faster
>mom looks really hot in that apron
>grab her tits
>fuck, the food

I would always think these ar eso over the top, but I still get a kick from some.
small bob giant tits history is my favorit i guess since I've never had a sister.
Imgur strips EXIF info. You can check EXIF info at http://regex.info/exif.cgi
Check the version from your computer, then the version you save from Imgur. Try not to use a picture that you know has been uploaded to FB or wherever.

I saved that thread, but I mean, OP just reposted his stories in this thread, so all you're really missing is some Q&A, which I'm pretty sure OP will oblige to.
i still want need it for next wincest update

Thanks Bro!
Good advice.
>gotta go faster
>feel it coming
>goddamn im FEELING IT
>feel unsafe about stove though...
>mom continues to moan and scream
>i feel my cum dripping its way in
"fuck mom, im gonna come"

"yes! hurry come on-"
>grab hold of her apron
>one last pull
>cum with incredible force
>holy fuck
>gain some composure
>still inside her
>she barely moves to grab her spoon
>stirs the pot on the stove
>take my dick out and put pants up
>she leaves her pants down as shes still cooking
"dinner will be ready in a few go wash up'
>dinner was fantastic.

What will it be next /b/? bj?
>At my brothers house
>First long bj
>more dry orgasm nights
>roleplay (schoolgirl) (nice story to it)

Role playing?
Glad your back OP. Also Nthing you to post a pic. strip the exif and black the face/background out or something so it can't be searched on google and you're good
I second that
>i was born ready
>to fuck my mom

(First Story)

are your mom's tubes tied or is she on bc? either way that's hot as fuck giving your mom a creampie.
Oh yea she literally told me she wasn't on anything she just wanted pretty bad.
>mfw I could've made her preggo
But we're more careful with it now, she's on birht control now cause again we fuck on occasion.
I'm 19 now and still live with her.

that's pretty hot though, man. makes me harder knowing you blew inside her and risked a pregnancy.
She still takes creampies from me now that she's on the pills
File: lrg-57473-04.jpg (140KB, 682x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 682x1000px
my cum hit the fucking ceiling omg

I'll do that next

>fast forward a month or two after first sexual incident
>it's getting to be a weekly thing at this point
>still a bit inexperienced
>could hold my own for maximum of 20 min
>one night
>brother visited
>some comments and chit chat
>he leaves
>mom approaches me
"I'd wonder if he's into the thing we're doing?"
>um no
>tell her he's got a normal life with his gf and her daughter
>she knows
"i guess you're just more of a mom's boy"
>we lay in her bed tonight since I wanted to go at it
>tell her in kinda concerned for my stamina

basically my responses at yesterdays thread.
File: 1378433522776.jpg (114KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 500x371px
lol, u came,
I always did say spidey has a thing for incest
If OP posts pics this thread becomes legendary.
File: 1355193872454.jpg (58KB, 713x476px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 713x476px

So whats the deal with spiderman?
I mean I get it, post incest, spiderman comes, its a thing.
But why? I never understood why spiderman?
Could you provide a pic close to what your mom looks like?
I'm starting to write these on this thread now, so bare with me.
then fuck off, man.
I mean, free bumps I guess.

>she's surprised
"well hey I don't expect you to be that great, anon. I just get off on the fact we're actually doing this"
>tell her about how bjs can help me with practice
>bullshit but hey take a chance
>tells me she's indifferent about oral she was never really into it
>beg her to at least try
>she seems unwilling
>fuck it
>try to go for the win
>she ok with that
>star making out and groping
>get undressed as usual
>heck it's still pretty hot by this time
>turn on the fan and walk back
"are you sure you won't consider at least one bj?"

"why are you so hung about this anon?

"Just once?"
>fuck her face changes to an alright
>not sure though
I'll give you two reasons.
1. Fuck you, I'm Spiderman.
No problem! Will you be supplying a visual in this thread?
Because... um, random?
does this have a title

Yeah just wondering the origin...
Like why isnt it puddi or something, if its random.

"First BJ"?
How big is your so called penis
Spiderman just had a lot of exploitable images.
no fuck you
get out spiderman
Second experience would be amazing. You are doing an amazing job so far annon.
early counter to wincest>>531215896
that could be mass produced
Like I said guys I'll look it up tomorrow and see if I can get some pics for you without consequences
It just came at a random incest thread and it stuck

>get more comfortable
>start getting loose
>make out while i get a finger in her pussy
>moans everywhere
>fucking a man
>start my way to guide my dick in her
>get balsy
>shift my body upwards and put a hand on top of my moms head
"please mom? I wont ask ever again"
>she obviously hot and bothered
>this could be it
"oh alright"
>fucking YES
>she goes lower
>my god
>I lay on my back
>dick fully erect
>she grabs it with one hand
>slowly jerks it
"I don't really like this butI guess just for you honey"
>opens her mouth
>so slowly and surely places it on the tip of my penis
>this is soo good
>she's obviously not very good as she often gags
>shit i dont give 2 fucks
>i keeps going
>eventually I hear no more gaging
>she's sucking good
>feels incredible

Nah they don't

I would like to see if someone can get them in chronological order by time
I'm not lazy to fucking do it.
>fucking a man
"Fuckin' eh, man!"
It's something people say.
If mom was dad, who was phone?

Fucking beat me to it.

captcha: mycut sons
Comma placement can change everything.
>fucking a man
>fucking a, man

I know you said you wont post any pics
But do you have some hot ones? Does she let you take pics of her?
That would be so hot having pics of my dick in my mother.
>I'm TOO lazy ti fucking do it

Fucking 'A', man. lol sorry

>mom starts to actually impress me
>shit is too intense
>one hand on my moms head other over my own face
>oh gosh this might be it
>i'm surprised she hasn't stopped
"Mom! Oh god i'm gonna-"
>she speeds up
>by the lords
>I grab bed sheets
>fuck she's using two fingers on the bottom of my shaft
>bed is creaking up a storm
>no way I got to hold on
>shit can't mom is sucking at speed of light
>hair gets in the way in front of her face
>I dont care im about to blow
>she starts moaning
>look down
>shes fingering herself
>holy fuck
>blow buckets
>she holds it in her mouth
>later spits it out
>comes back
"that wasnt to bad anon"
>holy fuck still wasted from climax
"I just don't like the taste of it I guess... your father ruined it for me i suppose"
>bjs continue every once in a while
fucking this
continue fucker
second anal next?
Role play next before I go to sleep

>be barely 18
>mom 41
>have friends and co workers that party and shit
>get invited to one
>tell mom
"don't do anything stupid!"

"I wont"
>go to party meet up with friends
>party is pretty good
>beer pong
>lots of whiskey
>looking good
>Have a girl co-worker
>me and her talk
>not much into her a 7/10
>talk and shit
>really get into it
>sits on lap and laughs all around
>about 3a.m
>getting bored now
>decide to leave
>chick follows
>she asks why we never text anymore
>fuck idk get her reassured that we will again
>start to grow on me in past few weeks
>texting constantly
>mom finds out
>she has a sad face on
>tell her shes just a friend
>pouts it off
bumping for this
Because ribbit thought it was a funny epic for the win coolface meme so they spammed wincest thread with it and it became "cool"
>confronts me about it again
"do you like her anon?"
>uh fuck
"not really, shes just really cool"

"just know mom's here if you need her ok?"
>im feeling pretty bad
>make it up to her invite her to fancy diner
>chit chat
>go back home
>shes in some really nice dress, shows off great curbs
>fuck i'm feeling it
>we get it on
>plain and simple nothing much
>next day
>come back from school
>see bag of clothes
>? eh mom must've gone shopping
>make nothing of it
>same night mom comes back from work
>I decide to sleep with her again
>she showers
>phone goes off
>text from chick
>text back
>mom lays on bed
>still texting
>look over annoyed face
>shit put it down
God damn it OP, I already fapped tonight and I'm rock hard again. You done good.
pls email me it

4chan down? lol
"Well, i suppose it's normal for you to look at younger girls huh anon?"
>awww shit please no guilt trip
"but I can be younger right?"
>tell her she's beautiful
>no jokes no shit
"well I went shopping in case you wouldn't believe otherwise
>goes to the closet in panties and a bra
>scuffle around
>secretly text the girl that I'm going to bed
>look back
>mom has a dress on
>puts on some black shirt on similar to some school uniform
>still confused
obvious fake story, op's a faggot.
File: 1352202656899.jpg (33KB, 445x582px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 445x582px
Hurry THE FUCK UP for god sake !
File: 1352111998754.jpg (80KB, 618x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 618x960px
tic tac tic tac ....

Hey. Fuck you.
File: 1386021781532.jpg (42KB, 701x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 701x720px
>she stand up firmly
>holy mother
>wearing full on school-like uniform
>pulls her hair back
>bites her lips
>bends her legs slightly
"so um.. watcha think?"
>get out off the covers
>dick is reacting
>stand up and walk toward her
>she looks 20 years younger holy fuck
>face to face
>boner halfway complete
>kiss the fuck out of her face
>make out and grab her tits
>pull her waist towards the bed
>still making out
>make her sit
>lays down on her back
>skirt goes up slightly
>those fucking thighs
>she looks beyond amazing
>grab ahold of them
>furiously make out again
>why is this soo much hotter than before?
>starts making high pitch moans
>oh my wat?
>boner becomes harder
>this is it
>put down my pants and fully expose dick
>stop making out
>mom is biting her lips
>never those that
>100x more sexier
>guide my dick toward her panties
>start rubbing
Sorry 4chan was down for me for a second I cringed

>shes getting too wet
>take her panties off
>still in her skirt
>make one leg go over my shoulder
>guide dick
>penetrate with force
>I'm loving so much of this, she looks way too hot
>shit is intense
>moans are so high pitch I don't even know whats going on
>I get some more force and pull down her black shirt down from her collar to reveal tits
>shes screaming
>goddamn dat skirt
>dat shirt
>blow a huge load
>stood in complete awe
>still inside her
>come closer
>make out
"I'd like to see her try that"
>is this a competition?
>not minding it
>laugh it off and go to bed

we never really roleplay so this is a good first I might convince he to star again.
update guy here when are you posting again and is this it for tonight
File: 1391659139631.jpg (135KB, 667x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135KB, 667x1000px
OK /b/ I'm off again
I'll get on again tomorrow with more info on that strip exif file and hopefully won't leave your balls hanging
>pic sorta realted same body structure like my mom
i'll be back tomorrow, but if not I'll def come back the same time (I'll try to get on earilier) on saturday

God speed my friends mom's bed awaits.
File: 1384809369615.jpg (156KB, 900x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 900x600px
File: 1380439046764.jpg (130KB, 1280x943px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 1280x943px

I'll be back tomorow yet again.
Thanks for pleasing my penis.

Please for the love of god get us some pictures tomorrow!
>"how many times have you cummed mom?"
>"I lost count"

stopped reading here
don't worry I'll dump more stories an hopefully I'm gonna try my luck tonight with some pics.
Btw I'm 19 now and shes 42
she's on pills, shits great.

You obviously haven't fucked a girl for an hour+ and felt her basically cum showers.
I know it might sound dumb but it went exactly like that, first and only time.

Well see ya tomorrow
Jesus where the fuck do you live anon. Your stories make me want to come fuck your mother

/b/ is a work of fiction
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