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/b/, I'm depressed, and angry at myself I had sex with my sister.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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/b/, I'm depressed, and angry at myself

I had sex with my sister. I may have also fallen in love with her. I know it might be hard for you to understand why wincest could ever be bad, but I've just ruined my relationship with her, after trying to build one for 10+ years
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well fellow annon, life is shit. plain and simple.

some are shittier than others but we all live in the poop.
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No one's biting? Really? I thought for sure /b/ would let me bitch if I mentioned my issue was related to incest
Sure is. But the issue is new, and I can't believe how stupid I am, and I'm having trouble coping
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how about that.jpg
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I could care less. My soul has enough stains on it, I don't care to hear about yours.
Why bother saying anything at all?
If you need to vent then type that shit out. Me? I'm going to grab the jack and be right back
Thanks. I'll type it out in another post
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the terrible beauty.jpg
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Eh, okay buddy.
>Sister is basically my father's bastard
>Had her out of wedlock while married to another woman
>Sister's grandma hates my dad
>Dad is a wealthy businessman, and does drugs with sister's mom
>Sister's mom dies of drug related complications at a party she was throwing
>Wasn't even an OD--she just did drugs too often and it stressed her body

>Despite being drug users, Dad and sister's mom were good parents to my sister
>She was ahead of everyone in day care in every milestone: potty training, walking, talking, motor control, manners, etc.
>When her mom died, she began to fall behind
>Grandma took her in
>Be born nearly 8 years later, a week before my sister's 8th birthday

Fast forward:
>Be 7
>Sister's grandma comes over and says she's not going to my let my sister see him any more, for reasons that were never explained to me
>When I realize she isn't going to be around any more, I start calling her house every day, many times a day
>Never occurred to me that the reason the call never wen through is because Grandma blocked my dad's number
I always wondered what it be like to fuck my sister
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Fyi; if your going to have a big long story most fags will be all buttrussled saying, "type that shit out beforehand faggot"
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do go on, cromartie high is giving me the giggles and you are giving me the low key
>Be really hurt that grandma took her from me
>Grandma was from Nicaragua, and firmly believed family came first, and always told me that
>Grandma said that, although I wasn't her bio grandson, she felt like I was her grandson
>Used to bake me gingerbread on holidays, and buy me action figures every month
>It fucked with my little head
>Decided I had to bring us back together, because I was 7, and concepts/rules were concrete to me

>family comes first, so I have to bring mine back together

>Be 12
>Gave up on my sister as I grew up, because I was young, and forgot about it
>Began to resent sister because she never missed me like I missed her
>Suddenly, dad gets a letter
>Grandma is requesting custody of sister, so she can properly pay for my sister to go to college
>Dad gets sister's address through that, and starts sending her letters, begging her to talk to us again
>Dad says I'm hurt that she doesn't want me to be her brother
>Sister says that thought never factored into it

>That line of the letter sticks in my head for years
... this story is.... story....
oh well. I didn't want to type it out to no one, especially if no one was gonna want to hear it

In my case: indescribably perfect. i'll get into that later

>Be 15
>IQ is 145
>Emotional IQ is 65 (that is considered emotionally disabled)
>Dad is beating the crap out of me
>Mom is an alcoholic
>Feel like an independent, super intelligent, piece of crap
>Get a great idea to write an "epistle" to my sister on fucking Facebook
>It was literally about as pretentious as the word choice sounds
>Begging her to talk to me
>Trying to prove my worth with adult words
>Tell her she can't not reply to me because I put myself out there, and humiliated myself

>She replies
"Anon, you are barely a brother to me. We've never spoken. We didn't grow up together. We didn't spend time together when we lived 20 miles from each other, when we weren't kept apart. I don't think about you, or wonder how you are. It's nothing personal, but you're a stranger to me. I never wanted us to be separate, but I don't care to deal with the drama of us getting together. I'm sorry if this hurts you, but I wanted to be frank"
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Wow! My cunt detectors have gone off the charts!!

Fuck her, and I for one am glad you did.
>It hurts like crazy
>Obsess over her
>Can't understand why she doesn't want to talk to me
>We're family
>She values all of the family on her mom's side
>I care about her
>We have a special bond, as brother and sister
>Why doesn't she like me?

>Learn all I can about her
>Watch her Facebook for a couple of years, just to see what's going on
>See photos of her with her new boyfriend
>Go on his Facebook
>He's a great guy
>Works with disabled kids, urban youths, people without any sort of privilege (I mean that in the least social justice asshole way possible), and gay teens
>Hates big corporations, and donates lots to charity
>He seems like someone I'd want to be friends with, or idolize, as I was only 16 or so when they started dating
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cool shit.jpg
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Sounds like what a typical /b/tard would do.
She's a nice person. Beyond nice. She was trying to be firm with me because she wasn't interested in a relationship, or knowing my father whom she was conditioned to believe effectively killed her mother

>Sister partners up with two other girls
>They start a clothing line
>Makes it into all kinds of big stores in Chicago, LA, and Miami
>Your girlfriend has probably heard of it
>They use their clothing line to travel the country, then the world, and raise awareness about the cruelty in sweat shops
>While traveling the world, they help build homes for the needy
>My sister is an atheist. This wasn't missionary work
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>that i have a girlfriend
holy shit my sides have left the building
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I'm bitter and single, my ends justify my means. My morality is subjective and my soul is a wreck.

Happy fucking friday.

more. ur posting too slow
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100% anon
I don't disagree. I know it was... Emotionally disabled of me

>Be 19
>Be a manager at a health food store
>Haven't thought about sister in a year
>Be bringing in the newspapers the office gets
>Someone went through one, and left the obituary pages on my desk
>Someone on the back page was named something ridiculous, like Conny Elingus (like cunnilingus)
>While looking over the page, I see my fucking grandma

>The obituary refers to my sister, and my sister's mom, as her daughters
>Tons of mentions about her family, her cooking, and her tea parties with various First Ladies
>No mention of me in the list of grandchildren
>Go figure
>See the funeral is that Saturday
>The funeral is in the city I'm going to be in on Saturday, with a female friend from Nicaragua
Why should you be depressed at this?

Go fucking party, you deserve it.

trying. really
I'm shivering and my fingers are numb
we are all emotionally crippled and socially retarted.

4 chan is our home, /b/ is our sentence.
>This is too fucking perfect
>Request off Friday for the wake, and Sunday just in case
>Call my Friend and explain the situation to her
>Kind of awkward to explain I have an estranged sister, and why, but she's always had my back

>Chicken out Friday, and don't go to the wake
>Drink heavily Friday night
>Nerves are horrible
>Shaking all night
>Can't sleep despite being drunk
>Friend presses my suit for me, makes me a light breakfast, and puts on her best black dress
>Friend brings her 16 year old sister, and 14 year old brother
>We were trying to make it seem like I wasn't just a weird man at their funeral for this old lady
>The family is pampering me
>I feel like a fucking child the way I need to be taken care of, but I haven't felt like that since I was 16 years old
>I'd actually emotionally matured, believe it or not
Look, your only option is to thank the Lord for the day
Then you gotta go and get paid
Oh my goodness
Ain't drived the Porsche in a month, my range rover make a nigga hush
Fuck nigga want
Sorry if I'm being too blunt,I gotta show a hater how to stunt
Boy you a joke, Kevin Hart with it
Deerfield rapper worth about a couple million
Imma go get it nigga, Imma go get it nigga, Imma go get it

Get it all out. It will make you feel better. Writing always does.
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I like that idea. 4Chan, and /b/ in particular, is where I come to socialize and have some fun.

Also, that picture is one of the most depressing in my BAWWW folder. Here's another.
I am sweating typing this out. Just thinking about the anxiety is killing me

>We try to just walk in, but there is a fucking line to get into this funeral
>Only this bitch would have a high profile audience wanting to see her corpse one final time

>All of us have to sign our names, and get a little laminated picture of her
>Like 500 people stop us as we try to walk to some fucking seats
>"Who are you? How do you know the diseased?" *tear*
Oh, we were just friends of her's. You know how she loved to help people in need. She helped us when we were poor. She helped me get a job, yada, yada, bullshit yada
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Oh shit son you were in that baww thread when it was oc?

Nice to have another fellow baww /b/rowser on here.

I feel like shit anyway so fuck it lets get some baww pics up in dis bitch.

Pic related, it's all me.
>Funeral finally starts
>It's ice cold in the church, but I've sweat through my shirt
>Holding Friend's hand
>Knee bouncing
>Somewhere Over The Rainbow starts playing
>They wheel in the gaudy, white and gold coffin

>I nearly pass out
>Friend and her brother have to hold me up
>Sister is at the front, on the right, walking the coffin in
>They set it in the front
>I haven't blinked
>My mouth is dry
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I don't get it. What were you all worked up about? Are you not good with death or just worked up about your sister?

Idk, Like i've stated earlier in this thread. My life is shit. I've known a lot of good men who have died way too fucking soon and death is just another thing to me.

I'm callused to the outside world.
>Sister walks up with a ton of family behind her
>"As many of you know--well, all of you, I'm sure--Grandma (she didn't say grandma; I'm just using it as a name placeholder) wasn't my real mother. She was actually my grandmother. My mother died when I was two, and unfortunately, my dad wasn't able to take care of me."
blahblahblah bullshit when suddenly
>"Although I was an only child, and always wished I had a brother, or a sister, the way Grandma loved so many people, and always had the kids in the family over, it was almost like I had siblings around all the time..."

>Face turns red
>Feel Friend and her siblings look at me
>Friend squeezes my hand
>Fucking enraged
>I've been there the whole time
>I tried to get her back in my life
>She rejected me, and now she's whining saying she wanted me around
I wouldn't let it get you down. I mean we've all had sex with your sister and while we didn't fall in love, or really even like her, I for one was angry and depressed afterwards.
Just get really drunk, head on down to the massage parlor and get a happy ending. I know your Mom would love to see you.
I'm not good because this ends with me ruining my relationship with my sister. The reason for so much story is because I want to emphasize how fucked in the head I was over her not being around
>"Although I was an only child, and always wished I had a brother, or a sister
Oh shit.

>adopts uareadr
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I think I got it when it was still new, at least relatively. It still doesn't seem to very popular.

That idea is kind of valid. I'm lonely but (couldn't it be "and") and I'm depressed but I can still laugh (I love it when I start to cry). But I don't think it's cogent.

This is me. I'm afraid to die (it's why I haven't an heroed yet) but it would have been easier. I wouldn't have to worry about find a job (or having it drive me to suicide), or being a leach on my family, or school (I'm a semester from flunking out).

I'd be content with a shitty job (at Pizza hut, Subway, or something analygous) and a place that stayed warm in the winter. But I doubt I can even attain that. In short, I'm a failure at life and anyone else [strikeout]could[/strikeout] should have been born.
your sister sounds like a daft cunt, she know how much of an ass your father was but still acted like she didn't have anything to do with you despite knowing the relationship with him you'd have to endure.
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Okay, perhaps its the jack finally hitting my bloodstream but I'm fucking pissed off about this.

From the back in the curch you would hear me
That was really funny. Thank you, Anon

>When the funeral is over, I've lost most of my angry nerve
>Sister is walking around, thanking people
>Close family is meant to go to the burial site, and say final goodbyes

>Walk up with my group, quietly, and stand behind people
>Sister says a few nice words, and so do other people
>Grandma is buried in a gorgeous plot of land
>Grandpa points to spot next to it and says "I can't wait to be there. I'm going to miss her so much"
>Get choked up
>Sister starts bawling and hugging him
>People begin to leave after hugs
>Some promise to stop by later
>Sister says her boyfriend is going to go back to their home in another state, and she's going to stay for a week and a half with Grandpa
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>tfw your post
Better to die with some remote sense of pride than to go out by your own hand in cowardice.
inb4 walk the dinosaur, fresh prince
>We all stay behind
>Never more than in that moment do I wish for my adolescent emotional hair
>Face the ground, bright red
>Group is just standing there, asking me what I want to do
>"Anon, she's walking over here"
>I stop breathing

>She walks up to us and says "Hi. Can I help you all with something?"
y-you, too...
>Uh. Yeah. Sorry. I need to talk to you
"Um. Sure. -awkward laugh"
>In the church, you, ah, you said you always wished you had a brother
>I can hear the sound of the strength waning in her knees
>I can hear her blood pumping, while her fight or flight decision begins being weighed
>Friends back up, and try to give us space
I don't want to talk to you, Anon. You shouldn't have come. This is a funeral. This isn't... This isn't about you, or, ah, whatever issues you have
Reading this makes me wonder about my half-siblings I have ignored...
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1MB, px
Hurry up, OP. I'm fapping hard now. I don't know how much longer I can last.
File: wtfish..png (103KB, 300x198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Neither. I'm not gonna waste an hour of my time for that

>I know that! I know that of course I know that!

>head spinning
>can't look at her face

So, leave, Anon!
>I need to talk to you. I need you to listen to me. I didn't come here because I wanted to make this about me. I mean, I guess, I did. But I didn't take away from her funeral. I came to you afterward. It took so much for me to come here. Just listen to me
>Voice is cracking
>If this goes poorly, I'm gonna cry like a baby
this is when you pull out the kinfe and behead this bitch and fuck her windpipe until climax right?

caus i dont see how your going to be able to go from here to inside her cunt.
so what? I banged my cousin twice (both times on the same night), yea it was akward afterwards, and yea it was a little hard to talk about, but we got over it and moved on I still talk to her and see her on holidays and we still get along pretty well. so whats the big deal? did you force into it? is she too young? did you drug her?
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shut up nigger, your fucking up the program.
She's 8 years older than him I believe.

Did you read the thread? She's much older.
$100 says she's pretentious enough to believe that having sex with OP makes up for the neglect.
I raise you $1,000,000 that she doesn't believe that
>She actually just says "Fine"
>She's letting me talk
>It's probably just because she's emotionally drained but omg this is progress

>I know I don't know you, Femanon, but we're siblings. I know you probably won't appreciate it, but I've looked you up. I've, um, learned stuff about you, and I have reason to want you in my life. No, even if you turned out to be a drug addict, or something, I'd still have a reason. You're my sister, and I love you, and I want you in my life. I should be able to be there for you. I should have helped you plan Grandma's funeral. We should be best friends. You said you wanted a sibling, all you life, and, ah... s-so did I.
>jaw is clenching shut
You want to help me, Anon?
>Yes. Yes, I want to help you. I've been trying to be there for you for years
I can't promise you anything, Anon. I can't tell you I'm going to be around. But I can try to... Do something, today. I don't know what. I don't know what I'm doing. Help me get Grandpa home, and then you can help me clean the house from the wake
in any case I'm interested in finding out the truth.
File: 1389057646641.jpg (58KB, 442x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 442x640px
>"But I can try to... Do something, today. I don't know what. I don't know what I'm doing. Help me get Grandpa home, and then you can help me clean the house from the wake"
Finally your story just got interesting

you fucking couldn't care less you molded fucking cumcheese.
WHY don't you shit into a jar and smell it till you die
She does not believe that. Neither did I. It wasn't like that

>I follow her to the house, and she lays Grandpa down
>Grandpa knows exactly who I am, despite being like 87 and borderline senile
>Says he didn't know Femanon and I had reconnected, and wonders why I never came by to see him
>"Maybe I'll be around more, Grandpa. I don't know."
>Sister just looks confused, and worried

>Friend, Friend's siblings, and I all clean the house, load dish washer, etc.
>Take out trash, wash windows, even scrub a toilet
>This woman is working all of us
>Fortunately it's a culture thing and my friends don't think anything of it

>After she can't come up with any more busy work, she offers to dirty some of the dishes we just put away, and make us dinner
>Friend offers to help, which is great for me, because it'll alleviate the stress of close contact with me, and they can just twat around together
What anime is this op?
seriously, how do people think saying, "I could care less," makes sense?
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Typical female
>rejects males unfit for breeding or work
>as soon as he's able to serve her she latches on

Meanwhile, the male, indoctrinated on ideas like loyalty, honor, and "a man provides" has been tearing himself up for years about not being ALLOWED to sacrifice for family.

Not surprising, given the statistics on relationship turmoil and breakups indicating that men suffer much more than women do.
That is NOT what she meant
Yes, it's close to fap time but she did not mean that
wait, did OP rape his sister?
Kokoro Connect

You're talking about my sister
And my ideas of loyalty came from a WOMAN who was protecting her family from the man she believed murdered her daughter
God, no. I would never do that to someone

The reason my dad started beating me was because a 32 year old man raped me and I brought him shame

Please write quicker, OP! I've followed from the beginning but I am very tired now.
File: elem1-ia01.jpg (182KB, 912x864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Your sister's a bitch.
And it's even worse that a WOMAN brainwashed you into thinking the most noble thing you could do with your life was sacrifice yourself. She was also apparently fucking retarded and in denial about raising a degenerate, stupid, drug-addicted slut that'd sleep with married men to get her drugs and then not even have the decency to abort the bastard offspring.
>Sister is in a much better mood after yacking in Spanish with my Friend
>We eat
no, wait
>My friends eat
>My sister and I stare at our plates, and each other

>My friends make a move to leave after dinner, as it's 11
>I ask to stay
>Sister says okay, actually
>We stay up till the buttcrack of dawn, catching up
>We have a lot of stuff in common, although it's intimidating how much more mature than me she is
>She has this great understanding of everything, and I sound like the little shmuck I am
>You're talking about my sister

You're posting on /b/

You should have expected far worse than what these lurking anons have to offer
My sister is lovely, but confused
My grandma was lovely, but her generation was all misguided

>Sister and I pass out
>Spend the next day hanging out, taking care of Grandpa, fucking around, watching movies with him, playing games

Next post is winces
File: timetofap.jpg (22KB, 410x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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alright, here we go
/b/ro, just so you know, even though I'm sure half the people here are in the thread just for the wincest, I want you to know that your story up until now was touching. Thanks for sharing.
I second this.

I encourage the OP to continue to write for his own benefit. Writing helps.
I also agree
>Go swimming with her
>Her family was important, because reasons, if that wasn't clear
>Grandpa was a man's man, and Grandma was a true lady
>That made them important
>They have a pool that's like 20 feet long, 15 feet deep in the deep end, and has a high hot tub coming out of it, to create a nice waterfall effect
>She makes me these fancy, ridiculous drinks at Grandpa's bar
>It's crazy, because the shit tastes like fruit, although it's full of hard alcohol
>She even makes me a minty, chocolately drink with 100 proof Peppermint Schnapps

>We're getting wasted
>I know I've technically known her all my life, but the way we're getting on, it's like we've been buddies our whole lives
>Like she never left
>She and I are sitting in this hot pool of water, full of alcohol, on a hot, humid summer night
>I think I'm drooling on myself from laughing so hard at fucking everything
>She's telling me about some ex boyfriend who couldn't keep his clothes on around her, or anyone else in his house
>He just loved to be nude, basically
>Pull off the basketball shorts I wore into the pool
>Find a way out of hot tub, and even manage to stand
>Jump into pool

>She comes over, laughing hysterically, crawling across the patio
>She slides into the pool
>I reach out
>"I'm drowning. I'm going to drown, and my sister's leaving me to die!"
>I think she actually started choking on water at this point, because she was so drunk the whole thing was driving her insane
>She finally got to me
>She touched my hand, and I pulled her in for a hug
>Mood fucking changed for me, immediately
>Hugging her, totally naked, in water

>Been waiting to be around her for years
>Desperately trying to get her attention
>She's beautiful
>She's smart
>She's so fucking kind to everyone
>She's so much fun to be around
>I'm drunk
text limit

"I could care less," is the shortening of the phrase "I could care less, but I wouldn't know how."
File: 1375086812975.gif (498KB, 255x235px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
498KB, 255x235px
/b/ - Random
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
but please go on
you cut me off mid fap with that ending, so hurry it up
Unless you forced it on her, I don't see the problem. She loves you enough to do that with you, that's pretty great. Some of us wish that was an option.

But still, why does this upset you anon? I'll help if I can.

Seems like you raped her.
>Lift up her chin
>She's totally quiet
>It's like a movie
>I love when shit's like a movie
>Her eyes are wide open
>Her eyes are brown, but they're very, very light brown
>They're like amber, actually
>She's not making a move either way
>"God, you're so fucking beautiful"
>Finally kiss her
>Feel every hair on my body stand up
>Her nails dig into my arm, my side

>I suddenly lose my nerve
>My lips are against her's, and she's kissing me, but I can't get the nerve to open my mouth
>Y-you, too...
>Grab her waist, turn her around, lift her up, and toss her
>Not well, mind you
>Still drunk
I wish it was fiction. You missed the bit about me being upset. I'm venting here because I can't tell anyone else "Oi, mate, I've gone and fucked me sister", and I know /b/ will listen if /b/ gets an erection
File: 1389058733724.jpg (26KB, 500x379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is more like. Fapping good now.
Except for what he said makes perfect sense. If he had said "could" then you would've been onto something you tool.
He doesn't care to hear someone else's 'stains'. That makes sense. Learn English.
File: (2MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, px
fiction...non-fiction...imma still fap either way.

it's a good anime if your into relationship drama and stuff like that
>Hobble out of pool, grab my towel, leave the shorts
>Help her out of the pool, and tell her I'm going for a shower
>She was pretty distant at that point
>Like, she was looking at me, but it felt like she wasn't seeing me
>She took a shower in a different shower

>After the shower, I walk into her bedroom, where I spent the previous night, in the most platonic way I could
>She's lying on her bed, wide awake
>I feel so fucked in the head at this point
>I can't believe I've just kissed her
>"Uh, sis, I need clothes again. Do you have anything else?"
What are you doing to me, Anon?
>In the most frustrated tone you can imagine, picture a girl with Emma Watson length hair, gorgeous Hispanic and white features, and light brown eyes, barking "Come here" at you, as though you should have known you were supposed to jump her as soon as you walked in

Finish it.
Keep it coming
Oh I'm definitely cumming.

If you live to be an old man, you are going to be one of those cunts that tells long stories that don't go anywhere.
Here's some music for you guys to enjoy while waiting.

>I don't even remember getting into her bed
>It was like, she gave her command, and the universe just picked me up and placed me on top of her
>I was still shy as fuck
>I'd had sex before, but it wasn't dangerous
>I wasn't fucking someone who, at any time, could suddenly decide she hated me and never wanted to see me again
>It definitely wasn't my sister
>I'm also pretty sure I'd never had wasted sex before

>So, my mouth is on her's
>Her tongue is in my mouth
>I'm on top, stiff as fuck
>She pulls away and says "The man should be on the bottom"
Never Lick An Postage Envelopes...... CAUTION.....MUST SHARE THIS One day a girl licked the envelopes and postage stamps instead of using a sponge. That very day the lady found a cut on her tongue. A week later, she noticed an abnormal swelling of her tongue. She went to the doctor, and they found nothing wrong. Her tongue was not sore or anything. A couple of days later, her tongue started to swell more, and it began to get really sore, so sore, that she could not eat. She went back to the hospital, and demanded something be done. The doctor took an x-ray of her tongue and noticed a lump. He prepared her for minor surgery. When the doctor cut her tongue open, a live cockroach crawled out!!!! There were cockroach eggs on the seal of the envelope. The egg was able to hatch inside of her tongue, because of her saliva. It was warm and moist… This is a true story reported on CNN. Andy Hume wrote: Hey, I used to work in an envelope factory. You wouldn’t believe the….things that float around in those gum applicator trays. I haven’t licked an envelope for years!” I used to work for a print shop (32 years ago) and we were told NEVER to lick the envelopes. I never understood why until I had to go into storage and pull out 2500 envelopes that were already printed and saw several squads of cockroaches roaming around inside a couple of boxes with eggs everywhere. They eat the glue on the envelopes. PLEASE PASS THIS INFO TO YOUR FRIENDS. After reading this you will never lick another envelope or stamp.

>walk into her room
>everybody get on the floor and walk like a dinosaur
>She basically pushes me over
>Sits on me with gusto
>Crushes my nervous erection under her
>She's dry humping my crotch, making out with my neck
>My fears are gradually being overwhelmed by my desire to fuck her until she bleeds, and I can't physically move my hips any more
>I pull off her tshirt
>She holds my face in her hands, so I can't catch more than a glance of her tits
>She bites my lip, and moans "Fuck" through her teeth
File: Icame.gif (108KB, 500x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 500x300px
>She pulls away and says "The man should be on the bottom"
ITT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNs6y1NIZf4
File: based.jpg (6KB, 160x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 160x160px

Are you sure? I was thinking something more along the lines of this...


>My body isn't working with me
>I'm totally at her mercy
>I'm pretty sure her being older, and more experienced with sex is part of the reason why I'm falling so fucking short, but it's also because I've never fucked my sister before, and the level of horny I'm feeling is absolutely overwhelming

>She sits up over me, and pulls down the pajama bottoms she was wearing
>Underwear, lacy as fuck
>Cannot remember the color as it was dark, and I was drunk, and her underwear wasn't really one of my concerns
>Grab her hips
>Kiss her stomach
>Run my tongue along her crotch, through her underwear
>She gasps, leans over me, and pushes her nails into the back of my neck
File: Ilikeit.jpg (24KB, 378x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 378x363px
OP, I feel sorry for you. You're a dumb ass for fucking your sister. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope everything works out okay.
File: (2MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, px
oh... what.... WHAT?!?!
You're just mad that you can't score any poon.
File: 1big.jpg (24KB, 630x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 630x450px
>a 32 year old man raped me and I brought him shame
Sorry this is taking so long, but I actually saw this happened and the visuals are more overwhelming for me than they are for you

>Pull her underwear down to her knees
>Push her onto her back
>She gasps
>Pull her underwear off
>More gasping
>Her legs trembled as I pulled them off
>the old lickaroo
>No seriously I ate the fuck out of her
>I licked every bit of her that my tongue could reach
>I think I pulled my tongue muscle trying to get as far as inside of her as I could
>I only stopped when my chin got sore from her humping my tongue
>She was so loud
>I was dripping precum from listening to her moan
>My erection was burning, and I was literally in physical pain from want
>When I stopped, she looked at me and said "What the fuck?"

go back to getting you're ass kicked by the shield
Someone should screencap this. And +1 internets to you because fuck reasons i'm drunk.
File: (1MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, px
I am the great fucknugget who told you to write in the first place. Yay for alcohol and interwebs!!!

you are an alcohol
>I smiled, and laughed, too
>"I need to fuck you, baby, I'm sorry"
No, I'm fucking you, Anon
>ohgod okay that's fine
>Lean up against the back of bed
>She kneels over me, and licks my lips
>Finally, she sits on me
>There are no words
>There is no way for me to describe what it felt like
>The corners of my vision went black
>Every area of my body but my dick went numb
>Although she was violently, desperately riding me, I could barely sense the rocking
>I almost couldn't hear the sound of her moaning over the blood rushing to my ears
File: megaboner.gif (192KB, 1036x654px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 1036x654px
yes, its getting good
>She's got her hands on either side of my chest
>Tits bouncing up and down
>I can't move
>I am so fucking glad she decided she was going to top me
>It's probably been less than a minute
>I can feel myself getting ready to cum
>I don't even bother to hold back
>Grab her hips
>Hold her still
>Close my eyes
>Start fucking like a damn jackhammer
>Line after line comes out of me
>She's moaning so loud, and hard, and sharply, it's making the orgasm more powerful
>When I'm finally done, she gasps "Oh my god, you came so fucking hard"
>She keeps saying fuck, and she starts riding me again
>She's not going as hard, just more quickly
>Feel her vagina smooth out
>Then a sensation I've never felt before
>Her vagina quivers on me furiously
>Eyes roll into the back of my head
>She's cumming on me and I'm about to come again just from how fucking good it feels
>How the fuck is she this good at fucking

when we're done, she doesn't even pull me out of her
we just slide down the bed until I'm lying flat, and we pass out
File: 1385349118789.png (354KB, 720x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354KB, 720x400px
don't follow wrasslin so idfk wtf you are talking about.
That isn't where the story ends, /b/
I'm 20 now. That was nearly a year ago, but the fallout only happened a few days ago
File: huehue.gif (23KB, 210x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 210x200px
False, the driver was an alcohol.
And the aftermath?
cmon OP im rubbing out blanks here
File: (2MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, px
mfw if were all getting trolled
File: 1351557567798.jpg (114KB, 765x810px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 765x810px
waldo zen master has spoken
*gong bang*
Go as long as you want, anon. I'm cleaning, being amused every few minutes after u post
File: 1380993617603.gif (905KB, 268x191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
905KB, 268x191px
before this thread 404's (whenever that may be) please screencap this story. I'd like to have it for research and stuff.
>wake up in the morning
>realize what weve done
>see her eyes wide open, its like shes seen a ghost
>realize what ive done
>she goes to the bathroom and showers
>open the door
>"im sorry anonista"
>she yells so loud that i fell on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>you keep reading
>you can stop now
>why you still here
and thats why i wanna an hero
>The next morning, I wake up euphoric
>I wasn't even sure why I was so happy, at first
>As soon as I realized what happened, via my spinning head and her body half on me, dick still in her, I got hard again
>I pulled her back on me, and she stirred a little
>I started moving in her, and she started waking up
>She let out a couple of those "mmm" moans, and started clenching her fists
>After a moment, she opened her mouth, and started moaning "ah... uh..."
>Her eyes opened fully, and she looked up at me
>I kissed her forehead, and started trying to roll her on her back
>"Anon, NO. Stop!"
>She jumps off me, grabs my towel, and covers herself
Whoa, whoa. Sorry. I thought it would still be okay
>Still a little drunk, and too groggy to really know how I should be reacting
>"It's fine. No, it's not fine. It's fine that you thought it was okay, but what we did was not fine. Oh my god. I can't believe I did that with you. Anon, listen to me. That's never going to happen again"
Holy fuck you are one raging fucknuckle
File: 1389118842001.jpg (39KB, 519x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 519x347px
Because he wants people to know about how many edges he has.
File: 1385003343815.jpg (43KB, 650x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 650x720px
Nice try fucker. except annon delivared.
File: thatwasgreat.jpg (27KB, 512x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 512x384px
>Have sex with niece
>Become lovers for two months
>Suddenly she drops contact completely
>Next time I see her she's getting married
>Never explained and nobody found out
>inb4 pedo -- my niece is a month older than me
Bro, >>528951023
Just saying.
>Oh fuck me
>"Okay. Yeah, I agree. It was a mistake. Shit. I can't believe we did that, either."
>Actually, I really couldn't
>I wasn't just feeling "awh man I want more sex"
>"So, Femanon, can we agree to never talk about it again?"
>She agrees, and doesn't throw me out
>Breakfast and waking grandpa and getting our day started was more than a little awkward
>That afternoon, I did leave

>Be the next day
>Be at Friend's house again
>She keeps asking me about all of the details
>Says she loves my sister and is so glad we're friends like we should be
>Admit that we got into a small argument, and things are a little awkward
>"Friend, would you mind coming with me if I go over there today? You'd kind of give me an excuse to be there. I could say you liked her and so we wanted to go over together"
its cool i used to fuck my aunt all the time
No I meant, that was the shittiest troll attempt to impersonate OP and this story is actually sexy as fuck, so the fact that anon thought that posting that was a good idea makes him a giant fucknuckle
File: 1377109040248.jpg (62KB, 500x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 500x475px
You hit the nail on the head dipshit. In my spare time I'm a 20sided die. Thats how many edges I have.
Oh, my /b/ad. Carry on.
I'm not even trying to troll can someone explain why wincest is sexy to you?
>Text Femanon Freak in Bed Sister
>"Friend said she really likes you, and wanted to stop by with me today. Can we drop in around 2:30?"
>Sister says sure
>Everything goes well
>They go crazy over clothes, and sister tells horror stories about sweat shops, and talks about places she visited in her world travels
>Femanon is basically sitting there sounding incredible, cultured, saintly, and perfect
>Feels like I'm falling harder in love with her than any girl I've ever loved
>Feels like my heart is dropping into my asshole
>Loving sister is forbidden
>No one will attend the wedding of Anon and his sister, Femanon
>Our kids will be retarded
>She regrets it
>"oh yeah, and we designed shoes for the little impoverished kids, and the designs were so simple they could build them themselves if they decided they actually wanted to wear shoes... yadayadayada I'm perfect blahblahblah"
>Fuck me my life is over
Dude, fetishes, man. You just can't even explain them. I find the family dynamics of them complicated in really interesting ways, which is why I like fiction about them. Also, there are power dynamics that many find fetishistically satisfying. Finally, just the taboo forbidden nature of it excites some. Your mileage may vary.
I guess it would be like someone with a foot fetish trying to explain it.

To some, its the face of easily and readily accessible form of instant gratification of sex.

To others, it is more deep seated of "man I would love to lay the pipe to xyz (aunt, sister, mum)"

Tough to say but good question, none the less.

Hot siblings.

Also, some people can't differentiate between different types of love.

But mostly lust.
i never thought of it like that, i guess because its not one of my fetishes but it makes sense, thank /b/ro! sorry back to the story.

>been lurkin
/b/iggest /b/iggots on this /b/amn /b/read
File: 1390394087669.png (218KB, 400x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218KB, 400x384px
mfw i feeled more than could evar be feeled from a feel
Personally the only sort of wincest I find sexy is brother/sister or cousins.

It probably has something to do with the fact that I don't have a sister myself, so I have no idea what it's like to be that closely related to a girl of similar age to you.
so, would you engage in it if the you had the opportunity?

like i find bondage (not the crazy shit, but slight bondage) hot as fuck, and if a girl wanted that i would be so down. So if your sister or brother asked would you be down? or are you just into the stories
Mad feels. Continue?
>so I have no idea what it's like to be that closely related to a girl of similar age to you.

I don't have a sister either, but I do have a younger cousin. They stink.
File: 1385003216494.jpg (177KB, 625x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177KB, 625x472px
Well, I suppose I do have a cousin who's a few years older than me, and I have thought of fucking her, but whatever I'm slightly fucked in the head.

I already have. It is only as big a deal as the sum of those it involves.
Come on OP how did your relationship end up
>she sees me staring at her with lust
>i look away
>"anon, why dont get us a glass of orange juice"
>go to the kitchen and pour 2 glasses of lemonade
>still staring at her
>she catches me looking again
>FUCK! overspill the orange juice
>sister yells "anon! are you okay there?"
>she comes over while friend stays
>she slides he hand on my dick
>grabs the lemonade
>spill orange juice on the floor
>granpa opens the kitchen door
>lemonade like the dinosaur

yeah OP, sorry for slight derail just really interested. Please continue
File: (1MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, px
No. I can barely tolerate my sister on a good day. My mother? No, though I have done the Oedipus Rex fap about it.

Cousins? Dont have any that I'm remotely close to.

In short, not much to go on there. It would be nice to find a fetish friendly woman. However, as any other /b/tard, I suck at dating and interacting with females. Thus, why i'm at home on a friday night talking about incest.
>I didn't spend another night in her bed after that
>We hugged goodbye for no more than a second each night
>The friendship was strong with us, though
>Not gonna lie I still went home and beat off to the drunken memories
>Went insane when I was alone
>Punched pillows, yelled into pillows, ran until I felt nauseous, etc.
>Could not get the shit out of my head

>Last night Femanon was in town, we were packing her SUV for her drive home
>Grandpa already said his teary goodbye, and went to bed, and Femanon was relieved I promised to take care of him and spend a lot of time with him
>After I loaded the last suitcase, I walked back into her bedroom, which was her childhood bedroom btw
>She was sitting on her bed, looking exhausted
>"I'm gonna miss you, Femanon. You're pretty badass"
I'm gonna miss you too, little sibling
>"I'm not little at all. You know that now"
>her face when
>mfw I realized what I'd said
>"Sorry. Sorry. I wasn't thinking. Just trying to be funny. I'm really upset that you're not gonna be around any more, and I dunno how to handle it."
>She doesn't reply
>It's nearly 6, which is the time she decided she wanted to start driving up, so I walk her to the door
I'm upset that I'm not gonna be around you, too, Anon. I really am. I'm gonna miss you so much. You should come visit me. If we go back and forth, we can see each other twice a year. That's still better than it was
>"For sure"
>Hug her goodbye
>Don't let go
>Smell her hair
>Run my thumb back and forth across her cheek
>Enjoy the feeling of her head on my chest
>Get a little choked up
>She gets snifflly, too
>Tilt her chin up toward my face
>Her eyes go wide
>Do nothing
>"I love you" (brotherly love is what I meant)
Love you, too (sisterly is what she returned)
>She leaves
>Wave goodbye as she drives off
OP here
Hate my mom
Don't know any cousins
Sister has always been special to me and I'm going to explain something in the next post
... Are you sure that's the picture you meant to post? Or did 4chan eat your intended one?
No that's it
File: Sweat.jpg (27KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 300x300px
Oh God
File: 1388363705672.jpg (116KB, 579x555px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 579x555px
mfw me being a dick turned out to make one of the best threads i've been a part of in months
>I can't get over what happened
>All of my close friends are happy for me
>We have pictures up on Facebook and the number of people saying "I didn't know u had sister" is ridiculous
>The friends I've had since I was in middle school can't believe this is happening
>Obviously know one knows she made me blow a load so massive I was zinc deprived and blind for weeks
>Yes I know that's not actually how it works
>That was a joke

>I'm still trying to find excuses for what happened
>Post on a forum related to incest
>Lots of people have similar situations
>Estranged from siblings, but want to know them
>They meet, and they have an explosion of emotion and they bang it out
>Happened to two straight sisters, even
>Think everything must be okay
>Glad that this is at least normal
>All of them report having typical relationships afterward
>All of them have told no one
File: nigga.jpg (5KB, 155x142px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 155x142px
did you dun goof?
Yeah. And I love the people that are posting. It's pretty small and easy going
I'm sure there are quiet lurkers, but this is great

>Sister and I text almost daily for months
>I keep trying to find time to visit her, and meet her fucking boyfriend who is also perfect, but who I am not attracted to
>Although at this point who fucking knows maybe I'll go off the deepend and fuck him, too
(that doesn't happen)
>Business is booming at work
>Get raised to $17 an hour
>Keep thinking I'm gonna get to go up, especially with all this money saved
>Actually have enough money to enroll Grandpa in an old people club
>Work is so busy, my social life is busy, I just don't have time
>Car needs repairs, don't have the funds to visit
>It's been five months
>Femanon decides to visit for Grandpa's birthday
>Friend and femanon plan a party
>Tell people at Party City I'm poor and throwing a birthday party for my soon to be 88 year old recently widowed grandpa
>They give me an employee discount
>Just saying, /b/
you are the chosen one
so this is all the shit you're depressed and angry about. stop being a fag
>Day of the party, Femanon is flying into town
>It's a surprise for grandpa
>Friend's sister picks him up so he can't even begin to suspect anything
>We even tell him we have a Skype call with Femanon planned for when he's ready to blow out the candles on his cake
>Finally time for the cake
>Tell Grandpa I wish Femanon was there
>"Me, too. Good wish, Anon."
>She walks in after he blows out the candles
>She's stunning
>My jaw dropped
>I had no idea she was gonna look like that

My sister doesn't wear make up. She's really gorgeous without it. She doesn't have to, but that night
>She was wearing light foundation
>She had on the thinnest layer of liner
>She was wearing a gorgeous, flowing red dress
>Her earrings were long, and brushed against the beginning of her neck when she moved
>The way her necklaces accented her chest
>Everyone was stunned by her
>Friend and her were matching, actually, and they both looked gorgeous
>Grandpa loves Friend, and says "Anon, if I were you, I woulda married her years ago"
hahaha great life hack. did you have to act sad or just told them straight up you're broke and tryina make gpa happy?


and get outa here dickhead all love in this thread
File: Whatever.png (8KB, 429x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 429x410px
u sure showed him m8
No, it isn't
I will tell you when I've reached the end
Friend and I were there. I looked miserable, and to be honest, I was sad for Grandpa. It was his first birthday without his wife since he was a teen
Friend was sad, too. We just explained, and I told them about my car trouble, and the managers we talked to gave us the discount as long as we spent at least $100, which is easy when you're buying from that store
so far I really don't see how this is depressing. this is just me though

why don't you fuck his sister as well, so can be butt buddies
>"Anon, if I were you, I woulda married her years ago"

awww shitt nigga
Now, I know this was awhile back but...
>I wasn't fucking someone who, at any time, could suddenly decide she hated me and never wanted to see me again
Pretty sure 90% of women have this thought process....
wow you showed me bro. i know the mask of the internet gives everyone huge balls but you don't have to be a douche bag all the time brother. just a suggestion
>>Pretty sure 90% of women have this thought process...
this anon knows whats up
And you can talk? Big ballz bro
those are the women you don't want in your life. good girls exist, believe me. i had one and pushed her away like a dumbass, but thats a thread for another time
File: 1368557686863.jpg (71KB, 395x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 395x450px
pic related
(nice trips)
notice my post wasnt filled with hate. read it again, i said you dont have to be a douche all the time.
>Look at Femanon, and just nod at him
I want to make it clear, here, that Friend is not into me now, or ever
I am white, and although I'm a well built, reasonably good looking white guy with a good job, I'm not her type
She's not mine, either. She likes vampire books and Pina Records, and I like classical music and Charles Dickons, if we're gonna make the differences stark. I hit on her once, and we tried dating once, and it went straight to friendship. I'd say She's like a sister to me, but...

>Femanon walks over to us, smiles at me, and hugs grandpa
>For the rest of the evening, she's the angel of the night
>Everyone there has loved her since she was a girl, helping her grandma sew and cook and shit
>They fawn over her and the way she cares for grandpa
>I have to make a conscious effort not to look at her
>Middle aged guys and old guys keep telling Friend "if I was just a few years younger..."
>It was great
shit, push them my way. I've yet to meet one worth my effort or time.
yea they're not easy to find, but as long as you put yoruself out there you'll find her when you least expect it. i learned the trick is to never look for someone. Just focus on living your life and bettering yourself and she'll fall right in your lap
he did say 'could', dummy
>and get outa here dickhead

not filled with hate
File: 1387681002447.gif (998KB, 225x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
998KB, 225x386px
>When I realize she isn't going to be around any more, I start calling her house every day, many times a day

Do you want to build a snowman?
dickhead is a term of endearment where im from
>End of the evening, we help the old people get into their cars
>All of the middle aged folk leave at about 9
>All that's left are me, Femanon, Friend, Friend's siblings, a guy friend of mine and grandpa
>I'm supposed to spend the night
>I'm still not able to keep my eyes off of Femanon if I don't focus
>Beg people to spend the night, but guy friend wants to get to know Friend better, and the siblings wanna go home and Internet with their friends or something
>Haha okay fuck me then bye
>Femanon looks a little tired, and her hair is a little messy, but she's still gorgeous
>She's grown her hair out, and it's thick, and shiny, and radiant, like everything else about her
>Say goodnight to grandpa
>There isn't much garbage as grandpa insisted we hire help to clean and serve guests
>Sit on couch with Femanon and talk
>She puts her feet on me, and asks for a foot rub as her heels were killing her feet
If i had a dime for every time i heard that phrase, I could buy another fleshlight by now.
same here. only child, and I find that shit hot as fuck
Er, no. I don't understand
I was trying to get through, and I was too little to know calling over and over again was rude. I thought someone was on the Internet, or using a fax line
File: 1354722605878.jpg (46KB, 472x645px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 472x645px
>>She puts her feet on me, and asks for a foot rub as her heels were killing her feet

This is going to be good

Here we go it got exciting again
it's time for you to leave dickhead
all love babyboy
You guys are fucking hysterical
This has seriously made me feel so much better

>Sure, Femanon
>Rub her feet
>Don't have a foot fetish, so the only exciting bit is that her smooth, gorgeous, naturally tan legs are on me
>She's talking about how nice it was to see grandpa smile, and how great the food was, and how nice it was that we didn't have to clean, or pay for the help
>She playfully kicks me in the arm and says she missed me, and is glad we get to hang out
>Tell her I missed her, too, and things felt weird without her
>Like, when she's there is the only time things are normal
>She looks away for a second, thinks, and smiles
>She says she feels the same, and she's glad she invited me to her grandpa's house all those months ago
thats right hun
Bro, it's 2 o'clock here; you got one hour to conclude.
if this is a troll, it may be the greatest of all time. post on OP.
>mfw im retarded
>mfw no face, deal with it

OP types way too slowly.
>It's one of the first cold nights of the year in my state
It's currently 55 degrees, so we can assume it was somewhere around there
>Femanon says she's cold, and she's going to change
>Turn on the TV while she's gone
>Dick is hard
>Gotta be honest I wanted to fuck so bad I wasn't sure what to do with myself
>Take off my tie and rest it over the bulge in my pants
>Doesn't help much
>Take off belt
>While doing so I flip my erection upward more, and kind of on an angle so it looks less obvious
>Would prefer it to go away, but I've had a little to drink, she's gorgeous and I'm excited to see her, and the way she jumped me last time left lasting impressions besides bruises
COLD? 55 DEGREES IS COLD? You fucking bastard.
But seriously... You lucky son of a bitch.
I'm trying. It's 3, here. Every time I type one of these out, I'm recalling from memory, which means I'm recalling a memory. I'm telling you my sister is gorgeous, and I'm remembering all of the emotions I felt. I haven't had enough blood in my brain to type quickly

>She comes back after I've flipped to some TV show called Surprise Quints
>I love kids, and she loves kids, and there isn't much else on
>We start talking about kids, and how great a family would be
>She's snuggled up to me while we watch TV and chat
>It feels like I'm flying
File: image.jpg (157KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 1136x640px
Shit's coming to a broil
Post a picture with her eyes blurred out or something man, we all know that makes it untraceable

1. how hot is she
2. how is it ruined
3. what do you plan to do about it
4. why did you do it
File: 1326398456866.gif (457KB, 250x141px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
457KB, 250x141px
I know where this is going
Don't tell me she got pregnant and had your baby?!?
>She keeps putting her hand on my thigh or on my lower abdomen
>I want to tell her to stop because I may poke her eye out if she doesn't, but I don't want to make things weird
>It's 11:30
>She tells me it's been a long day, and she's tired
>I tell her I'll walk her to bed
>"Oh, just sleep in my bed, Anon. I don't want you setting up the guest room alone. We can do it tomorrow"
No, it's okay. I can sleep in there.
>"Don't be stupid, Anon"
>Okay because it was gonna take a lot of convincing to get me to sleep in your bed
Absolute 10/10
Never speak to her again because we can't handle our emotions
Because she's an amazing woman and if she wasn't my sister I'd marry her
>Pee, brush teeth, and change into sweat pants and an undershirt
>Wash face
>Look at self in mirror
>Anon do not fuck your sister
>Anon do not try to fuck your sister
>Anon do you want to lose your best friend over an orgasm
>Okay let's go
Face blurred out all together? Tryin to see what this 10/10 looks like bro
>Get into her bed
>It's a king size, so I lie on the right side
>All the way to the right
>As far as I can go
>She's facing me, and we're talking a little more
>I scoot in closer just because I want to be able to stretch out
>She holds my hand as we talk
>Having trouble figuring out if she's as wet as I am hard, and trying to fight her horniness
>No, Anon, stop thinking that
>She gets closer to me, puts her forehead against my chest, and closes her eyes
>I'm playing with her hair, trying to remain as physically calm as I can
>No weird breathing patterns
>No accidental thrusting
>No spaghetti out of pockets
reminded me of this.

Sorry, Anon, but I wouldn't post her face in this thread
It's hard to describe. She probably wouldn't have been Ms. Popular in high school, but she would have been the sexist girl within her friends
She's got a huge, sweet smile. She loves to make goofy faces. She's got soft features all over, but her eyes are big and light, light brown. In sunlight they really do look like light amber. Her hair is brown, but it has a ton of different shades of brown in it. All of her parts are proportional, she's a small C, thin, fit stomach, and an ass that's seen many squats and hikes
Color of a small coffee with lots of cream
I'd love to watch but I'm trying to be done within the hour, for the other Anon's sake
And because I have a girl staying the night who is leaving at 4:40 for work, and if she happens to see this I will die
Lol that describes my gf almost perfectly, except for the eye color.
Finish up the go pound said female
>She starts putting her hand in my hair, too
>She puts her other hand up, next to her mouth, and rests a finger on her lip
>Kind of like she'd bite her knuckle if she wasn't so tired
>She runs her fingers to the top of my hair and pulls
>I pull her into me, and push up against her as hard as I can, and yank on her hair back
>"Oh, god, Anon, fuck me"
File: 1349737197858.jpg (54KB, 324x289px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 324x289px
Reckon you could post a pic of yourself m8? I wanna know what sort of guy a 10/10 half-latina goddess is fucking
>Yeah sure you didn't even have to ask leggo
>I'm a strong, confident, sexual appealing man
>I have sex
>I can do this
>I can be on top
>I am fire
>I am death

>Push her onto her back
>She cries out
>Start biting her neck
>Collar bone
>Rip off her shirt
>Literally, it rips
>Bite all around the side of her left tit
>Grab her side and start sucking on her nipple
>Kiss her stomach
>Flip her
>She's writhing
>She's moaning
>She's asking me when I'm gonna start fucking her
Tbh, I'm uncomfortable with that
I'm 6'1"
Brown hair that goes down to my ears when it isn't up
Green/gold eyes
I wax and shave my torso
I shave my junk
I pay attention to the clothes I wear
I work out, but I'm no more built than that shithead, Bieber

But I get special privilege as her brother
>I have waited seven months to see her
>I am crazy about her, and her body
>I am not rushing this

>"I'll fuck you when you beg, Femanon"
>She's not the type to beg
>Pull down her pants and underwear
>There are strings of her arousal sticking to her
>I may start begging myself to fuck her, first
>I lick her from behind
>No anal stuff, /b/, as I'm not into that
>Run my hand up her back, and take the image in
>"I can't believe how beautiful you are"
>She looks back at me with a determined, sweet expression
>She asks me to lay down
>She pulls down my pants and boxers and starts licking the side of my dick
I'm fucking crazy about you (she said to me)
I can't believe this shit (she also said)
Goddammit OP
Nigger Ninja Poster
MOAR OP! I'm losing wood right now
OP is a savior. Please continue.
refer back to
So when is the big falling out coming?
At this point sleep is irrelevant, right?
>"I'm glad you are, though"
>She looks at my dick with an expression of disbelief, shakes her head, and shoves the thing down her throat
>My whole body stiffens
>Fists are clenched
>It takes so much effort to to thrust into her throat
>She's going up and down so fast I'm worried she's going to snap her neck
>She pulls me out of her mouth and says "I want you to cum in my throat first, because you get a little soft after you cum and I'm going to be so pissed if my orgasm sucks or gets delayed because you came too quickly"
>Ask if I can start pumping her throat, because I will cum pretty immediately if I can do that
>She says okay, but if she taps my stomach I have to stop

>Start thrusting
>Maybe thrust 15 times
>"Femanon I'm going to cum"
>Her eyes shut tightly, her body tenses, and a moan rubs my dick
>Orgasms lasts at least ten seconds
>I'm vocal the whole time, getting off on how my moaning is making her whimper on me
so when is the regret part of the story coming
File: 1390371582659.jpg (35KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 640x480px
>we are all emotionally crippled and socially >retarted.

>4 chan is our home, /b/ is our sentence.

someone fucking screencap or pastebin this shit, I gotta go to sleep. night faggots.
after OP delivers sex stories as much as he can

>Finally stop cumming, and pull out of femanon
>"Jesus, Anon. I'm not going to be able to swallow right for the rest of my life"
Sorry, sorry.
You're just really good at what you do, babe
>"I love it when you call me babe"
>She starts kissing my neck
>My cheek
>My mouth
>"Now, it's my turn, okay?"
Mmm, yes. Fuck. I wanna fuck you so bad, baby. Come here
>"But you're gonna be on top, this time, okay?"
>She licks my ear
>"And you're gonna fuck me so hard, my head slams into the headboard"
Will post screencap when anon is finished.
/b/ this is hard for me to type. on the one hand, typing it is making me want to jump on a plane and hop in her bed--on the other, I am really embarrassed to type up dirty talk I said to my sister
You've still got an audience bro.
Should we call you by your goth name or will just plain old faggot do?
>Tell her if she keeps talking like that, all of the blood is gonna end up in my dick and she's gonna render me immobile
>"You're gonna pull my hair, and you're going to fuck me from behind. If you don't, I'll kick you out and fuck myself"
>The thought of her masturbating is wonderful, but I really do want to fuck her
>Tell her to quit fucking talking
>Grab her by her hair and throw her onto her stomach
>Pull her up by her hips
>Shove myself in
>Once again, tunnel vision
>Body is numb except for my dick
>I know I'm moving back and forth, but I can't feel the sensation of movement
thanks. I'm hoping this doesn't 404 before I finish
I'm almost not regretting this any more
Thread's dead?
File: oh shit.gif (28KB, 201x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oh shit.gif
28KB, 201x224px
>"And you're gonna fuck me so hard, my head slams into the headboard"

and you actually did.
and this is why she hates you now.
Hottest story ever
keep the thread alive
Well, if he's doing it doggy style and pulling her hair like she said, she'd probably have a broken nose from the headboard... That'd be hard to explain huh?
I personally want to know more about Anon going balls deep into his sister
Hear hear.
This might not be appealing to you, but she was so wet my entire crotch area was soaked
>Feel her dripping down my legs
>"Oh, baby, you're so fucking wet"
>She laughs a little, and says she's too wet, and she's pissed at me for turning her on so much, because the sex isn't nearly as rough or as hard as she needs to rub out the sexual frustration I've caused her since the first time we fucked
>Pull her to the edge of the bed
>Stand on the floor
>Speed fuck her and try to pound as hard as I can
>This gets me a reaction of screaming moans, and her humping me back
femanon starts yelling: oh, fuck, anon, fuck, oh god right there that feels so fucking good baby fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
>Femanon is orgasming
>Femanon's pulsing and spasming on me
>I'm going to black out if she gets any hotter
>The moment she stops moaning and thrusting, I whimper "are you done cumming?"
>She says yes
>"Oh thank fucking god"
>My eyes roll back and shut
>I don't even make a sound
>I just start spraying in her
>She keeps telling me how hot I am, and how warm my cum is and how much she likes it
Keep this shit going, man.

This is so hot I can't jack off to anything else.

God damn please let god's typing enter your hands
>Might not be appealing
>crotch was soaked
What are you stupid?
Is anyone screenshotting this as we go?
fuck her! fuck her! fuck her! fuck her! fuck her! fuck her! fuck her! fuck her! fuck her! fuck her!
File: knowmynamebitch.png (122KB, 452x391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 452x391px
I'm not just any faggot
oh god please let there be more fucking of the sister
>I just start spraying in her
what the. are you wearing a condom? or you raw doggin ur sister?
I can't jack off to anything but her, either. How nice

>I fall over on top of her
>Shit is sticky though so we do get up and clean up
>When we get back in bed, she starts cuddling me, and kissing me, and telling me she can't believe it but she loves me
>Cloud nine
>We're not even a little tipsy this is actually her talking
File: GoodJAAAB.gif (435KB, 350x263px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435KB, 350x263px
Inb4 joffrey.
Sister is on birth control and we used plan b every time
Worst thing would have been she got pregnant and we aborted the little retard
Story needs a name
I still don't see how you can regret this
>Worst thing would have been she got pregnant and we aborted the little retard
Anon I used to have sexual relations with my sister too, but all that happened was some fun.

I still see my sister as beautiful and it's hard not to look at her ass from time to time, but you have to realize there are so many girls in the world it would be crazy to go after your sister.

You banged your sister and that's something not many can say. Now move on and get a GF and try to restore your just friends relationship with your sister.
Sex was phenomenal, yes, but she was my best friend. We got along so well
Try to imagine what losing the person you love most is like. Imagine losing her just because society wouldn't approve of you loving her, no matter how happy you make each other, or how hard you make /b/
Dude seriously this is the secret to life, once i started just trusting myself, trying to be a good guy, having faith (always been a hopeless romantic but cynical) However after i stopped stressing and worrying and constantly questioning i found a girl i didn't think existed in this day and age. Now i am married to a good girl who was surprisingly a virgin when i met her, really considerate, a cutie pie and super chill when it comes to almost everything. She is still girly but doesn't get all stupid and drama queen over things like birthdays or anniversary.

you are speaking truth though brother, you find those things when you stop looking and put your trust into life. Or the G man whatever helps you to be a better person
It's okay Anon. I'm having sex with my daughter on a daily basis. I know it will eventually end badly but I got to fuck that sweet ass for so long and I'm happy for that.
Why not flee the country and simply don't tell people you're brother and sister?
We did that once. As soon as we got together again she tore me apart
How am I gonna leave my life? How would I leave grandpa, or ask an 88 year old man to leave the country with me?
How would I ask her to give up her career? Her friends? Her beautiful house?

As much as I love her, and as much as this hurts, there are other men for her. There are other women for me. I can't ask her to give up everything and ruin her life
All I'm saying is, you should just remember the sex fondly even if you aren't going to get any more
>Wake up to femanon still wrapped up in my arms
>Everything is great
>She makes out with me when we get up
>I grab her ass when she walks into the bathroom
>I hold her up in the shower and fuck her standing tower style
>I can't put my back against anything due to the scratches she's left on me
Or keep the child. statistics show pretty goods odds the child won' t be "retarded."
imagine how hot her daughter could be?
go into detail about the shower
File: (1MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, px
You know why? You have no true belief or faith in what he is saying, to you it is nothing but an expression or a cliche, you give it no credence and therefore it becomes a self defeating prophecy. Read my post (btw i am different guy) and maybe you will consider putting your faith in more than just what you want out of life. It is finding the things which we truly need in life, prioritizing and becoming a better person, leaving this world better or affecting others in a good way instead of being selfish or inconsiderate. You don't even give it a chance.

This is my post, and this is my pup and i have a house and a wife now. But believe me i had a very hard life growing up so none of those things have been handed to me. Also life is not perfect i have problems from a car accident i was in that causes me daily pain, However it also changed my view on life and when i truly put my trust and faith into something higher (long long story man and believe me whatever works for you is what you should go with i am not pushing my faith on to you) Basically i didn't sit around and wait for things to get better a grabbed life by the balls and made it better. But it was not losing my strength when life shat all over me that allowed me to grow as a person.

Anyways there is more truth to it than you think man. Consider it.
File: 1387169622392.jpg (16KB, 252x297px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 252x297px
It's not just the sex I'm losing, daughter fucker. I'm losing my best friend, and the woman I fell in love with
File: fenga_papit.jpg (181KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181KB, 480x360px
Then they would still be inbreeding.
They'll be churning out potatoes if they tried to start a family together.
My daughter means the world to me. I literally care about her more than anything. I just choose to remember to good times rather than dwelling on what I can't change (p.s. the sex with my daughter is consentual)
yes yess good goy. blanda up don't keep your genes pure.
This isn't that hot. Have you ad shower sex? It's not like the movies or the pornos

>Shower together
>She's so fucking crazy beautiful when her hair is wet
>I wash her hair, and she lets me rub her body wash onto her
>Rubbing all over her body gets me hard, but I don't ask for anything
>She tells me my armpits stink, and I wash them while she wraps her arms around me

>She looks up at me and says "You've been poking me in the stomach a lot. I get the hint. If you can lift me up, you can have me"
>Lift her up against the wall
>Thank you grandma for installing a fantastic non slip mat
>Lexi grabs onto a bathing suit rack in the shower
>Push into her and fuck her, but slowly
>A little scared I'm gonna crack her head open
>About two minutes in, I have a gentle orgasm with my face buried in her neck
You feel too much man

Stop feeling so much. Sometimes you just have to give no fucks.

You don't have to go to therapy if you aren't giving a fuck.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you dun goofed now anonymoose will find her :O
What state did you say you live in again OP?
So her name is Lexi? I don't know what it is about that name but I have never known a Lexi that wasn't a whore or that I didn't masturbate while thinking about
If anyone ruins this they will be castrated
I once had a girl named Lexi those were the days
Obviously. If you cared about her, you wouldn't rape her

Oh there's her name. Fucking oops

>Get out of the shower
>Spend time with grandpa whose already out and about gardening
>We eat, see a movie, play AC:NL, and she shows me Ico, which I didn't know was the predecessor to Shadow of the Colossus
>She gets a text from her boyfriend
>She gets a text from reality
>The real world, in which you can't love your brother
OP, you're awesome and I don't think you're wrong.

Also run while you can. Anonymous is about to go full beserker-mode.
Uhm how old is she
OP here
I've only known one other Lexi. She was an in the closet bisexual who dated one of my friends in high school and then lied about it and ruined the girls life
Obviously if you cared about your sister you wouldn't rape her.
Nah. Knowing her name doesn't mean anything. They don't know her last name, and Lexi and the name it comes from are such a common name in the US. I'm not worried
If anything they can just enjoy hearing her name instead of "Femanon", which reminds me a lot of "Fredricka"


Adaptation, Matchstick Men, and Weatherman TOP 3 Cage movies for me. Yuu >>528945357 ?
My daughter is legal (Didn't plan it that way. Never planned it at all but it just so happened to happen when she was of legal age in our state
...Yeah? I don't understand what you're saying. I wasn't being snide. I genuinely believe you and your daughter have a consensual sexual relationship
Hurry up you are running out of time!!!
Girl is waking up so I might ghost for a minute

>Lexi, apparently, doesn't reply to the text
>She says she's not going to worry about anything but us for the next few days
>My friends have been texting asking when they're gonna hang out with us next
>I just want to spend time with her, honestly
I apologize. I misunderstood your comment.
File: cry-me-a-river.jpg (60KB, 500x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 500x358px
I’m fairly sauced up at this point so here is my attempt at my situation. (moderate/severe adhd)
I was hurt bad once I got out of my last serious relationship. I did what was right for me and what I always wanted from life. I joined the army (guard). I know a lot about selfless service and helping others. The self-satisfaction that I receive as an end result is what makes me bitter. (in that I don’t get any satisfaction anymore)
I’ve given up looking for the past 2 years of my life and I have been near sexless (quick hit-n-run), dateless, and female less for the better part of two years.
I’m not trying to be super emo here, however I have not too much to show for my selfless service. I’ve known a lot of good people in my life. Many of which killed themselves while I was in high school. Others have died in the line of service.
In short see
Most of the early posts w/pics were all me.
Right now I’ve got a bad case of fuckitall and I know it. However there is an underlying feeling of what I’ve posted. I just drive on from day to day and try not to worry about life. So when I get a chance to vent myself. I take it. Unfortunately, it’s usually bitter.
>However, we don't want anyone to get suspicious, so we invite her childhood friends and my friends to come see Insidious 2 at grandpa's place
>Not that any reasonable person would assume we were fucking
>Grandpa gives us his card, and we go out and buy a ton of candy, soda, and no popcorn because we both don't like popcorn
>Grandpa refuses to watch the movie, and insists he literally shit his pants during the first one and will lose sleep just thinking about it
Even so... Like how is that consensual? What would make someone wanna have sex with their parent?
Honestly, I can only tell you my point of view. I originally initiated it but that time she was very into it. Since then, she has initiated it a lot of times as well as me initiating it. I can't tell you why she likes it so much but I can guarantee that it is welcomed on both sides

I can't stop reading, got work early but can't go to bed yet because of you.
That's completely wrong. From a moral and evolutionary standpoint.
>Everyone arrives at 8
>I've already seen the movie so I won't be having candy or soda because I know I'm gonna be jumping
>Femanon reintroduces me to her friends, and some of them recall the time we watched Zorro together, and they kept covering my eyes when he'd do violent things
>Everything is going well
>Friend is there, and Lexi cuddles up to her instead of me
no, there is no three some as sexy as that would have been
>Friend's little sister is on me, and we're both jumping and covering our eyes
>We pause the movie when the dweebs first go into the psychic's basement, and everyone has pee breaks and smoke breaks and shit
>Sit back down, Femanon is on me
>She whispers "I couldn't enjoy the movie because I kept thinking about you finger fucking me"
OP here
You don't get to decide what other people do with their bodies. These are two people having consenting, safe sex
You don't get to decide it's wrong just because of their blood
So is any sex between family members technically. If that's ur problem then ur in the wrong thread
same point I was making here >>528972467
thank you OP for agreeing
Raising a child then fucking it isn't bad? I must be insane then.
>She tells me she needs to get as much of me in her as possible, before she has to go away for a few more months
>She's gotta stock up on the best thing she's ever had
>My heart is pounding, my smile is from ear to ear
>I'm also glad for Hispanic culture because Friend and her sibling are all tangled up together, too, so we look normal
>I turn the movie back on
>Femanon and I are on a reclined Lazyboy
>Everyone is under blankets, as 50 degrees is freezing to us
Just curious. Why are you in an incest story thread? I mean, OP's story is building up to massive, inescapable feels. That much is obvious. But first there's a lot of incest. If that bothers you, why are you here?
welcome to /b/, please turn the lights off when you leave the room
In cases of rape or molestation, yeah. But if they're both happy, why would you ever call it wrong?
>50 degrees is freezing to us

OP just gave hints to what state he lives in

Collect all hints anons, seems he lives on or close too the west coast or in the south,
Cap finished so far. Unfortunately it's so fucking big (4.11 MB) that I can't post it.

Should I split it or upload it somewhere?

No, fuck off
If I was forcing then yes, it would be wrong. If i started and she eventually said no, then yes, it would be wrong. If she was underage, then yes, it would be wrong.

However, this is a situation in which both people are happy and want it to continue. Both are of age and consenting. I'm sorry that I don't see the problem....
yeah i can see two siblings or cousins being understandable. But anything parent/uncle/grandparent seems really wrong to me.
California fag here. Haven't reached 50 degrees. probably south
In his defense, he said it was wrong "from a moral and evolutionary standpoint" which it is. He didn't say that he personally thought it was wrong, although it might have been implied I think your reply was harsh considering what that anon said.
>yfw it's been florida from the start
could you please tell us more about your story? Sounds incredibly hot. How did things start? are you two exclusive our is it more casual?
I'm thinking Florida or near there, though arizona, new mexico, and the south are possiblities
I live in the south and its 17 degrees
well "morally and evolutionarily" it is wrong to sleep with ANY family member. Yet here he is in this thread
>I unbutton femanon's jeans
>I'm a little nervous
>I'm a lot nervous about doing this, even if the room is pitch black sans the TV light
>I trace my finger along her panty line, and her back arches, her eyes widen, and her legs spread
>There is really no way to fight this
>She gently, quietly, pulls down her pants
>I didn't see her move and I was sitting under her
>Use my pinky to pull the crotch of her underwear to the side
>Stick just my middle finger in her
>She bites her lip and her body stiffens, especially her legs
the girl just left, sorry
Last quarter it might've reached the 40s in CA but my memory is shit
which states would lows of 50 be unusual or enough to be considered 'cold'
They should look at weather.com
California, Arizona?
well not sure if this is actually built into this world or not but i will tell you one thing. If you do a good deed and mark it as if the world or karma owes you one 9 times out of ten you won't really get shit in return. People think that just cause you do good things good stuff is gonna be dropped on your lap.

However for me it was when i stopped expecting the praise, when i stopped counting the good deeds and expecting something in return. Just do those things with the knowledge that they affected this world in a positive way. Like he said, you are too focused on finding what you want. You are concentrating and focusing on what you do not have but i am sure there is plenty you take for granted. We all take things for granted.

Do you have a warm bed to sleep in? Do you have family, hell at least you have nice enough technology to have the internet and get to fuck around on /b/ to distract you.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes they don't deserve it. Life is not always fair and there is never a guarantee that things will work out in the end. But people i think have become pretty much just concerned about their own self interest. Ego runs allot of peoples lives and sacrifice is no longer a noble or altruistic pursuit now people who sacrifice turn around and just ask well what do i get for it then?

I dunno in my opinion that isn't really growing or becoming a better person, but you know i don't know very much about you aside from what you have offered up.

Venting is perfectly fine and allot better than holding it all in and exploding. Everyone can be bitter or angry or have a shit day. That is how life is, it is easy to tell yourself you won't worry but to truly let go, to trust and have faith that things will get better. That is the hard part, many can say they let go but do you really not worry? Do you really not over think things that never end up happening half the time?

Also not an mlp fag but this damn pic is cute lol
File: justinbieber.jpg (213KB, 550x795px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213KB, 550x795px
So, you guys are making me not want to continue. Sorry
Continue anon, A common name is going to get us nowhere
if you have any questions I am willing to answer them.

It really started when she walked in on me masturbating. She saw it all and remained in the room as I rushed to cover myself (nothing was nearby) she remained there and was really chill about it saying that she understood and such. Although that wasn't when we started it was where everything kinda started.

We aren't exclusive. She is very attractive. Sometimes boys ask her out and a relationship starts in which we do not continue. However, she seems to have bad luck with guys. These breaks do not last long.
Thats his problem, not mine.
I'm not trying to be his fucking butt buddy, behind him 100%.
My point was that OP's comment was uncalled for considering what he said.
You are good bro. Like you said they won't find shit with a name and temp
wow what a puss literally half the united states consider 50 cold
I know. But the fact that anyone is trying to figure it out just for the sake of hurting her... Like, why not wait til I'm done? Why would you want to irritate me before I even finish?
File: pip_boy_thumbs_up.jpg (97KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 1024x1024px
Dude, Just wanted to say good on 'ya. I hope your life ends up being just as kickass as your sister's.

Also run while you can. The /B/erzerker's starting to wake up.
Lol dude they're not gonna figure anything out from this, they're just grasping at straws.
I seriously fucking hate people like that. There's no way they'll find anything, so all they're doing is scaring you off.

Faggots, pls wait until OP is done to have your 1337 hax0r circlejerk.
Continue please. From the info you've told us, there is no way we can find you or your sister. Just please continue and try not to give these guys any more info than you have to. There are plenty of us following ur posts that aren't trying to fuck with you or your sister
File: 1389851923024.jpg (10KB, 255x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you had a grandma that died
>mother that died and bum father

Congrads thats so many people that you could be its ridiculous

Why are you such a faggot?

Why did you even post this on 4chan?
Not sure, but it's /b/
Capcha: cause dbagz
File: crs.jpg (14KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's like a needle in a haystack, but if you feel uncomfortable by all means high tail it out
So when did it actually start?
Let's put it this way. If someone reading this knows you and your sister they probably already know that it is you who is writing this...
please continue, my post wasn't to find out anything just state that 50 degrees isn't cold for the south being its like 17 degrees here.
File: badger-badger.jpg (67KB, 600x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I try not to think or worry. It has a 50/50 success rate.

Screencapped btw, I need to read that again when i'm sober.
Oh, I know. Anyone who knows us would see this and be like "Holy fuck, it's Anon and Lexi. I can't believe it."
Fortunately none of my friends ever sought refuge on 4chan, and 4chan is behind the times of her friends
If OP gets scared off because people are fucking acting like they can find out who he is, I will rip my own dick off.
>tfw you pretended like you're trying to find OP's sister so the thread can die, OP can fuck off, and make all the lurkers buttblasted
Still waiting for the regret and depression part to close it off.
Someone needs to post the screencap so OP can look at it and shed a tear over the good times when he's sober
So what happened between you and your sister? I stayed up for five hours waiting. Give it to us cut and dry no green text...
Yeah I need to get to sleep. Hurry it up OP
File: dog-countertop.jpg (93KB, 700x906px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pics or it dident happen
Well after this >>528973685
things weren't the same. Hugs were no longer just hugs between a father and a daughter. Our eyes no longer met as just a father and a daughter. any conversation we had was between a man and a woman. Not a father and a daughter. Then, eventually after several long months of this, I got semi-drunk. I visited my daughter's room. She was still awake. We talked as a man and a woman. Then, in my semi-drunk demeanor, I kissed her on the cheek. However, it was a little too close to the mouth. We stared in each other's eyes for a long time before I decided (still semi-drunk) to kiss her for real. We kiss for a couple minutes in which I slightly came to my senses and stopped. I told her it was wrong and we couldn't do this. However, she invited me to stay and to continue. She was legal, consenting, and I loved her. More than anything. So, we continued.
I can get to that without more sex. Sex was filler and payment to /b/ for listening to the opening and closing

She had to go home to IRL, right?
The morning she left, I was afraid she was going to stop talking to me, or hate me after everything we'd done the week she'd spent with me
We were awkward that morning. I don't know if it was because she was worried about me disliking her, or if my suspicions were right
Grandpa wasn't feeling well, so she had a cab take her to the airport
When the cab pulled up, and there was no time left, and I had the option to send her off horribly or say goodbye, I grabbed her, squeezed her, and told her I loved her. She didn't hug back, and I was leaky eyed before I let go
She said "Bye, dude", and walked out
I texted her, and she said "You know what's going on", and that's the last I've heard
I cannot believe I waited all fucking night for the OP to ditch, I will find whoever fucker this up and report you to the cyber police.. Because I backtraced it
OP didn't ditch. I'm right here
Please go into detail where you left off. Please?

Wait, so what was goin on? Why can't you guys just smash every once in a while? Sounds too good to just end.
Sure. It's gonna take me a second to get in the mood because A: I'm irritated out how stupid /b/ can be, and B: because I just recalled her leaving me
And now that I'm listening to Last Mistake by Hey Ocean, a song she showed me, oh lord
File: argumenton4chan.gif (928KB, 245x254px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
928KB, 245x254px
calm down /b/ro, You could be a little bit nicer.
Top kike
I believe in you OP. take the time you need
File: 1375036714716.png (12KB, 560x407px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here i was thinking ocean avenue
No, you're right. I got upset because of the "hurr let's find him" shit, and that let it out.

Sorry, OP. Take your time.
Fuck me. Because I'm maddeningly in love with her, and she loves me, too, and we have the bond of brother and sister on top of love, and it's so fucking special and perfect

How am I gonna "smash" that girl and then go to someone else?
She left me a week and a half ago and I couldn't fuck the girl in my bed with my eyes open

I cried like a damn baby, and hit shit, and couldn't talk to anyone
I texted her and drunk called her like 50 thousand times
I just called her a second ago, and she still didn't pick up. She always keeps her phone on loud at night
>the old lickaroo
Honestly, she is my everything. I love her so much and if at any point she decides that she needs to move on from where we are, I will completely understand and support her
Tbh, the emotion behind it makes me think of my emotion and I'm just like yes, thank you
That's how it is

File: 1390361515063.png (177KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177KB, 500x500px
If that was the end then that was fucking garbage OP. fuck you.

But it's what you guys deserve for the fucks who went "HUrRRRRR DuRRrr Use TEmPEraTuRe tO DOxXx OP HUrRr".

For fucks sakes.
Yes. I've been trying to use humor the whole time because I want to hang myself
I completely get where you are coming from OP. I am lucky that my daughter is still with me. But i know that day will come when she needs to leave in order to pursue her own life. It's not about the sex. It's about the fact that I love her, maybe more than I've loved anyone.
File: 1385351446286.jpg (5KB, 316x208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 316x208px
none the less, lets see some screen caps please. I need them for... um... science....
Oh god I didn't set out to make a copypasta

Please don't kill yourself, OP.
I know they can't do anything. I'm just irritated because if you're gonna troll, at least wait til I'm done venting and pleasing the /b/ros who were there for me
Dude If you don't fucking man up, wait for the grandpa to kick it and fucking marry her i'm going to fing you anr repossess your balls.

She's the best thing you ever had, you are the best thing she's ever had FUCK WHAT YOUR FAMILY THINKS.

Seriously, take a lesson from the Lannisters, if someone finds out just toss them out of the window.
She obviously feels the same way, stay strong and give her a little room. She will hit you back up eventually. You went 20 years or whatever without her responding before, you can hold up for a couple weeks.
Yeah but you realize that more than likely she will move on and then what...you guys will never be able to be father and daughter again. You have successfully ruined that relationship. what's gonna happen when she gets married and has kids, she isn't gonna look at you the same. That's the problem with these relationships. Very unhealthy.
Please don't do that... You know you have a live but you don't know if there will be an afterlife...
Oh don't get the wrong impression. Things are GREAT right now. It's the future that worries me.
When it ends, I hope you have a backup
I pretended like it wouldn't

Okay, so
I fingered her in the chair. Ah.
It was sexy, because she was just looking ahead at the TV, and acting like nothing was going on
Her facial expression stayed normal, and appropriate for the movie, but she was dripping on my pants, and death gripping the arm I was using to get her off
Pretty damn pissed off this is a 9.8/10 thread and could have been 10/10 easily if you finished the story.

Although if this is just a troll to write some epic story and then be like "fuck you lol no ending" then it is also 10/10 jimmies rustled
That was meant for op not the dad
File: howdoidog.jpg (24KB, 480x341px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 480x341px
Jack Daniles & I never left your side op.
There you go OP
> I'd say She's like a sister to me, but...

My fucking sides anon