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I recently watched my first wrestling matches, in a WWE Superstars.
My thoughts:
"That guy looks like a faggot."
"This guy looks like a douche."
"Hey douche, beat up that fag!"
"Alright douche, you're being a douche. I hope that faggot kicks your ass."
*A runs into wall, bounces off, and rushes at a stunned B. B suddenly jumps in the air, kicks out, and A's face runs full speed into B's feet*
Some of the stuff is obviously fake, but I don't mind. It's like a live action anime fight without the swords or super powers.
Not bad/10, would watch more if it weren't so hard to find streams.
Your first step into a larger world, anon. There's tons of shit ahead, but also lots of good times to be had.

Pick your favorite and cheer him on, look up old matches, maybe try looking into other wrestling promotions to find what suits you, and most importantly, don't take this stuff or yourself too seriously.

Anon? Who is anon? Nay, I am El Mezquite, the greatest wrestler this side of Juarez!

In all seriousness though, where do I start watching? There's like five different events. Superstars, main event, Monday night RAW, ect. What website do I go to to watch them? It's all locked behind PPV as far as I know. And what year do I start? I've come into this so late.
Do you remember who you liked?
I like how Daniel Bryan looks, (I'd fuck his beard) but his match didn't have enough of that crazy shit going on.

The first one had some guys, I think Justin and Kurt. Could be wrong on the names though, too lazy to check. One of them had black leather pants, the other guy was in a purple speedo.
The current WWE product is geared so that new fans can easily hop on and join the ride. For better or for worse there are basically no ongoing storylines that last more than a month and there are numerous replays and reminders of what happened last week or at the last big Pay Per View.

As far as the shows go, if WWE is all that you're interested in, RAW is the flagship show and everything important as far as matches and storylines happens there. Smackdown is mostly RAW recaps and rehearsals for matches they want to feature on RAW, but sometimes has good segments. Main Event and Superstars are don't really matter - they're a place to have the less-important wrestlers earn a paycheck or experiment a little. Speaking of which, NXT is the developmental roster for future WWE stars and is largely considered to be way better than any of WWE's other products, even though it doesn't air on TV.

There are a bunch of streams for shows and PPVs (like watchwrestling) or you can just tune in if you're an amerifag, but the 3-hour Raw is almost insuffurable with commercial breaks literally every 5 minutes.

Though the quality if the current product is considered to be at an all time low, you may have come at an opportune time. There was a big recent development with the WWE champion getting sidelined due to injury and a new one being crowned under dubious curcimstances. If you can hold out a couple of months, you're on the road to Wrestlemania, which is by far the most exciting and infuriating time for any wrestling fan. WM is always the biggest event of the year and all storylines converge and usually end there, so you probably wouldn't want to miss it.

You might want to check out TNA, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling or Lucha Underground, but while a lot of them have better quality matches, they're not really on the scale of WWE.
between RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Main Event, and Superstars, Superstars is WAAAAAAY back in fifth place as far as quality goes. its early 90s equivalent put me off wrestling completely until the nWo came around, it was just like watching a long commercial. if you were not terribly unimpressed you should check out the other shows as they are much better.

and yeah pretty much everything on TV that isn't news, sports, or documentaries is fake, and even some of those can be iffy.
Watch RAW and only RAW if you're going to watch current WWE. NXT as well if you want to see future talent.

Dunno where you go to see RAW on TV in America, but I use http://www.desirulez.me/ to watch RAW the night after its on. Honestly its trash atm and you can easily catch up to all of it 5 mins before a PPV.

For PPVs, just get the WWE network. The WWE network also have almost every PPV from WWE/WWF/WCW/ECW and much more, all for the low price of 9.99. PPVs to watch include:
>Royal Rumble 2000/2001
>No Way Out 2001
>Wrestlemania X7
>No Mercy 2008
>ECW One night stand 05/06
>King of the ring 1998

Thats just a few that I like anyway
Watch Lucha Underground as well.
well you have a ton of options. going way back to the dusty rhodes, ric flair, ole anderson, T A magnum, stunning steve austin days and working your way forward would be best, but would take a REEEEEALLLLLY long time.

starting with the first WCW Nitro in 1995 and just watching the last 20 years of WWF and WCW pay-per-views would get you pretty much all of the major milestones of the past 20 years. again, would take quite awhile, and you'd still miss a lot of stuff like mick foley and steve austin's WCW work that made them big enough for the WWF.

or you could start from Hell in a Cell last month, and whenever you don't have anything current to watch, check out an old pay-per-view. my favourites were hell in a cell, uncensored, wargames, haloween havoc, spring stampede, hog wild, and night of champions. this is probably your best option.

there's a couple websites that are good for streaming but they get shut down and relaunched all the time. just google "watch wrestling" and see what's near the top. PPVs can be acquired through torrenting. or maybe the network if it doesn't suck now which i doubt.
>steve austin's WCW work that made them big enough for the WWF
lolwat? Austin was fired from WCW because they couldn't think of anything for him to do (also he had just got injured)

The rest of your post is good though
yeah but if he hadn't had those televised US and Tag strap runs, do you think the WWF would have considered him? i mean the WWF probably didn't think he was worth anything before those runs, otherwise they would have signed him earlier.
He signed with ECW before going to WWF though and his promos there were top-tier because he was actually allowed some freedom. Those promos probably got WWF more interested in him than his WCW matches since Vince likes 'sports entertainment' and not 'wrasslin'
And he was also trashing WCW in his promos.
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 2

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