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Lately I've taken a real interest in Kyokushin. How is it in regards to self defense? Anyone know of any good dojos around Boston?
let me tell you a little about goju
The problem with kyokushin is the lack of head punches and the distance they fight at. that being said there are still several advantages. Your knuckles and wrist will become very strong and you will be less likely to break it in a fight, you will be able to throw head kicks from really close ranges and kyokushin will make you one tough motherfucker and teach you to be aggressive. I would say if it interests you go for it its perfectly fine for self defense. anyone saying otherwise is overthinking things. Alot of kyokushin schools in the states teach kickboxing as well anyway.
Mix Kyokushi Karate with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and you'll be golden for any kind of situation. It's better to do more then one martial art anyways
That's a funny way to spell judo
Did judo bc I thought it would help with my grappling, won't do the trick for me. I don't think that the chokes and locks are similar to any judo I have seen. Might be bc I haven't fought that many Judoka in the past but I would not be so arrogant as to compare judo with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the sole basis that the common ground is grappling...
Judo and BJJ are both valid options.
Kyokushin is amazing for self defence.
The main argument against it is lack of head punches, which is accurate. Which is also easy to deal with by taking 3 month of boxing.

Kyokushin will above all teach you fighting mindset that is fairly unique to it. I've sparred with kyo guys they just don't give a fuck!
Kyo is fine. Have fun.
Bjj is literally an offshoot of judo that focuses on newaza because it was the specialty of the particular judokas that went to brazil.

>How is it in regards to self defense?

-you get a real tough body, and that's not bad in a self defense scenario
-you'll get mentally strong because "muh limits"
-you'll learn to deliver very strong punches
-strong kicks, very strong kick defense

-the missing head punches are an issue (that's why I think MT is the more well-rounded system), not only because you don't train to blcok them, but also because you don't use them in combinations. I recommend to cross train in boxing or kickboxing after a year or so.


I train KK and Judo and honestly I think BJJ might be better for Kyokushin..
-First of all, Judo an KK are both very demanding for your body, while BJJ is nicer. But this is an issue of your natural athleticism
-Judo requires you to stay balanced (which is cool for boxing but bad for kicking styles). If you get sweeped while kicking, it turns into ground fighting, so BJJ might come in more handy.

So while I love Judo and KK and don't plan to change I'd say the best combinations are:
-BJJ and KK (or MT)
-Judo and Boxing
I always thought karate was about a strong balanced base?
>the missing head punches are an issue (that's why I think MT is the more well-rounded system), not only because you don't train to blcok them, but also because you don't use them in combinations.

You're going to learn some head defense in KK because you still have to worry about kicks.

The problem comes in more with the combinations you're talking about and at close ranges. KK guys do a good job defending their heads when they're standing a meter apart because head kicks are a real issue. Their hands start coming down when the range closes up because they're trying to defend their bodies more and know they don't have to worry about getting jabbed in the face.
>lack of head punches
Why would you want to have head punches?
Head punches are a good way to break your hand.
Because people on
>da streetz
headhunt a shit ton, so being used to protecting yourself from that is good. I'm also sure it's possible to punch someone without fucking up your hand.
From what I was told, you can break a nose or hit the mouth or use an uppercut without injuring your hand, but anything else will fuck you up.

I didn't get that question, what are you trying to say?


Because you want to avoid getting punched in the face in the first place. Also you can beat someone in the face, you just don't do it with the same amount of force you would do with gloves on.
Hitting the mouth is a great way to get stitches in your hand and a nasty secondary infection. Do you have any idea how much nasty shit is in your mouth? You want to fill an open wound with bacteria?

The target is the same as it always is with head punches: the jaw
Nice to know.

I wish this information was more widespread. Didn't Muhammed Ali break his hand because he punched someone in the skull without his gloves?

With bare knuckle, body shots become more important.

And you have to be more precise with your punches to the head, for example a "head butt" with your skull against a fist can easily break that fist (which is indeed a valid tactic in bare knuckle boxing). But nevertheless are the jaw, the chin and the nose very vulnerable targets so if you can hit them you can inflict a lot of damage.

So basically you choose your shots more carefully, but that doesn't mean you can'T hit the head..

How does KK make your body, hands and wrists tougher than another striking sport like boxing or mt?

Maybe because they don't wear hand diapers and protective condoms all the time.
It doesn't, it's about mentality if anything.
Thats pretty based.

Is it the only art that trains protectionless?
no wraps and no gloves plus lots of knuckle and wrist conditioning.
Greater focus on old school conditioning compared to boxing and muay thai and bare knuckle sparring, even if punches to the head aren't allowed it still does wonders.
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>Is it the only art that trains protectionless?

Never gets old

That wasn't training. People don't wear boxing gloves while doing ballroom dance either, because just like wing chun it's a cooperative activity.

Find somebody else doing bareknuckle striking COMPETITION.
I train kickboxing (almost 1 year), I've done a bit of boxing and a bit of Muay thai too.

They called me to a kyokushin tournament in like 20 days so I need tips to win this fight.

I'm thinking about using my Muay thai stance to block kicks and stay in kicking range, just destroying my opponent legs. I will focus on training high kicks and back spinning heels too.
Self defense courses are effective for self defense.
Second time in a few weeks some drunk refugee beat someone bloody at the central station here.

I am a huge adrenaline and scared mess as soon as a fight breaks out and I can never find any sort of aggression, just fucking sickness.

I'm 6'4, powerlift and weight 115kg but I am 100% sure a kid would beat the shit out of me because I am so fucked in the head once a fight erupts.

Can I do anything about this with the little time I have left? (A few hours a week)

You win in KK if you dominante the fight, which means you have more pressure, more and better hits or - of course - a knockout (sending someone to the ground will also do the job).

The important point are the "more and better hits": you don't just get points for tapping someone, but your hits have to show some reaction, which is not easy against a KK guy.

So either you are fast and precise ro you have a hell of stamina and can take a lot of punishment.

>I'm thinking about using my Muay thai stance to block kicks

Good idea.

>just destroying my opponent legs

This probably won't work, because KK explicitly trains for getting kicked at the legs often and repeatedly. Also KK guys are good at checking kicks. I'd say you best bet is to keep your legs from getting "destroyed" unless you are used to taking a lot of low kicks.

>I will focus on training high kicks and back spinning heels too.

Good choice, if you just give them enough good kicks/strikes to keep them at bay it might work out. But remember that KK has a lot of counter kicks.

Also notice that body blows are an important tool in KK and are used differently than in MT. You have to cover your body at close range because they can (and will) get punched in the belly a lot. Ending a fight with a vicious Body blow is not uncommon. So if they close distance make sure you don't get down, because those nasty little blows accumulate..


You see, many people are afraid of getting hit and of experiencing violence. And when they get hit for the first time they think its terrible.

But matter of fact getting hit isn't so bad, it's just our fear from getting hit makes us weak. That's why training in Boxing or Kyokushin is so great because you get to know pain, and that you can overcome pain.

Most "street fights" are a matter of psychology, if someone is full of anger and just throws a lot of punches he doesn't have to be a good fighter in a technical way. But if you have trained in martial arts a littel bit you have powerful tools to withstand those silly punches, and all you have to develop to win street fights is a "fighters spirit", which basically means you don't give in to your fear but "strike back".

Or let me put it like this: once you get into street fights you find out that they are not as bad as you think. You just have to remember that you aren't a victim - no matter how many dudes you are fighting, you'll go down swinging. That's all you need to know, that what the boxers call "Heart" and the Kyokushih guys call "Osu spirit"..

You see this guy here? He isn't a graet fighter, but out of desperation he developes such a fighting spirit that he manages to fight off a whole gang:

What you described sounds very promising indeed.

I really don't intend to become a really good fighter, it doesn't fit my interests and also not my available time.

But I don't want to stand there as a young, tall and strong looking young man watching some retarded drunk punk beating up people at public places.

I would interfere anyways, but the whole time I would be sacred to death literally just forcing myself mentally to keep moving.

So what you suggest is picking up any striking martial art that does sparring?
Do you think I could get rid off my weak mentality this way?

What about some kind of "rightful aggression"?
I mean, after all, some drunk shit is beating up others for no reason, yet I can never feel any kind of "fuck you" in me.

Here's a better link to the video:


The point I was tryin to make is, that if the the guy "froze" and just kept laying on the floor he might have ended dead, but he always stands up immediately, keeps on pushing those guy back and punches/kicks as good as he can..

And if this tiny guy with his shitty technique can fight off this gang, don't you think a guy with some muscles could do it? It's all a matter of psychology.
Yea, I have seen this video before and it's always really amazing to see how he keeps the defense up.

But can anyone develop such mentality?

>So what you suggest is picking up any striking martial art that does sparring?

Basically, yes. If you only train Boxing (or something similar) once a week for some months it will make a hell of a difference.

I train Kyokuhsin and Judo, Judo gave me a lot of confidence. It's not like I feel invincible, but if someone is out there trying to start shit I have this feeling of "OK, buddy, I am the chillest and nicest guy ever, but if you want some trouble, here I am."

And those "vibes" help you a lot to not get into fights.

>Do you think I could get rid off my weak mentality this way?

When I was younger a friend of mine was bullied by two guys right before my eyes and I was so shocked that I counld't help him. So I made the choice that I don't want to be a person, that doesn't even help his best friend.

It's not something that immediately works, but it gets easier every time you try it. And it doesn't even have to involve martial arts.

For example one time at a train a bunch of drunken guys where singing some Nazi like songs and you could see the whole train was intimidated by this folks. But people are cowards, so nobody said anything. So after a while I breathed out and in and than said in a clear and loud voice: "Could you guys please stop singing those fucked up songs? Yeah? That woudl be nice."

And guess what happed? They where immediately sinlent and some guy apologized.
Yes, it could have been different, but no guts no glory. Most of the time when you are nice and decisive, people see for themselves that they made something wrong adn get called out for it. Just don't be aggressive, stay cool but tell them they are doing something wrong and that you are not gonna take it.

>I can never feel any kind of "fuck you" in me

What glory would come from beating up a poor drunkyard? Just literally tell him: "Hey you, stop!", that works a lot of times. Or talk to him and ask him what's his problem with this woman. Violence is a last resort.
Thanks a lot for your input anon.

I will see that I can finally pick up boxing as I ever interned to do anyways.

And I will work on my cardiovascular condition a lot, as I never took care of it.
I would tire way too fast in any fight like situation, so quite unacceptable.

As for avoiding a fight ... Yes, I will never care it someone insults me in order to pick up a fight.
In the end, if they are looking for a fight, they might be dangerous and carry some weapon.

Just in last weeks case there was a 25ish man that was drinking and lurking around at the stairs of the station getting in a vocal fight with an older business man.
Eventually the business man walked off and the younger man chased after him.

Some other, older man interfered and kept him from chasing the other guy.

So the younger guy punched that older man in the face, leaving him bleeding as well as tearing his jacked up and hurting his back.

The young guy wasn't even a fighter, he punched really bad and had problems keeping balance while walking really uncoordinated and slow.

But it was just his aggression that was to intimidating to me.

Do you have any tips as to what to look out for when finding a boxing gym?
Any price expectations? (I know it depends on where I live but some value helps)

>Do you have any tips as to what to look out for when finding a boxing gym?
>Any price expectations? (I know it depends on where I live but some value helps)

>I can never feel any kind of "fuck you" in me.
I'll basically second what >>794431 said

It's not about hate. Maybe righteous indignation or frustration but not really anger. More like "Hey bro, what's your problem? Is this what you call fun? Who do you think you are? You don't have any more respect for your fellow man than that? How'd you feel if someone attacked you? Now go home, chill out and have some tea before someone gets hurt."

Also seconding the power of language to avoid conflict. Try to watch some episodes of The Dog Whisperer about dealing with aggressive dogs. People are pretty similar. Just your tone of voice can change the whole encounter.
>But can anyone develop such mentality?
Stress drills.
In a stress situation, you do what you learned in stress situations. Keeping a calm mind and using more than basic attacks/defenses is only possible if you already had a few such encounters and start being able to generalize the situation/getting a grasp that goes beyond "oh shit FLEE/KILL/WHATEVER". Until then, you'll need to resort to your training and hope it works out.
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