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What's better weight lifting for someone who wants to be

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What's better weight lifting for someone who wants to be a fighter, 5x5 or 3x8?
3x8 since you need endurance as a fighter
5x5 is better.
don't listen to >>770550 he's a fucking idiot. you want explosive power as a fighter.
Explosive ability is important. You can gain endurance by punching a speedbag or just sparring a lot.
lmao this thread did not help OP at all. just a bunch of pro wrestler/crossfitters giving their 0.02 cents opinion.
T-thanks guys
your sets/reps aren't as important as what lift you are doing. A fighter can only get so big until the extra weight and bodymass becomes a burden, you're not going to be getting to an advanced level in terms of strength if you also want to be a well rounded fighter. Bench press is useless to a fighter, despite what it may seem. Deadlifts, pullups and front squats are probably the best lifts for a fighter. Power cleans too since they will give you that explosive power you need
you should absolutely do bench press as a fighter. you don't want to have muscular imbalances by overdeveloping your back without working on your front and vice versa. you should be doing heavy compound lifts working every part of your body. isolation exercises aren't that important except i like to do shrugs still.
ITT: Fighters who never weight lifted for a purpose.

As somebody who dedicated his time to each activity individually, there are far too many aspects to have a super simple supplementary discussion. What style are you doing? How tall are you and how much do you weigh? What are your strong points?

But there have been some good points made. You can gain a fair amount of endurance from sparring, bagwork and general training. But for the most part, any explosive power and strength with come from extra curricular activity. Your best bet is to go with the 5x5 but pay close attention to how to train.

If you do curls and tricep extensions, you'll be fatigued when training and your game will start to slip up.

Do large compound movements. Bench press, pullups(all varieties), planks, dips. Calisthenics in general. I highly recommend cleans and power cleans and overhead press. Unless you're spending money on nutrient supplementation I would always do a weight training day, day off, fight, fight, weight train, fight, day off. Two rests days a week, 3 days of training and 2 days of weight training. If you're new to a style I would recommend 4 days of fighting and one day of weight training until you are comfortable with the style.
strength is strength. a general strength routine that cover all the major muscle groups is going to be beneficial to any martial art. No matter what martial art you do you should not be neglecting any part of your body. and you should start training with deadlifts before you worry about power cleans.
But that's wrong. Strength is not strength. Training your muscles to move in static motions doesn't help you in every scenario. Somebody who does curls isn't inherently good at arm wrestling contests. there muscles are trained for that motion. Though they may have the upper hand against somebody who doesn't train they would get destroyed by somebody who trains the motion for arm wrestling.

You can bench whatever you want but when you go to push somebody off of you in jiujitsu its not going to work. Leverage and have positioning are going to kill all the strength you think you have.

Lifting weights makes you better at lifting weights. It's a sport in itself. Functional lifting is so different its not even funny.

I bet you sit on overhead press, don't you?
1x20 every possible movement
Measure your shit by volume
>Functional lifting is so different its not even funny.
how so? Any strength routine built for athletes is gonna carry over into any martial art. as long as your doing heavy compounds and not neglecting any body part your fine. Do your Bench, Rows, OHP, Deadlift, Squats, Front Squats, Pullups, Rear Delt raises, Rotator Cuff, Planks,Throwdowns, Neck Raises and Wrestlers Bridges and you are set. The rest will come from training the martial art. Your entire body should be strong will no imbalances including the stabilizing muscles in your rotator cuff and core. No need to do some meme kettle bell shit because some scrawny idiot told you it was "functional training".
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>Taking a day off sport training just for lifting.

Absolutely terrible. You start with small volume and intensity of lifting and increase as the gains stop. Sport is most important. Lift later in the day after practice if possible.

Do not let lifting take away from sport practice?

Who Michael Yessis here?

planks and weighted planks are great for your core m8 whats wrong with them.
If you want any progress don't do this. If your an athlete lift around 5 reps. muscular endurance comes from training your sport.
Foundation/Handstand 1+
Olympic Weightlifting
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