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1st for /sp/
I'll just leave this le here. . . :^)
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>mfw TNA were good and Hogan ruined it
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>Mfw this actually happened
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MFW when it's good now, but people refuse to watch it because "i've been burned before"
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EC3 and Spud was the best American feud this year
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It was top notch and well booked toward the end of the Spike run. It is still pretty good now but they are unfortunately bleeding out talent left and right at the moment.

This was one of the better feuds I've ever seen and the payoff moment was so satisfying.
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>My le burned before face when
The thing about the payoff is that it was booked so damn well. BOTH wrestlers came off looking stronger, and this is something that is so hard to do in wrestling that most promoters just go for putting one guy over.

>dat six month build
>dat slap
>dat Borash dive
>dat fire from Spud
>dat bloody mess
>dat teased face turn

I'm watching it now and it's fucking awful.
I think I remember this guy, was he like Stone Cold but wrestled in that outfit?
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Are they still doing those cool posters?
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is this the best cinematography in wrestling history?
Sharkboy. He's wrestled in that outfit for years even in WCW back in the day. He was always pretty over with the fans in a comedic sense.

He's actually a big Steve Austin fan and one day started talking and acting like him and coming out to a similar theme.

Someone showed his entrance and character to Steve once and he thought it was hilarious and gave him his blessing to keep doing the gimmick.

He still pops up in TNA every now and then to visit old friends and occasionally they'll book him and write him into the show.

thanks senpai
Fish Market Street Fight was based
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first for orbitsgum on a pole match
Shoo shoo swerve ghost
>tfw TNA is seriously pushing Mahabollywood Shera because muh Indian demographics
They have a tour of India in place and when they had Ring Ka King, Shera was sort of their John Cena of that promotion so it does kind of make sense to build him up before India.

I wish they'd do it differently though and leave the shitty dancing gimmicks in other promotions.
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> In the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave said that TNA has had talks with a few commentators in regards to possibly replacing Josh Mathews, adding that he's probably going to be furious when he finds out about this.
That's a good thing. Josh acts like he doesn't even know the product most of the time.
I think its because they just shot a bulk of matches with no context or angles so the wrestlers had nothing to go on outside of improvising. According to Storm the wrestlers didn't even know these matches were for a tournament until afterwards.
>every fucking match is ending in a handshake
fuck this so hard. Maybe it'll get interesting after the group stage
Maybe I'm the only one who kind of digs the tournament. I've seen matches between people who don't often wrestle each other (Davey vs Eddie) and some of the results have surprised me too.
Me too, One reason I prefer TNA to WWE is that it's a lot more unpredictable.

The tournament has been fun. I always get a kick out of heel vs heel too.
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who datyunggohard /djz/ here?

also check em
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storm why.jpg
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I really want to see DJ Z tho have a run with the X Division title. He deserves it.

Also have a Bromans reunion unless Jessie's heel run and Robbie's face push turn out well.


I lel'd.
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Can we do Impact game threads again?

I liked those even though it was just like 3-5 people in them.
lol, wwe isn't real wrestling
it's actors and stuntmen
How can one Hiro fuck up so badly?
This general is more dead than TNA itself.
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wow that's really interesting
at least he's trying
he even made >>>/his/
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>he thinks this is what a dead tna general looks like
you are not aware of such things, jack frost
Back to TNAMECCA/TNASYLUM with you all
Every good thing to ever come out of TNA:
>Beer Money
>Abyss becoming a real american
>Christian Cage
>Bully Ray
>Flair and Lethal's woo off
>everything involving Scott Steiner
>Stone Cold Shark Boy
>Joker Sting
>no Spud
Shit list.
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you're missing a lot of stuff there buddy
Didn't they have Fatt Hardy win the belt and keep it for a week?
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>No Joseph Park Attorney at Law
>No Beer Money vs Motor City Machine Guns best of 7 series
>No Fish Market Street Fight
>No Spud
>No EC3 and Spud hunt for Willow
>No based Hammerstein Ballroom Tapings
>No Lashley title reign
>No Bromans tho
>This match not listed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPImG7CgZb4

Delete that list and start over, bb.
Less than a week. EC3 filed an injunction due to Meth Hardy being a biased ref and interfering.

That's why they're having this whole tournament right now.
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Based Influence
File: gailkimtitle.jpg (302KB, 450x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>No Gail Kim

Seriously bro?
Mah wrestlefu

<3 <3 <3 <3
File: neckbreakrstairs.gif (771KB, 200x163px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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seriously though, Gail is a step beyond everyone in the knockouts division and divas. it's the little things she does that show she's one of the greatest. Except for her series with Taryn, she hasn't had many "amazing" matches recently, but she does consistently put on ***+ on tv which is an accomplishment given the time she has and who she is working with.
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Jesse tho
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that Hebner slam was 10/10 holy shit
What a fucking excellent execution
my nigga robbie E is still better but hey jesse is getting better.
>not replacing the Pope instead
of course they won't, they want TNA to die
pope is based bruh.
Reverse episode of Blacked when?
really wish I kept that gif of Kong destroying a turkey right now
How is TNA still alive?
it worked though. They got a ratings bump that week

Say what you like about Dixie, but she took a helluva bump for the company.
>brooke tessmacher leaving
>getting indoctrinated by a cult
it CAN be good, I mean, this is the closest TNA has been to being Total Non-stop Action in a long time. I even watched some of it because of that.

but because this is taped ages in advance, you have some glaring plot holes

>why is Manik masked again?
>why did Tyrus help EC3 win against Lashley? Didn't he say he wanted to challenge EC3 for the heavyweight world championship of the woooorld?
>Why is Austin Aries in TNA again?

Also, why was James Storm called the biggest disappointment of the tournament? He won a match and despite losing one, still has a match remaining.

Mr. Anderson would fit that description better, he was a world champ, but now he's already mathematically eliminated. Are they really that salty about James Storm leaving?
>why is Manik masked again?
>Why is Austin Aries in TNA again?

Well yeah, but I'm happy we got to see EC3 vs Aries, what a match.

>why did Tyrus help EC3 win against Lashley? Didn't he say he wanted to challenge EC3 for the heavyweight world championship of the woooorld?

Yes but he didn't make a decisive break with EC3, also this weeks match with Anderson kinda built into the dissension, as EC3 left Tyrus to be the sacrificial lamb.

I have no idea where they are going with Tyrus being the no 1 contender though.

Good impact episode this week. Eddie Edwards vs Matt Hardy was great, DJZ vs Mandrews too.
what's wwe fans doing in the /asp/?
OP clearly says TNA dipshit.
This thread is for TNA discussions not WWE.
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MUMMMMM..take the picture
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Thread images: 25

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