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last week my 3 month gym membership expired and i didn't

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last week my 3 month gym membership expired and i didn't renew it because of the prices there. i pause for a week and i already started feeling like an inactive shit. i only tried out the 3 months option because i planed to join a martial arts gym after that ( mma or simply muay thai if i can find serious gyms ). i'm still young and i could perform well in competition about a couple of months or a year and i have time for that. however i haven't found a serious martial gym yet, i have a few option in mind but i didn't try out any of them yet.

after these 3 months of lifting i could already see the results ( not mad gains because i started following a serious program only in the past month and even then with unplaned pause days but i can see results ), i felt better and i was thinking i should get another membership at a local fitness gym. there is no shortage of cheap gyms in my area so i can continue my fitness plan.

the question is how effective is martial arts training ( as i said, serious training, not the chinese bullshit you can see in 70s movies ) for gaining mass. i wanted to start training for self-denfense too and maybe even competition, but i don't get in many fights and i can already kinda defend myself so that's not the main goal.
how effective is martial arts training, should i choose lifting over it, or can i do both ( considering that most club require 3+ days/week and most fitness programs also require the same amount of days ), and if so how well should i eat and how should i shape my daily schedule , also other than what mentioned, what other martial arts would you reccomend for the most effectiveness?

i'm asking people who had experience with MAs so if you dont't, at least keep shitposting to a minimum
I have some experience with arts and no experience with weights (some with bodyweight, tho)
If you want to conserve your weightlifting mindset, you're best thinking of MAs as cardio. If you're already built a bit, it will contribute to get you slimmer/burn fat. Denfinitely no mass gaining, unless you're just starting. Also, it's lots of fun, if that's waht you enjoy. Much better than jogging for cardio.

By all means take a self-defence class, but be sure they're serious (try http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/self-defense.htm for example).
how would you recommend balancing training days with lifting days ?
No idea, friend. I have never done weights, and only did bodyweight as compliment to MA.
If you can find a place that does 1h classes (as opposed to 1,5h most do) you can probably use that as cardio before weights workout, I guess?

Interleaving wight days with 1,5h MA days will probably leave you exhausted in a matter of weeks. While not building mass, MAs will still train muscles for resistance and explosiveness, and the shit will leave you sore. Probably.

I think it's best I leave this question open for other anons around.
thanks anyways m8
Also, probably a self defense course will have just one weekly class. You can start with that, and see where it will bring you. Good luck!
as i said, not bullshit self-defense, i was talking about serious training. i only said that self-defense was among my goals, not that i want to spend money on a weekly meeting with middle-aged women, fedorable guys and 10 year olds
If you want serious MA training, they you'll probably have to make compromise with the weights training, friend. It will most probably low down your gains (but you'll probably lose fat faster, in the mid term).
One art that would be compatible with weights is wrestling, but I don't know shit about it.
Western Boxe is where you get good results fast, and mass is helpful with the punches.

Don't shit on self-defense, there ARE places that are good.
I think I missed when you stated what your goals were exactly.
general overall fitness and conditioning, i don't want to become arnold, just healthy and lean. but if i can integrate weight training with martial arts succesfully i think i should do it
Ah, ok then. Lots of people do that. Most of the time it's just a matter of "what's available", ie finding a place that won't rip you off (es. this thread >>737182). You can ask the ripped guys there what's their routine, adjust it to your liking.

But if you want to integrate both (as opposed to adding MAs to weights), you'll be fine. Just start slow and steady.
Been training muay thai for 4 years now. As with most martial arts, it's pretty much all cardio. It won't help you gain any mass unless you're an absolute hungry skeleton beginner, then you could see some gains up to a point. From what you described though, that's not your position so you will most likely lose gains or at the very best maintain if you quit lifting.

Obviously you can both lift and train. Most people do that. I alternate between weeks. Lift 3x and train 2x on one, do the opposite on the other. I'm probably slightly above ottermode and have a full time job so there's that. If you have as much free time on your hands as you claim, you can probably follow a heavier routine and get swoler. And if you're really into it, nothing stops you from training in the morning and lifting at night.

I usually compete only once or twice in a year, and my routine changes completely so I focus mostly on training during those periods. I cut a lot of weight but that's ok because I prefer to be as light as possible when I fight. It all depends on how often you wish to compete and how much time and commitment you have, but TL;DR: yes you can do both. Lots of people do it.
Thread posts: 11
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