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So I started boxing this week. I sparred yesterday (nothing too

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So I started boxing this week. I sparred yesterday (nothing too serious, only focusing on body) and holy shit it's hard and tiring. I felt so slow and akward, like I didn't know what to do. I also felt really weak. What should I focus on to make myself better. I also need to work on slipping and footwork. When I shadow box I also feel pretty awkward. Idk why.

Anybody got tips to help me improve? (Obviously keep training but I mean stuff to focus on)
>Anybody got tips to help me improve?
Remember, you don't just shoot your fist out, you also bring it back.
Remember, hip rotation separates a roundhouse kick from a strong roundhouse kick.
I mean aside from some sneaky (and very fucking painful) kyokushin lowkicks all roundhouse kicks will use a ton of hip rotation. Fuck kyo people can really do some short painful low kicks
Remember to breath. Cardio is one of the most important things to have.

This. My first trainer always tried to drill into me to bring my fist back into guard either just as fast or faster than I threw it out. Also, keep your guard up- most fighters instinctively throw a guard-check when you throw a punch, and you'll be surprised how many times you'll be caught with it. You can do the same thing to him, too, and catch him off guard.
Same technique used at the highest level of muay thai.

A former champion explained it to me: At the high level, reflexes are too good, you must kicked upward to have a chance of hitting.
>tfw haven't sparred in years
>tfw reflexes aren't nearly as good
Erik Paulson has this really cool drill he likes to do with focus mitts (or gloves).

You punch the mitt, and with the other mitt your partner swats your hand. It's not a competition for them to hit you, but merely to make sure you are retracting quickly. He also does the same drill with knees and kicks.
Relax. Easy to say, hard to do. You'll find it much less tiring if you're not tense
this. Learn to relax as much as possible.

It takes some sparring sessions (months ?) to understand how even a novice moves and to have a slight grip on distances. With repetition and practice your body will learn how to relax, tank the hits, your eyes will sharpen and you will start to use what you learn in technical training more often. It takes time anyway, unless you're already trained in martial arts/combat sport, or are gifted.

I personally focused on my defense at first (muay thai), I forced myself to keep my arms up, and to try to at least check kick I could see. I did this because I felt panicked whenever I took a punishing hook/straight because I was careless about it and I could not focus on the next steps ; also with adrenaline I would charge the opponent without observation, getting more punishment. When the guard got more solid, I patiently learned how to start an attack move against a moving target. I also forced myself into learning clinch (very important in MT). Now I'm in the middle of the second year and my sparring sessions are feeling really natural. Any session, I try to focus on one point and to check if I develop bad habits/mistakes to correct them on fly. Also, don't be afraid to ask the experienced people during the spar, they'll give you a LOT of very good advices.

First of all it's just a matter of you body gettign used to it. Wait one month and you'll be a lot better than today.

>Anybody got tips to help me improve?

The basics. Many beginner try to be cool and adapt intermediate techniques, but you'll progress the fastest if you just drill your damn basics.

>step foreward
>step backward
>step foreward three times
>step backward three times

>step foreward with a jab
>step backward with a jab

Then move to the side or whatever. I'm pretyt sure your coach gave you some drills in class.

You literally can't spend enough time at those stuff, because once you are sparring you'll forget much of this stuff pretty fast. It really has to become your second nature

Oh forgot the motivational video:

Yea, in fact I think Paulson invented the focus mitt.

fucking every instructor does that you chode. Paulson is nothing special, at best.
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Can I into boxing if I have glasses AND I'm like the betaest of betas? I just want to beat some bullies and wannabe thieves
As long as you have will power not to give up and youre willing to learn anyone can do boxing,my friends,all 3 brothers are our countries best boxers,they started in they mid teens.I have friends who started in they late 20`s.Just go for it and dont back down,you will be able to stand up for yourself before you know it.
This. I'm blind as a bat and incredibly meek tempered but I've been taking it for eight months and the lead trainer has been complementary of my improvement. He's starting to use me to work with promising new guys because he knows I can safely control the spad and punish the meatheads who come in and waste our time.
What is the vision cutoff for boxing? I'm near sighted and I'm wondering how that will affect me. I'd really like to start boxing but this is the one thing holding me back. My contact lense prescription is -2.25 in both eyes. Thanks for sharing.
I don't know, desu. I can't make out the logo on headgear past about 3 feet, but I can see the guy swinging at me well enough to defend and react.

Nothing's stopping you from going to a gym and talking to a coach/taking boxing for the health benefits. Unless your vision is legitimately legally blind you should be ok.
So "to be honest" becomes desu? Cute.
do more light contact sparring. work the bags. ask your instructor about your posture and if you're doing the motions properly.
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 2

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