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Choosing disciplines and working on your own

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spidergirl cosplay .jpg
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Hey /asp/ I'm hoping maybe you can give me some guidance.
I'm a big fan of super-heroes and fictionalized martial arts, and I'd really like to "get into" that sort of thing.
But I'm not sure what I should do.

I know that I want to be able to defend myself well, and also deal some damage, move quickly, and be agile.
So it would seem parkour is what I need to learn, right?
What else?
A martial art seems like something else I should develop, but I don't know which one(s) or how to choose.

I don't wanna get super buff or anything, my body is already on the masculine side, and I don't wanna look manly/unattractive.
As an aside, i should mention that I'm not completely, out of shape, I'm 6'0" and I weigh about 160 right now (working on losing some weight; my "goal" is 145, but I don't know how reasonable that is in practice)
I bicycle often, but I don't have super thighs.

I'm a woman, in case that was unclear
>So it would seem parkour is what I need to learn, right?
I don't think so. Parkour would help you navigate a terrain but it very rarely focuses on any sort of combat.
right, I know that, I guess I left out the "I want to be able to move around well and not hurt myself" bit.
...idk, Spider-Man type shit, basically.
pic unrelated.
You'll need to learn a striking art and a grappling art so that you'd know how to react in any situation.

Boxing/Kickboxing/Kyokushin/Muay Thai + Wrestling/Judo/BJJ/Sambo
Well, the sort of things Spider-Man does he does because he's not real.
You basically have to choose whether you want your fighting to look cool or to be effective. I don't think stuff like butterfly kicks or scissor kicks are usually used in an actual fighting scenarios.

Also, the more weight tyou lose the less damage you'll deal with a strike.
You can still strike pretty hard with good technique but it's not like you can knock down a 200 pound guy with a hook while running away from him.

You can defend against ONE dude and bolt the fuck away from the place but there's never going to be a scenarion where you find a group of guys who are actively trying to hurt you but who are also so willing to take a beating and not move around that you can simply pull a Black Widow choreography and not get the shit kicked out of you.

You run like hell, if one of them tries to pin you you punch him in the nose or the balls and you keep running.
I'm not saying this because you're a woman, no one person can go against multiple people trying to hurt you all at once.
You should learn some Muay Thai or Sambo if you don't feel safe, but you can't just attack a group of people and not get hurt.
This, welcome to /asp/.
>but there's never going to be a scenarion where you find a group of guys who are actively trying to hurt you but who are also so willing to take a beating and not move around that you can simply pull a Black Widow choreography and not get the shit kicked out of you.
This. Beatings you see in movies by heroes are choreographies, which are rehearsed many times to get them right.
Look at any one of them and imagine the guys taking a beating could step back from punches they see coming, could pull off from any grappling trick the hero tries on them or could punch the hero in the back of the head.
You could dodge one punch from one guy at a time. Two punches? Three punches? Many punches which you don't see coming?
You go down to the floor, they start stomping on you, you're dead.
okay, that should get me started, it seems like their are generals for each of those arts.
my budget is pretty tight at the moment...is it possible to work on this stuff alone?
or is that stupid?
>Well, the sort of things Spider-Man does he does because he's not real.
I meant in terms of moving around, not fighting.

but yeah, I don't expect to pull some Jojo type shit, my "realistic" goals are
>be fast/agile, and understand how to maneuver well in my surroundings
>be capable of winning or tieing a one-on-one fight
>have some knowledge of using weapons
>be able to do some stuff that looks cool because its a personal goal, not because it will be effective
>be able to do front and back flips (again, personal goal)

I mean....is that stuff too out there? Do I need to further tame my desires?
No, all of that is realistic, but it will require training and hard work, a well as money for training. If your budget is really tight, start with boxing , its going to be your cheapest option. lls, what kind of weapons are you interested in? If youre talking knives, sticks and improvised weapons, youre going to want eskrima (fillipino martial arts.) if youre talking guns, head over to /k/ and well help you learn the basics.
Boxing and judo are normally pretty cheap and available nearly everywhere.
That is the general budget recommendation unless you find a local deal or you can train something like wrestling for free.

For impact and knife weapons I recommend FMA manly escrima and friends. It would also be a good idea to at least get somewhat familiar with firearms.

For the movement do a lot of road work (run), parkour, and ether finds some mats you can practices gymnastic stuff or go to a real gymnastics gym to practice without wreaking yourself too bad.
Out of curiosity, are you actually planning on going vigilante? Because theres only one comic book hero that has realistic abilities that woukdnt get dropped by gangbangers on day one. I hope you like skulls and black.
>fictionalized martial arts
Well Aikido, Krav Maga, and "Ninpo" are all probably good choices for this.
>being capable of winning or tieing

I hope you aren't seriously expecting to be able to win in a serious fight anytime soon especially against a guy
One-on-one fights take time before you can even kick someone's ass.
Much less against someone bigger than you.
Much less against someone trying to hurt you.
Much less against multiple someones.
I have no interest in being a vigilante
okay, okay.
about how much time do you think i'll need to devote?
this is a hobby, but an important one, so I'd like to work towards the goals slowly and steadily, like 30-60 minutes every single day or something
is that reasonable?
okay, thanks
no, this is a long term goal, a year minimum, more like 5-10
as previously stated, I'm quite tall, so I do have that edge, since I'm not super tiny compared to the average man
If she's six foot and fit then with six months of training she would probably be able to beat up most guys on this board.

OP you should take up Judo. It's very effective and it's established that a lot of women train in this martial art because of its popularity.

But ultimately if you really wanna learn to beat up bad guys then you're gonna have to actually spar with some martial artists which will mean getting punched and kicked in the face among other things so you will likely get your nose broken at some point, cut eyebrows, black eyes, etc. If you really want to be a superhero tier bad guy stopper then you gonna have to be prepared for the fact that your face might get a bit fucked up and it probably will effect your beauty somewhat.

Then again there are plenty of womans pro fighters who are still super hot in an athletic type of way...
File: img000001 (2).png (2MB, 780x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
img000001 (2).png
2MB, 780x1200px
> 6' tall
> Alex Ross' Spidey in OP
> references JoJo
> plans wierd training for street fighting
OP could it be possible to have a pic ? I'd like to prepare the cover of the /asp/ KickAss remake ASAP
File: Savate.jpg (20KB, 350x263px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 350x263px
Savate is what you need OP. We have the costumes and all!
We need a pic to really evaluate
You're tall and light

why not do TKD?
You really do have to choose between looking cool in a performance/choreography or being effective in a fight, atleast to the standard which /asp/ demands.

Since no one has suggested what to do if you are just looking to do cool moves for a cosplay demo or choreography I'll give some suggestions. If you focus and train for acrobatics and spectacle you can do stuff that looks pretty superhuman but most of /asp/ is devoted to the art of actually trying to smash other people effectively.

Wushu is probably the number one *martial art* to do if you are looking to look cool and cosplay choreographed fights. This is what all the kung fu actors learn with the lighting fast flurishes and huge graceful acrobatics. They teach how take dramatized hit e.g. getting kicked and literally flying across the room and make slapping sounds so that strikes sound punctuated. Plenty of fancy weapon routines too if you want to learn that.


Freerunning, tricking and parkour people also often do trick kicks like butterfly and hurricane kicks as well as other acrobatic superhero fighty type moves in addition to running around. You'll probably find people there who have also done kung fu/wushu.
If you are in USA then you might have more luck with Xtreme Martial Arts but I haven’t got too much experience with them but they seem to be similar to Wushu except they came out of the American martial art film industry. They appear to be franchised so some might be a bit McDojo-ish but the videos seem like they can do decent forms and tricks. I don’t really like their rhythm and style though, they just try cram excessive amounts of movement and speed into their forms and they don’t have much grace. They look more like they’re having a spas in my opinion.


Last thing I can think of is Capoeira and TKD if you want to learn some kicking stuff.
With all of these you can do stuff that looks extreme impressive to an average person but isn’t very practical and probably looks outright stupid to a lot of fighters but hey that don’t take away from it if all you’re looking to do is learn cool moves to put on a cosplay spectacle or something like that. You’ll be slightly better than someone completely untrained if you find yourself in a fight but don’t expect to be actually able to fight. I’ve had stories of people doing some hecktic kung fu trick and making their attackers have second thoughts but Wushu and the stuff I recommended isn’t really for self-defence.
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>still super hot in an athletic type of way
>implying there is another kind of way
my nig
File: 1333519914443.jpg (2MB, 2057x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2057x3000px

For display or 'cool' factor go for Wushu or TKD, maybe gymnastics and acrobatics as well.

Real martial arts don't look cool to layman so for self-defense and conditioning you can't go wrong with boxing and Judo.

Running and swimming conditions and tones your body really well. You will never grow buff or large doing martial arts.
what does that TKD stand for?
I don't know, I don't have anything against it, I've heard of lots of martial arts and disciplines and training styles, but I don't know the differences, strengths or advantages between them, which is why I made this thread; to get some direction.
I don't like posting pictures online anymore, since everything is archived 4ever, but I'm told I look like Janet Jackson or Janelle Monae, so thats an Idea of what I look like I suppose.

btw, the OP pic is Spider-Girl, not Alex Ross' spidey, lol
Okay, added to the list.
I expect to get my shit kicked in sooner or later, I don't have much of a problem with that; plastic surgery does exist, hahahaha
but I'm not planning to be a superhero.
tell me about savate
McDojo? what do you mean by that?

I'll look into Wushu, that definitely seems like I'd enjoy it.
Capoeira....is that effective for actually dealing damage? In my limited experience with it, it seems more "artsy" than taekwondo or a more "plain" martial art.

I do what to be capable of kicking ass, but I don't intend to go around looking for fights, so i don't believe its a skill I'd be able to use often....which is why I want to be capable of doing "cool stuff", to please myself.
if I got too ripped I'd just look like a femboy or something, i have small boobs and wide ribcage, so my body is terribly masculine.
thank you thank you thank you!
Running is probably where I'll start (like, today), because thats easily the simplest thing, and I can do that on my own with no trouble I imagine.
Does /asp/ have a guide to running or something?
>small boobs
Ah, so you're the best kind.

>I don't know the differences
Since you're this new, perhaps you should go watch some fight quest/human weapon/whatever other tv docs you can find.
They're hyped up and somewhat misleading, but they may give you a general idea of what's what.
>indian haruhi
absolutely disgusting... im gonna post this on /a/
Yep TKD is Taekwondo. Lots of focus on kicks and bouncing. They have a good rep for teaching impressive kicking ability but not so much for MMA and general street/self-defence fighting since they don't teach use of low kick, clinching, throw and grappling at least as well as other disciplines.

McDojos are schools which are often franchised which teach ineffective watered down martial arts and are all in the aim of making money than legit teaching. They teach overblown confidence in the abilities of their students and are frowned upon for lowering the standard of martial arts and just ripping naive students off.

Its a big trap for keen people like you who don't have the experience to tell between bullshit and real effective training. Dont get too paranoid about it tho, the warning signs are pretty obvious when they actually are McDojo and if you train with a variety of independant schools you'll learn the difference.

Capoeira is mostly practiced as a dance\game which includes apects of martial arts with techniques which could *potentially* be used in a fight. They can make some pretty ridiculously power kicks with their unique way of movement.
Not a martial art you would go into looking to deal hurt but with the way they throw the whole body in the kick it can do damage.
File: haruji.jpg (861KB, 2057x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
861KB, 2057x3000px
introducing haruji
>small boobs and wide rib cage
>best kind

Have you ever seen a woman naked? (2d doesn't count)
>six months

Lol no, it will take a lot longer than that, being too tall is actually a detriment to strength as you can't get as much leverage with your longer arms and legs and they work as levers against you when your opponent is smaller than you or stronger
savate is french kick boxing, they aim for the head
>Ah, so you're the best kind.
I appreciate that you think I'm attractive, but it really isn't all that attractive, being flat chested only looks good when the rest for your body is highly feminine.
thanks for the videos, I'll watch those.
ok, thanks!
Aiming for the head seems like a quick way to take someone out.
yeah, I'm not expecting a whole lot in 6 months, thats probably how long it will take to "reset" my body and actually get to the point where I can START making real progress.
I can appreciate a discipline that takes alot of time to develop skill, since I played piano for quite a while, 6 months isn't much of shit in the grand scheme of things.
thanks for the info!
I see...as long as I'm on the lookout/aware of their existence, I should probably be safe I think-?
There are quite a few TKD places around me, and all of them are upwards of 200, 300/month, so I don't know if TKD is just a pricy thing or if those schools fall into that category.

speaking of which, about how much should I be willing to spend? As I said, I don't have much to spend right now, which is why I want to work on my own and move on to other things as my budget allows.

ahhh capoeira...it sounded familiar because there is a pokemon based on the movements, i'm surprised I forgot.
oh...thats a bummer
6 months
>Aiming for the head seems like a quick way to take someone out.
You can very much kill someone by kicking them in the head.
Closest to "real life superhero" would probably be stuntmans and such from movies.
Watch some Jackie Chan flicks from example, he does all of his stunts on his own and is excellent martial artist.
I think the main points are being able to handle your own body weight comfortably all around (gymnastics and hitting the gym, maybe bodyweight exercises after you get some muscle), having excellent motor coordination (martial arts probably help, yoga could be great, everything that takes precise use of your body) and perceiving your body in 3 dimensions in general, like knowing the reach of your hands and legs etc.
Hitting the gym and taking up jogging/running is a good start, probably starting some martial art would be great as well.
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Interesting request..

Maybe the following martial arts will be suited for you:

>Tae Kwon Do

Korean, lots of flashy kicks and spins. After a while you can add (or change to) "tricking", the tricking guys can do amazing things:




Brazilian style, you gather in a round and do a kind of "freestyle fight", but the winner is the guy (or gurl) with the cooler tricks:



> Filipino Martial Arts (also known as: Kali, Arnis or Eskrima)

Not that artistic, but wiedling two weapons and doing flashy spins is still pretty cool! (You remember the hero from "Kick-Ass"?)



> Wu Shu / Kung Fu

Chinese martial art, artistic and lots of cool weapons..
There are many many many differnt Kung Fu / Wu Shu styles out there, but if you look what schools are near you and just look for their specific style on youtube you should be able to find out which one is suited for you..


Savate is the greatest style kickboxing. It emphasis a lot on distance because you only kick with the foot, not with the tibia and the hand. It's about how to manage your position and balance to end it in powerful blows. It's sometime coupled with canne de combat (weapon) and self-defence stages to learn a bit more about how to use it outside the ring.
If you're tall any kicking style might be beneficial. TKD isn't a bad choice too.
We don't aim specifically for the head. It's just that unlike karate, there is no rule against it.
You guys are ridiculous. OP states a stupid ass premise and asks an equally stupid ass question in regards to that premise and you all fawn over her because she claims to be female.
Yeah, I admit real life new ms Marvel seemed exciting
Are you new?
The martial artist of /asp/ will discuss at length most "stupid ass premises" because it is fun to do so, not because of the gender of the person.

Lighten up man.
Any news, OP ? Have you already given up on your street vigilante dreams ?

Stop spoiling my RL cosplay waifu dreams.
Lol, I have no desire to be a vililante, if I was getting into super heroics, I'd be a badguy!!
but, ahh, haven't looked at this thread in a couple of days, I started lurking some of the other threads; as it stands, my gameplan is to work running and parkcore on my own some until I can decide which martial art I'll do; leaning heavily towards TKD cause there are a ton of TKD places around me.

those things, and probably some Boxing or Judo is where I'm gonna go, idk, what do you think?
I think you severely underestimate how physically taxing and time consuming either of those disciplines you plan on butterflying around are.

Either one of you them will have you drained from training, you won't want to hop right out of the TKD class and go into the boxing class.

If you want to be a jack-of-all-trades just pick MMA. It's essentially crosstraining that includes fucking everything. Specialize to look cool later.
>no desire to be a vililante
Came here to post a cap I had from the last superhero thread, but now I see OP is a bit more down to Earth than previously thought.

Carry on.

Boxing and Judo will both make you look more buff. Which is not a bad thing, personally I like muscular girls (got some super cute girls in my Judo group).

But since you are out for having fun and don't want to look overly build, it might not be suited for you..

Just start with TKD or Capoeira, it will be more than enough for a start.
White knighting on /asp/? Oh, lawdy.
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