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I know Raw just started but fuck it we won. Get in here!
>We won
SD does have Ellsworth who is unironically the most over person on the roster so I guess you are right
RAWs on but the only thing everyone is talking about right now is Smackdown.

Feels good senpai.
It's the same shit, you autist.
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Braun hasn't showed up yet so I'll give you this one Smackdownie.
have sex
>People actually watching RAW
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>Raw broke up one of their biggest draws without ever milking them for a title run.
>they are both destined to fail as singles competitors.
>The state of Raw.
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Doesn't matter. We always win.
Clusterfuck of a show tonight
I'm getting tired of winning bros when will RAM win?
Best Raw of the Year. Roman's heelish promo at the beginning. Joe's response to Roman disrespecting his name and even the follow up promo before the match. BRAAAAAAUNN returning. Joe 2-0 versus Roman. The promo video of Joe vs Brock. The Titus Brand bump for Akira Tozawa. Maryse's theme music returning. Social Outcasts joining forces with The Miz. Big Cass's pre match ritual trying to find catering and an awesome promo to make Enzo cry

This night was 5 Stars/5
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bros lets give a warm welcome to the newest edition to the smackdown roster, Big Show
Based Beeg
>Seth shilling a game and doing a worst promo than 2007 face Cena
>Still missing the point with Roman
>Baloretty against a future jobber after they hyped him so much
>Dead women's division trying to be worth a damn after based Mella shocked the world last night
>Big Cass is the main event
Joining the celebration. No way Smack can do it worst.
You autistic shit, both raw and smackdown are the same boring pg shit. You faggots need to just give up on wrestling, it all is just lame shit.
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>still forcing the brand loyalty meme
We're just having fun on this dead as fuck board

I wonder what it's like to support a show where your world champion isn't the hardest working man in the business.
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Did Rollins actually cut his face on Bray's fake lantern thing?
Big Show is in his "HBK Based Twilight Run" and RAW let's him slip thru their fingers?! ...stupid idiots.

We'll take him and give him the send off a fucking legend deserves!

(p.s. add him to Team Fabulous)
>this is what RAMtards actually believe
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>7 time World Champion
>Only man to hold WWE, WCW, ECW, and World Heavyweight Championships
>Won WCW World Heavyweight Championship in his first match ever
>11 time Tag Champion with 7 different partners, all World Champions
>Won Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania
>United States Champion
>3 time Hardcore Champion
>12th WWE Grand Slam Champion
>Won 60 Man World War 3 Battle Royal
>Won 30 Man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
>Main Evented over 30 PPVs, including Wrestlemania
>5 Time Slammy Award Winner, including 2014 Match of the Year and 2009 Tag Team of the Year (with Chris Jericho)
>Bragging Rights 2010 Winner (Team Smackdown)
>All-Conference honors in Basketball at Northern Oklahoma Junior College
>"Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" Winner
>1 Time Nickelodeon Slime Wrestling World Champion
>Pro Wrestling Illustrated Wrestler of the Year 1996
>Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Wrestling Observer Rookie of the Year 1996
>Accomplished television and movie actor, including memorable appearances in "Jingle All the Way" and the "Thong Song" remix music video among others.
>Appeared in over 2 dozen video games on multiple consoles and devices, from Nintendo 64 to iPhone and many others.

Angle should be fired for letting him walk away
I'm a total smacklad but this week's Raw was pretty based, they pulled their thumbs out of their asses to compete with smackdown's incoming storylines. Ellsworth will make Smackdown the goat.
SDL can't do any worse than RAW at this point... However, can Graves continue his Sherlock Holmes routine in future episodes, please!?
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At least we are having harmless fun ribbing each other unlike the other hundred (((E-DRONE))) posts
If only he was on the same brand as the Fashion Po-Po
>Big Money Mella
>Big Nak
>Based Fatass
>Urban Uces
Smackdown is back.
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Looks painful. There's even video of him getting it stitched.

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