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15+ years viewer thread

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Post in this thread if you've been watching wrestling for at least 15 years combined. Post whatever you want. I think some interesting viewpoints will emerge. There is something to be said for the difference between

-those people who cycle in for a few years and then move on to a different hobby,
-those people who only watch during the times of peak popularity because it's the "in" thing
-those who are the reverse and watch wrestling when it is "out" and is more of a geeky hobby
-those who has been around for the long haul and have seen the previous three types come and go

Those in the last group are for this thread. What do you think about wrestling right now? What do you watch?
The product isn't going to get any better til they start to let these wrestlers be themselves.

Kevin Dunn, Steph, and Vince all have a Saturday Night Live Lite in mind for Monday night Raw, and its officially ran its course on the American Audience.

With the introduction of the network, they were able to hook the hardcore fan with the lure of the on demand streaming, that being said; they need to branch out a bit more, and think outside the box if they ever wanna see growth again, as the product is beyond bland. One of the best things to come from all this is the slight rise of Indy promotions, and the overseas product expanding on the American market.

The network has once again enabled them to coast from big 4 ppv to big 4 ppv, and it won't change til Dunn, Steph, or Vince step down.
Been watching 1986. I did quit watching WWE for about 3 years after Benoit died. Right now I enjoy pro wrestling more than I have in a few years. I think WWE right now is a very mixed bag, when its good ( AJ, some NXT matches, most Smackdown skits) its really good. As a whole WWE has an insane amount of talented wrestlers but most of the angles, feuds and booking is a shit. Like alot of people i think NJPW is having a tremendous year, right now their roster is stacked and I look forwards to their north american expansion. I basically watch WWE, NJPW and LU. On rare occasions I watch lolTNA and random indy feds from USA and Japan.
Watching since 2002.

Superstars need more freedom to cut their own promos.
Keep the PG, IDGAF. Quality matches and storytelling have come out of PG products. Though I would prefer if they went back to TV-14. TV-14 would allow the writers and bookers to craft more adult oriented storylines. Though that is contingent upon the writers being good.

Ruthless Aggression and old tapes of Attitude Era PPVs was what I was raised on, and I was spoiled with all the quality storylines and stacked roster. I barely tolerate what's being put on WWE today, and I like to see the good in things.
WWE and wrestling right now is in that dork era that comes between booms. Like Star Trek in the 70s, or Star Wars in the late 80s through early 90s. Or comics in the 70s and early 80s.

If wrestling does go into a boom period again current fans will feel very disenfranchised because the hobby they felt was their own little niche is now being watched and talked about by the normies.

I've been watching regularly since 1997. I think the entire John Cena era will not even matter in wrestling history 20 to 30 years from now. He'll be thought of like Harley Race or Nick Bockwinkle. These guys were decently famous in their time, but just trivia names today.
Watching since 1994, fan of wrestling old, new, and around the world. Left after the Benoit incident and started paying attention again after punk, not watching shows mind you but checking results watching the odd match here or there until the fall of 2014, started watching shows every now and then and catching the odd ppvs until last fall, been back full force since then. Caught up on backlogged NXT since 2014.

Honestly I like the product decently right now, I think it's a boatload better then it was during 05-07. NXT and Smackdown are usually pretty good shows with logical booking and good matches. Raw is shit, but Raws been mostly shit since the very first brand split in 2002. ROH, TNA, and NOAH are infinitely worse then they were a decade ago, kinda sad. How is AJPW still in business, they've had fledgling gates for near 20 years. NJPW is infinitely better then it was.

I love today's in ring product, as good as it's ever been. The production values are staggering. Announcers are pretty good, wrestling as a whole has had a problem with this for fucking ever. The fact that I think ANYONE has a chance to be a world champion. Muscly, skinny, fat, tall, short, handsome, ugly. Put in the work and you have a chance.

The lines they have to speak are fucking garbage, especially on raw, talent needs more input and freedom with this. 3 hour raw is not conducive to good Television or interesting storylines. Crowds today are fucking awful, either no noise or smarks trying to chant this is awesome and fight forever, god awful. Can't we just cheer the good and boo the bad, seems easy. I also am not the biggest fan of just killing gimmicks and making every wrestler have a regular ole name. Even if you make them have a name at least give them some of them a viable gimmick.
If you think cena era won't matter then you are autistic. Of course it will, Vince loves his cena and he will insure that his golden boy makes it in the history books, guaranteed.
Watching since 96

Im stoked that they have people who can really fucking wrestle but sad that they seem to have skin as thick as paper (emotionally)

Im baffled by the pants on head retarded booking and writing though.

They write babyfaces to be absolute morons and almost all the heels are chickenshits

50/50 booking is whats killing the ratings i think. Wins and losses dont matter ever because everyone has to be over at all times.

Every fucking wrestler on the roster thinks they are the best and they should be winning all the time and probably throw a fucking fit when theyre booked to lose
i like roman and only roman
Vince will be dead, man.
Been watching since 1996. Watched WWF, WCW, ECW and some MPRO at that time.

took a huge break after the 2001 collapse., but still vaguely followed now and then. Came back around 2012 for Bryan and Punk. Then started watching TNA/Impact around 2014 at the Manhatten tapings and basically gave up on WWE.

As >>2774623 says, WWE won't get better until they allow wrestlers to have a say in their characters. WWE to me is far far worse than WCW ever was in it's nadir. It's just boring, with WCW it was entertaining at least. I like Impact because it's clear that you're watching a group of different individuals, rather than WWE which is so bland and like watching the cast of a badly written soap opera.
who will be the next ECW?

started watching WWF in 84/85 ish, also followed WCW from 88ish to it's death. I'd put myself into the last group, and I think wrestling currently is a bloody fucking abortion. Couldn't tell you the last time I watched a RAW or Smackdown, I do try and watch the PPVs though. The thing that got me to stop watching Raw completely were Foley and Steph, I just couldn't take it anymorre
Ring of Honor reminds me of all the super technical wrestling from ECW. The vibe is the same
Came back for Punk and Bryan? holyshit KYS fans like you killing business.
Started following seriously for the 94 rumble. Lex and bret both over the top. Bret v owen, and really the entirety of wm10 is what hooked the young me.

Product in America is staggering shit right now and being a busy person with responsibility and adulthood gets in the way of geeky pleasures.
That being said I will watch all the NJPW big shows and title matches as well as any Brisco bros matches in roh.
Anything else is a waste of time. Will probably make time to watch Joe v lesner, should have a big fight feel.
It already is NJPW
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