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>you're a newly appointed wrestler in WWE >Vince approaches

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>you're a newly appointed wrestler in WWE
>Vince approaches you and tells you you have a day to figure out a good gimmick for yourself based on your country of origin/state(USA)/region
>has to be as stereotypical/historical as possible

What do you come up with, /asp/?
Either a crusade or an old dude with a mustach and a beer belly, eating cod and drinking port wine
IRA member
Braveheart with a drinking problem

Welp...Mountie knockoff it is.
Coffee drinking hipster
Gaucho that dances malambo to the ring but doesn't wrestle because it's too lazy to actually do it.
A black guy with dreads and a soccer ball
Filipino agricultural migrant worker. Speaks broken english.
I would be a samba dancer football player and drug dealer dressed in a monkey suit.
Death Squad Member / Hitman
>Angry SJW Cuck who loves Muslims.

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>From Georgia
>Time to wave the Stars and Bars
>Time to vocally hate on everything not white or male
>In 2017
Ola Brasil!
A hobbit or wizard or Uso's 2.0
socal cholo who drives to the ring in a crx with mismatched fenders and a fartcan exhaust
Disgruntled backstage politician with a constant scowl on his face.

Either that or a drunk chav because the "posh gentleman" thing has been done already.
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>Declare I'm reconquering the Southwest
>Win the US Championship and drop it to Cena after decent run
>Turn face and become the new Rey Mysterio, except not a memeweight manlet
Pic related is my attire
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the fiddler.jpg
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>celtic warrior is taken
>leprechaun is taken
>fat old cunt with a shillelagh is taken
>red-head with a silly accent is taken
drunken fiddle-player it is so

Heel Cop who beats all the minority wrestlers after the bell then gets away with it after a paid week off.
Gaucho that dances Malambo.

Or maybe even beter a heel tamgo dancer? That somehow wrestles in full suit
Confederate Officer
Finisher is The Secession
Retarded drunk hillbilly that married his cousin and wants to bring back the Confederacy
Connecticut blue blood
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>tfw argentinian
>I don't know how to dance tango
My gimmick is that I humiliate myself at every opportunity.
My finisher consists of jumping off the top rope and landing head first in the centre of the mat.
t. riple h
how many fans nowadays even remember his blue blood gimmick?
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I do
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A selknam that does weird moves and performs tribal dances when he wins.
two of my uncles and my cousin travelled the whole world dancing tango.

i always wanted to learn.
Another Canadian here. Hockey loving, beer drinking lumberjack with a parka and beard. Catch phrases include "eh" "aboot" and "hoser"
Aztec war god pic related
Remove the helmet and tone down skills n shit for a sleeker look

Still I'll keep it pretty Savage like alot of black, blood, emerald, gold, and white in the color scheme.

I'll have vignettes of me talking about how I need to sacrifice another unworthy being to appease me.

Or I'll probably just do some Mexican always getting drunk and shit think a mix of guerro and Austin playing into taking jobs I'll be a bit of a free lancer mercenary type deal

French man who constantly hits on women and gets btfo by faces for cucking them.

South American?

10/10 Would actually mark out for this.
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I would bribe the fuck out of refs and other wrestlers
Argentine to be more specific.
That'd be kind of creepy. The onas always creeped me out whenever I saw them in history books.

Grow my beard out, braid it, get myself some brown leather pants and a wool jerkin, accept my life as a cheap viking knockoff. Probably going to have to get myself a stupid horned helmet for the first six months of my run.

Then I get stuck in a tag-team with Eric Rowan because i look vaguely Wyatt and creative are hack frauds.
Some kinda...auto-worker who eats cereal, I guess, I dunno.
>From San Francisco

I don't want to be a faggot

Was Born in Flip Land but I lived in the USA for 90 percent of my life but if we go by place of origin

A straight edge filipino who's a southpaw boxer and extremely catholic ?
tom of finlanf gimmick incoming
3rd member of the gay cops
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Thread images: 9

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