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Are the Young Bucks currently the best act in wrestling?

>Extremely talented and entertaining in the ring, very agile, flashy, dripping with charisma, creating a fun atmosphere at whatever show they work with their superkick parties and awesome repertoire of moves
>Did more for getting the superkick over than Shawn Michaels did
>Have been involved in many memorable moments like superkicking a child and almost killing Candice LaRae
as well as shenanigans involving PWG ring announcers and referees
>Stars of Being the Elite, an actually good YouTube mockumentary series in which they showcase their lives as professional wrestlers and have adventures traveling and hanging out with the other talents.
>Have made an incredible living, well into the 7-figure salaries, signing an excellent deal with NJPW/ROH where they see almost 100% of their merchandise revenue, a deal that has made even WWE executives impressed
>Have an enormous fanbase of cute, young women obsessing over them on Twitter whom they can always sleep with as well as loving wives with children.
>Have generated mainstream press without properly stepping foot in the WWE, covered by websites such as SportsIllustrated, Vice, USA Today, ESPN, FS1, etc, all of who speak very highly of them
>Just signed a based as fuck deal with Hot Topic to distribute some sweet Young Bucks and Bullet Club merchandise.
>Meltzer loves them
>Were denied a WWE run when they tried out because they were "too small" only to have one of the best runs in wrestling history and they aren't closed to finished
>Set a major precedent and proved to aspiring wrestlers all over the world that you don't NEED to go to the WWE to make it.

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>Meltzer loves them

The feeling is mutual, OP
>Are the Young Bucks currently the best act in wrestling?

Yes, they and kenny have legit chanegd the business by showing you can still make top money without the WWE.
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Awww, their relationship with Dave Meltzer is super, super cute. They refer to him as Uncle Dave and I'm sure he sees them as his sons or his nephews. Either way, it's really nice to see journalists and wrestlers getting along like that. They probably see each other as family.
YOUNG BUMPS *clap clap*
hey Matt.. stop posting
3rd rate Hardy Boyz/Rockers rip off except they are both Janetty.
>Matt Hardy called them the greatest tag team of all-time
He had to appeal to the internet smarks so he wasn't hated going back into WWE.
wrestling used to be cool, now the young bucks are the hottest thing

where did it all go so horribly wrong
Smarks and neckbeards
And you believed it. Shit I'd rate the 123 kid and Sparkplug Holly better. At least they held relevant titles.

Hottest thing like Zack Ryder was, an internet meme.
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Based Elite Working The E Drones
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>"Hey, are the Young Bucks the best act in wrestling?"
>OP makes some very, very valid points including their contracts, popularity, mainstream appeal, wrestling skill, charisma, so on and so forth.
>Another anon posted that Matt Hardy, half of one of the most legendary and decorated tag teams ever referred to the Young Bucks as the "greatest tag team of all time"
>Hi Matt

Boy, you guys really convinced me with your thought-out arguments and reasoning. I guess they're not the greatest of all time! Holy fuck, guys. Jesus.
>kicked a child
>exposed the business
>killed the superkick
>never drew a dime
>worst part of the bullet club
>never sold a tshirt
>0 muscles
>don't respect kayfabe
>steal stuff from everybody else
>never invented anything or contributed original content to the business
>marks for themselves
>hang out with Kenny Omega
>take pride in being indie darlings
>have reddit accounts
>do flips with no pyschology
>no sell big moves
>refused to shake Booker T's hand
>don't even try to disguise their thigh slaps
>disrespected Billy Gunn
>bad hair
>learned to wrestle in their backyard
>literally trained by Marty Janetty
>break the fourth wall
>spam the finisher button
>90s tribute act
>large egos
>think they have successfully worked anybody who criticizes them
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I can't tell if those are all positive or all negatives. But thanks for proving my point.
>never sold a shirt
Lol wat
>trained by Marty Janetty

tbf it was over the phone and less "training" as it was a few pointers on in-ring work
You're actually getting worked lmao
don't think so
>expose the business
>don't respect kayfabe
a literal mark in 2017
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>>kicked a child
That's how you get heat boi
>>exposed the business
Hi Cornette
>>killed the superkick
Made it more based*
>>never drew a dime
Look at pic related
>>worst part of the bullet club
Who is bone soldier?
>>never sold a tshirt
Look at pic related
>>0 muscles
True, but it aint 1986 anymore
>>don't respect kayfabe
as if its still alive
>>steal stuff from everybody else
See: Seth Rollins
>>never invented anything or contributed original content to the business
>>marks for themselves
Good Self-esteem*
>>hang out with Kenny Omega
Is is bad to hang out with the best wrestler in the world?
>>take pride in being indie darlings
take pride in making tons of money without the E
>>have reddit accounts
Ok you got me on this one
>>do flips with no pyschology
To piss off the old timers
>>no sell big moves
Gotta protect yourself
>>refused to shake Booker T's hand
as if he is the Goat
>>don't even try to disguise their thigh slaps
Real kicks hurt
>>disrespected Billy Gunn
As if he is a Goat
0.02 cm below AJ Styles
>>bad hair
Lie and you know it
>>learned to wrestle in their backyard
And their still good at it
>>literally trained by Marty Janetty
Hurr Durr Marty is a bad wrestler, hurr durr
Only 1 of them as them, and he looks fucking based
>>break the fourth wall
So did Phil
>>spam the finisher button
So does Cena
>>90s tribute act
You mean back the HBK/Flair/Steamboat/Macho Man era?
>>large egos
So did everyone back then
>>think they have successfully worked anybody who criticizes them
They sure did to who ever wrote this shit, that also made me seeth at the amount of retardedness

the one dude is bald and no amount of tshirt sales can change that
I'm not a mark I'm an anti smark. I know it's fake but I want them to pretend it's real. I don't want them winking down the camera lens, exposing the business.

Why not just shit in my mouth while you're doing it.
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"Exposing the business"

Lmfao, this faggot is still stuck in the 70's. Holy shit. Everyone, EVERYONE knows it's fake, that's not why we watch. We want to be entertained. The Young Bucks are entertaining, it's that simple.
>>kicked a child
>That's how you get heat boi
>Being so bad in the mic that you can't even get proper heat by delivering promos
>Replying to a copypasta
wew lad
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Thread images: 12

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