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ITT: We think of ways how to get Roman over with the fans. Hard

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ITT: We think of ways how to get Roman over with the fans.

Hard Mode: Don't make him heel

NIGHTMARE MODE: Don't have him disappear for more than two months.
have him come out wearing The Rock's ring attire and speaking the way The Rock does. Have Phillips give him a backstage interview a couple weeks asking him why hes copying The Rock and he gives an answer with "Are you accusing The Big Dog of copying anyone else? Nah, you better check yourself into the SmackDown Hotel, because The Big Dog isnt letting you back onto my show."
The only time I remember Reigns being somewhat over was in the very beginning of his program with Bray that got cut short due to injury. So have him lose his Mania match with a Loser Leaves Raw stipulation and show up on SD after Bray and Randy's program resolves? I dunno.

Get rid of the vest either way, though.
This, except every time he says The Big Dog, change it to another word for Big and Dog.

Like Enlarged Pupper, Massive Canine, Giant Woofer.
Mega push somebody even worse then Roman. Think somebody like Big Cass without Enzo to talk for him. They will turn on that bland tall guy quick if you ram him down their throats.

You keep Roman in the mid to upper midcard winning titles here and there having side feuds even losing a feud or two but still have him put out good matches and not have 20 minute talking segments.

When the fans are at maximum sick of Cass hand picked world champion of the future just like they are now with Roman you have a him win the Rumble but not in an overly dominating way.

I think fans would cheer a Roman Reigns that has toiled n the midcard for a bit and stayed out of the main event.

Also of course you change his theme/ditch the vest during this as well.
Unironic, NIGHTMARE MODE answer:
Just turn him into an unbeatable final boss.

Have him go over Undertaker at mania, CLEAN, in under 2 minutes, off of ONE (1) spear.

Raw after mania, when Lesnar is champion (after likely defeating Goldberg), have Roman challenge Lesnar because "they're the only ones to beat the deadman."

At Payback, have Roman beat Lesnar off of ONE (1) superman punch.

Then when Goldberg asks for his rematch, have Roman beat him off of a singular kick to the gut.

Hopefully by this point, Roman will have become a meta-mancer, destroying the fabric of kayfabe "power levels", making it unpredictable by shattering the norm, being predictable that he will win no matter who it is. If he isn't popular then, he will be years later, because he'll be the one who made this shitshow unpredictable again.

Tell me you can't already tell Goldberg is winning the title off Kevin Owens, losing it at Mania to Brock....
Or that Seths going over Triple H...
Or that Undertaker is winning his final match...

We need Roman to fix this.
He's already over.

The only people who hate him are obese smarks who are still butthurt cryin Bryan didn't main event Wrestlemania 31.
>roman beat lesnar from one superman punch
That would be some nuclear hate.
Just keep it up. He's a merchandise draw, and has a big media presence.
People mistakenly think he's a babyface – he's not. Roman typifies WWE's new approach of a sports game-atmosphere wherein negative and positive reactions are fully engendered with no definitive right or wrong. They simply keep pushing these characters for you to react as you see fit, because they understand that with the industry's paper-thin transparency and everyone constantly double and triple-guessing what is and isn't a work, and even partially rebelling against the company they tune into, it's a nightmare to build a character, as every particular of them will be under a microscope.
So basically just continue. He's broken, but so is the system, and he's over in a few money-making ways that matter to the WWE themselves.
Also who cares about RAM
Have him disappear for 59 days and make him eat 10,000 calories a day. When he comes back, shirtless 4 way with Bray, KO, and Smo Joe. Fans will have no choice but to love the Big Dog now.
>Big dogs music hits
>Every single time
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wwe live 035.jpg
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Unless it's South Carolina.

People love him here.
Have him shit his pants on live TV and yell out "Uh oh, poopy pants!!". This ends Raw. That gives a week for people to discuss what they just saw. A week later, Roman gives a promo and says "Pooping your pants isn't a bad thing, it's not a good thing.... it's THE thing!"
I don't know if he wins the u title.
Maybe Brock interferes.
But Brock vs Goldberg with the title is the better draw.
Can't see the u title in the last three matches with Owens holding it.
have him undergo a sex operation and become a woman

she'll be fine
Have his opponents all blade CONSTANTLY like as soon as the match starts and they lock up for the first time just fucking gushing blood like crazy.
kek WWE would have a 0.5 rating by the summer and you'd be summoned by investors to get fired and fried alive.

Also half of what you said doesn't make sense
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