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SMACKDOWN Guaranteed Tier 1 Superstars: >AJ Styles, John Cena,

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SMACKDOWN Guaranteed Tier 1 Superstars:
>AJ Styles, John Cena, Randy Orton

SMACKDOWN Guaranteed Tier 2 Superstars:
>Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz


RAW Guaranteed Tier 1 Superstars:
>Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Finn Bálor, Goldberg, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns (unfortunately), Seth Rollins, Undertaker, Samoa Joe (recently)

RAW Guaranteed Tier 2 Superstars:
>Braun Strowman, Cesaro, Sheamus,

Plus, RAW has the Cruserweight Division.
Now please explain to me how the fuck can SmackDown fanboys say they have a much better show? Sure your how has some good and underrated superstars, but it is nowhere near the talent of Raw. Have in mind that I didn't put more guys like for example Sami Zayn which can be Tier 2/3..... Even the women's division of RAW might be better for the Main Event Scene, as they have 3 of the 4 Horsewomen.

Come on people, wake up. SmackDown is dead, the Women's division is quite good but the rest is just awful. They tag team scene doesn't have any tag team that recieved a great push like The New Day, The Club or even Shesaro. They had the Wyatts now with Randy which was quite good but you all know that isn't going to return for the Tag team scene. The IC Title Scene is just awful as you know. And the main event you only have 3 great main eventers... In which AJ just got his title took from John Digger Cena.. and the 3rd person is probably Randy.. that might have a match with Cena... and that's so 2007 ....
We broke another one smack lads
Okay apparently you have no grasp of why people think smackdown is better. It's the fact raw has the better roster, but smackdown is able to not be a confusing cluster of stories you don't care about. smackdown took someone like the fucking Miz and made him entertaining, smackdown is getting Baron fucking Corbin over. HEATH SLATER of all people at one point was more over than anyone on raw has been. Smackdown knows how to build characters and a story with what's it's given, raw throws the same 4 guys at a wall and none of them stick.
Sure. The thing is, I want SmackDown to have some of Raw's great stars. In my opinion I think Undertaker, Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Sami Zayn and probably even someone else should have been traded or went to SmackDown. It's not like I dislike SmackDown; it's just that Raw is far superior rosterwise. And sure, SmackDown may do a better character development on each superstar..... and why do you think that happens?? Because they have pretty few superSTARS .. and as so they grab on what they have. And pfft dont come with those stories. The Miz is quite a good wrestler and amazing on the mic, but people still cant and wont take him serious; he will be forever a midcarder; and if not, it will be a mistake. Corbin is one of my favourite wrestlers at the moment, but even I can see that he is just awful on the mic, despite improving from week to week; he still has a long run to TRULY deserve a main event run. And Heath? Seriously? That guy and Rhyno are praticaly over. You have no stories. The Women's division is Ok. The tag team stories are NONE, and have in mind that Raw doesn't have lots of stories, they still are better. SmackDown at the moment is just awful; looks like a cheap indy company that picked up some free agents from other shows.
Owens and Jericho aren't Tier 1 superstars

They deserve the (unfortunately) tag more so than Roman
All those SUPERSTARS mean shit if they aren't used properly. I don't know why you don't get this.
When I said heath I said at one point. What story does raw have exactly? The triad of major part timers? The face that gets booed everytime his music hits? Stephanie McMahon emasculating her talent? Raw has two things going for it right now, strowman and joe, and hopefully they don't get fucking jobbed at fast lane. Smackdown has Aj the best wrestler in the world. Bray is probably the most entertaining guy in the company, and cena just tied the record even though I didn't want him to win. Orton just won the rumble and hopefully it's him v bray at mania not cena v Orton again. As of right now the stories depend on how senile Vince is feeling. Worst case scenario is Roman winning the universal belt and jobbing strowman, joe jobbing to Rollins, Aj v Shane, and Orton v cena
Clearly you have no idea of what you're talking about. Your probably one of those guys that says that KO isn't good because he's fat. And Jericho not Tier 1? I don't have to say anything about that.

All those SUPERSTARS mean shit if they aren't used properly.
>SmackDown uses superstars properly.

You're a funny guy. Y'all have 3 main eventers in which Cena in 2 weeks just appeared outta nowhere and got his title match.
You have NO STORY in the Tag Team Scene
In the IC Title Scene you have Dean vs. Miz vs. Dolph which is the sameeeee shit all over again
Dolph vs Apollo? Booooooooooring
Sin Cara? Whooo?
You can see how shit SmackDown is from Tier 2 to last. Just look at that Royal Rumble for a simple spot on the Royal Rumble. The one Mojo won.. lmao

Even if RAW has NO Story, it still beats shitty SmackDown
Funny, how half of that text was talking about shitty Ramen. It's also funny that you mentioned ALL of SmackDown good superstars on that text.. lmao
Just read the Tier list I made up there ;)
Lmao ya seething ;)
It's funny how you just keep brining up your tier list like saying that matters, I gave you facts on why smackdown was better, and you just brought up your tier list and the tag division. Does raw have better talent, yeah of course. Does raw have better story? No. Is raw more entertaining, now that's subjective I guess but you have to be masochistic to like sitting through raw and think smackdown is boring. I look forward to Smackdown and think raw is meh, I hate the shield and new day more than I hate any other wrestlers so I'm biased, but doing this ;) doesn't make you cute or right.
If these are kayfabe tiers then

>SD Tier 0:

>SD Tier 1:
Ambrose, Orton, Cena and Styles

>Raw Tier 0:
Goldberg and Lesnar

>Raw Tier 1:
Reigns, Rollins, Balor, Samoa Joe, Strowman and Triple H
Yeah you're right, raw gets better ratings too.
Yeah idk what you're thinking but half of those "RAW Tier 1 superstars" are part timers who will be gone after mania, Finn is injured, and Joe just debuted. Which leaves Fatty, the Shieldettys and Jericho who is going to be gone soon.

So basically AJ/Cena/Orton > Owens/Rollins/Reigns
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>Kekvin lowens
>Slightly above average pupper
>SEFF, seriously, SEFF
>Samoa ''coming out to crickets'' Joe
>And the 3 actual ''tier 1 superstars'' are part timers
>btw,Orton and Cena have 7 wrestlemania main events, all the ram guys combined (9 superstars) have the same number.
Rawtist absolutley seething
>removes most of the raw guys for bs reasons
>keeps Cena even though he's leaving after mania
And Owens is a solid tier 2. Strowman is tier 1.
>Jericho about to retire
>oldberg is gone after wrestlemania
>the undercarder who only works once every year
>brock "part timer" lesnar
>the cruisermemes
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;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Okay, let's compare EVERYYYYTHING

- Raw has ATLEAST x2 BETTER Talent
- SmackDown has Better story and character development (Character development I agree 100% despite not agreeing fully with having that better story.. but whatever, sure)

Main Event Scene:
RAW: KO/Jericho vs. Ramen which is boring
Braun which is making quite a good impact
Seth that already made an Atleast OK impact
Goldberg/Brock/Taker - Do I really need to say anything about these 3? ;) ;) ;)
And now Seth vs. Samoa Joe (with Triple H will be amazing)

we can have matches that can ALL become main events, dispite you liking them or not. We can have matches like
Samoa Joe(Triple H) vs. Seth Rollins
KO if champ vs. someone (even might be Chris J. to end the friendship)
Goldberg vs. Brock
Taker vs. Ramen

Have in mind that I will hate Ramen vs Taker. But fuck off, the other 3 matches can be great main events comparing to SmackDown events. And Braun cant enter there somewhere.

SMACKDOWN: You have the AJ and Cena thing....... and that's the only thing that happens... now we will have Probably Cena vs. Randy.. and they will put AJ vs. someone boring or will make it a Triple Threat of some sort... Ok 1 main event..... Corbin might fight AJ now or something.. and Bray will probably win the Chamber.... So ok you have Cena/Randy or Bray/Randy ... and AJ/Corbin/[John/Randy/Wyatt] ... and that's pretty much it.. you cant do anything else.. and atleast one of those matches will be fucking boring.... So as you can see Raw's main event scene is far superior despite Ramen being there..

IC/US Title Scene:

Raw: Sure, Raw at the moment has 0 story.. they atleast gave it to Jericho instead of Ramen.... Sami could feud with Jericho for now.. and it would be a great match up as we saw last monday.. And dispite Raw having lots of stories mixed they can just put Sami vs. Jericho or just put 1 more person besides Ramen and it can become great......

(I'll continue next, hold on
SmackDown: Ambrose vs. Miz (boooooring) vs. Dolph Ziggler (???) vs. someone else like who..?? Apollo??? If Tye goes to SmackDown he will probably fit there to literally SAVE the midcard division.. but it still wont be nothing special.....

TAG TEAM Title Scene:

Raw: The Club + Shesaro + The New Day - 3 established tag teams.. just add one more to it and you'll have great matches... even if you just put Enzo+Cass or Rusev+Mahal or some shit...

SmackDown: You guys had the Wyatt but they wont probably be there anymore.... American Alpha are good wrestlers but there is sooo small character development yet... which is supposed to be what you guys are good at.... Heath + Rhyno is dead and other tag teams (Mojo+Rawley) (Usos) (Vaudevillains) (Ascencion) (Breezango) are AAAAALLL DEAD. ALL.


Raw: For the Main Event scene you have 3 of 4 Horsewomen (Charlotte, Sasha, Bailey), you have Nia Jax which is becoming a monster, and that's pretty much it for now.

SmackDown: You have Alexa that will probably get attacked by Mickie.. And Becky is also good. After that you have Nikki and Natalya.. which are Mehhh and... Naomi? Carmella? mehhhhhhhhh. Just saying that Raw's women division is shorter but probably as good or even better. Same thing Does not happen to your men's main event scene.


Raw: Meh, I dont think it's bad. It has some talent and some old faces. I believe Neville will do good for it, we have good wrestlers like Cedric/Swann/Perkins/Tozawa/Ibushi maybe one day/Austin Aries one day. Old faces like Kendrick and Tajiri. Guys like Gallagher/Daivari/Mustafa which can become great. Jesus, even Noam Dar and Tony Nese can become good. It's a good division

Smackdown: ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
>Roman Reigns (unfortunately)
> Shield members on par with Orton and AJ

Hi Vince
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Is this post a joke? You have to be the biggest mark ever to think RAW is better. They rely on 50 year old part timers that can barely go. Owens and Y2J are fun but theyre a comedy act that ended up in the main event. Rollins get 0 reaction and Reigns is just Reigns. The best part about RAW currently is by far based Braun.

Meanwhile SD has proven draws Orton and Cena, the best wrestler in the world AJ, and the most over babyface Ambrose, and the most over heel, Miz.

If you cant see why we prefer SD i think youve just gotten too used to the taste of shit in your mouth to understand.
;) ;) ;)
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 5

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