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>In regards to WrestleMania 33 plans for current WWE Champion

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>In regards to WrestleMania 33 plans for current WWE Champion John Cena, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how the impression is that Cena's WrestleMania match "wouldn't be celebrated" and that it's "not necessarily good news," according to a source.

>Cena is set to defend the WWE Title inside the Elimination Chamber next month. Bray Wyatt is rumored to win that match to set up Wyatt vs. Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton at WrestleMania but that has not been confirmed.

Cena v Corbin or Miz or Ziggler in a non-title match confirmed.
Cena is going into wrestlemania the champ. He has say to do whatever he wants and his very thickheaded about it. Bray will continued to get buried. We're in for another lolcena wins era
He made it clear that it he DOUBTS it's against Orton.

That really leaves us with Ziggler or Corbin. Miz would be a good thing having a high profile match
>Bray ever winning a title
Can't wait.
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Becuase No Draw Triple H doesn't want to be upstaged by anyone.
We have enough with one fatass neckbeard fedora tipper as a champion on raw, bray wyatt would kill smackdown
Wyattetty vs Randyetty is confirmed to be the main event


I thought the Rumble Winner could choose which title he wants to fight for
They still haven't finished his storyline with Wyatt. EC will probably have Luke Harper vs Randy Orton and Orton betraying Bray after Bray wins the chamber match

Let's be honest here. If you had won the Royal Rumble which title would you pick? The one with all the prestige, that exited since before the Kennedy assassination, which was held by all time greats such as Bruno Sammartino and Andre The Giant, or that meme named, shit-tier red vomit fest that existed since last thursday?
I'd pick the one that's on the A brand and will get you more dimes.

>Will get you more dimes
>not understanding how wrestlers get paid in 2017
>meming in a an actual discussion post
My fantasy booking
>Elimination Chamber is Cena v Styles v Harper v Corbin v Ziggler v Wyatt
>Starts out with Cena v Styles
>Both exchange pretty hard, nobody eliminated
>Corbin comes in next, starts running over both
>Cena and Styles eventually team up and try to put down Corbin
>Styles is knocked off, Harper comes in and Cena is taken out
>Corbin and Harper exchange for a bit
>Styles gets involved, Corbin is knocked down for a few
>Harper runs over Styles before Cena gets involved
>Cena is floored for a bit a few seconds before Bray enters
>Stare-down, then Bray tries to take out Harper
>Is instead stomped, then tossed into Ziggler's box
>Corbin is back up, Styles is watching and waiting
>It's an even battle, but one risky move has Harper dominating
>Styles goes for the PF and gets a boot in the face for it
>Cena runs in to takes advantage of Styles' distraction
>Harper is cut down to size at the cost of Cena taking his share of hits and being worn down
>A forearm from Styles rocks Cena
>Corbin boots Styles, finishes Cena
>Ziggler and Bray are back
>Ziggler starts dishing out superkicks
>Styles and Ziggles exchange for a bit while Harper and Bray go at it
>Corbin sees an opportunity and floors Ziggler before going for Styles
>Harper tries to get involved and Corbin and Styles knock him down
>After Corbin has been dominating Styles for a couple moments, Ziggler returns and superkicks him
>More superkicks, then Ziggler runs into a Harper-sized superkick
>Harper pins Ziggler, then starts working on Styles
>Styles mounts a poor defense before Bray returns
>Harper manages to put the hurt on both before a pissed-off Ziggler ambushes him with a superkick
>Turns around into a wasteland by Corbin and eats the pin
>Styles takes the opportunity to hit Corbin as hard as possible
>Bray gets some offense in, but is pushed aside
>A forearm that rocks Corbin, but doesn't put him away
>Corbin floors AJ, turns into a sister abigail, then a second for good measure
>Styles is struggling to his feet
>Bray sets up the sister abigaiil, Styles reverses and goes for a hitsugurai
>Styles goes into the clash, Bray reverses and hits the sister abigail
>Bray comes out on top, Orton appears and enters the chamber to close the show with a stare-down
From there, you could easily book a Cena v Miz v Styles v Dilinger (if he's on Smackdown) v Crews v Ambrose for the IC title and start Styles on the fastrack to face. Ziggler vs Harper is set up and has the potential to make Ziggles look strong while giving Harper the win. A later feud of Harper vs Bray and then Summerslam Harper vs Orton (Orton goes over, but Harper has 2 wins and looks like a monster) that can lead into a decent feud between Styles and Orton where AJ regains gold or has it elude him once more.

Cena can feud with Corbin after WM and have a decent match at Summerslam with the latter going over. Miz and Bryan COULD do a WM match, but it's doubtful. Afterwards, a Miz/Dilinger feud is viable, but shouldn't live past a single ppv. Ziggler sits in the mid-card having decent matches and winning a few to build himself up as a viable threat later on. Bray and Harper also get their own singles runs with gold in their respective futures.
He's going to go over Dean for the IC title since he hasn't held that yet. Then he'll drop it the next week and fuck off again.
No, he specifically said 'no' when Alvarez asked him if it's Orton. OP is misleading. There was no doubt. Cena's opponent is locked in already.
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