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>This week's WWE SmackDown, featuring the final hype for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, drew 2.556 million viewers. This is down 3.6% from last week's 2.652 million viewers.

>SmackDown was #10 in viewership on cable for the night, behind The New Edition Story, Curse of Oak Island, Fixer Upper, The O'Reilly Factor, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, The Five, Special Report and The First 100 Days. SmackDown was #3 in the 18-49 demographic, behind The New Edition Story and Curse of Oak Island.
>In comparison, Monday's RAW averaged 3.292 million viewers, beating SmackDown's number by 29%. RAW was up from last week's 3.271 million viewers.

15%, 25% AND NOW 29%



>Smackdown is the A show.
>Smackdown is the more popular show
>Smackdown is the BEST show

Fuck smarks, literally the most autistic part of the internet.

Do you people actually LIKE Raw? I honestly only watch PPVs, but from what I've seen, both shows are pretty tedious to get through.
You know one thing these stupid ratings thread posters fail to mention every time is that smackdown has retained the number 10 spot for the top ten shows watched on cable tuesday every week for at least the better part of three months now.
nah contrarions are
> The New Edition Story, Curse of Oak Island, Fixer Upper, The O'Reilly Factor, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, The Five, Special Report and The First 100 Days
Donald Trump confirmed draw
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>this is literally all the rawtists have left
This is what happens when you bring Cena back for his usual fuckin schtick. Nobody over 15 wants to see a 40 year old man dressed in nothing but flourescent armbands talk about how he's buried dozens of better talents that he and then pretend like he's the good guy
>implying ppl watch scripted television shows live

It's not 1995 anymore, dipshit
nah, they get higher ratings out of

Again WCW at this point.
Shitty angles, over reliance on old stars because when they weren't around Raw was crumbling. Zero new stars creation. Roman is a bigger flop than Jarrett.It didn't last long for WCW, it won't last long for WWE.

SD is stable with its own roster. Raw goes to shit without oldcarders.
Alexa confirmed Big Draw
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RAMtists seething because SmackChad is still better than their crappy show even with less ratings
Wow, really makes you think, guess I'm RAWesome now
this is what happens when Big Draw Becky and Big Dimes Bliss arent in the main event
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>Tucker Carlson
God bless Tucker
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>john cena goes on the today show
>doesnt promote the show and just say he is fighting some guy from atlanta
serious fucking questions.

why the fuck

don't they give SD the same production quality as Raw?
its no where near close, and makes all the difference in the world
MY DVR only recorded like 40 minutes of SD. It cut out where Carmella and James were shopping. If you hate SD you hate 90s era humor. If you like RAM you are a SJW
It happens with almost every television show

Smackdown is up over 500 thousand viewers from where it was a year ago.

Cena is the only full time draw.

If you look at these ratings threads and draw conclusions you are just being a fool desperate to critcize something.

All ratings fluctuate up and down.

RAW spent over ten years as the established main show. Vince and Steph panicked and brought in all the old stars to RAW,,as well as putting the RAW guys on the front of the poster and SD guys beside Cena in the back.

If you claim to like RAW and think SD sucks you are just being a contrarian out to get attention and waste your time trolling because you are a sad, sad (excuse for a ) man.
s e e t h i n g
r a w t i s t s
Clue: not acquired
>Based Becky and Based Bliss don't main event
>ratings tank
>caring about ratings
Go to bed Vince, ya senile
>deanetty in the mainevent
That's proven a ratings killer
How were the numbers before the brand split?
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Ratings, clearly the thing to establish show superiority.
Couldn't possibly just be the strategy bring back old stars just to attract the attention of older viewers or people that know them as 'legends'. Clearly show quality doesn't matter.
Lets ignore how the quality of each RAM show is like someone pissing in your face and just saying you like it despite you clearly not enjoying it (unless you're a piss fetishist, or have this one exception of a person you'd let piss on you).
Ignore the countless repeating matches over several feuds.
Ignore that the vast majority of obnoxious advertising, both for itself and for PPV's is trying to build this show up as the superior one, giving people hope that JUST MAYBE this show will be better than last weeks.
Ignore social media comments (which seem to basically run fucking everything these days) that express how poor the decisions of the show are and how boring as fuck it is.
Ignore Mick Foley inserting himself into every goddamn promo just to yell or talk about 'making history'.
Ignore their main 'big dog' getting booed to shit on the way out worse than Cena ever got, mostly because of how he can't cut a promo for shit and 'wrestles' worse (HE CAN'T EVEN HOLD A FUCKING BELT PROPERLY!), yet is being shoved down our throats because we're told that we definitely, undeniably love him.
And lets DEFINITELY ignore the fucking crowd chanting for the other, clearly superior show whenever it gets mentioned or has someone from it make an appearance!

Ratings say it's better. Best listen to them.
While I'm at it, I may as well watch the Real Housewives of wherever the fuck. That's being promoted as quality as fuck televison, so it must be!
Or its because raw is monday and smackdown is tuesday.
Based fucking Fox News BTFOing Cuckdown
Dean 'make me main event and I'll make sure the ratings tank' Netty strikes again
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Thread images: 6

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