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Ok, this is my FINAL THREAD about this. Here's my 2008

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GM Mode.png
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Ok, this is my FINAL THREAD about this.

Here's my 2008 WWE SvR GM Mode Roster (SmackDown).

It's all decided, here's the roster by it's Power Ranking in MY opinion.

Just help me out with this:

>Who should be the World Heavyweight Champion?
>Who should be the United States Champion?
>Who should be the Tag Team Champions?
>Should I make a Tournament either for the WH Title or US Title? If yes, who vs who should be in the tournament?
>What rivalries should I make? And for what purpose?
>What Tag Teams there should be besides Cryme Tyme? (JTG & Shad will be Jobbers)

Tell me Cool Creative ideas. I shall be posting from time to time here about the GM Mode
Put it all on Cena
Sorry, ECW drafted him as 1st pick. He will probably have an amazing rivalry vs. Snitsky or Kelly Kelly
I wish the GM modes had proper booking options.

What I mean is the only way you can guarantee who wins any given match, is by playing as who you want to win.

I guess there is always TEW for my booking fantasies, so I'm not too salty about it.
yea, it's a bit shit I have to play every single one to get the results I want... anyway.. wanna give me some tips on what rivalries or stuff to do? thanks
Dykstra for US
Regal for WHC
i dont even have Dykstra lil cunt
Orton WHC and Lashley US

Orton vs Stone Cold and Lashley vs Punk
i guess I can start with those champions..... but Lashley Vs Punk? I mean.. in 2008 Punk wasnt such a big deal.. but in my power rankings he is in 2nd...
Mr Kennedy for world champion
Finlay for US
Make Nitro and Henry tag champs, it'll be funny
I love Mr Kennedy, but I think i'll probably wait a bit.. maybe Ill make him champion at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble as a surprise or something.....
Finlay for US Title I can do.. but i'll probably take it off on American Bash..
Why Nitro and Henry ?
I agree with nitro and Henry being tag team champs
It's not that I disagree :P but I wanna know why I should put them together. I dont recall them even fighting each other once, or even as a tag team.
OP once again

Wouldnt Nitro + Chavo as a tag team be better? As they are in Lucha Underground
You don't remember the storyline when Batista harrased Melina so Nitro got Herby to fight Batista? Batista got injured for real and had to vacate the title
Oh yea, i remember. Still.... I dont see much sense in uniting the 2
Lashley loses the US Title at Summerslam against CM Punk and then Kennedy wins the title at Survivor Series
jesus.. then all the midcarders/fillers/jobbers will be with the tag titles?

Punk is my #2 guy and Lashley my #4 .. Kenendy a #5..... I think I shouldnt be wasting all of them in the US title .. Have in mind in my mind I will be using CM Punk in his prime and a great TNA Bobby Lashley
chavo WHC
really nigga
Steve Austin to have WWE Championship and lose it to CM Punk after he wins a King of the Ring.

US Champ is vacated and a Fatal Four Way ladder match involving Bobby, Johnny, Sabu & Finlay with Bobby taking the title.

Mr Kennedy & Chris Masters as Tag Team Champions.

William Regal Heel feuding with Umaga & Sabu because he is sick of immigrants invading his country.
>Sure, but King of the Ring doesnt exist in 2008.. but I can sort of make it anyway.....
> i like the way your going with the US title
> Mr Kennedy and Masters..... how about Regal and Masters? Both can be classy and destructive
SvsR 2007 GM mode allowed that.

Damm why was it cut?
>Mr Kennedy and Masters

Idk I was just thinking Kennedy can sort of be an announcer introducing his tag partner like a sideshow act and announcing master lock competitions
No idea. I'm just playing 2008 to change a bit.. I played 2007 for some years now.
that's an interesting idea, but I think Kennedy deserves a bit better than to just be a tag partner and announcer. I always thought he had lots of potential to become a main eventer
Mark Henry
Mr Kennedy
Regal and Finlay
Austin vs Orton, Orton wants to kill the Legend of Austin.
Sabu vs Umaga, Umaga is a monster and Sabu will use his suicide style to bring it down.
Punk vs Masters, Punk accepted the Master Lock challenge and got defeated but Chris didnt let him go and now Punk wants revenge.
Lashley is squashing jobbers daily.
Regal and Finlay and Nitro and Chavo.

2007 is far better.
yea, 2007 is better. but I played it lots of times so I wanted something different.

Sure Mark Henry was a World Champion before and isnt bad.. but why do you think I should put him really as the champ? The only reason I see to put him as champ is if I take it off him in American Bash, make him lose his Re-match and put him as a midcarder.. no?
Those feuds are interesting, despite thinking that Punk deserves a bit better
If i remember well Henry was always a threat, in every return of his he always dominated the top guy (Batista, Taker) so he always was champion material but never booked as so.

Honsetly there doent seem to be good heels there as champion material.
Umaga and Sabu for Tag Team champs
UmagBu could be your newest unbeatable monster tag team
well.. CM Punk could be a heel.... Randy too! Kennedy can be a semi-heel..

Lmao UmagBu? Even SABUMAGA sounds better but it's still shite lmao
Nice double dubs.

I can see it as Enzo and Cass gimmick but that actually works.

I guess but they have been champs multiple times, so i was thinking as some kind of continuation of Hall of Pain.
I get the comparison with Enzo and Cass.. but remember that Sabu doesn't like to talk... and Umaga really doesnt know how to .. lmao I think that tag team would only work with a GREAT manager
I remember pushing Kenny for the shits and giggles.
I mean something like Umaga uses his strenght to use Sabu as a weapon but Sabu being the maniac he is he actually is an efective weapon.
lmao dont worry, he will probably be WWE champ with Raw.

Yea I got the point, the thing is, to be realistic they probably need a manager .. because neither of them speaks a word
Well you could use Estrada i guess, or the manager has to be a wrestler?
File: right about now.png (268KB, 576x587px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
right about now.png
268KB, 576x587px
he only appears on 24/7 as Umaga manager.. cant use him .
Here's the roster at the moment. Who should start as TT Champions?

I cant really decide on other championships..
Probably Regal and Masters so Regal can hype up the matches agaisnt Cryme Time and the Sabu vs Umaga feuds (The actual match and the rematch).
meh .. i guess.. or in the First night of SmackDown I could just put Royal Variety (Regal+Masters) VS. SABUMAGA (Sabu+Umaga) for the title in a Normal Match/Steel Cage/etc.. and let them fight for it..

I really dont know what to do with the rest of the roster.. I really want Punk to be a main eventer, but I would also want Stone, Randy and MAYBE Bobby/Johnny/Kennedy be too..
pls guys, dont leave me out here with SABUMAGA
I thing I should start my TEW booking thread. Yeah.
sorry, but what's TEW?
Pajeet did this game just now arrive to your country?
File: plot1.png (279KB, 708x579px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279KB, 708x579px
So here's what I have..

>World Heavyweight Title:
Stone Cold VS. Mark Henry as you guys sugested for Mark... I will give him this push but later on will take it away from him..

>US Title:
These 4 guys will be feuding against each other until American Bash... and then there i'll probably make a 4-way-match to decide the 1st US Champ

>Tag Team Titles:
Royal Variety (Regal+Masters) will have Finlay as their Manager and Helper (just like a Xavier Woods), they will be Heel and Finlay will help them lots of times..... SABUMAGA (Sabu+Umaga) will destroy everyone who faces their path.... but will lose some matches vs. Royal Variety thanks to Cheating.... JTG + Shad will just fill and job FOR NOW.....

>CM Punk vs. Orton
They were the ones left out... I see CM Punk and Randy as main eventers... and as I cant fill them with roles Ill just put them 1v1... the winner will probably face the next WH Champ in some months..

What do you guys think? Have any better ideas?

btw: What's TEW?
>World Heavyweight Championship
Champ: Lashley
Contender: Orton

>US Title
Champ: Mr Kennedy
Contender: Umaga or Mark Henry

>WWE Tag Team Championship:
Champs: Cryme Time
Contenders: CM Punk & Nitro

Steve Austin v Mark Henry
Holy fuck this is awful
Sorry, but I think that doesn't make much sense.
Lashley VS. Orton I dont think it would work.. as Lashley is a Beast not really meant to talk a lot... and Randy is a beast too in his way... but meh I dont think they would connect that well..

Mr Kennedy would be a great US Champ.. but I think the contenders I chose are a bit better .. as Mark may be finally used correctly as a MONSTER and Umaga in that tag team with Sabu as people said before..

Cryme Tyme were a good tag team.. but I really wanna use them as Jobbers/Fill for now.. so I can have 3 tag teams to choose.. perhaps in the future i'll give them a shot.. Punk and Nitro are way to good to be in the Tag Team Space.. Nitro may be.. but not Punk.. I think Punk needs to be a Main Eventer and Nitro a US Title or something better... remember that to me this is Prime Punk...

Steve Austin vs. Mark Henry is what I did for the title for the start.. I'll probably give the title later on to Steve and let Mark have a GREAT rivalry before sending him to Midcard
pls dont leave me
well post pics of advancement
i havent avanced yet.. last pic i sent is where I stand.. I dont know if i'm doing the right thing
Thread posts: 54
Thread images: 3

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