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The Trooth Bombz Wreslemania 33 Experience

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>Kofi Kingston vs The Brian Kendrick
Xavier is challenging for the CW championship, and TBK is bullying him in backstage segments saying that Xavier doesn't have what it takes for singles competition. Kofi challenges TBK to stick up for Xavier and wins.
>Andre the Giant Battle Royal
Big E sets a record for most eliminations. Final two are Ellsworth and Braun. Braun demolishes him. Spends an uncomfortable amount of time beating the shit out of Bo center-ring and not even bothering to win the match. Officials have to call the entire match off and The Rock has to force Braun to leave. No winner this year.
>Nikki Bella & Mickie James vs Nia Jax & Tamina
A cross-brand grudge match that ends with Nia Jax pinning Mickie James and earning a shot at the Raw Women's Championship in the future
>Neville vs Austin Aries, loser leaves the cruiserweight division
Austin Aries comes back from his injury with all the same dominance and ego that Neville has, but there's only room for one of them in the division. Neville loses and goes on to feud for the USA title.
>Big Show vs Shaq
Gets interrupted by Gallows and Anderson, claiming that this match makes a mockery of the sport. Big Show & Shaq join forces to squash The Club (They'll rebound after Finn comes back from injury, they're just doing whatever for screentime right now).
>Sheamus & Cesaro (c) vs Rusev & Jinder Mahal
Even though they are all foreign, the crowd will chant USA. This is a great way to get the crowd cheering for Sheamus for at least one night, and it starts the show with a face victory.
>Alexa Bliss (c) vs Becky Lynch
Ideally the belt won't change hands until then and Alexa will feud with La Luchadora for a month so this match-up isn't over-saturated by then. Becky wins her title back on the grandest stage of them all.
>Rich Swann (c) vs Xavier Woods
Yes, Rich is still champion. Yes, Xavier's billed weight is exactly 205 pounds. This is a solid match with plenty of acrobatics. Xavier wins in the end and promises this is the start of a New Dynasty.
>Miz (c) vs Baron Corbin vs Luke Harper vs Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose vs Kalisto, ladder match
Obviously a big focus of this match is on Harper and Orton's teamwork. Kalisto is there for a couple big spots. Dean is there continuing his work with Miz. Baron Corbin is the wild card, and he is also the surprise winner.
>Undertaker vs AJ Styles
AJ has proven time and time again that he can have great matches with anyone (up to and including R-Truth). He's also shown before that he doesn't mind taking a pin when the company asks him to. AJ will give Undertaker the best match he's had in years and Undertaker will go over and probably challenge Goldberg at Summerslam.

>Roman Reigns (c) vs Sami Zayn
Roman losing this match would be the best thing for both men's careers. Zayn would be elevated in a huge way, and Roman would get some credit from the smarks for actually eating a pin. He gained a lot of good favor for losing clean to Finn and Seth. This can be a career defining match for both men.
>American Alpha (c) vs The Usos, 2/3 Falls Match
This is a good callback to AA's NXT days, and heel Usos have been significantly more watchable than face Usos. This is a match for Wrestlemania to wave in Takeover's face and say "See! We can do that too."
>Raw Women Triple Threat
Bayley (c) vs Charlotte vs Emma
On the Monday following Fastlane, Bayley will snag the belt off of Charlotte thanks to a distraction from Emma. Bayley won't appreciate that because she wants to do things the right way, but Emma will pretend to be Bayley's friend and get on her good side. Of course, this all falls apart in the weeks leading up to Mania when Emma pins Bayley to get put into the title match. Charlotte wins, continuing her ppv streak.
>Goldberg vs Lesnar
The same as Survivor Series, but Brock and Goldberg swap roles.
John Cena (c) vs Bray Wyatt
A lot of hype with Wyatt cutting promos about how this is his chance to be born again. He directly references the fact that Cena defeating him years back has been the thorn in his side that keeps him from achieving greatness, but now he is ready to ascend. lol Cena wins.
>Universal Champion
Kevin Owens (c) vs Samoa Joe (Rumble winner)
Reviving their feud that started on NXT but got cut short without ever having a match. Joe also being a heel means that Owens doesn't have to fight as a chickenshit, meaning that he can win this match clean and look strong just in time to start a feud with Finn next night on Raw.
There is no HHH vs Rollins match. Rollins is banned from Wrestlemania for threatening Stephanie in the weeks leading to Wrestlemania.

HHH comes down to the ring to congratulate Kevin like he normally does.
Lights go out and come back on with Sting and Seth Rollins in the ring together, Rollins is holding Sting's bat. Seth beats the piss out of HHH and Owens with the bat. Jericho pulls Owens out of the ring and they retreat as Rollins continues to beat on HHH. The show ends with a vicious looking Rollins standing over HHH in the fetal position.

The next night on Raw, an embarrassed HHH comes out and shouts that he was humiliated by Seth Rollins on the grandest stage of them all. At the biggest Wrestlemania of all time. He says that pummeling Rollins isn't enough, he needs to make him suffer all year. And then finally get his true revenge one year from that day at the next Wrestlemania, which will be an even bigger show. Also, a furious Steph announces the return of Finn Balor for a title match against Owens that night as revenge for leaving HHH in the hands of Seth.
Thank you for the info based Trooth Bombz. I can't belive The Rock will be on the pre-show! Marking out right now.

Trooth Bombz>>>Carter
>ISIS cabman going over WWE's future
Nice try
He'll also do some promo in the middle of the main show like he has in the past, but fuck if I care about figuring out what that would be.
Is some dipshit false-flagging as Trooth Bombz?

>WWE's future

At this rate he won't even be WWE's past.
Nah I'm actually Trooth Bombz. But I'm a namefag so I can't really verify that.

I'm not claiming this is one of my patented Trooth Bombz you guys love so much. This is just a "rate my Wrestlemania" thread. I guess I should have clarified that before getting everyone's hopes up about Samoa Joe in the main event and The Rock in the pre-show.
Is this what autism looks like
Fuck. I was really looking forward to the main event of Mania being a Triple H promo.
No that's an MS Paint drawing. I know you're trying to say I look autistic, but you're failing on account of the fact that I have not posted a picture of myself.
>-t. Steph
What the fuck is this shit now?
>Lights go out and come back on with Sting and Seth Rollins in the ring together, Rollins is holding Sting's bat.

>putting your gay little logo on your gay armchair booking
Did you pick up on this being a TNA vs WWE show? It's not spelled out by the writers, but it's emphasized enough that fans would pick up on it. Maybe HHH or Mauro mention TNA one time a week before Mania to get smarks frothing at the mouth.

You start with Aries beating Neville, convincing people that maybe Vince isn't going to bury TNA. But then Undertaker defeats AJ, and Kevin Owens defeats Samoa Joe. Now you're thinking "of course they'd pull this shit" but suddenly Sting gets involved at the end.
Absolutely based Trooth Bombz. Keep it up!
I once sucked six cocks in one night and loved it
Take it, it's all yours my friend! :^)
this board is truly autistic
>Neville vs Austin Aries, loser leaves the cruiserweight division
>Neville loses and goes on to feud for the USA title.

I'm ok with this, Neville is too good for that shitty division anyway
I'll bump this one time just because I like how convenient the Mania33 logo was for making a Trooth Bombz logo.
Only Big Threads Trooth Bombz could bump his own thread without looking like a massive annoying faggot!
Autistic as fuck
I feel like you're being sarcastic but boy those are fascinating digits.

Also, my Mania is better than Triphammer's by a country mile.
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