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Ryback claims Triple H not wanting marquee names anymore

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Source: Conversation With The Big Guy

On episode 17 of Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about how Triple H told him that WWE is no longer interested in building marquee names and whether he could envision himself returning to WWE one day.

According to Ryback, Triple H told him that WWE will never have another marquee name like John Cena, with the implication being that WWE wants all the control and power when it comes to dealing with talent.

> "Hunter [has] told me directly [that WWE does not want young talent to have economic freedom]. He goes, 'we never want another marquee name here in the WWE.' This was during my first contract negotiations. Yeah, legit told me, he goes, 'we're never going to have another John Cena.' And if you look, that's why they book guys the way they book them. They don't want guys to have too much power anymore."

When asked if he would go back to WWE, Ryback stated that it would take Vince McMahon, himself, calling. Moreover, 'The Big Guy' claimed that he does not hate McMahon and Triple H.

> "It's going to come down to Vince, himself, and, like, having a conversation with me, giving me a phone call, and talking. And backing up what he says for once. And Hunter, I don't hate them. I don't hate them at all. But there's a lot of anger and disappointment that [has] comes from being there and everybody [has] experienced that and I'm not going to sit here and be afraid to tell the truth of what happened because too many guys, and I understand not speaking up, but people need to understand from my booking and everything, what happened, why I think that it happened, and again, this is just my opinion and these are facts from my point of view. And they'll have their version of it, which will probably be lies. They're entitled to that."
Ryback continued,

> "Never say 'never'. You've seen everybody go back at some point. I'm looking at this like I never need to go back. And everything with Feed Me More Nutrition, I won't have to go back, but it's never say 'never'. Maybe a year from now, I feel a little bit differently. Maybe, I'll be like, 'I feel it,' but right now, I don't. And until Vince and Hunter, I just think there needs to be some serious conversations and kind of have to air the dirty laundry and just get everything out there and they have their point of view, but they know I'm not wrong. Deep down they know it and, eventually, if they want me back, they'll call me and we will verbally discuss everything in detail."
>17 episodes of Ryback shit talking wwe

I get that he was over as fuck, moved tons of merch, moved more merch than Cena, and got royally screwed over and buried by shield and Cena but dude
>"They don't want marquee names anymore"
>Says this unironically when they've been throwing everything at trying to make Roman a marquee name for the past 3 or 4 years

Ryback is full of shit. He likes to pretend he's a super informed insider, but he just makes it all up. I was a big fan, but since he left the company it's become real clear that the big guy is just a huge mark for himself.
Cryin Ryan' at it again
Go away cryback
I hope WWE will take Ryback back again soon. He deserves it. Ryback is one of the biggest wasted talents of our generation.
Cryin' Ryan!
This sad cunt seems to vastly overestimate how much the WWE misses him. (not at all, being the answer.)
There is probably some degree of truth in to this. Talent that gets too over is talent that has options. Talent that doesn't really need WWE much. That can ask for more money and freedom.
it's another episode of
>Rybotch whines about being released

I have big respect for Ryback he left on his own terms you have to respect him for that. He stood his ground on his deal, he has bookings for the next year in place as well as a good number of business ventures he's exploring.

Of course all you marks don't understand that he's fully in control of his own destiny, he doesn't have to stay with WWE to put food on his table that's a very enviable position to be in.

Let's not forget either Ryback is only 35 he can come back better for some time away from WWE and come back on his own terms.


Hi Ryan, what might those bookings be aside from interviews where you cry about the WWE a lot?
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Thread images: 1

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