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Your favorite wrestler wins the Rumble. Book their story from

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Your favorite wrestler wins the Rumble. Book their story from the Rumble to Mania.

Except, it can't be:
>A Shield member
>Kevin Owens
>Chris Jericho
>John Cena
>AJ Styles
>The Undertaker
>Brock Lesnar
>Finn Balor
But AJ is my favorite wrestler
>Book your favorite wrestler
>except dont do it for your favorite wrestler

You some kind of faggort or what.

Agreed tho dont use anyone from the shield they are garbage anyways
Your favorite wrestler AFTER anybody on the list.
>Cute Bray wins the RR and stands last with Lou Karper and Snek
>they both voluntarily step over the top rope and leave BrayBray in the ring as he kneels and celebrates
>the Wyatt Sneks torment AJ through the upcoming weeks as he beats Cena at EC
>Bray hits AJ with Sister Abigail and drags him into the back
>Cena gets attacked by Undercarder in the ring to seth them up
>next night on raw they have a video package of Bray and Snek torturing AJ thus making him face
>Bray Snek and Karper at WM
>Bray hits sister abigail after AJ being beaten by wyatts
>all 3 stand tall in the ring holding SD TT Championships, IC Championship, and WWE Championship
Smo Joe wins the RR
Joe vs Cena in Mania Cena loses and reverts back to the Prototype
But Chris Benoit is dead
>AJ gets to main event mania
>Bray actually looks like a terrifying, dominant heel
>2017 becomes the year of Bray
Shit, I'd buy that and go back for seconds.

This Samoa Joe needs to make a comeback. Best Joe.

Jeff Cobb makes a surprise debut at #1 in the Rum Bowl, sets the record for eliminations at 29, and then beats one person per week until he beats Jericho and Styles at Mania to unify the Universal and WWE Championships into the Athletic Championship of All Worlds in All Dimensions
SmA+ckdown always wins
The set-up is the Curtis Axel spot in the 2015 RR, but with Samoa Joe instead of Erick Rowan and Cesaro instead of Axel.
Get a few tag team matches with KO or Seth against Sheamus and Cesaro , Fastlane is Cesaro vs Samoa Joe for the main event spot at Wrestlemania against the winner of the KO vs Seth match. Seth wins, Joe wins, but KO wants his rematch, so the Main Event at WM is Triple Threat match Seth vs KO vs Joe.
>Mil Muertes debus at RR and wins it all to face BMJ at WM33
...can you have a surprise debut at #1?
Zayn wins the Rumble, Roman turns heel, he beats Roman
>Goldberg and Lesnar squash everyone throughout the rumble, but wait for #30 to come out

>We witness new homegrown talent rocketed to stardom as Lesnar gets Deep Sixed out of the ring and Goldberg's Spear is reversed into End of Days
>Who gives a fuck what happens after that, he could jerk off in a corner until WM, the deed is already done, what do belts mean to the Lone Wolf now?
>Manlet-less final four: RuRu, Cass, Corbin, Strowman
>Corbin interfered in Cena v Styles earlier in the night costing Cena arguing he deserves another title shot because he was never pinned in the 3-way with Styles and Ziggler
>Strowman and Corbin have been tearing it up, multiple eliminations each
>Cass and Rusev ended feud a couple weeks earlier with Cass getting his win
>Rusev eliminates Cass (to get his heat back) after having him in Accolade while Corbin and Strowman watch
>Rusev is overpowered by Strowman and shoulder-blocked over the top with force
>Corbin and Strowman trade blows then Corbin finally muscles Strowman up for a Deep Six followed by a big boot over the top.
>Styles and Cena have a steel cage rematch at Elimination Chamber with Styles winning by escaping the cage instead of pinning
>Cena is pissed because he knows he can beat Styles one on one by pinfall
>WrestleMania main event is Cena v Styles v Corbin in an Elimination 3-way for the world title
>Styles is eliminated first after taking a Super AA followed by an End of Days with Corbin getting the pin
>Cena and Corbin then reset and Corbin gets a nearfall with a Deep Six on the apron but Cena kicks out at 2 3/4
>Corbin still has the upper hand though and gets Cena set up for the End Of Days but Cena slips out and reverses into the STF and Corbin passes out without tapping to start turning tweener
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>No Way Jose wins
>Rivalry with AJ Styles
>Gets a haircut and debuts new theme and look
>Makes a stable with Cien Almas, Elias Samson, and Curt Hawkins
>Called Joven Ejército
>Go to war with The Club (has more members at this time)
>Main event of WM is AJ vs NWJ
Sasha wins at entry 30 with only one survivor in the ring who tries to clothesline her but misses and she throwsaid him over top rope. Hour promo cut on raw her explaining why her win is proof women are equaller than men. Charlotte titty bags immediately cuts a promo but gets hit with a bank statement 1 2 3. New champion, literally no one even knew it was a match. Sasha hurts her back, loses title to Charlotte, nature boy secretly paid referee to sanction first women's ambulance match without sasha knowing.

This goes on until wrestlemania where we have the first women's women's first match 2. They both win the title. Women's title is now women's tag team title. Last image we see is a cryptic image of each of Naomi's butt cheeks.

Thank you.
>Bray Wyatt wins RR without assistance from Family
>Goes on to face champ at WM
>Wyatt wins title w/ help from family
>Wyatt Family runs SD for the rest of 2017
>No Chris Jericho
Fuck you, he isn't even a full Main Eventer

Royal Rumble:
>Sami Zayn enters at Number 1
>Braun Enters at Number 30
>Final Four: Zayn, Braun, Jericho, and Bray Wyatt
>Braun Eliminates Bray
>Jericho Attempts to eliminate Braun but is instead eliminated himself
>5 Minutes of Braun beating Zayn
>Zayn is left dangling against the corner
>Braun charges Zayn but Zayn moves out of the way for Braun to hit the post shoulder first
>Sami, with all the strength he has, lands the Helluva Kick to eliminate Strowman and win the Rumble

Elimination Chamber:
>Braun beats Roman and Owens in a Triple Threat match for the Uni Title

>Foley tries to convince Sami to go to Smackdown and fight Styles/Cena/Undertaker for the WWE title instead
>Zayn refuses

>Main Event: Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman Falls Count Anywhere
>The fight is finally back and forth, Zayn somehow finding a way to dish out some legitimate offense that isn't just trickery and dodging.
>Braun gets angry and begins to beat Sami with things like chairs, kendo sticks, the belt itself
>Zayn reverses the Announcer Table spot, making Braun take the hit
>Zayn pins over the broken Table for the win
>Feel good moment all around for the David and Goliath match

R8, m8s
Pretty shit
>Bo comes in at like 14
>nobody thinks anything's gonna happen
>starts tearing house
>Bray comes out at 30
>they both clear the ring
>Bray gets a mic cuts some spooky shit about how they're brothers and brothers should stick together
>they both eliminate each other at the same time
>they both get a title shot on their respective brands
>Bo forms his own Wyatt family on Raw of him and Strowman
>they both win at Mania
>The Wyatt family reigns supreme

Hornswoggle. Then he squashes ramen at wm.
Raw is Fastlane, not EC and Heel Roman would probably be a more credible monster for Zayn to triumph over. Bretty gud, though.

put a beat up Zayn remembering his fight with Kevin-kun and debuting a new finisher after it, and you would have literally a shonenshit storyline
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>AJ beats Cena
>Cuts a face promo afterwards
>AJ is now a Face

the rumble itself

>Braun Strauman alone in the ring, 30th entrant about to come down
>Bliss wins
>that week on smackdown AJ and Bliss meet i the ring
>AJ says he doesn't want to hit a woman
>Bliss cuts a promo on AJ's abusive dad, triggers the audience
>AJ walks away
>refuses match for the dogshit payperviews in feb and march because lmao who cares
>Bliss goads and goads him for 2 months
>Beats up his friends, Anderson takes pins all the time why not
>Eventually he cracks
>He accepts the challenge
>Bliss is ecstatic
>Bliss reveals she has a crush on AJ but she likes being dominated
>AJ fucks her in the middle of the ring in front of 100,000 people
>She calls him daddy
>he nuts
>New WWE Champion and Smackdown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss
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>This is a Helluva Kick
>And this is a Helluva Kick that has ascended PAST a Helluva Kick
Old man Tajiri enters at 15 to scattered applause and confusion. People love him, but he has no chance of winning this thing and the last pure joke wrestler they had in was Boogeyman, in 2014. Gets in the ring, immediately buzzsaw kicks Goldberg and Lesnar straight outside. They both look at each other and come back inside to beat him. He ducks under and they take out strowman and Big show instead. Tajiri lasts till the end along with the three Shield members with one person left. Out comes President Elect Donald Trump to kick some ass. Hits Romanetty with a stunner and throws him out immediately while everyone else is stunned. The other shieldetty's team up and try to take him out, and they get into a three man brawl near the ropes. The shieldetty's are hanging and Donald goes for the clothesline and they duck him. He almost falls out but just hangs on. Seth attempts to get Dean sneakily and gets pulled out by Donald instead. Tajiri hits Donald with the mist and Donald falls to the floor. It's Tajiri vs. Dean. They brawl for a bit and Tajiri almost kicks him out but Dean does his little reversal thing and sends Tajiri flying toward the ropes, He's coming to hit him again when Tajiri puts him in the Tarantula. He then pulls off his mask and we realize that he's been Hogan this whole time. Oh Yeah, Brother, Vitamins. Big Boot, Leg Drop, Wrestlemania. Wrestling's saved. You're welcome guys.
>final four are Corbin, Rusev, Zayn, and Asuka
>Rusev hits some stiff kicks on Asuka
>the ring becames a pool of pussy fluids
>Corbin throws Asuka on a corner
>Rusev eliminates Corbin
>while he falls he manages to Lash RuRu's neck with the ropes
>Zayn eliminates Rusev
>Zayn sees Asuka standing and prepares the Helluva Kick
>he slips on the pussy fluids and falls over the top rope

road to mania
>AJ is conflicted because his reverend said he shouldn't hit women or Jesus could get angry
>in the end based Zeb returns and saves the day making that AJ realize that nips shouldn't be considered humans

at WM
>everybody comes to see BMAJ
>his wife and kids are on the first row
>Asuka comes out wearing extra small clothes
>AJ.gets nervous as he doesn't want to disrespect his wife
>after making a lot of mistakes and being hit a lot he grabs a blindfold and blinds himself
>finally he wins and gets his wrestlemania moment
>Dolph Ziggler wins the Rumble
>Dolph then goes on to challenge the Miz and lose
>Challenges AJ and loses
>Challenges American Alpha and loses
>Finally goes after Bliss
>Dolph Ziggler goes into Wrestlemania as the Smackdown Women's Champion and loses
>Brock and Goldberg eliminate each other, Braun Strowman gets eliminated by everybody else
>Bray Wyatt suddenly goes ham out of nowhere; Sister Abigails for everybody, eliminates Ambrose, Sami, Balor, Joe, Rusev, Cass for the dominant win.
>Undertaker costs Cena the victory against AJ, Avalanche Styles Clash for the pin, sets up Cena-Taker
>Wyatt attacks AJ after, makes his presence known.
>AJ turns full white meat babyface versus Bray Wyatt
>Bray and AJ have a four star match at WM, he gets the pin, Wyatts run Smack as a dominant stable
>Challenges American Alpha and loses
I'm just imagining him cutting a shouty promo about how he doesn't need a partner, and then he immediately eats a Grand Amplitude.
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"Dolph Ziggler, you can't even challenge me for my Women's title, you're not a woman."
The miz
faces owens and styles in a three way winner takes all match, wins and combines the titles back to the the original one, brings it to smackdown, and HHH gives raw the big gold belt

Therefore finally recognizing smackdown as the A show and RAM as the b show

But Dolph just lost to AJ....

I guess he beats AJ and wins mania?

Does that work?
Rusev easy. I've been saying. He should win for years. Rusev has an excellent build, a good angle/backstory, and has credibility. He's make an excellent heel champion if not just a solid main event contender.
>We witness new homegrown talent rocketed to stardom

Jesus please no.
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>Samoa Joe gets called up
>they immediately sign Scott Steiner to whatever brand Joe is on
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Thread images: 6

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