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Women's wrestling general

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1. Sasha Banks
2. Asuka
3. Charlotte
4. Becky Lynch
5. Alexa Bliss
6. Bayley
7. Nia Jax
8. Sienna
9. Natalya
10. Ivelisse

Watch out for: Sexy Star, Dana Brooke, Carmella, Eva Marie
Sasha-Charlotte II ought to be the best match of Summerslam and among the best matches of the year. I'm sure the misogynists won't approve, but girls rule, get the fuck over yourselves, white males. ... Asuka-Bayley will also be a 4-star match at minimum, and it should clear the way for Bayley to join one of the main rosters. I hope it's Raw, so she can go against Charlotte while the Legit Boss matches up with Nia Jax in what ought to be an awesome feud. ... Lynch-Bliss could be sneaky awesome and get a lot of people into women's wrestling, presuming the gross MRA "people" can get past their exploitation of women and stare raping. ... TNA needs to get off their asses and find a good opponent for Sienna (they also need to change their highly problematic and misogynist name, but that's a battle for another day).
inb4 unironic responses to blatant shitposting.
Come on now. At least put some effort into it. This just screams shitpost.

Also try a bit harder
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I'm a huge fan of Cherry Bomb because she has a huge pair of rockets. Sasha would be good, I guess, if she improved herself as a diva by getting a big old pair of bolt-ons.
Don't EVER post here again.
No. Sasha should never, ever get implants. I want her to maintain her purity.
For once, I'm actually proud of /asp/.

Also check my 5
they cant be properly proportioned, either. Her tiny frame with big E-cup bolt ons would be delightful
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Enhanced Pony.jpg
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Every diva should go full bimbo. Becky needs blonde hair with a pink stripe, lip injections, ass implants, and the biggest silicone milk bags money can buy. A tummy tuck would be nice too.
>tummy tuck
Is it really necessary to tummy tuck someone that already has abs
I know this is b8 but it's actually a good list. I'd swap Bayley and Charlotte around and drop Nia Fatz altogether.

Had abs. She's let herself go and her potato genetics are taking over.
I think it would make WWE cool again if all the divas had to do a nude photoshoot within their first year on the main roster. It should be a clause in their contract.

It might even make piss break tier women's wrestling a draw.
>Sasha number one
Is this a joke? Am I being rused?
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>Le botching, balding horse on top XD
>Sexy Star being one to watch for anything.
>Based Mariposa/Melissa is not on the list let alone number .

That was actually quite effective.
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1.)Sienna will anyway be loosing the title at BFG2016 to Gail Cena.
2.) Gail Cena carries the belt as the "babyface" for 2-3 months.
3.) Gets her match with Maria finally, Maria beats her clean
4.) Maria and Allie have a fallout and the faction breaks up. Sienna decides to go with Allie.
5.) Maria gets a new bodyguard. Changes the title, destroys the knockouts tag, calls it womens world title, makes it bigger and GLORIOUS.
6.)Jade and Gail feud, Jade destroys Gail and becomes the top lady in the company.
7.) Allie becomes broken after leaving Maria and develops a split psycho personality. She is a tweener now. When she gets pissed, she does her trademark screech.
8.) Sienna goes back to her AK47 ways, classy sociopath who tries to kill her opponents. She becomes what Bork Lesnar is to the WWE.
9.) Let Madision Raynes, Gail Cena and Marti Bell float in the midcard.
10,) Maria, Rosemary and Jade should be the top card, Allie/Sienna should be developed into characters (Sienna desperately needs it right now). Get Santana Garette to be a face who feuds with them.
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I want to think the WWE Seamstress, Sasha's husbando, for finally allowing Charlotte's cheeks to get the attention they so rightly deserve.
Those three women are hideous.
All three are beautiful
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shitpost detected
Who's ready to see Sienna kick some ass?
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 10

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